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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on GL
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Monday, August 18, 2003

At the Beacon, Lizzie screamed out Olivia's name just seconds before Olivia fell down the stairs. Jeffrey and Cassie ran to her rescue. Cassie yelled for someone to call 9-1-1. Cassie tried to comfort her, but Olivia was too worried about the baby's health. Lizzie said that everything was going to be okay. Olivia screamed at Lizzie, telling her to stay away from her.

Cassie and Lizzie waited in the hospital emergency room to hear how Olivia was doing. Cassie questioned Lizzie about how Olivia had fallen. Lizzie seemed surprisingly concerned for Olivia's baby. Lizzie wondered if the baby knew when she was hurt, since the baby couldn't cry. Cassie told Lizzie that the doctors would take care of them.

Phillip showed up wondering what had happened. He questioned Lizzie, since she was the one who had seen the whole thing. When Lizzie said that she had called out for Olivia, Phillip questioned why she had done that, but Lizzie couldn't answer him. She played the distressed child, and Phillip caved in. The doctor walked out and explained that Olivia was having contractions, and the fall might have seriously injured the baby. The doctor told Phillip that they were going to do a sonogram.

After the doctor left, Phillip and Lizzie continued their conversation. Lizzie told her dad that she had just had a conversation with her mother about babies being miracles. Lizzie left to get something to drink. Phillip talked to Cassie about his fears of losing the baby. Phillip remembered almost losing Lizzie, then Zach, and was upset he might lose the new baby. Cassie told him that God had been good to him and would be good to him again.

Lillian walked by, and Phillip grabbed her and asked if she would check on Olivia and let them know what was going on. Lillian told Olivia to stay calm for the sake of the baby and said a positive attitude would help too. Olivia said that she was having a girl. Back in the waiting room, Lillian explained that the sonogram showed that the placenta was still intact, but the amniotic fluid had leaked a little, and she was still having contractions. The good news was that her water had not broken yet.

Phillip asked to see Olivia. Lillian told him that the doctor had said that Olivia could have a visitor, but Olivia wanted to see Cassie. Cassie went in and told Olivia that she had scared them all. Olivia wondered who was out there. When Cassie said that Lizzie and Phillip were out there, Olivia made Cassie promise to keep Phillip away from her and her baby.

At WSPR, Reva and Holly discussed the upcoming show. Holly still wondered whether the show would be a success. Reva explained to her guests that they were taking the show to a new place, a place where the known met the unknown. In order to take a trip like that, it was going to demand a lot of trust. She told the audience that she had been studying psychic connections. She jokingly told them they probably thought she had gone bonkers from the sun, or maybe she had just fallen down and hit her head, but she could finally see that there was a whole other world of communication out there for them to see and explore.

Reva explained her trip to Italy and introduced the guest of the show, Dr. Christopher Langham. Christopher explained that psychics had a highly developed sensitivity to energy. When the sensitivity was recognized and nurtured, there was no telling what discoveries could arise from it. Christopher explained to the audience that he was sure of one person who could tap into that psychic energy: Reva Lewis. Christopher told the audience that a lot of psychics were frauds, and that was why there were so many people that didn't believe in it.

Reva introduced another guest, Arthur Seecamp. Arthur immediately started a reading of people within the audience. He spoke with a man in the audience about an auto accident he had been involved in where he had been driving drunk, and he was connected to a passenger who had died in his vehicle, a woman. He said that the woman was proud of the man in the audience, and she had forgiven him and wanted him to move on with his life and to live for both of them.

They took a commercial break, and Holly expressed her excitement toward the show. Reva explained to Christopher that during the reading, she had gotten the most incredible surge of energy, and she thought that she was picking up things about the woman. Arthur began again, and spoke with a woman about her kidnapped daughter. The woman's daughter had been kidnapped at age four and never found. Arthur told the woman that the child was telling him that... he stopped because the message was garbled. The woman told them that the police had given up because they thought the girl was dead. Reva seemed to be getting a message and spoke out, telling the woman that her daughter was not dead.

At the Spaulding home, Jeffrey showed up to see Beth. Beth assumed he was there to give her a bill for his broken cell phone. Jeffrey told her that he was there on official business. He had questions regarding Ben Read's abduction and assault against Marina Cooper. Beth wondered why that had anything to do with her, but Jeffrey told her it might have something to do with her daughter, Lizzie.

