Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on PC

Caleb and Alison agreed not to tell Rafe or Livvie about their night together. Caleb demanded his ring back from Livvie and kicked her out. Ian injected himself with Chris's untested drug. Lucy and Chris saved Kevin from being attacked by Ian. Alison hastily planned her wedding to Rafe. Caleb fired all of his band members.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on PC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2003

At the loft he shares with Alison, Rafe lights some candles and puts a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice to chill in anticipation of the reunion he will share with Alison when Alison learns that Rafe has returned from his journey into the Netherworld. As Rafe waits, he vows that he will make a brand new start with Alison and give up his life-long battle to vanquish the forces of darkness. However, Rafe becomes concerned when Alison does NOT return home. Rafe begins pacing the floor and, eventually, decides that he ought to go out, looking for Alison.

Lucy tracks Ian down at the hospital and is horrified when Ian admits that he has been satisfying his hungers with stolen blood from the Hospital's blood bank. Lucy reminds Ian that all Ian had to do was hop in bed with Lucy to gain control over his baser impulses. Ian insists that he believes that he can NO longer use Lucy as a crutch for controlling Ian's cravings. Although Lucy argues that love means being there when the other is in need, Ian refuses to be persuaded by Lucy's arguments. Ian then shocks Lucy by declaring that he may need to be alone to solve his problems. Lucy accuses Ian of giving up on their life together, but Ian protests that he just needs time alone to try to fix his problems. Lucy urges Ian to cherish what they have together and hang on to it ~ pointing out that very few people receive the gift of knowing true love during their lifetimes. Lucy argues that they will BOTH be better off if they deal with Ian's problem as a team ~ together! But Ian declares that he still needs to deal with his problem on his own. Then Ian walks away from a stunned Lucy.

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie becomes worried as she sits beside the sumptuous feast she prepared for Caleb's grand night of passion. When there is finally a knock at the door, Livvie rushes to answer the door, but is disappointed when she finds only Jack there. Livvie immediately begins to bend Jack's ear about how worried she is that Caleb has been out all night ~ but Jack dryly reminds Livvie that Caleb can usually take care of himself. Jack sheepishly produces the red rose he bought from the flower vendor and hands the rose to Livvie. Admitting that he believes it is a crazy gesture, Jack confesses that he is trying to apologize for putting Livvie down when he ran into her earlier in the evening. Jack hesitantly admits that he wishes things could be the way they once were between Livvie and Jack, but Jack hastily retracts his opinion. Livvie surprises Jack by suddenly declaring that she understands what Jack is trying to say! While Jack speaks, Livvie flashes back to her wish the Jack wouldn't hate her any more. When Jack gets ready to leave, Jack is even more surprised when Livvie suddenly begs Jack to stay and keep her company while she waits for Caleb. When Jack hesitantly decides to stay, Livvie begins to cry on Jack's shoulder about Caleb's tardiness, and Jack again gets ready to leave. Finally, Livvie admits that she took Caleb's ring and wished for a night of unparalleled passion for Caleb ~ but now Livvie is afraid that Caleb is with another woman! When Jack realizes that Livvie DOES have Caleb's ring, Jack explodes as he voices his suspicion that Livvie might have wished for Jack to fall back in love with her, but Livvie denies Jack's accusations. Although Jack makes several half-hearted attempts to leave, Livvie keeps begging Jack to stay for just a little while. Jack finally gives in and settles down on the couch. When Jack sits down, Livvie sadly leans her head on Jack's shoulder and they fall asleep on the couch, in front of the fireplace.

Meanwhile, at the barn, Caleb and Alison hit the hay, both of them confessing that they have no idea why it is suddenly impossible for them to deny their mutual attraction to each other. Afterward, a shaken Alison admits to Caleb that she is shocked at her own actions. Caleb agrees with Alison and voices his suspicion that it must have had something to do with Livvie being in possession of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring. Alison scoffs at the notion that Livvie would have wished for Livvie's own worst nightmare to come true, but Caleb remains convinced that Livvie made some kind of irrational wish that triggered Alison and Caleb's passionate embrace. Alison looks at her name carved next to Rafe's name on the central beam in the middle of the barn and tearfully declares that she bitterly regrets hitting the sack with Caleb in a place that has always been so sacred to both Alison and Rafe. Caleb tries to convince Alison NOT to blame herself, but Alison insists that she now MUST be honest with Rafe about the incident. However, Caleb passionately argues that Alison should keep the incident a secret ~ a secret that would be known only to Caleb and Alison! Alison reminds Caleb that she would find it hard to believe that Caleb would be able to resist the temptation to rub the incident in Rafe's face at the earliest opportunity. But Caleb insists that Caleb does NOT want details of their night together to leak out any more than Alison does. Caleb argues that telling the facts to Rafe would only hurt Rafe, but Alison worries that keeping a secret from her sweetheart might prove to be even more harmful. Alison argues that she can NOT lie to someone she loves and will just try to convince Rafe that BOTH Alison and Caleb were out of control ~ and Alison sadly leaves the barn. After Alison leaves, Caleb told himself: "Speak for yourself, sweetheart! I NEVER lose control!" Then Caleb spits on Rafe's name, carved in the beam in the middle of the barn.

