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The rape charges against Michael were dropped. Michael announced that he had gained controlling interest in Chandler Enterprises. Alexis suffered a fatal heart attack. Many Pine Valley residents felt confident that Michael would no longer be a problem for anyone.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, August 25, 2003

Judge Lambert dismissed the rape charges against Michael to the astonishment of the courtroom spectators. She said there was not enough evidence to hold Michael over for trial, but she would reinstate the charges if new evidence came to light. Jack told Michael he'd find evidence and then advised Michael's attorney to get Michael out of the courtroom before the crowd turned into a "lynch mob." Michael taunted the crowd, and Lena ran at him, threatening to kill him. Michael's attorney and Boyd held her back until the police came, but Michael said he didn't want to press charges. "Miss Kundera can't touch me," he explained. "None of you can." He said he'd survived everyone's attempts to bring him down and now owned the town. He'd achieved his goals now that he owned both Fusion and Enchantment, and he was now CEO of Chandler Enterprises. Tad advised Michael to leave, and Boyd vowed that Michael would pay for the rape. Michael left and gave an interview to the press, stating that Erica had been so desperate to save her company that she'd put Bianca up to lying on the stand. A reporter asked if his father had been the mastermind of his takeovers, but Michael said he'd done it all on his own.

Bianca blamed herself for the loss of Enchantment. Erica comforted her and said she didn't care about the company. She got up to hug Bianca and stumbled, but assured her daughter she was fine. Jack arrived with the bad news from the courtroom. Bianca felt certain she'd made a mistake on the stand, but Jack reassured her she'd done a great job. He swore he'd get more evidence against Michael. He apologized to Erica and left. Erica told Bianca she was proud of her for her courage on the stand. She said it helped her in ways she couldn't explain. They hugged, when they noticed Michael walked in. Erica immediately demanded he leave. He said he only wanted to set up a time to discuss Erica's new job description. She told him she would take orders from him when "they'll be selling sno-cones in hell." Michael tried to compromise, but Bianca interrupted him, reminding him that Erica told him to go to hell. Michael accused Bianca of lying on orders from Erica. She replied that she and Erica were not defeated by the court's ruling and in no way were they his victims. She promised him he'd pay for his crime someday. Michael told Erica to clean out her office before leaving. After he was gone, Erica vowed Michael would be out of their lives one way or another and left. Alone, Bianca told herself she needed proof Michael raped her. She looked in her date book and realized her period was late.

Blaming himself for the outcome of the hearing, Jack returned to the courtroom, where Justin told him he'd done all he could. Greenlee showed up and told Jack none of what happened had been his fault. Mary arrived in time to see her daughter comforting Jack. Jack told Greenlee he'd let Bianca down. Greenlee told him Bianca still believed in him, as did she. Mary approached and told Jack she was sorry about his loss. She suggested the three of them go out to dinner to help take his mind off of it. Jack ignored her and told Greenlee he had to return to his office. Greenlee told Mary she saw through her attempts to get Jack back and advised her to stay away. Greenlee walked out, and Opal told Mary she was appalled that Mary had no shame.

Opal left a message for Palmer, telling him the results of the hearing, and all that happened afterward.

Ryan was angry at the judge's ruling. He turned to Alexander, only to find him clutching his heart. After calling for help, Ryan called Michael and told him he was his worst nightmare. Ryan told Michael he saw him rape a woman and said he was coming back to Pine Valley. Michael concluded it was a prank call.

Kendall thought Erica and Bianca blamed her for bringing Michael to town. She was upset that Aidan had stopped her from killing him. Kendall and Aidan argued over his decision to thwart her murder attempts. Kendall insisted Bianca and Erica hated her. Aidan disagreed. Aidan told Kendall to stop blaming herself, and put her energy to work helping Erica and Bianca.

Anna asked David how Bianca was doing. He told her this was a travesty of justice. He seemed upset with Anna, because she had convinced him to tell the complete truth on the stand. She told him that despite the outcome, she was proud that he did the right thing and told the truth.