Jeffrey told Beth that there had been a map inside Ben's car, and he believed Lizzie might have drawn the map that had eventually led Ben to Marina. When Beth saw the map, she told Jeffrey that it was her daughter's handwriting and wondered what was going to happen to Lizzie. Jeffrey told her there was really no reason to panic, and what Lizzie might or might not have done was not criminal. Beth assumed that her daughter had just been trying to help Ben, since they were friends.

Beth told Jeffrey that Lizzie was her oldest. It was Beth's first time raising a teenager, and she felt that she was not doing a good job of it. She asked Jeffrey if he has kids, and he told her no, but he'd seen them on television. Beth told Jeffrey that ever since Lizzie had returned from the boarding school early, she hadn't been the same. Jeffrey questioned why she had left boarding school early. When Beth told him that it had been related to an arson incident, Jeffrey told her that kids had problems, and sometimes they kept secrets and tested their parents because it was their nature.

Beth told Jeffrey that she blamed herself for Lizzie's behavior. Jeffrey told her that in his experience, the people who insisted that they were lousy parents -- they seemed to be the people who really weren't. Jeffrey told Beth that Lizzie needed to be monitored more closely, and he would hold off on talking with her. Beth thanked Jeffrey for being so considerate, especially since she had heard so many negative things about him.

Jeffrey got paged and thanked Beth for her time. Gently walking closer to her, he reached out to shake her hand. Jeffrey grabbed her hand and forcefully pulled her toward him and kissed her. Beth responded with a "Wow," and wondered if that was an official business thank you. Jeffrey asked if she had a problem with that. When Beth told him, "No," he pulled her in for another, more passionate kiss.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

At WSPR, Reva spoke to the woman about her missing daughter. Reva described the girl's features and the clothing she had been wearing the day she'd been kidnapped. Reva said that the girl was showing her post cards with a picture of a bird with the letter "R" - maybe for Robin. The woman said that was her mother's name - her daughter's grandmother. Reva told the woman that Robin wanted her to know that her daughter was alive.

The woman burst into tears. Reva apologized to the woman for what she had put her through that day. The woman told Reva it was one of the happiest days she had experienced in years. She said that Reva had done more for her than the last ten years of private investigators and detectives had done. Then the woman asked to set up an appointment with Reva. Christopher took the woman aside to take down her information.

Josh approached Reva and told her that he was concerned about how she could handle the pain involved in psychic readings. She agreed with him but told Josh that she'd just take it one day at a time. However, for the moment, all she wanted to do was go home and take a long, hot bath with some really loud rock-n-roll music to get the voices out of her head.

As Reva and Josh headed for the door, Jeffrey and Frank showed up to question Reva. They told her that a detective had called regarding the girl. The detective wanted Reva to explore her psychic ability to find more facts about the missing child. Reva accepted but requested that Christopher be present. They began, and Reva recalled the grandmother again - this time, she was standing in front of the girl, protecting her from someone else. She said that the girl was a teenager with dark hair.

Christopher asked if Reva could see where they were. Reva told them that they were in a city, sitting on a stoop with trees and a river. It was dark and deep. The girl was playing with a snow globe. The snow globe had an old courthouse with big steps and an arch. Reva said the girl was not dead, but she was sad. Reva began to cry, and the message appeared to be gone. Jeffrey told her that she had done a great job. Josh stood on the sidelines as Christopher comforted Reva.

At the Hospital, Lillian explained to Phillip that Olivia was still having contractions. Olivia's contractions were occurring about every twenty minutes. Lillian explained that the medication Olivia had been given should slow the contractions down.

In the meantime, Olivia was still telling Cassie to keep Phillip away from her. Cassie didn't understand why Olivia would want Phillip to stay away, since they appeared to have grown closer. Olivia explained that she was afraid of Lizzie, and keeping Phillip away would keep Lizzie away. Olivia thought that Lizzie had wanted the accident to happen and was afraid that Lizzie wanted to kill her baby. Olivia explained a former conflict with Lizzie, and knowing that Olivia was going to take a step forward, Lizzie had set her backpack down, which Olivia had tripped over. In addition, Lizzie had shown Olivia a rip in the carpet on the stairs, and she'd had it fixed.

