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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on GL
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Monday, September 8, 2003

At the Beacon, Cassie is caught trying to plan a secret party in Olivia's bar. Cassie's plan was to throw a surprise baby shower for Olivia, but she was forced to tell Olivia when she accidentally overheard her planning to book the bar for the night. Olivia demands to know what the party is for that she isn't supposed to know about. Olivia suggests that Cassie doesn't have to throw her a party, but Cassie tells her that she already sent out the invitations. Olivia heads upstairs to take a nap. Harley shows up, and Cassie asks her if she would come to Olivia's baby shower. Harley tells her no. Cassie reminds her that she should know how it feels to be pregnant and alone. Harley wonders who else would want to come. Cassie tells her that Reva would come because she plans to pull her sister card, Holly, Beth, Mel, and maybe employees at the Beacon. Harley tells her that Beth would RSVP her invitation to hell, Mel shouldn't be bothered, and Olivia dumped Holly once she realized that she couldn't manipulate the press. Cassie tells her that she is being harsh. Harley reminds her that sometimes Olivia is harsh as well. Cassie stops an employee and questions whether she and others working there plan to attend the baby shower. The employee tells her that Olivia keeps 10 percent of their tips, so they all seem to have ill feelings toward Olivia. Cassie tells her that she'll talk to Olivia to see what they can do regarding a return policy and an apology from Olivia, and asks whether she can talk to the others about coming to the party. Harley tells Cassie that helping people like Olivia can only hurt you. She then compares Olivia to Eden. Cassie tells her that Olivia is not Eden. Harley reminds her that Eden doesn't steal tips from waitresses. Cassie feels that she has seen a change in Olivia. Harley doesn't seem to buy it coming from the person who is dating Edmund. Harley tells her to be careful with this second chance thing, and tells her that she has three words for her: "Cancel the Shower!" After Harley leaves, Olivia comes back downstairs. Cassie wonders why she has been taking 10 percent of the waitresses tips. She explains that she has set up a personal account for each of them, and she puts their money into an account for them. Cassie tells her that she shouldn't make decisions like that for them because most waitresses need their tips. Olivia agrees to return the money to them if they desire. Later, Cassie explains to Olivia that Edmund seems to be a little out of touch lately because he is having a tough time dealing with things from the past. Olivia tells her give him time to deal with it, and to assure him that she'll be waiting for him on the other side.

Mel meets up with her mother, Dr. Boudreau. Mel has an envelope she is holding. Dr. Boudreau questions what it is that she seems to be stressing over. She tells her that the letter she is holding is an evaluation from their fertility expert. She tells her mother that the drugs that Rick has to take for his heart are affecting their ability to have children. Mel explains that she wants to look into her baby's face and see a little bit of Rick and a little bit of her in the child. In addition to their fertility problems, Mel is anxious to know her test results to the bar exam.

Ed and Rick are over at Danny and Michelle's house. Michelle had called Rick to babysit because the nanny's mother had broken her hip so she had to take a leave of absence. Ed notices a letter addressed to Mel that Rick was holding. When he asked him what it was, Rick tells him that it is Mel's bar exam results. Rick is anxious to open it but understands that Mel needs to be the one to open it herself. Rick discusses with Ed the fertility problems too and the stresses involving all of it. Rick is eager to see whether Mel has passed the bar exam. He calls his wife and tells her that he has the letter from the bar. He nearly hangs up on Mel when he realizes that Robbie was tearing up and eating the letter from the bar. Rick tries to find all the pieces and gradually puts the letter back together. Mel finally arrives, and senses the smell of her dad's cooking. Rick kisses her and tells her that he wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss a lawyer. Just then, her parents came out to congratulate her. Mel requests to see the letter because she wants to frame it.