Palmer told Adam that Michael had taken over Chandler Enterprises the second he and Stuart had left on vacation. They agreed to team up against Michael. Stuart found a note from Adam that he had to go to town and would be back tomorrow.

Boyd, Maggie, Lena, and Myrtle brainstormed for ideas how to find evidence. Lena said it was possible there was no evidence to find and that she couldn't take that chance. She ran out.

Jack returned to his office. He looked at a family portrait of himself, Bianca, and Erica. Frustrated by the day's proceedings, he threw his nameplate across the room. Reggie retrieved it for him and told Jack he could always talk to his "boys" on the street to take care of Michael. Jack refused the offer and told Reggie he had business to attend to. Reggie asked to come along, but Jack said he couldn't have anything to do with it.

David arrived back at his office to a phone call that Bianca's test results were on his fax machine. Before he could look at them, Bianca arrived on his doorstep. Bianca asked David for her test results. He told her she tested negative for Hand sexually transmitted diseases. She really wanted to know if he'd done a pregnancy test. She explained that she was late, adding that it wasn't uncommon with her anorexia and stress level, but she wanted to be sure. David told Bianca she is pregnant.

The nurse told Ryan that Alexander was in critical condition after suffering a massive heart attack. She said it was unknown if he would make it. Ryan told an unconscious Alexander of his phone call to Michael. He said Michael needed something to be afraid of. "You need to stay alive," Ryan told him. "Don't let Michael win."

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Jack stood in the courtroom, still distraught at the outcome of the hearing and reliving it in his mind. Tad came in wondering what had happened. Jack said Bianca had been raped a second time on the stand and he felt responsible for allowing the law to let Bianca down. Tad tried to comfort him, but Jack kept blaming himself for not protecting Bianca in the first place, and for having to let Michael go. Jack discussed taking the law into his own hands and Tad reminded him he'd have to stand in line against Michael. Jack said he could not view Michael's murder as a crime, if it happened. Tad said that the only villain is Michael.

Later, Jack went to the police station to look at the evidence in some of his active cases. The policeman on duty was very sympathetic and promised all of their support to get Michael. Alone, Jack took a revolver out of one of the evidence boxes.

Michael burst into the office and gave the Fusion women his rules for business, including being at work by 9 every morning and wearing appropriate clothing. Mia tried to start a mutiny, but Greenlee convinced everyone to stay together. She also asked Michael to shut up and let them run the company. He turned to leave and she stopped him by holding his arm. He then accused her of sexual harassment for touching him. Greenlee vowed he would not be able to rape the company or them, that they would fight him. As he grabbed Greenlee, Carlos stormed in and starting fighting Michael, getting in some pretty good blows. Juan Pablo came in and broke up the fight and told Michael to leave. Michael barked about filing charges but the Fusion women said they'd tell the police that Michael threw the first punch. Greenlee also would not let him make a personal call like that on a company phone. She promised to fight him at every turn. Before leaving, Michael vowed to dismantle the company, lipstick by lipstick, and then pick up the remaining bones.

They discussed strategy, but were all obviously rattled. Juan Pablo urged them all not to give up, saying their vision and commitment is the heart of the company and Michael knows he needs them. Tad came in just then, cautioning against thanking Juan Pablo because he's hiding a big secret. Tad stunned the women by announcing that Juan Pablo and Carlos are brothers.

Bianca had difficulty grasping the news that she is pregnant. In shock, she asked David what to do. David assured her she had time to decide and didn't have to do anything right away. He offered her the name of a counselor and suggested Bianca talk to her mother. Bianca refused, despite the similar circumstances. David promised to honor doctor/patient confidentiality and offered his continued support. After she left, Michael worked with beakers and solutions on the coffee table until Anna came home. After discussing Michael and the case, they talked about their future. Anna asked about the "research" on the coffee table. David assured her it was not a plot to spike any drinks in town, just a compound to potentially save lives and heal hearts. They discussed the community's desire to take the law into their own hands about Michael. Suddenly Anna decided to go back to the office and do paperwork. David continued pouring chemicals into beakers and then opened a small case with a revolver.

