Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on PC

Jamal found Imani and convinced her to move in with him so that he could protect her. Lucy and Ian decided to move Kevin back to his own place, and Kevin agreed. Reese and Ricky got closer. Rafe found Caleb's book of rituals. Rafe visited Caleb's father in Hades. Livvie replaced Caleb's ring with a fake one.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on PC
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At Imani's Place, as Jamal calls a Missing Persons Report in to the Police, Imani suddenly arrives and stops Jamal. Jamal demands to know what happened to Imani and points out that Imani's torn fingernails prove that the scratches on the windowsill were made by Imani! Imani at first tries to deny Jamal's allegations, but Jamal describes the way he followed Imani's trail in to the woods and found some of Imani's clothing hooked on bushes there. Imani finally explains that she heard a strange sound and believed that her stalker had found her. In her panic to get away, Imani clawed her way out of her room and ran away. Jamal again insists that he cares for Imani and is prepared to protect Imani and again insists that Imani can easily solve her problem by moving into Jamal's apartment. Imani at first refuses but, when Jamal declares that the only other option that Jamal would be willing to consider would be for Jamal to bunk on Imani's doorstep, Imani gives in and begins packing to move in to Jamal's apartment!

At Lucy's Place, Kevin apologizes for taking his misery out on Lucy the other day. Lucy accepts Kevin's apology but rushes off the find Ian. Lucy explains to Ian that Caleb's ring can grant wishes and that, somehow, Christina got the ring and wished for Kevin and Lucy to live together again. Lucy also explains that even the most innocent of wishes made with Caleb's ring often backfire after they are granted. Ian reminds Lucy that the lyrics of one of Caleb's songs contained the phrase: "Be careful what you wish for!" Lucy also explains that, while Jamal had the ring, Lucy had wished that Kevin would return to his former, kindly self ~ and then Kevin experienced his "miraculous" instantaneous personality change! Ian points out that, since the wishes seem to always backfire, they need to get Kevin out of Lucy's Place and back to the Lighthouse as soon as possible. However, while Ian and Lucy confer, Christina climbs in to Kevin's lap while he is reading her a story and confidently informs Kevin that he is going to get to live with Christina forever! At the same time, Ian argues that, IF they move Kevin back to the Lighthouse, the action MIGHT begin to reverse the wish and Kevin would finally begin to mend! Lucy finally agrees with Ian. Although Lucy worries about Christina feeling upset if Kevin returns to the Lighthouse, Lucy finally told Ian to go ahead and make arrangements for a nursing service to provide care for Kevin at the Lighthouse. After Ian rushes off to make arrangements for a private nurse, Lucy returns to the living room to inform Kevin about her decision. But, by the time Lucy returns to the living room to speak to Kevin, Lucy discovers that Christina has fallen asleep in Kevin's lap and Kevin is softly singing a lullaby to Christina!

As Ricky and Casey return Jamal's bike to Club Elixir and talk about their whirlwind trip to Atlantic City, Reese suddenly appears and accuses Ricky of talking to himself again ~ and Casey disappears! Reese blasts Ricky for taking off just when Caleb went looking for the band members to rehearse! Reese implores Ricky to get back to living in the real world instead of wasting all of his time, hanging out with a dead girlfriend that ONLY Ricky can see! As Ricky protests that the situation is more complicated than Reese realizes, Reese grabs Ricky and kisses him. Reese challenges Ricky to return to the REAL world and get interested in a REAL girl! Then Reese grabs Ricky's hand and told him that she has a REAL surprise prepared for him if Ricky will only go with her! Ricky sadly informs Reese that he can NOT go with her now ~ and walks away! As Reese fumes to herself about Ricky's wasted life, a street light above Reese suddenly bursts and and a frightened Reese runs away! After Reese runs away, Casey suddenly appears and chuckles gleefully!

