All My Children Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on AMC

Erica collapsed when she overheard that Bianca was pregnant. Anna resigned from the police force and decided to head to Paris to spend some time with Robin. Greenlee confronted Mary and revealed that Juan Pablo's interest in her had been part of a trap. Greenlee asked Kendall for control of Fusion.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, September 8, 2003

Tad found Jamie in a bar picking up a woman. Jamie told the woman Tad was his boss, and Tad backed him up. Back at the house, Tad told Brooke where he found Jamie and cautioned her that he is on the verge of losing his virginity. She admitted that she wanted Jamie to find love before having sex, but Tad insisted Jamie is in a bigger hurry. Brooke hoped Jamie would learn to respect women. Changing the subject, Tad asked her what she was working on. She told him she and Edmund were working on a story about Michael Cambias and his corporate escapades. She added that the story would not focus on the rape. Tad thought the story was a bad idea.

Bianca dreamed of her baby. "I can't hold you," she told the baby. She said she couldn't even look at it. Looking up, she saw Kendall, who reminded her that the baby needed Bianca's love.

Erica confronted Kendall at the condo. She told Kendall to stay away from her and Bianca and stormed out. Kendall tried going after her to explain to no avail. When she returned, Aidan told Edmund to leave and tried to comfort Kendall. Kendall was sure Erica would forgive her once she learned the truth, but she would not tell Aidan. She cautioned Aidan to stay away from her, so she wouldn't ruin his life, and then she left to go after Erica. Aidan became angry just as David arrived. Aidan asked what he was trying to hide. After David left, Aidan found Erica's date book. He then knew it was what David had come to look for.

Bianca was startled when Erica arrived home. She assumed her mother was unable to regain control of Enchantment, and Erica told her she wasn't finished. Though Bianca was upset over the company, Erica insisted that Bianca was far more important. Erica could tell Bianca was upset over more than just Enchantment, but Bianca said she was just tired and wanted to wait until morning to talk. Erica persisted, and just as Bianca seemed like she might tell, someone knocked on the door. It was Kendall, who would not let Erica close the door on her. She insisted Erica and Bianca hear why she married Michael. Hearing the news for the first time, Bianca was shocked and appalled. Kendall went on to explain that she could help them get Enchantment back, since she had power of attorney over Michael's holdings. Erica said again that she didn't care about Enchantment, to Kendall's surprise. She told Kendall to leave, but Bianca wanted to speak with Kendall. They left the penthouse.

David arrived and asked Erica if Kendall had given any more information about Michael. Erica said no. He told her had hadn't found her date book and went to look at the condo, but Aidan had stopped him. Erica said she hoped it wasn't there. David seems confident the worst is over, and since Kendall hadn't said any more, it was a good sign. Erica said she knew how to handle Kendall.

Greenlee sung the praises of Juan Pablo to Mia and Simone. They ask how she could do that after he'd hurt her. She explained the Juan was helping her find out whether Mary or Jack was lying to her. Simone told Greenlee that Juan had "a thing" for her. Greenlee decided to go to Juan Pablo's room, where he is desperately trying to get rid of Mary. He managed to get his robe on, and told Mary he had to return indefinitely to Argentina. Mary tried to seduce him, but he thwarts her attempts by flattering her. Greenlee walked in and saw her mother and Juan Pablo together. Mary was adamant that she was doing nothing wrong, but Greenlee was angry. She told her mother that Juan Pablo was after her money and announced to Juan Pablo to announce that her mother had nothing. Juan told her he wasn't after money, but Greenlee walked out, telling them to put a sign on the door if they wanted to fool around. Mary went after Greenlee, who was disgusted that her mother had rushed through their dinner together, just so she could be with Juan Pablo. Mary apologized for Greenlee finding her that way, but she had needs. Greenlee asked if her needs came first; would she leave with her right now? Mary agreed to go with her.

