All My Children Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on AMC

Erica and Kendall grew closer as they prepared for the wedding. Kendall learned Erica's secret about Jack and Greenlee. Greenlee discovered that she was Jack's daughter. Bianca admitted to Maggie that Michael had raped her. Greenlee announced her paternity at Jack and Erica's wedding.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Kendall and Erica were at the Valley Inn, gushing over the cake and going over last minute details for the wedding before rushing out to attend to things. Mary walked in and took the bride off the wedding cake and gently placed it on the floor before stepping on it. Kendall walked back in just in time to see Mary push over the multi-tiered wedding cake. Kendall was furious and said Mary better be as talented with pastry as she is with pool boys or she'd be in trouble. Mary claimed it just slipped. Kendall said she refused to let Mary ruin her mother's wedding day. Mary snidely told Kendall she "oughtn't call Erica 'mother'" and said Erica only manipulates people, she doesn't love them. She also said Erica wants to keep Jack in the dark and Greenlee deserves better. Kendall was confused and demanded an explanation. Mary left money to pay for the cake and walked out. Erica came in and assumed that Kendall had destroyed the cake. Kendall explained it was Mary and started asking questions about why Mary was so jealous and finally guessed that Greenlee is Jackson's daughter and Erica knows. Erica refused to answer and tried to leave, but Kendall wanted to know more. When Erica asked if Kendall was going to tell Jack and Greenlee, Kendall was stunned to realize it really was true. Erica was firm in her decision to not tell and now it was too late. Kendall understood that Erica was afraid of how angry they would be, but tried to convince Erica that Greenlee would come around. Kendall continued to urge her to tell the truth and Erica reminded her how often she's said she wished she'd never found out that Erica was her mother. Kendall said it would hurt to be kept in the dark. Erica justified how she was only trying to protect Jack from Mary, emotionally and financially, and Greenlee was no better. Erica went on to say she wouldn't stop Kendall from telling Jack if she felt she needed to, even though it would mean losing Jack. Kendall didn't want Erica to hate her for it and Erica insisted she'd still be her daughter even if she told. Erica said Kendall had a choice to either speak now or forever hold her peace. Kendall said she had hated Erica before and that what Erica is doing is wrong. Erica blamed Mary, but Kendall said she was only protecting herself. She finally said that she wouldn't tell them because it's important to Erica and she's her mother. They hugged and Erica thanked her profusely.

At SOS, Greenlee was handing the letter from her mother to Jack when Tad interrupted and took the letter and said he shouldn't open it. Both Greenlee and Jack asked why not. Tad said he just didn't want anything messing up the bachelor party and gave the letter back to Greenlee. Greenlee agreed that Jack probably didn't care what her mother had to say anyway, since he was already planning to marry another self-centered nightmare.

Back at their table, Greenlee quizzed Juan Pablo about his life and past. He said he came to town because he heard it was full of magic and great beauty but Greenlee knew there was more to it. When Simone and Carlos walked in, Greenlee whisked Juan out the back door to go back to her place.

Jack asked Tad if he had found his blood donor yet and accused him of not working on it. The bachelor party continued and Tad explained he's been busy running a dating service instead of a private investigation office. Tad demanded they keep the secret, then spilled the beans about four women all chasing the same guy, none of them know about the others, and named names. He even told them about the bet the Fusion girls have and Aidan filled in the details that he'd learned from Mia. Boyd did the math and realized there was only a 1 in 4 chance the stranger would pick Kendall and he'd still have a chance. Reggie reminded Boyd that he is not a second stringer. Tad toasted to Jack and Erica, the woman who turned romance into a spectator sport. Jack thanked Aidan again for whatever he did to keep Michael Cambias away. The party started splitting up and Jack admitted to being a bit nervous, even though it was a dream come true. Jack was confident that he and Erica would be able to handle anything that came their way and Tad urged him to remember that sentiment, no matter what.

At SOS, Simone and Carlos talked and she asked for a favor. He was reluctant, given the track record of getting in trouble for helping her. She told him about the stranger she'd met and asked Carlos to check him out for her. Carlos was suspicious of what was going on.

At the seedy bar, Bianca was fending off drunks with a cue stick from on top of the pool table and Maggie bought a round to help. Maggie tried to talk to Bianca, who would only say that she wouldn't let anyone hurt her or Maggie. They left the bar and went to Maggie's dorm room. Bianca showered and apologized to Maggie, who only wanted to know what was really going on. Bianca said she didn't want it to happen again and Maggie asked what and Bianca whispered "rape." She then asked Maggie to make sure he doesn't come again when she sleeps. Maggie put her arms around Bianca and told her to sleep, that she was safe and he wouldn't come.