Later, Alison arrives home and finds evidence that Rafe HAS been there ~ but finds the loft empty. As Alison breaks down in tears, still dismayed by her night with Caleb, Rafe bursts in at the door and Alison rushes in to Rafe's arms. Rafe promises a tearful Alison that everything will be fine from now on. At the same time, Caleb returns to his apartment and discovers Jack and Livvie ~ asleep ~ together ~ on the couch! When Caleb prods Jack and orders Jack to go home, Livvie leaps up and assures Caleb that the situation is NOT what it looks like! As Jack walks out of the apartment, Caleb deliberately steps on the rose that Jack brought to Livvie. After Jack leaves, Livvie assures Caleb that Jack was just keeping her company because Livvie was worried about Caleb. But Caleb announces that he has a secret ~ and that Livvie has been a VERY bad girl!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 9, 2003

Jamal discovers Imani at the bus station, waiting for a bus. Jamal told Imani that he is NOT going to let Imani go on the run alone. Imani explains to Jamal that she did NOT do anything to hurt her professor but that her stalker killed the professor in front of Imani to warn Imani of what would happen to anyone who got close to Imani. When Jamal insists they go to the police, Imani explains that her stalker is a policeman, and that he tampered with the crime scene evidence to make it appear that Imani had killed the professor. Jamal continues to insist that Imani let Jamal accompany her on the run. Imani finally agrees to let Jamal accompany her and Jamal went to the ticket counter to buy a ticket. But, when Jamal gets to the ticket agent he realizes that he does NOT know where they are headed. But, when Jamal looks back to ask Imani WHERE they are headed, he realizes that Imani has disappeared again! At the same time, a man with a badge, looking at a photograph of Imani, receives a call informing him that there are no new leads in his search. The mystery man orders that the search continue. Then he crumples up Imani's photo.

Alison is thrilled when she sees that Rafe has returned to the Loft that they share. But, even as Rafe and Alison kiss, Alison remains haunted by the memory of the night she spent with Caleb. Alison begins to try to tell Rafe about her night with Caleb, but Rafe rushes in to explain how his experience in the Netherworld helped Rafe realize that Alison was the ONLY important part of his life. Alison makes another attempt to tell Rafe about her experience with Caleb, but only gets as far as admitting that Alison went to Caleb for help when Rafe disappeared. After making sure that Caleb did NOT do anything to hurt Alison, Rafe assures Alison that he wants to put Caleb and everything associated with Caleb in the far, far distant past and concentrate only on the future that Rafe and Alison will be enjoying together. Alison agrees that what she also wants is to erase the past and start fresh with a new beginning. Alison decides against telling Rafe about her night with Caleb, but pulls away when Rafe begins to get passionate. Later, as Rafe holds Alison, Rafe told Alison: "Even the King of Hades said I was crazy to ever leave you. You know, he even had me going for a while. Said my life on earth would be worse than in hell, because I left you here alone. If he could see us now, huh?" Alison hesitantly begins another attempt to tell Rafe about her night with Caleb, but suddenly switches over to telling Rafe that she believes they should get married right away so that nothing ~ and no one ~ could ever come between them. Rafe joyfully agrees that they begin making immediate plans for their wedding!