At Club Elixir, as Jack flashes back to kissing Livvie, Rafe suddenly arrives and asks Jack how Jack's meeting with Livvie went. Jack gleefully reports that he is POSITIVE that Livvie is on the verge of grabbing Caleb's ring for herself. When Rafe confides that he has come up with a new plan for stealing Caleb's ring that does NOT require Jack to plant ideas in Livvie's head, Jack angrily declares that he will NOT allow Rafe to cut Jack out of the plot to grab Caleb's ring! Rafe accuses Jack of being seduced by the power of the ring and guesses that Jack has been plotting to grab the ring for himself. Jack accuses Rafe of just being paranoid and trying to dictate to everyone how they should conduct their lives! Rafe guesses that Jack might want the ring for himself so that Jack could wish that his relationship with Livvie could be restored to the way it was BEFORE Livvie met Caleb! Rafe warns Jack that the ring is like a drug ~ one hit and you are hooked! Jack declares that Livvie is close to bagging the ring and, when Livvie grabs the ring, Jack plans to get the ring first and make some wishes of his own ~ and there will be NOTHING that Rafe will be able to do about it. When Rafe vows that he WILL stop Jack from using the ring, Jack accuses Rafe of being the TRUE nut job in town! Jack angrily asks if Rafe would kill Jack to keep Jack from getting his hands on Caleb's ring first, then accuses Rafe of playing God with all of their lives! Rafe responds by slugging Jack and knocking him down. When Jack recovers, Jack warns Rafe that Rafe's self-righteous path is NOT doing anyone any good either! Jack suddenly reminds Rafe that Rafe ALREADY has everything anyone would ever want to wish for and does NOT appreciate what he has! Rafe reminds Jack again that, because the ring is CALEB'S ring, the ring is dangerous to EVERYONE!

Tuesday, AUGUST 26, 2003

When Ian meets Chris at the Hospital, Ian reports that he is close to getting Kevin moved out of Lucy's Place and back in to the Light House. As Chris applauds Ian's decision, Elizabeth suddenly shows up and Chris tries to convince Elizabeth that he is too busy to deal with Elizabeth's current crisis. Elizabeth suddenly receives a call on her cell phone and excuses herself to deal with the new crisis. Meanwhile, Chris reports to Ian that he is STILL missing one component in his formula for producing an antidote that will reverse Ian's curse. When Chris suggests that they get together later to work on the results, now that Kevin is out of the picture, Ian shocks Chris by actually thanking him and admitting that Chris is not such a bad guy! Before Ian leaves, Chris warns Ian that Ian's "Hero Halo' might end up slipping a bit when Ian actually pitches Kevin out in the street! After Ian leaves, Elizabeth swoops in on Chris again and thanks Chris profusely for impersonating George again during the teleconference with prospective buyers. Then Elizabeth announces that the ruse worked so well that they are now actually in business, and actually producing clothes! When Chris insists that he just wants to go home and relax, Elizabeth hesitantly explains to a devastated Chris that, for the time being, Chris' apartment is the nerve center for "George's Manufacturing," and the low cost employees that Elizabeth has hired to produce the clothes have already taken up residence in Chris's apartment!

At Lucy's Place, Lucy is surprised when Kevin suggests that he SHOULD move back to the Light House, BEFORE Lucy unloads the bad news that LUCY has already decided that Kevin's presence in her home has been a big mistake! Kevin explains that watching Lucy and Ian be together in Lucy's home has been a very painful experience for Kevin and Kevin is eager to be OUT of the situation! Kevin admits, however, that IF his situation did not appear to be so hopeless, Kevin would be making every effort to win Lucy back, because Kevin is sincere in his belief that living with Ian's curse will eventually bring Lucy nothing except unhappiness! Lucy assures Kevin that, even if Kevin's own situation were NOT so desperate, Kevin would STILL be wasting his effort in trying to win Lucy back, because Lucy truly DOES love Ian ~ and is prepared to stick with Ian through ANY adverse circumstances they might encounter. Kevin wistfully informs Lucy that, if Kevin could turn back time, Kevin would travel back to their wedding, and avoid some of the pitfalls that pushed Lucy and Kevin off on the wrong track following their nuptials! Ian suddenly arrives home and, when Kevin announces that he is leaving, Ian replies that he knows ~ and has already taken care of all of the details! Kevin is disappointed when he realizes that Ian and Lucy had ALREADY decided that Kevin should return to the Light House! Kevin asks to have a little time alone with Christina to explain that he is returning to the Light House. However, when Ian and Lucy leave, Christina suddenly arrives in the Living Room ~ and told Kevin that she does NOT want Kevin to leave!

