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Joshua sent Frank to kill Jamal, but news of Karen's death interrupted Frank. Karen's blood saved Lucy's life. The whole town watched the VH1 special about the Stephen Clay Experience but was surprised to hear at the end of the special that Joshua had been found dead. The town celebrated, but Rafe killed a furious Joshua. Jamal vowed to keep Caleb's ring away from everyone.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on PC
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Monday, June30, 2003

In the woods, Jamal appeals to Frank to remember Frank's former relationships with his family and friends before Frank carries out Joshua's orders to get rid of Jamal. But Frank snaps back that doing the right thing NEVER did Frank any good in the past! Jamal reminds Frank that Karen would NOT approve of Frank killing people on Joshua's orders. However, as Frank blasts Jamal for bringing up the past, Frank suddenly gets a call on his cell phone. Believing the call will be from Joshua, Frank picks up the phone and is surprised to hear Karen's voice, telling Frank NOT to harm Jamal! Frank is shocked that Karen could know that Frank was with Jamal. When Karen hangs up, Frank dials the last call received and gets Karen's cell phone, which is now in Ricky's possession at the Hospital! Ricky told Frank that Frank needs to get to the Hospital right away and Frank guesses that something has happened to Karen. Frank rushes away, leaving Jamal tied up and alone in the woods. Jamal quickly works his way loose from his bonds and also leaves.

At the Hospital, CHRIS assures Ricky that Ricky could NOT have done anything more to save Karen. But Ricky offers his opinion that it seemed like Karen was running away from something or from someone when she was hit by the car. Chris confides that he has a suspicion about what happened but none of them will ever know any concrete details now. When Chris returns to Lucy's room, Chris and Ian realize that Lucy seems to be talking to someone else in the room. Unseen by Chris and Ian, Karen told Lucy that, while Karen has completed her life's work, Lucy still has many tasks ahead of her that need to be completed. When Ian realizes that Lucy appears to be talking to Karen, Ian suggests to Chris that, since Karen is NOW an angel, it must be that a transfusion from Karen would save Lucy's life. Chris at first disagrees with Ian's supposition, but Ian prevails upon Chris to give Ian's theory a try. As an unseen Karen looks on, Chris and Ian begin the transfusion of Karen's blood to Lucy. Later, after the transfusion is complete, Ian is cheered when Lucy begins to respond to his voice. Although Lucy is sad when she learns that Karen just died, Chris and Ian assure Lucy that Karen would be pleased to know that she was still able to help save Lucy's life. Ricky told Lucy, Chris and Ian about getting a sudden urge to go talk to Karen about Casey's disappearance, and finding Karen only minutes following her accident. Kevin and Elizabeth arrive shortly and are surprised to find Lucy on the mend. Kevin apologizes to Lucy for his past bad behavior and suggests they all need to thank Karen for saving Lucy's life. Kevin is devastated when Lucy confesses that Karen just died. Frank arrives and overhears Lucy's confession. Frank is devastated when Chris confirms that Karen is dead. Frank reports that he just spoke to Karen on the phone, but Chris informs Frank that Karen died almost an hour ago! Frank went alone to view Karen's body and tearfully told Karen good-bye. Meanwhile, in the Here-After, Casey greets Karen and walks with Karen through the white clouds. As Karen watches Frank apologizing to Karen for his many wrong decisions, Karen says: "Let my love guide you and keep you safe, Frank ~ until we meet again!" Later, Ian informs Lucy that all signs of her previous malady have disappeared from her body. As Lucy and Ian begin to make plans for their future, Scott suddenly arrives and is devastated when Lucy reports that Karen was killed in an accident. As Casey and Karen watch from the Here-After, Karen worries about Scott's sadness, but Casey assures Karen that knowing that Karen's last action was to save Lucy's life will bring Scott some comfort. Declaring that she is happy that she has no regrets about her life on earth, Karen strolls away into the clouds with Casey, after blowing a farewell kiss to Lucy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb leaves Livvie with a sleeping Rafe while Caleb slips away to run an important errand. Caleb instructs Livvie NOT to open the door to anyone else while Caleb is gone. After Caleb leaves, Rafe wakes from a nightmare about Alison stabbing him and Livvie tries to calm Rafe's fears for Alison. However, Livvie soon begins to gloat that Rafe's perfect little Alison was the one who turned on Rafe and stabbed him. Then Livvie begins to remind Rafe of the time they were "together," but Rafe blasts Livvie for being so absorbed in herself that Livvie seems NOT to notice that Alison is in the clutches of a psychotic monster like Joshua. Livvie informs Rafe that it was probably Rafe's preference for seeing the world in terms of strictly black and white issues that led to Rafe ending up being stabbed in the back by his own girlfriend. However, Rafe reminds Livvie that Alison did NOT know what she was doing, unlike Livvie, who ALWAYS knew what she was doing. As Rafe and Livvie argue, Livvie suddenly admits that, while they were married, Livvie truly cared about Rafe. But Rafe reminds Livvie that she had a funny way of showing that she cared when she lied to him constantly and ended up shooting Rafe in the back! While Rafe and Livvie argue, Caleb returns and points out to Rafe that it was Livvie who saved Rafe's life with her quick thinking and first aid. When Rafe demands to know when they will go to rescue Alison, Caleb assures Rafe that the plans for the rescue are already in the works. When Rafe demands to know the details, Caleb turns on the TV and told Rafe that they need to watch the special TV program Joshua arranged about the band.