Back at Greenlee's, she and Juan shared a brandy and Greenlee couldn't stop thinking about the letter to Jackson still in her purse. Juan Pablo encouraged her to open it, to satisfy her curiosity and find out what is going on. Greenlee declined and said she only wanted to know more about him and to find out if he'd like to invest in Fusion. He asked about the contest and she thought he meant the Sexiest Man contest. He was impressed by her and said he would consider investing in Fusion. She was surprised to learn he plans to stay in Pine Valley and wondered what his angle is. She accused him of keeping secrets but he told her she is hiding from secrets and then kissed her cheek and walked out. Greenlee thought about what he'd said and picked up the envelope and opened it to find out what Mary thinks will change her life forever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

At the Valley Inn, wedding preparations were underway and Reggie nearly tackled Mary at the door to keep her out. Mary wanted to deliver her wedding gift, but Reggie told her there may not be a wedding. Mary was overjoyed and grilled him for more info. Reggie was vague about complications caused by Jack thinking about Mary, causing him pain. Mary wanted to rush to him and finally bribed Reggie with a wad of cash to tell her where Jack is. Reggie said he'd take her there himself.

At home, Erica opened a note from Kendall from the night before, reassuring her that she will keep the secret about Greenlee being Jack's daughter. Jack walked in and wondered what she was reading. Erica said it was just good wishes from Kendall. Jack said he was there about a secret...that's been kept too long. Erica got nervous, but Jack was talking about the honeymoon details in the French Riviera. When Jack suggested they take all the children along, Erica was thrilled and immediately agreed. They thought it would be just what Bianca needs. Jack then asked if Erica was absolutely sure that she was ready to marry him. Erica got weepy and said she couldn't commit until she had Mona's blessing. They held hands and prayed. Afterwards, Jack gave Erica a new bracelet. The rejoiced in their happiness and peace and wished the same for Bianca. Reggie walked in to take Jack off to get ready. When Jack left the room to talk to Lily on the phone, Reggie told Erica about Mary and handed Erica the wedding gift from Mary. Reggie assured Erica that Mary would not be swooping in to ruin the wedding since she was stranded about 20 miles out of town with no car and no money.

Bianca woke up in Maggie's dorm room with a terrible hangover. Bianca didn't remember telling Maggie about the rape. Maggie pressed on for what was really happening, but Bianca was more worried about not ruining Erica's wedding. Maggie asked if she had been raped, but Bianca only said she had to leave. Maggie wouldn't let her go and Bianca freaked out, remembering Michael not letting her out the door the night of the rape. She shouted at Maggie not to lock the door. Maggie continued to urge her to talk about it, whatever happened. Bianca only cried that if she talked about it, it would be real and she couldn't let that happen. She fell to the floor, crying and finally told Maggie that he raped her, and hurt her. Maggie said he could never hurt her again, but Bianca said he's never left. Maggie promised to help and was very supportive of her friend. Bianca told Maggie everything about that night, but didn't say who it was. Bianca kept saying how stupid she was, but Maggie kept reassuring her that she'd done nothing wrong and it wasn't her fault. Bianca said she was afraid it would kill her and now she wished it had. Bianca also said she couldn't tell her mother and Maggie encouraged Bianca to go to the police, with a description of her rapist. Bianca had to explain that she knew who it was and finally told Maggie it was Michael. Maggie grabbed the phone to call Jack but Bianca stopped her.

Jamie went out clothes shopping and Tad was unpleasantly surprised by his selections, ruffled shirts, French cuffs, and all. Jamie saw Tad's research on Juan Pablo and announced he wanted that life, with yachts and polo ponies. Tad reminded Jamie that women should love him for himself, not his money.

Liza and Juan Pablo met at the Fusion office and Liza told him about what she'd found out about him and her surprise that there were no skeletons. They began to laugh just as Tad silently walked in and watched Juan put a flower in Liza's hair. Tad surprised Liza and said he was looking for the other Fusion gals. Liza started the introductions, but Tad said he knew him and all about him, from all the women he'd targeted and started listing them all. Juan only smiled and said they are all lovely. Tad began to act a bit jealous about how now Juan was working on Liza. Tad asked Juan what he really wants.

