One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on OLTL

Dorian stole the Bahra diamond from Walker. Keri tried to thwart Antonio at every turn. Nora made a decision to run for district attorney. Walker admitted to Starr that he was Todd. Al found Marcie in a dumpster after she had been attacked. Jen aided Marcie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, August 25, 2003

The alarms go off as Dorian opened Walker's safe and stole the necklace made out of the Bahdra diamond. A security Officer showed up and threatened to call the police but Dorian convinced him that it was ok that she is there and he reluctantly accepted her story.

Dorian heads back home and Starr sees her with the necklace knowing it belongs to Walker. Dorian calls David Vickers and tells him she's got the diamond or rather what's left of it and he is on his way over. In the meantime Dorian puts the necklace in her safe but a real savvy Starr watches through the window with binoculars.

Kelly goes to the church to talk to Joey and he is hugging her as a sneaking Jenn looks on behind the door. Jenn quickly leaves and Joey tries to get Kelly to open up to him and asks her about having children. Kelly seemed upset and said its just never happened and said she'd just been to the doctor but should tell Kevin first before she told anyone. Kelly leaves and Jenn comes in with some lunch for Joey. Joey asked her if she was all right with him talking to Kelly, she said she was and Joey said that's good because that will happen a lot helping parishioners Jenn didn't look real enthused.

Rex and Lindsay have another conversation and Rex tells Lindsay that Jenns marriage will never work but Lindsay tells him Jenn has never been happier but Rex insists she's just doing that for Joey and not for herself. Lindsay calls Jenn and finds out she and Joey couldn't take a honeymoon and invites her to dinner but Jenn says she can't make it. She invites Rex but when he finds out that Jenn is at home he goes to the church and sees her and gives her a VIP pass to Ultra Violet.

Walker and Blair went out for dinner but of course Kevin was there too keeping an eye on Walker. Kevin and Kelly were to have dinner with Asa and Renee of course Kevin gets a call from his PI friend and Kevin wants the PI to get Walkers fingerprints so they can run DNA and find out who he is. Kevin and Blair have a little talk and wants Blair and he to become friends but Blair just says she hopes they can.

Walker and Blair have such a good time at dinner that Walker invites Blair to his place and a very happy Blair agrees to go.

Antonio went to see Jessica and tried to explain to her what had really happened on the terrace that Keri was lying and had staged the whole thing. He told Jessica he loved her but if she don't want to see him anymore just to say so and he would be out of her life for good.

Carlotta sees R.J., Keri and Angeline having dinner and tells Keri just what she thinks of her after what she has done to keep Antonio away from Jamie for a year and was angry to think she had hired a babysitter to watch Jamie and that she was only doing this because Antonio was involved with Jessica that she is only using Jamie. R.J. tells Carlotta that she doesn't know what she's talking about but Angeline asks Keri if that's true and neither Keri nor R.J. respond. So Angeline doesn't act like she's buying their story.

Meanwhile back at Dorian's David Vickers shows up for the diamond that's now a necklace. Dorian proceeds to open the safe and is very shocked to find the safe empty looks as though our little Starr has rescued the necklace.

Starr is trying to find out where her mom and Walker are she goes to the restaurant and runs into Kelly who tells her she don't know where they are but she better get back home.

Antonio and Carlotta are talking in the park when they see Jamie in her stroller and her babysitter is not paying a bit of attention to her. Antonio confronts the babysitter about it and Angeline watches the whole ordeal from the bushes and then asks Antonio why he didn't snatch Jamie why he had the chance. Antonio explains to her that he is not that kind of a person.

Meanwhile back at Walker's place Blair and Walker are having a very good talk and Blair tells Walker she wants things different and he assures her things will be different Blair has a somewhat puzzled look on her face but then they begin to share a very passionate kiss and Blair suddenly discovers Walker's hands are smooth and he doesn't have any fingerprints. Walker stumbles around with some explanations as to why.

Keri shows up at Jessica's door telling Jessica that she is only there to warn her about Antonio. Keri continues her usual lies about the things that have happened. Jessica doesn't act as if she is buying her story and after Keri leaves Jessica starts daydreaming of her and Antonio.

