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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on GL
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Monday, July 7, 2003

Reva and Josh both jump to the same conclusion: Tony and Marah are getting married! Meanwhile, Cassie tells Tammy that she invited Edmund to the Bauers. Tammy doesn't understand how her mom could give Edmund a second chance. Cassie asks Tammy to keep an open mind. Edmund suggests that Cassie loosen up a bit. Cassie concedes she may have been a little uptight since Richard's death, but now things are different. Back at the Bauers, Alan continues to taunt Phillip. Gus breaks things up before they come to blows. At the office, Jeffrey declares his independence to the mayor; he is growing his beard back. Mel, his new clerk, convinces him to come to the Bauers. Always thinking of business, Jeffrey has a hard time loosening up at the barbecue. Marah and Tony assure the Justice of the Peace that the bride and groom will arrive any minute. Later, Reva and Josh are hugely relieved to learn that Tony and Marah are not getting married. But to Tony and Marah's dismay, Danny and Michelle aren't coming to the barbecue. Lizzie congratulates Shayne for being drafted, but remains jealous of Marina. Lizzie makes Marina feel guilty for distracting Shayne. After, Marina turns down Shayne when he asks her on a date. Rick moves among the crowd, shoring up partners for the egg toss. The games begin. When Alan and Phillip lose, things get ugly. Gus warns Alan about his behavior. Beth catches Lizzie leaving a message for Ben. Frank and Darci grow closer. Later, Frank spots Darci with Eden.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Marah tries to reach Danny and Michelle, but to no avail. Ed has no idea where they could be. Meanwhile, in a chapel, Danny and Michelle prepare to get hitched. But in the end, Michelle can't go through with the wedding. Darci admits to Frank that Eden asked her to hit on him, but explains that she genuinely cares for him now. She wants a second chance, which Frank agrees to give her. The Justice of the Peace has to leave, which kind of ruins Marah's surprise. Mel knows Jeffrey was once a judge and could perform the ceremony. Ben shows up at the barbecue. Shayne orders Ben to take a hike. Likewise, Frank doesn't want Ben anywhere near Marina. Bill, taking Ben aside, concurs. Ben sees Bill as a traitor. Holly blames herself for Ben's troubles. At the DA's office, Gus wants Eden to think about the killer's next victim and realizes that it could be her. Eden claims she didn't keep any records; the names of her clients are all in her head. Gus doesn't believe her. In examining the autopsy photos, Harley thinks she might know what caused that bruise on Ramona Hendon's neck: a man's signet ring. Harley suspects the ring could belong to Mitch Hendon. Blake is glad that this could shift the focus from Ben. Gus isn't thrilled to learn that Harley's been working on the case behind his back. Harley says he needs to start looking at other suspects, like Eden. Danny and Michelle arrive at the barbecue and are surprised. They will get married after all. Jeffrey pronounces Danny and Michelle husband and wife.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Marah catches the bouquet as Ben watches. The newlyweds thank Tony and Marah for giving them the wedding they didn't know they wanted. Michelle teases Marah about putting her wedding planner skills to work again and embarrassed, Marah says that she and Tony are nowhere near ready for marriage. Tony is taken aback by this remark. As this is going on, Gus tells Harley that he must accept that Eden isn't telling him everything she knows. Harley proposes that Mitch Hendon killed of his wife. Gus orders Eden to come in for questioning and to bring the records she claims she doesn't have. Eden finds a protector in Tony. As the wedding festivities continue, Josh must accept the fact that Reva still can't forgive him for deciding Shayne's future. Christopher Langham arrives and informs Reva that he is leaving for the conference in Milan. He asks her to go. Josh takes issue with this arrangement. Josh explains to Marah what he did. Marah thinks that, as long as Shayne is doing what he wants, there is no problem. When Marah is gone, Reva says she disagrees with that. She thinks that she and Josh need time apart, and will consider attending the conference whether he likes it or not. After being serenaded by Daniel Bedingfield, Danny and Michelle go to the Beacon for a one-night honeymoon. Danny insists that they have some elements of a traditional reception, including champagne toasts and dancing. He pledges to make everything right for them this time. They make love. Back at the Bauers, the joy of Danny and Michelle's impromptu wedding turns into a nightmare as Holly finds Ben lying motionless in the hot tub. He is rushed to Cedars. Holly confesses to Ed how guilty she feels about Ben. Gus and Frank try to ascertain what happened as Ed, Rick and Mel fight for Ben's life. Later, Gus is surprised to see that Eden has returned to the party and begins to question her.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Josh says Reva isn't going away to Italy - she is running. She insists some time and space may be good for them. Marina is upset about Ben, and takes it out on Tony and Marah. She thinks they should be sorry for how they treated Ben. Later, Marah decides to go to Milan with Reva. Although Reva is skeptical of Marah's reasons for wanting to go, she agrees that they could have some quality girl time. Marah tells Tony about her sudden plans to go to Europe. Eden is happy to see her leave. Reva writes a letter to Shayne, kisses Josh goodbye and departs. Meanwhile, Frank speculates about the attack on Ben. If he was drugged, for example, then any man or woman could have drugged him into the hot tub. Serious Gus orders Eden to save the victim routine. If she wants to help herself, then she should help him. If not, he's taking her down. Per a search warrant, Gus has collected some things from Eden's apartment among them her Tony scrapbook. Gus agrees not to look at Eden's scrapbook if she provides him with her business records, which she does. From her records, Gus learns the coroner "dated" the second victim Renee. At Company, Tony comforts Eden. Later, Lizzie tells Marina that Ben still loves her. Marina admits she never wanted Ben to get hurt and decides to visit him in the hospital. At the hospital, Frank tries to get through to a groggy Ben. Ben remembers being grabbed from behind, and then blacking out. After Mel describes Ben's stab wound, Frank and Gus hypothesize that it could be self-inflicted. Marina overhears them speculating.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Olivia receives flowers from Phillip and hurls them away as Cassie and Edmund look on. Cassie and Olivia begin to talk about raising her child alone. Olivia asks Cassie's opinion about her relationship with Phillip; Edmund thinks that Olivia should go back to him. Meanwhile, Alexandra and Lizzie go on a tour of Spaulding. Beth and Phillip discuss Olivia and the effects that his relationship might have on Lizzie. Lizzie and Alexandra overhear. Lizzie confides in Phillip about visiting Olivia on the 4th of July, noting the meeting didn't go as well as she had hoped. Alexandra asks Phillip if she can head up the cosmetics division. Later, both Phillip and Olivia recall memories of happier times they shared. At Company, Blake asks Harley to go to the hospital with her to visit Ben. Blake finally convinces her and they leave, just missing Gus. Gus and Frank toy with the idea that Ben could have stabbed himself. Marina defends him, which Shayne overhears. Marina decides that she wants to see Ben alone. Shayne reminds her of what a jerk he is. Marina and Shayne disagree about her visiting Ben alone, but Marina goes in anyway. Ben feels horrible about everything he's done; Marina tells him that he didn't deserve to get hurt. Blake and Harley find Marina with Ben. Harley and Blake notice a bruise on Ben that matches the one found on Mrs. Hendon. Later, Harley tells Gus that she thinks Mr. Hendon is their prime suspect, and insists that she should be the one to investigate. Shayne is worried that Marina's feelings for Ben have been stirred up again, but she assures Shayne she's not going to go running back to Ben.

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