Greenlee read the letter from her mother to Jack and sat stunned, unable to believe the news that Jack is her father. Greenlee gazed at one of her framed wedding photos, with her and Roger smiling. Mary's news continued to run through her head. She dropped the photo as though it were on fire and the glass broke. Greenlee sat in disbelief, staring at herself in the mirror. She said "Jackson Montgomery is my father" and strode out of her apartment.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Tad told Juan Pablo to leave Fusion's office. He told Juan that the women in Pine Valley don't take kindly to being played against each other. Tad said he recognized a con when he saw one. Juan didn't know what Tad meant so Tad explained that he set up clandestine meetings with the Fusion women, wooed them and conveniently forgot to give them his name. In walked Mia and Simone. Tad introduced them to Juan Pablo, using all of his names, and told them he was an international stalker. They said he wasn't stalking them and Tad got more upset. Juan said he was sorry he didn't give the women his name and said that when he engages in business he likes to build relationships first. Tad yelled "Wake up! He was ready to take you and your company for a ride before I came along!" Tad tried to prove his case by giving the facts "A mysterious man meets each one of you separately, flatters you, leads you on?" Simone said she didn't see the problem, he called her an "Enchanted Orchid." Tad said that was a cheesy line. Mia said he didn't use a line on her, that he just talked to her when she was down. Liza said Juan was just helping. Tad asked about Juan's "steamy tango with Greenlee." Mia and Simone looked at each other and said "He danced with Greenlee? We need him to win our bet!" They turned to Juan and asked him to lunch, which he declined as he had a previous engagement. Mia asked if it was with Greenlee and he laughed and said no, and not with Kendall either. He said he'd be in touch and left the office. Liza asked Tad what was the matter and he replied, "With me or you? You're like 3 dueling dwarves, Dim, Drooling, and Desperate. Someone needs to save you from El Quappo!" The women sat Tad down and leaned in, asking "And who's going to save you?" Mia said he just chased out the best chance they had of partnership in Fusion and Simone said "Not to mention he was hot!." Exasperated, Tad said they deserved anything they get, including a "tropical rash." He started towards the elevator and Liza joined him, saying they weren't finished. She said since he thinks the Fusion bet is ridiculous they should call their bet off. He said she wanted to because she was losing, which she denied and said Juan might just be what she's been looking for. Tad looked disgusted and said "Fine, but don't expect me to be there when you fall!" and left.

Maggie tried to convince Bianca to call Jackson and report the rape. Bianca said she wouldn't do that to her mother on her wedding day, it was too important to Erica. Maggie said Bianca was important to her too. Bianca said she just wanted the day to be perfect for her mother. Maggie asked if she "gave" this day to her mother, would it make her feel better? Bianca said yes so Maggie agreed, saying she figured one more day wouldn't make a difference. Bianca asked what she meant and Maggie said they could wait a day to tell the police. Bianca franticly said she wasn't going to tell, not now or ever. Maggie couldn't understand why Bianca wouldn't tell her mother. Bianca said Erica has had to deal with this since she was 14 and was finally putting it behind her. Maggie said "She's not 14, neither are you! You have the power to put him away!" Bianca shook her head and Maggie said what if he does this again? Bianca said he was going to be put away for insider trading so he'd be in jail anyway. Maggie told Bianca to look at how her mother was affected by her rape. Bianca said her mother was getting it together now. Maggie told Bianca she was always the girl to speak out and say what was on her mind and that she couldn't let Michael Cambias take that away from her. Bianca said she didn't want to tell anyone, she couldn't tell her mom, she couldn't stand a trial and having to tell a room full of people what he did to her. Bianca forced Maggie to promise on their love for Frankie that she wouldn't tell anyone. Finally Maggie promised but said Bianca had to do something for her. Maggie wanted Bianca to go to the doctor and get checked out but Bianca totally refused and ran out the door.

Erica was in the penthouse looking in a mirror and was obviously upset. Kendall came in and said it wasn't easy living with deception. Erica pretended everything was ok and showed Kendall the gift Jack gave her. Kendall suggested Erica give Jack a gift, the truth. Erica said she thought they had agreed to keep it secret. Kendall said it was eating at Erica and she still had time to tell Jack before the wedding. Erica muttered to herself "We're only as sick as our secrets" and told Kendall that was something she learned in AA. She said she was sure Jack would handle the news after the wedding much better and that he had always been very understanding with her and he knows she only wants the best for him. Erica was sure that Mary would grow tired of the game and move on. Kendall wasn't sure but Erica begged her to concentrate on good thoughts and happiness today so Kendall agreed. Erica went in her room and returned with a gift for Kendall. She opened it and gasped when she saw pearls. Erica said her mother had given them to her and now she wanted Kendall to have them. She said Mona would be very proud of how far they had come. Kendall was almost speechless and said she was overwhelmed but wondered if Bianca should be the one to receive the gift. Erica said her mother gave them to her with just one provision, that they stay in the family and Kendall was family. Kendall said she would be honored. Bianca walked in and Erica and Kendall turned to look at her. Erica exclaimed "What happened to you?!!" and Kendall said she looked a little rough around the edges. They fussed over her and said they'd help her get ready and went off to begin.

