One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on OLTL

Dorian learned that David Vickers was holding her captive to get the Bahdra diamond. Max coached Natalie to become a professional pool player. Hank decided not to run for district attorney again. Antonio was fired from the police department and banned from seeing Jamie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, August 18, 2003

Jacques was still holding Dorian captive and asked her again where the diamond was. She told him Walker had it. She asked why he was still holding her, and Jacques told her they were waiting for someone. The man eventually showed up, and Dorian was shocked, to say the least.

Max was coaching Natalie to become a professional pool player and told her to unload all the cases of beer, as she would need arms of titanium in order to be a professional. She complied then she and Max played a game. Max won and let her know she did have talent, but she needed to practice a lot.

Marcie returned to work for the police department and was feeling much better. She was surprised that she had the support of the department. Al told her he wanted to take time off to take care of her and protect her. Marcie's brother Ron returned to town and wanted to take Marcie back home to New Jersey, but Marcie said no. Ron told Al, "If you really care for her, you'll see she gets back home." Al said that if Marcie didn't want to, he couldn't change her mind. Ron decided to stay in town for a while, and he and Al teamed up to catch the person who was doing everything to Marcie.

Madison showed up and set Marcie up about an initiation to her sorority. When Marcie said she would be there, Madison made a call to Deke and said, "It's a go. She'll never know what hit her."

Antonio tried to convince Jessica that Keri was lying about him hitting her. Jessica said she believed him but pulled her hand away from his because Keri was sitting across from them, watching their every move. Antonio asked Jessica if she still wanted to see him. She replied yes but thought they should take things slowly.

In the meantime, R.J. was at the police station, talking to Bo, saying he wanted to file assault charges against Antonio. Evangeline agreed to help R.J. by getting a temporary restraining order on Antonio because it would keep Antonio away from Jamie as well.

Later, R.J. told Keri about Evangeline's plan, and she replied, "And I'll make sure Antonio doesn't have Jessica either."

Bo called Antonio into his office and told him R.J. was threating to file assault charges against him. He said that this time when Antonio turned in his badge, he wouldn't be returning to the police department.

Lindsay and Jen met to discuss Jen's marriage to Joey, and Lindsay was concerned that it was so soon. She asked if Jen was sure that was what she really wanted, and Jen said yes, so Lindsay agreed to walk her down the aisle.

Joey asked Kevin to be his best man. After giving Joey his point of view, Kevin agreed to be the best man.

Jessica thought the marriage would be a disaster and asked Kevin to speak to Joey, but instead, he briefly spoke to Jen about the fact that he had bribed Rex to give her a divorce.

Jen asked Marcie to be her bridesmaid, and a very joyous Marcie accepted.

Starr and Walker arrived at the hospital, and Starr told the doctor that Walker had saved her life and to take care of him. Walker's shoulder was hurt, and the doctor wanted an x-ray, but Walker refused at first. He then consented to it, only after the doctor assured him it was kept confidential. The doctor noticed the x-ray showed a lot of previous injuries, but when he asked Walker about them, Walker said he had been an abused child, among other things.

Blair questioned Starr about the remark she had made about Walker being the only one that knew where her dad was, but Starr told her that when a person was drowning, they didn't think straight.

Blair thanked Walker for saving Starr, and he told Blair there was no need to thank him and that Starr was amazing.

Starr talked to Walker and thanked him and hugged him. She told Walker she remembered him calling her "Shorty," and that was what her dad had called her. Walker told her lots of people called kids "Shorty."

Kevin got a call from the P.I. saying she had more information about Walker Laurence. Kevin told her to head over to Llanfair. She showed up with Walker's x-rays and medical records, and Kevin noticed the previous injuries were less than a year old.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Jen gave Marcie her dress for the wedding and gave her a necklace as a gift. Marcie promised to support Jen, who admitted Joey's family wasn't thrilled with her. Jen assured Marcie that Al loved her when Marcie admitted she was afraid of becoming intimate with Al because of her body image.

Meanwhile, Al and Ron gave Deke's laptop computer, which contained a threat to Marcie, to Bo. Bo explained that he couldn't file additional charges against Deke because the evidence had been obtained illegally. Deke backed off from pressing charges against Al after receiving a call from Madison. Madison and another sorority girl kidnapped Marcie from her dorm room.

