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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on GL
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Monday, August 25, 2003

At the hospital, Rick informs Olivia that because the bleeding and the contractions have stopped, she is expected to have a healthy baby. Phillip requests to see Olivia. When Phillip comes in, Olivia apologizes to him for not letting him see her before. She explains to Phillip that it had to do with Lizzie. She tells him that she believes Lizzie caused her fall. Phillip doubts her, so Olivia tells him that Lizzie sent Ben up to the cabin and Tammy and Cassie know this as well. She continues to explain that Lizzie told her before that the carpet was ripped, and she had it fixed. The day she fell, the carpet had been ripped again, and that's how she fell. Phillip asks her why she didn't tell him in the first place that she suspected Lizzie of setting up her fall. Olivia tells him that she knew he wouldn't hear it. She tells Phillip that she can't see him anymore because it is the only way to protect their baby from his daughter. Phillip still doubts that Lizzie had anything to do with the fall, and after Olivia explains how things went down, he tells her that it sounds to him that Lizzie was trying to prevent the fall by calling out to her. Olivia questions Phillip whether protecting himself from the truth is worth their baby's life. Phillip tells her to be reasonable, and Olivia demands that he leave. Rick comes in due to the loud voices to see if everything is alright, and Phillip steps out.

At the Spaulding home, Alexandra is looking for Lizzie because she didn't show up for work. Lillian shows up and tells Alexandra that Beth and Lizzie have taken a trip. Lillian refuses to tell Alexandra where they are. Alexandra tells Lillian that the rest of the family have a right to know what is going on. Lillian tells her that Lizzie is sick, not physically, but emotionally sick. Alexandra thinks they are jumping to conclusions. The turmoil she has had in her life, and the erratic behavior from her mother, Alexandra thinks Lizzie deserves to have some issues. Lillian tells her that Beth is hardly the only unstable member of Lizzie's family. Lillian tells her that the Spaulding way to handle things is to write a check to fix the problem, and they need to let Beth handle the situation the way she feels fit. Lillian demands they leave Beth and Lizzie alone. Lillian tells Alexandra that she has worked in a hospital for many years, and she recognizes a disturbed child when she sees one. Lillian reminds Alexandra about Lizzie's problems at boarding school, when she sent Ben up to the cabin, and when she probably set up Olivia's fall. Lillian mentions that Beth may put Lizzie in a mental hospital, and Alexandra throws a fit. Lillian leaves, and Alexandra tries to reach Alan.

At the museum, Marah arranges a protest. The group plan to protest the Dean insisting that the Mole be taken off the college radio station. Marah questions Sandy, the Mole's assistant, why the Mole didn't show up. Marina tells Marah that it is probably because the Mole has made a living bad mouthing people, and now those same people are defending him. It's probably embarrassing for him. Remy reminds the crew that his dad, the Dean, rarely changes his mind about anything unless it's an act of God. Shayne feels that Marina dragged him along for the protest because she is trying to avoid making a decision regarding Ben's trust fund. Shayne tells Marina that taking the money means she would not have to worry about financial concerns with college tuition. Sandy talks to Marah about Tony. He tells her that he thinks Tony is a pretty good guy. She immediately changes the conversation and makes a speech to the protest crew. She tells them that it is not just about free speech, it is about making a difference. She tells them that without working together and taking action, nothing changes. Marina stands up and tells Shayne that she knows what she is going to do with the money and leaves. Sandy suggests that they do the radio show on the top of a billboard outside campus and refuse to come down until the Dean surrenders. Sandy tells them that the Mole is afraid of heights. Marah tells them that she is not afraid of heights at all. She offers to do the show herself, and tells him that she expects that they will promote her fashion show on air.

