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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, August 25, 2003

The head of the adoption agency enumerates the reasons Craig is not acceptable as an adoptive parent. Rosanna stands up for Craig, who weakly defends himself. Rosanna is livid he is not more passionate about adopting. She tells Craig how much she needs him, and this ignites them to make love. Craig has a frightening daydream about losing another child. Later, Craig sees Dusty as his way out of the adoption dilemma. Mordecai knocks Mike out and rips open Katie's blouse. He steals the cross around her neck. He leaves and a terrified Katie nestles next to Mike. Mike wakes and is incensed to find Katie with her blouse ripped. She assures Mike that Mordecai only took her necklace. They share a tender moment. Katie is upset the cross may lead Simon into a trap. Mike wants to tap into the phone line and find out exactly what Mordecai is up to. At the bank, Rick forces Alison to leave with him at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Emily arrives with Daniel at Susan's. She tells Emily she is on her way to meet Rick, but Emily urges her not to go. At the hospital, Chris reveals Alison's plan to get evidence against Rick to Margo. They question the banker and learn Rick left with Alison. Margo alerts Hal to the kidnapping. Rick takes Alison to a deserted shack to kill her. Alison manages to hit the redial button on her phone and gives Chris a clue to where she is. But Rick injects Alison with potassium chloride and leaves. Despite Emily's objections, Susan goes to meet Rick. At the Lonely Pine Motel, Rick tries to distract Susan with romance. Hal tells Emily about Rick kidnapping Alison. Chris and Margo arrive too late and find Alison, seemingly dead.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Marshall showed up at Jessica's door and wanted to know if Bonnie was there. He told Jessica he filed a motion to have him declared Sara's father. A court order was being issued as they spoke. Jessica told Marshall that she wasn't surprised. Marshall wanted to press charges against Bonnie. Jessica defended Bonnie and told Marshall to get over it. She then told Marshall that he would further alienate Sara if he kept picking on Bonnie. Marshall started to turn the table on Jessica and accused her of knowing all along that Sara was his daughter. Jessica just ignored him and asked him if he was going still going to press charges against Bonnie. Marshall said he had other matters to attend to and left.

Over at Java, Isaac talked about how fortunate Sara was to have someone like Bonnie who cared for her. He then proceeded to bring up the idea of marriage. Bonnie would not give Isaac an answer. She was so consumed about Sara that she changed the subject and started to make a phone call. Marshall arrived to talk to Bonnie and thanked her for breaking into his room and taking his DNA, otherwise it would have taken weeks for him to figure out that he was Sara's father. He told Bonnie that he had filed a motion and Sara was going to live with him. Bonnie was heartbroken because Marshall threatened to never let Sara see Bonnie again. At the center, Marshall showed up just as Troy told Sara that she was going to go live with Marshall.

Kim wheeled Bob down the hall and they were met with cheers by the hospital staff.

John told everyone that when Bob fully recovered he would be back as Chief of Staff. After taking a phone call about Susan and Alison, Kim was just about to tell Bob when Tom showed up and filled them in about the situation. After Tom explained about Susan and Alison, Bob told Tom and Kim that he heard everything his family had said to him while he was in the coma. Bob said that he was back because of the love that everyone showed. Later, Kim and Bob shared a tender moment.

Susan and Ric were lying in bed talking. Susan interrupted and said she needed to call Alison. Ric stopped her by saying "not today." This comment surprised Susan until Ric said that he wanted her all to himself just for the day. They planned on taking a drive and Ric went to take a shower. Susan went out to get the paper and when she opened it the headline read, "LOCAL TEEN MURDERED - ALISON STWEART, 18, FOUND SLAIN IN WOODS." Overcome with grief, Susan collapsed on the bed but quickly recovered when Ric yelled from the bathroom that Susan should come join him. Susan went to the phone and called Emily. Hal took the phone and told Susan to remain calm. Just as she was explaining to Hal where she might be, Ric came out of the bathroom and asked who Susan was talking to. She tried to cover but Ric caught on to her. Susan then accused Ric of killing Alison. Ric confessed to Susan that he had killed all those people and then explained that Alison was in the way so he had to take care of her as well. He told Susan she was next. Susan kept saying how could you kill my little girl. Just as Ric was trying to get to Susan they heard sirens. Susan took the lamp and knocked Ric out. She ran out of the room. Ric came to and followed her. When the police showed up the room was empty.