Marah shows up at Eden's. Eden tries to comfort Marah in regards to her and Tony's breakup. Marah tells Eden that Tony wouldn't fight for her. No matter what she said, Tony wouldn't change his mind. Marah doesn't understand why he put up a wall. She suggests that she just give up on Tony. Eden tells her that Tony is crazy about her and questions whether Marah is a quitter. Eden apologizes for being so strong with Marah. She tells Marah that her temper is related to her issues with her brother. Eden still continues to apologize for letting Marah see the pictures. Marah seems to understand. Marah just doesn't understand Tony's change in attitude toward their relationship, and questions whether Eden knows what it might be. Eden tells Marah that she pushed Tony away, and saying sorry just isn't going to work. She tells her to do something that he won't expect that would prove her love for him because she hurt him big time, so she needs to apologize to him big time. Their conversations is interrupted by a visit from Harley. Marah leaves to give Harley and Eden some time to discuss their issues. Harley wonders why she is making Gus's life a living hell. Eden feels that Gus stopped being her brother when he met Harley. Harley reminds Eden of all the things that Gus has done for her over the years including when he spent time in juvenile hall for years for a crime that he didn't commit. Eden tells Harley that Gus doesn't want to be in her life, he just doesn't want to be the bad guy. Harley tells her that he isn' t the bad guy now he is a wonderful man. Eden tells Harley that Gus isn't the man that she thinks he is. When Harley tells Eden that there isn't anything that she could say about Gus that would make her change the way she feels towards him, Eden tells her not to bet on it. Eden tells Harley that when Gus had her on the roof the night he questioned her, Gus seemed to have flipped a switch and didn't seem to bother him whether she were dead or alive. Harley doesn't believe that Gus reacted in that manner. Eden tells her that she doesn't know Gus the way she does, and informs her that when Gus doesn't need her anymore it's over! Eden feels that someday Harley will do or say something that Gus doesn't like, and he is going to be gone so fast, and Harley won't even exist. Harley starts to head out, and Eden tells her not to ever say that she didn't warn her.

Marah meets Sandy at Company. The Mole was supposed to show up as well, but he didn't. Sandy explains that the Mole doesn't show up for anything and mentions that the Mole doesn't plan to host the fashion show per their agreement for Marah's collection. Sandy tells Marah that he will take care of everything for her show. He wonders whether she patched things up with Tony. Marah tells him that she didn't, so he isn't the only one without a partner today. Inside, Sandy tells Marah that he just lost one of his jobs. She offers to pay him for his services, but he tells her not to worry about it because someone out there is bound to hire him with a business major with a lot of outside commitments and some local fame. Marah tells him to consider himself unstuck because she has an idea.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

At Company, Shayne shows up to visit Marina. Marina is putting together a care package that Danny and Ed ordered for Michelle. Shayne pulls out some tickets for the two of them to go to the JAMFEST. Marina is a bit surprised that Shayne was able to get tickets since they have been sold out for months. Shayne tells her that there are benefits to throwing 90 mile an hour fast balls.

Danny gets a call from Michelle. He explains that everything is going okay. He found a replacement for the nanny, and he put Nico to work around the house. Nico was trying to build a bookcase, but Danny thought he was making too much noise inside the house, so he sent him outside to do yard work. As Nico was heading outside, Danny tells him not to blow it because when Michelle returns she expects to see the new and improved Nico. Michelle and Ray see something special in Nico, and Danny doesn't want to disappoint them. Nico feels that as soon as Danny gains some points with his wife, he will throw him out to the trash. Danny questions the new nanny, Mrs. P., in regards to how things are going. She tells him that she believes Robbie is sleeping. She tells Danny that he refused to take a nap, and with his wild temper, she felt he needed one. She put him in his room and shut his door. She tells Danny that children need to learn from a tender age that the world doesn't revolve around them. Danny tells her that his world revolves around Robbie, and the nanny is in his world. Danny starts to go and get Robbie, but the Nanny points out that there aren't any noises coming from the baby monitor, so Robbie must be sleeping. Danny tells her not to lock Robbie in his room again. While Robbie is napping Mrs. P. wants to discuss Robbie's behavior problems. She complains that Robbie spills his food at the dinner table and if she is going to be working for him, there are changes that have to be made. Danny fires the Nanny just as Marina walks in. Robbie starts to cry, and Marina jumps right in. She calms him down by putting on a puppet show with Robbie's teddy bears. Danny hires Marina as the new nanny and mentions he'll pay her double what Buzz is paying her. Later, Nico comes in and jokingly comments that he thought he was in the wrong house since this house is neat and clean and no screaming kid running around. Nico and Danny seem to come to an understanding with each other. Danny tells him that he will show some respect toward him if he can throw some respect in his direction. Nico heads up to take a shower.

