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Passions Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on PS
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Monday, September 8, 2003

At the beach restaurant, Chad worried about what could happen as a result of Whitney's matchmaking efforts. Theresa and Fox shared a passion-filled kiss to make Ethan jealous.

TC vowed to keep his mind off of Liz and fight for his marriage. Meanwhile, Liz plotted to destroy TC's marriage to Eve once and for all.

A loving Tabitha told her baby daughter about Timmy, who sent a message from above for Endora. Tabitha headed over to Beth's to see if Sheridan and Luis would finally be separated for good.

While Sheridan struggled through a difficult labor in the basement, Beth subtly tried to get information out of Eve about breeched babies. After hearing Eve report how dangerous the delivery could be, Mrs. Wallace accidentally blurted that Sheridan and her baby would die. Everyone at the baby shower was taken aback. Charlie tried to figure out what to do for Sheridan as she was giving birth.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

As they danced, Ethan tried to convince Theresa not to date Fox. Theresa was delighted her plan to make him jealous was working. However, Whitney cut in on them in an effort to send Theresa in Fox's direction. Fox and Syd reached an understanding about their similar goals. Fox and Theresa turned on the fireworks once more for Ethan's benefit.

Beth sweated it out as Eve attempted to contact Dr. Culver. TC wanted to talk to Eve about their marriage as Liz waited to drop a bombshell. Having just returned from Paris without finding Sheridan, Antonio told everyone he thought his wife really had been kidnapped. Tabitha visited Sheridan, who had passed out from the pain.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

At the restaurant, Syd did her best to get close to Chad as he tried to distance himself. Ethan insisted to Whitney and Theresa that Fox was no good, but neither would listen. Theresa let Ethan know where they stood. Theresa and Fox entered a sexy dance contest to get Ethan's attention. Fox hoped Whitney would also take notice.

TC was infuriated when he read a newspaper article about Whitney. Eve chose her profession over her husband once more when she heard a baby crying somewhere around Beth's house. Liz took the opportunity to go after TC. Beth and Mrs. Wallace panicked as Luis and the others tried to figure out where the baby cries were emanating from. In the basement, Charlie kept Sheridan away from her baby and prepared to kill the Crane heiress.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ethan furiously watched Theresa and Fox dancing in the dance contest. They won a romantic dinner for two, and afterwards wandered out to the beach. Theresa heard someone approaching, and hoping it would be Ethan, staged a romantic kiss with Fox, hoping to make Ethan jealous. When it turned out to be somebody else, Fox went inside to get something to drink.

Immediately after Fox left, Ethan showed up, trying to convince her that Fox didn't deserve her. She challenged him to keep her away from Fox, and he kissed her. Unbeknownst to both of them, a television crew was hiding in the bushes and filming them for a TV show . Some of the nurses in Gwen's hospital saw Ethan on TV and recognized him.

TC was angry about the article Liz had planted about Whitney leaving Harmony for L.A., and left, saying he wanted to be alone. Eve was disappointed because she wanted to try to repair their marriage, and she was hoping the two of them could talk. Liz followed TC to the gym, and managed to trick him into kissing her.

The guests at the baby shower searched for the baby they heard crying. They ended up outdoors, in front of the basement window, where Precious sat, dressed as a baby and imitating crying noises. After the guests returned indoors, Beth went downstairs to the basement to see "her" new baby. Sheridan had given birth to a baby boy, and Charlie and Beth decided to let her hold him for a moment.

Once back upstairs, Beth accidentally slipped and blurted out that she was having a boy, even though she had already told everyone she didn't know the sex of her baby. She covered, saying it was just a feeling she was having. In the basement, Charlie took Sheridan's baby away from her, and announced Sheridan didn't have long to live. Tabitha, watching from the basement window, felt terrible for Sheridan, and wished she could do something to help her.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Julian admited to Rebecca that he was in love with another woman. Rebecca made the connection between the woman Julian loved, and the woman singing on the tape Julian was always listening to. However, she didn't know the singer on the tape was Eve. Rebecca attempted to destroy the tape, and threatened to turn Julian in to the police for the attempted murder of Sheridan if Julian didn't marry her.

Beth began to panic as she realized she would have to soon fake labor in order for her plan to work. In Beth's basement, Sheridan tried to attack Charlie after she took the baby from her. Antonio showed up at the baby shower, just returning from Paris where he had unsuccessfully searched for any signs of Sheridan. He admitted to Luis, who was convinced that Sheridan had run off, that he believed Luis' original instinct that Sheridan had been kidnapped was true.

Luis decided to continue with his house-to-house searches in an effort to find Sheridan. Beth, who was in the kitchen with her mother, entered the living room and found only Luis and Hank. Panicked Antonio would wander around the house and stumble upon Sheridan, Beth asked where he was, and was relieved when Luis said he had only been in the kitchen. Her relief didn't last long, however, because Antonio reentered the living room and announced he knew what had happened to Sheridan.

Gwen woke up in the hospital after having a nightmare about Theresa stealing Ethan from her. She tried to calm herself down for her unborn baby's sake. Meanwhile, the nurses in the hospital watched Ethan and Theresa passionately kissing on the beach on the television in the nurses' station. Ethan pulled away from Theresa and again told her that he loved his wife, and Theresa pretended not to care. Fox pretended to be upset at the sight of Ethan and Theresa on the beach together, but he was only faking it to get attention from Whitney.

Eve confided in her worries about her marriage to Grace. Grace told Eve that TC loved her and the two of them would work things out. Eve set off the meet TC at the gym so they could talk. At the gym, TC was unsuccessfully attempting to ward of Liz's advances, and it looked like Eve was going to show up just in time to catch the two of them kissing .

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