At Company, Cassie and Edmund have breakfast. Jeffrey shows up to order breakfast. He walks over to Cassie and Edmund's table. He tells them that he wanted to see Edmund and orders Cassie to scoot over. Jeffrey tells them that he is trying to track Beth down and thought that Edmund, having been married to her, would know where she was. Edmund questions whether it is a legal matter, but Jeffrey tells him that it's personal. Jeffrey admits that his feelings toward Beth are romantic. Edmund tells him that Beth is way out of his league. Cassie tells him to stay away from Beth and reminds Jeffrey that Beth has had her share of problems. Jeffrey takes his breakfast order to go and tells them as he is leaving that the multiple personality thing could be a plus two for the price of one. Cassie seems irritated that he is going after Beth, and Edmund questions her response. Cassie pulls out her address book and tells Edmund that she knows a lot of eligible women in this town. She needs to find someone for him who is annoying, sloppy, and irritable for Jeffrey. Cassie tells Edmund that Roberta would be the perfect date for Jeffrey. She wants to call her, but Edmund insists that they forget about Jeffrey for now because he wants to focus on their love life right now. He tells her that he wants to take her to the most romantic spot in town. He takes her to the farmhouse, and they share a glass of wine in the barn. Edmund tells Cassie that he loves her. Cassie grabs his hand, and tells Edmund that she is better at showing people how she feels than saying it. They kiss and gently fall in the stack of hay. Afterwards, they both fall asleep, and Cassie dreams of a conversation she is having with Richard. Richard's back is turned, and she tells him that she is happy now and that couldn't have ever happened if he didn't teach her how to let go and how to love. Richard, who turns out to be Jeffrey, turns around and passionately kisses Cassie. She wakes up with a jump, and Edmund tells her that everything is alright.

Frank, Buzz, and Darci discuss Marina's decision about Ben's inheritance. Marina walks in and tells them that she is going to take Ben's money. Frank tells her that she would have plenty of money to go to Northwestern. Marina interrupts and tells them that she is staying home and going to Springfield University. She plans to use the money for something else. She tells her family that she wants to put the money into a foundation that would help things like legal services, Harley's Angels, and crises hotlines. She also wants to help the families of Ben's victims. Frank tells her that he is proud of her.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

At the Lewis home, Billy stops by to see Josh. Billy tells Josh that he caught Reva's show the other day when she saw that the missing girl, presumed dead, was still alive. Josh tells Billy that he thinks that he screwed up. He's been thinking more about Shayne's baseball career, and he now realizes that the time and attention should have been focused toward Reva. Josh discusses his and Reva's arguments toward Shayne's career and education choices. He feels that he wrongfully kept them both out of the decision making process. He feels that this is why Reva seems to be keeping him at an arms length right now.

At Company, Christopher is chatting to someone on his cell phone about Reva' s abilities. The person on the other line seems to want to rush Reva into something, but Christopher tells him to leave the timetable up to him. Just as he is finishing the call, Reva comes up to him. Reva can see that the phone call upset him, and questions why she can't read him. Christopher tells her that he was talking with a student. Reva explains her relief finding out that the police found the missing girl. Reva questions her abilities and feelings toward her readings. Christopher explains that she has difficulty sorting. He wants to take her to the hospital for a lesson. Christopher and Reva sit in the waiting room of the hospital. Christopher wants her to get inside some of the people. She sees that a woman wearing pink and blue is experiencing an incredible happiness. She feels that the woman is getting something that she has wanted to happen. Just then, a woman behind her calls her husband to tell him that she is pregnant. Then, Reva sees a journal with handwriting. The book appears to be in a dark drawer with tissue paper. She sees a tiny little hat that has never been worn. Reva claims that the woman at the counter lost her first child. Christopher wants her to continue, but Reva wants to go home and share this experience with Josh.

At the Spaulding home, Phillip and Alexandra discuss Beth's disappearance with Lizzie. Phillip seems to have been left in the dark. Phillip tells Alexandra that he doesn't believe what Olivia is accusing Lizzie of doing. Phillip understands that Beth is concerned for Lizzie. Alexandra expresses her concerns that Beth may put Lizzie in a loony bin, but Phillip explains that she can't do anything to, with, or for her without his permission due to them having joint custody. Alexandra tells Phillip that Olivia is just trying to turn him against his own daughter. Phillip leaves to go and look for Lizzie.

