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Rafe tried to use Jack in order to con Livvie into giving Rafe the ring, but Livvie discovered the plan. Alison wanted to help get Caleb's ring. Jamal found Imani's room in shambles -- and no trace of Imani.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on PC
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Monday, AUGUST 18, 2003

At Lucy's place, Ian and Lucy found it was uncomfortable to be touchy-feely while Kevin was around. As Ian got ready to go to the hospital, he told Lucy that he planned to move back to his loft. Lucy begged Ian not to go, and Ian agreed to reconsider.

Later, as Lucy tried to help Kevin have a bite to eat, Kevin asked Lucy point-blank if she was helping him because she still had feelings for him. Lucy denied that she was concerned about anything other than Christina seeing that Kevin was going to get well. However, Lucy did admit that she would always have some feelings for Kevin, and Lucy encouraged Kevin to believe that he would be able to overcome his obstacle the same way that he had overcome all the other trauma he had faced in his life. Lucy took Kevin's functioning right hand when Kevin tried to hold his hand out to her.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, as Ian and Chris conferred about the research to reverse Ian's vampirism, Ian guessed that Chris was anxious to go because Chris was going to be impersonating "George" again. Chris admitted that he would be impersonating George later in the day, but it was only to help Elizabeth out of an embarrassing situation with her buyers. When Chris suggested that they could work on their research later in the evening, Ian confided that he would be busy at Lucy's place because it was the first day that Kevin had been living there. When Chris suggested that Ian would be wise to ride herd on Lucy and Kevin under the same roof, Ian questioned why it would make any difference to Chris.

Chris explained that he had delivered Christina when the little girl had been born, that Chris had once been married to Christina's mother, and that Christina was actually named after Chris, so Chris believed that he had a vested interest in making sure that Christina was happy. Ian assured Chris that Lucy and Ian were very secure in their relationship and would be able to provide Christina with a stable, secure environment. However, Chris warned Ian to keep an eye on Kevin, nevertheless.

At the same time, Christina arrived home at Lucy's place. After kissing Kevin hello, Christina suggested that they go paint, but Kevin suggested that, instead, he could read a book to Christina. When Lucy suggested that Christina pick out her favorite book, Christina picked out Kevin and Lucy's wedding album. As Christina, Lucy, and Kevin looked at the pictures and remembered the day of Kevin and Lucy's wedding, Ian arrived home. As Ian stood at the door, with a bottle of wine in his hand, Ian heard the three of them talking about Kevin and Lucy's wedding and left without letting anyone know that he had been there.

At Club Elixir, Jamal asked Jack if Jack would find it difficult to con Livvie into stealing Caleb's ring if Jack was still connected to Livvie. Jack insisted that Livvie had dumped Jack often enough for Jack to get the picture. Jamal left after jokingly offering his sympathy to Jack. Meanwhile, Imani was surprised when Livvie showed up at Imani's room and begged Imani to leave town. Livvie was surprised when Imani insisted that she had not become a vampire after Livvie had bitten her and was not going to disappear just to satisfy Livvie. Livvie offered Imani a roll of bills to get out of town.

When Livvie asked what Imani was if Imani had not become a vampire when Livvie bit her, Imani told Livvie that, as far as Imani was concerned, the altercation in the alley had never happened. Livvie was pleased that Imani also wanted to keep their incident a secret and agreed to keep mum. As Imani ushered Livvie out the door, Jamal arrived. When Jamal asked Imani why Livvie had paid Imani a visit, she claimed that she and Livvie had had an argument, and Livvie had gone there to apologize. Jamal warned Imani that Livvie never apologized and that Livvie probably wanted something.

After Imani assured Jamal that Livvie would not be getting anything out of her, Jamal showed her a bunch of locks that he had taken there to install on her windows and doors. When Jamal decided that he needed a hammer, she took one from underneath her pillow and handed it to Jamal. However, as Jamal worked, he got something in his eye. Imani showed Jamal an old remedy that her grandmother had taught her, but she got close enough to Jamal that they almost kissed. However, Jamal suddenly got an emergency call on his cell phone and decided that he had to leave.

Later, after Jamal left, Imani answered a knock at her door and discovered Jamal again. He announced that he had returned because he had forgotten something. Then, Jamal kissed Imani.

Later, Livvie showed up at Club Elixir. When Jack made a half-hearted attempt to be civil, Livvie accused him of getting ready to give her another lecture about how bad she was. Jack sharply informed Livvie that she could not lash out at him like that at the club and ordered her to leave. However, as Livvie stormed away, Jack asked her to wait and then admitted that he was just in a bad mood.

