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Passions Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on PS
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Chad, Whitney, Theresa and Fox share some time alone at the Blue Note. Fox shows everyone around as they have a private little party. While it seems that everyone is celebrating Chad and Whitney's new future, Fox is fantasizing about how he plans on taking Whitney away from Chad and for his own.

Alistair orders Julian to found out where Sheridan is and to take advantage of the situation. Julian questions Alistair if he had anything to do with Sheridan's disappearance this time. Alistair tells him no and then abruptly hangs up the phone. Julian is outside the Russell home hoping to help Eve out of the newest threat Liz set up for her. Liz baits Eve with he damning picture she took of Eve and Julian sharing a kiss. Liz again goes on with the same threats that she will soon be destroying Eve's life once and for all.

The Harmony police search the Russell home in the house to house search. TC is distracted by the search with buys Eve some time and stops TC from seeing the photo of Eve and Julian kissing. TC tells Sam that even though he and his family have nothing to hide, it still makes him nervous having the police search his home. Sam says he understands and then tells TC that he must make one more search. He asks TC for the keys to his shed. TC looks horrified at Sam and begs him not to make him do this. Sam tells TC he is sorry and will keep the findings of the shed private. TC angrily tosses Sam the keys to the shed. Sam unlocks the shed and then turns on the light. He takes a quick look around and then says "Oh my God, no!" TC just replies that he can't let "it" go. Julian overhears the conversation and gets all too curious. He feels that he must look in the shed for himself. He then quietly opens the shed and turns on the light. Julian looks horrified and says to himself ,"If Eve saw this, it would be all over. I'll lose her for sure."

Eve is going at it once again with Liz. Liz tells Eve now that she owns the Blue Note, she will get Whitney to sing there. She will make sure Whitney follows in her mother's slutty, drugged out footsteps. Eve vows to stop Liz at any cost. Eve then takes off in her car. Julian calls her and is worried that Eve is desperate since Liz's new threat. Julian does not know just how desperate Eve is. She drives up to the Blue Note with a can of gasoline. Eve takes a quick look inside and it appears to be empty. Eve does not realize that Whitney, Chad, Theresa and Fox are inside. They leave the dance floor for a few minutes to take a look in the private wine cellar. They continue dancing unaware of the danger they are in. Eve strikes a match and sets the Blue note on fire. She intends to burn it down so Liz can't use it to destroy Whitney or anyone else in her family.

Beth, Edna and Charlie panic when the Harmony police come to search their house for Sheridan. Beth intercepts them and manages to talk the police out of searching. When they see the house belongs to Beth Wallace, Luis' fiancé they feel searching is a waste to time. Hank walks up and agrees with them. It looks like Beth is in the clear until Luis shows up. He insists that the police search the house. He wants to set a good example because all the houses in town must be searched. Edna panics and has another daydream about being locked up for Beth's crimes.

Luis tells the other officers to search the house while he searches the basement. Beth panics when she hears this. Sheridan is weak and trying to sit up in the pit. She quietly begs Luis to come and save her.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Julian shows up to find the Blue Note in flames. He orders Eve to call the fire department while he searches for a hose. Eve tells Julian that she wants to see the club turned to rubble and everything in it reduced to cinders.

TC goes into his house to find the family photo Liz smashed on the floor. He questions Liz about what happened to the photo. She gives him some lame excuse about how she admired it so much, she had to pick it up. She then explains that it just slipped through her hands.

She looks so apologetic and tells TC that she feels as though she smashed his family instead of a picture. The double meaning of her words are lost on him.

TC assures Liz that accidents happen and that it is okay. He says it seems that everyone is a little edgy tonight. He remembers back to when Sam searched his shed. He sees Sam telling him that he should have gotten rid of "it." TC then tells Sam he knows he should have gotten rid of "it " but he couldn't. Sam and TC both agree that Eve virtually saved TC's life. If it weren't for Eve TC probably would have killed Julian and ruined his own life.

Liz overhears and realizes just how much her voyeur picture of Julian and Eve kissing will impact TC and his life.

While Sam is at the house, he gets a call that the Blue Note is on fire. Liz looks stunned and tells Sam that she just bought the club. TC, Sam and Liz tear off to the fire.

Whitney, Chad, Theresa and Fox are still inside the jazz club unaware of the danger outside. The two couples are inside dancing. Fox asks to change partners and is glad to have the opportunity to slow dance with his secret love Whitney. Chad and Theresa decide to go out to Chad car to get some new CD's. As Theresa opens the door her coat sleeve catches fire. The two couples realize that the club is engulfed in flames and they are trapped. Fox rushes to the phone but the line is dead. Each exit is blocked by fire.

Kay and Tabitha go to the wharf to feed their cravings. Kay craves hot dogs and Tabitha just the condiments. Tabby then has her face turn mustard yellow, ketchup red and relish green.