Harley meets Gus at Company. Harley explains that she is a little worn out because Beth dropped James off at her house. Beth needed to go out of town for a while. She explains that the kids are at day camp right now. In the meantime, Gus gets a call from Phillip. He is insisting that they stay put because he wants to talk to them. Phillip shows up and tells them that Olivia is doing much better, and the doctors feel she will carry the baby to full term. His main reason for coming to them is because Beth and Lillian have taken Lizzie and James someplace without telling anyone where they are going. He explains that their cell phones are turned off, and he can't reach either of them. Harley explains that Lizzie may be with Beth, but James is with her or day camp right now. Phillip explains that he may need their help. Lizzie may be having some problems of her own right now, but Phillip's main concern is Beth. He claims that he doesn't know what frame of mind Beth is in right now, or what she intends on doing with Lizzie. Gus tells him that if he wants them to help, he needs to explain the problems with Lizzie. Phillip explains everything from Lizzie telling Ben where Marina was to supposedly ripping the carpet intentionally for Olivia to fall. Harley tells Phillip that Beth might jump to conclusions, but Lillian seems to be supporting Beth. Gus explains that there is nothing he can do legally because Beth is a custodial parent, but he could hire the best detective in the town to find all three of them Harley. Harley had a little resistance, but Phillip and Gus finally convince her to except the job. Phillip gives Harley Beth's license plate number from the car she rented. Gus tells Harley that he will run the APB on the car while Harley goes to the hospital to see Olivia.

Beth and Lillian rented a rustic retreat. Lizzie tries to sneak out the door, but just as she opens the door with her things, Lillian shows up and stops her. Lizzie tells Lillian that her mother has lost it. Lillian tells her that this is the most rational she has seen her in years. Lizzie wants to leave, but Lillian explains that they are in the middle of nowhere. Lizzie asks what they want, and Lillian tells her that she wants answers and honesty, and she is willing to wait there until she gets it from her. Lizzie tells her that it sounds like a torture session, and Lillian comments that it is an intervention. Lillian wants Lizzie to explain why she sent Ben up to the cabin. Lizzie claims that Ben made her tell him where Marina was. She had to tell Ben, or he would kill her. Lillian doesn't buy into her excuse. Lizzie admits that she willfully told Ben where Marina was. Lizzie tells Lillian that what happened to Marina was her own fault because she played with Ben and Shayne. Lillian questions whether Lizzie did what she did to get what she wanted Shayne. Then, to get what she wanted with her father, she set up the fall to make Olivia lose the baby so that she could have her father all to herself. Lizzie tells Lillian that she didn't make Olivia fall that day. Lillian continues to pressure her, but Lizzie tells her that if she doesn't get out of here real soon, something horrible is going to happen. Lizzie runs into her room and shuts the door. Lillian continues to knock on the door and insists that Lizzie let her in, but she doesn't answer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

At the hospital, Harley arrived with Gus to question Olivia. Gus left to put an APB on Beth's car. Armed with flowers, Harley attempted to make nice with Olivia, but Olivia was hesitant. Harley explained what she had in common with Olivia's situation; A child of Beth's broke up her relationship with Phillip also. Harley cautioned Olivia not to let Phillip make her crazy. Harley asked to hear Olivia's side of the story regarding Lizzie and the fall. Harley reassured her that she already believed her and they discuss what happened. They discussed the futility of trying to get away from the twisted Spaulding circus. Harley informed her that Beth took Lizzie out of town for an intervention and she was helping Phillip to find them. Olivia begged Harley not to bring witch Lizzie back to town. Harley was still determined to take the case and to help Phillip because she believed he had the right to be involved. Later, Gus joined Harley and told her they found Beth's car approximately 40 miles outside of town.

