One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on OLTL

Marcie's attackers were arrested. Al and Marcie made love. R.J. lied that Antonio had tried to kill Keri and R.J. Kelly tried to warn Blair about Walker, and Jen attempted to warn Lindsay about Rex. Natalie won a pool tournament.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, September 1

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC aired a repeat of February's Fan Fantasy episode in place of an original episode. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd and pick up where Friday, August 29th's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

In Jessica's bedroom, Keri eerily watches Jessica as she sleeps but leaves before Jessica awakens. Carlotta later encounters Keri and tries to convince her that Jamie's future is more important that Keri's anger towards Antonio. Jessica and Antonio make love and sympathize over the pain Keri is in.

Al brings Marcie home from the hospital and promises to keep her safe. Al calms Marcie after she has a nightmare.

Riley comforts Flash when she voices her confusion about what the future will bring and assures her they will find their strength in music.

Kelly privately hopes that she is pregnant. Kelly encounters a woman in Angel Square who tells her how having a baby helped saved her marriage. Kelly is overjoyed when Kevin insists he wants to have a child with her.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

After a tennis match, Antonio, Jessica and Kevin go to the country club and Jessica gets permission to bring her kitten in. At the country club, Jessica and Antonio see R.J., Evangeline, and Keri, who are supposed to meet a mystery man. The mystery man is Jordan Kingsley. Evangeline is surprised to see it is a man she met while in college. Keri has her usual psycho reaction to seeing Jessica and Antonio. Jessica found her kitten missing and Antonio assumed Keri was behind it and displayed his anger in front of all. Evangeline seems to be on to Keri and R.J.'s plans against Antonio and is not a happy camper. When Evangeline confronts R.J. about this, he leaves in a huff.

David Vickers threatens Dorian with her past if she doesn't go along go with his plan to steal the Badhra diamond necklace and then collect the insurance money. Kelly sees David with Dorian and is quite surprised, to say the least. Dorian asks Kelly if Kevin is aware that her having a baby could endanger her life, but Kelly wasn't too concerned and she told Kevin the time was right to conceive. Kevin got another threatening call to give up the race for Lt. Gov.

Al and Marcie confront Deke and Madison for their last attempt on her life. They try to deny everything at first, but Madison slips up and basically makes a confession. Deke and Madison are arrested for the attack on Marcie. Marcie says she's glad its over, but Al tells her it's not over yet. Al promises to protect Marcie and they make love for the first time.

River and Adriana are upset over the fact that Carlotta is sending Adriana back home. Adriana had been praying in Angel Square that she wouldn't have to leave. It seems pretty hopeless, but at last minute Dorian convinces Carlotta to allow Adriana to stay. River and Adriana are happy about that.

Jessica is very proud of Marcie for sticking to her beliefs and she writes the college column on what real courage really means.

Antonio finds Keri on the docks just staring at the water below

Thursday, September 4, 2003

While Kevin and Kelly prepare for dinner with the governor, Kelly becomes furious when Dorian informs her that she made an appointment for her to see an OB/GYN specialist. Bo questions Asa's motives for backing Daniel Colson's bid for DA instead of Nora. At the Palace, Renee asks Kevin to get Asa to slow down.

Joey assures Jen that Rex is just using Lindsay to get to her. When Kelly interrupts their dinner, Jen confronts Lindsay. Later, Dorian informs Joey that if Kelly gets pregnant it could kill her. Speaking to the governor, Dorian does her best to tar his image of Viki.

Dawes appears before Kevin can make his announcement with pictures of Kevin kissing Blair, warning that if Kevin continues to pursue a political career, he will show the pictures to Kelly. When Kevin excuses himself, Kelly warns Dawes to stay away from Kevin.

Natalie continues to practice for the pool tournament. When Jessica shows up at Crossroads, she assures Cris and Natalie that things are fine between her and Antonio. After running a table in Atlantic City, Natalie finally meets her idol, the Black Widow.

Keri asks Antonio for help when her car won't start. As he's working on the engine, she reminds him of the love they shared. When he doesn't take her bait, she taunts him until R.J. shows up, at which point Antonio wished they'd both vanish. Upset and driving, Keri has an accident when R.J. tells her that he thinks she needs help. When Keri tells R.J. that Antonio had fixed her car, he plants evidence to make it appear that the brake lines had been cut on Keri's car. At Crossroads, Bo and R.J. confront Antonio. Bo informs Antonio that he is under investigation.

Friday, September 5, 2003

Kevin refuses to be intimidated by Dawes. As the governor is about to sign the papers making Kevin's appointment as Lt. Governor official, Kelly finds herself in life threatening danger. David and Dorian plan to "steal" the necklace at the press conference. David and Walker take an instant dislike to one another. Kelly warns Blair that Walker is an impostor, but Blair refuses to listen as she tells Kelly how much she's come to care for Walker. Blair is curious when Walker abruptly leaves after getting a disturbing phone call and learns he's headed to Atlantic City. Elyssa tries to find the real Walker in Atlantic City. Natalie wins the pool tournament. Roxy encourages Cristian to bet on Natalie when she plays the Black Widow. Natalie loses the game and Cristian is in debt to a high stakes gambler for five thousand dollars. Cristian doesn't tell Natalie about the bet he made. Nora officially announces that she is running against Daniel in the race for District Attorney. Gabrielle heads to Atlantic City to join Max in an effort to make Bo jealous. Max and Al take Marcie to the hospital after she nearly faints. As part of their prize from the "Search and Destroy" contest, Roxy and Nigel check into their hotel room but find there is only one bed.

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