Meanwhile, Alison was alive and well, sitting in the police station. She explained to Emily how she survived. Flashbacks showed Alison removing the potassium chloride from the bottle and replacing it with water. Emily thought Alison was very clever to have thought of it. Emily told Chris to take Ali home. As they said goodbye, Alison made Emily promise that Susan would be okay. After they arrived at Susan's house Chris told Alison that he had to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled for her. Chris and Alison shared a few kisses before he left.

Susan showed up at the police station hysterical about Alison. Emily calmed Susan by telling her that Alison was alive and safe. At the house, Alison heard a noise and, thinking it was Chris, came face to face with Ric!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Jessica tells Bonnie to leave Marshall and Sarah alone. Bonnie is afraid that Sarah won't have a chance dealing with Marshall. Jessica says it is wrong to tell Sarah that her father is a rapist. She says that Sarah hasn't had a father for fifteen years and it is time she got to know him. Bonnie leaves to go tell Sarah anyway. Ben comes in and he and Jessica toast Isaac. Ben tells Jessica to stay away from Bonnie's problems because he is afraid Marshall will use it to try to get close to Jessica again. Jessica assures him that her guard is up and she won't let that happen.

Meanwhile, Sarah tells Marshall that she hates him and that if she is forced to live with him, she'll just run away. She tells him she is mad that he didn't find her earlier. Marshall tries to convince her to give him a chance. He says he loved her mother and he sees her face in Sarah. He admits that he was too caught up in himself then and that is why her mother went back to Brazil. Sarah enjoys hearing about her mother and decides to give Marshall a chance. They hug just as Bonnie runs in saying she has to tell Sarah something about Marshall. Sarah says she already knows about Marshall and she is learning about her mother too. Bonnie realizes she doesn't know about the rape and is about to tell her when she sees how happy Sarah is learning about her past. She decides not to tell her and goes back to Java Underground very upset.

Susan calls Alison on her cell to make sure she is okay. Ric forces Alison to "act normal" and forces her to say she is okay. Then, Ric grabs the phone and says, "Don't say a word if you want to see Alison alive," and he tells Susan to come right home but not to tell anyone they talked or he will kill Alison. Chris comes to the door looking for Alison but she is forced not to answer. Susan then shows up at the house and goes right to Alison. Ric says he would do anything for Susan and that all he ever wanted was a family. Susan motions for Alison to go along with her and they tell Ric that they are sorry. Ric takes out a gun and Susan guards Alison. Hal and Emily, along with police back-up are at the door. Ric tells Hal he is too late and that he will stop the pain and take his family with him. As Ric is about to pull the trigger, Chris leaps out from the stairwell and jumps on Ric. They struggle and the gun goes off as Hal bursts in. At first, no one is moving but then Chris gets up and they realize that Ric is only sedated, not dead. Apparently, when Alison didn't answer the door, Chris climbed into the house through the upstairs bathroom window. The only weapon he had with him was the sedative he brought for Alison. As Ric wakes up, he tells Susan, "I'll always love you." He then says to Hal, "Why didn't you let me die?"

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Lily and Mitzi warn Rose that Dusty is a player. She defends him, but is concerned that if Jennifer keeps hanging around that Paul will continue to be in Dusty's face. Jennifer and her friend Connie arrive at Java. Connie flirts outrageously with Dusty. Rosanna tells Craig she's found an agency in Bay City that might work with them in adopting a child as long as he stays clean from now on. He agrees to meet with the agent at the Lakeview. Lucy and Aaron are planning to go to the bachelor auction, but Craig reminds Lucy she has an appointment with her college counselor. When Ned shows up, Aaron is thrown by how handsome he is. Craig discovers that Dusty is taking bets for a bookmaker. Once he's alone, Craig makes an anonymous call about illegal betting in a local watering hole. Rick confesses to the murders in San Francisco and at Memorial, beginning with Crumley. Rick admits he used Susan to get a job and avoid suspicion, but eventually fell in love with her. Emily wants to take heartbroken Susan home. Despite Hal's warnings, Susan goes in to see Rick. She slaps him. At the hospital, Chris is being hailed as a hero. Bob praises Chris' heroism and maturity. A warm father-son bonding moment, witnessed by an unseen Alison, follows. Mitzi arrives and invites Chris and Walker to be in the auction. Walker accepts. Chris needs some convincing, but decides to participate. Alison fumes when she hears Chris has agreed to be auctioned off.

Friday, August 29, 2003

by Andy

Katie frets as Mike rigs up an eavesdropping connection in the basement to listen to Mordacai's phone conversations. Mike tries to distract her and tells her to look around for something useful. She messes around with a badger trap, until Mike warns her to stay away. Katie steps on a scrapbook. She opens it and says, "Oh my God!" She is jealous Simon had a life before Katie. They hear a phone ring, proving that Mike's tap works. Mordacai is glad that whoever is on the other end of the phone got the necklace. Katie thinks it's Simon.

