One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on OLTL

Cristian saved Kelly's life. Kevin was appointed Lieutenant Governor. Marcie and Al were both ill. Al needed a liver transplant. Antonio won joint custody of Jamie. Kelly learned that she had a brother. Blair mistook Flynn for Walker. Dorian schemed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, September 8

Cristian pushes Kelly out of harms way when the chandelier comes crashing to the ground. Cristian accepts Kevin's offer to become his personal assistant and asks for a salary advance to cover his gambling debt. Kevin is named Lt. Governor and Dawes leaves him with a warning.

Dorian screams out that her necklace has been stolen, per her scheme with David. Back at home, David and Dorian accuse each other of a double-cross when both claim not to have the necklace. Alone, Dorian reveals that she has the necklace in her possession.

In Atlantic City, Walker meets with Flynn (played by Trevor St. John), who looks just like him. Walker and Flynn discuss the deal they made wherein Walker would assume Flynn's identity. Flynn warns Walker to make sure their scheme isn't exposed. Blair manages to sneak up to Flynn's suite and thinks he is Walker when she sees him.

Marcie is diagnosed with a potentially fatal virus. Al and Marcie realize she contracted the virus after she was left in the dumpster. Al becomes ill with the same virus. Gabrielle has a fit when she finds Bo and Nora laughing and dancing together. Bo advises Antonio to steer clear of Keri. Nigel and Roxy play the slot machines to avoid returning to their room, which only has one bed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Dorian adroitly sets a trap for David Vickers. Suspecting she still has the Badhra necklace, he creeps into her house in cat burglar regalia. She meekly calls the police in a hushed voice from her foyer. As the police sirens wail in the background, she pulls a news clipping from her décolletage that indicates the French count who had a beef with her has been dead for a month. David is impressed. Dorian is still willing to negotiate with the necklace, but the price she seeks is Kelly's safety, even at the risk of destroying her marriage. David is up for the job and Dorian apologizes to the cops for a false alarm.

The photos of Blair and Kevin hot and heavy in the horse stables resurface: first under Asa's disapproving nose, and later, a few mere polished fingertips away from Kelly's eyes. But Kevin gently intercedes before she sees them and rips them up after placating her. In an uncharacteristic turn, Kevin asserts himself as his own man to his powerful grandfather. His bravado later softens but still quietly vibrates under his blue-blooded skin.

Todd? Walker? Walker? Todd? What's a Blair to do? She encounters the real Walker and is confused by his slick Soprano garb, then later encounters Todd/Walker who assures her that he's leaving his casino management career behind him to focus on the Sun and a new life in Llanview. At one point, the real Walker decides having a twirling twin is too much trouble and holds Todd/Walker at gunpoint. But of course, our boy Manning has his bases covered with incriminating documents that will be distributed to law enforcement agencies on the occasion of his demise. He also takes care of Kevin's little snoopy dog by drugging her and having an associate plop her on a plane to any parts unknown. Todd's very much in control. Blair's lingering love for Todd combined with her new longing for Walker is wrenching her heart out of the seams of her stunning psychedelic sundress. A prodding Stevie Nicks' ballad mirrors their yearning for each other. Todd rages and smashes his reflection as Walker. The garbled shards of glass stop Stevie's song cold.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Cris informs Max that he'll be quitting his job to work for Kevin. As Max ponders closing the bar down to look after Al who's been brought to Llanview Hospital, Natalie vows to take care of the place for him.

At the hospital, a worried Gabrielle stays close to Al's room. Bo expresses his concern about her but she advises him that she only cares about her son right now, though she needs to clear something up with him. She admits to trying to make him jealous with Max (he knew) and will do anything at this point to make sure that Al gets better. She tells him to go be with Nora. Bo accuses her of making deals with God but unfortunately, that's not how it works. He never said he wanted to be with Nora, he continues. They just laugh about old times mostly. He loves Gabby and they are still falling in love and finding out about each other. When Max arrives, Larry assures the group that Marcie is improving, though Al's liver seems to be involved with his illness. More tests and antibiotics are indicated, he proceeds.

Daniel runs into Nora at the country club and gloats over his endorsement by Channel 2. Nora holds her own, citing the fact that Asa is trying to buy his election. When Daniel spots Riley and Flash and offers to buy them lunch, he is incensed to learn that they are there to meet Nora. He gets on Riley, accusing him of lunching with his enemy. Nearby, Flash divulges that Daniel is a drunk and that Kevin knows about it, which Asa also hears as he goes by. When Asa wanders over to Daniel, he dismisses his son abruptly. Asa orders the man on the wagon effective immediately.

Cris gets his $5000 advance from Kevin who agrees to keep mum, but turns down his offer to be Kelly's bodyguard. He does agree to listen to Kevin's entire job proposal later on.

Kelly visits Dr. Perez who admonishes her for insisting on taking the risk to become pregnant. She knows the chances for problems are great but she will go ahead to try to have her own baby. Kevin would not even consider adoption.

Dorian and David spend some time at home until they're interrupted by Blair's return. When David leaves, Blair tells her aunt that Walker isn't who he says and she doesn't want to see him again. Dorian thinks that's a bad move and would prefer him over Kevin, at any rate. She's seen Walker look at her like Todd did. Dorian learns that Kelly is at the hospital.

Flynn is ready to take off for Vegas, irate that he is being forced to leave due to faux Walker's incompetence. Walker swears that both Blair and the P.I. are under control.

Dorian spots Kelly leaving the doctor's office and wonders why she didn't go to see Dorian's own doctor instead. Kelly refuses to discuss it with her and in addition, warns her not to tell Kevin. Dorian calls David; she wants him to begin making his moves on Kelly.

