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Bianca was rocked when she learned that Michael's preliminary hearing would be televised. Aidan found a deadly snake that Kendall had planted in Michael's condo. Palmer turned to Adam to discuss the situation with Michael.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, August 18, 2003

As Michael was getting booked on rape charges and denying any crime, Anna and Erica were in Anna's office, breaking the news to Jack that Bianca had been the one who'd been raped. After getting over his initial shock, he became angry and busted out of the office. He went after Michael, saying, "You're dead!" Anna and some officers held him back, as Michael tried to inflame the situation even more. Anna ordered some officers to remove Michael from the room, and then reminded Jack that his knee-jerk reaction was just what Michael was counting on to get himself released.

Jack demanded to see the case file, and Anna went to get it. Then, Jack went to Erica and held her as she cried. He assured her that he'd get justice for Bianca. Erica confessed that she completely understood why he'd lashed out at Michael, as whenever she closed her eyes, she imagined herself strangling him. Jack replied that they couldn't allow themselves to be poisoned by their hatred of Michael, and they needed to be there for Bianca.

Jack suddenly realized that Erica had tried to tell him about the rape before, but he hadn't let her. She told him she had learned that as much as they loved each other, Jack could never trust her. Jack said it wasn't the time for that sort of talk, but she continued. She said she couldn't count on him, either, and she'd have to see Bianca through the crisis on her own. Jack took exception to that and said he'd do anything for Bianca.

Jack and Erica embraced again, and Jack apologized for not listening to her when she'd tried to tell him about the rape. He declared, "Whatever I have to do for Bianca, I'll do it." He questioned why Bianca had kept the rape a secret, and Erica explained that she hadn't wanted to ruin their wedding.

Anna arrived with Bianca's statement, and Jack read it over as Erica looked on. He told them they had no real case with only a statement from the victim. He speculated that Michael could walk free. He explained that since Bianca had cleaned up the crime scene and burned her clothing, there were no photos of the scene, and since she hadn't sought medical help, there was no rape kit. Without further evidence, it's was Bianca's word against Michael's. Anna said they couldn't drop the charges without jeopardizing other criminal cases against Michael, but Jack said he had no intention of dropping the charges. He declared he would build a solid case, and they decided to go talk to Bianca.

At Michael's, Kendall fantasized about Michael returning home to be bitten by the poisonous snake she'd left on his couch. Aidan woke her from her trance and demanded to know why she was in Michael's apartment. She refused to tell him, so he parked himself on the couch, and Kendall gasped. She agreed to leave if he went with her. As he started to get up, he found the snake and killed it. He questioned Kendall's intelligence, and she assured him the crime would never have been traced back to her.

Kendall was adamant that Michael needed to pay with his life for raping her sister. Aidan tried to reason with her that she needed to leave it to the police. Unsuccessful, he made her promise to drop her vendetta, or he would handcuff himself to her. To prove his point, he pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket, and Kendall told him she would not try to kill Michael again.

Bianca descended the stairs at Myrtle's and walked into Lena's arms. They both wore rings, as their friends wished them well. Unfortunately, it was just a fantasy that Lena had concocted in her head as she waited for Myrtle. She snapped out of it when Myrtle arrived. She begged Myrtle for any information about Bianca. She explained that she'd backed off from Bianca, but she couldn't give up on her.

Myrtle seemed like she might tell when Boyd arrived with a police officer. The detective gave Myrtle a search warrant and said they needed to look for evidence, since the house was a crime scene. Myrtle complied but was horrified as she gradually realized the rape had occurred in her boarding house. Boyd and Lena demanded to know what was going on. Myrtle finally told them a crime had been committed against Bianca: rape. Angry, Boyd kicked a bench, while Lena ran off.

Asleep on Erica's sofa, Bianca woke from another nightmare about Michael. Maggie arrived to check on her, and Bianca said she could no longer take the sedatives David had prescribed, as they made her dreams more vivid and real. She said she would just not sleep at all. Maggie told her that Michael had been arrested, but instead of relief, Bianca dreaded all the questions she would have to answer again. She said she hated putting her mother through everything, because Erica had already been through all of it with her own rape. Maggie insisted Bianca was doing the best thing for both mother and daughter, by speaking out and reclaiming her life. After Maggie's pep talk, David arrived to take Bianca to the hospital for a complete physical. Bianca didn't want to go, but Maggie said she'd stay with Bianca through it.