When Livvie confessed that she was also in a bad mood, Jack suggested that they could be in a bad mood together. Livvie suspiciously asked why Jack was suddenly being nice to her, and he confided that it took too much energy to hold a grudge forever. Livvie was surprised when Jack declared that she was not such a bad person. Livvie thanked Jack for telling her that he believed that she wasn't such a bad person, but she left anyway. After Livvie left, Jack gloated that she was totally buying his line and vowed that it was finally payback time.

Tuesday, AUGUST 19, 2003

At Imani's place, Imani was pleased that Jamal had ducked out of an urgent errand to return and kiss her. But she warned him that it might be dangerous for him to become involved in any way with her. Jamal assured her that he would be able to protect her from whoever had frightened her. However, Imani remained unconvinced. Jamal persisted in his argument and finally persuaded her to agree to have dinner with him.

However, after Jamal left, Imani received a call from a mysterious woman named Madea, who apologized for calling, even though it was not an emergency. Imani worried that "they" might have found Madea, but Madea insisted that she was fine. When Madea asked when Imani would be able to visit, Imani said that, while she missed Madea, Imani could not take a chance on "them" finding Imani.

After Rafe and Alison finished their run in the park, Alison flashed back to Caleb's revelation that he'd tricked Alison into believing that a fake ring was Caleb's power ring. When Rafe asked what was on Alison's mind, Alison claimed that she was concerned about a lot of details about opening their gym. When Rafe announced that he had to return to the gym to conduct a class, Alison stayed behind in the park.

Alison was surprised when Caleb showed up in the park, beside her. When Alison was less than enthused about seeing Caleb, he reminded her that it was not Caleb's fault that Alison had tried to con Caleb out of the Morley family heirloom power ring and Alison's con hadn't worked. Alison angrily accused Caleb of enjoying his cold-hearted approach to everyone. Alison accused Caleb of having lied to her and declared that their friendship had always been a sham because Caleb had probably never told Alison anything remotely resembling the truth.

Meanwhile, at Club Elixir, as Jack flashed back to Rafe's warning of the havoc that might result if Caleb and Livvie retained possession of Caleb's power ring, Livvie returned to the club and suspiciously demanded to know why Jack was pretending to be nice to her. Jack protested that he'd only given Livvie a simple compliment and accused Livvie of being pathetic because Livvie had become so suspicious of a simple compliment. Jack reminded Livvie that she'd made her bed of nails and needed to go home and sleep in it.

Jack pointed out that Livvie was with the man she claimed she loved, and they had the magic ring besides, so Caleb and Livvie appeared to have everything that anyone could possibly want. Yet, Livvie moped around town, acting very, very miserable. Jack pointed out that, whenever Livvie had a problem, Livvie always found someone else to blame for the trouble. Then, Jack reminded Livvie that she had blamed Alison for breaking up Jack and Livvie and asked who Livvie was pointing her finger at, since Livvie's relationship with Caleb was running into trouble.

As Jack and Livvie talked, Rafe entered and secretly listened in on their conversation. Rafe overheard as Livvie accused Alison of throwing herself at Caleb. Jack suggested that maybe most men would find Alison hard to resist, because she was sweet and beautiful. Livvie immediately demanded to know if Jack was involved with Alison, just as Livvie had suspected when Livvie had broken up with Jack. As Jack and Livvie continued to argue, Rafe went outside.

Jack suddenly got a call on his cell phone. He left the club to take care of something but told Livvie to order whatever she wanted because Jack planned to return and finish their conversation. However, when Jack got outside, he met Rafe. Rafe angrily demanded to know why Jack was stirring up Livvie's jealousy of Alison, as if Jack were using her as bait for the trap he was setting for Livvie. Jack argued that if Rafe really wanted to separate Caleb and Livvie from the Morley family power ring, it would be necessary to use Livvie's natural jealousy of Alison to get the job done.

However, as Rafe and Jack argued, Livvie suddenly stepped outside and caught Rafe and Jack together. Livvie gloated that Jack's "nice" persona was all part of a trick -- and Livvie had the proof that confirmed her suspicions.

Wednesday, AUGUST 13, 2003

Outside Club Elixir, Reese challenged Casey to either appear or go back to where she was from. Ricky warned Reese that it was not really smart to make an angel angry, but Reese ignored Ricky. Meanwhile, Livvie showed up inside the club and was upset when she realized that it was Jack who was pouring drinks. When Jack asked about Kevin, Livvie confided that Kevin was feeling well enough to say some hurtful things to Livvie. When Livvie asked Jack why people hated her so much, he replied that it was because Livvie kept stabbing those people who were closest to her in the back.