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie swears to Caleb that the only thing that happened while Jack was there was that they fell asleep on the couch. Caleb cryptically asks if Livvie is SURE that that is all that happened ~ then surprises Livvie by suddenly announcing that he believes her. However, when Livvie declares that she would never do anything to hurt Caleb, Caleb suddenly demands that, in that case, Livvie should return his ring ~ immediately! Livvie obediently hands the ring back. Caleb declares that he gave Livvie every opportunity to confess that she had taken the ring, but Livvie protests that she planned to return the ring that evening during dinner and that she only used the ring to wish for something for Caleb. Livvie admits that she wished that Caleb would enjoy a night of perfect passion. When Caleb guesses that what Livvie REALLY wants to know is WHO Caleb was with, Livvie admits that she IS most concerned about Caleb's companion for the night. Caleb asks Livvie what her worst nightmare would be and Livvie admits that it would be learning that Caleb had been with Alison. Caleb points out that that WOULD be the PERFECT revenge ~ if Caleb spent the night with Alison, Caleb would be able to get even with Rafe, Alison AND Livvie with Livvie's ONE wish! Livvie comes unglued and begs Caleb to tell her that it is NOT true that Caleb spent the night with Alison. So Caleb told Livvie that, when Caleb realized that Livvie had used the ring to make a clandestine wish involving Caleb, Caleb resisted ~ and was NOT with anyone when Livvie made her wish. Caleb admits that he seems to always keep reuniting with Livvie, no matter how many times Livvie has betrayed him. But Caleb warns Livvie that even Caleb has a limit to his patience. Livvie assures Caleb that she has learned her lesson and they soon hit the sheets. Afterwards, as Livvie told Caleb how happy she is that Caleb has forgiven her, Caleb suddenly announces to a stunned Livvie that this was the LAST time Caleb would ever share a bed with Livvie! Caleb orders Livvie to get out of the apartment and hustles Livvie toward the door! Livvie is stunned by Caleb's announcement and at first, believes that he is joking! But Caleb declares that he is deadly serious! When Livvie protests that she loves only Caleb and refuses to leave, Caleb grabs Livvie and bodily shoves her out the door! Livvie collapses in tears outside the door.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 10, 2003

At Chris's apartment, Chris tries to get Elizabeth to give him some room for his medical research, while Elizabeth works at getting "George's" signature on some paperwork. Ian suddenly barges in and reports that the last antidote that they tested has NOT worked. When Chris reports that he has made some more adjustments to the formula, Ian demands that Chris test the improved drug on Ian right away. However, Chris disagrees ~ reminding Ian that Chris has learned his lesson the hard way about experimenting with untested drugs on humans. Ian protests that he is no longer human! Ian urges Chris to double or even triple the dose, but Chris continues to refuse to go along with Ian's plan. When Elizabeth returns and interrupts, Ian notices a couple of vials of Chris's drug, sitting unattended on Chris's desk. While Chris is distracted with Elizabeth's "emergency," Ian pockets both vials. After Elizabeth leaves, Ian pretends to suddenly agree with Chris and beats a hasty retreat with the purloined serum in his pocket. After Ian leaves, Chris admits to Elizabeth that her perfume distracts him. However, when Chris ALSO complains that it is because Elizabeth's perfume gives him a headache, Elizabeth retorts that Chris's constant complaining gives ELIZABETH a headache! As Elizabeth and Chris continue to argue, Iris bursts in and suggests that they quit arguing and "just do it!" When Chris and Elizabeth protest Iris's presumption, Iris declares that it is obvious to everyone else that Chris and Elizabeth are "hot" for each other! After Iris leaves, Chris and Elizabeth continue to deny Iris' presumptions to each other. Chris and Elizabeth call a halt to their argument. But, when Chris returns to his research, he realizes that Ian took BOTH vials of the experimental drug that Chris had left on his desk. As Chris rushes out to find Ian, Ian finds a quiet place at the Hospital and administers a double dose of the antidote to himself.

When Lucy runs in to Kevin at the Hospital, Lucy is impressed by the progress that Kevin has been making toward recovering the use of his left side. When Lucy confides that Ian is having a difficult time adjusting to the permanence of his "condition," Kevin reminds Lucy that, sooner or later, it was bound to happen that Ian would grow unhappy as Ian struggled with his "condition." Lucy accuses Kevin of harboring that notion because Kevin wants Lucy back. But Kevin protests that he is only concerned for Lucy's safety. Kevin reminds Lucy that he has always been honest with Lucy, but Lucy accuses Kevin of deliberately trying to come between Lucy and Ian. Kevin admits that he WOULD be happy if Ian got out of Lucy's life, but argues that that is only because Ian is burdened with the curse of vampirism. Kevin went on to suggest to Lucy that it just MIGHT be possible that the Universe has been trying to send Lucy a message to stay AWAY from Ian! As Lucy protests that she loves Ian and is torn up by the fact that she can NOT seem to help Ian ~ Kevin reaches out his hand to comfort Lucy. At that moment, Ian comes around the corner and spots Kevin holding Lucy's hand!