Jessica goes and finds Antonio and tells him she believes him and Antonio is very happy to hear that but a sneaky Keri is lurking in the shadows watching and listening to them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Natalie is at CrossRoads playing pool with $1000 riding on the game. Cris and Max have complete confidence in her. Roxy busts in just when Nat is trying to shoot. She blows the shot and loses the game. Nat's Uncle Bo shows up and puts down $2000 so she can have a rematch. This time, she doesn't mess up. After Nat wins, Max and Cris want her to enter a high stakes competition.

At Antonio's, Jess and he passionately rip off each other's clothes and do the deed. As they sleep in their euphoric state, Keri is lurking outside the loft. She takes Antonio's spare key and walks in on the sleeping couple. Keri, the psycho, just stands over them staring until suddenly they both wake up. Antonio jumps up and yells at her to get the hell out. Jess rushes out and says she'll be right back. Antonio doesn't believe her. Jess finds Keri in Angel Square and confronts her. Keri claims she had nothing to say, but Jess replies she can just listen. Jess asks what happened to the woman who was the professor at Llanview U? Keri retorts that Jess should just go back and crawl in bed with that madman. She also adds that Antonio will never, ever see Jamie again. Later, Keri meets with R.J. and cries about seeing Jess and Antonio together. R.J. tells her to stay away from Antonio—he's a loose cannon. R.J. fears for his daughter's life. The expression on Keri's face shows the wheels turning in her head... Jess goes back to the loft and tell Antonio she loves him and will never leave him.

Dorian is still receiving harassing phone calls about the Bahdra. She retrieves her tiny revolver from a drawer and puts it in her purse. As she rushes out the door she bumps into Kelly, whose papers go flying. Dorian picks them up she realizes they are medical papers regarding Kelly's fertility. The papers state that if Kelly gets pregnant she would most likely die. Kelly isn't taking the warning seriously—she claims there are always risks in life. Dorian gives Kelly a piece of advice: babies don't save marriages. When Kevin arrives, Kelly ecstatically tells Kevin she can conceive children. She secretly makes Dorian promise not to reveal her condition.

Daniel runs into Nora at the Palace. He is obnoxious, and with a drink in his hand, as usual. He informs Nora that she will be a great assistant D.A. once he is elected. Daniel continues to stick his foot in his mouth until Nora calls his bluff. She knows he is scared that she will run against him. Dan replies that she won't run because she would get crushed at the polls. Nora informs Daniel that he has just helped her make up her mind. She walks off and leaves him with the tab. Nora shows up at CrossRoads to tell Bo the good news about her officially running for D.A. The two go over campaign strategies as a jealous Gabrielle looks on. She pathetically asks Max to fawn over her, but Bo doesn't even notice. Finally, Nora suggests to Bo that he better go dance with his woman if he doesn't want to lose her.

Starr barges in on Blair and Walker at the penthouse and realizes the two were getting cozy. Starr freaks out and Walker asks to talk to her alone. After Blair goes upstairs, Starr tells Walker that her dad is coming back and that he needs to back off. Walker asks Starr if she knows what plastic surgery is. She asks if her dad got it. Walker admits to Starr THAT HE REALLY IS TODD! Starr doesn't believe him until he answers a whole bunch of questions that only Todd would know. Starr excitedly gives Walker a hug and promises to keep it a secret. She wants him to give Blair the Bahdra diamond necklace. When she returns, Blair accepts it with a huge smile. Later, Blair brings it home to Dorian, who rushes off to deliver the diamonds. However, not before Blair can tell Kelly, Kevin and Dorian about how she is planning on spending a weekend with Walker and the kids at Hilton Head. Privately, Kevin gets a call from his P.I. She claims to have information that the real Walker Lawrence is actually living in Atlantic City...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

"Search and Destroy" is the name of the talent contest that Rex is promoting at Ultra Violet but R.J. makes no bones about the fact that he hates the name and idea. Rex proposes that R.J. be a judge but R.J. has bigger fish to fry; he's got a date with Evangeline. He suggests that maybe Rex will be lucky and find some beautiful woman to spend his own time with. Rex wants to be given the benefit of the doubt by R.J. He's not stupid and he's got the club booked.

