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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on GL
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Monday, September 1

Due to the Labor Day holiday, CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament preempted the entire CBS daytime lineup. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd and pick up where Friday, August 29th's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

At Company, Marah runs into her mother, Reva. They discuss Marah's plans of protesting for the college radio show that the dean wants off the air. The protest is on top of a billboard. Reva questions whether Marah is standing up for something she believes in or if she is just trying to avoid something else. Marah assures her that this has nothing to do with Tony. She tells Reva that it is difficult not being with Tony anymore, but she took that step and she is not going back now. As Marah is hugging her mother goodbye Tony walks in. Marah heads for the door, walking right past Tony as though she didn't even notice him standing there. Reva approaches Tony and asks him if he is going to give up so easily. He tells her that he is not giving up, he is owning up. He tells her that Marah is a class act, she is smart, beautiful, and she has it all together and doesn't belong with a guy from the streets. Reva wonders whether he feels that two people from different backgrounds shouldn't be together. Reva joins Tony for dinner. Reva tells Tony that before she married to Josh, she was Reva Shayne - A wild child, a poor daughter to the Lewis family housekeeper. She explains that she was the party type of girl, and she was the kind of girl that no one ever really expected to be married to a Lewis man. She tells him that she married all three of the Lewis boys, but only had one true love Josh. Tony interrupts and tells her that he knows what she is trying to do, but he explains that with him, and Marah it isn't really about what side of the tracks they grew up on, it's about who they are. He explains that because of the way he grew up, he will always be edgy, and even dangerous. He thinks that it is best for Marah to stay away from people like him. Reva tells him that the Tony she sees is above all of that.

Marah arrives at the billboard for the protest. She seems a little scared as she is 30 feet above ground level. Sandy tells her to pretend she is at a picnic on a mountain. She starts to relax and unpacks some of her things. Marah pulls out a shirt that she designed herself for the protest. Sandy tells her that the Mole would have loved it if he would have come. Marah tells him that she understands that the Mole is afraid of heights, but he could have been part of the ground crew. Marina, Shayne, and Remy are with the ground crew. Marina seems to be running the show on the ground. Marina tells Shayne that they need to attract attention to what Sandy and Marah are doing. She feels that applying pressure will keep the dean on his toes, which may make the dean a little uncomfortable. Marina claims that she already has a plan. Marina has arranged for a local radio station to come to their protest. Airing the protest through a local radio station has brought several people out. Marah and Sandy talk about the turn out. Sandy, thinking that Marah can't handle protesting all night, tells her that she can go home if she wants to. He feels that she put in her time. When Marah agreed to help, she felt that the protest would be over in a few hours. Sandy tells her that it might take days. She tells him that she is not a princess who can't survive some quality time on a billboard. Sandy tells her that he knows that, but she might not be used to roughing it. He mentions that where he lives, if you come home in one piece it's a banner day. He tells her that he has a place on Fifth Street. Marah reminds him that she lives on Fifth Street as well. Marah tells him that she can be as tough as he is. Sandy asks if she would like to thumb wrestle. Marina sends up a walkie talkie to Marah and Sandy so that they can easily be in contact with the local radio station. The D.J. asks Marah and Sandy when they are coming down, and Sandy tells them they'll come down when the dean surrenders and gives them what they want. The dean shows up with a loud speaker and tells them that he can hardly wait to hear what that is. The dean tells them that this gathering is only adding fuel to the fire. Marah takes the walkie talkie from Sandy and asks the dean who put out his fire when he was part of the sit-in at the deans office at Columbia. She tells him that they are proud to carry on his torch. The D.J. announces that Marah has 2 pts, the dean 0! The dean spots his son, Remy, at the protest and tells him that this is beneath him. Remy reminds him that he is the one who taught him to stand up for what you believe in. Everyone seems to have went home for the night. Later, when almost everyone has gone and after Sandy has fallen asleep on the billboard, Marah spots Tony standing amongst the flyers on the ground looking up at her.

After the late night protest, Marah and Shayne go back to Company. Marina invites Shayne for a midnight swim at the lake. She goes inside to get her swim suit. Moments later, a girl comes up from behind Shayne while he was sitting on the bench waiting for Marina. She puts her hands over his eyes. Shayne assumes that it is Marina, and he quickly pulls her over and kisses her. During the kiss, Marina comes back out and startles Shayne when she says "excuse me." Shayne asks the girl who she is. She tells him that she is his biggest fan. Shayne agrees to give her an autograph on her belly! She leaves and Shayne tries to explain to Marina that he thought she was her. She shuts him up and kisses him. She tells Shayne that she wanted to make sure that he could tell the difference. Marina jokingly comments about Shayne's facial expression when he realized that the girl he was kissing wasn't her. Shayne is glad that she isn't mad. Marina tells him that if he continues to kiss girls who aren't her, then she'll be mad. Shayne gives Marina a plane ticket so she can come see him when he is pitching his no-hitters.