Eden and Harley continue to bicker about who knows Gus the best. Harley starts to head for the door, but Eden reminds her as she is heading out that Gus will leave her someday. Eden tells Harley not to blame him for it because it's probably just the Spaulding blood running through him. They continue to disagree, and Harley storms out.

Alan and Gus meet for lunch at Company. Alan seems to be a little distracted by the Lizzie situation. He feels that Lizzie would be fine as long as certain members of the family would stop treating her like a mental case. Then, a strange woman approaches Alan and throws a glass of water in his face. Alan is outraged! The woman introduces herself as Mrs. Brenda Jenson Lori's mother. Lori started working for the Spauldings a few years ago where she met Brad Green. Brad Green is a senior executive at Spaulding who just recently returned from the Paris office. Brenda claims that Lori tried to break things off with Brad, but he didn't like the word no. After that, Lori never came home. Brenda tells Gus that she tried reporting her daughter missing to the police, but the police said she had to wait 24 hours. After Brenda leaves, Gus questions Alan about what he knows about this. Alan explains that Lori Jenson is an ambitious person. When Lori got to Spaulding, there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to get to the top. Alan claims that Brad mentioned that he planned to dump Lori. Gus wonders how that could explain why Lori is missing. Alan worries about this being leaked into the press. Their conversation is interrupted when Harley joins them. Alan skips out claiming that he has an appointment regarding Lizzie. Gus discusses a new case that he wants Harley to look into regarding Lori Jenson. Gus fills her in on everything. When Gus mentions that the boyfriend is a top executive with Spaulding, Harley seems to understand why he is so eager to help this woman find her daughter to help Alan. They start to argue about why he is getting involved in this case. Harley questions whether Gus is trying to get her involved in a cover-up if Brad really did cause the girls disappearance. After she said that, she realized that Gus isn't like that, and she apologizes. She backs up her apology by telling Gus that she spent much of her day listening to someone talk about how ruthless people can be. Harley agrees to take the case as long as it means she can take it as far as it takes her. Harley starts to head out, but she stops and overhears Gus calling Alan telling him not to worry about the girl or the woman because he has everything under control.

Alan's meeting was with Christopher, the new doctor in town. Alan tries to hire Christopher to evaluate Lizzie because he feels that he needs his own person on the case. Christopher declines the offer. Christopher doesn't want to be Alan's personal shrink-for-hire. He doesn't want to feel obligated to treat Lizzie the way Alan wants her treated just because Alan is funding his research at the university. Alan assures him that his interest in him is just because he wants the best for his granddaughter and assures him that there are no strings attached. Christopher agrees to a session with Lizzie.

At the hospital, Ed discusses with Mel an idea to throw a Boudreau/Bauer blast when Michelle gets home to celebrate Michelle's homecoming and Mel's bar exam results. Mel doesn't seem to want to celebrate. She tells Ed that she got out of today's celebration just in time, and tells him not to push it. Mel explains she knows she is lucky, but she wants a baby. Mel tells him that she has been acting like things are going to be alright, but she forgot to explode.