At the courthouse, Alex informed Alan of the recent occurrences with Lizzie and Beth. Jeffrey approached and quipped "Which Spaulding broke the law this time?" They assured him they were there on Spaulding business. Jeffrey taunted them by asking about Beth and describing her as beautiful and ravishing. After cautioning the two scamps to stay out of trouble, Jeffrey left them. Enflamed, Alan threatened that if that man even lays a lustful stare at Beth, he'll kill him.

The usually casual DA was dressed in a suit. Jeffrey was talking to someone on the phone about Mitch Hendon. Ross and Jeffrey were there to meet with a judge regarding Ben Reade and the murders. In the courtroom, the Judge requested that Jeffrey approach the bench. She wondered why one of the five murder indictments wasn't being addressed. The Justice Department swooped in on the Mitch Hendon case very quickly. The Judge inferred that Jeffrey might have something to do with the linguistics. Jeffrey challenged her and pledged his allegiance to the city of Springfield. The Judge dismissed the case due to Ben's death and stepped down from the bench. Afterwards, Ross questioned Jeffrey that he must have friends in high places to take on that judge. Jeffrey responded with "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Then quickly said it was a joke. Ross insisted and Jeffrey pleaded the fifth.

Eden and Bill woke up tangled in their satin sheets. They had some pillow talk about their feelings. Eden reassured Bill that she wanted him, not Tony. Later at Company, they ran into Gus. Bill invited Gus to join them, but Eden was still angry for the way he treated her during the investigation. Eden told Bill that he is the only one who has stuck by her. They shared a kiss as Tony walked in. Bill left to get the car and Tony approached Eden. He questioned her about how they are going to deal with what happened in NY. Eden said that NY was forgotten. Tony described their encounter as two alley cats on a filthy rooftop. This statement offended Eden. Tony, hurt and apparently determined to stir up trouble, challenged Eden with "Life finally gives you want you want and you can't have it."

At Company, Cassie and Reva had lunch together. Cassie described her dream about Richard turning into Jeffrey. Cassie compared Jeffrey to death, unavoidable and inescapable. Reva counseled her about her overreaction and to let it go. When Reva questioned why Cassie was sleeping in the farm hay loft, Cassie gave her sister a description of the climactic experience. Although the part about Edmund grossed out Reva, she was intrigued about the spontaneity. Cassie urged her sister to plan some passionate spontaneity to revive her marriage. Reva phoned Josh and asked him to meet her. Later at the farm, Reva began trying to seduce Josh who was in business mode assessing the farm's renovations. Josh questioned her intentions and was hesitant. Reva pushed him down and began force feeding him a chocolate covered strawberry. Josh continued to question her motivations. Reva described the thrills of first falling love. Josh's mind flashed to seeing Reva in Christopher's arms and hesitated again. Reva yelled at him "I am loving you and you are gonna love me right back, right now." Josh joked about being made to feel cheap, then they kissed passionately. They reassured each other that they will never let anything come between them again. They began making love to the soundtrack of a lusty female voice singing:

"I've got you under my skin

I've got you deep in the heart of me

So deep in my heart, that you're really a part of me

I've got you under my skin"

Thursday, August 28, 2003

At the hospital, Frank stops by to see Olivia. He brought her some ice cream. Olivia explains to Frank her feelings toward Lizzie. Then she questions Frank about how his daughter, Marina, is doing. He explains that she is going to college. They share some laughs, and Dr. Rick Bauer enters the room and jokingly accuses Frank of hitting on a pregnant woman. Frank and Rick get a page at the same time. Frank mentions his page was something regarding fifth street.