At the Spaulding home, they all seem to be pacing the room waiting for someone to react to Beth's wanting to put daughter, Lizzie, into a psychiatric hospital. Phillip seems to be against putting Lizzie into a hospital. He thinks that as long as he can spend a little more time with her, things will work out. Beth expresses that Lizzie needs to be in a controlled facility, and mentions that the Spaulding home is hardly a controlled environment. Alexander jumps in, and tells Beth that she is hardly in the position to start giving mental health advice. Beth tells her that she is Lizzie's mother. Phillip tells Alexander that it is not in her best interest to bring up mental health. Alan is bickering in the background about them labeling Lizzie a mental case which could brand her for life. Lillian tells him that is better than labeling her a criminal. Beth tells them that they need to make a decision before Harley and Lizzie get there. Alexander requests for a martini. In the meantime, everyone seems to be talking at the same time, and Phillip suddenly screams out for them to hold it. After he gets their attention, he tells them that he has a solution. He suggests that he moves back into the house with Beth so that they would be able to give her the reassurance that she is looking for. Alexander mentions that she could move back in. Phillip tells them that he thinks Lillian could move in as well. Phillip questions how Beth feels about this. She tells him that with everybody wanting to move in, she feels that they think she is incapable of mothering her own daughter. Lillian jumps in and tells Beth that Lizzie needs more than one pair of arms to hold her. Alan tells them that it doesn't matter who moves in, and who moves out it's keeping Lizzie at home is what matters. Lillian starts to argue with him about the Spaulding way of handling things. And, yes, Gus is in the room as well, and he finally gets a word in. He tells them all that he is supposed to be a member of this family, and feels that he is supposed to keep quiet and not say anything, but he can't do it anymore. He tells them that it is no wonder why this kid is bouncing off the walls, because she is hearing "I love you" and "I don't trust you." Now they want to whisk her off to the middle of nowhere for people to fix her. He tells Alan that he has seen the way he talks to Lizzie. He talks to her like she is two years old, and he tells all of them that he doesn't think that they know this kid anymore. He tells them that he doesn't think that it matters whether they decide to take her to the middle of nowhere for help, or they leave her at the Spaulding home where no one checks in with her except the help. He explains that Lizzie is just trying to fit in, and she needs to be the families entire priority. Alexander interrupts Gus, and tells him that he hasn't been a member of the family long enough to comment. Alan apologizes for his sister's comment. Phillip tells them that they wouldn't have found Lizzie if it weren't for Gus. Phillip tells Alexander that he invited Gus to the Spaulding home tonight, and wonders why she is there since she doesn't live there, and she wasn't invited.

Lizzie tries to pull Harley's car off the road Harley gains control and comes to a complete stop. Lizzie tries to get out of the car, but the door won't open. Harley tells her that she has child proof locks. Lizzie claims that she isn't a child, and Harley tells her to stop acting like one then. Harley reaches over to comfort Lizzie, but Lizzie resists. She tells Harley not to touch her. Harley tries to hug her again and Lizzie reaches for her. They arrive at the Spaulding home, and Lizzie is giving Harley a tough time about going inside to her family. She tells Harley that she is not going to let them send her away. She continues to try to get away, but Harley wraps her arms around her from behind, and tells her that if she wants to play hard ball let's play! Harley handcuffs Lizzie to her. She settles down and they sit on the floor to chat. Lizzie begs her to take the handcuffs off and promises not to run away. Lizzie tries to run off again, but Harley grabs her, and walks her into the family meeting room. Phillip hugs her, and she apologizes for putting them through an ordeal. She tells them that her suicide attempt was just an excuse to get out of the cabin. Beth, Phillip, and Lizzie sit on the sofa for a discussion. Beth tells Lizzie that they have decided that if Lizzie would agree, they want Lizzie to have daily sessions with her psychologist while they all try to help her through things. Lizzie acts puzzled about what they would need to help her through. Beth tells her they want to help her with whatever feelings or changes she is experiencing. She mentions that Phillip, Lillian, and Alexander are moving into the Spaulding home to be there for her.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Good Morning Springfield! Still in bed at the Beacon, Cassie woke Edmund with kisses. They were quickly interrupted by a phone call informing Cassie that RJ had run off again. RJ was anxious about starting kindergarten. Dressed in a robe, she abandoned Edmund and ran downstairs to look for RJ. Frantic, Cassie asked the busy DA, Jeffrey, if he had seen her son. Jeffrey immediately criticized her parenting skills again. Cassie went off to search. Then, Edmund rushed downstairs looking for Cassie and RJ. Jeffrey complained about needing privacy. Edmund countered that if he wanted privacy he should not work in the lobby and should go find a rock. Jeffrey thought he was finally alone until he heard sobs from underneath his table. He lifted up the tablecloth to find RJ hiding. Jeffrey got down on the floor and comforted RJ. Jeffrey told him that starting over in a new place is a good thing and that you can reinvent yourself. RJ responded by hopping in Jeffrey's lap. Jeffrey continued to comfort him by talking about his own childhood. Jeffrey showed a new side of himself as Cassie looked on with amazement. Jeffrey quipped that Cassie should put him on a leash but then winked at RJ. Reva arrived and spoke with Jeffrey about her recent success in finding the missing girl. Jeffrey encouraged her to continue the work. Later back in Cassie's suite, She vented about Jeffrey (rudest, most arrogant, egotistical, insensitive) to Reva. Cassie did not think she'd ever hated someone so much, but then there were moments like when he saved her life and today with RJ. They agree that he's not such an ogre after all, but his heart may be two sizes too small. Cassie wondered aloud about the dream with Jeffrey in it and Edmund walked in. Reva left Cassie alone with Edmund to explain herself. Edmund reassured her that Jeffrey does not threaten him because he has her. Edmund kissed Cassie.