Greenlee returned to Juan Pablo later and told him she'd put Mary to bed with a drink. She again suggested he double bolt the door or he'd find her in his bed again. She decided she could trust Juan Pablo.

Mia and Simone were still discussing the Fusion contest when they saw Edmund enter. Mia decided to make peace with him over their failed romance. Mia and Edmund both confess they miss each other's friendship, and they proceeded to chat. Edmund told her about the story he was working on--about Michael Cambias. Mia told him she worried the story might damage Fusion's publicity. She asked if he could hold off on publishing the article until after the contest, but he said if he did that, it would compromise the integrity of the magazine.

Bianca was angry that Kendall married her rapist. She didn't think Enchantment and Fusion was enough for Kendall to do this. Kendall explained that she wanted to get even with Michael and she hated him. She asserted that he had gotten away with enough, and now he would never hurt her again. She promised Bianca she wouldn't see Michael ever again, but Bianca knew she would always be reminded of him. She commented that her child would come to her in 25 years, and that would be another reminder. Kendall didn't understand what she was talking about. "Michael got me pregnant," Bianca told Kendall. Erica was on the other side of the door when she overheard this news and covered her mouth in shock.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Greenlee and Juan Pablo talked in his hotel room about trust, happiness, relationships and the final phase of their scheme for Juan to seduce Mary. Greenlee was not convinced that even if Mary refuses to go away with Juan that she has Greenlee's best interests at heart. Ryan walked by the door and overheard Greenlee's voice and Juan calling her by name. As he listened, Ryan bumped into a room service cart which made Greenlee go into the hallway to see what the ruckus was. She thought she saw Ryan and went back into the room and told Juan Pablo about her history with Ryan. Ryan listened at the door again as she told the story about ending it with Ryan on her terms because Ryan remembered it differently. It did remind Greenlee that trust does not work and she asked for Juan's continued help. Juan called Mary to ask her to come to his room and then asked her to run away to Buenos Aires with him and share his world. In the closet, Greenlee listened intently as Mary expressed her surprise at the turnaround in his attitude and contemplated joining him, but told Juan Pablo that she needs to stay in town for her daughter. He tried to convince her that Greenlee has her own life and Mary should have hers. After he said his family would adore her, she told him she had to sleep on it before deciding. When she left, Greenlee came out of the closet and he invited her to spend the night, playing baccarat while they waited for Mary's decision.

Aidan went to Jack's to show him Erica's date book which he'd found at Michael's. Aidan spelled out his theory that Erica may have planted the drugs at Michael's. Jack guessed that Michael had stolen the date book as part of his corporate espionage plan. Aidan explained the date book had been used up to the date of the hearing. Jack accused Aidan of an overactive imagination and wondered why he was so interested in finding out what happened to Michael, especially since he's not a cop. Aidan also defended Kendall, saying there is no way she married Michael and wondered why Jack was so uptight and what he was hiding.

At the boathouse, Lena and Maggie talked about Bianca. Lena was convinced that Michael was gone for good and Bianca was safe. She was desperate to see Bianca but Maggie urged her to let Bianca alone and promised to help her as soon as Bianca was ready.

Outside Bianca's office, Erica was shattered after overhearing Bianca tell Kendall that she's pregnant. Kendall was stunned and they both heard Erica scream and rushed to her aid, just as she fell to the ground. Both Erica and Bianca shouted at Kendall to leave them alone. She listened in the hallway as Erica told Bianca that she would absolutely not be having Michael's baby. Kendall was devastated about the pregnancy and hearing Erica tell Bianca she's the perfect daughter and the only person she loves. Erica told Bianca there would be more tests and no pregnancy because Erica wouldn't allow that to happen to her. Bianca worried and called Jack to ask him to come over. She also called Maggie. They went back to Erica's apartment and Jack came over, as Erica continued her denial about the pregnancy. Maggie also stopped by as Bianca had requested. Jack tried to assure Bianca that Erica would be OK, but Bianca was very worried. Jack promised to take care of Erica and asked Bianca to take care of herself. Bianca said she did not want to feel pregnant or have any part of this and reminded Jack that she had to make a decision soon. Jack went to Erica and Maggie sat with Bianca.