Danny's wanting a romantic evening at home, but Michelle tells him that he'll have to wait. She has files that she has to drop off at the hotline office. Danny wants to go with her, but she insists that he stay there with their son. Michelle heads out and decides to take a short cut. A man approaches her and demands she give him her bag. She tells the man that she doesn't want any trouble. She tells him that she will give him her money, but she needs to keep the bag. They struggle and they both fall to the ground. The man stands up and asks Michelle if she is okay, and then he helps her up - Not the typical criminal. He hears police sirens, and takes off. Frank shows up and offers to have her checked out at the hospital. She claims that she is fine. Frank tells them that they caught the mugger. Danny questions Frank about the mugger. When Frank tells him the mugger was only 18 years old, Danny wonders where the boys parents are or whoever is responsible for him. Father Ray shows up and tells them that he is responsible for the boy. The boys parents were killed six years ago when they refused to pay Carmen protection money. The boy went to Father Ray and begged him to hide him so that he wouldn't be taken away. The boy lives in an abandoned building on Fifth Street. Father Ray tells them that the boy is a good kid, and he doesn't understand what happened that made the boy want to commit a crime. Danny tells Ray that if he would have taken the boy to children's services years ago, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to attack his wife. Ray leaves to go see the boy. Frank wants Michelle to come downtown to identify the boy, but Danny wants her to go home to rest. Michelle is feeling hesitant about pressing charges. She tells Frank and Danny that she fell when the strap broke on her bag. The boy helped her up, and Michelle thinks that he got caught because he took the time to see that she was okay. Frank jokes about having a mugger with manners. Michelle demands that she talk to the boy, but Danny doesn't want her to. He reminds her that Ray said that Carmen might be responsible for the boy's parents death. Danny thinks that the mugging might not have been random. Michelle reminds Danny that they are trying to turn Fifth Street around, and turning their back on the boy means they are as bad as Carmen.

Phillip paces in the hallway of the hospital wanting to speak with Olivia about Lizzie, but she won't see him. Gus shows up and tells Phillip that they found Beth's car, and Harley is on her way to them now. Gus questions the depth of Lizzie's problems. Phillip tells him that Lizzie is not the monster that Olivia is trying to convince everyone she is, but Lizzie isn't the completely misunderstood victim that she is claiming to be either. Gus gets a call from Harley. She tells him that she found Beth, Lillian, and Lizzie; and there are a lot of loud voices coming from inside. Phillip wants her to get Lizzie out of there. Harley tells Phillip that she is not going inside yet because it sounds like an intervention to her. Phillip tells her that it may be an intervention, but the whole family should be a part of it. Phillip tells her that he has a really bad feeling about this, and he begs Harley to go inside and get Lizzie out of there. Harley explains that Lizzie is getting a workout from her mother, but she is holding her own.

Inside the rustic retreat, Lillian and Beth try to get Lizzie to open the bathroom door. Beth tells her that they came up there to talk, and it is a lot harder to do with a door between them. Lizzie tells them that they don' t want to talk, they just want to tell her how bad and crazy she is. She opens the door and insists that they stop calling her sweetie. She tells them that she has already told them what happened, but no one believes her, so they are done talking. Lizzie heads for the door, but Beth grabs her arm. Lizzie pushes Beth down then smashes a vase on the floor. Lillian pulls Beth aside to talk about what style of pressure to put on Lizzie. In the meantime, Lizzie has picked up a piece of glass from the broken vase. Beth and Lillian return to continue their conversation, but Lizzie threatens to cut her wrist. Harley is watching from outside, and tells Phillip and Gus that she is going in. She leaves her cell phone on and walks in. She tells Lizzie that no one is going to get hurt. Harley tells Lizzie that cutting her wrist won't solve anything because it hurts, it's messy, and she might not even die. She continues to say that the three of them will be all over her the second she cuts her wrist, and her grandmother is a nurse, so she probably won't even die. Gus and Phillip are hearing everything. Harley talks to her about her illness with leukemia and how happy the family was to see her beat the odds, and how hard she fought for her life. Harley tells her that if she dies, she can not tell the people who love her what really happened. Harley reaches for the glass. Lizzie lets her take it, and they share a hug. Beth tells them they need to go back to Springfield and suggests that Lizzie ride with Harley. Lillian thinks that Beth is giving up. Beth tells her that she is not giving up, she just doesn't want a repeat scene. Lillian tells her this was just an act because if she wanted to hurt herself, she could have done it when she was alone in the bathroom.