In the library of Joshua's Mansion, Alison sadly recalls that Rafe is dead and pulls out paper and pen while declaring: "I am NEVER going to see my friends or family again!" Alison begins writing a farewell message to her mother. Meanwhile, outside the library, Joshua orders Jack to make sure that everyone at Club Elixir sees the special "Inside the Music" TV program that Joshua arranged. Later, Joshua gloats that Caleb can't stop Joshua so long as Joshua has the Morley Family power ring and Rafe is dead, so everything is going to work out in Joshua's favor. Joshua enters the library and informs Alison that he would like for her to watch the special TV program about the band with him. Joshua is shocked when Alison announces that Joshua was right about Alison being responsible for the deaths of both Rafe and Jamal. Alison went on to declare that, since she was responsible for the deaths of two of the people who were dearest to her, Alison now believes that she no longer deserves to live. As Joshua angrily proclaims that he will NOT put up with a dead bride, Joshua is cheered when Alison declares that what she means is that she is now ready for Joshua to turn her into one of his Undead Disciples!

In the Hospital Chapel, Karen's friends gather to remember her life. Ricky fondly remembers playing drums with Karen. Scott arrives and informs Lucy that Scott and Rhonda have made funeral arrangements for Karen and Lucy rushes to comfort Scott. Frank comes to the door of the chapel but does NOT come inside. As Frank listens to Ricky speak about Karen, Frank flashes back to his last meeting with Karen and remembers that Frank told Karen that he believed that their love could get them through anything. But Karen suddenly hit Frank with the fireplace poker and ran out of the house. As Chris speaks of his friendship with Karen, Frank remembers that, when Frank traveled through time to rescue Karen, Frank asked Karen to be his girl in the High School bleachers. As Scott confides to Lucy his grief at missing all the important milestones in his daughter's life, Kevin suddenly shows up and bitterly observes: "You are wasting your time. You can light all the candles you like. But, in Port Charles, you will STILL be in the dark!" Lucy blasts Kevin for his negative opinions and Ian informs Kevin that Kevin is NOT welcome at Karen's memorial. As Scott and Chris try to convince Kevin to tone it down, Kevin loudly accuses everyone in the room of only USING Karen ~ instead of actually caring for her! Elizabeth hears the hubbub and comes racing into the chapel, only to have Kevin turn his wrath on Elizabeth, accusing Elizabeth of being jealous of the time that Kevin and Karen spent together! When Ian again orders Kevin to leave, Kevin blasts Ian, angrily declaring that it is a pity that Karen had to die just so Ian could keep on pawing Lucy! Scott angrily blasts Kevin for disrupting Karen's memorial service, and then leaves. Kevin storms out after Scott. Lucy went after Kevin and blasts Kevin again for his behavior at Karen's memorial. However, Kevin takes the opportunity to let Lucy know that Joshua had gotten Kevin hooked on drugs and that Karen helped Kevin kick his habit ~ because Karen refused to give up on Kevin even after Kevin had given up on himself! Lucy begs Kevin to remember that, IF Karen had hope for Kevin, then Kevin should honor Karen's memory by making sure that Karen's interest in saving Kevin's life was not in vain. Scott glumly watches the exchange between Kevin and Lucy. Afterward, Scott told Lucy that he is happy that Karen gave Lucy another shot at life but warns Lucy NOT to blow her latest second chance. Lucy and Scott hug. Meanwhile, inside the chapel, Chris sits down beside Elizabeth and observes: "For what it's worth, Collins is a jerk!"

