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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, September 1

Due to the Labor Day holiday, CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament preempted the entire CBS daytime lineup. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd and pick up where Friday, August 29th's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Mike and Katie were listening to Mordecai talk to Simon. Mordecai was telling Simon that he has Katie and would show him a photo of her. Katie was very upset about not being able to warn Simon that Mordecai was setting a trap. Mordecai took a picture of Katie holding the paper. Katie hoped that Simon would pick up the signal that Katie gave him.

Jennifer had a plan to seduce Dusty. Once she got Paul to go to the auction, she had Connie show up at the auction and keep Paul busy. Connie told Paul that Jennifer was not feeling well and went home. Meanwhile, Jennifer showed up at Java Underground drunk and said her car broke down. Dusty was not buying her routine, gave her a cup of coffee and then accused her of calling the police. He agreed to drive her home after she convinced him that she knew nothing about it. When they arrived at the apartment, Jennifer grabbed Dusty and kissed him.

Emily met Alison at the coffee shop. Emily told Ali that she was worried that Susan would start drinking again. Emily was about to ask Alison if she would move back home when Alison volunteered to do it. They changed the subject to Chris. Ali told Emily that Chris was one of the bachelor's at the auction and she wanted to bid on him but was afraid that someone with a lot of money would come in and take him away. Emily told Alison that no amount of money would change Chris's feelings for her.

Aaron showed up at Lucy's to say hi and to model for her. Lucy told him to tell the woman who bids on him that he was taken. Aaron told her not to worry and that Alison would be there to keep him out of trouble. Lucy was a little concerned until Aaron told her that Alison was only interested in Chris. Lucy considered going to the auction but her tutor convinced her to go out for a burger with him.

Carly was interviewing nannies when Molly called wanting to see her. Carly had to cut her short and hung up. Rosanna showed up and told her that Craig got arrested. She felt her chances for adopting were forever gone. Carly said that she could go overseas to adopt but Rosanna wasn't interested. Molly arrived and thought that Carly had blew her off for Rosanna. Once they were alone, Molly went off on Carly and accused her of not showing any interest in Molly. Carly tried to convince Molly that she was not ignoring her. Molly wouldn't listen and walked away.

The guests started to arrive at Rosie's Roller Palace for the Bachelor charity auction. Paul came in and when Rose saw him, she asked him to leave. Rose told him that if he ever cared about her, he would go. Lily walked up just as Rose was about to respond and asked to speak to Paul. Paul told Rose that he cared for her once and left her standing there. Rosanna arrived and Paul approached her with a tray of canapés. They exchanged small talk and Rosanna agreed to stick around awhile.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

The benefit begins and the bachelors are ready... Paul is sold for $5,000 to Rosanna, Walker is sold to Nancy Hughes, Henry is sold to Lucinda for $10,000, Aaron is sold to Jen's friend Connie for $1,000 and Chris is sold for $1,000 by a woman hidden behind a large black hat. It turns out to be Emily who did it as a gift for Alison who only had $487.26.

Paul and Rosanna decide to go out for coffee, Nancy tells Walker that she wants to take him out to thank him for helping Bob, Henry hides from Lucinda, even telling Alison he won't be home that night, Aaron goes to the Lakeview with Connie, and Chris and Alison decide to go back to the cottage.

Aaron feels a little uncomfortable at the Lakeview seeing Lucy having dinner with her tutor. Connie gives her opinion and tells Aaron that he can't compete and that he could lose Lucy when she goes to college. Aaron says he needs a new job.

Alison and Chris go to the cottage where Chris lights candles for their romantic evening. It is sweet, touching and both seem to be very much in the moment.

Molly goes to Java Underground looking for Dusty but only finds Craig. She tells him what happened with Carly and he tells her what happened with his recent arrest and the adoption. Molly comes up with an idea - for Craig to suggest getting a surrogate to have a baby with them. She says there are so many problems with it that they'll probably never get the baby and then Rosanna can't blame Craig for it. With a smile, Craig says, "That's diabolical Molly."

Paul and Rosanna's date is cut short by a phone call. Later, Rosanna goes home but Craig already knows that she was with Paul because Rose told him earlier at Java Underground. Rosanna decides not to tell him and she is still angry with him about the arrest.

Jen and Dusty go to the penthouse where she continues to try to seduce him. They kiss and then Dusty stops saying he doesn't want to take advantage of a drunk woman or even a woman that is pretending to be drunk. Dusty is convinced that Jen called the police on him but she just tells him that she wants him. He says he can't believe that Paul would "pimp out" his sister. Jen slaps him but still tries to seduce him. Then, Paul walks in and Dusty leaves. Paul asks if Dusty threatened her and Jen says no she has him exactly where she wants him. Paul is concerned and although he tries not to run her life, he tells her to leave things alone.

After the benefit, Rose goes to Java Underground and waits for Dusty. She tells him that she can smell Jen's perfume on him. Dusty denies it and tells Rose to go home with him. He reaches out for her hand, but she pulls away.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Alison and Chris wake up the morning after. Alison tells Chris that since this was her first time she was wandering if she did it right. He asks her if she enjoyed it and she smiles and says that she did. He tells her that she did it right. Chris gets coffee for the both of them. Alison tells Chris of her dreams of waking up with her honey and watching the sun come up while drinking coffee. She then tells Chris that she will be moving home to help her mother. She wonders if they will have a place to be together again. Chris tells her that they will be together again and she shouldn't worry about where they will be.