Downstairs, Boyd came to see Kendall and Kendall initially thought he was Ryan. She explained she'd seen Ryan in the hotel lobby. Boyd was glad to hear that Ryan had not seen her. He reassured her that she had done the only thing she could do. Kendall expressed her disappointment that it was still not over, and would never be over. Boyd told her it would be over if she'd let it and that he had taken care of everything. Kendall thanked him but lamented that she'd lost her mother for good. She then stunned Boyd with the news of Bianca's pregnancy and he reminded Kendall that once everyone knew what she had done for them and why, they'd understand and she'd be part of a family again.

In the Valley Inn bar, Ryan surprised Edmund and said he was in town on business and asked for Edmund's help. After catching up about Maria, Edmund asked about Kendall and they both wondered if she'd really married Michael. Off the record, Ryan told Edmund he was there to find Michael and repay a debt. He didn't want anyone to know he was in town and refused Edmund's invitation to stay at Wildwind, saying it had too many memories.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

In the morning Juan Pablo walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, waking Greenlee up. She smiled at him and said he owed her 10,013 Euro dollars from their card game last night. He handed her a check, which she promptly tore up. They talked about Mary and Greenlee said she believes her mother will fly off with Juan Pablo. A knock on the door sent Greenlee into hiding. Juan Pablo let Mary in and he said to her "Will you make my life worth living or are you going to break my heart?" Mary said her daughter needed her so she couldn't run away with him. Juan Pablo said Greenlee could visit them but Mary insisted that she needed to stay in Pine Valley. Then she admitted that she was having difficulties and that she "couldn't sail through life without resources." Juan Pablo said she needed to feel independent and handed her a deed to a small ranch he owns in Argentina. He told Mary he'd put the property in her name but he knew that wasn't very romantic so he opened a box with a diamond studded necklace. Mary was blown away and Juan Pablo said he didn't mean to pressure her but all this and more would be hers if she joined him on his private jet in an hour. He led her to the door and told her to get her passport. After shutting the door Greenlee came out and said she couldn't tell if her mother wanted to stay here for her or her money. She and Juan Pablo went to his jet, where she was impressed with the luxury. They sat on the couch and Juan Pablo told her he was happy she was there with him. Then he looked at his watch and told her it was time for her to go. He said if her mother didn't show, they'd celebrate by flying to Milan on his jet. Greenlee smiled and left. He sat at his desk and opened his briefcase, looked at something and then began to count down. Precisely on time Mary walked in and asked "I didn't miss my time did I?" She said she couldn't let him go off without her. Juan Pablo handed her a glass of champagne and they lifted their glasses as Greenlee came in. She demanded to know what her mother was doing and Mary said she couldn't go against her nature. Greenlee offered to give her plenty of money but Mary said she needed a man too. Greenlee begged her to do the right thing and not leave her alone. Her mother told her they could still see each other any time she wanted but Greenlee said she'd be all alone, "Even my father doesn't want me, you said so!." Mary said she had to go with Juan Pablo and that Jack never lied to Greenlee. She admitted that Jack didn't know about Greenlee until the wedding. "So now we're all getting what we wanted!" Mary happily said. Greenlee just smiled at her.