Jack was at the Inn giving last minute instructions to a host. Greenlee walked in and Jack went to her. She didn't say a word, just stared at him. Jack asked if she was ok and what happened. Greenlee finally said she needed to see her mother. Jack said he'd help her find Mary and took her upstairs to Mary's room. Meanwhile Mary stormed into the lobby screaming at Reggie. The host walked over as Reggie told Mary to leave the hotel. The host offered to call the police and Mary said he should so they could arrest Reggie. The host said "Mrs. Smythe, please leave." Reggie acted like he hadn't known who she was and said loudly "Mrs. Smythe? The crazy woman who's been stalking Erica Kane?" People began to come over to see what was happening. Mary yelled that she wasn't stalking Erica but the host told her she did have somewhat of a reputation. She started to attack Reggie who stepped away as the host came between them. The host told Mary to go clean up, she had a certain odor. Mary said that was because the only ride she could get back into town was with a pig farmer and told him to get the police to arrest Reggie for auto theft. Opal walked over and said Reggie had been with her all morning and couldn't have done anything to Mary. Mary furiously left and went to her room, where she was surprised to find Greenlee and Jack waiting for her. Greenlee just stared at her and Jack said she'd been looking for her. He tried to leave them alone but Mary made him stay. She did tell him he should discipline Reggie for telling her Jack and Erica had called off the wedding. She said he told her Jack was in the woods thinking things over so she went to see him, but then Reggie left her in the woods without her car. She asked if Reggie had at least given him her wedding gift. Jack was a little confused but told Mary to just focus on her daughter and left the room. Greenlee handed Mary the letter. Mary remarked, "So you know that the man who just walked out is your father." Greenlee said that Roger Smythe was her father. Mary tried to explain that she and Jack had been young when they met and that Jack was "my first." She said she was trying to do right by Greenlee and let her know her real father. She said Jack would love Greenlee, support her and be proud of her. Greenlee said she didn't believe her so Mary said "I swear to God!." Greenlee found a Bible and thrust it at her mother, "Do it! Swear to God that Jackson Montgomery is my father!" As Mary reached towards the Bible Greenlee pulled it back and said she didn't want to be struck by lightening. She started to put it back in the desk drawer and found the same stationery the letter Mary had written to Jack on. "You lied! The letter is a fake! My husband is dead, my father is dead and now so are you to me!" Mary admitted to faking the letter because Erica wouldn't let her tell the truth. She begged Greenlee to find Jack and tell him what Erica was doing. "Stop him before he makes the biggest mistake of his life!" Mary cried.

Downstairs Jack found Reggie and asked what happened to Mary Smythe. Opal told Jack that Reggie did them a favor and not to ride him too hard. Jack and Reggie walked away as Reggie explained his side of the story. Jack asked about the wedding gift and Reggie said he put it in the huge pile of gifts. Jack said they needed to find it because he didn't want Erica opening a gift from Mary. They searched the gifts but Reggie "couldn't" remember what it looked like. To change the subject he asked Jack if he could practice his toast. Reggie stood up and said that Jack had been good to him and he deserved the best. He said he didn't get Erica at first but now he sees what Jack sees in her. And if anyone doesn't want the best for my father "they can kiss my a**!" Jack cut in with a "Whoa there!" and told Reggie that he and Erica would love his toast. Jack said this was shaping up to be a fine day and mentioned the wedding ring. Reggie said "Ring? What ring?." Jack started to panic and said "you know, that black box I gave you this morning and told you not to lose!." Reggie pulled it out of his pocket and said "You mean this one? I was just messing with you!"