Phillip is relieved, but is questioning where they go from here. Phillip feels that he has failed as a father. His daughter was ready to cut her wrist, and he was forty miles away. Gus tells him that he thinks he is a very good father. Phillip tells Gus that he has had his eyes closed, and if they were open he could have seen this coming.

Friday, August 29, 2003

At the rustic retreat, Lillian is still trying to convince Beth not to give up on her daughter. Beth goes through the what if's, and Lillian tells her that is exactly why they have to go through with the intervention process. Lillian reminds Beth that their original plan was to try an intervention with just the three of them, and if it didn't work, they would check her into a treatment facility. Beth breaks down, and Lillian tells her not to think of it as a defeat, but as a positive step. Lizzie would be safe, and she would be able to work through her problems. Beth tells Lillian that she knows she is right, it just hurts.

Harley and Lizzie are driving home. Harley takes the scenic route so that she would have plenty of time to talk to Lizzie. Harley keeps conversation by asking Lizzie to talk to her about what Beth and she were talking about. Harley tells her that any kid would feel threatened knowing that a new baby was coming into the picture especially by someone she doesn't like. Lizzie tells her that she didn't blame the baby, and she is fine with things now. She admits that she had a problem with it before because no one talked to her about it like an adult should. Lizzie tells Harley that she didn't have anything to do with Olivia's accident. She explains that she called out to Olivia to tell her that the carpet was torn again. Lizzie can tell by Harley's reaction that she doesn't believe her. Lizzie tells Harley that she thought she could count on her. Harley said that she has lied about so many things, she doesn't know when to believe her. Harley tells her to open up with her family so that they can trust her. Lizzie tells her that she wishes everyone would leave her the hell alone. Harley comments that after today, that is highly unlikely. Lizzie wants to know what she means by that, and Harley explains that after trying to kill herself, the family can' t ignore her problems anymore. Harley explains that they will have to get her some intensive help away from home, but they wouldn't have to if she would start telling everyone the truth. Lizzie grabs a hold of the wheel and tries to pull the vehicle off the road.

Danny convinces Michelle to get some TLC for the night and deal with things at the police station in the morning. Danny is hoping that by morning she will reconsider not dropping charges against the boy. Michelle tells Danny that she will not change her mind about pressing charges no matter what. Michelle explains that she wants to help the boy with counseling and public assistance through the hotline. Michelle tells Danny that he should go to the courthouse and talk with Ray. Michelle thinks that talking to Ray may ease his mind a little. Danny tells her that he will go to the courthouse, but not to talk to Ray, but to the boy.

At the courthouse, Danny shows up to talk to the boy, but Ray won't let him. Danny continues to pressure him into letting him see the boy, and he finally agrees. Ray wants to tell Danny why the boy did what he did first, but a guard brings him in. Ray introduces Danny to the boy, Nico. Nico mentions that he knows Danny The man who plans to save them all from themselves. Nico comments that it's a new scam. He shows anger toward Danny, and Ray demands that the boy show some respect. Nico apologizes and tells Ray that he respects him, but he will never respect Danny because he is all "Santos." Nico tells Danny that Fifth Street was a decent neighborhood until the Santos family took it over. Danny tells Nico that his mother's days are over on Fifth Street and everywhere else. He claims that his angle is to clean up Fifth Street, and if that means cleaning up people like Nico so be it. Nico starts to jump Danny, but the guard grabs him. Ray tells Danny that Nico is musician. Playing the guitar means everything to him, and someone had stolen it today, and that is why he mugged Michelle. Ray explains that Nico hated him (Ray) for years too, and tells Danny that he can't blame him because their family killed his family. Ray tries to convince Danny into dropping the charges. The guard steps away from Nico, and tells him to stay put while he radio's in. Nico escapes, and just as the Ray almost had Danny convinced to drop the charges, the guard comes in and tells Danny and Ray that Nico has escaped. Danny runs out thinking that Nico may be heading out to find Michelle.

