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Passions Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on PS
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Monday, August 18, 2003

At the doctor's office, Luis told the receptionist that he and Beth were not leaving until Dr. Culver found time to examine Beth. A panicky Beth tried to figure out how to keep Luis in the dark about her "pregnancy."

In the pit, Sheridan tried to hold on to hope and figure out why she had been kidnapped. Worried that Beth was about to be found out, Mrs. Wallace and Precious tried to make a run for it, but Charlie would not let them.

Whitney arrived at the recording studio and was stunned to find Chad and Syd kissing. Fox hid his delight, as Whitney demanded answers from her boyfriend. Chad urged Syd to explain that she had kissed him out of excitement over their work.

Theresa's hopes were raised about her future with Ethan when he didn't tell Gwen about what had happened the night before. Ethan explained to a heartbroken Theresa they would never be together again. He reiterated his commitment to his wife and unborn child. In an effort to turn things around, Theresa demanded to know who Ethan had been planning to propose to before he found out Gwen was pregnant -- Theresa or Gwen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Fox lured an unknowing Syd into his plan to get Whitney. Meanwhile, Chad needed to know if Whitney trusted him. Whitney assured him she did -- it's was Syd she didn't trust.

A distraught Theresa tried to reach out to Ethan, who rebuffed her. Bolstered by Ethan's admission that he would have married her if not for Gwen's pregnancy, Theresa pleaded with him not to turn his back on their love. Ethan laid it all out for his crushed ex.

Luis continued to try to get Beth in to see the busy Dr. Culver, while Beth tried to stop him. Back at Beth's, Charlie prepared to kill Sheridan and destroy all the evidence of the kidnapping, including the house itself. Sheridan prayed for help.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Chad explained to Whitney how things worked in L.A. and assured her of his love. Whitney understood and encouraged him to get back to work. Fox managed to make Syd jealous of Whitney and ready to fight for Chad and her career. Whitney assured Fox she wasn't worried about Syd and Chad.

Theresa and Ethan's conversation turned passionate.

Luis continued to make a scene in the doctor's office. Beth struggled to stop Luis, to no avail. Dr. Culver finally agreed to see Beth, but a pregnant patient interrupted Luis' plan.

Charlie, Mrs. Wallace, and Precious tried to make a getaway, but Hank stopped them. As Beth's house filled with gas, Sheridan struggled for life.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Chad explained to Syd how much he loved Whitney. However, Syd had her own ideas about the future. Whitney figured out Fox was in love with someone who was in a relationship.

Theresa tried to get through to Ethan, but he pushed her away, making it clear they would never be together.

Luis wouldn't budge from the doctor's office, even after Beth pretended to feel the baby move.

Mrs. Wallace tried to dissuade Hank from entering her house, fearing it would explode. Precious managed to stop Charlie's bombs from going off. Hank insisted on searching the house, despite Mrs. Wallace's attempts to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Charlie let Sheridan know she was about to die. Sheridan requested that she be allowed to send Luis a goodbye message. Charlie agreed; she saw a way to make it work to her advantage.

Friday, August 22, 2003

A devastated Theresa couldn't accept not being with Ethan, especially since he had admitted he loved her. Meanwhile, Ethan surprised Gwen with a picnic in her hospital room. Gwen smelled something suspicious on her husband's shirt.

Whitney thought she had figured out who Fox loved and told him to go for it. Thinking she had figured out the truth, Fox was let down when he realized Whitney thought it was Theresa. Chad was shocked when he caught Whitney in Fox's arms.

At the police station, Luis was stunned and hurt when he received the engagement ring he had given Sheridan along with a goodbye note. Luis didn't believe she had really left him.

Charlie rescued Beth just in time. Charlie's plan horrified Beth. Charlie was suspicious of Beth when she became upset over Luis.

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