Olivia explained that the carpet had to have been torn again, because she had tripped over the carpet just seconds before Lizzie had called out her name. Olivia recalled the cold, dark expression on Lizzie's face. Cassie walked back out into the waiting room, and Phillip was trying to get in to see Olivia. Cassie told him to wait and not be so selfish because Olivia needed her rest. Lizzie approached Cassie and asked what she could do to help, and Cassie said that she thought Lizzie needed to leave Olivia alone.

Gus and Harley showed up to offer their support. Since they were there, Lizzie asked her dad if she could go home. Harley told Phillip that Olivia's baby was going to be okay because she had his genes. She reminded him how tough and stubborn his kids were. Gus and Phillip discussed Rick's whereabouts, but Phillip said that Rick was off for the night, and he didn't want to call Rick in because they weren't getting along. Rick thought that Phillip was turning into Alan. Phillip felt that he sucked at being a human being. Phillip and Gus appeared to be bonding as brothers as they were waiting to hear news about Olivia.

At the Spaulding home, Jeffrey and Beth continued their kiss. Jeffrey told her that he'd had to do that because she had been so down on herself; in addition, she was beautiful, intelligent, and soft, and she was a sexy woman. Beth told Jeffrey that she didn't always go around kissing men that she barely knew. Jeffrey reminded her that he had kissed her, and she definitely had needed to be kissed.

Jeffrey asked Beth out on a date and told her they could have dinner, go bowling, or go to the movies, as long as they got the talking thing out of the way so that they could get down to some serious kissing. Beth told Jeffrey that she didn't think it was a good idea to go out, especially since she needed to be focusing her attention on her teenage daughter. Jeffrey told her that everyone needed to eat, and he reintroduced himself to her. He told her that he found her extremely attractive with a beautiful smile and eyes that lit up her whole face. He continued to ask her out for dinner.

Beth received a telephone call from Lillian, which interrupted her conversation with Jeffrey. Lillian wanted to meet Beth at Company, regarding Lizzie. When Beth told Jeffrey that she needed to go, Jeffrey asked what his name was because he could think up some charges and put him in jail so that they could have their dinner. Beth told Jeffrey that it was way too much for her because she had too much going on in her life at that moment. Jeffrey leaned in for a near kiss, but he told her that the next one was hers.

At Company, Beth questioned Lillian about what Lizzie had "done now." Lillian wondered what the now meant. Beth explained Lizzie's involvement in Marina's abduction. Lillian explained to Beth that Olivia had had an accident that might cost her the baby's life, and she told Beth that Olivia thought Lizzie had been involved in setting the fall up. Lillian told Beth that Lizzie was in serious trouble Beth blamed herself for failing her daughter but didn't seem to believe what Olivia was saying.

Lillian told Beth that Lizzie was dangerous to herself and to others. Lillian told Beth that she wanted to talk to Lizzie. Lillian called and left a message for Lizzie. Lizzie was home, but she didn't want to answer the telephone. When Lillian hung up, Lizzie knelt for a prayer request to save the baby's life and to not let anyone find out what she had done. Beth went home and found Lizzie asleep on the sofa.

Lillian went back to the hospital from Company. She told Phillip that Olivia was sleeping, and she hadn't had a contraction for 46 minutes. She told Phillip that he could go in and see Olivia if he promised not to disturb her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Shayne and Marina helped Marah move back into the museum apartment. They encouraged Marah to remember the good times and concentrate on the way the museum inspired her. They asked about Tony, and she assured them that she and Tony were over. Marah tried to concentrate on the fashion show and the new flyers requesting seamstress help.

Later, alone in the apartment, Marah listened to the Sandy and Mole radio show. They announced it was their last show, as ordered by the college dean. On-screen, there was an image of the back of a DJ's head and then the camera panned over a large bulletin board filled with newspaper clippings of Springfield residents and their misdeeds. The Mole went on a rant about the bad behavior of the folks of Springfield. Sandy and Mole urged their listeners to call in.

Marah picked up the phone and anonymously called in. She agreed with the Mole about people being dark inside. She admitted that she was still in love with someone despite how dishonest and dark he was. The DJ questioned her identity, but she answered only that they'd hurt her family in the past. As the radio program ended and a haunting love song played, Marah stared at a drawing of Tony.