In the exam room, a nurse gave Bianca a paper gown. Maggie entered with some beverages, but Bianca decided she wasn't thirsty. Maggie helped her undress and put on the gown, and David walked in for the exam. Trying to distract Bianca, Maggie suggested the two of them take a trip to Australia, so she could show Bianca what a fine surfer she was. David finished and said he'd be back to talk with her, but Bianca did not want to wait. "Am I okay?" she asked. David sent blood samples to the lab and assured her they'd go over everything once the results were back. Once he left the room, he leaned on the door and asked himself, "How the hell am I going to tell her this?"

Lena arrived at Erica's and knocked on the door. Getting no answer, she begged through the door to see Bianca. She said she knew about the rape and just wanted to see Bianca's face. Increasingly frantic at the silence on the other side, she continued to beat on the door and beg, crying that she loved Bianca.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ryan endeared himself to Alexander once again by giving him a T-shirt that read, "I went to Vegas and all I got was a myocardial infarction." Alexander was ready to be released from the hospital in the next day or two; he handed Ryan a piece of paper and asked him to get the message to Michael right away.

Juan Pablo went to visit Michael in jail and promised to make him wish he'd never been born. They sparred, and Michael referred to him as Zorro and heaped on insults about Argentina. Juan Pablo warned Michael to stay away from the Fusion women, and Michael smugly said he owned them, all bought for 500 thousand dollars. Juan gave him evidence of repayment of the money, but Michael remained convinced that he was fused with Fusion, for good. Michael suggested Juan Pablo talk to his attorneys and find out he'd been outplayed. Michael protested his innocence about the rape and said that women threw themselves at him, although he was also grateful that he'd never shared his bed with any of Juan's tortilla-twirling sisters. Juan threatened Michael and promised they were not finished.

At Erica's penthouse, Lena talked to Erica and Jack. Erica told her it was not a good time to see Bianca, and Jack agreed. Just then, Bianca, Maggie, and David walked in. Lena rushed up to talk to Bianca, but Bianca said she couldn't talk. Jack gently suggested that Lena just give Bianca time and promised to not let Michael hurt another woman. Maggie offered to talk to Lena if Jack wanted to be with Erica and Bianca.

Lena and Maggie argued about Bianca. Maggie wanted Lena to give Bianca time, but Lena wanted to help Bianca right away. Maggie insisted on giving Bianca time to heal at her own pace, since they couldn't know how she felt. Maggie promised to let Lena know as soon as Bianca was ready to talk to her, and even to drive them to Vermont for a commitment ceremony when they were ready. They both commented that they'd like to see Michael dead.

Erica asked David about the exam, and he said he had proof of heterosexual penetration. There was no additional evidence to substantiate a rape claim. David promised to go over the other results as soon as the blood tests were back.

Jack talked to David about Greenlee and went to see Bianca in her room. He apologized for not protecting her from Michael and asked if she could let him help her. Bianca said she did not feel safe from Michael and that she had prayed to die after the attack. Jack asked her again if there was anything else she could remember, and she said that she'd felt dirty and ashamed and had cleaned up everything. She finally thought of the lemonade he'd drunk and that he had thrown the glass and broken it.

Erica called Alexander and told him about Michael's recent arrest and the rape. Alexander seemed to be having another heart attack, but he turned out to be fine. Ryan was horrified to learn that Michael had raped Bianca. Alexander demanded the truth from Ryan about how he knew Miss Kane. Ryan admitted he had lived in Pine Valley and might go back. Alexander asked if Ryan could go back soon to deal with Michael. Ryan thought it was a satisfying idea, and he might enjoy seeing some people he thought he'd forgotten.

Jack and Erica talked, and Jack tried to tell Erica about the reality that defense attorneys would be able to make it look like consensual sex, given the lack of evidence. Lena had an affair with Michael; therefore Bianca might have wanted to too. Jack was worried because they had no proof that Bianca had had sex with Michael, whether by choice or by force. Erica insisted they could win at trial, but Jack said he needed more, maybe even a miracle, to keep Michael from being set free again. Bianca overheard everything and sank to the floor.

The Fusion women were grateful to Juan Pablo for helping them with Michael and also terribly excited about a huge order from a department store chain that put them in the top five of cosmetics companies. Kendall and Greenlee agreed to stop quibbling over family and whose life was worse, since neither had suffered as much as Bianca recently.

David entered to visit Greenlee and was pleased to find her so happy about the big order. As he left, Juan Pablo walked in, and the women were grateful to him about repaying Michael. He warned them about Michael's confidence and wanted to read the loan agreement from Michael. Since Simone thought the money had been from Liza, she hadn't read the fine print. Juan Pablo told them that Michael owned Fusion.