Alison runs into Aaron at Al's Diner. She confides to him she's worried whoever wins Chris at the auction might somehow find a way into his heart. Aaron tells her to go bid on him herself. He even offers to loan her $300. In return for the loan, Aaron asks Alison to buy him. He's afraid some old hag will get him. Alison agrees.

Walker stops by the Roller Palace and gives his ‘him-bo' application to Lily. She thanks him for joining in the event, then returns to directing the workers as Bonnie arrives. Bonnie needs to tell Lily that Isaac has pulled out of the auction. Walker tells her he has been hired full time at the hospital. He asks Bonbon if she can keep the DNA test a secret. Bonnie gives him her word that she won't tell anyone Walker ran the test. Bonnie laments over letting Sarah go, and Walker comforts her. Chemistry is in the air.

Rosanna is squirming at the Lakeview waiting for Craig to join her for the adoption meeting. The adoption representative is growing impatient and snaps, "People who are anxious to adopt, tend to be on time." Ro tries to make up an excuse, but the rep will only give her a few more minutes of her time before she leaves.

Meanwhile, at the new Java, Jack & Co. arrive with a search warrant to look for evidence in regards to Dusty's illegal gambling operation. Craig is relieved that the OPD finally made an appearance. Now he won't be able to make Rosanna's adoption meeting. Craig's phone rings, but Jack demands he turn the phone off. A short search turns up a bag full of cash and betting slips. Jack arrests Dusty and Craig as construction workers in the background shake their heads in surprise. Jack takes great pleasure in advising the two of their rights, but says, "You probably already know them by heart." Dusty searches his brain to try to figure out who snitched. He remembers Jenifer casually looking at him while he was putting his bag-o-cash away one day, and is convinced Jen is the rat.

Paul returns home and Jen introduces him to her model friend, Connie Larson. He asks Connie for a moment alone with his sis, and she leaves the room. Once again, it takes Paul five seconds to jump down Jen's throat about her and Dusty. Mitsy stops by in the middle of the fight to deliver invitations to the auction. Jen introduces her to her "model friend" Connie. Mitsy sizes Connie up and down then deadpans, "Oh! A model. What a surprise! It's a shame about your looks." Mitsy asks Paul to be a model, but he regrettably declines the invite. After Mitsy leaves, Jen offers her brother a deal: She'll stay away from Dusty if Paul goes to the auction. He puts up a mild fight, but finally agrees to attend. Later, Jen asks Connie to tag alone with Paul and to keep him out late so she can have the penthouse all to herself.

Molly stops by the Roller Palace to drop off a donation check. Lily looks at all the zeros and her eyes bulge out. She asks Ms. M if she'll attend the auction. Molly snaps, "I'm not so desperate that I have to buy my dates." Even though, that's about the only thing she hasn't tried yet lately. She bursts into tears and laments that she's drifting along in her life. She reflects how good things were when Jake was around, and how it was all taken away with one bullet. Lily advises her to get back in touch with Carly.

Marshall arrives at the station to represent Dusty and Craig. He boasts that all the evidence is circumstantial and he can get them out in record time. Craig asks him to slow down, "Don't want you to make any mistakes." Craig's phone rings again. He looks at Jack and asks, "Mother may I?" Jack consents. Rosanna is on the other end and demands to know what happened. Craig can barely keep a grin off his face as he says, "Rosanna there's a problem. Dusty and I have been arrested." Back at the Lakeview, Ms. Bryce returns. Ro scrambles to reschedule another adoption appointment, then runs out to take care of an ‘emergency' at Cabot motors. At the station, Marshall tells the boys they'll probably keep the bar, but will likely run into problems acquiring a liquor license. Craig dismisses Marshall's lack of faith, "We'll think of something." Jack snickers and says, "I bet you will. I've never seen someone get in so much trouble in so many ways. It's incredible." Jack gives Craig some privacy to make a call when Rosanna arrives. With tear-filled eyes, she says, "Craig? How could you? We had an appointment to adopt a child, and you get yourself arrested instead?" The adoption representative arrives on a hunch Rosanna's earlier excuse was a fake. Ms. Bryce witnesses Jack giving Craig a copy of his arrest sheet, then dismisses the Montgomery application to adopt a child. Again, Craig can barely contain his joy. Rosanna looks at her husband and says, "You're not upset. You're relieved!" Craig halfheartedly tries to comfort his wife. Rosanna turns in disgust, "I can't look at you right now." She walks out of the station.


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