One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on OLTL

Joey and Bo rescued Lindsay and Jen. Troy insisted that he and Nora drink poisoned wine in order to die together. Walker assured Jessica that neither of them would go to jail for Mitch's murder. Llanview had a power outage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on OLTL
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Bo and Joey are able to get Jen and Lindsay out of the mental institution. Joey takes Jen home and they talk about Jen's ordeal. They start having a passionate kiss when Rex walks in. Rex ends up telling Jen she's a lost cause, but refuses to leave the house because that would be considered abandonment and would hurt his case in the divorce.

Kevin and Blair are off to Bermuda, but their plane encounters a storm and they are forced to make an emergency landing in North Carolina. Kevin and Blair take shelter in a barn and Blair asks him about his marriage to Kelly, but he really does't reveal much about the state of his marriage and Kevin and Blair end up kissing.

Jessica admits to Viki that she killed Mitch and she has been protecting Walker. Viki goes to the penthouse to confront Walker, she is very angry about Jessica protecting him and doesn't understand how he could put Jessica through this.

Asa pays Dorian a visit at her house to make an offer to purchase The Sun. Dorian reminds him that Blair and Viki are in charge of the paper until Starr turns 25 and neither of them are likely to agree to sell. Asa threatens a hostile takeover of The Sun. In the meantime, out on the porch Walker and Starr are having another conversation and Walker tells her that her dad (Todd) is going to come back. Dorian's appearance as she's showing Asa out ends that conversation and Dorian tells Walker that Kelly is on her way there as they speak.

At the police station, Nora tells Bo about using Gabrielle in the plan to try to get a confession out of Troy and that it had gone terribly wrong. Bo is very angry. Nora tells Lindsay she owes her an apology and that she thinks Troy had drugged Lindsay to make her fail her mental evaluation. Lindsay warns Nora that Troy is very dangerous and he now has nothing to lose.

Kelly shows up at Dorian's and wants to know if her husband (Kevin) is having an affair and wonders where he is. Dorian just looks at her not knowing just what to say.

Nora gets a call that Matthew had been in an accident and she needs to come to the hospital right away, but actually Troy put a nurse up to making the call to Nora.

Gabrielle is shown in a cooler drawer inside the morgue.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Walker paces in the penthouse, remembering the kiss he witnessed between Blair and Kevin at Rodi's. He bursts into a rage and flails angrily at his desk. Jessica interrupts his tantrum with the announcement that she is going to the police to admit to Mitch's murder. Walker tries to appeal to her sense of family loyalty by describing the scandal and media circus her confession will unleash, not to mention his unavoidable implication as an accessory and evidence thief. But Jess is too guilt ridden over Antonio and leaves determined to do the right thing. Walker picks up the photo of Blair that he knocked over on his desk and retrieves the Badhra diamond from its secret niche in the fireplace. He cradles each in his hands and promises, "I'm going to give you this diamond someday, Blair. I swear it. Maybe even on our wedding day."

"So this is Infra Red!" Roxy finally makes the scene at Ultra Violet, where the Vega brothers are in the doldrums barside. Rex warns her immediately not to expect free drinks. Natalie arrives and successfully resolves her argument with Cristian over wedding plans. At a remote table, Asa gives Flash & Riley's A&R representative his walking papers. Great grandpa bought the record company and will ensure that all future financial negotiations are fair. He sends Flash to get a copy of their contract for him to review in person, but uses her absence to interrogate Riley about his intentions towards her. Roxy really starts to rock out, begging Rex to "get jiggy with it" with her on the dance floor. Rex shuts her off. She moans, "No, I want my Harvey Wall Hanger!" Rex raises the ante and shows her the door. But her mopey stride causes him to offer a quick cut of the rug. Roxy responds like a doll just wound up, "Boogie, oogie oogie!"

Nora quickly learns that news of Matthew's injury was simply bait dangled by Troy to hold her captive. At her house, he leads her to believe that he has Matthew stashed somewhere. He rambles incoherently about all his problems being Nora's fault, grabbing and shaking her. In his agitation, he doesn't notice when his hospital ID falls to the floor. Nora gingerly reveals she was part of surveillance at Rodi's and his apartment, hoping to find out where Gabrielle is. "Gabrielle's on ice," Troy says, surprising himself. Flash knocks at the door, having forgot her keys. Troy hides. Nora hands Flash her backpack with the contract and keys in it, but notices the ID on the floor. She drops the backpack and, while picking it up, discreetly shoves the ID into the clear plastic make-up bag that hangs from its zipper. Nora walks Flash to the door with a longing look that gives Flash pause before she gets back into Asa's limo.

Blair and Kevin continue their passionate interlude in the stable, waiting for the rain to stop and their plane to be ready for departure again. Blair awkwardly hits the brakes on their make-out session before it evolves into more serious infidelity.