A guard handed Michael a fax from his father. It simply read, "You are dead to me."

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Edmund woke Maria after an all-night study session. She panicked about not being ready for the medical exams that day. She asked Dr. Joe for a delay and asked to take the test the next time. Joe cautioned her that it might take a year to reschedule. Maria decided to go ahead. Edmund paced the floor, waiting for her, and she returned exhausted. They anxiously waited for the results together. Dr. Joe entered and announced that he hadn't seen any errors in his quick review, but they still had to wait for the formal results. Dr. Joe predicted she'd be seeing patients again within a month.

The Fusion women were upset to realize that Michael owned their company. Kendall commented that as long as Michael was breathing, nothing could stop him. Juan Pablo talked to his lawyer, looking for a loophole.

The gals fought about Simone's mistake and Kendall's relationship with Michael. Kendall left in a huff, and Simone resigned and stomped out. Juan told the others that they could contest the agreement in court. Greenlee left to discuss their case with the D.A. Once alone, Mia wanted her turn with Juan Pablo, for Greenlee.

Even though Greenlee won the bet, Mia asked Juan to be careful with her and her feelings, given her many sorrows in the previous year. Juan complimented her friendship with Greenlee and asked about her year and broken heart, but Mia did not want to change the subject. She warned him against seducing and dumping Greenlee. Juan insisted they were just friends. Juan guessed that she'd had lots of bad experiences with men if she was so ready to think the worst.

Simone went to see Carlos at the Gallery and lamented her propensity to destroy everything, including friendships. Carlos tried to cheer her up and reminded her that she could do whatever she set her mind to. She gladly told him she could fall for him again, like Greenlee had fallen for Juan Pablo. She sensed his discomfort and apologized for reminding him of Greenlee. Carlos said he was over it but had to get back to work.

Palmer met Kendall in the park and was relieved to hear that Kendall was not Michael's victim. Palmer was stunned to learn about Bianca and listened as Kendall asked for his help in putting Michael out of everyone's misery. Palmer was confident that Jack would put Michael away, but Kendall continued to express her concerns about Bianca emotionally and wanted to spare her the agony of a trial. Kendall proposed that Palmer provide her a gun so she could kill Michael. Palmer refused, but promised to take care of Michael while leaving her out of it, saying he hadn't always been a kindly old gentleman.

At Erica's, Bianca talked to herself in the mirror about starting to live again. Reggie visited to cheer her up and get to know her. He was very sympathetic and brotherly; they bonded while discussing the aborted wedding and Greenlee. Reggie predicted nausea if he had to sit across from Greenlee at Thanksgiving dinner.

Reggie and Bianca joked about junk food and schemed to reunite Jack and Erica. They planned to drop Jack and Erica on a deserted island, with designer shoes and accessories for Erica, and wait two months before visiting -- with a minister -- and airdropping Greenlee and Mary onto another island where they could destroy each other. They decided to also send in a man they could fight over so Greenlee and Mary wouldn't join forces to survive.

Jack's new assistant, Justin, expressed his concerns to Jack about being able to convict Michael. Jack snapped at him and also at Anna, suggesting she keep police at Myrtle's until they found evidence. Michael and his lawyer entered Jack's office and were surprised to hear Jack offer to let him go. Jack did not plan to drop charges, but the deal was that if Michael would plead guilty to rape, Jack would drop the burglary and assault charges. Jack said he had fibers to prove Michael had been at Myrtle's. Michael admitted being there, to listen to Myrtle's colorful carnival lore.

Jack also offered to let Michael serve his other sentence, if convicted for corporate crimes, concurrent with his sentence for rape. Otherwise, he risked consecutive sentences, on all possible charges. Michael refused the offer and was walking out when Greenlee stormed in, threatening to see him in the morgue before he would get her company. Jack asked everyone else to leave and talked to Greenlee, who was shocked and sad to learn things weren't going well with Bianca's case. Jack asked about her company, and Greenlee said she had a hotshot attorney looking out for her and Bianca needed him. She pumped him up and assured him he'd be able to get to Michael, just like he'd gotten through to her about the father-daughter thing. Justin entered and told Jack the judge wanted to see them right away. Jack kissed Greenlee on the forehead before walking out.

Back at the Fusion office, Greenlee and Juan Pablo talked, and Mary walked in. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Juan Pablo. Greenlee took Juan's hand and told Mary she had nothing to say to her and walked out.