At the hair salon, Natalie chats while she works on Kelly's nails. She's got lots of tales for Kelly, especially about Roxy (who has spotted the ad for the talent contest and is dancing nearby). She'd like to know more about Kevin from Kelly who feels she herself doesn't know him all that well. Nat divulges that she and Cris are going to start a family and have a rather large one. Kelly leaves her sister-in-law a huge tip for her honeymoon fund. Roxy tries to convince River to perform a duet with her but he declines. He can't sing and besides, he's under 21, he's quick to add. She needs a man, she sighs.

Kevin meets with Asa at the Palace; William Davis Dawes wants Kevin out of politics. Asa will take measures of his own, he assures Kevin. Nearby, a bored Nigel waits for Asa to finish one of his endless meetings. Renee challenges him; she thinks he's bored and missing Roxy. Of course, Nigel denies this vehemently but Renee suggests that he ask Roxy out. She'll look after Asa. After Kevin goes off to take one of his numerous phone calls, Asa meets with Flash and Riley. He has a new producer for them who will ensure they make lots of money for him, he jokes. Upon leaving their meeting, Riley is accosted by a drunken Daniel who berates his son for past misdeeds. Flash tries to help her boyfriend out, but is ordered to stay out of it by Daniel. When Kevin happens by, rescuing the young couple unknowingly, they manage to get away. Kevin orders Colson to stop drinking and to get home. He reports back to Asa that Daniel may be a problem. Asa decides he wants to scrap their postelection plan. Before Kevin can argue, Asa proceeds to say that Kevin will be sworn in as Lt. Governor next week.

Moving their things into Sam's house, Joe finds a note scribbled to Jen by Rex, suggesting she stop by if she's bored.

Over at Llanview U, Jen seeks out Maddie and the other sorority girls. She urges them to tell her about the hilarious pranks they pulled on Marcie and she'll tell them all about Joe. The news is all over campus. She insists that Marcie is not really a friend, only a "lap dog" that she keeps around who will run errands and do anything she wants her to do. She's ready to pledge for the sorority. Over at the radio station, Al and Marcie listen in; Jen is wired! Marcie is afraid that Jen is endangering herself but Al reassures her. He loves her and he's sick over what the Sigma Delt girls did to her. All he cares about is her and he'll do anything she asks of him.

An exhausted Cris picks up Nat at the salon and decides they will go hang out at Ultra Violet. Nat can only laugh as Roxy continues to perform on her own. Placing a call to Rex, Roxy asks if he'll perform a duet with her. A flabbergasted Rex is not happy that she even knows of the contest and tries to talk her out of showing up. They're fully booked up, he lies. Next, Roxy tries to enlist Cris' aid to no avail but when Nigel shows up, stumbling over his words as he asks her to tea, she realizes she has her partner for the contest. Cris tells River to steer clear of Carlotta if he's going to continue to see Adriana. He himself won't stand in River's way.

Jen arrives at her dad's house and apologizes to Al and Marcie when they show up soon after. She had to say all of those mean things but she turned the tape over to the dean's office. They're all startled by Joe's appearance, but Al recovers and agrees to help move some furniture. Jen confides that she doesn't want Joe to know how she spent her day. Marcie is surprised that Rex gave up Sam's house and realizes that Jen must have given something in return. Just a striptease, she finally admits. Even though Rex thinks she enjoyed it and needs the "wild rush," it's not so. She swears her friend to secrecy. The guys finish the moving and Al invites the other couple to meet them at Ultra Violet later. Joe shows Jen the note he found on the back of the VIP pass. No problem, he says. No need to hide anything from him; she can tell him what she wants or not tell him anything at all. This goes for always. Jen confesses to being with Al and Marcie and is stunned at Joe's pleased reaction to her actions during the day. He doesn't mind the scam and is happy that she took a risk to help her friends. She also admits to the note that Rex handed her while he was bothering her at the church. She recalls the striptease but mentions that the past is over and will have nothing to hide in the future.