At that moment, Reese ran in and asked for Jack to help her with Ricky. Jack turned the bar over to Jamal, while Jack rushed to help Reese -- and completely ignored Livvie. When Imani arrived with questions about her station, Jamal took the opportunity to suggest that Imani take a break and chat with him. At the same time, as Livvie complained about the way that Jack had just run out on her, she looked up and found Caleb towering above her. Although Livvie objected, Caleb demanded that she go home with him, and the two of them immediately disappeared.

When Jack and Reese arrived outside, they believed they had again found Ricky talking to thin air. With Casey egging him on, Ricky argued with Jack. Meanwhile, inside the club, Jamal tried to convince Imani to take a ride on his motorcycle with him. However, Jamal was surprised when Imani insisted that she absolutely would not ride on a motorcycle. When Jamal asked if she'd had a bad experience with a motorcycle, Imani replied that it was "something like that." However, Jamal then began inviting Imani to go outside with him and just take a look at the bike.

At the same time, when Ricky complained that Casey has disappeared again because that was what angels did, Jack and Reese implored Ricky to quit building his world around someone who was gone. As Ricky suddenly appeared to agree and headed back to Club Elixir with Jack and Reese, Casey suddenly returned. Ricky suggested they take Jamal's bike for a spin, and Casey agreed. Meanwhile, Reese and Jack returned to the club without realizing that Ricky was no longer with them. Jamal and Imani left the club just as Ricky hopped on Jamal's bike and roared away, with an angry Jamal yelling at Ricky to return. Back inside, Reese and Jack made peace, but Jack was annoyed when Reese remained worried about Ricky's continuing infatuation with the absent Casey.

When Caleb and Livvie appeared back at Caleb's apartment, Livvie accused him of pulling away from her when he knew that that was what kept on fueling Livvie's jealousy. Caleb warned Livvie that it was her obsession with getting even with Alison that would eventually drive a stake through their relationship. As they argued, Caleb suddenly kissed Livvie. Although Livvie begged him to hop in bed with her that very moment, he warned her that he believed that wanting her would be the end of him.

Caleb told Livvie that he could give her only one more chance to get over her irrational obsession with Alison then Caleb planned to split and would be gone for good. Livvie promised Caleb that she would be able to fix everything. As he began to kiss her, Livvie suddenly jumped up and announced that she had to go do something that she knew would cement their relationship. Livvie rushed out the door, leaving a puzzled Caleb behind.

At Rafe and Alison's loft, Alison caught Rafe trying to slip away and guessed that he was headed out to talk to Lucy about a plan for getting Caleb's ring away from Caleb. However, when Alison kissed Rafe goodbye, she snatched his car keys. As Alison playfully kept the keys away from him, Rafe tried again to explain to Alison why he believed it was dangerous to leave the Morley family heirloom power ring in Caleb's control. Alison began unbuttoning Rafe's shirt and suggested that he could surely put off trying to find a way to take the ring away from Caleb for a few more hours.

Rafe reluctantly gave in, and they hit the sheets. Later, after Rafe had fallen asleep, Alison quietly got dressed and, after leaving a note for Rafe, she slipped out of the loft. As Rafe slept next to the note that Alison left for him, Caleb sat alone in his apartment, strumming on his guitar and waiting for Livvie to return. However, when there was a knock at the door, Caleb was surprised to find Alison standing there when he answered it.

Thursday, AUGUST 21, 2003

As Ian and Lucy rushed to check on Kevin in the living room, Kevin reported that he felt a pain in his left arm. Lucy insisted that a pain should be good, but Kevin became angry when Lucy started to fuss over him, and Ian tried to check out the source of the pain. Ian convinced Lucy to go for a walk so Ian could check Kevin's arm out. After Lucy left, Ian ordered Kevin not to take his anger out on Lucy. But Kevin complained that Ian was upstairs hitting the sheets with Lucy while Kevin sat helplessly in the living room.

Ian reminded Kevin that Lucy was Kevin's ex-wife because Kevin had hurt Lucy. Kevin reminded Ian that Lucy was the woman that Kevin had been in love with since the first day that Kevin had set foot in town, but Ian was only the man who was sleeping with Lucy. After Ian left the room, Kevin wondered what Lucy's universe had had in mind when it had pulled a wrinkle that had thrown Kevin, Lucy, and Ian all together under one roof.