Jack went to Erica's and told Bianca that he had been unable to get Michael to take the deal and avoid a trial. Reggie looked as disappointed as Bianca. Bianca said she was ready to take the stand, with a few months of preparation. Jack told her the judge had asked for a preliminary hearing, to see if there was enough evidence to go to trial, and it was scheduled for the morning.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Mary continued to torture Greenlee with her pleas for forgiveness. Greenlee told her mother in no uncertain terms that she would never have anything to do with her again. Mary didn't want to believe that was true. Greenlee said it was true. Mary insisted that she would've told Greenlee sooner if Erica hadn't blackmailed her. Greenlee wasn't convinced. She told Mary that their whole relationship had been built on lies.

Mary said that she had been worried about Greenlee the whole time Greenlee was missing. Greenlee said by the sound of the message Mary had left on her cell phone, it sounded more like she was annoyed. Mary denied that she had been annoyed and said she had been really concerned. Greenlee wouldn't buy it. She told her mother that she'd had enough and went to the elevator to leave.

Mary pleaded for Greenlee to help her keep Erica and Jack apart. Greenlee told Mary that she wouldn't help Mary do anything of the kind -- she would see to it herself that Mary stayed away from Jack. Mary told Greenlee that Erica wouldn't let Jack have a relationship with her. Greenlee informed Mary that Jack had already said he wanted a relationship with her and that Erica wouldn't stop him. She also told Mary that Erica wouldn't give Jack up, and that would serve Mary right. Greenlee got into the elevator and said she was leaving -- with Mary calling out for her.

Kendall was sitting in the park when Juan Pablo approached her and asked why she was there. Kendall told him that she wanted to go to the trial, but she was sure Bianca wouldn't want her there. Kendall asked if he remembered the first time they'd met. He said he did -- and it was right in the same spot. She told him it was the night after Bianca had been raped.

She said it was her fault because she had led Michael to Pine Valley. She told him that she had found Bianca in the park with a match over the garbage can. She said that Bianca had been acting weird. Then she told Juan Pablo about telling Bianca how she had helped Erica get over being raped and how painful that had to have been for Bianca. She blamed herself for not seeing that Bianca had been in real pain. Juan Pablo told her that it wasn't her fault. He told her that she was part of the family and that she needed to be there for Bianca.

Ryan stopped by the hospital room to see Alexander. Alexander was pleased to see Ryan and said he was glad that Ryan had stopped by before he left. The television was on in the room when Alexander went into the bathroom to get his watch. Ryan saw that Trial TV was in Pine Valley to televise the preliminary trial for Michael. Ryan turned it off, with Alexander questioning him as to why.

Ryan changed the subject, telling Alexander that he should go sign his release papers so he could get out of the hospital. Alexander said he had already taken care of all of that. He also handed Ryan a check. Ryan tried to refuse it, but Alexander insisted that he take it, saying Ryan had earned it. Ryan thanked him, telling Alexander, "At least it won't break you." Alexander chuckled.

Alexander also said that he wanted to offer Ryan a job working in his company. Alexander said he knew Ryan didn't hate money. Ryan said that he loved money -- it was just that he wasn't cut out for the corporate thing. Ryan jokingly said that if Alexander wanted to offer him the CEO position, then he'd take it. Alexander laughed and said he'd have to think about that and let Ryan know.

Ryan said the limo was probably waiting. Alexander told Ryan the limo had a television, as well, so Ryan might as well say what was on. Ryan said that Michael's trial was going to be on. Alexander leaned over the bed as though his chest was hurting again. Ryan asked if Alexander needed the nurse. Alexander said no and asked Ryan to turn the television on. He told Ryan it was the price he had to pay for "bringing Michael into the world." Ryan obliged and turned the TV on.

Jack arrived at the penthouse to talk to Bianca. He informed Bianca that the trial would be televised. Bianca was shocked. She told Jack that she wasn't going. Maggie told Bianca that whatever she decided to do would be okay, but she really should go testify against Michael. Maggie told Bianca that it would show Michael how strong she was and that she wasn't going to let him win. Jack also told her that he'd support whatever decision she made, but he would like her to testify.

Bianca said that it wasn't the cameras, it was seeing Michael, being in the same room with him -- and he'd be staring at her. Jack said he'd be with her every step of the way. Bianca agreed to testify and went to get dressed. Myrtle arrived and suggested to Jack that she could testify that she had seen Michael running from the house. She added that she could say she had gotten home earlier than she'd said and had forgotten because she had blacked out after finding that Bianca had been raped, but had since remembered. Jack told her no because people would be able to place her at SOS after the incident. She told Jack she could be convincing. Jack told her that he knew she could be, but they had to do it the right way. Moments later, Bianca emerged dressed and ready to go.

