One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on OLTL

Dorian was arrested for Mitch's murder, but she was released after Walker implicated Lindsay. Starr helped Matthew in trying to get Nora and Bo back together. Walker admitted he had killed Mitch. One Life to Live celebrated its 35th anniversary.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Dorian was arrested for Mitch's murder, Dorian insisted she had been framed and demanded to be released immediately. In the meantime, Walker went to the police station and stated, "Dorian should be set free, because I know who killed Mitch and it wasn't Dorian." He then handed a manilla envelope over to Bo. Inside the envelope was a picture of Lindsay at the docks with the 'oh so familiar' scarf. Walker insisted that it had to be Lindsay that killed Mitch. With that, Dorian was released and now thought Walker was her knight in shining armour. Antonio presented Bo with more evidence, it just happened to be Dorian's car keys that had mysteriously disappeared. In a flashback, it showed Walker hiding them at St. Ann's.

Troy discovered that Jen had been secretly taping him and was very upset at her. He pushed her a bit during the argument and told her to stay out of his private life. Starr and Matthew saw them argue.

Everyone was very upset at Bo for not telling anyone that Lindsay was missing from St.Ann's. It didn't seem to bother Bo that they were upset. Troy got a call from Lindsay and told her to stay calm and he would help her. Lindsay called Jen and agreed to turn herself into the authorities, but was then pulled away from the phone backwards by Troy.

Joey tried to convince Kevin to attend Mitch's funeral service, but Kevin wanted no part of that. Joey told Kevin he was thinking of leaving the ministry so he could be with Jen. Jessie seemed to be acting strange and told her mom that she can't seem to open up to Antonio. Viki went to the newspaper office (The Banner) to see Kevin and ended up in a big argument with him after she found out that he had fired some good people since he'd become editor in chief. Viki told Kevin that the only one that needs to be fired is him. Clint arrived and broke up the argument.

Starr made it clear to Matthew that she doesn't like Walker and she was going to have a serious talk with him. Starr (the little stinker) arranged to make sure that Gabrielle couldn't attend the outing with Matthew and Bo. So now Nora, Bo and Matthew will go. Starr told Matthew that if you want things to happen then you have to make them happen.

Jessie was acting very strange at Mitch's funeral service and Walker kept eyeing her. After the service, Walker told Dorian and Blair that he was the one that killed Mitch.

Tuesday, March 15, 2003

Dorian bellows like a banshee siren, "You set me up?" Blair joins in, "You set us both up?" As they howl at Walker, the force of their voices and Blair's open fists on his chest push Walker back. He trips on the edge of Mitch's grave and lands comically via his backside on the grass. The Cramer ladies are incredulous that he would openly confess to them that he killed Mitch and distributed evidence to implicate them! He matter-of-factly explains it was an elaborate fašade to keep the cops running in circles and feeling that they had done a thorough job of investigating both Dorian and Blair. He made sure he had no connection to the circumstances of the murder and is content to let Lindsay take the fall. Dorian asks, "How can you frame Lindsay, she's innocent?" Walker uncharacteristically barks, "Who cares?" In his logic, she's still crazy from her last murder anyway, so no harm, no foul. As for his confession to them, he explains, "I heard you say you were going to find the person who framed you, and I know you well enough to know you'd do that, someday, somehow. Now you don't have to." Overall he observes, "Mitch in jail is not the same as Mitch dead," and focuses on the big picture, "The point is: Mitch is gone. We're all fine." He leaves them shocked and trembling on Mitch's grave in their funeral couture.

Rex mumbles to himself at the Palace bar, "Is that any way for a minister's wife to talk?" Jennifer has told him bluntly what he should do with his intentions for a slow, drawn out divorce. But Rex has made a point with her that starts to stick: her love for Joey may be nothing but the fleeting whim of a "party girl." Meanwhile, Jessica begs her mother to talk some sense into Joey about Jen's character and his decision to leave the ministry. Jen stops by after Joe leaves and Viki uses the opportunity to instill in her just how meaningful Joe's calling is to him. At her father's gravesite, Jen makes a decision. Joe finds her there and she wham-bam dumps him flat. She's not going to "wreck" his life.

Over martinis at the Palace, Dorian and Blair try to make sense of their exchange with Walker. Dorian is resigned to taking the situation at face value, but Blair knows there's something more to it. They order up another round, "a double," and ponder the oddity of his trust in them. The drinks go down as quickly as their sharp invective. Blair accuses Dorian of having a "crush" on Walker, referring to him as her "boy toy." Dorian can't quite put a definite spin on it, but she trusts him, and points out Blair's "horrific taste in men," including Todd.