At Fusion Mia, Simone and Liza were frantically working on the contest. Mia said they should announce the winner at some place that says America, like the statue of Liberty. Kendall strutted in and said it should be done at the Washington Monument but the women completely ignored her and kept discussing places to announce the winner. Kendall said very loudly that they couldn't ignore her, she wasn't going away. When they didn't respond she threw some things on the floor and when they turned to look she told them they couldn't ignore her because she was one of them. She told them she had reasons for doing what she did and to just accept that she's not the enemy. Simone said she married the man who raped her own sister but Kendall told them to just give her a chance. She told them that they all shared a common bond with the company and Simone said "Not since you bonded with your sister's rapist." Kendall glared at her and said to just email her with the contest results and she'd make a decision. Mia said that Greenlee was the boss and she'd make the decision. Kendall got very heated and said "You haven't been listening, I'm Mrs. Michael Cambias, I own this company and you. I decide!" She then said that if anyone didn't like it they could get out. All three women grabbed their belongings and headed to the elevator. Kendall followed them, screaming insults and told them they were pathetic losers and that she didn't need them. When the elevator doors close she stumbled back into the office and sat down, sobbing.

Ryan broke into Michael Cambias's condo and quickly shut the blinds. He found Michael's computer and booted it up. Ryan looked for new or sent email but there was none. He wondered "Where the hell are ya, Mike?" A noise at the door made Ryan run out onto the back porch. From there he looked in a window and saw David Hayward break in. David talked to himself, trying to remember where Erica was standing while they were in the condo together. He noticed that Michael's desk had been disturbed and he called out "Is anyone there?" He went to the kitchen and picked up a crystal decanter. He sniffed it and said "What the police don't know won't hurt me" and started to pour the whiskey in a plant. Aidan walked in and grabbed David's hand and told him not to mess with the crime scene. David argued a bit and then convinced Aidan to go outside with him so they could talk. As Aidan headed outside David knocked him to the floor and ran back to empty the rest of the decanter. Aidan got to him and knocked it to the floor, breaking it. Aidan bent down to pick up some pieces and David warned him not to cut himself. Aidan asked what the hell was in it and David said "you'll never find out." Anna walked in just in time to hear that. Anna asked Aidan and David why they were there. David said he stopped to find out where Cambias was headed. Aidan said he caught David pouring whiskey on a plant. He told her the decanter was broken but there was enough to send to a lab. Anna told Aidan they'd talk later and sent him out. She sat down and asked David if he dumped the scotch because he'd put something in it, like the formula he told her he was working on that "would save lives." David said he was guilty but there were extenuating circumstances. Anna said she wasn't interested in hearing them and walked out. David followed her and Ryan came back into the condo. He picked up some glass pieces and ran out.