Aidan continued to try to convince Kendall to go to Erica and Bianca to comfort them and stop thinking of herself as an eternal bad seed. Kendall believed that Bianca rightfully hated her, but Aidan convinced her the way to help was to let them yell at her. She finally agreed and they went to Erica's. Kendall was waiting outside and surprised Bianca when she returned. Bianca and Kendall went in and Aidan waited outside. Kendall asked about Erica and Bianca said she was asleep. Kendall told her she was amazing at the hearing and then apologized for what Michael did and blamed herself for bringing Michael to town, never dreaming he would hurt someone like Bianca. Bianca said that Erica has said that every time she sees or hears Kendall, she remembers her rape. Kendall agreed, but said she wished she could make them both forget. She said she would sell her soul to undo what happened and begged for Bianca's forgiveness, promising to spend her life making it up to her. Bianca wondered how she could help her get through this and said there was nothing she can do. Kendall insisted, but Bianca was adamant that no one can help her. Kendall wanted her to hit her, to show her anger, but Bianca refused. Bianca discussed Erica, how she lives every day but never forgets and wondered if that's how it was going to be for her. Kendall rushed out, vowing to make it up to Bianca. Bianca tried to stop her and said she didn't mean her, but Kendall didn't hear it. Bianca then just sat alone, staring into space.

Back at home, Kendall watched Michael come home and crouched down when he walked over to peer into her windows. After he left to go into his own condo, she strapped a knife to the inside of her leg.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Kendall went outside the condo wearing gloves. She looked around to make sure she was alone then started unscrewing the porch lights. A man came up behind her and put his hand over her mouth as he dragged her back into her condo. Aidan asked what she thought she was doing outside. Kendall said she was replacing light bulbs but Aidan didn't believe her at all. They sat down on the sofa and he saw the knife Kendall had strapped to her leg. Aidan gave her some tips on how to use the knife to quickly make the kill. Kendall said she wasn't afraid of blood and Aidan told her if she started this revenge on Michael she wouldn't be able to stop it. "I don't want to lose you to a prison sentence," he told Kendall. Kendall wondered how he could keep her from doing anything and he announced "Meet your new shadow!" Kendall wasn't thrilled but went to change clothes. When she returned she showed Aidan she had removed the knife, then offered to make him dinner. He said it would have to be something that didn't involve knives because he removed them all. She said she could make pasta and he wondered why she was being nice. Kendall said she owed him because he stopped her from doing something stupid again. Aidan said that sounded like alot of bull to him. His beeper went off and Kendall wondered who it was. Aidan said it was "Falcon", an old contact and he wanted to meet Aidan tonight at Peer 23. Kendall said he could go and she'd stay put but Aidan grabbed her and took her out the door with him.