ELIZABETH: "That's usually my type! Of course, if he is mean AND crazy ~ THEN he is marriage material!"

CHRIS: "Well, here is a little tip for you! If you are looking for a good companion, you ought to go adopt a dog!"

Scott and Lucy return to the chapel and Scott lights a candle for his daughter and gently whispers: "Rest in peace. Rest in peace!"

Meanwhile, Frank returns to the scene of Karen's accident and examines the broken glass at the scene of the accident. After remembering giving his class ring to Karen and asking her to be his girl, Frank says: "You will always be my girl, Karen. Always!" Then Frank leaves a white gardenia, like the gardenia he gave to Karen the night he asked her to be his girl, on the pavement beside the broken glass.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

At Club Elixir, the patrons gather around the TV to watch the "Inside the Music" TV special, detailing the rise of the Stephen Clay Experience, beginning in the Fall of 2002. As the patrons watch, a narrator traces the beginning of the band. At Caleb's apartment, Rafe told Caleb and Livvie that he doesn't see how the TV special will help them rescue Alison, but Caleb confidently assures Rafe to just sit tight ~ because fireworks are just around the corner! Meanwhile, in the library of Joshua's Mansion, Joshua delays turning Alison into his latest Undead Disciple until AFTER Joshua has savored the personal triumph that the special represents for Joshua. In spite of Alison's protests, Joshua insists that Alison fasten her hypnotic watch back on her wrist! At Lucy's Place, Lucy and Ian continue to contemplate the differences in their lives, now that Karen is gone. Lucy suggests to Ian that, since Lucy's powers appear to be returning, Lucy and Ian should hit the sheets to see if that will eliminate Ian's cravings, and Ian agrees. At the same time, at Club Elixir, Caz notices that Ricky isn't having a very good time, but Ricky confesses that, with Karen dead and Casey gone, the TV Special is a VERY hollow victory. However, as Ricky looks up, he believes, for an instant, that he sees Casey standing in the crowd. But, when Ricky quizzes Caz, Caz insists that he sees nothing out of the ordinary. As the Special continues, Joshua's part of the interview turns into a tirade, blaming "Stephen" for the break-up of the band and the resulting plummeting record sales. Jack warns Reese to be prepared for something big to drop on Joshua's head soon. At that time, the program suddenly switches to an unexpected interview with Stephen Clay! In his Mansion, Joshua comes unglued as he watches Caleb taking over Joshua's TV Special! Joshua rushes to the phone to call Jack and orders Jack to turn the special off at the Club. Jack cheerfully agrees with Joshua, but just turns the sound UP as soon as Jack disconnects with Joshua! As Joshua angrily turns on Alison, complaining that he can't trust anyone, Caleb and Livvie suddenly appear in the Mansion's Library. Joshua lunges at Caleb but misses. Joshua is shocked when the interviewer's final announcement is that Joshua Temple has just been found dead, but the cause of his death is not yet known!