Jennifer and her model friend meet at the diner. Connie asks Jennifer if she has fallen for Dusty? Jennifer denies having any feelings for Dusty. She explains to her friend that no matter what her brother says, he still has feelings for Rose. Connie still doesn't believe her friend. She tells Jennifer that she wants Dusty. Jennifer gives in and says that she does want Dusty, but until she can prove that she didn't call the cops on him, she won't be getting any where near him. Connie gets tired of this conversation and she tells Jennifer that she is going back to New York. Jennifer tries to stop her. Connie tells her that if she wants to waste her time with some bartender, then have at it, but she is out of there. Connie leaves the diner with Jennifer yelling, "Connie, Connie!"

Craig goes to Paul's penthouse. Craig asks Paul if he called the cops on he and Dusty to get even with Dusty. Paul tells him that he did not call the cops. Paul then asks Craig to leave. Craig asks, "What about Jennifer?" Paul says, "What about Jennifer?" Craig tells Paul that Jennifer has created an unhealthy obsession with Dusty. Craig asks if Paul would like to discuss how to get Jennifer away from Dusty before that gets out of hand, too. Craig proposes to Paul that he will watch Dusty and let him know if anything starts to develop between Dusty and Jennifer. Paul asks, "What is the catch?" Craig says that he will simply watch Dusty. Paul asks if he can get free drinks. Craig says that he can, in small glasses. Paul asks if he can throw up on Craig's shoes. Craig says that he can't do that. Paul says, "Let me get this straight. I can have free drinks, in small glasses, but I can't throw up on your shoes and you will watch Dusty." Paul tells Craig that he will pass on his offer. Paul also tells Craig that he will give him his idea of what happened with the cops. Paul asks, "Are you curious? Are you interested? You ought to be because it involves you." At this moment, Connie walks up to the door of the penthouse and hears Paul and Craig talking. She stops at the door and listens. Paul tells Craig that he knows who called the police. Craig gets the hint and asks, "Now why would I call the police on myself?" Paul informs him that another arrest would ruin any hopes he had of adopting a child. He adds that Craig would do anything that it takes to keep another child from coming into the fold. Craig says that was entertaining but groundless. Paul says that Rosanna doesn't think so. Paul walks over to the door and tells Craig to run on home and talk to his wife about it. When he opens the door, Connie is standing there. She walks in and says that she didn't know anyone was home and walks on it. Craig and Paul walk out. After they are gone, Connie gets on the phone and calls Jennifer. Jennifer tells Connie that she thought she was leaving Oakdale. Connie says that Oakdale just got interesting. She tells Jennifer about hearing her brother accusing some tall guy of calling the cops on himself. Jennifer asks, "Brush cut? Pricey suit? Smug attitude?" Connie says, "That's the one." Jennifer says thanks and hangs up. Jennifer says, "Why would Craig Montgomery want to call the cops on himself?"

At Rose's Roller Palace, Rose is cleaning up after the benefit and Dusty walks in. Rose wants him to tell her if he is sleeping with Jennifer Munson. Dusty tries to hold Rose, but Rose pushes him away. She says that she can't think straight when he gets close to her. She demands that he tell her why she smelled Jennifer's perfume on him last night. Finally, he admits that it was Jennifer's perfume on him. He tries to explain what happened but Rose won't listen. She tells him to leave. Before he leaves, he tells her about being arrested for making book. Rose gets more upset. She tells him that they are through and she pushes him out the door.

In Australia, at Simon's farm, Katie and Mike try to find something to defend themselves against Mordecai. Katie finds some phonograph records. Mike gets an idea and starts looking for a record player. When he finds it, Katie wonders what he is doing. Mike tells her that if Simon doesn't get the message that they sent him in picture of Katie, then when he arrives at the farm, they can play the record very loud and alert him of the danger. Katie thinks this is an excellent idea. Mike plugs the record player in and it works. The phone rings and Mike and Katie run to listen to who is calling Mordecai. Margo is calling from the states and asks Mordecai if she can talk to Simon. He gives her a story that Simon had been there and left. He tries to hang up with Margo but Margo stops him. She asks about Simon's wife, Katie. She describes Katie and Mordecai tells her that she had been there but he told her about Simon and she had left. While Margo tries to keep Mordecai on the phone, Katie gets an idea. She runs over to the record box and picks out a song. She puts the record on the player and turns up the volume. Mordecai tells Margo that he has to hang up because he has chores to tend to. At that moment, the song Mocking Bird starts to blare. Mordecai says, "What the hell!" He tells Margo that it is the TV and he has to go. He hangs up the phone. Mordecai grabs his baseball bat and heads to the basement. When he storms into the room where Katie and Mike are being held hostage, he finds Mike and Katie dancing. He pushes past them and throws the player up against the wall. He asks them what the hell are they doing. Mike says, "Dancing!" Mordecai hits Mike across the back with the bat. Mike falls to the ground. Mordecai, as he is leaving the room, tells Katie and Mike that he is tired of their games. He slams the door and leaves. Katie helps Mike take his shirt off to see what kind of damage that Mordecai had done with his bat attack. Mike tells Katie that the bat hit his muscle and not the bone so he doesn't think it is broken. Katie starts to rub the wound. Mike turns to face her and their faces are only inches apart. Mike tells Katie that they will get out of their prison. He walks over and sees the broken record on the floor. Mike asks Katie if Margo will know the meaning of the song. Katie tells him that she sang that song to her sister when they were in the hospital together. She takes the broken piece of record and holds it to her chest. She tells Mike that she just prays that Margo makes the connection. She adds that it is asking a lot, but if anyone can make the connection, it is her sister.

Back in Oakdale at the OPD, Margo tells Jack about the music being played. Jack says that he doesn't see what she is thinking about. She tells him that the song was Mocking Bird and only she and Katie knows what that song means.

Friday, September 5

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted today. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 8th and pick up where Thursday, September 4th's episodes concluded.


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