When Rafe meets Alison at Club Elixir, Alison begins to tell Rafe about something relating to her visit to Caleb's apartment, but Rafe interrupts and asks Alison if she believes that Rafe has a "God Complex!" While Alison insists that Rafe does NOT appear to be really convinced that Rafe is the only one who knows all there is to know ~ there ARE times when Alison believes that Rafe does NOT really respect the decisions that Alison makes! Rafe assures Alison that he truly DOES appreciate her and invites Alison to set him straight whenever Alison believes that Rafe is failing to respect her decisions. Rafe announces that he doesn't want to talk about Caleb any more and, instead, is ready to take the day off. But Alison finally gets Rafe to listen to her, long enough to explain that she left a charm from her bracelet behind in Caleb's apartment in a place where Livvie would be likely to discover it and flip out. Rafe becomes immediately alarmed and warns Alison that she has not only taken a chance on stirring up an enraged Livvie but, worse yet, CALEB might find the charm BEFORE Livvie finds it ~ and Caleb would quit believing Alison's story that Alison was making a sincere offer of genuine friendship to Caleb! Rafe warns Alison that Caleb suspecting that Alison was yet again trying to trick Caleb could turn into a deadly situation for Alison!

At Caleb's apartment, as Livvie wakes up on the couch beside Caleb, Livvie notices Caleb's ring and flashes back to Jack's warning that Caleb would soon revert back to his old habits of chasing every new woman who flits past him ~ and Livvie would again be left with nothing and nobody in her life! Livvie starts to try to ease the ring off of Caleb's hand, but Caleb wakes up and Livvie claims that she was just trying to get up without waking Caleb! Livvie asks Caleb if he is bored with her, but Caleb once again assures Livvie that she is ALL that he needs! As they hit the sheets again, Caleb notices Alison's charm on the floor and throws a pillow over the charm ~ before Livvie spots it! Later, Caleb leaves a sleeping Livvie and retrieves the charm. Looking at the charm, Caleb says to himself: "How convenient! Right where one of us would find it! Friends, huh?"

Wednesday, AUGUST 27, 2003

As Jamal helps Imani move into Jamal's apartment, Imani notices that it is kind of small. Jamal points out that he will sleep on the big, comfortable couch ~ and Imani can have the bed. Jamal shows Imani a decorative screen she can use for privacy. As Jamal and Imani unpack her belongings, Jamal gets Imani to confide details about her stalker. Imani admits that her stalker was someone who wanted to OWN her and that Imani last saw him about a year ago. Imani claims that she has NO close family to turn to for help and that she has NOT stayed in any one place longer than one month since she began running. Imani thanks Jamal for being a good friend and then Imani went behind the partition to change for work, while Jamal admires Imani's shadow!

Outside Club Elixir, Reese confides to Ricky that she had been a party girl even before she ran in to Caleb. Reese confesses that, when she found Ricky looking up into the night sky outside Jack's Place, there was something about Ricky's genuine sadness that made Reese truly CARE about Ricky and WANT to help. Reese went on to explain that she believes that Ricky has been really lucky to have known real love, even though both Karen and Casey are now long gone. Reese also informs Ricky that she believes that Ricky is truly lucky to have had a real family that actually cared about him. As Reese confides to Ricky that she never had any feeling of being a part of a REAL family, Ricky admits that he genuinely DOES feel some kind of real connection with Reese ~ then stuns Reese by inviting her to attend a family Barbecue with the Garza family. Reese gratefully accepts and rushes home to change. After Reese leaves, Ricky warns Casey that the angel had better NOT be messing with Reese ~ then Ricky believes that he hears Casey chuckle!

