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Passions Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on PS
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Ethan and Gwen almost run into Theresa at the airport in Los Angeles. Sensing Theresa's proximity, Gwen gets an uneasy feeling.

Syd and Chad talk about what a great team they'll make, while Fox subtly makes Whitney feel jealous over the beautiful singer. Chad is confident Whitney's family will come around once he's a success. Whitney is disappointed she didn't get to spend the afternoon alone with Chad, but he promises to make it up to her.

At home, Tabitha struggles with her labor as a panicked Julian and a reluctant Rebecca help her. All hell literally breaks loose as visitors arrive for the birth.

Kay and Miguel bond over their daughter, who is still in NICU. Eve assures Charity that Miguel loves her.

While in Beth's darkened basement, Luis nearly discovers the pit and Sheridan! Beth ushers him out of the basement and has to think fast when he thinks he hears Sheridan calling for help. A mysterious DVD arrives for Luis.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Grace and Pilar fear the worst when they hear a code blue in the NICU. As doctors fight to save the baby, Grace and Kay share a close moment. Kay is furious when she learns Miguel left the baby to spend time with Charity.

Julian and Rebecca are horrified by what Tabitha has delivered. The group is transported to a chamber in hell to honor the new demon baby.

Theresa continues to explain to her amused friends how fate will bring Ethan back to her. Fox secretly hopes fate will help him get Whitney. Ready to relax, Ethan and Gwen arrive at the apartment, unaware of who is staying there.

In the pit, Sheridan pleads for Luis to find her. Luis watches the DVD of Sheridan and is shocked by what he sees. Mrs. Wallace is certain Luis has figured out it's a fake. However, Luis accepts that Sheridan is fine when he sees she's in "Paris."

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Kay attacks Charity for taking Miguel away from their baby and blames her for what's happening to her daughter. Eve is able to stabilize the baby. Kay lashes out at everyone for defending Charity, then doubles over in pain.

A horrified Julian and Rebecca are trapped in hell with Tabitha and her demon baby. The head demon tells Tabitha he expects great evil from her child.

Theresa and Ethan have another near miss right outside the apartment door. Ethan calls 911 after Gwen passes out on the doorstep. Convinced fate is about to reunite her with Ethan, Theresa is disappointed when she doesn't find him outside the apartment.

Despite the footage of Sheridan, Luis can't shake the feeling that she's in trouble. Antonio and Hank try to convince Luis that he's off-base. Meanwhile, Charlie explains to Mrs. Wallace how she used an editing system to make it look like Sheridan was in Paris. In the pit, Sheridan is nearly ready to give up.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Gwen is rushed to the hospital after collapsing. Theresa wonders why there's an ambulance at the apartment complex and wants to find out what's going on. She's excited when she spots luggage that looks like Ethan's.

Julian and Rebecca try to convince themselves their experience in hell was just a nightmare. Julian forces Tabitha to have herself and their baby get checked out at the hospital.

Miguel promises to put Kay and the baby first. Charity fears she's losing her boyfriend. Miguel and Kay get bad news about their baby. Kay hears Tabitha is at the hospital and goes to her for help in saving her baby. Charity runs into a mysterious man.

Luis starts to dote on Beth and wants to fix the fuses in the basement. Beth works quickly to hide the pit so Luis won't see it. A disguised Beth warns Sheridan to be quiet while she supposedly works in the basement. Sheridan agrees so her unborn child will be spared, not knowing it is Luis who will be just above the pit.

Friday, August 1, 2003

Ethan and a frightened Gwen worry for their unborn baby as the specialist at the hospital works on her.

In order to get Theresa's mind off Ethan, Fox begins an impromptu L.A. pool party.

Tabitha tells a distraught Kay that she must turn to good in order to save her baby. Charity has a conversation with Death, who informs her that Miguel's baby will die. When Charity tries to warn Miguel, Kay lashes out at her. Eve tells Kay and Miguel that it's time to contact Father Lonigan about baptizing the baby. Father Lonigan also senses Death when he arrives.

Mrs. Wallace is sure Luis will find Sheridan since he's working in the basement. As Luis works, he continues to miss Sheridan. Sheridan dreams she is Alice in Wonderland.

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