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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, September 8

Chris phones Alison from the coffee shop just as she is leaving Katie's to move back in with Susan. He has to hang up when his mother arrives, and Kim has come to warn Chris about the Stewart women. Kim reminds him how Emily seduced Tom and about Susan's affair long ago with Bob. Alison is also a Stewart, and only 18. Chris explains that he is finally happy after months of worry about Bob's health, the serial killer, job pressures, and more.

Emily arrives at Susan's and finds her mother really down on herself. How could she have fallen so easily for Ric's lies? Why does she always choose the wrong man? Alison shows up and the three of them decide to rid the house of all reminders or Ric Decker. They begin throwing all his possessions into garbage bags. Alison finds some photos taken in Orlando of Susan, but before she actually met Ric. Susan realizes that he had been stalking her, and that is more than she can take. She runs out, and the girls fear she will begin drinking.

At Memorial Hospital, Todd from the Community Center brings in Sarah, who has a rash again. Has her disease returned? Bonnie arrives and so does Marshall Travers, demanding his rights as Sarah's father. Dr. Daniels examines Sarah and tells Bonnie and Marshall that Sarah has faked her symptoms in order to have some time with Bonnie. Marshall is outraged, but Dr. Daniels gives him a talking to about coming on too strong with Sarah, who barely knows him. Marshall gets defensive and accuses Walker Daniels of being the one who ran the illegal DNA test on him. Dr. Daniels admits that he was the one, and Marshall threatens arrest. Bonnie retaliates by promising to tell Sarah that Marshall raped Jessica if he harms Dr. Daniels.

Margo tells Jack that she is sure the "Mockingbird" song that she heard in the background during her conversation with Mordecai in Australia is a clue from Katie. Jack tracks down an Australian constable who agrees to go out to the Frazier Sheep Station and investigate.

Mike and Katie, who are still Mordecai's prisoners, play a mind game to take their focus off their troubles. The two are getting closer and closer. Mordecai bursts in and announces he is taking Katie out to prepare another message for Simon, and this one will be "bloody." Mike tackles him and they wrestle to the ground. Mike grabs one of the shards of the old "Mockingbird" record and jabs Mordecai in the eye. Katie does her part by bashing him over the head with a bat. Mike is hurt too, and he urges her to run and escape. Katie is reluctant, but she makes a dash for the door but Mordecai grabs her ankle. He threatens to kill her on the spot.

Emily and Alison continue to throw out Ric's possessions, and Emily decides it is time for her to be a big sister to Alison. She asks her if she is contemplating sleeping with Chris in the near future. Alison's smile gives her away, and Emily realizes that has already happened. Emily is shocked, but says she is happy for Alison. Alison says she is worried that she may end up like their mother, and Susan walks in. She tells the girls that she went to an AA meeting, but could not get up and speak. She is still beating herself up for being such an easy mark for a serial killer.

Mordecai demands to know if Mike and Katie heard the telephone conversation with Simon and threatens to really hurt Katie if Mike doesn't tell him about Simon. Mordecai blurts out that "Simon killed my brother," and they are interrupted by a noise upstairs. Mordecai locks Mike and Katie into a huge wardrobe in the hall and goes upstairs to investigate. Could it be Simon has finally come?

At the hospital, Marshall tells Bonnie he will leave Dr. Daniels alone if Bonnie promises never to see Sarah again. Sarah is released and Bonnie reluctantly says goodbye. Marshall bribes Sarah by saying he is taking her to lunch and that he has many great presents for her to make up for all the holidays they have missed together. When Sarah and Marshall leave together, Bonnie burst into tears. Walker Daniels comforts her and reminds her that Sarah is a clever girl and will find a way to see Bonnie.

Margo finds out that Bartleby Shears, the man Simon killed to protect Katie, has a brother in Australia named Mordecai. She is very anxious now to know what the constable has found out at the sheep station. In Australia, Mordecai opens the door to the constable and lets him look around upstairs. The constable notices a fresh cut on Mordecai's cheek that he got wrestling with Mike. Downstairs, Mike and Katie combine forces to rock the wardrobe with enough force to tip it over.

At the coffee shop, Marshall presents Sarah with many gifts, all of which are way too young for her. Sarah is expecting a fancy CD player, and she gets Barbie dolls instead. Marshall then gives her a lot of cash and tells her that is her weekly allowance if she agrees to three things: no more faking illness, cut Bonnie out of her life completely, and come and live with Marshall in his apartment.