Dorian no longer feared for her life when she learned that David Vickers was her kidnapper, but her unease quickly returned. R.J. gave Walker a necklace made from pieces of the Badhra diamond. Walker told Blair that Kevin had hired a private investigator to look into his past. Blair was unsettled when Walker reminded her of Todd after she kissed him. Blair warned Kevin to stop investigating Walker.

Flash defended Riley to Daniel, who clearly disapproved of her. Daniel changed his tune when he learned Flash was Asa's great-granddaughter. Renee accepted Asa's proposal.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Looking at an advance copy of the Banner that Asa had tossed on the Palace table, Nora was sickened by the headlines. Daniel Colson was going to run for D.A., backed by the one and only Asa Buchanan. Nora thought that Viki was backing Hank but was quickly corrected by the millionaire. Kevin was in charge. Bo accused his father of buying the election.

Nora was bewildered; she insisted she couldn't possibly work for Colson. She would help Hank herself, she declared. When Bo announced that he had just heard that Hank had accepted a teaching position at Llanview University law school due to being burned out, she promised to resign. Colson was just poison, unable to get along with anyone he would have to work with, she persisted. Renee put a bug in Nora's ear, suggesting that Nora herself run. Nora didn't think that would be possible, though it would be more fun if he worked for her. Nora began to ponder Renee's suggestion.

Riley thanked his dad for dinner as Daniel apologized profusely for insulting his girlfriend. He suggested that the three meet for dinner soon, recalling privately his meeting with Asa and his great-granddaughter, Flash, a.k.a. Sarah.

Joey anxiously awaited the arrival of Kevin and the rings as his wedding ceremony drew closer. Viki told him she just wanted him to be happy. Andrew arrived, followed by Al and Cristian, who all congratulated Joey and wished him well. He just wished that Natalie and Jess felt better about the whole thing.

Joey's sisters showed up, with Natalie on the verge of muttering not-so-nice things about Jen. Viki cut her off and asked her to try to be nice for the day. Joey asked them to check on Jen, as Marcie hadn't appeared yet. Viki quietly pleaded to rolled eyes and glares, and the girls agreed to aid Jen in her wedding preparations.

A blindfolded Marcie was put to the test during her sorority "initiation." Clutching a sign stolen from Logan's, she was led to the garage, where the sisters first ordered her to recite the first five letters of the Greek alphabet backwards. She was very tired, having been up for 36 hours, and had to get to Jen and the wedding. The girls refused her request, and Maddie ordered her to get down on the floor and oink like the pig that she was. Marcie started to leave, but gave in, cried, and gave a few weak oinks.

The others dumped a can of garbage on her. "What did you think it would be, a peace rally?" one of them asked. She was then told that it was payback for Deke and that the girls didn't really want her in their sorority. Marcie called them all sheep because they were followers. Marcie added that she might be a pig, but at least she was smart. Marcie tried to leave, but the girls once again stopped her. They demanded she sing a song about peace. Marcie gave them a stirring rendition of "America" as the tears rolled down her face. She was then pushed around and finally managed to escape.

A concerned Jen waited for her maid-of-honor, Marcie, to show up. In the meantime, she got a visit from Rex, who wanted to return the key to Sam's house. Jen threatened Rex when she was afraid he was there to ruin her wedding, but he only wished her luck and mentioned, in numerous not-so-veiled ways, their trip to Santo Domingo. Lindsay thought he seemed nice. "Seemed" was the key there, Jen grumbled. She missed her dad and couldn't find the pearls he had wanted her to have for "something old." Joey called to check in and learned that Marcie hadn't shown up yet. Everyone thought she was already there.

At Angel Square, River met up with Adriana. She took him to the romantic rooftop, where he divulged that his dad was making him read over the summer as he had a problem with that. Adriana took a peek at his books and asked him to read to her. He tried to get out of it, saying he was not very good, but she jokingly told him that her English was much worse. She chose a book for him.

Flash saw Riley, who was excited about his dad's apologies for trashing her. Letting him down slowly, Flash admitted that she had met him while dining with Asa and Bo. He knew that she was related to the Buchanans. Riley became agitated, realizing that his father had lied to him. That man was always looking for the angle, always looking to see what was in it for him, Riley agonized. He found Daniel at the Palace bar and made a scene, calling him on his poor treatment of Flash and his later phony apologies. He ordered Daniel to stay away from his girlfriend.