In the park, Alison insisted that Rafe had let her rattle Livvie's cage so that Livvie would rush to get the ring from Caleb. Rafe warned Alison that, if Alison did rattle Livvie's cage, there was always the possibility that the first thing Livvie would think of to do, as soon as Livvie had the ring in her hand, would be to get rid of Alison. Alison insisted that she knew that the one person who could get to Livvie was Alison. Alison reminded Rafe that they were partners, and she wanted to do her part to separate Caleb from his ring. Rafe finally agreed to let Alison try to rattle Livvie's cage, but only so long as she promised to stay safe.

When Rafe asked Alison to explain what she was planning to do, Alison insisted that all Alison would need to do would be to flash a few smiles in Caleb's direction, and Livvie's twisted mind would do the rest. Lucy suddenly arrived, and Alison headed off to find Caleb while Rafe and Lucy talked. After Alison left, Lucy began to explain to Rafe that Kevin had started to return to the "old Doc" when Lucy had wished for it. Rafe soon realized that Lucy had been with Jamal when she had made her wish, and he began to explain to her that the power of the ring was that it could make wishes happen.

Rafe explained that Jack had gotten the ring after Jamal, and Jack had wished that Reese would give him some space, so Reese had dumped Jack, who was alone again. Rafe reminded Lucy that, when Jack was alone, Jack usually went looking for trouble. Rafe suggested that while Christina had had the ring, Christina had wished for Kevin to live with them again. When Lucy asked how Kevin's accident would figure into Christina's wish, Rafe explained that, since the ring belonged to the Morley family, it probably granted wishes with consequences -- and it was anybody's guess as to what the consequences would be for the other wishes that had already been made.

At Jack's place, Jack was secretly pleased that Livvie had walked in on him as he got out of the shower. Livvie explained that she was there to check out the box of her things that he was planning to throw away. As Livvie looked through the box that Jack had kept, she found some photos of them during happier times. As Jack and Livvie talked about old times, they began to toss the old clothes around and ended up in each other's arms.

As Jamal got ready for his date with Imani, he flashed back to some of their recent encounters. Later, when Jamal arrived at Imani's place, she did not answer the door, but Jamal could hear some low moaning inside and knocked down the door. Once inside, Jamal discovered that Imani's room was in shambles. When he looked around, he discovered deep scratch marks on the windowsill.

In his apartment, Caleb called around, trying to locate Livvie, but had no luck. When someone arrived at the door, Caleb was surprised to find Alison again. Alison announced that she was there to apologize because she had sounded as if she was sitting in judgment when she'd met with Caleb earlier and did not like that she had done that. However, she again chided Caleb for playing a trick on her about the ring instead of just telling her, "No." and being done with it. Caleb reminded Alison that her opinion meant nothing to him.

Caleb suggested that Alison was not really there to apologize but was actually planning another attempt at making a grab for Caleb's ring. Alison protested that she really was there to apologize, but since Caleb was so suspicious, she would leave. However, as Alison headed for the door, Caleb called her back and admitted that her opinion of him did mean something to him. Caleb agreed that he could have just told Alison that "no way" could she have the ring and be done with it. Alison declared that she and Caleb were friends again, and they shook on it.

Friday, AUGUST 22, 2003

At Imani's Place, Jamal looked around the overturned room and discovered deep scratch marks on the windowsill. When he heard someone approaching, he attacked the intruder but was surprised when he discovered that it was only Rafe. Jamal immediately demanded to know if Rafe was the one who had been following Imani around and frightening her. When Rafe protested that he had no idea what Jamal was talking about, Jamal explained that Imani had been frightened of someone who had been following her around. Jamal begged Rafe to help search for Imani, but Rafe refused.

Rafe reminded Jamal that Jamal had met Imani after Jamal had wished on Caleb's ring for a dream girl. Rafe reminded Jamal of the story The Monkey's Paw and explained that, in that story, wishes were also granted but were followed by dire consequences for the person making the wish. Rafe implored Jamal to forget that Jamal had ever met Imani. Jamal declared that he had no intention of forgetting about Imani, especially if Imani was in trouble. Rafe explained to Jamal that, so far, everyone else that they knew about who had made a wish on the ring had had the "wish" backfire on them.

Rafe reminded Jamal that Jamal knew nothing about Imani, and there were some wicked scratches on the windowsill. Jamal told Rafe that it sounded like Rafe was telling some kind of joke, and he ordered Rafe to get out of his way. Rafe suddenly told Jamal that he would help Jamal search for Imani, after all, but Jamal announced that he no longer trusted Rafe to help in any way with locating her. Jamal stormed away into the night -- alone. Later, as Jamal searched the woods for Imani, he found some strange tracks in the dirt and located a scrap of Imani's clothing on a nearby tree branch.