Greenlee demanded answers from Carlos and Juan Pablo and asked point blank "Are you brothers?" Juan Pablo said yes and Simone went over to Carlos, saying they were close and he didn't even trust her. The two brothers began speaking in Spanish and Greenlee told them to speak English. Tad wondered "What are you two, a couple of murderers?" Juan Pablo answered, "You're half right." Greenlee accused Carlos lying to them all along so he told them about his past. He said he left Argentina when he was 14. Mia said "You mean you ran away because your brother murdered someone?" Carlos replied "My brother is not a murderer, I am." The girls were stunned. Tad suggested they take their story to the police but Juan Pablo refused. He said Carlos was defending the woman he loved from rape. Juan Pablo explained that one day on their ranch Carlos found his girlfriend being attacked by "Sergio." Carlos attacked him, they fought and Sergio was killed. His brothers pledged to kill Carlos so Juan Pablo emptied a safe and got him to America. Carlos said Sergio got what he deserved, he was no better than Michael Cambias. Greenlee turned to Juan Pablo and said "So the real reason you came here was for Carlos?" with a very hurt look on her face. Juan Pablo said yes and Greenlee replied "Well, you found him, have a nice trip home" and walked to the elevator. Juan Pablo told Tad he put Carlos in danger. Tad said Carlos had killed another human being. Simone stuck up for Carlos but Tad still thinks Carlos is putting the Fusion women in danger. Juan Pablo and Carlos converse in Spanish and then Carlos turned to the women and said he was sorry. He and his brother started out the door and Juan Pablo turned back and told Tad "If you tell anyone what happened here today you'll pay." They left the office and Simone said Carlos was a hero but Mia said they were liars. The elevator doors opened and Aidan dragged Kendall into the office. He asked Mia and Simone to watch her for a couple of hours, "Don't let her out of your sight!" They agreed and he ran off to meet Falcon. The three women sat at their desks and worked silently. Kendall hatched a plan to sneak out while Simone sat very depressed and Mia worked on the Sexiest Man campaign. Simone finally asked Kendall what Aidan was afraid Kendall would do. Kendall said Aidan was insanely jealous of her "other relationships." Mia spoke up "Give me a break! He asked us to watch you because he knew you might go after Michael Cambias." Kendall told her to shut up and count the votes. Seconds later Kendall began yelping in pain and saying she had gotten correction fluid in her eye. At first Mia and Simone sat still and just watched Kendall's act. Finally Simone said she'd get some water and left the room. Kendall asked Mia for a towel so Mia followed Simone. Kendall grabbed her purse and ran for the elevator. Meanwhile Aidan paced back and forth in an alley, wondering where Falcon was.

Maggie pounded on the door, calling for Bianca. Finally Bianca opened it and let Maggie in. Maggie could see Bianca was quite shaken up by the court proceedings and told her to just "let it out." Maggie picked up one of Erica's decorative vases and handed it to Bianca, telling her to throw it and pretend it was Michael. Bianca sat down and Maggie joined her. Bianca told Maggie about the pregnancy. With utter disgust Maggie said "Michael is a dead man." Bianca begged her friend not to tell a soul and Maggie promised. She asked Bianca if she'd thought about what to do. Bianca said yes and that David said she has some time to decide. Maggie said she'd help her in anyway she could. Bianca began screaming "I hate him! I hate him!" and threw the vase at the wall. Maggie said Bianca wasn't alone and she replied "No, because his baby is growing inside me. I'll never have my life back." Maggie told her she would but Bianca said Erica thought the same thing when she had Kendall and gave her up for adoption. Then Kendall came back and brought everything back with her. Bianca said she couldn't live this way and Maggie swore they'd make Michael pay. Maggie asked if Bianca wanted her to stay the night but Bianca said no, her mother was there and she'd be fine. They hugged and Maggie left. Later Bianca came out from the bedroom looking for her mother. She called out for her but Erica was not home. Bianca wondered where she went.

After leaving Bianca Maggie went to the student union and found a student who had written an anti-gun control article for the school paper. She sat down and asked alot of questions. Finally she asked if he had his gun with him and he said yes. He brought it out and told her the safety was on, "you don't want to shoot the wrong person." Maggie responded "I just want to protect the people I care about" and smiled as she held the gun.

In the evidence room Anna questioned Jackson on whether being a vigilante was the right way to go with Michael Cambias. She was afraid Jack was considering manipulating evidence to get Michael behind bars. Jack said that all he knows is that he told his niece she'd be ok, that the law would take care of her. "What is she supposed to do now if she goes out to dinner and gets seated near the man who raped her?" Anna said "Murder is murder. Even the life of someone like Michael Cambias comes with a price." She walked out the door. Jack shut it and then took out a gun from his pocket and looked at it. He went back to his office and Reggie showed up. Reggie said he'd been thinking about Michael and that they can't let him get away with what he did. Jack changed the subject and told Reggie he had something more fun to think about. He handed Reggie a large folder and said "That is, if you still want to be my son?." Reggie replied "Heck yeah! Is this for real?" Jack said the adoption would be final tomorrow. Reggie said it was a big step and Jack asked if he was up for it and did he have any second thoughts. Reggie quipped "Second thoughts?? Do you know how hard it is to find a nice place with central air?" Jack told him to cut out the kidding, that he was trying to make sure Reggie was taken care of. Reggie asked where Jack was going and Jack said no where. Reggie said he wasn't stupid and he recognized when a guy was settling his tab. Jack said again that he wasn't going anywhere and made Reggie repeat it. Jack said he wants everyone to know they're family and Reggie said that was cool. Jack told him he couldn't go to dinner because he had some more work to do. But he asked that Reggie watch out for Bianca, in case Michael Cambias got a crazy idea to go after her. Reggie said it was no problem, family has to stick together and he'd watch out for his cousin. Jack hugged Reggie and Reggie left. Jack shut the door and got out the gun again. He checked to make sure it was loaded.