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Erica was drinking coffee and smelling white roses when Kendall called out for her. Erica looked up and caught her breath when she saw Kendall telling her she looked beautiful. Kendall said it was because of her and Mona's pearls. Erica told her that wasn't it, that she was beautiful. Erica asked if Bianca was okay Kendall said that Bianca was doing damage control. Erica said she hoped Bianca would be okay today. Kendall assured her that Bianca would be fine that she was looking forward to this day. Myrtle and Opal arrived at the penthouse as Bianca entered the room. Bianca asked if she still looked like a train wreck. Opal said the way Bianca looked she would cause a train wreck, that she looked very beautiful. Opal and Erica left the room so Erica could get ready. Bianca went over to Myrtle and apologized for leaving the Boarding house the way that she did. Myrtle said she wasn't concerned as long as Bianca was safe. Erica let out a big scream. She and Opal returned to the living room and they asked if she was okay. Opal said it was nothing that Erica had pulled out some hair. Erica said it was a big deal. Opal told her she could fix it no one would be the wiser. Bianca gave Erica a picture of Mona to put into her bouquet as she walked down the aisle. Two limos had arrived so Bianca, Myrtle and Opal left in one so that they could make sure everything was okay. When they left Kendall told Erica that she was really worried and Erica told her not to be because for now Mary was contained.

Jack pinned Reggie's boutonnière on him and told him to be careful because it could shred, if it did Erica would shred him. Reggie agreed. Jack told Reggie to go call Joni and Reggie thought that was a great idea. When Reggie left someone stuck an arm through the door and said "psssss come here." When Jack got to the door Brooke and Anna yanked him out and told him it was his last chance that they had a get away car for him. He said he wasn't going no where. They asked if he was sure and he said yes so they told him he was brainwashed and that they could fix that if he wanted. He laughed at them. Brooke excused herself when she saw Jamie. Jack told Anna he was glad she made it even though he was sure she didn't feel like it. Anna said as long as he was happy that is what matters to her.

Mary told Greenlee she had to stop Jack's wedding. Mary said she couldn't let Erica marry Jack. Greenlee said that's what this is about, you faked the letter, you are lying to me about who my father is so that Jack won't marry Erica. Greenlee suggested that Mary go take a shower because she smelled and was going to leave. Mary told her she could prove that Jack was Greenlee's father. She told Greenlee that Greenlee was the one who saved Jack. They have the same blood type. Greenlee questioned it. Mary pulled out her diary and told her to look at the date that she and Jack first made love, if Greenlee calculated it nine months from that date was her birthday. Mary kept insisting that Greenlee stop the wedding. Greenlee wasn't so sure. Mary wanted Greenlee to take the diary and go to Jack. Greenlee wouldn't take it. Mary then told Greenlee why Erica was blackmailing her. She said that she seduced an under age man who was 17 that she didn't know it at the time. His father was a diplomat and he had charges pressed against her. She told Greenlee she wasn't allowed back into France ever again if she did show up there she'd be arrested. Mary told Greenlee to take the diary, she said she didn't care what happens, she didn't care if Greenlee hated her right now because she wanted Greenlee to know the truth no matter the risk. Greenlee grabbed the diary and left the room.

Simone and Mia were brewing over Juan Pablo. Simone was hoping he'd call. She also hoped that Greenlee hasn't won him over since in her words "Greenlee was already ahead of the game" because they were out dancing the other night. Mia told Simone that she asked Juan Pablo to fake being in love with her so she could win the bet, so they could win the bet and get stock in Fusion. Simone said that was cheating. Mia said she has learned the only way to get what you want is to cheat. Simone asked if she was sure about that and also wondered if Tad was right about this man. Mia suggested that they go tell Greenlee the truth so she be mad because she doesn't like to share and since they were all such good friends they just have to tell her the truth about their mystery man, Juan Pablo, putting the moves on all the women of Fusion.

Bianca arrived at the Valley Inn and asked if the photographer had arrived. She was told he was in the dining room. Lena called out to her and Bianca told her she couldn't be there. Bianca said she didn't want her mother to see Lena and get stressed out on her wedding day. Lena wanted to know if Bianca was alright and didn't press the issue.

David asked Maggie if Bianca told her what happened. By the look on Maggie's face he could tell she did know. They went into the bar at Valley Inn and David kept pressing Maggie but she said she couldn't tell him David asked if it was that bad. Bianca walked in seeing them together and accused Maggie of telling David and told her she promised she wouldn't. David told Bianca Maggie wouldn't tell him anything. He asked how she was and she told him she was fine that there was nothing wrong with her. David asked if she went to the doctor yet and she told him she had been so busy with the wedding she hadn't had a chance. He said the wedding would be over in a few hours and she could do it tomorrow. David excused himself. Maggie told Bianca that she should probably tell David he could help her. Bianca said no. Maggie asked if she would go see a doctor and Bianca told her that she was going with Erica and Jack on their honeymoon. Maggie asked if that was a good idea. Bianca said yes that she would forget everything that happened by the time they got back. Bianca saw Erica and said she had to leave. Maggie looked very worried.