Thursday, July 3, 2003

At Club Elixir, as the TV interviewer announces that Joshua Temple has just been discovered dead from unknown causes, a fight breaks out among the bar patrons. As Jack tries to break up the fight, Jamal arrives. Jack is ready to toast Jamal's release from Joshua's control since Joshua is dead. But Jamal and Reese inform Jack that, since Joshua was "not of the true blood," NONE of Joshua's victims will be released from their curse by Joshua's death! As Jack tries to console Jamal about his tough luck, Bat Girl Stacey tries to play up to Jamal. When Jamal brushes off Stacey's advances, Stacey's friends decide that Jamal is insulting ALL of them, and another fight breaks out. But Jack quickly breaks up the fight and declares that JACK is in charge from now on! Later, Elizabeth meets Kevin at Club Elixir and Kevin hastily pockets a picture of himself and Lucy that he had been pensively contemplating. When Elizabeth confidently assures Kevin that she believes the two of them CAN get back what they lost, Elizabeth is shocked when Kevin told her that she is absolutely right ~ then Kevin bolts out of The Club, leaving a puzzled Elizabeth alone!

Meanwhile, at Lucy's Place, Lucy announces to Ian that she feels there has been a shift in the forces and she is positive now that her powers are returning. Later, Lucy announces to Ian that she has arranged for Ian's son Danny to return to Port Charles. Ian sadly explains to Lucy that he does NOT want his son to come home while Ian is still struggling with his curse, but Lucy finally convinces Ian that everything will work out fine if Danny comes home. Lucy then informs Ian that she is serious about divorcing Kevin and plans to kick the divorce proceedings into high gear now that Lucy is recovering from her mystery ailment.

At Joshua's Mansion, Joshua is angry when the TV interviewer announces that Joshua has been found dead. Joshua reminds Caleb, Livvie and Alison that Caleb and Livvie can NOT touch Joshua so long as Joshua has the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring! But Caleb reminds Joshua that, while CALEB cannot touch Joshua, a slayer COULD get rid of Joshua! At that moment, Rafe appears behind a startled Joshua with a stake in his hand! As Alison exclaims her surprise at seeing Rafe alive, Rafe attacks Joshua and Joshua is suddenly enveloped in a heavy cloud of black smoke. When Rafe emerges from the cloud, they all see Joshua's body on the floor with a stake in his heart. However, before Caleb can grab the ring from Joshua's hand, Joshua's body disappears! Caleb angrily accuses Rafe and Alison of having the ring and hiding the ring from Caleb! But, when Rafe declares the ring to be unimportant and tries to leave, Caleb seals the Mansion doors shut and refuses to let anyone leave until Caleb has the ring! When Rafe takes off his sling and shirt to prove to Caleb that he does NOT have the ring, Alison is shocked by the sight of Rafe's wound and flashes back to the experience of stabbing Rafe while under Joshua's spell. Livvie coldly informs Alison that it was Livvie and Caleb who saved Rafe's life. Livvie went on to remind Rafe that Alison WAS completely under Joshua's control! As Livvie and Alison argue about the ring, Alison runs to the door and begs to be allowed to leave. Caleb finally opens the door and Alison runs out into the night. Caleb told Rafe to go ahead and follow her. After Rafe and Alison leave, Livvie asks Caleb WHY he let Rafe and Alison go and Caleb told Livvie that he is convinced that neither Rafe nor Alison has the ring. When Livvie asks what would happen if Rafe or Alison tried to use the ring, Caleb replies that Rafe and Alison would BOTH die! When Livvie asks if Caleb would kill Alison to get the ring back, Caleb admits that he is willing to do whatever it takes to regain possession of the ring! Caleb points out, however, that IF Alison had the ring AND knew how to use it, Alison would have already wished Livvie dead ~ and THAT is the reason why Caleb is convinced that neither Alison NOR Rafe has the ring! Caleb promises Livvie that he WILL find out who has the ring AND when he does, Caleb will BURY that person! Meanwhile, Rafe chases Alison through the woods until he finds her. Alison begs Rafe to get away from her before she hurts him again, but Rafe assures Alison that he loves her. Alison confesses that she was ready to become Joshua's bride, but Rafe assures Alison that NONE of that matters any more! At the same time, Caleb and Livvie return to Caleb's apartment and Livvie apologizes again to Caleb for letting Joshua get the ring in the first place. Livvie vows that she will leave no stone unturned to recover that ring ~ because Livvie is afraid that, IF she can NOT restore the ring to Caleb, Caleb will stop loving her!