"We're together. My dad flew in from London. Mitch is gone for good. Everything's right," Natalie purrs amorously to Cristian in the afterglow of their reunion. Viki and Kevin continue to spar over Kevin's rash decision to fire veteran, accomplished writers at the Banner and Viki's subsequent decision to fire her son. Clint has a private sit down with Kevin and, along with Asa, ultimately supports Kevin's decision. Viki will have to learn of these details later because the Buchanans are having a little reunion. Asa, Clint, Viki, Kevin, Jessica, and Natalie with Cristian assemble at Llanfair and celebrate their family members, present and afar. Viki laments Todd's absence and Natalie warmly commiserates with her. Viki tries to show Natalie the ring that Todd received from Victor, but it's missing from its box.

Before entering the publisher's office of the Sun, Walker quirkishly rubs a smudge off the brass letters of the door. He finds Starr Manning commanding the helm, and after reasoning that the newspaper is really hers, she decries, "You're fired!" He calmly sits down and explains that she's not old enough to run it. She retorts, "Says you?" He corrects her, "Says your dad," citing the stipulations of the will. Starr concocts a back up plan: She'll get her Aunt Viki to fire him for her, because her mom's judgment is compromised from missing Todd. Starr defiantly extols her father's virtues and insists he's coming back. Walker places his hand on her shoulder and assures her, "Starr, look at me. Everything is going to be OK. I promise." She stubbornly keeps up her fussing, "Don't act like you care. You're fired, because I hate you!" But he informs the feisty little girl, "Maybe you do hate me--now. But someday you won't. And I'll tell you something else: Your dad is coming back." Outside the office he rubs the gold ring embossed with the letter L.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

One Life to Live's 35th Anniversary Show - Natalie voices her fears to Cristian about how different their families are as she looks forward to her wedding. Natalie has a dream in which she has the wedding she always wanted. Natalie's dream turns into a nightmare when Roxy points out she is just like her. Cristian also dreams of his and Natalie's wedding and it takes a bad turn when Carlotta and Antonio point out that the Lord and Vega families will never truly connect as one. Both Natalie and Cristian's dreams end on a happy note when they profess their love for one another and promise each other they will handle whatever comes their way together. As Natalie and Cristian dream, the lives, loves and struggles on many Llanview residents are remembered.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Blair is surprised when Walker easily finds the key to Todd's desk. Upon questioning him, he informs her that he had already searched the penthouse. Later, Blair is surprised when Jessica shows up to see Walker. When Blair leaves, Walker recalls what happened on the docks the night that Mitch died and admits to poisoning Mitch. When Jess insists that she can't continue to lie, Walker tells her that she needs to point her finger at Lindsay. Later, Evangeline gives Walker the key to Mitch's safe deposit box, he is happy to find cash and bonds. When he returns to the penthouse, he finds Starr going through his things.

Kevin offers Jessica a job at the Banner, which she promises to consider. Later, he seeks out Evangeline to ask her to join his team at the newspaper. Running into Blair, he shows her the edition of the Banner in which he apologizes for accusing her of murdering Mitch. He again tries to convince her to sell him the Sun.

Starr and Matthew continue to plot to get Bo and Nora together. At the Palace when Starr overhears Gabrielle searching for Bo, she maliciously confessed that she saw Bo and Nora leaving together. Gabrielle confronts Bo at the police station with the fact that he stood her up. When Bo excuses himself, Gabrielle lashes out at Nora. The situation turns around when Nora confronts Gabrielle with the knowledge that Gabrielle had dinner with Troy and lied to Bo about it.

Antonio goes to Llanfair to inform Jessica that the autopsy report states that Mitch died from a blow to the head. Trying to convince Jessica to admit what she knows, Antonio pushes her into stating that she killed Mitch.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Walker tells Starr that Todd is alive and sent him to Llanview to look after them. After convincing Starr that he is Todd's friend, he asks her to help him keep the secret. The next day, Walker visits Dorian and informs her that neither he nor Jessica wants Mitch's estate, so he is handing it over to her.

Hedy confesses to Dorian that she is lying about Starr's whereabouts. Dorian informs Blair that Starr has been blackmailing Hedy, then fires the nanny.

Jen tries to convince Joey that she wants to make her marriage work. At the police station, Jen shows the video she taped of Troy to Nora and Hank and informs them that the video is the reason Lindsay ran away. Pretending to be Colin, Troy takes Lindsay to a mental institution to have her committed.

Kevin and Blair taunt each other, unaware that Viki and Clint are watching them. When Kevin and Blair make excuses to leave before Clint's party, Viki admits that seeing the two together disturbs her, but Clint insists that the one they need to worry about is Jessica. Later, Clint informs Viki that she needs to slow down. After saying their goodbyes to Clint, Jessica tells Natalie and Cristian that she is going to go to New York with Cristian to meet with the manager of an art gallery.

At the Banner, Kevin suggests that Daniel run for DA. When Kevin agrees to back him, Daniel gives him an exclusive in the Mitch murder case.

Jessica tells Antonio that she hit Mitch over the head with a pipe in self defense. As Antonio tells Jess that he has no intention of to arresting her, Keri calls, causing Jess to insist that she can't see Antonio anymore. When Antonio sees Mitch's autopsy in the Banner, he warns Kevin that somebody is going to get hurt.

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