Erica hugged Bianca when she saw her. Myrtle asked if there was another way to the brides room so they wouldn't be seen. Greenlee stood back in the corner watching as Opal took pictures before Myrtle hustled them off. When Greenlee walked on out into the foyer Simone and Mia caught up with her telling her that they had bad news. They broke it to her that Juan Pablo was all their mystery man and that she probably wants to dump him now. Greenlee laughed and said that it wasn't her lucky day. Simone and Mia went on about Juan Pablo and the bet. She told them she didn't give a damn about him or the bet and left them.

In the bride's room Bianca told Erica she looked beautiful. Erica got nervous and started complaining that the bouquet wasn't right. Kendall told her everything was perfect and that she was about to marry the man she loved. Erica said "I can't, I just can't." Bianca asked if she was having second thoughts. Erica said she loved Jack but didn't know if she deserved the happiness. Kendall told her she did. Bianca reminded Erica the last time they were all together dressed up like this was when she was marrying Dimitri. Erica said yes, and mom was there. I wish that she was here now. Bianca said she was and pulled out the picture. She said remember what she told us that day, that we were a legacy of strong women. Erica said yes we are aren't we, we are all strong. She kissed both her daughters and grabbed her bouquet.

The wedding music started, Mary in her room said "Greenlee please stop the wedding don't let Erica win" Jack said "here we go." Kendall and Bianca walked down the aisle then Erica appeared looking as beautiful as ever in her wedding dress. Myrtle walked her down the aisle. The priest started the ceremony and then Stuart did a reading of a poem by Emily Dickinson. When the priest asked if there were anyone who knew why this couple shouldn't be married, no one immediately said anything. The priest was about to start again when Greenlee yelled "Hold it! I have something to say."

Friday, August 1, 2003

As soon as Greenlee interrupts Erica and Jackson's wedding, Kendall pleads to Greenlee, "Please don't ruin my mother's wedding." Greenlee tells Kendall that she has no idea what Erica has done to her. From the ashamed look on Kendall's face, Greenlee realizes that Kendall knew Jackson was her father and was keeping it a secret for Erica. Although Jackson insists that Greenlee and him talk elsewhere, Greenlee announces to everyone that she is Jackson's daughter. Mary walks in and tells Jackson that Greenlee is telling the truth. Bianca becomes enraged and tries to attack Mary, but the crowd holds her back. Mary asks Jackson to think about the timing of Greenlee's birth while Erica tries to convince Jackson that Mary is lying and probably was having several affairs at the time. Jackson thinks Mary is up to one of her tricks and has gotten Greenlee involved. Greenlee informs Jackson that she wouldn't be standing at the wedding if she didn't have more proof and tells him that she is the donor whose rare blood type matched his. Mary tries to rectify herself by explaining to Jackson that when he almost died, she realized she had to tell him the truth. With a devious smile, Mary adds that she would have told Jackson the truth if Erica hadn't of been blackmailing her. Greenlee starts laughing and tells Jackson, Erica, and her mother what snobby, selfish, and pathetic social elite's they are. Then she walks out, warning Jackson to stay away from her and snapping at her mother, "You are nothing to me."

Jackson is shocked from the news and explains to Erica that he can't marry her until he knows if Greenlee really is his daughter. He asks Joe Martin to get the donor records for him from the hospital and leave the wedding, dragging Tad along for the ride. Kendall politely tells the guests that the wedding has been postponed and thanks them for their time. Mary walks up to Erica and proclaims that she has won. Erica tells Mary that their battle is far from over. After the guests have gone, Erica looks around the empty room and sobs.

Bianca becomes focused on trying to put the wedding back together. Maggie tells her that she should be concerned more about herself, not the wedding. David is worried because he can't find Greenlee. After talking with Anna, he realizes what a fool he has been by pushing her away and asks her to marry him. Back at the hospital, Jackson asks Tad to tell him everything he knows, but Tad won't reveal anything. Joe returns with the donor information, which proves that Greenlee is a match and has to be a close relative. Greenlee is visiting Roger Smythe's grave and starts beating the headstone with a stick to get all her anger and hurt out. She throws the stick in the bushes and falls to her knees sobbing.



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