Walker arrives as Blair is departing for the park with Hedy and Jack. They go on ahead as Blair agrees to see him. He's finished with Atlantic City, there will be no more secrets, and he's in love with her, he announces. He wants another chance. She asks which Walker is real. He grabs her and kisses her, telling her she knows who he is. She slaps him but they're interrupted by Kevin who bursts in with a copy of The Sun. There's an article about previous, unproven charges that were brought against him in Houston. He knows Walker is behind it even though he didn't write the article. He demands there be a retraction and storms out. Walker and Blair argue over the tactic and she accuses him of being the same as Todd. She can't be with him, she advises him. She admits she loved Todd, when questioned, but he hurt her too much, time after time. Hedy is back with Jack and Starr has returned from school. When Blair needs to see Starr about homework, Walker agrees to stay with a sleeping Jack. He confesses that he's Jack's dad, that he'll marry Blair and they'll all be a family. When Blair returns she sends Walker off. Jack wakes up and calls out "Daddy."

Cris pays off his bet but the man demands $1000 interest. Cris agrees to write a personal check from his joint checking account, while at the same time, Natalie checks on her wedding invitations. Did they receive her check?

Dorian and David meet at the diner where Dorian gives David one small diamond as payment. He'll get the rest of the necklace after he completes his job, she informs him. She wants Kelly kept busy and hopes that it will result in her leaving her husband. It's a matter of life and death, she confesses.

As his parents and Bo visit with him, Al's monitor begins to beep. Larry rushes in and orders everyone to leave. Al is in shock. After the doctors and nurses work over him, Larry reassures everyone. Al picks up the tape recorder he requested from Max and tearfully begins to record what may be his last message.

Riley's mind wanders as Nora and Flash chatter. They decide to go as Asa again meets with Daniel nearby. There had better not be any slipups, he demands. They can only hope to find something on Nora. Asa tells Kevin they will take care of Dawes. Kelly shows up to see Kevin but he's too busy with meetings. David sits down with her instead. Dorian looks on happily.

Back at Crossroads Cris meets Nat, but Kevin is there to discuss Cris' job. He has a "no-tell" job for him, much like the cash advance was.

Blair excuses Jack, saying that he's always calling men daddy but he didn't know Todd anyway. Starr will eventually resent Todd too, after years of therapy later on, she says snidely. She cares that he's dead but repeats that he hurt them. She would never take him back. A visibly upset Walker leaves and tells himself that Todd will never return.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Asa tells Kevin that he is going to have to fight fire with fire against Dawes. Refusing his grandfather's suggestion that they make some of Dawes' secrets public, Kevin insists on being fair. Later, Asa gets Cristian involved in his plans against Dawes.

When Kelly tries to send David away, he informs her that Dorian sent him. Blair shows up and gets rid of David, but Dorian quickly distracts her so David can get back to Kelly. When Kelly questions David about his return to Llanview, he states that he is in love with Dorian. When David questions what happened in Texas to make her so unhappy, Kelly becomes defensive.

Later, Walker gets Blair to meet him at Crossroads. When she shows up, the bar is decorated in dozens of roses and candlelight. Walker convinces her to sing for him.

Antonio's lawyer informs him that the judge is reconsidering the custody case. At the hearing, both Carlotta and Rae testify against Keri. When Bo takes the stand to testify, he too defends Antonio. The court was stunned when Antonio's lawyer called Evangeline to the stand and has to testify that she did try to hire Antonio to do investigative work for her. Keri and R.J. are furious when Antonio is granted joint custody of Jamie.

Larry gives bad news to Al's family; his drug addiction compromised his liver and his ability to fight infection. When Marcie nearly collapses from exhaustion, Jen forces her to go home with him. Later, Joey reads Jessica's paper about Marcie to Al, who tells Joey that Marcie is the best thing that ever happened to him. Later, Larry informs Max and Gabrielle that Al needs a liver transplant.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Carlotta informs Natalie that her check bounced. Confident that she and Cristian have plenty of money in the bank; Natalie refuses to worry about it. When Cristian shows up, he tells Natalie that the reason the check bounced is because of his bet.

Cristian seeks help from Rex. Asa isn't thrilled to find that Rex is Cristian's connection, but congratulates him on a job well done. When Cris asks Kevin for another advance, Kevin questions him about his debts. Later, Dawes finds the escort that Rex hired in his hotel room and is video taped in bed with her.

Antonio tries to make amends with Keri, but she states that no matter what the judge ruled, she will not allow him to see Jamie. Antonio seeks Evangeline's help to make sure he gets to see his daughter. At Keri's suite, R.J. tries to convince her that she shouldn't leave town again. When Evangeline shows up, R.J. blames her for Keri losing sole custody. When Evangeline runs into Antonio at Crossroads, she tells him that Keri is planning on leaving with Jamie. Going to her room, Antonio vows to do whatever it takes to stop Keri from taking Jamie away from him again.

Dorian tells Blair to leave Kelly and David alone. When Kelly shows up, she and Blair insist that Dorian has too much time on her hands. Insisting that she had a legitimate reason for calling her, Dorian hands Kelly a letter. Upon reading it, Kelly finds out she has a brother. Refusing to answer the letter, she tears it up. Despite Kelly's wishes, Dorian contacts Melinda to verify whether or not she had a son.

When Todd gets back to the penthouse, he finds Flynn waiting for him. Flynn informs him that he saw Elyssa again in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Elyssa fills Kevin in on how Walker drugged her and what she found out in Atlantic City. Showing up at Todd's, Kevin issues a warning.

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