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie spots Caleb looking at Alison's charm and asks him what he is hiding in his hand. But, when Caleb opens his hand, the charm has disappeared! Meanwhile, at Club Elixir, Alison chides Rafe for trying to scare her about the possible repercussions if either Livvie OR Caleb spots the charm that Alison left behind in Caleb's apartment! Then, Alison asks Rafe if there is a way out. Rafe asks Alison WHERE she dropped the charm. When Alison explains that she left the charm beside the couch, Rafe suggests that Alison call Caleb and ask him to meet Alison at Club Elixir. While Caleb and Livvie are distracted at the Club, Rafe will slip in to Caleb's apartment and grab the charm before Caleb or Livvie can find it! When Alison calls Caleb and offers him "a proposition," Alison is surprised when Caleb immediately agrees to meet Alison at the Club. Livvie is likewise surprised when Caleb not only announces that he plans to meet with Alison but also orders Livvie to get dressed so that Livvie can accompany Caleb to the Club. As Livvie rushes off to get dressed, Caleb again looks at the charm and says: "You have been a very bad girl, Alison!" After Rafe leaves the Club, Alison asks Jack for his help. Jack confides to Alison that Rafe The Almighty had pretty much told Jack that Rafe did NOT want any more help from Jack in stealing the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring from Caleb! When Alison explains that the reason Rafe no longer needed Jack to unnerve Livvie was because Alison is now going to do that, Jack angrily criticizes Rafe for allowing Alison to put herself in so much danger, just to get at Caleb! Alison warns Jack NOT to dump on Rafe in front of Alison! Then Alison asks Jack to keep Livvie distracted while Alison meets with Caleb. When Alison promises Jack that, after tonight, Jack will NOT be in the middle of the fight with Caleb any more, Jack admits that he has his own agenda with Livvie! When Jack announces that JACK would like to get the ring and make a few wishes of his own FIRST, Alison warns Jack that Jack does NOT want any part of Livvie OR that ring! Alison advises Jack that the ring is poisonous to ANYONE who wishes on it ~ and it might even be poisonous to Caleb himself! When Caleb and Livvie arrive at the Club, Alison told Caleb that Alison and Rafe are planning to host ANOTHER fashion show at their gym and would like for Caleb's band to perform again. Caleb quickly agrees and Livvie drifts over to the bar while Caleb and Alison discuss the details. At the same time, Rafe enters Caleb's apartment, but can NOT find Alison's charm! As Rafe leans against the fireplace mantel while he tries to figure out where the charm might be, Rafe accidentally hits Caleb's secret panel, which flips open and reveals Caleb's Book of Incantations and Family History. As Rafe looks through the book, Rafe is amazed that he would have been so fortunate as to get a look at that particular book! Meanwhile, back at the Club, Jack seizes his opportunity to cozy up to Livvie and imply that, no matter WHAT Caleb might TELL Livvie, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Caleb has actually changed in any way! At the same time, Caleb points out to Alison that Aliison COULD have obtained an answer from Caleb by telephone and did NOT really NEED to ask for a meeting. Alison hesitantly confides that she lost a piece of jewelry while she was at Caleb's apartment and was hoping to retrieve it before Livvie found it and hit the roof! Caleb admits that he found the charm but suggests that they step outside to discuss the charm. Meanwhile, Livvie warns Jack NOT to believe that the kiss they shared the previous evening meant anything to Livvie. As Livvie storms away, Jack fantasizes about what it would be like if Livvie declared that Jack was still and always would be her one and only true love! Meanwhile, outside, Caleb hands the charm over to Alison and declares that, although Caleb was suspicious of Alison's motives when he first found the charm, Caleb now accepts Alison's statement that losing the charm was truly an accident. Caleb declares that they are still friends and then hands the charm over to Alison. Just as Caleb places the charm into Alison's hand ~ Livvie comes to the window and spots Caleb with his hand around Alison's hand! In the meantime, at Caleb's apartment, Rafe is engrossed by Caleb's book and told himself: "It is too good to be true!"

Thursday, AUGUST 28, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Lucy and Ian decide to leave Kevin and Christina alone so Kevin can explain WHY he is leaving. After Ian and Lucy leave, Christina again begs Kevin NOT to leave her. Meanwhile, outside, Lucy confides to Ian that Kevin had wished he could turn time back to a happier time. Ian reminds Lucy that, IF Kevin COULD turn back time to a point BEFORE Kevin went off the track, it would ALSO mean that Ian and Lucy would NOT be together now! Lucy assures Ian that Lucy believes that EVEN IF Kevin had NOT gone over the edge, Lucy and Ian would STILL have found their way to each other because Lucy is convinced that Ian and Lucy ALWAYS belonged together! Meanwhile, inside, Kevin patiently explains to Christina that he is only returning to the Light House and Christina will be able to visit Kevin every day. As Christina gives Kevin a sorrowful hug, Kevin suddenly realizes that he can MOVE one finger on his left hand!