Jessica, Simone and Charity plan a surprise baby shower for Kay. Charity hopes that Kay will change her ways when the baby comes. Jessica says she doubts it since Kay is as sneaky as a snake. Charity then thinks she sees a snake under the baby blanket in the cradle.

Charity then sees flames and fears that there are lives in danger.

Beth stops Luis for the time being from going into the basement. Mrs. Wallace and Precious try to make a run for it when Edna hears Sheridan calling out to Luis for help.

Edna is stopped by the cops. Luis is just ready to leave when he realizes that he did not check the Wallace basement.

Sam, TC and Liz arrive at the fire. TC asks Eve just what the hell she is doing there with Julian Crane. Liz smirks at the question. In an act of desperation, Chad throws a chair through the window. Everyone watches in horror when they realize Chad, Theresa, Fox and Whitney are trapped inside the inferno.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

It is a race against time as TC and Sam desperately try to save Whitney, Theresa, Fox and Chad from the inferno that once was the Blue Note. Eve watches in horror as she begs TC and Sam to save her baby. TC is horrified to realize that his daughter is caught in the blaze. He puts the blame on Chad. He feels that Chad put Whitney's life in danger. TC tells Eve that he will kill Chad if anything happens to their daughter. Eve tells him to stop talking like that and to concentrate on saving Whitney.

Liz gets Eve alone for a minute and calls her a murderer. She knows that Eve set fire to the Blue Note to run her out of town and save Whitney. Liz tells Eve that her efforts to save Whitney may have gotten her killed instead. Julian comes to Eve's defense. He tells Liz that if she hadn't backed Eve into a corner this would not have happened. He puts all the blame on Liz.

Kay bemoans the fact that she can't get Miguel and that she can't even get her own mother to care for her. Tabitha tells Kay to stop having a pity party for herself and concentrate on getting Miguel.

When the pair get home Kay looks into the window and sees that they have planned a surprise baby shower for her. Kay is thrilled. When she walks into the house everyone is sitting around asking Charity about her latest frightening premonition. Charity sees the fire getting worse. Kay swallows this information, realizing that once again Charity is upstaging her. This time at her own baby shower. Charity realizes how Kay feels and begs Kay to try again. She gets everyone to turn off the lights and tells Kay to walk in again and pretend to be surprised. Kay goes along and the party begins. Kay does her best to try to pull Miguel from Charity's side. He won't be budged very easily. Kay thanks her mother for making her favorite cake. They begin a friendly chat. Kay asks Grace what she craved when she was pregnant with her. Ivy feels the need to keep Kay and Grace apart so she goes up to Grace and asks her what she craved when she was carrying John. Grace then focuses her attention to John and David. Kay gets hurt and tells Tabby that Grace can't focus her attention on Kay for longer than a minute.

Grace gets engrossed in the conversation with David. Kay takes this opportunity to jab Ivy. She warns Ivy that she could blow her and David out of the water at any time. She tells Ivy to back off.

David sees Kay and reminds Ivy that Kay is right and could blow the whistle on their lie at any time. Ivy says she will handle Kay.

Kay gets an idea to get Miguel away from Charity for a few minutes.

She asks everyone at the party to fire baby names at her and Miguel. She takes Miguel reluctantly by the hand. Before Kay can put her plan into motion, Charity has another one of her annoying premonitions.

Charity hears Eve cry for someone to save her baby. Charity tells everyone that someone's baby is in danger.

Luis is just about to get ready to enter Beth's basement of horror until Antonio comes in. He stops Luis by announcing that Sheridan has been found. Luis asks what is going on. Antonio says they need to talk privately outside. Edna and Beth panic. They are afraid that Charlie ratted them out. Beth is sure Charlie would not do that. Edna asks Beth is she ever watches Law & Order. Edna is sure Charlie cut a deal to save her own hide.

Precious has a day dream that she is going to the electric chair. She has a fantasy about the love of her life Luis as Climax's love song "Precious and Few" plays in the background.

Luis finally comes into the Wallace house and Edna goes on her knees pleading innocence.

Explosions begin to rock the Blue Note. After one of the explosions, Eve and TC are sure that Whitney did not survive. Once they see that the foursome survived, TC and Sam rush the flames to bring everyone out. As they are trying to make their escape, a flaming piece of the ceiling falls in on them.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Passions was pre-empted due to Wimbledon coverage. This pre-emption will not effect the storylines and there will be no missed episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th, where Wednesday, July 2nd's episode concluded.

Friday, July 4, 2003

Passions was pre-empted due to Wimbledon coverage. This pre-emption will not effect the storylines and there will be no missed episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th, where Wednesday, July 2nd's episode concluded.

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