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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on GL
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Monday, July 14, 2003

At Danny and Michelle's, Eden suggests that she and Tony decorate the house with balloons, candles, etc. for the newlyweds' homecoming. At the Beacon, Michelle learns about Ben's attack. Danny and Michelle are surprised to find out that Eden helped Tony decorate the house. Danny suspects that Eden decorated their house just to be close to Tony. Eden tells Danny that he doesn't get to decide what Tony thinks or who he likes, as Tony overhears. Olivia goes to Lamaze class alone. Meanwhile, Alan wonders how Phillip can give up on Olivia so easily. Later, Phillip shows up at the hospital and announces that he is Olivia's partner. Olivia is upset when Phillip becomes the star of the class. Olivia concedes she will allow him to be a part of their baby's life but that's it. This gives Phillip renewed hope of a reconciliation. At Company, Harley prepares for a sit down with a possible murderer, Mitch Hendon. Harley notices that Mitch's Special Ops ring is missing. Harley goes to call Gus about Mitch's ring, when suddenly Mitch lands a heavy hand on her shoulder. He says he wants Gus to find his wife's killer and claims that he lost his ring. Later, Harley and Gus go looking for clues at the Bauer's patio. On a hunch, Harley strips down to her underwear and steps into the hot tub. She discovers Mitch Hendon's ring in the hot tub drain.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

It's an emotional day for father and son as Shayne prepares for his final baseball game as an amateur. Josh gives Shayne Reva's letter, and they share a heart to heart. Shayne admits he's in love with Marina and asks if Josh sees her as a distraction. Josh says if it's right, Marina won't be a distraction; she'll be part of Shayne's big plan. Later, Shayne wonders what's keeping Marina. Edmund strolls through the lobby of the Beacon sporting a radical new look: jeans, sneakers, and baseball cap. Jeffrey spots him and bursts out laughing. Edmund explains that he's going to the game. Everybody in town is talking about the big game, including the Coopers. In pain and frightened, Ben calls Marina. Feeling sorry for him, she rushes over. Later, when Marina realizes he manipulated her into coming to visit, Ben declares she is the only one he wants. Meanwhile, Cassie is curious about Tammy's date, Joey Lupo. At the Beacon, Alexandra recognizes Jeffrey from somewhere but can't place it. She is horrified when Jeffrey hints he is considering reopening the stalker case. Alexandra is curious about what Edmund has learned about Jeffrey's past, but Edmund tells Alexandra she'll have to enlist someone else to help in her scheme. At the game, tipped off by Ben, Lizzie "innocently" lets Shayne know that Marina is at the hospital visiting Ben. Meanwhile, Jeffrey accuses Cassie of being a bad mom by not meeting Tammy's juvenile delinquent date. Tammy wants Cassie to give Joey a chance. The game is about to begin. Shayne can't stop thinking about Marina, who is still at the hospital. With a scout present, Josh worries about Shayne's performance. The game gets off to a bad start when a distracted Shayne hits the first batter in the head with a pitch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Marina tells Ben there is no chance for reconciliation. She summons her strength and, without looking back, walks off. Meanwhile, Shayne has walked the bases loaded in the first inning. Once Marina arrives at the game, Shayne starts to get better. He even hits a home run to win the game! After the game, Marina and Shayne linger in the stands, savoring the moment. While Shayne and Marina make out in the bleachers, Lizzie visits Ben at the hospital and urges him not to give up on Marina. Wary of Tammy's date Joey, Cassie makes a call to another mother to check him out. Cassie isn't thrilled that Joey is meeting Tammy at the after-party. Even though Cassie learns that Joey turned things around, she's still against him running off with Tammy to the burger shack down the road. But Edmund makes it clear that Joey had better be a good boy, and they are able to go on their date. Later, Cassie and Edmund gaze at the stars. Frank wants Darci to steer clear of Eden. Eden talks with Tony about her days of playing stickball in Chicago. Tony reminds Eden of her blackmail and extortion days, and she says that's a thing of the past. At the Bauer patio, Gus pitches his theory about Mitch killing Ramona and later trying to kill Ben. He theorizes that there are two killers: Mitch and Ben. Gus and Frank share their theory with Jeffrey, who still believes Eden is the behind the murders. He orders Gus to do his job and dig into Eden's psyche. She could be their serial killer.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Edmund, Cassie and the boys go to the baseball field for a picnic. Cassie wishes she had a yard that the boys could play in, and Edmund gets an idea. Later, Edmund meets with the county commissioner to speak about fixing up the farm. Ben isn't pleased when he sees the picture in the newspaper of Marina giving Shayne a kiss on the cheek. Ben tells Bill that Eden came back to the barbecue right before he was attacked. Later, Holly suggests that Ben come home with her when he leaves the hospital. She informs Ben his grandmother Stoddard has had a stroke and that it doesn't look good. Meanwhile, Eden treats Tony to breakfast, and she gets a bit too close for comfort. Eden feels funny that Tony thinks she was hitting on him. Tony confides in Michelle about Eden's misunderstanding about the two of them, and he feels bad for coming down too hard on her. Later, Bill questions Eden about lying about being at the barbecue during Michelle and Danny's wedding. Bill doesn't understand why Eden lies if she has nothing to hide. He leaves, saying when she is ready to be honest she can call him. Frank and Gus sort through the murder evidence. They decide that Mitch looks guilty for the murder of his wife and the attempted murder of Ben, but they still need motive for the other three murders. After, they question Mitch about his whereabouts the night of Ramona's murder and inform him his ring was found at the bottom of the hot tub. Ross advises Mitch to stop answering Gus and Frank's questions. Gus goes to question Eden, and Frank thinks it would be a better idea for someone else to do it. Gus insists he knows when his sister lies.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Marina throws Shayne a post-game surprise party. A reporter asks Marina if Ben's capable of murder. As Shayne and Marina deal with Shayne's newfound celebrity status, they long for some time alone together. Meanwhile, Ben wants to visit his dying grandmother Stoddard. Gus demands answers from Eden, who denies killing anyone. Ross calls Gus about Ben's request to see his grandmother. After, Ben suddenly remembers Mitch Hendon as his attacker. Gus puts out an arrest warrant for Mitch Hendon, but as far as he's concerned, Ben still isn't off the hook. At the Beacon, Tony wants to help Eden prove she is innocent. Gus fills Jeffrey in about Ben's memory of Mitch. Jeffrey makes a mysterious phone call. Mitch agrees to turn himself in. Later, Jeffrey irritates Cassie about Joey Lupo, which prompts Cassie to evict Jeffrey from the hotel. This time, Cassie has had it! She's serious. Edmund breaks a swimming date with Cassie to meet with someone. He asks Alexandra her opinion about renovating the farm. Alexandra has her own agenda getting the goods on Jeffrey. Edmund can't help Alexandra with Jeffrey. Cassie overhears them talking, but Alexandra covers. In the process of getting Jeffrey's stuff out the hotel, Cassie finds herself on the roof. She wheels around to see Mitch Hendon standing behind her.

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