As Rafe searches Caleb's apartment, Rafe is truly delighted that he has stumbled across Caleb's book containing centuries of vampire history, incantations and rituals! At the same time, outside Club Elixir, Livvie spots Caleb returning Alison's charm to her and Alison realizes that Livvie has seen them. When Livvie comes outside, Livvie points out that, from a distance, it almost looked like Alison and Caleb were holding hands! When Alison explains that Caleb was merely returning a charm that Alison had lost, Livvie suggests that they BOTH act like they are hiding something! Caleb assures Alison that Livvie realizes the exchange was all perfectly innocent and Livvie grudgingly agrees. Alison promises to call with further details about the next fashion show. After Alison leaves, Livvie asks Caleb if he was putting Livvie through some sort of test, but Caleb suggests that he might have his OWN reasons for keeping a close eye on Alison. When Alison returns home, she is thrilled to find that Rafe is already there. Alison reports that Caleb HAD found the charm and returned it without any trouble. Alison confides, however, that she believes that Caleb MIGHT be suspicious of Alison's motives. Alison further reports that Alison believes that Livvie was on her very best behavior and that could be because Livvie is now afraid of losing Caleb. Rafe reports finding Caleb's book of ancient history and rituals. Rafe explains that the song that Caleb played at the Fashion Show contained lyrics designed to bring the ring back to Caleb. Rafe points out that, IF Caleb had ALWAYS KNOWN the words that were needed to bring the ring back, Caleb would have used the lyrics MUCH sooner! Rafe theorizes that Caleb MUST have visited Caleb's father in Hades to obtain the right incantation to bring the ring back to Caleb. Rafe shocks Alison when Rafe suggests that, IF Rafe wants the ring, Rafe should ALSO go visit Caleb's father in Hades! But Alison immediately panics and begs Rafe NOT to try such a risky venture. Rafe finally agrees that maybe the idea is NOT the best solution to their problems and they hit the sheets. At the same time, Caleb and Livie return home and Caleb immediately senses that something has been disturbed. As soon as Livvie went into the next room, Caleb checks on his secret book, hidden behind the secret panel in the wall. But, in the next room, Livvie begins to put her jewelry away and discovers Caleb's fake ring in a false bottom of the jewelry box. Livvie flashes back to the day that Livvie overheard Caleb giving his ring to Alison and guesses that Caleb MUST have given a fake ring to Alison, since Caleb STILL has the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring on his hand. Livvie also remembers seeing the almost-tender scene between Caleb and Alison as Caleb returned Alison's charm to her. Later, Livvie convinces Caleb to let her give him a massage. As Caleb dozes next to Livvie, Livvie slips the power ring off Caleb's finger and replaces it with the fake ring. Caleb stirs, but Livvie can't tell whether or not Caleb noticed that Livvie was switching the rings. However, when Livvie slips the power ring into the pocket of her robe, Livvie misses the pocket and the ring falls to the floor! Meanwhile, after Alison and Rafe hit the sheets, Alison confides that, since Caleb appears to have been poisoned by his own inability to trust anyone, that it MIGHT be a mistake for Alison NOT to be genuine with Caleb ~ because the ruse might backfire and merely serve to fuel Caleb's dark suspicions. Rafe scoffs at the notion that Alison might be able to just talk Caleb in to handing the ring over and reminds Alison that she has already TRIED that approach and it did NOT work! Alison announces that she needs to get something and went to the next room. While Alison is gone, Rafe quickly dresses and begins the SAME incantation that Caleb used when Caleb visited his father in Hades: "Father ~ I am here! Share with me your wisdom! Let me reclaim what is ours ~ our ring, our legacy! It is my right to have it back! It is my right, as your son!" As Rafe finishes the incantation, Alison returns to the bedroom. Just at that moment, Rafe disappears with a bolt of lightning and a clap of thunder!