At the Beacon, Alexander is experimenting some new perfume samples. She tries to get the bartender to smell it. When the bartender doesn't react the way Alexander had hoped, she mentions needing a big splash for the new line. Eden overhears, and tells her to go jump in the lake. Alexander seems to be complimenting Eden on her flawless skin, bone structure, and modeling ability. Eden smells the samples and offers her opinion which seems to be of interest to Alexander. Alexander wants to hear more and offers to buy Eden a drink. Alexander feels that with Eden's bad girl reputation, her sales would triple if Eden would agree to come on board with her. Eden accepts her offer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

At the Beacon, Cassie asked Reva to come to Olivia's baby shower. Reva was understandably reluctant. Reva questioned Cassie about how she could forgive everything Edmund had done to her, specifically him being responsible for her inability to bear more children. As Cassie told her sister that she's determined to be with Edmund, he walked in and Reva quickly exited. Cassie looked at Edmund with tears in her eyes. Later in her suite, Cassie was determined to discuss this with Edmund. Edmund insisted that he can't get over what he did to her. Cassie questioned if he wanted to leave. She expressed how much he changed in becoming a loving sensitive man who takes care of her and her children. They shared a loving kiss.

At the Santos house, Marina talked to Shayne about the challenges in her new nanny job. Josh called Shayne to tell him that he had arranged for a Cubs executive to visit tonight regarding his future in the big league. Shayne was frustrated that dad making plans without consulting him. Shayne determined to take Marina to concert instead. Marina had a "MTV Cribs" fantasy, but was interrupted by Nico. Nico assumed that she was a rich girl, but quickly learned that Marina grew up on Fifth Street also. Later, Marina encouraged Shayne to meet with the Cubs exec, but Shayne was still determined to take her to the concert. They were kissing until rudely interrupted by the sound of Nico's electric sander.

At the Lewis house, Christopher came by looking for Reva. Reva wasn't home, but Josh was still anxious to talk to him. Josh and Christopher had a tense conversation about Reva regarding her psychic talents and her impulses. Josh was concerned about Christopher's advice to Reva to follow her impulses. Josh sees that as a threat to their family and worried that he'd exploit her. Christopher promised that he wouldn't push Reva, but hoped that Josh won't hold her back either. They came to understanding just as Reva arrived home. The threesome had a brief chat before Christopher had to leave. Also, he informed Reva that the Spaulding grant was approved and they can take their work to the next level, Reva using her gifts for future prediction. Marah arrived just in time to see her parents smooching like a couple of teenagers. Marah asked Josh to give Sandy a job. Marah ran out before her dad had a chance to say no. Later at the Beacon, Marah encouraged Sandy to meet with Josh about a job.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie and Alan played chess. Lizzie was happily playing chess until Alan reminded her that Phillip and Lillian won't be staying in the mansion permanently and that she'll be going off to college next year. Lizzie's mood quickly turned sad and sulky. When Alan told her that a new shrink would be visiting her, she reacted defiantly. After she realized that this was the same Dr. Langham working with Reva, her mood swung again and she agreed to the therapy session.

Beth, Phillip and Lillian discussed the possibility of a new therapist for Lizzie, Dr. Langham. Jeffrey surprised Beth with the announcement that he'd come to take her away. Jeffrey asked Beth out and charmed Lillian at the same time. Beth told him that as usual his timing left something to be desired. His response was "What I desire is you." Jeffrey was very adamant that Beth accompany him to the movies as a stress reliever. Beth tried to get Lillian to help her, but her mother encouraged them to date. Beth finally gave in and planned a dinner and movie date for tonight with Jeffrey.

Christopher arrived at the mansion and set down the ground rules to the Spaulding/Raines clan regarding working with the Lizzie. When Christopher introduced himself to Lizzie, she immediately pounced at the opportunity to open up. Lizzie divulged, "I see dead people" and then burst into laughter.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

At the Lewis home, Josh and Reva are discussing the Cubs Executive, John Walker, who happens to be coming to town tonight to see Shayne. Shayne calls and doesn't want Josh to know that he is on the telephone. He tells his mother that he has to talk to her because he doesn't know how to talk to his dad about something. With Josh being in the same room, she agrees to meet him over at Company. Reva hangs up, and tells Josh that she has to go out. As she is leaving, Marah shows up with Sandy. Sandy has an interview with Josh regarding a possible job. After discussing Sandy's credentials, they discuss personal interests. Sandy and Josh share a similar interest in wind surfing. Josh mentions that he doesn't vacation enough to windsurf. Sandy explains that there is a wonderful windsurfing spot just down at the beach in their hometown. Sandy offers some windsurfing lessons. Josh hires Sandy under one condition. He tells him that if he or the Mole ever mention the Lewis family or their company on air, he will never windsurf again. Sandy tells Josh that he has himself a coach, an employee, and a deal.