Dorian deftly fields Kelly's questions about the possibility that Kevin is having an affair. At one point, cute little Matthew, very much unkidnapped, saves her from a touchy question with bad dreams during his sleepover with Starr. Just when the excuses are running out, Blair and Kevin appear together at the front door, obviously startled by Kelly's arrival in Llanview. Hugs, greetings, knowing glances, and disapproving nods fill the foyer until Kelly and Kevin leave, together. Dorian assesses, "I think it's safe to assume that Kelly is back for keeps."

From his dialogue with Riley, Asa has learned about Flash's vocal condition and decides to take her to London pronto to see a specialist, her grandfather, and her father. No one notices Troy's ID glaring from the clear plastic bag under the nightclub lights.

Troy forces Nora into an angelic, flowing peignoir and makes a suicide pact: "This is the end. The end of both of us." He pours red wine and laces it with a white powder. Romeo hands the glass to his Juliet, but she's not playing along. He becomes flustered. "Drink it!"

In a coffin-like space on a tiled wall with a refrigerated metal door, Gabrielle awakens and hysterically pounds her fists against surfaces, screaming, "Help, help!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

A somber Kelly arrives at the Buchanan mansion with Kevin. She wonders if he's happy to see her as she hands him a packet of anonymous letters she's received. They are all about the "affair" that he is having. She wants to know if it's true. Kevin denies that he's sleeping with anyone as he goes through the letters, telling her that they will have to put up with things like this during the campaign. She mentions that she's also received phone calls, insisting she get to Llanview. Kevin wants to make a pact that they never lie to each other because they're a team and they need each other. He vows to find out who sent the letters.

Blair is anxious to find out why Kelly is in town, once her cousin leaves. Dorian tells her it's about Kevin's cheating. She's skeptical when Blair insists that nothing happened on their "date." OK, she finally admits; they did kiss but they did not have any sexual relations, only arguing about his trying to purchase the Sun instead. The women begin to argue as Dorian attempts to call Kelly and give her the heads up. Blair begs her to keep quiet. They are interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell and find Walker there, inquiring whether Blair is alright. He heard about the plane and the storm, claiming to have bumped into Kevin at Rodi's. He asks Blair to dinner but she declines. After he leaves, Dorian beseeches Blair to dump all of her men. Blair is only worried that Kevin may tell Kelly of their kiss.

Jess stops by Ultraviolet to tell Antonio that she's on her way to the police station to confess to killing her father. He tries to stop her, blaming Mitch for what happened. She can't ruin her life by going to jail. He is unsuccessful and can only offer to accompany her. Leaving, they bump into Keri and R.J. who are just arriving. During an awkward moment, Keri mentions that the baby said "dada." Jess suggests he stay and chat but the proud father remembers that he's got something else to do right now.

Asa informs Flash that he's made her a doctor's appointment in London and that they're leaving right away. Suddenly, she has an attack and seems unable to catch her breath. Riley scoops her up and heads for the hospital.

He only wants them to be together, Troy implores Nora. He can't be with her in real life so they can die together. Nora assures him that he's not like Colin though he insists that "This is the end." He has blood on his hands and he wants her to drink the poisoned wine with him. Defying his wishes, she pours the liquid onto the floor instead. She reminds him of how much both Matthew and Starr adore him and of how he saved Matthew's life once. Colin is back, he growls and is a part of him. Again she tries to question him on the whereabouts of Gabrielle and Matthew and Troy alludes to Gabby being in a place below, locked in where no one goes anymore.

A claustrophobic Gabrielle lies in the locked morgue locker as Bo wonders where she is. He visits the hospital and learns that Troy is no longer employed there however a nurse recalls him stopping by and talking about a boy named Matthew being in an accident. It turned out to be false. He also was able to have someone call the poor mother to give her this false information. Bo calls Dorian's house and verifies that Matthew is staying there. He will send a cop to watch the house but tells Dorian to keep an eye out for Troy. Flash is brought in and immediately given some oxygen. Bo spots them and in going over to speak with Asa, notices Troy's ID in Flash's see-through bag. Asa mentions that she had been over to Nora's house; Bo manages to question Flash who answers with nods of her head. Yes, Nora seemed to be alone and yes, she could have slipped the ID into her bag. Later, Flash is ordered to stay overnight but is anxious due to their gig at Ultraviolet. Riley wants to stay with her but will square things away with R.J. first, agreeing that they can play without her. It also dawns on her that Nora was acting strangely when she was there.

Calling Nora's house, Bo gets the answering machine and begins to leave a message that Matthew is fine. Nora urges Troy to pick up the phone but when Bo directs his message to the doctor, suggesting that they can work things out, the incensed man pulls the phone out of the wall. He accuses Nora of lying to him. She breaks the wine glass and goes at him but he is able to grab her and turn the tables. There's a sudden screeching of car tires outside.