Friday, AUGUST 29, 2003

When Alison returns to her bedroom, she is shocked to hear Rafe repeat one of Caleb's incantations, then disappear with a flash of light and a clap of thunder. Alison calls Jack for help and explains to the incredulous Jack that she believes that Rafe has taken a trip to Hades to discover HOW to get Caleb's ring away from Caleb! Jack reminds Alison that Rafe is an expert at fighting dark forces, but Alison insists that she NEEDS to go to Caleb to ask for Caleb's help in bringing Rafe back and begs Jack to go along with her. Jack reluctantly agrees to accompany Alison!

In Jamal's apartment, Jamal fixes a special dinner for Imani but cheerfully informs Imani that Imani will have to clean up afterwards! Imani suddenly begins talking about her fond memories of having dinner at her grandmother's home. Imani takes a small box from beneath her bed and shows Jamal a picture of her grandmother, Medea, standing in front of a cafe. Jamal notes that Imani speaks of her grandmother as if the grandmother were still alive. Imani covers by claiming that Medea is still alive in Imani's heart. When Imani went to take a shower to get ready for work, Jamal starts to put the picture of Imani's grandmother back in the little box under the bed. However, as Jamal pulls the box out, Jamal spots a newspaper clipping about the murder of a college professor. The clipping shows a composite drawing of a mystery woman being sought by the police for questioning. Jamal recognizes Imani as the woman in the picture and wonders WHAT it is that Imani is hiding!

At Lucy's Place, Kevin tries to move his finger again, until Lucy and Ian return to the living room. Then Kevin conceals the fact that he has experienced movement, and begins making plans for his move back to the Light House. Christina suddenly runs in to the room and brought her favorite doll for Kevin to take home with him. As Christina hands the doll to Kevin, she drops the doll and the doll rolls under the table. When Christina suddenly ducks under the table to retrieve the doll, she comes close to bumping her head on the corner of the table. Kevin instinctively reaches out to protect Christina's head and Lucy and Ian are amazed that Kevin can now move his left arm! Ian quickly examines Kevin's arm and declares that the nerves are finally regenerating themselves. Kevin theorizes that it was his sudden concern for Christina that enabled him to move his arm. As they discuss the possibility of Kevin's recovery, Kevin alludes to the difficulty that Lucy must be having in dealing with BOTH the girls PLUS Ian's 'situation." Kevin's remark makes Ian angry and Ian storms away. Lucy follows Ian outside, where Ian warns Lucy that Kevin is deliberately alluding to Ian's curse in order to gain Lucy's sympathy. Lucy assures Ian that she would NEVER allow Kevin to come between them, then Lucy returns to Kevin. When Lucy returns to the living room, Lucy blasts Kevin for bringing up Ian's curse and reminds Kevin of Kevin's recent uncontrollable behavior. Kevin points out that, no matter HOW badly Kevin behaved, Kevin's condition WAS treatable ~ but Ian's "situation" is NOT treatable! Kevin asks if Lucy, Ian and the children are planning to become one big, happy vampire family. Kevin reminds Lucy that it is LUCY'S job, as a "slayer" to destroy people like Ian! Meanwhile, outside, Ian tries to force himself to remain in control. When Ian returns to the house, Ian overhears Kevin reminding Lucy that Ian can NOT die ~ but can ONLY be destroyed ~ by people like Lucy! Lucy storms away, and realizes that Ian overheard Kevin's theories!

At Caleb's apartment, as Livvie gives Caleb a massage, Livvie tries to slip Caleb's ring in to the pocket of her robe, but misses and the ring falls on to the floor! Livvie realizes that the ring fell and finds the ring by feeling around with her foot. Meanwhile, Caleb opens his eyes and asks WHY Livvie stopped the message. Livvie distracts Caleb by taking off her robe and throwing it over the ring! They begin kissing and, as they hit the sheets, Caleb again declares his steadfast love and devotion for Livvie and confides his happiness that he finally has someone he believes he can trust completely to be his partner. Livvie comes close to confessing that she took Caleb's ring, but they are interrupted by Alison and Jack, banging at the door. Livvie is more than a little miffed when she recognizes Alison's voice outside!

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