Sarah seems happy enough with the arrangements, but when Marshall gets up to go order them sundaes, she slips out with the money.

The constable in Simon's house hears the wardrobe fall and runs down the stairs. Katie and Mike have kicked open the door and are crawling out as he arrives. They are ecstatic to see him, but where is Mordecai?

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Susan has a nightmare about Rick. She tells Emily she needs to see him. Meanwhile, Alison confides in Chris about the difficulties at home and he comforts her. They kiss. Alison is shaken by a flash cut on violence with Rick. They are about to make love, but they're interrupted by Emily wanting Alison to come to the police station. She agrees and they leave. Susan asks Hal to let her see Rick. He reluctantly agrees. Walker comforts Bonnie. Marshall is frantic to find the runaway Sarah and thinks Bonnie has cooked up a plot with her. Bonnie is upset when Marshall accuses her. Jessica wonders to Bonnie if she really did set it up. Bonnie swears she didn't. Jessica tells Walker his helping Bonnie with Sarah is not helping. Jessica wants Marshall out of her and Bonnie's life. To that end, Marshall asks if Jessica will help him keep Sarah once they've found her. She agrees. Margo worries about Katie being in trouble and can't rest until she knows her sister is okay. Constable Brighton finds Mike and Katie, but a knife-wielding Mordecai stabs him. Mike tries to jump Mordecai but he pulls the cop's gun on him. Katie begs for his life and offers to take the heat off him by calling Margo and telling her she is safe. Mordecai agrees but makes Katie and Mike promise to dispose of the cop's body. Tom decides to accompany Margo to Australia if she gets permission from John to travel. Katie calls and a little too brightly declares that she's okay. Margo believes this, but continues to be troubled. Mordecai reveals he is not going to hurt Mike and Katie, just leave them at the ranch. Then Simon calls. Mordecai will take only Katie to Sydney. Mike and Katie are devastated at this turn of events.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Susan goes to see Ric who has had a "psychotic break". Susan wonders if he is faking it but his doctor assures her that he is not. As she is about to walk out of the room, Ric calls out to her. She asks him why he picked her. He says she was attractive, professional but also lonely and available. She says, "You used me." Ric says, "Because you let me." He says they both haven't felt good about themselves in a long time. He goes back into his psychotic break and Susan leaves with Emily and Alison.

Jen asks Hal to help her find out who made the 911 call that led to the arrest at Java Underground. She explains her situation and that she needs proof to clear her and Paul. Barbara comes in but Jen tells her to "back off". Hal gives Jen the information she is looking for and they discover that it was Craig.

Rosanna goes to Paul and asks him if he did call the police. She is also surprised to learn that Craig went to see Paul yesterday. Paul says, "I did not call the cops." He knows it would ruin her chances of adopting and he says he would never hurt her. Paul "sees" James Stenbeck again who tells him to "get his hooks into Rosanna."

Dusty talks with Craig and says that it must have been Paul who called the police. They are both in trouble with their respective significant others and Dusty says, "Women in this town are control freaks, all of them." They drink beer and toast to themselves. Dusty runs to the back room while Jen walks in and tells Craig that he's busted and she has proof. She calls out to Dusty and tells him what she has discovered just as Rosanna walks in and hears that Craig did make the call.

Katie and Mike are separated. Mike is thrown back into the cellar with no food or water and although he grabs for the gun, he loses the battle. He is knocked down and becomes furious throwing things around the room. A shelf falls on him and as he lays on the ground, he imagines seeing Katie.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Marshall was at the police station questioning Hal about the search for Sarah. Sarah was with Bonnie. Sarah doesn't want to live with Marshall. Bonnie promised that she would handle it and told Sarah to go hide on the third floor. Bonnie went to the police station and told Marshall that she would tell him where Sarah was if he would share permanent custody with Bonnie. Marshall and Bonnie argued and could not come to an agreement sharing custody. When Bonnie still refused to tell him where Sarah was, Marshall asked Hal to arrest her. Meanwhile back at Jessica's house, Jessica came home to find Sarah in the living room. Jessica asked her why she doesn't want to live with Marshall. Sarah does not trust Marshall and said he treated her like she was 10 years old. And, Sarah doesn't understand why he never looked for her. Jessica told Sarah that Marshall had been looking for her but stopped when he was told that Sarah was dead. Jessica told Sarah about Marshall being blackmailed and shot. Jessica also told Sarah about her relationship with Marshall leaving out the part about the rape. Jessica said that even though Marshall has had problems in the past, he deserved the chance to be her father and that Sarah should give him that chance. Later, at the police station, Bonnie was about to be arrested when Jessica walked in with Sarah. Sarah told Marshall she got scared and that she was ready to go home with him. Bonnie looked at her mother confused and hurt.