Bianca, wrapped in a blanket, walked through the penthouse and went outside on the balcony. She leaned against the wall and just stared. Erica came out and told Bianca how much she loved her. They hugged and then went inside. Erica told Bianca that she could always come to her with anything. Bianca asked how she could put her through her own rape again, but her mother said she was the only thing she was worried about. Bianca said it was like she was reliving her mother's life and Erica said she'd had a pretty good life and that their nightmares were completely separate. But she said that because she'd gone through this she could help Bianca and begged her to let her be the mother she needed. Bianca tearfully said she was and they hugged. Jack and Maggie walked in and were touched. Erica told Jack how amazing Bianca was and then tried to get her to eat. Jack said they were going on a picnic, "I want it to be a Montgomery family tradition and this time we're celebrating Reggie's formal adoption." Bianca cheered up and said Reggie was so excited about that. Maggie stood up to leave and Erica wanted to know where she thought she was going. Maggie said back to her dorm room and Erica said absolutely not, she was part of their family and was going with them. Maggie happily accepted. Jack and Erica playfully teased each other as they headed into the kitchen to order picnic food. Bianca called Reggie. Later Maggie, Bianca, Reggie, Jack and Erica carried all the picnic supplies to a table near the boathouse. Jack threw a frisbee to Reggie, who ducked rather than caught it. Reggie said they never played that game in his neighborhood. Jack laughed and said he'd teach him how but Reggie feigned a bee sting to get out of it. Reggie said he was looking forward to 3pm and making it all official. Erica said she couldn't be happier to have him in the family. Bianca grabbed Maggie and Reggie and took them into the boathouse. She told them this was a great opportunity to get Jack and Erica back to the altar. After they ate Bianca mentioned dessert. Erica brought out a huge brownie and Bianca offered to take Maggie and go get ice cream. Jack brought out a cooler filled with different flavors of ice cream. Reggie had gone off somewhere so they started eating the ice cream. Bianca turned to Erica and said she realized that everything was going to be ok, "with you guys around I'm going to get through this." Jack walked over and kissed Bianca and Erica and said she was right.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Bianca and Maggie walked into the penthouse talking about how stuffed they were from the picnic. Bianca saw a pot of flowers on the coffee table and sat down to look at the card. She said that she was having so much fun earlier that she forgot. Maggie said that it was okay to forget. Bianca handed Maggie the card and it was from Lena. Bianca called Lena then told Maggie that she was nervous that she didn't know what she'd say. Maggie told her not to worry. A knock came to the door and Bianca said nervously that Lena was there. Maggie went to Bianca's room to give them privacy. Bianca opened the door to let Lena inside. Lena was grateful that Bianca wanted to see her. Lena started apologizing blaming herself for what happened. Bianca asked her not to do that. Lena sat down beside Bianca on the couch and told Bianca she'd do anything to help her. That she was hoping Bianca would be able to talk to her. Bianca wasn't quite ready. Lena said that she was happy that Bianca was at least talking to her mom and her uncle and hoped one day she'd be able to trust her again. Lena started blaming herself again and Bianca told her to quit blaming herself. Lena said the worst was over. Bianca didn't say anything. Lena told Bianca she knew she has done terrible things she never knew she was capable of because of what happened. Bianca thanked Lena for coming by to see her. Lena said that she hated to leave her alone but Bianca said that she wasn't alone Maggie was with her. Lena said goodbye. When she was gone Maggie returned to the living room and Bianca said she should've let Lena hold her. She should've told her everything. Maggie hugged Bianca and told her everything would be alright.

Greenlee asked Mary why she lied to her about Jack. Mary kept telling Greenlee that she didn't have time to go into it that she and Juan Pablo were about to leave for Milan and that she'd call her from the air to talk. Greenlee kept pushing for answers and Mary kept telling Greenlee she had no time to talk right now. Juan Pablo called the pilot and told him to cut the engines. Mary said no that he didn't have to do that she could call Greenlee from the air and he could help her get Greenlee to understand. Juan Pablo told Mary they weren't going to Milan or Argentina. She asked about the deed and he told her that it was a fake. Mary asked why. Greenlee asked Juan Pablo to give them a few minutes alone. When he excused himself Mary asked why she didn't want to keep her partner in crime with her so they could both gloat. Greenlee said it wasn't about that, it was a test and she failed. Greenlee told Mary that Mary never loved her and she tried taking the father she just found away from her by telling her that he knew all along and didn't want her. Mary said "I told the truth now." She also told Greenlee that she was fallible but they could start over. Greenlee wasn't interested. Mary said she checked out of the Valley Inn. Greenlee asked if she wanted money. Mary said a stipend to hold her over that Greenlee or her father just can't cut her off. Greenlee said that Granddaddy might give in to Mary but she wouldn't. Mary stormed off the plane. Greenlee sat down on the couch and started crying. Juan Pablo walked back in and she stood up. He asked if she was all right. She told him that it was tears of joy. He told Greenlee that she had the right to cry. Greenlee said that crying was a 'sign of weakness, I might be stupid but I'm not weak." Juan Pablo told her she wasn't stupid or weak. He held her while she cried. She told him that she didn't want to let go and he said she didn't have to. Greenlee looked up at Juan Pablo and smiled then they kissed.