At Company, Shayne explains to his mother that he has JAMFEST tickets for tonight. He had the tickets way before he know that John Walker was coming to town. He tells his mother that he would like to do both. He could go to the JAMFEST and see John Walker after the concert. When he asks for his mother's input, she tells him that he is the one who wanted to handle his own career, so he needs to take charge and make his own decisions. She promises to back him whatever his decision might be. Reva tells him that he needs to find that balance between his personal life and his career. Shayne tells Marina that he has decided to go to the concert, but they'll have to leave early. Reva starts to head out, but seems to be getting a psychic reading. Shayne asks Reva what is wrong. She tells him nothing.

At the Beacon, Alan is drinking alone. Alexandra approaches him and wonders what's going on. Alan explains he is thinking of Lizzie. Lizzie is seeing Christopher today. Alan explains to Alexandra that they all agreed to abide by whatever decision Christopher makes regarding Lizzie's treatment. Alexandra gets upset and tells Alan he is a fool. She feels that if Christopher decides to intuitionalism Lizzie, the family will go along with it. Alan tells her that Christopher is an expert, and he only wanted the best for Lizzie. Alexandra tells him that the only experts on the Spauldings are the Spauldings. Alan challenges her to name a Spaulding expert that was able to help Lizzie.

Phillip questions Olivia when he shows up at the Beacon and sees her back to work already. Olivia reminds him that she is pregnant - not sick. On another note, Phillip starts to discuss some research he's been doing about raising daughters. Olivia had to stop him when he mentioned math and science. Phillip feels that you can't start too early, but Olivia tells him that discussing elementary subjects before the baby is even born is a bit too early. Olivia feels that this has more to do with Lizzie than their child. Olivia feels that he is trying to distract himself from thinking about the girl he can't fix. Phillip feels that there isn't anything he can do to fix Lizzie, and he feels like a failure. Phillip feels that he was so wrapped up in his own life, than he neglected his daughter. Olivia assures him that there baby is going to grow up healthy and strong because she is going to make sure of it. Olivia tells Phillip to focus on Lizzie right now, and promises to let him know if she needs anything. Alan walks out of Olivia's bar and approaches Phillip. Phillip mentions that he is heading home to be there after Lizzie's appointment. Alan offers to give him a lift, and he accepts.

Lizzie's session with Christopher gets underway at the Spaulding home. Lizzie jokingly tells Christopher that she sees dead people. Christopher informs her that he saw the movie, and tells her that if she were to seriously tell him that she saw spirits, he would assume it was from too much chocolate or caffeine. Lizzie questions why he decided to help her. She feels that there has to be a deal between him and her grandfather, and wonders if he is on the company payroll like everyone else in the town. Christopher explains that her grandfather funds his research, but it has nothing to do with why he has agreed to help her. Lizzie tries to coach Christopher into telling the family that she has made an incredibly emotional breakthrough. Christopher gets paid, and they'll all be off her back. Christopher tells her that he is not for sale, and he plans to evaluate her respectively. Christopher begins to discuss how it is to be a Spaulding, and continues to say that some people would kill to be a Spaulding. Christopher wonders if she hates being a Spaulding. She tells him that she did kill someone once. Christopher seems to already know that she killed her mother's boyfriend, Carl. Christopher creatively moves the conversation over to her burning down the school dorm. He tells her, picking up a box of matches, that she could easily wipe out her entire family including himself if she were to burn down the Spaulding home. She tells him not to tempt her. He hands her the matches, and tells her to go ahead. Lizzie lights a match and watches it burn down to her finger. She lights another one and threatens to throw it on to the sofa. She explains that she is a lost cause: she burnt down her own school, sent Ben up to Marina, and nearly killed her own sister. Lizzie feels that she is evil because she hates her family. She feels that they turned her into herself. Christopher tells her that she is not a lost cause. Lizzie asks Christopher if he'll tell everyone that she is better. Christopher asks her if she is better. Lizzie tells him that his time is up, and she heads out the door. Beth and Lillian were waiting in the hallway for Lizzie. Beth calls out for Lizzie, but she doesn't answer.