At Java, Jennifer presented evidence that the call getting Dusty and Craig arrested came from Craig's cell phone as Rosanna listened from the door. After words were exchanged Craig finally admitted to Rosanna that he called the police. Before Craig had a chance to explain to Rosanna, she ran out with Craig following her. Jennifer wanted an apology from Dusty. He didn't seem to think he needed to apologize. Jennifer started to come on to him and Dusty rebuffed her advances. Jennifer backed off, extended her hand and said "Friends?" After a few seconds, Dusty shook her hand.

Barbara showed up at Paul's door to let him know that she was on to him about using Andreas to set her up so that Jennifer would not talk to her. After they exchange accusatory remarks, Barbara said she would go to Jennifer with the information she has. Paul told Barbara she was bluffing and that if she went to Jennifer it would only alienate Jennifer more and possibly turn Will against her as well. Barbara said that he would never turn Will against her. Paul said he wouldn't have to she'd do that all on her own. Barbara warned Paul that he would not win this one and left. Paul tried to reach Andreas to cover his tracks when Jennifer walked in. Jennifer told Paul that Craig was the one who called the cops. Paul became more interested when he heard that Rosanna had found out.

Craig caught up with Rosanna and tried to apologize. Rosanna, totally crushed, doesn't understand why he would hurt her so badly when he knew how much she wanted a child. Craig asked her what he could do to try to make it better. She said there was and it was non-negotiable. She wants him to give up Java. Craig tried to talk her out of it but she said that if there was no baby, there was no business and she was pulling her money out of Java. She walked away and told Craig not to follow her. She went to the Lakeview where she started to drink. Paul came up behind her and told her he heard what happened and comforted her.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 12, 2003


After hearing Sarah's decision to give Marshall a chance, Bonnie flips out and nearly whollops the juvenile with the news that her father is a rapist. Before Jessica grabs her daughter and pulls her into the interrogation room, Bonnie blurts, "This is a horrible mistake! This man who pretends to be your father..." She turns to her mother and continues, "How can you turn her over to a man who enjoys hurting women!?" Sarah looks at her father and asks him to come clean. Marshall dances around the issue, and successfully diverts her questions. Inside the interrogation room, Jessica repeats many of the same arguments Bonnie has heard a hundred times in the past few weeks. Bonnie backs off, but on the way out she warns her mother, "If he hurts her, physically or otherwise, it'll be on your head!" Later, Bonnie tries to comfort Sarah, "Just forget everything I said." They hug then Bonnie and Jessica leave. Marshall moves in to try to reconnect with his daughter, but she asks him if Bonnie can still be a part of her life. Marshall thinks it's best if they spend a few months alone getting to know each other, then after that, they could have Bonnie over for lunch. Sarah sinks into depression and asks to go home, "where ever that is."

Paul comforts Rosanna in the Lakeview Lounge. She tells him she has pulled all her money out of the new Java Underground because of what Craig has done. Paul suggests they head back to his place...for some soup.

Barbara stops by Paul's apartment to see Jenifer. Jen is not happy to see her mother, but allows her to come in when she says she must speak with her about André and his connection with Paul. Jen listens to her mother carefully lay the latticework of her argument against Paul. "Somewhere in this apartment is proof that Paul gave money to André. It's either in a bank statement or a checkbook entry, but you owe it to yourself to find it." Jen has had enough of her mother and tosses her out. But moments after she slams the door shut, she walks to Paul's desk and starts to look through his bank statements. She finds one that is interesting and stuffs it into her purse. As she is about to close her purse, Paul walks in with Rosanna. With a twinge of suspicion, he asks, "Hey Jen. What are you doing at my desk?" Jen stammers she was looking for a stamp. Paul walks around and gives her a stamp, then asks her where her letters are. Jen says she was on the way to the store to pick up some cards, then quickly leaves. Outside the front door, Jen calls her mother and asks to meet in thirty minutes. Back inside, Rosanna offers her shoulder to Paul. He starts to shed a little light on what he's thinking about. He goes over to his desk and discovers one of his statements is missing. Rosanna counsels him to find Jen and confess everything, "go to her and explain your reasons and she'll understand...eventually."