David was on his cell phone, yelling at someone to find the test results and to call him when they found them. Anna walked in the courtroom, overhearing David. He told her that the lab had lost Bianca's blood tests. He told Anna that he had told them to find them because he didn't want to put Bianca through another examination. The first one had been tough enough on her.

Anna asked David what he was going to say. David said that he shouldn't have told her that he was going to fabricate anything. Anna told him that she wanted him to tell the truth. She told him that it was her fault because she was angry, and instead of waiting until they had more evidence, she had arrested Michael. If the judge didn't think they had enough, then they might not be able to have another trial for Michael. David tried to assure Anna that she was doing her job, but she wouldn't listen to him. She told him she might have blown it, and all they could do was tell the truth and leave it up to Jack and Bianca.

Kendall arrived at the courtroom and was looking around when she saw Mia walk in. Kendall thanked her for being there. Moments later, Aidan arrived and asked why Kendall was there. Kendall looked at Juan Pablo then back at Aidan and said that a friend had convinced her that she was family and that she belonged there. Then she told Aidan that he could hold her hand if things got bad. Simone and Carlos walked into the courtroom. Mia and Kendall saw her and wondered why she was there.

Juan Pablo saw Carlos and went over to whisper something to him and walked out of the room, with Tad watching the whole thing. Moments later, Carlos walked out, and Juan Pablo asked him what was he thinking. He asked Carlos if he had seen the cameras and said if Carlos were seen, they would go there and kill him. Tad was listening around the corner.

Simone went out to look for Carlos; she couldn't find him at first, but he walked up to her and said that he had to leave because Stuart had called and needed him at the gallery. He asked Simone to call him when it was over and tell him what had happened. Simone walked back inside and over to Mia and Kendall. She told them that they probably didn't want her there, but she wanted to be there. She told them she was very sorry for what had happened at Fusion and told Kendall she'd resigned.

Kendall said that Kendall was the one who had gotten Michael into town and that she probably should resign. Mia said no and insisted they should all stick together. Greenlee walked up and said, "That's right, we all have to stick together." Greenlee said that Fusion was the four of them and that they would all stick together and fight Michael. Then they had a group hug.

Reggie told Jack that he had gotten Erica and Bianca to smile. Jack said that Reggie had a knack for saying the right thing. Reggie told Jack he wasn't sure how he'd made it before without him. Jack said that Reggie was in his life at that time, and that was what counted.

Myrtle saw Lena outside the courtroom. Lena told Myrtle she knew she shouldn't be there but she'd had to go. Myrtle said Lena had the right to be there. Lena said that Bianca hadn't even talked to her when she had seen Bianca last. She told Myrtle to say that Lena loved Bianca, if Myrtle thought it would help. Myrtle said that she would. Lena said she wouldn't go into the courtroom, but she would be there then she walked away.

Alexander asked Ryan if he saw anyone he knew from Pine Valley on the TV. Ryan didn't say anything, but he looked up and saw Kendall. His eyes got wide and a little teary.

Greenlee walked up to Jack, who was very surprised that she was there. She wished him good luck. He said that he was glad she was there to support him. Greenlee hugged Jack. Mary walked into the courtroom and saw the two together.

The bailiff walked out and called the room to order. Michael was led in, and as they were talking off his cuffs, he looked at all the disgusted and angry faces of those who were in attendance.

Palmer went to find Adam, who happened to be on vacation. Palmer complained to Adam about his choice for his vacation. Adam asked why Palmer was there. Palmer said that thanks to Adam bailing out Michael, he had caused more pain for Erica. Adam scoffed, saying that they should ignore him. Palmer told Adam that they couldn't because "this time," Michael had raped Bianca.

Adam was stunned. Adam felt bad for Erica and Bianca. He said that the crime should put Michael away for a long time. Palmer told Adam that he doubted that would happen because they didn't have enough evidence. Palmer told Adam that he was sure Michael would walk. Adam said, "That's why you are here; Pete Cooney has a plan." Palmer just gave a devilish look.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Before the preliminary hearing began, Jackson's Assistant District Attorney, Justin, suggested that he take over the case because Jackson might not be able to separate his personal feelings in the case. Before Jackson could react to Justin's comment, the judge walked in, and the proceedings began.