The rest of the Spaulding clan arrive and wonder how the meeting went. Beth tells them that Lizzie is in her room, and she wants to go check on her. Christopher walk out, and tells Beth to give Lizzie some time alone. Christopher tells them that the meeting was upsetting to her. Phillip instantly wants to go find her because there's no telling what she might do if she is upset. Christopher tells Phillip to monitor Lizzie for now, but give her time alone for her thoughts. With Lizzie listening in, Christopher tells the family that if after some time, he doesn't feel that she is making any progress, he might have to recommend that Lizzie be hospitalized.

Buzz shows up in Alexandra's room at the Beacon with some Chili. Alexandra was in her bed resting. When Buzz first got a glance at her, he thought she was sick. Alexandra tells Buzz that Lizzie has a serious problem, even more serious than she ever realized. She comments that Alan feels that she doesn't love Lizzie enough. Sounds like Alexandra is understanding the need for Lizzie's therapy. Buzz climbs into the bed with Alexandra just to comfort her. Tammy Winslow walks in with the extra towels Alexandra had ordered up and assumes that she has walked in on something a little more heavy. She drops the towels, apologizes, and runs out. Tammy calls Marina at Company and tells her that she just walked in on Buzz and Alexandra in bed.

Friday, September 12, 2003

by ALI

Jeffrey takes Beth to a Japanese restaurant. Beth confesses that she is surprised by Jeffrey. The movie he chose to take her to was not a typical guy movie, and she also finds out he can speak several languages.
Danny and Nico are on their way into Company when Nico tells Danny that he has eaten there many times but never inside the restaurant. He relays a story to Danny about a time he was taking food from the dumpster out back and he felt the barrel of a shotgun on the back of his neck. When Danny asks Nico if he would rather go somewhere else, Nico laughs at Danny for not realizing he was lying to him.
Josh is trying to get a hold of Shayne to discuss his meeting with the executive from the Cubs. Shayne however is on his way to JAMFEST with Marina. Marina repeatedly tries to persuade Shayne to skip the concert to meet with the exec.
Christopher shows up at Reva's and she expresses her anxiety about Shayne's decision to go to the concert. Reva then tells him she has been wondering about a statement he made about using her psychic abilities to change the world. Christopher says he has spent every moment since his wife died looking for someone like Reva.
Danny and Nico are sitting at a table in Company with an obviously drunk Tony. Danny asks Tony if he gave any thought to the image he was conveying since Josh was in the restaurant. Danny decides to go talk to Josh and make sure everything is ok. Danny thanks Josh for his help with the 5th street project. Josh tells Danny about Shayne's meeting. Danny hopes he can do half as good raising Robbie as Josh did with Shayne. Danny's cell phone rings. As he leaves to answer it, the Cubs exec, John Walked arrives at Company.
Meanwhile, Shayne and Marina are stuck in traffic on their way to the concert. Shayne gets out and buys a T-shirt for Marina from a roadside vendor.
Reva and Christopher discuss the ethics of predicting the future and changing it, going against fate. Reva says it's not right, but Christopher questions how she would react if it were a member of her own family. Wouldn't she do everything in her power to keep them safe?
Jeffrey tells Beth that she is the first person he has brought to this Japanese restaurant that he considers a peaceful sanctuary. Beth tells him that he has gained a miserable reputation. Jeffrey doesn't care what anyone thinks but Beth. He asks what people have been saying about him. He can guess that they say he is rude, arrogant, abrasive, abusive. Beth adds egotistical, mean spirited and he detests small children. Jeffrey says he has no problem with the children, just their parents. Beth asks if she is included in that group and Jeffrey says she is doing the best she can with Lizzie. Beth admits she almost didn't go out with him that night because of all the upheaval in her life, but she is glad that she did because Jeffrey is nothing like the people in Springfield say he is. Then Beth wonders if it is all an act, if he is trying to loosen her up with Sake and smooth talk.