At the Lakeview Lounge, Barbar meets up with her daughter as she is looking at a flap from Paul's bank statement. Babs gloats because she thinks Jen called to meet her to discuss what kind of evidence she found about Paul and André. Jen lies and says she hasn't found anything that incriminates Paul in any way, and only called her down to see the look on her face as she told her mother exactly that. Just then, Paul swoops in and sits down beside his estranged mother. He asks Jen if Babs told her of her suspicions about André. Jen says she had. Paul immediately admits, "I gave money to André, and I used him to get you away from Barbara." Jen asks Paul what happened. He tells her the truth. Jen starts to cry and Paul apologizes. She vows never to trust him again. Paul ineptly tries to explain the difference between what he did and how Barbara operates. Jen shrugs his explanation off, "You and mom are the same person! And I don't need either of you!" She storms off, then Barbara rips into her son, "And now you'll find out what it's like to lose her!"

In the gazebo, Dusty is grabbing Craig by the cuffs of his suit. Craig swats him away as if he were nuisanced by a fly. Dusty demands to be heard, "You risked our entire business because you can't stand up to your wife?!?!" He demands Craig find a way to squeeze a liquor license from the board. Craig knows he has bigger problems, "Rosanna has pulled her money out of the club. We need a new investor." They quickly decide to zero in on their next mark...Molly.

Carly stops by Molly's suite at the Lakeview to try to patch things up. She finds her coz' packing and asks where she's off to. Molly rebuffs Carly's attempt to connect. She wants to know why Carly hasn't called in the past few weeks. Carly thinks all of Molly's hurt is old news, "This is all because I slept with Mike!" She dismisses her argument, when Craig knocks on the door. Molly asks him to go away, but he persists. She opens the door, and Craig mumbles through his preamble of a proposal. He quickly stops in his tracks when he notices Carly is also in the room.

Rosanna stops by Java Underground to deliver legal papers to Dusty confirming she has withdrawn all of her monetary support from the project. Dusty doesn't seem too interested, and tells Rosanna that Craig is already out stumping for new investors. Ro's ears perk up, and she says, "Anyone I know?" Dusty refers her to her husband, and she leaves.

Craig explains the situation to Molly about Java, and Carly nearly vomits at his attempt to woo Molly for her cash. She thinks Craig should be back at home trying to resuscitate his marriage instead of groveling for cash from Molly. Molly, however, is snowed by Craig's interest and tells her to butt out. Carly warns her cousin if she goes into business with two crooks, she'll be the one left holding the bag. Craig thinks Carly is distracting, so Molly asks her to leave. On her way out, Carly offers a veiled threat to expose his plans with Rosanna. Without hearing too many details, Molly opens her wallet and offers Craig a blank check.

Back at Jessica's house, Bonnie says she can't ever forgive her mother for pushing Sarah into Marshall's arms. Bonnie thinks her mother is choosing her own agenda over Bonnie's. Jessica has had enough of her brat daughter's attitude. "Maybe you should pack your bags and get out of my house!" Bonnie's mouth drops as she stares at her mother in shock and anger.

Dusty calls Rose, but she doesn't answer her phone. He leaves a message that he misses her. Jen walks in and somehow plants her lips on Dusty's. "Tonight's our night Dusty. Make love to me. Right here. Right now."

Carly finds Rosanna alone in the gazebo reflecting on how her life was before she planted all the flowers. Rosanna confides to Carly that Craig sabotaged her chances at adopting a baby. Rosanna says she knew he could be dishonest, but she never thought he would turn on his own wife. Rosanna can't believe he is out looking for other investors instead of spending time at home. She wonders if the marriage will last, "The ice we're skating on is pretty thin." She takes a breath and asks Carly why she stopped by for a visit. Carly looks trapped. She doesn't know if she should tell Ro who Craig is lining up as a new investor. Will that push Rosanna to divorce Craig?

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