Liza showed up at the Tad's and told him to pack. Tad asked what she was talking about. Liza told Tad that it was his idea to go to Tahiti so she bought them tickets. He grabbed a note pad and started writing but told her that he'll just by a toothbrush on the way. She asked what about his clothes and he said he didn't need it that he'd dress native. She told him that they were going to Tahiti there were no natives. He said she could sew him a thong on the plane. Tad asked her why she wanted to go and why she wanted him to pack. She said she wanted to go to throw caution to the wind. She didn't want to plan anything she just wanted them to go. Tad asked if that meant they were going to share the same bed. She said she wasn't planning anything. Tad then walked real close to Liza and said why go to Tahiti we could just let happen whatever will happen right here. He was about to kiss her when Jamie came crashing threw wanting to borrow Tad's car. Tad reminded Jamie there was someone else in the house and told him to say hi. Jamie said "Hi Liza, now can I have the car"? Tad said sure I won't need it in Tahiti. Jamie said "Way to go Dad!" Another knock came to the door, when Tad opened it Opal stormed in asking if they were alright. She said that something wasn't right in the cosmos and they led right to this house. Jamie said everything was fine that Tad and Liza were going to Tahiti. Opal said she knew things weren't right. Marian came waltzing in and handed Liza a white paper bag saying she was glad she caught up with her and that she'd probably need what was in that bag. Liza looked in it and quickly closed yelling "MOTHER!" Marian said well you may need protection. Opal and Marian started arguing that Liza and Tad shouldn't be together, each putting down the opposites child. Jamie finally broke in and told them they were being too loud. They didn't notice that Tad and Liza left. They asked where the two were and Jamie laughed and said "winging it to Tahiti."

At the airport Liza and Tad wondered if Opal and Marian even noticed that they had left. They sat down in the airport chairs and Liza asked Tad if he remembered when she wanted him to go to Paris with her. He said no it was Venice. Liza said that he must have been thinking of someone else. He said no. You drove up in a red convertible and asked me if I wanted to go. She said "I know you are thinking of someone else." He said that he knew that it was her then stopped in mid sentence. She asked what was wrong. He said that he was just thinking the last time they wanted to run off to take a trip together things didn't go well. She said they were just kids. He said that they were both adults now. Both looked uncomfortable and were having second thoughts.

David arrived at the cabin calling out for Anna. When he saw that she wasn't there he called Erica and told her that Anna and Aidan caught him at Michael's. He told her not to worry about a thing if anything were to come up he'd handle it she should just take care of Bianca.