At Rafe and Alison's Loft, Rafe finds Alison trying to make wedding plans and urges Alison to realize that she can take her time with the preparations. But Alison protests that they have waited long enough to be married and she wants to be married as soon as possible. After Rafe leaves for a jog in the park, Alison assures herself that she and Rafe are on their way to true happiness at last. But, as Alison flashes back to her torrid night with Caleb, Livvie pounds at the door. When Alison answers, she is surprised when Livvie blurts out that Caleb has thrown her out. Livvie admits to Alison that Livvie stole Caleb's ring and wished for a night of passion for Caleb. Alison is further stunned when Livvie reports that Caleb told Livvie that Caleb was with Alison when Livvie made the wish. In the meantime, Rafe meets with Caleb in the park and announces that Rafe is finally calling a final truce to their ancient feud ~ for REAL this time! Caleb surprises Rafe by, at first, refusing Rafe's offer of a truce! Meanwhile, back at the Loft, before a stunned Alison can offer any comment to Livvie's pronouncements, Livvie assures Alison that Livvie believes that Caleb was just trying to torture Livvie with the prospect of Caleb spending a night of passion with Alison ~ and that it never really happened! Livvie accuses Alison of just waiting around for an opportunity like this one to swoop in and scoop Caleb up for herself. But Alison insists that the ONLY one Alison loves is Rafe and that Livvie's current problem with Caleb was caused by Livvie's own need to manipulate everyone around her! At the same time, Rafe urges Caleb to grab his opportunity to have Rafe out of his life for good. But Caleb insists that the war can NOT be over until CALEB says it is over! Meanwhile, back at the Loft, Alison is shocked when Livvie suddenly admits that Livvie's problems WERE brought on by Livvie's own insecurities! Alison then begins to reassure Alison that Caleb will eventually change his mind and will want to reunite with Livvie. At the same time, Caleb reminds Rafe that it was RAFE's quest to possess the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring which propelled Rafe to break in to Caleb's apartment, read Caleb's book, try out one of the ancient incantations and take Rafe's trip to Hades. Caleb blasts Rafe for the action that Rafe took which turned Caleb in to a mortal! Rafe points out that Caleb's experience with mortality was only temporary and that Caleb now has his fangs back! Rafe guesses that Caleb is angry because Caleb grew a conscience while he was mortal. Rafe declares that he is finished with the feud at any rate, regardless of Caleb's attitude. Caleb admits that he is finally willing to agree to a truce but wanted Rafe to realize that there could be NO truce unless Caleb agreed to one! Rafe declares that he and Alison are getting married soon and Caleb reminds Rafe to send Caleb a wedding invitation! When Caleb declares that Alison is OK, Rafe warns Caleb to stay away from Alison! Rafe returns home to his Loft, just as Livvie asks Alison if Alison has ever lied to Rafe. As Alison hesitates, Rafe asks what is going on. Livvie reports that they were just talking about lying to people they loved. As Livvie leaves, Alison hugs Rafe. After Livvie leaves, Alison reports that Caleb threw Livvie out of their apartment, and Rafe reports that he met Caleb in the park and Caleb was acting kind of strange as well. Rafe declares that Caleb and Livvie are NO LONGER a problem for Rafe and Alison and they are just going to concentrate on their future together. Meanwhile, on a park bench, Caleb told himself: "Rafe ~ just because we can't kill each other doesn't mean the war is over!"