Beth arrived at the Beacon looking for Jeffrey and Edmund questioned their relationship. Beth insisted it was just business. Jeffrey's work is interrupted again, but this time it was Beth and he was pleasantly surprised. She thanked him for his assistance with Lizzie. He assured her that Olivia's fall was ruled an accident due to lack of hard evidence. He complimented Beth on her determination to help her daughter. As they talked, there was visible sexual tension in the air. Jeffrey told Beth that he liked her and kissed her. Beth told him he was a great kisser but had terrible timing. He waited a few seconds and then asked "How about now?" Beth smiled and they kissed passionately.

At Springfield University, the rally for Sandy and Mole radio show continued. Marah and Sandy were still perched high up on the billboard. Sandy urged Marah to reconsider her break up with Tony. They discussed safety within relationships and Mole's fearlessness. Dean Boudreau arrived and climbed the ladder to discuss the situation. The dean remembered his role in protests during his college years for equal, civil and womens rights. He expressed concerns that they were demanding rights to make mean spirited jokes about murderers and victims. He urged Sandy to reign in his partner and Sandy replied that he couldn't promise that. Ultimately, the Dean gave in and reinstated the radio show. Marah smiled, but Sandy quickly reminded her that they didn't play it safe and it still paid off.

At the Santos house, Danny and Tony were surprised to find Nico. Michelle had bailed Nico out of jail. Michelle insisted that Danny allow Nico to live in the room above the garage and help with house renovations. All three men were resistant to the idea. Michelle convinced Danny to give Nico a chance since the Santos family was to blame for his parents' death. Reluctantly, they all agreed to Michelle's solution. Nico questioned if Danny would force him to do illegal jobs. Danny insisted that he was clean and Nico must stay clean also. Marah arrived looking for Tony, but he had already left for the Beacon. She said her goodbyes to Michelle and then went looking for Tony. Michelle and Danny shared a touching goodbye as she prepared to leave for her P.A. Psych program. Danny promised to bring Robbie for visits frequently. Michelle kissed Danny goodbye with tears in her eyes.

Later at the Beacon, Marah was determined to talk to Tony. Tony was on his way out, but she urged him to wait.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Marah was looking for Tony has found him just outside the Beacon. She tells him that while she sat on the billboard, it gave her some time to think about things. She tells him that she was wrong about him. Marah explains that with everything that happened with Ben, her old room was the only place that felt safe. She understands that she should have ran to him. Tony feels that Marah was scared of him because of the pictures. She explains that being on the billboard, she felt happy and on top of the world. The first thing that came to her mind was wishing Tony was there with her. She remembers how happy they were. Tony tells her that he can't take her apologizing to her right now because it's not right. Tony tries to walk away, but Marah stops him and tells him that she loves him. She wants to get back together, and she feels that he wants that too.

Tony explains to Marah that Ben was trying to pretend to be okay, just as he has been trying to be the guy she wanted him to be. He tells her that he is a man who acts before he thinks. Marah tells Tony that he is the man she wants him to be. Tony tells Marah that he told her things that he thought she wanted to hear, but he wasn't lying to her, he was lying to himself. He tells her that he liked the way she looked at him, and that he has come so far for her. He did it for her, not him. Without Marah, that stuff doesn't matter. The real Tony doesn't care what he does or who he hurts. He tells her that he should have let her go a long time ago. He feels that she compromised herself by wanting to take him back, but now it's his turn to do the right thing for the both of them. Marah tells him that she has made a mistake by misjudging him, and asks for his forgiveness. She tells him that none of what he says makes sense because just a few days ago he told her that he would wait forever for her. She wonders what could have happened to make him change his mind. He tells her goodbye and walks away.