Greenlee walked into her apartment and was startled to find her mother and grandfather waiting for her. Woodruff explained that Erica had sent him a report of all of Mary's exploits in Europe. He said he was fed up with all of Mary's lies and what she's done to Greenlee. Mary said she didn't admit Jack was the father of her baby because she didn't think he would fit in with her family. Woodruff said she was a snob and Mary replied that he taught her how to be one. He then told her that he had cut off her money supply completely. Mary was horrified and asked about her inheritance. Her father said it was staying in the family because he was giving it all to Greenlee. Greenlee was speechless as her mother stared at her. Woodruff turned to Greenlee and said "Congratulations sweetheart, you just became a wealthy woman!" Mary started throwing a fit and threatened to get an attorney to declare her father senile. He repeated that she was to get nothing more from him and then kissed Greenlee, wishing her all the happiness in the world and left. Mary called in a pathetic voice "Daddy? Daddy?" then turned to Greenlee. She said she didn't really mean the horrible things she had just said but Greenlee laughed at her. Mary started to cry and said she had nothing and needed to maintain her lifestyle. Greenlee told her to get a job because she and Jack were not going to support her. Greenlee ordered her mother out but Mary whined that she had done the best she could for Greenlee. Greenlee said she wasn't taking this from her, that the only good thing she ever did was give her a father she could count on, one that always told her the truth. Mary said "Father? you mean Jackson? But he did lie to you!"

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Bianca walked through the penthouse calling for her mom; getting no answer. She wondered out loud where Erica could be. A knock came to the door; she called out "who is it?" Reggie called out so she opened the door to let him in. Reggie asked if Bianca was okay. She told him that she was worried about her mother. Bianca told him that she thought Erica was sleeping but when she went to check on her she could not find Erica anywhere. Reggie asked if she tried calling Erica's cell phone. Bianca said she did try but the phone must have been turned off. Reggie tried getting Bianca to drink something but she refused. She walked toward the fireplace and felt queasy so she had to sit down. Reggie asked again if she was okay. Bianca said that she was just really tired. Reggie told her that she was courageous getting on the stand and looking Michael in the eye. The phone rang. Bianca answered relieved that it was Erica who told her that she was in a meeting with her attorney's. After Bianca went to lie down Reggie told her that he'd be out in the living room. He grabbed the gun he had hid under his shirt in the back saying to himself that it was cheap but as long as the outcome was good it was still worth it.

Erica had arrived at David's cabin when he was about to leave. David told Erica it wasn't a good time but she insisted on speaking to him and once inside she saw David's flask and the formula and told him that it was the perfect time actually. A little later on, David asked Erica if she was sure she wanted to do this and Erica replied that she was never so sure of anything in her life.

Lena went to see Jack in his office demanding to know what he was going to do about Michael. He told her that they were going to try to find the proof that they needed to put him away. Lena wasn't satisfied with that answer she told Jack that Michael should've been put away at the trial. Jack agreed but said it was out of his hands for now. Lena asked how he could let Michael get away with it and Jack snapped back that for someone who slept with Michael she had no right to say anything. He apologized and she told him that he was right. Lena told Jack that she would give up her life so that Bianca wouldn't have to live in fear. Jack asked if Lena was giving up on Bianca and she said no. But she didn't think Bianca wanted to be with her right now. He told Lena that he knows that she loves Bianca and they will do their best to find to get Michael.