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2003

Jack is shocked when he answers his door and discovers Livvie on his doorstep! Livvie tearfully explains that Caleb has thrown her out ~ for good, this time! As Jack tries to reassure Livvie, Livvie begs Jack to help her find her way back to the person she once was, before she met Caleb! When Livvie went to splash some water on her face, Jack answers the door again and discovers Jamal! Jamal begs Jack to go help him look for the missing Imani. Meanwhile, Imani stops at a Roadside Cafe called The Silver Hill Cafe and re-reads Jamal's note ~ then Imani tears the note into little pieces! At the same time, back at Jack's place, Jamal fills Jack in with the details that Imani has shared with Jamal ~ that Imani's stalker is a police officer who killed Imani's professor, framed Imani and is still looking for Imani. Jack agrees to help Jamal search, but Livvie pleads with Jack NOT to leave her alone to go with Jamal! Jamal is appalled to see Livvie back in Jack's house and warns Jack about getting tangled up with Livvie's brand of trouble again. At the same time, at the Silver Hill Cafe, a strange man asks Imani if she would like to share his table, but Imani told him that she is "not available!" Then Imani takes out her cell phone and thinks about Jamal ~ but hesitates before dialing. Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Livvie informs Jamal that JAMAL is the one who needs to be careful if Jamal is mixed up with Imani! Jamal demands to know what Livvie knows about Imani! However, Livvie declares that she can NOT talk about Imani's secret. When Livvie pleads with jack NOT to leave her alone, Jack shocks Livvie by insisting that he MUST help Jamal. But, before Jack can leave, Livvie asks to go with them. Jamal refuses to hear anything about Livvie helping search for Imani and slams out of the door, declaring that Jamal will find Imani alone. As Jamal went outside, his cell phone rings. Although Jamal answers immediately, Imani, who is on the other end of the line, just hangs up without speaking to Jamal. As Imani hangs up, Jamal guesses that the call was from Imani and wonders HOW he will ever be able to guess where Imani has gone to hide out. Then Jamal remembers the photo that Jamal saw of Imani's grandmother at a Roadside Cafe called the Silver Hill Cafe. Jamal decides to look for Imani first at the Cafe. Meanwhile, inside, Jack demands to know what Livvie knows about Imani. Livvie finally admits that, during an angry run-in with Imani, Livvie bit Imani. ot only did Livvie's bite have NO effect on Imani ~ Imani pushed Livvie around with strength far superior to Livvie's vampire strength. Livvie confides that, after Livvie bit Imani, Livvie became violently ill! Livvie hints that she believes that Imani is some kind of creature of the night, but Livvie has no idea what kind of "other" Imani would be. Jack finally agrees to let Livvie stay at Jack's Place with him!

At the Hospital, a seething Ian watches from a hidden corner as Kevin tries to reassure Lucy that her life should eventually work itself out. When Lucy leaves, she runs in to CHRIS, who alerts Lucy to the fact that Ian stole two vials of the experimental drug from Chris and that Chris is afraid that Ian may have taken a more potent dose. At the same time, Ian realizes that Kevin is alone and approaches Kevin. Ian insists that he wants to talk to Kevin alone and asks Kevin how Kevin dealt with Kevin's dark side during Kevin's troubled days. However, Ian grows increasingly more agitated and begins accusing Kevin of constantly reminding Lucy about Ian's curse in an effort to try to maneuver Kevin's way back in to Lucy's life! Kevin begins to realize that something has caused Ian to become hyper and Kevin suggests that Ian needs a little help and that maybe they should call Chris for assistance. However, Ian belligerently announces that he feels the need to feed coming on and suggests that perhaps he should take a bite out of Kevin. Ian bitterly reminds Kevin that Kevin is constantly reminding Lucy that, one day, Ian WOULD give in and do what comes naturally to those of Ian's species. One minute, Ian begs Kevin to understand that Ian needs Kevin's help to get in touch with his dark side. And, the next moment, Ian is shouting at Kevin. Kevin urges Ian to get a hold on himself, but Ian's fangs come out and his eyes turn red. As Ian advances menacingly toward Kevin, Kevin throws his hot cup of coffee at Ian. In the meantime, as Chris and Lucy search for Ian, Chris blurts out his opinion that Ian took such desperate measures with the experimental drug because Ian felt threatened by Lucy's live-in ex-husband. Lucy suddenly remembers that she left Kevin alone and races back to Kevin. Just as Lucy arrives, an enraged Ian picks up a chair and roars at Kevin. Lucy rushes to Ian and pleads with Ian NOT to do anything to hurt Kevin. Ian angrily reminds Lucy that she is a slayer and Ian is a vampire and that Kevin WAS right that Ian would probably give in to his baser instincts eventually. As Lucy keeps Ian busy, talking to him in an effort to soothe him, Chris creeps up behind Ian and injects Ian with a powerful tranquilizer. As Ian falls to the floor, Lucy rushes to Ian's side.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 12, 2003