Michelle hears a sound, and calls out for Danny. Nico walks in. He yells at her for not just giving him her bag. He explains that he can't go to jail. Michelle thought he was going to hurt her, but he reaches to hand her the money he stole from her. As he was doing so, Danny runs to Michelle's rescue and attacks Nico. Michelle begs him to stop, and explains that the boy was just trying to give her the money back. Danny tells Nico that he was seriously thinking about helping the boy out by dropping the charges and giving him a job, but not anymore. The police show up and take Nico away.

At Company, Christopher is being pressured again on his cell phone regarding Reva and how hard to push her in the psychic process. He sees Reva walking up the porch, and he hangs up. She joins him for dinner. Reva jokingly questions whether she knows Christopher at all because she would have never guessed that he would like French fries with mustard. Reva tells Christopher that she should take this time to get to know Christopher better. Christopher questions whether she should be home with her husband. Reva tells him that Josh is out of town at a convention. With all the time on her hands, she claims that she is going to use it to bug Christopher. Reva wants Christopher to tell her something about himself that she wouldn't ever know. Christopher talks about how he got into this line of business and also mentions that he had a wife. Reva mentions that she would like to meet his wife, but Christopher tells her that she died. Reva wonders whether he ever tried to contact his wife. He tells her no, and the subject is off limits. He tells Reva that his relationship with his wife was special, and he doesn't want it lumped into all the other readings. Christopher explains that she was hit by a car while crossing the street. Christopher tells Reva that he wonders if he would have had a vision of the accident, he could have stopped it. Christopher tells Reva that she reminds him of his wife. Christopher explains that he wants to be able to predict the future and prevent accidents like the one his wife had. He tells Reva that she may have this ability to predict the future and save lives. Reva tells him that she would have to think about it.

At the Spaulding home, Phillip and Gus walk in and find that Alan is back from his business trip. Phillip explains to Alan that Beth and Lillian took Lizzie to a retreat for an intervention. Alan seems to already know this, but Phillip tells him that he may not know that Lizzie tried to slit her wrist. Alan wonders if Phillip and Beth plan to send her to a psychiatric hospital. Phillip tells him that if it is necessary, he will. Phillip tells Alan that he doesn't know what he will do. He has to talk to Beth, Lizzie, and Lizzie's counselor. He and Beth will decide what to do and not anyone else. Phillip was interrupted by a telephone call. He and Gus leave the room, and Alan calls Alexander and tells her that what she was worried about is happening, and she should come over right away. Alexander show up in no time at all. She tells Phillip that the intervention was not a good idea. She claims that Beth and Lillian made things worse. Phillip tells them that the intervention wasn't a bad idea, if anything, it has brought things out into the open. Alexander tells Phillip that she knows he is the one who will make the decision regarding Lizzie's treatment, but he should think carefully before finalizing anything, because whatever he decides will affect Lizzie for the rest of her life. Alexander tells Phillip that something like this can follow Lizzie through high school and college. She worries about who might find out. They try to assure Phillip that they can get her the help she needs right under the Spaulding roof. As they are begging him to consider this, Beth and Lillian show up. Phillip wonders where Lizzie is, and Beth tells him that Harley is bringing her home. Beth tells them all that is only between her and Phillip. She explains to Phillip that Lizzie was completely out of control, and she didn't recognize her own daughter. She hands Phillip the piece of glass that Lizzie tried to kill herself with. She tells them all that what is going on with Lizzie is too big for them to handle. She pleads with Phillip to go along with her on this before they lose Lizzie for good.

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