At the Palace bar, a woman slid her room key over to Rex, who followed her willingly. As Jen readied for her wedding, she found her grandmother's pearls in her jewelry box. Joey got ready, too, and, struggling with his tie, found a newly arrived Kelly giving him a hand. Viki looked longingly at a picture of herself with Ben as Andrew silently comforted her. Al attempted to reach Marcie.

Dirty and bruised, Marcie fell to the ground in Angel Square. Flash spotted her and helped her home, then aided her in cleaning up. Flash tried to talk Marcie out of going to the wedding, but Marcie wouldn't hear of it. Her dress was ruined, she needed to find another, and she requested that Flash help with her makeup. Flash reluctantly agreed.

Bo and Gabby arrived at the wedding with Asa. Al pulled Bo aside and told him that Marcie was missing. Deke had threatened her again. Bo began to make the necessary phone calls. Joey had a quick discussion with Viki, telling her he knew the wedding was right. She would just have to trust him and Jen, she said haltingly.

Lindsay was in awe of her daughter's beauty. Natalie and Jess were thanked for helping out.

Flash told Riley how she had found Marcie, who wouldn't tell her what had happened. As they headed into the garage, they stopped when they saw garbage all over the floor.

Marcie finally showed up at the wedding, all chipper and happy, but Al thought that something was wrong. She would tell him later, she whispered. She apologized to Jen for being late, but she'd had a family problem.

As River read aloud "How Do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Andrew collected Joey, and the wedding ceremony began.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Jen and Joey were wed at Llanfair. Al became concerned when Marcie cried during the ceremony. Later, she begged him to help her find the necklace that Jen had given to her. At the garage, Al questioned Marcie about what had happened and tried to comfort her when she told him about what the sorority had done to her.

After the wedding, Natalie and Jessica discussed their displeasure about the couple, while Kelly tried to hide her unhappiness in her own marriage.

Dorian told Blair that it was Walker's fault that she had been kidnapped. Insisting that he hadn't known the diamond was a fake, Walker left the two to debate. Blair tried to pump information out of Dorian about who was really after the diamond, but Dorian turned the conversation around to her hatred for Viki.

Antonio was served with a court order banning him from seeing Jamie. Rae stopped him before he could confront Keri. When Jessica invited Antonio to the party to celebrate her brother's wedding, he agreed, not realizing that R.J. and Keri were dining at the Palace.

R.J. celebrated Antonio losing his job. When Keri had second thoughts, R.J. encouraged her to go through with her plans to get back at Antonio. After asking to speak to Antonio in private, Keri threw herself down, making it look like he had shoved her.

Friday, August 22, 2003

David demanded that Dorian find the Badhra diamond for him. After threatening to turn her over to the count, Dorian finally agreed to help him. When Blair admitted her interest in Walker, Dorian stunned her by giving Blair her blessings. Starr walked in as Walker was admiring the necklace he had made out of the Badhra. After promising to keep the jewels a secret, Starr asked Walker to use the Sun to ask Todd to return home. Later, Dorian sneaked into the penthouse and found the necklace in the safe, setting off an alarm when she tried to take it.

Jen and Joey's honeymoon was postponed when Andrew ended up in the hospital and needed Joey to take over the parish. At St. James, Kelly ran into Joey and admitted her unhappiness.

While Jen was asking Viki for permission to stay longer at the Carriage House, Marcie and Al showed up and told her about the hazing. When Viki told them that they needed proof, Al assured her they would find something. While Jen was consoling Marcie, Maddie knocked on the door. When she asked Jen to pledge, Jen accepted the offer with plans to get even. Going to St. James, Jen was shocked to see Kelly in Joey's arms.

Antonio lost his rights to Jamie. When Cristian warned him not to do anything stupid, Antonio informed his brother that he planned to drag Keri through the mud if that was what it took. When Antonio showed up at Llanfair, looking for Jessica, Viki sent him away. Later, Jessica found Antonio waiting outside her door.

Asa reminded Kevin to have respect for his wife if he wanted the public to respect him. Later, Kevin dreamed of being announced the new governor of Pennsylvania, with Blair standing by his side.

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