Mary half heartedly tried back peddling out of what she told Greenlee about Jack lying to her. Greenlee told her that she already put it out there so she better tell her what it was. Mary told Greenlee that Jack knew all along that she was his daughter. Mary said that she left phone messages and wrote a letter to Jack and that he never returned her calls or her letter. Greenlee told Mary she was lying. Mary denied that she was lying. Greenlee asked why would Jack pretend that he didn't know. Mary told Greenlee so Jack would look like the hero and not tarnish his image by admitting that he knew he had a daughter and that he didn't want to look like the dead beat dad. Greenlee didn't want to hear anymore out of Mary she grabbed her purse and left.

Jack was holding the gun in his hand when he finally came to a decision. Stuck the gun in his blazer pocket and grabbed his brief case to head out the door. Greenlee came in at the same time. Jack apologized to her and told her that he had to leave. Greenlee said she needed to talk to him. Jack told her that he really didn't have time. Greenlee said that she wouldn't be there that late if it wasn't important. Jack asked her to call him in the morning that he really had to leave he had something he needed to do. Greenlee tried again but Jack said he had to go and left. Greenlee looked after him shocked with tears in her eyes.

After waiting awhile for Falcon to show Aidan finally called him to find out that Falcon never called him for a meeting at the pier. When Aidan hung up he said to himself that he knew Kendall was up to no good. He was about to take off when he heard a woman scream. Aidan arrived to find Opal being attacked by two hoodlums! He managed to get them off her and subdued them. Opal thanked Aidan and tried to take off but Aidan wouldn't let her. He said the police were on their way and she needed to tell them about the two attackers. The men said that they weren't attacking her. At that time the cops arrived and Aidan insisted that Opal tell them what happened. One of the two men said that Opal attacked him and she was trying to stiff them on a drug deal. Opal acted as though she didn't know what they were talking about. When Aidan told the cop that they were trying to take her jewelry the man said that was because Opal owed them for the drugs. Opal started screaming that they were jilting her then realized the cop was there and tried to back track. The cop said that they were all going to the police station to straighten this out. Aidan was about to take off when the cop stopped him and told him he was going too. Aidan said that he had to go do something that he'd be there in an hour. The cop said no. Aidan tried using Anna would speak for him. The cop told him no way that he was going down with them. Aidan asked if he could make a call so the cop let him make the call.

Mia and Simone tried frantically searching for Kendall through the building and by calling everyone that Kendall knew but with no luck. Boyd arrived looking for Kendall. The girls told him that she wasn't there. Boyd told them to tell her that everything would be alright. He turned to leave saw her picture and said that was the least he could do. Mia and Simone wondered what he was talking about. The phone rang, Mia answered. It was Aidan he wanted to speak to Kendall. Mia was stumbling in the conversation so Simone took the phone. She told Aidan everything was just fine. When Aidan demanded to speak to Kendall Simone told him that he just missed her. Then quickly said that Kendall went to the bathroom. Aidan demanded that she take the phone to Kendall. The cop returned, so Aidan told Simone he'd call back later. Simone told Mia that she almost blew it that she was a terrible liar. Mia said that they needed to find Kendall. Simone said she was off getting herself into trouble. Greenlee entered saying that she thought she was the only one getting into trouble these days.

A mystery person opened up a safe in a closet and took out a gun.

Lena was in a gardening shack looking at a box of poison and read "could cause death" she pulled out a gun from her purse and said this could kill too.

Back at the police station Anna asked Opal what happened. Opal was being difficult so Aidan told Opal the quicker she answered Anna's question the quicker she could get home to Petey. Opal told Anna that she went down there to by blow to set some one up. Anna asked who and Opal told her Michael. Anna told Opal that she needed to let the law take care of Michael. Opal said that the law wasn't doing a good enough job on putting him away so far. She said that she and Palmer had bought drugs before to set up Will Cortland and thought it would work on Michael too. An officer told Anna that the drug dealer that was scratched by Opal was pressing assault charges against her. Opal couldn't believe her ears! When Anna walked away she told Aidan that at least she'll be able to post bail. Aidan asked what had happened to Will Cortland. She told him that Will had been murdered. She also told Aidan that she knows it's wrong but that man had deserved to die.