Anna was holding an envelope she had addressed to Jack marked personal and confidential. Aidan walked in and asked if she had brought David in for questioning. She said for what? He said because he had caught him dumping out the scotch. She asked if he had any proof that David put something in the scotch. He said no. Then he handed her Erica's planner and said he had found that in Michael's condo. Again she told him there was no real proof of anything. Without any evidence that there was a crime committed then her hands were tied. He asked why she wasn't doing her job and accused Jack of the same thing. She asked Aidan if he thought that she and Jack should excuse themselves from this case. He said yes. She asked why he was so interested in finding Michael when the whole town would prefer him not to be found. Aidan admitted that it wouldn't be a popular thing but he thought justice should be served. Aidan asked if she were going to talk to David and she said she knew how to handle David. Aidan asked her to call him later then left. Anna placed the envelope on her desk addressed to Jack. Put Erica's planner in her purse along with her picture of Leora then left her office. David was trying to call her again when she arrived at the cabin. She asked if he was leaving her another message. He said yes and asked why she didn't answer the phone. Anna told him that what she had to say had to be done in person. David said he wanted to tell her the truth. She told him that she quit her job and handed him Erica's planner. She told him that this was probably what he was looking for at Michael's. He said that he wouldn't have asked her to give him the planner and she didn't have to give it to him. She told him that she was leaving him as well. He told her that they were on the same page and that they should try starting over. Anna told him that she couldn't stay. She said that she was empty and she needed to get some space between them so that she could move forward and so could he. He insisted they would be able to work it out. She told him no that she didn't have anything in her reserve that she needed to get away. She said she couldn't do her job because she was in that court room when Michael smirked and she thought what if it were their daughter or Robin. She said she would do anything to protect her children and she wouldn't feel right going after anyone for protecting Bianca. David asked where she was going to go. She said Paris to see Robin. David said that he wouldn't have stopped her from going to see Robin. Anna told him that they have to be apart, they can't move forward, at this point, together. She had tears in her eyes and said that she was really sorry that it was all her fault. David stood up and walked to her and hugged her and said that it wasn't anyone's fault it just happened that way. They just held each other tightly.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Bianca goes to the Pine Valley Hospital to see a crisis counselor. When she asks where the counselor is, the nurse tells her that the counselor is not there and will not return until the next week. Bianca turns around to leave and bumps into a man pushing his wife through the hall in a wheelchair. Bianca apologizes and the man happily tells her that his wife is in labor. After they go down the hall, Bianca becomes frazzled and sits down. Maria comes over and asks if she needs any help. Bianca is shocked to see her alive. Bianca gets up to leave and becomes very weak. Maria helps her into her office, sits her down in a chair, and gives her a glass of water. Maria informs Bianca that she knows about the rape because Edmund and Brooke are working on a story about Michael Cambias and covered the trial. In order to try to comfort Bianca, Maria explains that years ago, her sister, Julia, was raped and she was able to get through it. Bianca confides that she doesn't know how to get through the rape because she has so many decisions to make and not enough time to make them. Maria immediately blurts out, "You're pregnant" and Bianca confirms that she is. Maria tells Bianca that she is there to help her and can answer any questions. Bianca inquires if her anorexia will affect the pregnancy. Maria says that it can make her pregnancy difficult but as long as she is in good health now, there should not be any problems. Maria adds that Julia was pregnant and decided to terminate the pregnancy. Bianca doesn't think that Maria supported her decision. Maria said that Julia did what was best for her at the time and never regretted aborting the baby. Maria gives Bianca some pamphlets and tells her that she is always there to help her. Bianca thanks her for her kindness and explains that her father died three years ago. She wishes he was alive because he would know how to help her. Maria tells her that she has to have faith in herself in order to make the right choice. Bianca goes home and tells Erica that she talked to a doctor since the crisis counselor was not there. Erica asked her if the doctor helped her make a decision about her situation. Bianca says yes. Erica immediately assumes that Bianca is going to abort the pregnancy and asks about her "appointment time." Bianca is confused and asks her what she means by an "appointment time." Erica explains that she wants to go with her to her appointment so she can end the pregnancy and put the rape behind her.

Juan Pablo asks Greenlee to go away with him to Milan and believe in him. Greenlee says that she wants to believe in him, but she isn't sure. As Juan Pablo tries to persuade her, Simone and Mia pop in! Simone tells Greenlee that Kendall has to be stopped. Simone says that Kendall started going crazy when they ignored her and begin barking orders at them and flaunting her power. She says that when Kendall told them they could get out, her and Mia left. Simone tells Greenlee she has to choose-either she can help save Fusion or run away with Juan Pablo. Realizing that they interrupted a personal moment, they step outside so Greenlee can decide. Greenlee says that she wants to go away with Juan Pablo, but she has to stay and save her company. Juan Pablo tells her he understands and perhaps, they can take the trip another time. Simone yells for Greenlee to hurry up. Greenlee and Juan Pablo share a passionate kiss and she leaves.

