Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on PC

Jamal investigated Imani, who admitted to having a dangerous stalker. Chris gave Ian an experimental drug. Alison begged Caleb to help her get Rafe back. Rafe finally returned from Hades on his own. Livvie wished on the ring for Caleb to have a night of passion that he would never forget. As a result, Alison and Caleb made love.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on PC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2003

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Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 2, 2003

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Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 3, 2003

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After CHRIS injects Ian with the experimental drug, Chris hooks Ian up to a number of monitors to keep track of Ian's vital signs. As Chris and Ian talk, Chris decides that, against his better judgement, he will have to answer a persistent knocking at the door. Chris and Ian are astonished when Lucy pushes her way in, demanding to know if Chris has seen Ian. When Lucy spots Ian, she immediately guesses that Ian has taken a chance on injecting himself with an untested drug. Lucy blasts Ian for risking his life without discussing the decision first with Lucy. However, Ian argues that he could no longer live with himself if he kept using his relationship with Lucy as a way to control his symptoms. As Ian and Lucy argue, Chris warns Ian that Ian's vital signs are going haywire and reminds Ian that Ian MUST remain calm! Lucy leaps to the conclusion that the drug is NOT working! However, when Ian's vital signs stabilize, Chris told Ian that, since the serum CAN prove fatal to anyone else, Chris is going to dump what is left of the serum. After Chris leaves, Ian sadly informs Lucy that he could no longer live with the fear that Lucy would return home one day and discover that Ian had reverted to being an animal. Ian rips away the monitors and leaves, although Lucy begs Ian to stay.

At the Barn, as Alison repeats the words of Caleb's incantation but adds the sentence, "Rafe, let me come to you," the door suddenly blows open and a wind rushes through the barn. Alison believes that Rafe has returned when she hears someone outside. But Alison is disappointed when Caleb saunters in. Caleb warns Alison that she can buy herself a whole lot of trouble by using one of Caleb's ancient incantations without knowing anything about them. Alison argues that she only wanted to rescue Rafe on her own, since Caleb had refused to help. Alison again appeals to Caleb to use the power of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring to rescue Rafe. However, Caleb again informs Alison that rescuing Rafe is NOT something that Caleb would be able to do. Alison appeals to Caleb's sense of friendship, but Caleb reminds Alison that Caleb is aware that Alison's pretense of friendship was nothing more than a con to get hold of Caleb's ring!

ALISON: "You know what? You have NO friends! You wouldn't even know what to do with a friend!"

CALEB: "Hmmmm! I DO know what to do with my enemies, though!"

Alison cooly informs Caleb that he no longer frightens her. Alison begs Caleb to at least send Alison to be with Rafe in Hades, but Caleb again told Alison that Rafe's fate is already sealed! Alison begs Caleb to at least tell her what is going on with Rafe! Alison argues that Rafe had NOT intended to keep the ring or use it for himself ~ Alison explains that Rafe just wanted to protect his loved ones from the adverse effects of the ring falling into the wrong hands again! Caleb angrily reminds Alison that, for every action, there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction ~ and that the ring BELONGS to Caleb! After angrily announcing that, if putting a stake through Caleb's wicked heart would bring Rafe back, Alison would do that in a flash ~ Alison dissolves in tears! Crying on Caleb's shoulder, Alison begs Caleb to tell her what she CAN do to rescue Rafe! As Caleb consoles Alison, Alison again spots Caleb's ring. Caleb reminds Alison that these events were all set in motion when Alison left her charm in Caleb's living room! Alison again begs Caleb to wish on his ring for Rafe's safe return, but Caleb warns Alison that too many wishes have ALREADY been made with the ring! However, Alison grabs Caleb's hand and, holding the ring, wishes for Rafe's immediate, safe return. But Caleb sadly informs Alison that her wish will NOT be coming true! As Alison demands to know WHY her wish has NOT come true, Caleb told Alison that: "You people can't be trusted!" and suddenly disappears. Outside, Caleb flashes back to Livvie switching the Power ring with the fake ring while pretending to give Caleb a massage. Alison follows Caleb outside the barn and guesses that the ring Caleb has on his hand is the fake ring. When Caleb returns to the barn, Alison follows Caleb back inside.