Alexander had awaken to find Ryan there with him. He told Ryan he thought he'd be gone. Ryan said he didn't leave friends when they needed him. Alexander told Ryan he was dying. Ryan told Alexander he was too stubborn to die. Alexander said that he was going to die the only thing he wished is that he could take Michael to hell with him.

Michael received a phone call from a doctor about his father. Michael asked if his father was going to make it, when he received his answer he said "oh what a shame, I'm sure he'll be in a better place soon." He hung up; opened a bottle of champagne and toasted himself to running Fusion, Enchantment, Chandler Enterprise and soon Cambias Industries. His phone rang again, the person on the other line wanted to meet with him. Michael asked what was in it for him then said he would meet the person. After getting dressed in his business suit Michael was about to leave when a knock came to the door. He opened it and said "what a pleasant surprise, please come in" to his mystery guest.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Lena is standing at the docks and proclaims that Bianca is free from Michael. "It's over now," she says. Then she takes a gun out of her purse and throws it in the water.

Bianca is sleeping on the couch and she has a horrible nightmare. She dreams that Michael is looming over her, telling her how happy he is about the new baby and being a father. "Both mother and child belong to me," he whispers softly in her ear. She wakes up screaming about the baby and Reggie tries to calm her down. He assures her that Michael is nothing more than a memory now. Bianca asks Reggie what he means, but he avoids answering her question and says that he won't tell anyone about the baby. Bianca acts like she doesn't understand and says that it was only a nightmare. Reggie says "whatever" but he thinks she is lying. Bianca informs Reggie that she knew he had a gun in his pocket last night to protect her. When she tells him that she appreciated the protection but didn't want a gun around her, Reggie understands and asks where she put it. "I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and put it in the dumpster," she says. Reggie becomes very worried about someone finding it. Bianca assures him that she heard the garbage truck come that morning, so the gun is gone. Bianca tells Reggie that she doesn't need someone to protect her and she's hurt enough people in her family. Reggie doesn't listen-he says that they are family and he will protect her, but he won't use any more guns. Maggie comes in, looking frantic and immediately asks Reggie to leave so she can talk to Bianca alone. After Reggie goes to another room, Maggie asks Bianca if she wants to go on the backpacking trip that they talked about. "Our flight leaves in 2 hours," she adds. Bianca is shocked by Maggie's sudden urge to leave Pine Valley and turns her offer down. Maggie blurts out, "I wish I could have done something sooner?" Bianca tells her that she can't leave until things are resolved with the Michael Cambias case. Reggie walks back in and tells them they don't have to worry about Michael anymore.

Ryan waits by Alexander's bedside, who is growing worse by the day. Alexander briefly wakes up and tells Ryan that he saw hell. He was there and so was Michael. Ryan says that he was just dreaming and he isn't going to hell, or anywhere for that matter. "If only you had been my son," he whispers to Ryan. Alexander asks Ryan to promise him that he will do what they discussed about Michael. "I know what to do. I won't let you down," Ryan says. Suddenly, Alexander's heart machine goes flat, and the nurses and doctors rush in to try to save him. They were unsuccessful and roll Alexander out. The doctor asks Ryan if he would like for him to call Michael. Ryan says no, "I'll handle it." Ryan walks in the empty room, trying to mourn Alexander's death, when a nurse walks in. She hands him a pocket watch and told him that Alexander asked her to give it to Ryan when he died. Ryan opens the watch and the inside is engraved with "To my son."

Palmer goes to see Opal at the police station. She is frazzled and upset from spending the night in jail. She demands to know where Palmer has been, but he avoids her questions and tells her they need to get the assault charges dropped. Since Opal is being so nice to Palmer, he gets a little suspicious. He thinks that she must want something in return. Opal starts recounting her past and his past with drugs, trying to get him to tell her where he's been. Suddenly, she stops talking and realizes that perhaps his disappearance has something to do with Michael. She tells him that she doesn't want to know where he has been and they leave the station.