Friday, July 4, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Christina awakens from a nightmare and Ian promises to take Christina to the ice cream store to help the nightmares go away. After Ian and Christina leave, Lucy hears a knock at the door and rushes to answer the door, believing that Ian has forgotten something. But, when Lucy answers the door, she is surprised to see Kevin standing there. Lucy is flabbergasted when Kevin reminds Lucy that they have always found their way back to each other before and Kevin asks Lucy to make an attempt at salvaging their marriage. However, as Lucy and Kevin talk, Lucy's phone rings and her message machine picks up a message from Lucy's lawyer, who is leaving a message that he is ready to expedite Lucy's divorce proceedings, as LUCY had requested! After hearing the message, Karen suggests that Lucy COULD just cancel her meeting with her lawyer. But Ian and Christina return with the ice cream at that very moment. Christina is thrilled to see Kevin, but Lucy hustles Christina off to bed. After Christina leaves the room, Ian and Lucy tell Kevin that Kevin's relationship with Lucy IS over. However, before leaving, Kevin promises Ian and Lucy that they will NEVER be able to enjoy their 'happy little family' tableau!

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb assures Livvie that her love is all that he needs in his life, and they hit the sheets. But, even as Caleb kisses Livvie, Caleb remembers his father entrusting the Morley family ring of power to him. Meanwhile, in the woods, Alison tries to tell Rafe about the deep despair she feels because she let Joshua manipulate her into doing his bidding, but Rafe assures Alison that everything Joshua did was in the past and Rafe just wants to put the past behind them and pick up their lives the way their lives were BEFORE Joshua began his program of destruction! Although Alison informs Rafe that she is positive that Rafe would NEVER have done anything to harm Alison, no matter what kind of powerful influences were being brought to bear on him, Rafe urgently reminds Alison that he would not have any idea of what love really was if it were not for Alison. Alison finally agrees that she WILL be able to put the past behind her and Rafe and Alison head back to Rafe's loft and hit the sheets. After Alison falls asleep, Rafe leaves the loft to return to Joshua's Mansion. At the same time, Caleb also leaves Livvie sleeping and returns to Joshua's Mansion. But, after Rafe leaves Alison alone, Alison awakens from a nightmare and is surprised to discover Livvie standing over her! Livvie announces: "Your nightmare was VERY real! And it is just beginning!" Meanwhile, Rafe and Caleb come face to face again in Joshua's Mansion. Rafe declares that the very fact that Caleb is so concerned about the ring that Caleb would come out in the middle of the night to search for the ring leads Rafe to believe that Caleb's ring has powers that Caleb is keeping secret. Rafe declares that he is, from this point on, determined to keep the ring away from Caleb in the hope of restoring peace to Port Charles!

At Club Elixir, Jack announces that Jack is now in charge of the bar and Jack will NOT allow trashing the bar or harassing the other patrons. The bar patrons all agree and applaud Jack's ideas. Then the party begins again. Afterward, Jack asks Jamal to stay, but Jamal begs off, telling Jack that he just needs to go home and catch some Z's. After Jamal leaves, a new bar employee hands Jack a resume and Reese pronounces the new employee "strange!" Later, Jack and Reese stop by Jamal's apartment to check on Jamal. Jamal assures Reese and Jack that he is fine. But, after Jack and Reese leave, Jamal pulls out Caleb's ring and says: "So, it is just you and me now!" Jack and Reese return to Club Elixir, where a lonely Elizabeth watches all the happy couples necking. Meanwhile, Jamal contemplates Caleb's ring and declares that, IF he wants peace to return to Port Charles, Jamal will have to make sure the ring stays OUT of Caleb AND Rafe's reach! While holding the ring, Jamal wistfully wishes he had someone nice and soft to share his confidences with ~ someone who was not a vampire and not an angel or the twin of an angel! When Jamal lays down on his bed to go to sleep, a woman suddenly falls through the roof and lands in Jamal's bed!

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