When Livvie wakes up, alone in Caleb's apartment, Livvie immediately checks and finds that she still has Caleb's power ring in her jean pocket. Livvie told herself that she will need to be VERY careful and make just the right wish to make sure that Livvie will ALWAYS be Number One in Caleb's life! Livvie decides to pay a visit to Kevin to get a little fatherly advice. Livvie finds Kevin at the Hospital, waiting for an appointment with his physical therapist. When Livvie approaches Kevin, Kevin reminds Livvie that he is now living at the Light House and had NOT heard from Livvie since BEFORE he left the Hospital! Livvie apologizes for her tardiness in expressing her concern and insists that her interest in Kevin's recovery is sincere. Kevin finally admits that Livvie's sweet apology is hard to resist. Livvie tries to encourage Kevin to tell her what he truly wants. All the time, Livvie clutches the ring tightly. But, before Livvie can decide what she should wish for for Kevin, Kevin admits that, in a way, the accident has been a blessing in disguise ~ because Kevin has been able to spend time with BOTH Lucy AND Christina! As Kevin reminds Livvie that it is family that matters the most, Kevin asks if Livvie is still having trouble in her relationship with Caleb. When Livvie insists that her relationship with Caleb is "OK" ~ Kevin reassures Livvie that she will soon have a family of her own. When Livvie sadly reminds her father that vampires can NOT procreate and, therefore, Livvie and Caleb could NEVER have children of their own ~ Kevin reminds Livvie that she does NOT need to have children to have a family! But Livvie observes that children DO tend to draw family members closer together. Kevin advises Livvie that, since happiness comes from within, Livvie needs to quit looking for her happiness to come from someone outside herself. Livvie told Kevin that he has made a BIG difference with her! After promising to call Kevin later in the evening, Livvie heads down in the elevator. As the elevator door closes on her, Livvie told herself: "Now I know exactly what I am going to wish for!"

Friday, SEPTEMBER 12, 2003


At Club Elixir, Jamal continues to worry about the newspaper clipping about the mysterious death of a professor in Wyoming and looks over the data he has collected so far. At the same time, Imani receives a phone call from her grandmother and Jamal overhears the conversation. Imani's grandmother reports that someone has been asking questions about Imani and Imani again instructs Medea NOT to talk to anyone! As Imani walks past Jamal, Jamal drops a copy of the clipping about the mysterious death of the professor in Wyoming. When Imani sees the clipping, she immediately accuses Jamal of taking the clipping from Imani's secret box. However, Jamal insists that this is a different copy of the same article because Jamal has been doing some of his own research. Jamal then admits that he overheard Imani speaking to her grandmother, even though Imani told Jamal that her grandmother was dead! Imani declares that she has a good reason for NOT letting Jamal in on details of her life, but Jamal implores Imani again to let Jamal help her and that Imani's trouble is serious if she is being accused of murder! However, Jamal reminds Imani that Jamal NEEDS some answers in order to help Imani. Imani finally confesses that she KNEW the professor who was murdered and that he had been Imani's English professor. When Jamal asks if Imani was in love with the professor, Imani insists that the professor was just a friend who had been very nice to Imani. Imani insists that she knows NOTHING about the professor's murder ~ but, by asking questions about Imani, Jamal MAY have made it possible for someone to track Imani down and kill her. At the same time, in an unknown place, a man with a gun looks at a file that includes Imani's photograph!

Later, with the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring in her hand, Livvie stops off at Club Elixir to order a romantic, gourmet dinner for two to take out. Jack announces that Livvie acts like she is "up to something" and Livvie retorts that Jack is obviously STILL jealous of Livvie's relationship with Caleb. After Jack and Livvie trade barbed insults, Jack rushes off to call in the take out order. While sitting alone, Livvie observes that she and Jack were once able to be friends, even though they were estranged. When Jack returns, Livvie tries to offer an olive branch to Jack, but Jack curtly refuses to speak with Livvie about their mutual past. As Livvie leaves Club Elixir with her dinner, Livvie takes out the ring and wishes that Jack could quit hating her so much. Later, Jack buys one red rose from a flower vendor and told the bartender that Jack is taking the rest of the night off and asks Jeff to lock up.