Tad and Liza are at the airport, looking unsure of themselves and this trip to Tahiti. Tad goes to check on the plane to make sure it is leaving on time. While Tad is at the flight attendants desk, Liza has a daydream. She dreams that they arrive in Tahiti. Tad is flirting with all the women while Liza is stuck carrying the luggage. She calls out for Tad to help her and he goes over to remove one piece of luggage. He walks off, ignoring Liza, and lusting after all the other women. Liza snaps back to reality and looks over at Tad. Tad has his own daydream. He dreams that once they arrive to Tahiti, Liza starts barking out orders and planning their entire day! He is stuck with the luggage and Liza is bossing him around. He snaps back to reality and tells Liza that the plane is departing on time. Tad gets excited when he starts describing the personal, private cottages right on the beach, practically on top of the ocean. Liza tells him that she didn't book those rooms. She booked the rooms in the main building by the tennis courts. Tad seems upset, but brushes it off. He says that he will at least have a seat on the plane next to the window. Liza informs him that she got aisle seats because she likes those better. Their flight is called and as they go to stand in line, Greenlee, Simone and Mia come rushing in. They explain about their plan to save Fusion and tell her that they need her help. Tad and Liza see this a chance to cancel their trip, so they both apologize for it not working out, and go their separate ways. Tad goes home to find himself in the middle of a wild and beer-filled party. He manages to get all the kids out and starts calling out for Jamie. He finds a woman's high heeled shoe and then goes to Jamie's room. Jamie is doing some major lip locking with a girl on his bed! Tad slowly opens the door, comes in, and then shuts the door loudly. Jamie and the girl break apart and look embarrassed that Tad caught them.

Edmund goes to see Ryan and tells him there is still no word on Michael Cambias. "It's like he just vanished from the earth," he says. Ryan hands him the envelope with the wet paper towel he recovered from Michael's house tucked inside. He asks him if he knows a forensic person who can figure out what the substance is. Edmund says he knows just the person and offers to deliver it himself. Ryan wants to bring it himself, but decides he can trust Edmund and allows him to take it. When Edmund asks what the substance is, Ryan tells him that he doesn't know and it may be crucial evidence in a crime. When Edmund leaves, he bumps into Juan Pablo. He gives him a funny look, apologizes for bumping into him, and leaves. Ryan opens the door and starts asking Juan Pablo about "the women who was in his room last night." Juan Pablo gets defensive and demands to know why he is prying into his life. Ryan says that the women disturbed him while he was sleeping. Juan Pablo asks if he knows who Greenlee Dupree is. Ryan says he doesn't know her. Edmund goes to pick Maria up from the hospital. She tells him she has to check on her patients and leaves the office. Edmund makes a phone call to someone inquiring about Juan Pablo. Edmund tells the person on the phone that he will keep a close eye on Juan Pablo.

Kendall is alone at Fusion looking over contest posters and pictures. Aidan comes in and tells Kendall that he was wrong about her. He doesn't think she killed Michael Cambias and that she is protecting someone. Aidan also tells Kendall that he found Erica's date book in Michael's house, meaning she was there on the day of the trial. Kendall tells Aidan to back off and just be happy that Michael is gone. Aidan says that he can't do that and he thinks she is protecting Erica. Kendall is shocked at his accusation and tells him she wouldn't protect Erica because Erica hates her now and has disowned her again. Kendall claims that she doesn't need Erica anymore because she has power and money. Aidan adds that she may have all that, but she still is alone. Kendall gets a call on her cell phone and claims that it is Michael Cambias. They talk briefly and she tells him that she is still investigating about his father's will. Before she hangs up the phone, she gives it to Aidan so he can hear that it is Michael. Of course, when Aidan picks up the phone, "Michael" has hung up. Aidan doesn't believe it was Michael because anyone can hang up a phone. Kendall points out that her caller ID shows it was Michael. Aidan doesn't bother to call the number back and tells her to be careful before he leaves. Kendall is at her desk and accidentally knocks over some papers. As she is picking them off the floor, Kendall, Liza, Mia, and Greenlee storm in. Kendall thinks they are back to beg for their jobs. She proudly shows off three other ladies who walk in, obviously replacing the original Fusion ladies. Simone, Mia, and Liza are disgusted and Simone even calls one of them a "lipstick bitch." Greenlee takes the calmer approach. She walks over to Kendall and tries to understand the point of view that Kendall has taken on. Greenlee suggests that Kendall should merge Fusion and Enchantment because Fusion is just the rut Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises. To top it all off, Greenlee adds that once a merge is down, she should be CEO.



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