At the station, Antonio thinks it's a good idea if Jess return later with her mom and a lawyer but the girl is insistent. He'll take the statement and leave it on Bo's desk since he's been suspended. She relates the events on the night of the murder, adding that she did not steal the evidence nor did Antonio. He writes it up and she signs it. He's saved her life so she can breathe easier now. Suddenly, the power goes off. Hastily turning around to check things out, Antonio walks into Jess. Putting his arms around her, they kiss.

R.J. suggests that Keri look for a new guy but she only has eyes for Antonio, she insists. When Riley interrupts and fills R.J. in on Flash's situation, offering to sing instead, the man is adamant. Either Flash sing or the gig is off.

As Kelly tries to get her still working husband to bed, Asa returns and is ecstatic to see her. After some hugs and kisses, he steals Kevin to discuss some business. Answering the ringing telephone, Kelly gets a hang-up call, not realizing that it's Blair on the other end. She makes a call herself, to Blair. She's just received a hang-up call and she thinks it's from the girl that Kevin is seeing. She wants her cousin's help. Regretfully, Blair agrees.

Gabrielle dreams of marrying Bo as she fades into unconsciousness.

Sneaking into the open door of Nora's house with gun drawn, Bo sees and hears nothing. He calls out for the pair; finally Troy walks out with his arm around Nora and the broken glass at her throat.

Keri refuses to discuss Antonio with R.J. any further. All she knows is, she can't be with him any longer if he disagrees with her. It'll mean his not seeing her or Jamie again.

Riley returns to the hospital and assures Flash that everything is worked out with R.J. and their date at the club.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

When the power goes out all over Llanview, Rex does his best to keep the Ultraviolet crowd happy by offering a free round of drinks. When Jen shows up, the couple argues and she storm out and Rex decides to hire a private investigator. Marcie faces both support and grief about her stance on peace when she arrives at the club. Later, Al informs her that Dean Baker cancelled his radio show.

Jess pulls away from Antonio's kiss and reminds him that he has a baby with Keri, at which Antonio reminds her that he has no feelings for Keri. Keri warns R.J. that his grudge against Antonio is going to force her to stay away from him. When Evangeline gets involved, she confirms what Keri said, by telling R.J. to back off. R.J. agrees and when Antonio shows up, he graciously leaves the table. When Antonio informs Keri that there is no hope for them to have a future, she blames Jessica.

Joey offers to stay with Jen during the black out, but she refuses, insisting that it would just give Rex ammunition to use later. At St. James, while Joey is praying for guidance, Jen shows up. When the two kiss, the private investigator snaps a picture.

As Troy again tries to force Nora to drink the poisoned wine, she manages to break free of his grip. In the struggle, the broken wine glass slices Nora's wrist as Troy makes his escape. After telling Bo about the clues Troy dropped, Nora insists that Bo leave to find Gabrielle. Moments after Bo leaves, Troy returns saying that he is leaving Nora alone, but before he can leave, a barely conscious Nora begs him for help. He intends to leave her to die, until she passes out and he realizes what he's done. At the morgue, Bo finds Gabrielle unconscious.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Viki discuss Joey's relationship with Jen. When Jessica gets home, she tells her family that she confessed to killing Mitch. Viki tries to assure her daughter that she did the right thing. Alone with Natalie, the sisters discuss Jessica's relationship with Antonio. When Antonio returns, he informs her that he made sure Keri knew they had no future. When he asks Jessica on a date, she agrees.

Friday, August 1, 2003

Walker assures Jessica that neither she nor he will ever go to prison for killing Mitch. Walker meets with Bo and claims he delivered the fatal blow to Mitch's head. Bo destroys Jessica's confession and tells Walker that the case is closed as they may never know what truly happened the night Mitch died. Bo reinstates Antonio and gives him his badge back. Walker is pleased that he got his revenge on Mitch in the end.

Keri overhears Jessica telling Natalie that she's ready to see where her relationship with Antonio might lead. Keri later asks Jessica to back away from Antonio. Jessica cancels her lunch date with Antonio. Bo tells Jessica Mitch's murder investigation is closed and urges her to get on with her life. Keri arrives at Antonio's with Jamie. Antonio invites Keri to stay for lunch and agrees that they can be friends.

Lindsay is thrilled when she is released from St. Ann's on outpatient status. Jen tells Lindsay that both of their futures are looking brighter. Bo remains angry with Nora for involving Gabrielle in the plan to trap Troy. Troy is declared incompetent to stand trial and is reprimanded to St. Ann's. Nora warns Jen that she has to stay away from Joey after she sees them together.

Rex tells Natalie that he's not giving Jen up without a fight. Knowing that Joey will be there, Jen convinces Rex to have lunch at the country club with her. Rex prepares to send the compromising photos of Jen and Joey to Andrew.

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