Eden gets a visit from her brother, Gus. Gus tells her that he is bored with no one creating any troubles for him right now. He tells her that he misses his sister and wants her back. Eden was sewing prior to Gus's visit. He notices Eden's sewing machine and didn't realize sewing was something that she would know how to do. She tells him that their well her mother taught her how to sew. She tells him that she is helping Marah out. Without even realizing it, Gus is already bashing Eden. He acts a little too surprised about her sewing talents and also wonders what Eden wants in return for doing something for Marah. Eden feels that Gus will always look at her like a piece of trash. Gus tells her that he's just protecting her and trying to take care of her. He tells her that this is a promise he made to his dad. Eden reminds him that Joe August is not his father anymore. She tells him that he has been a hero her entire life, but now she needs a friend, and she doesn't think he can be that. Eden tells him that Nikki died when Gus was born. She will always love Nikki, but Gus is not welcome in her life anymore. Gus tells her that she can call him names, but he is not going anywhere. Eden tells him to go hang out with his new family the Spaulding's. Gus tries talking to her some more, but she starts to sew loudly and completely ignores him. He gives up for now and leaves. Marah shows up and wonders why she is not done with the sewing projects yet. Eden explains that she is not the only one with problems, and she got interrupted by one herself. Marah apologizes and tells Eden that the fashion show is all she has now. She begins to get teary eyed, and tells Eden that she has lost Tony for good now.

Edmund has spent the night with Cassie. Cassie is asking for some sweets and has Edmund go over to her dresser for some candy. He finds a baby shirt and assumes that Cassie is pregnant. Cassie reminds him that she can't have anymore children since the accident. The outfit is for Olivia's baby. Edmund tells Cassie that he can't stand being the man who made all this happen to her. She tells him that he is not that man anymore and reminds him that she has three children, and she is very happy. Cassie tells Edmund that she will be hosting Olivia's baby shower. Edmund wonders who threw a shower for her. Cassie tells him that she never had a baby shower. The two of them head in different rooms looking for Cassie's shoes. As Edmund is looking around, he comes across the box with the baby outfit and opens it. Edmund seems to be off in wonderland

At the hospital, Harley arrives to tell Olivia that Lizzie is back in Springfield. She explains the story, and Olivia questions what will happen to her now. Harley tells her that the Spaulding family feel that a little TLC will cure everything, but she feels that Lizzie is in need of professional help. Just then, Rick comes in and tells Olivia that she can go home. Phillip shows up to check on the baby. She tells him they are fine so he can go. Rick starts to explain the rules after being released. Rick wonders who is taking her home. Phillip instantly jumps to accept. When Phillip and Olivia are alone, he tells her that he knows she was telling the truth about Lizzie, and tells her that he knows she is still afraid of Lizzie. He promises to keep Lizzie away from her and the baby. Olivia tells Phillip that just because he knows there is a problem now doesn't solve anything. Phillip explains the house arrest style of therapy.

Phillip tells Olivia that Lizzie's problems are mostly related to feeling abandoned, and showing her that they'll be with her every step of the way - maybe that will make her understand that she is not alone. Olivia grabs her things, and they head out. Phillip takes Olivia to the Beacon and mentions that he will be moving back into the Spaulding home. She seems to understand. Phillip offers to help her get settled, but she tells him that she has a few things to do right now, and she'll just ask the bellhop to help her. Olivia is greeted by Edmund and Cassie. She explains the therapy plan for Lizzie. Cassie seems to think that Lizzie may not be getting the punishment she deserves, and Phillip should not be leaving Olivia alone right now. Olivia explains that she'll be fine. She starts to head upstairs, and Cassie and Edmund offer to help her with her things.

Rick and Harley have a discussion at Company. Rick tells her that he and Mel have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. They have been to a fertility specialist, and the doctors are telling them that the drugs Rick is taking for his past heart condition has affected his ability to have children. Rick tells Harley that they love each other and they will be fine. Rick rushes out because Mel is wanting him to go home and check the mailbox for her results from the bar exam. Gus catches up to Harley at Company. He explains his visit with Eden. Harley blames herself for pushing Gus to put pressure on Eden. Gus explains that she was the only one that tried to keep him objective. He understood what he was doing and wonders if maybe it was the Spaulding blood running through his veins that made him push Eden so hard. Harley tells Gus that she will try to talk with Eden.

Friday, September 5

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted today. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 8th and pick up where Thursday, September 4th's episodes concluded.

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