Tony tells Nico not to look up to him, that he should try to be more like Danny. Nico scoffs at the idea. He says Danny is a fake. Tony explains that Danny has a great wife, a great kid, and people in town are starting to look at him in a different light. Danny has a good life and he's happy. Nico still admires Tony because people are intimidated by him.
Josh invites John Walker over to the house hoping Shayne is there. John says he has a few more meetings while he is in town and Josh should give him a call when Shayne arrives.
Shayne is upset about being stuck in traffic. The concert has started, they are still in the car, and would still have to go through security to get in. marina tells him to turn around and go back home. Shayne says he promised to take her to the concert. Marina replies that she got a T-shirt and his meeting is more important.
Josh rushes into the house and asks if Shayne is there. After explaining the situation to Reva, she replies that he will be back in time. Josh isn't so sure. Josh adds that they don't even know where he is, until he realizes that Reva may be speaking from more than her psychic intuition. Reva tells Josh that Shayne took Marina to a concert and they were going to leave early to get back for the meeting. Josh wants to know why Reva didn't tell him about the concert. Reva replies that she is not about to get into who told what to whom. Josh demands to know why Reva would let him go. Reva and Josh continue to argue about what is best for Shayne and who should be making choices for him. Josh thinks Reva is trying to sabotage everything Josh is working towards for Shayne.
Tony continues to drink by himself. He sees a girl across the bar and thinks it is Marah. When she starts kissing the guy she is with, Tony jumps up and grabs her arm. When he realizes it's not Marah, he apologizes. The girl's fiancé and his two friends decide to teach Tony a lesson and Tony tells them to bring it on.
Marina retrieves Shayne's voicemail and gets Josh's message about John Walker being in town. They try to call Josh back and get his voicemail.
Tony explains to the guys in the bar that even if they take him down, he will take at least one of them to the hospital with him. Tony starts swinging. He hits one in the stomach and one in the face before the third catches Tony square in the eye. Bill shows up to break it up.
Jeffrey explains the Japanese tea ceremony to Beth. He also explains other customs and symbols of Japanese culture. Jeffrey tells her the simpleness of the room symbolizes a break with the outside world and allows one to clarify their senses and let go of the stresses of the outside world. Beth thinks this is exactly what she needs. Jeffrey tells her to close her eyes so he can show her how it works. She tells him everything she senses and then says he is like a vision to her. He tells her he is very real, and they kiss. Jeffrey tells Beth that he wants to be with her but, if she isn't ready, he can wait. Beth replies that being with him is the first time in a long time that she has a chance to be desired, a chance to stop worrying, a chance to stop being afraid. Jeffrey begins to undress Beth. He says he will take charge for a change, but she can say no at anytime. Beth wants to know if he will take care of her. Jeffrey replies that he will take care of everything, especially her. They then make love.
Bill tells Tony that he was able to talk the three guys down, and he also called Cassie so Tony doesn't have to worry about the police. Tony doesn't want Bill's charity. Eden walks in just as Tony is about to tell Bill why he can't work things out with Marah.
As Shayne is speeding back to Springfield, Marina repeatedly tries to reach Josh. Traffic is heavy and it is pouring down rain. Shayne decides to go faster. He is determined not to let Josh down.
As Reva is saying good-bye to Christopher, she gets a flash of something and her heart starts racing. Christopher tries to get her to explain what she is seeing, but he can't reach her.
Then, Shayne's car is flooded with light from an oncoming car and they are hit and go off the road.

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