As Alexander Cambias and Ryan watched from the hospital room, Jackson called David to the stand. David explained that on the night of the rape, he'd found Bianca in the park, very shaken up and disturbed. He said that Bianca had confided in him that "some guy" had been harassing her. David accused Michael of being the guy that had harassed her and raped her. The judge advised David not to make any more outrageous accusations and told the courtroom that David's last comment would be struck from the record. Next, David explained that he'd tried to give Bianca a physical exam, but she had run to the roof of the building, where she'd almost fallen off the edge, and would have if David had not grabbed her and pulled her away.

Then, David explained that Michael had disturbed Erica's wedding and Maggie had needed to pull a knife on him. He said that when he had seen how fearful Bianca had been of Michael, he'd had no doubt that Bianca had been raped.

Michael's attorney got up and cross-examined David. He addressed David's past criminal history, his past intimate relationship with Erica, and the drug he'd made that had caused Maria to lose her memory. The attorney also pointed out that there had been no bruises or marks on Bianca to show that she had been raped. Jackson interrupted and pointed out that since the rape had taken place several weeks before, the bruises and marks would have faded. David added that Bianca had been given a physical exam after she'd admitted she had been raped, and he was waiting on the test results. David stepped down, and Jackson called Bianca to the stand.

Bianca was in a separate room with Erica and got nervous when she realized she had to testify. Erica showed her a loving letter written from Jack and assured her that she was strong enough to get through the testimony.

Bianca entered the courtroom and sat on the stand, not looking at a smiling, smug Michael. She started to recall the night of the rape for Jackson. Jackson asked her if Michael had physically entered her that night. She said that he had pinned her down and put his hands over her mouth to stop her from screaming "No!" Bianca lashed out at Michael and told him that he had raped her. The judge told Bianca to control herself. She told Jackson that she hadn't told Erica she had been raped because of her mother's past. Bianca added that after Michael had finished raping her, he had gotten dressed, kissed her cheek, and said "Thanks." The crowd gasped at Bianca's last words, and Reggie got up, ready to attack Michael, but sat down after the judge told him to.

Michael's attorney cross-examined Bianca, hitting on the fact that she and her mother both hated Michael. He stated that Erica and Kendall had both claimed Michael had tried to rape them, but yet, they had never filed charges. The attorney also told of the romantic relationship that Kendall and Michael had shared, even though he had only been using her to get to Erica's company, Enchantment.

Once Ryan heard that Michael had hurt Kendall physically and mentally, he seemed disturbed and started asking Alexander questions about their relationship. The attorney also told of Bianca's romantic relationship with Lena and Lena's involvement with Michael. The judge asked the attorney to get to his point because he wasn't making much sense to her. The attorney accused Bianca of lying about the rape for Erica because Erica was scared of losing Enchantment.

Then, the attorney shocked the crowd by informing everyone that Michael owned a controlling interest in Enchantment. Erica was distraught at the news and started screaming at Michael, "You raped my daughter! You think I give a damn about my company!" She fainted, and David carried her out of the courtroom. Bianca asked the judge if she could go because she needed to be with her mother. The judge allowed it, and Bianca found Erica in a private room, recovered, but still shocked from the news. Bianca asked her if Michael had some part in Enchantment. Erica said she didn't know and was more focused on helping Bianca than on Michael's schemes.

After Bianca left, Michael's attorney asked the judge to dismiss this case because Jackson had no evidence that Michael had raped Bianca. Jackson snapped at the attorney and told him he had a solid case to present to the judge. Jackson added that Michael had a history of attacking woman. The attorney asked, "If that's true, where is the evidence?" Kendall stood up and proclaimed that she was evidence of Michael's twisted history of attacking women. She pleaded with the judge to not let Michael get away with raping her sister. The judge demanded that the lawyers finish the rest of the case privately in her office.

As Ryan and Alexander looked on the television, a reporter started questioning Kendall about Michael. Kendall began trashing Michael, but Aidan dragged her away from the reporter. Alexander was distressed at Michael's behavior and explained to Ryan that Michael had tried to take over Enchantment. "I topped it off by giving Erica his seat on the board of directors on Cambias Industries," Alexander added. Back in the courtroom, Bianca's family and friends held hands and said a prayer for her.

In the judge's chambers, she informed Jackson that she really needed more evidence to take this case to court. Jackson said that Bianca's testimony should be enough for her and for any woman who had been raped. Everyone arrived back in the courtroom, and the judge announced that she was ready to make a decision.



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