David walks into the police station, his face bruised and looking rough. Anna immediately asks him what happened. He tells her he had a flat tire and the jack slipped from his hand, hitting his face. Before Anna can question him further, she gets an anonymous tip about a possible crime scene at Michael Cambias' house. She tells David she has to leave. He wants to go with her, but she tells him he has no business being at the crime scene and rushes off.

Aidan goes to Fusion and only finds Simone and Mia, not Kendall. They explain to him that she tricked them by claiming white out was in her eye and then disappeared. Aidan is furious with them and doesn't understand how they could let Kendall get away. Mia tells Aidan it's his fault that Kendall got away and he shouldn't have asked them to watch her. Aidan rolls his eyes and starts walking to the elevator. Mia follows him, apologizes, and asks if she can come with him because she is worried about Kendall too. Aidan tells her she can come, if she doesn't get in the way. They go over to Michael's house. Aidan starts banging on the door, calling Kendall's name. When that doesn't work, he picks the lock and they walk in. Mia tells him to hurry up because she is worried about Michael coming home and charging them with breaking an entering. Aidan notices that one of Michael's suitcases is missing. He remembers that when he and Kendall tried to steal Michael's safe, that Michael had three suitcases. As they are about to leave, Anna and her police squad show up.

Anna tells the cops to search the house and pulls Mia and Aidan over to the side, immediately asking them what they are doing at Michael's house. Aidan explains that he was looking for Kendall so they came to Michael's and the door was unlocked. Aidan also tells her that he thinks Michael has skipped town. Aidan tells him that she got a tip Michael might be drug trafficking. Jackson goes over to the evidence room, wipes his prints off the gun, and puts it back in the correct evidence box that he stole it from. Then he heads over to Michael's house to find out what Anna has discovered. She tells him about her tip and Aidan's theory that Michael left Pine Valley. The cops tell them that someone is sneaking around in the bushes. When Anna goes out to apprehend him or her, she finds David and brings him inside the house. He tells her that he was there for the same reason Jackson is. Anna says, "Jackson is the district attorney, you're not." David fires back and says that he there because he wants to see Michael brought down, just like everyone else. The cops find a plastic bag full of drugs under the TV stand.

Juan Pablo goes to Fusion and tells Simone and Greenlee that Carlos is missing. Suddenly Carlos shows up at Fusion and Juan Pablo immediately asks where he has been. Carlos says, "I've been out" and that Juan Pablo can't run his life for him. He turns to Greenlee and apologizes to her for being angry about her keeping secrets, when in fact, he was keeping secrets too. "I'm a hypocrite," he adds. Greenlee accepts his apology. Carlos and Simone leave. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that she can either push him away or accept him into her life. She decides that she wants Juan Pablo to be her friend and begins to tell him about her mother's latest accusation against Jackson. Juan Pablo tries to make Greenlee see that her mother is probably the one lying because of her extensive past history with lies. Greenlee isn't sure who to believe. Juan Pablo points out that maybe part of her wants to believe her mother. Greenlee realizes that her mother may actually love her because she didn't terminate the pregnancy or put her up for adoption. Juan Pablo promises he'll help her find out the truth about Jackson.

Jackson goes over to see Bianca. He asks where Erica is and Bianca tells him she is meeting with her lawyers. Jackson says he has some news about Michael Cambias. Reggie interrupts and says, "That dog is dead to the world and roasting in the next."

David leaves Michael's house and makes a phone call to Erica. He says, "Any regrets about we did last night? Me either."

Mia asks why Aidan lied to Anna and he tells her that he is still worried about Kendall. He explains that Kendall may have gone after Michael and if she did, things could get ugly.

Kendall is at a hotel in Los Vegas, checking in, complaining about the heat to the clerk. She waits in the lobby and spies Ryan walking in, looking shocked and surprised.

Walt Willey returns to General Hospital


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