Later, Marah answered a knock at the door. It was a stranger she assumed to be a seamstress for her fashion show. The stranger introduced himself as Sandy and explained that he had figured out she was the caller.

At company, Ross arrived with a briefcase and questioned Buzz about Marina's whereabouts. He told Buzz that he had news that would change her life forever. Shayne and Marina arrived at Company. She was hesitant to speak with Ross, worried that she'd have to discuss Ben and his crimes. Ross explained that his visit wasn't police-related. Ross told Marina that Ben loved her and regretted hurting her.

Ross explained that Ben's last wish had been for Marina to have his inheritance, over a million dollars from his grandmother. Overwhelmed and nauseous, Marina refused the trust fund and ran outside. Shayne followed and tried to convince her to reconsider. He urged her to use the money to make something good out of a bad situation. Later, Buzz also encouraged her to reconsider the trust fund. He suggested that she discuss it with her mother. Buzz put his arm around her as they gazed at the stars.

Outside the Beacon, Tony and Danny discussed Danny's meeting in New York with Salerno. Danny continued to push business, the 5th Street project, and outsiders' perception. Tony was distraught over losing Marah and frustrated with Danny's arrogance.

At Cedar's Hospital, Michelle was on duty as a physician's assistant. A doctor approached her with a pamphlet about a psychiatry seminar that could assist her in the new outreach project. The intense seminar, located at an out-of-town university, lasted a couple of months. Outside, Danny arrived and had a brief phone conversation with Salerno. They agreed to keep Tony and Eden apart. Michelle confronted Danny with the truth about his trip to New York.

Danny was surprised at Michelle's knowledge and relieved that she supported him. She questioned if the encounter had gotten physical. Danny assured her it had only been warnings, not beatings. Michelle admitted her worries that the mob and violence would get between them like it had for Tony and Marah. Michelle told him about the Pennsylvania psychiatric seminar. Danny encouraged her to attend. They both continued to worry about Tony, remembering how crazy he had gotten during the previous breakup with Marah.

Eden called Salerno and sweet-talked him. She claimed frustration at being an outsider to Springfield. She said she missed her old self, old life, and old friends. She told him that she was on her way to New York, and they agreed to meet at her favorite spot. Salerno welcomed her back into his world.

Later on a rooftop in NYC, Eden was already waiting for Salerno. He happily greeted the seductive Eden. Suddenly, Tony grabbed Salerno and pushed him to the edge of the rooftop. Salerno quickly deduced that Eden had set him up. Tony explained the special connection that he shared with Eden; she had pushed his father off a rooftop similar to the one they were on.

As the threats went back and forth, Tony held Salerno at the edge of the roof. Tony blamed Tony for losing Marah. Salerno admitted that he, not Tony, had beaten up the woman in the photos. Salerno taunted Tony about being nothing more than Danny's pet. Eden brushed off Salerno, and he left.

Tony was furious about losing Marah and his issues with Danny. Eden reassured Tony that Salerno was scum. She proclaimed, "I'm the only one who knows who you are; I always have." Tony forcefully kissed Eden, and at first, she resisted. Then Tony persuaded her to let it happen. Eden returned the kiss and told him she felt like she was in a dream. They continued to kiss passionately.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Marina climbed in through Shayne's bedroom window. She was conflicted about her future plans and needed his help. Josh caught Marina in Shayne's room. Concerned that Shayne needed a good night's sleep, Josh told Shayne to send her home. Shayne stood up to his father and left with Marina.

Ed didn't want Michelle to leave the state for another program. She gave Ed her reasons for going to Hunley. He admitted he was being selfish because he didn't want her to go away. Danny assigned someone to protect Michelle while she was away. Michelle had hope for Tony and Marah. Marah told "all-knowing" Sandy that Tony had moved out. Marah wanted to help Sandy fight to get the show back. She was eager to protest the cancellation of the show and stand up for free speech. Sandy was trying to start a revolution. Marah rallied support for her cause.

Eden started to say how much she had wanted Tony. He hushed her, and they continued to get intimate. Tony and Eden both knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they couldn't help themselves. They gave in to their passion. Eden admitted that she had wanted Tony all along. Tony accused Eden of lying and only pretending to be friends with Marah in a plot to be with Tony. She denied it. He finally believed her.