As Alison and Caleb agreed to try being friends again, she announced that it was time for her to go -- before Caleb's high-maintenance girlfriend returned. But, as Caleb accompanied Alison out into the hallway, a photographer suddenly snapped their picture. Caleb quickly grabbed the photographer and threatened to end his life. The photographer claimed that he had only been looking for a different apartment. Caleb explained that he had a "sensitive" girlfriend whose feelings might be hurt if she saw the picture the photographer had just snapped.

When Caleb threatened to send the photographer on a personal tour of Hades, Alison intervened and suggested that if the photographer just handed the film over to Caleb, Caleb would be willing to let bygones be bygones. The photographer surrendered his camera to Caleb, and Caleb smashed the camera then exposed the film. When the photographer threatened to sue for destruction of personal property, Caleb again threatened to dispose of the photographer immediately. Alison implored Caleb to think about protecting himself from bad publicity by letting the photographer go.

After the frightened photographer rushed away, Caleb warned Alison that Caleb had no plans to change his preferred lifestyle just to maintain his friendship with Alison. Alison argued that wiping out the photographer would blow Caleb's cover. Alison announced that she was leaving before Caleb's "sensitive brunette girlfriend" returned home. However, when she went to pick her purse up from the couch, she detached a charm from her bracelet that had Alison's picture on it and casually dropped the charm on the floor near the couch. As Alison left again, Caleb thanked her for stopping him from doing permanent damage to the photographer. Alison said that she would put it on his tab.

Later, Alison met Rafe in the park and reported that she had gone to see Caleb. Rafe assured he that he'd understood that that was where she had gone. Alison explained about the photographer who had tried to snap their picture and jubilantly informed Rafe that the photographer had given Alison a golden opportunity to convince Caleb that Alison's concern for Caleb's welfare was genuine. When Alison rushed off to meet her mother, the "photographer" emerged from the bushes and accused Rafe of not paying him enough to watch Alison if Caleb was insane. Rafe agreed that Caleb could get a "little erratic" but scolded the photographer for trying to pad his bank account with a clandestine photo. The photographer angrily declared that Rafe was on his own in guarding his girlfriend, and the photographer stormed away.

When Jack found himself with his arms around Livvie, he claimed that he'd lost his balance. Livvie assured Jack that it was okay and headed out the door. After she left, Jack kicked himself for forgetting that the prime objective had been to get Livvie worked up enough to steal the ring from Caleb so that Jack could get his hands back on it. When Jack realized that Livvie had left her box behind, he ran after her. When he caught up with her, Jack admitted that he had not really lost his balance and that Jack was sorely tempted to kiss Livvie.

Livvie tried to brush off what Jack was saying. Jack reminded Livvie that, although she talked about the great eternal love that she claimed she shared with Caleb, Jack couldn't help but notice that she was still unhappy most of the time and cried on Jack's shoulder every time Livvie felt insecure about Caleb. Livvie insisted that Jack was wrong about that and that she did not believe Jack had enough nerve to follow through on his impulse. Livvie reminded Jack that, so far, every woman that Jack had been seriously interested in had left him for someone else.

As they argued, Jack suddenly kissed Livvie. Livvie blasted him for ruining the fun they'd been having, romping down memory lane, by turning it into something serious. However, Jack implored Livvie to at least be honest with herself about her relationship with Caleb. Jack informed Livvie that she was nothing more than a trophy that Caleb kept stashed away in a corner of his life. Jack implied that, some day soon, another blonde would again strike Caleb's fancy, and Caleb would realize just how high-maintenance Livvie really was and would dump her to chase someone new. Jack predicted that Livvie would be all alone again.

Livvie accused Jack of just being jealous. Jack said that the proof of his supposition was the ring. Jack pointed out that Caleb was hardly going to share the power of the ring with Livvie. Jack predicted that, one day, Caleb would split, taking the ring with him -- and Livvie would be left with nothing. As Livvie began to storm away, Jack reminded her of her box, but Livvie retorted that she no longer needed memories of her life with him and told him to just keep the box.

After Livvie left, Jack looked through the box again then began sealing the box up. Meanwhile, Livvie returned home, and Caleb warmly greeted her. Livvie told him nothing about her encounter with Jack, and Caleb told her nothing about his meeting with Alison. Livvie looked at Caleb's ring and asked if she could hold it for a minute, but Caleb refused to turn the ring over to her. Livvie flashed back to Jack's warning that, one day soon, Caleb would skip out on Livvie, taking the ring with him and leaving Livvie with nothing. As Caleb and Livvie kissed, Livvie's foot was close to the charm that Alison had deliberately dropped beside the couch.

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