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As Rafe sleeps at the Loft he shares with Alison, Alison continues to be haunted by memories of her night with Caleb. When Rafe wakes up, Alison tries to get Rafe busy helping her plan their wedding, but Rafe decides that what Alison needs is a little Rest and Relaxation. Rafe confides that he has noticed that Alison keeps flinching away from his touch and believes that the reason is that Alison is still worried that Rafe will find another ancient incantation and suddenly disappear to take another trip to unknown regions. Rafe announces that he wants to take Alison to a special place that will help her forget some of the harrowing experiences they have endured recently. Rafe takes off his Fluer de Lis Amulet and hands it to Alison, telling her that the amulet represents all of Rafe's battles and he now wants Alison to have the amulet as a symbol that the wars are all over! Rafe announces that he knows how to make their life a lot more simple and promises to take Alison to a special place that will surprise her. Rafe blindfolds Alison and takes her to the Old Barn. Then Rafe describes the simple, uncomplicated wedding they will enjoy, with only close friends in attendance. But, when Rafe removes the blindfold and Alison realizes that she is at the Old Barn ~ Alison becomes VERY agitated and runs out of the barn, leaving a very confused Rafe behind. When Rafe follows Alison into the courtyard, Rafe finds Alison in tears and Alison begs Rafe to think of any other place except this one. Alison then suddenly announces that she MUST leave. When Rafe suggests that he go with her, Alison told Rafe that she needs to be alone, and hurries away!

At Jack's Place, Livvie wakes up in pain. When Jack tries to get Livvie to drink some tea, Livvie announces that her problem is that she needs to feed. When Livvie notes the distressed look that passes over Jack's face, Livvie reminds Jack that Jack's friend Jamal needs to feed ~ and that Jack himself once needed to feed, not so long ago. Livvie confides that Caleb used to take care of her cravings, but that is no longer going to be a possible solution. Jack finally told Livvie that he will pick up some of Jamal's secret stash of stolen blood at the Bike Shop, but warns Livvie that she will have to come up with a new plan SOON for taking care of her cravings, because Jack is NOT going to do it! After Jack leaves, Livvie flashes back to happier times with Caleb and wills Caleb to remember her. Believing her concentration is NOT working, Livvie decides to call Caleb. When Caleb answers the phone, Livvie told Caleb again that she is sorry for her mistakes and that they were NOT meant to be apart. But Caleb only asks: "Who is this?" When Caleb hangs up on her, Livvie went into a melt down and vows to eventually succeed in getting through to Caleb. When Jack returns, Livvie thanks Jack and Jack promises to help Livvie out as long as she really needs his help. When Jack leaves the room to put Jamal's stash in the refrigerator, Livvie flashes back to her wish that Jack would quit hating her so much. Livvie decides to attempt to seduce Jack. When Jack returns, Livvie thanks Jack for being a sincerely good friend and asks Jack to let her thank him properly. As Livvie tries to cuddle up to Jack, Jack told Livvie that they should NOT be getting involved right now. Livvie suddenly kisses Jack!

At Caleb's apartment, Caz, Reese and Ricky grouse that they have been sitting around, doing nothing, all morning ~ while Caleb works on a new song. When Ricky mutters under his breath that the new song is probably another "I hate you, Livvie!" song ~ Caleb suddenly attacks Ricky and threatens him. Reese convinces Caleb to turn Ricky loose. Ricky suggests that the band would be better off to use the unrecorded material they already have, including lyrics that Caleb likes, which Marissa wrote. Caleb refuses to listen to Ricky, and Reese tries to convince Ricky to drop the subject. As Caleb broods in a corner, he flashes back to happier times he spent with Livvie. After taking the call from Livvie, Caleb suddenly announces to Reese, Caz and Ricky that he needs a change and that they are all fired. Then Caleb orders the band members to leave ~ immediately! After the band members scramble to be the first through the door, Caleb wonders if Livvie has reached a point yet where she would do almost anything to satisfy her cravings! Later, as Caleb smugly congratulates himself for thinking of getting a new band, Caleb flashes back again to Livvie, telling Caleb that she wanted to give him the world. Caleb says: "You are right, sweetheart! We are not done yet, but we will be soon! So, hold on baby! Because, ready or not, here I come!"

When Caleb answers a sudden knock at his door, Caleb is surprised to find Alison standing there. Alison told Caleb: "Caleb ~ you need to fix this. Everything that happened between us ~ you need to somehow make it go away!"

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