Eden and Tony reached an understanding and agreed to stay away from each other and not speak of that night. Later, Tony and Eden awkwardly avoided each other. Eden told Marah they needed to talk. Tony partly blamed Danny for his losing Marah.

Friday, August 22, 2003

It was nighttime in Springfield. At the Lewis house, Josh was sulking in Shayne's room when Reva arrived home. They briefly discussed Shayne and his recent rebellious spirit. Reva was exhausted after spending the evening at the police station, using her psychic gift to find a missing girl. Reva continued to have doubts about her gift.

Josh debated if it was a gift or curse. He was concerned about the burden placed on her and the family. Reva became frustrated that Josh was trying to stifle her. A phone call from Frank interrupted them. Reva was astonished to discover that they had found the missing girl thanks to Reva's efforts.

With tears in her eyes, Reva hugged Josh. Reva was reassured about her gift, but Josh continued to have concerns. Abandoning Josh, she rushed off to phone Christopher. Josh eavesdropped on the conversation while Reva thanked Christopher for being the only one to have faith in her. Afterwards, Christopher made a mysterious phone call saying, "She's the one. I've finally found the woman we've been looking for."

At a closed Company, Marina and Shayne discussed her future. She was conflicted about whether or not to accept the money from Ben. In addition, she had only until the morning to decide if she'd attend Northwestern. They joked about different future scenarios -- a motorcycle trip, being Shayne's baseball groupie, even a Marina reality television show. Marina had doubts about where she wanted to live, her talents as a performer, and her ability to find happiness.

Later, Shayne told Marina, "I love you," for the first time. He told her that he'd choose her over baseball and that she was the thought that got him through the day. Shayne and Marina shared a loving kiss.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Tony arrived home from New York. He recapped his visit with Salerno. Tony continued to be frustrated with Danny's attitude about business. Tony confessed that he'd had sex with Eden on the roof in New York. Danny tried to convince Tony to work things out with Marah. Tony, frustrated and angry, was more convinced than ever that he would always make the wrong and violent choice.

A surprise knock at the door revealed Bill who claimed to want to speak with a sleeping Michelle about a hotline idea. Bill apologized to Tony about Eden. For a moment, they thought Bill knew about the roof. Bill was actually talking about Eden's role in Marah breaking up with him. Tony defiantly told Bill that Salerno and Eden had done Marah a favor; they had saved her from the biggest mistake of her life.

Tony stormed out. Danny warned Bill to stop dropping by so often and encouraged his relationship with Eden -- mostly to keep Tony away from her. Danny challenged Bill to spend less time with Michelle and more time with Eden.

At the museum, Eden arrived to speak with Marah about Tony. Eden told Marah that Marah and Tony belonged together. Eden told Marah that Salerno had indeed faked the photos. Eden had a thought: a black and white flashback of her recent sexual experience with Tony on the roof. She ignored it and continued to plead Tony's case to Marah.

Marah questioned if Tony had dangled Salerno from the roof to get the truth. That cemented Marah's determination that Tony would always be violent. Eden experienced another flashback of her and Tony's romp on the roof. Eden insisted that Tony loved Marah and urged her to call him. Marah thanked Eden for her friendship. Eden exited, and Marah began to rehearse what she would say to Tony about missing him.

Marah began to dial the phone but had a change of heart and phoned someone else about her designs. Tony, standing outside the door, considered approaching Marah but eavesdropped on the conversation. Marah declared that she was focused on work, with nothing holding her back. Tony sadly retreated after hearing that. Marah glanced at the sketch of Tony but then walked away.

At Eden's apartment, Eden was dressed for bed in sexy red lingerie. With tears in her eyes, Eden began tearing pages from her precious scrapbook and ripped them to pieces. She stared at a page filled with Tony's photos and said goodbye. Still conflicted about her feelings, she hesitated. Then she decided against tearing the page and closed the book.

Later, when Bill arrived, Eden greeted him with a long embrace. They debated if they were meant to be together. Bill had doubts about her lingering feelings for Tony. Eden had doubts about her ability to change and be trustworthy. She had found in Bill someone to be safe with. He reassured her than he wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her. Eden told him the real worry was not what was out there, but what was inside of her. They kissed, and Bill began undressing her. Eden began making love to Bill just hours after she'd had sex with Tony on the roof in New York.

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