Flash tries to calm Riley down, learning that Daniel has always been this way. The only reason he had custody of Riley is because he sued his ex-wife when she left with the boy. He's always made him miserable and made him feel like nothing. Flash points out his good points and Daniel's bad ones. Even if Daniel doesn't know how great Riley is, she does.

Back at the station, Al discloses that he's got a surprise waiting for Marcie over at Ultra Violet. He tries to convince her to sing in the contest but she refuses, saying she's too shy.

Asa speaks with the governor and reveals that the Lt. Governor's retirement will be announced due to poor health. Kevin's swearing in will follow shortly after. Kelly arrives and Kevin fills her in. Dawes stops by the table to extend his sympathies.

Joe receives a call from Andrew and regretfully tells Jen he needs to take over at bingo. Jen wants to go but Joe discourages her. She'll be totally bored. He indicates that she should meet Al and Marcie at the club; he'll meet her later if he can.

Maddie and her sorority sisters are in shock; they've been expelled. They declare war on Marcie.

Al and Marcie learn of the girls' expulsion. The girls are gone, it's over, Al proclaims.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Letting his secret out, Al emcee's the party as Voice of the Night.

Roxy and Nigel are the first contestants, doing a parody of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe". When Marcie takes the stage the audience cheers her on while Maddie and Deke glare from a distance. Roxy is outraged when Marcie wins first place, but is thrilled when they are awarded second place. The pair is stunned when their prize is a romantic getaway. Maddie pays someone to tell Marcie that in order to claim her prize, she has to go to the back of the club. When she does, she is attacked by Deke. When Marcie is knocked unconscious, Deke and Maddie hide her in a dumpster.

At the Palace, Kevin tells Kelly how close he is to becoming Lieutenant Governor. Thrilled that they can have a baby, Kelly convinces Kevin to go home with her.

Carlotta catches Adriana and River together at Foxy Roxy's. When Roxy refuses to fire River, Carlotta vows to put an end to their relationship by sending Adriana back to Puerto Rico.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Keri continues to insist that Antonio attacked her. When Rae asks R.J. if he would consider leaving town with his daughter, Keri explodes, stating that she will not leave town and allow Antonio to be happy with Jessica. When Rae tells Keri that she knows what she is going through, Keri begins to doubt her actions. Later, when R.J. warns Rae to say away from Keri, she informs him that his daughter is getting out of control. Meanwhile, Keri finds Antonio at LU and attempts to talk with him, then loses her temper when she sees him with Jessica. R.J. tries to convince Keri it's time to move on.

Al makes a plea over the radio station for any information about Marcie's whereabouts. In the alley behind Ultraviolet a bag lady finds Marcie's sweater. After wrapping it around her waist, she runs away upon finding Marcie's body. After being threatened by Al, Maddie begins to worry that they went too far, while Deke insists that she keeps her mouth shut. Returning to Ultraviolet, Al sees the homeless woman wearing a pink sweater and she leads him to the dumpster, where he finds Marcie.

Kevin asks Joey to stand by him at the press conference when he makes his announcement. Later, Joey questions Kevin's happiness. After insisting that he and Kelly are mutually satisfied in their marriage, Kevin goes to get more political support. Meanwhile, when the bag lady that found Marcie shows up at Jen's house, she tries to get rid of her, then feels badly when Joe invites her in. When Jen tells Joe what she did, he assures her that she did fine.

Rex tries to turn Lindssy against Joey by letting her know that Joey is already neglecting her daughter. Later, Kevin asks Rex to support his campaign in exchange for Kevin sending politicians to him for entertainment purposes. When the first politician asks for help, Rex sends Lindsay without explaining that the man is expecting an escort.

Dorian takes the necklace to David. Afterwards, David tries to convince Dorian to help him with a robbery. When they can't come to an agreement, David resorts to blackmail.

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