In Hades, Rafe challenges the Mystery Voice to meet Rafe face to face and reminds The Voice that, since Alison has NOT shown up in Hades, Alison is STILL safe. But, the Voice reminds Rafe that Rafe is STILL stuck in Hades! Rafe argues that he only sought to end the curse of the ring, but the Mystery Voice informs Rafe that ONLY those who should have NEVER wished on the ring are truly cursed. In the hands of its rightful owner, the ring is a dutiful servant. Rafe comments that The Voice speaks of the ring as if the ring had a will of its own. When Rafe protest that he can NOT change the past but CAN change the future, the Mystery Voice informs Rafe that Rafe already HAS changed the future! By taking a trip in to Hades, Rafe violated a sacred code and making the decision to visit Hades WAS the defining moment of Rafe's life. The Mystery Voice ominously declares that Rafe's fate IS sealed. The Mystery Voice went on to inform Rafe that, even IF Rafe COULD get the ring back now, it would NOT MATTER! But Rafe declares that Rafe believes that NOTHING is EVER sealed! The Mystery Voice informs Rafe that Rafe WAS the one who set the wheels in motion for the NEXT impending tragedy and RAFE is the one who will have to live with the consequences of Rafe's decision for all eternity. Rafe insists that he has overcome serious consequences before and will do it again. When the Mystery Voice reminds Rafe that he has left Alison unprotected to make his descent into Hades, Rafe argues that Alison is too smart to fall for any evil trick that Caleb and his cohorts might play ~ and that Rafe is convinced that the love between Rafe and Alison WILL endure! But, the Mystery Voice informs Rafe that Rafe WILL live to regret his journey into the Netherworld. When Rafe suddenly realizes that he might NEVER see Alison again, Rafe remembers that he was sent back to earth to BE with Alison ~ NOT to defeat Caleb. Rafe suddenly realizes that all of Rafe's attempts to defeat Caleb have been a distraction away from Rafe's TRUE mission ~ which was to BE with Alison! Rafe finally declares that he KNOWS that he was wrong to put the war with Caleb ahead of Rafe's commitment to Alison! Rafe promises that, IF he had another chance, he WOULD make his commitment to Alison his FIRST priority! The Mystery Voice warns Rafe that NONE of Rafe's good intentions can EVER change Rafe's fate! The Mystery Voice told Rafe: "You have picked your path! Now it is time to see where it takes you! For reasons that will soon become clear, I have decided to set you free! It is time to meet your future!" Rafe is surprised when he is suddenly whisked back to the bedroom of the Loft he shares with Alison. Rafe is disappointed that he can NOT find Alison at the Loft, but decides to sit down and wait for Alison to return!

At the Old Barn, Caleb sadly remembers Livvie switching Caleb's Power Ring for the fake ring! Alison follows Caleb outside and informs Caleb that Alison KNOWS that Caleb has the fake ring on his finger. Caleb told Alison that it is NONE of her business, but, when Alison demands to know WHERE the real ring is, Alison finally guesses that LIVVIE has Caleb's power ring! Alison continues to beg Caleb to help her rescue Rafe, but Caleb sadly points out that he has been betrayed by the women in his life: the woman he loves and the woman who has proclaimed herself to be his friend. Alison immediately guesses that Caleb is referring to Livvie and implores Caleb to see how the war between Rafe and Caleb is destroying everything in BOTH of their lives that is the most important to them! Alison begs Caleb to go to Livvie and get the ring back and use the ring to rescue Rafe, but Caleb refuses! Alison then told Caleb that she KNOWS that, even without the ring, Caleb has OTHER powers and KNOWS dark secrets! Alison begs Caleb to use his OTHER powers to help free Rafe from the curse. But Caleb insists that Rafe's fate is out of Caleb's hands! When Alison tearfully wonders HOW she will be able to live without Rafe, Caleb consoles Alison. Then Caleb suddenly declares that he has felt a shift in the forces, and believes that Rafe has returned to the mortal world! Alison rushes in to Caleb's arms and thanks him for using his power to rescue Rafe. But Caleb insists that he had nothing to do with Rafe's return.

At the same time, Livvie sits in Caleb's apartment, with her romantic feast spread out on the table beside her, and wishes on the ring: "I wish for this to be the most romantic evening Caleb has ever known. I wish for Caleb to feel the kind of passion he has only dreamed of! I want this to be a night of intense love that Caleb will never forget. And I want him to ALWAYS know that I am the one who made it happen! And, out of this intense passion, I will get my greatest wish of all ~ at the end of the night, I wish..." As Livvie wishes on the ring, Caleb and Alison begin to kiss and soon hit the hay!

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