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Zach tried to help Ethan. Bianca made JR an offer. Babe and Jamie arrived at Kevin Buchanan's victory celebration, where David and Krystal were waiting to stop them. Maria suggested marriage counseling, but Edmund just wanted a divorce.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Bobby and Greenlee argued in the hospital lobby about what she'd said to Anita and what he'd agreed to do for Kendall. Greenlee started seeing things, like multiple Bobby's and an empty elevator shaft and Bobby thought she was messing with him. He warned her to stay away from him and Anita. Greenlee became frightened at herself.

Aidan tried to comfort Anita in the hospital closet, who was feeling foolish for trusting Bobby. Anita swore she was done with love. Bobby walked in on them and accused her of being in love with Aidan. Aidan excused himself and she slapped Bobby. He called her a hypocrite because nothing happened with Greenlee, just like nothing happened with Aidan. Anita accused him of destroying their love and trust. Bobby accused her of playing footsie and having feelings for Aidan. Bobby was tired of her always letting everyone know how perfect she is. She said she was too done with him to waste her time slapping him again. He stormed out.

JR taunted Bianca and laughed at her attempts to get or see Bess. Bianca had an offer to tempt his greedy help him get Chandler Enterprises back if he'd be willing to share custody of Bess. JR dismissed the offer because it didn't fit his plan to erase Babe from Bess's life. Bianca tried desperately to reason with JR, but he told her she was there instead of Babe because Babe was getting ready to run off with Jamie and can't be bothered with a baby. Bianca called him a liar. JR was adamant that Babe had abandoned Bess. Bianca walked out, telling him she can no longer be his friend.

Jamie and Babe told David and Tad about their plan to leave town to eliminate the threat Adam was hanging over Tad's head. Tad explained they got the evidence and disarmed the "Adam bomb." Jamie and Babe were speechless and explained the other reason they are leaving town is because they are in love. Brooke walked in to congratulate Tad and was stunned to see Jamie and Babe kissing. Brooke suggested a cold shower. David and Tad put on their daddy hats and wanted to be alone with their children to talk things through. David demanded Babe tell him what was really going on. Babe insisted they are really in love but David only told her she has the worst taste in men. She blamed the lack of a father figure growing up, but then apologized. She praised Jamie and told David he had taken care of the Paul situation. That stunned David, but he didn't answer Babe's questions about why. She tried to convince David to trust Jamie but he wanted Jamie to walk away. She hugged David before he left.

Brooke and Tad tried to tell Jamie he was risking any chance Babe had to get custody of Bess. Jamie disagreed. Tad surmised Jamie knew the secret that made Krystal turn down his proposal and get out of his life. Tad begged Jamie to trust him. Jamie said the secret is that he loves Babe and swore he knew what he was doing and that he wouldn't do anything stupid. He said he hoped he would be as good a parent as they are. Jamie hugged Brooke. Tad was worried Jamie was saying goodbye and when Jamie left, told Brooke it was like watching himself 20 years ago, heading straight for trouble. That terrified Brooke, especially when Tad said he knew Jamie was lying about something and he had to find out what.

David was waiting for Jamie and told him it was time for them to have a little chat.

Ethan refused Zach's offer of help at the police station. Livia came to see Ethan at the police station, at Kendall's request. Zach vowed to get a better lawyer from New York. Livia dismissed him. Kendall questioned Zach about being Ethan's father after all. Zach said he was there because of guilt for what Ethan had been through. Kendall suggested he pay the lawyer for Ethan. Livia warned him he was at the top of her suspect list. He agreed it would play well to a jury, jealousy over Ryan getting the Cambias fortune and actually being Michael's brother. But he warned Livia she couldn't place him at the scene. Alone, Kendall told Ethan she believed he is innocent and promised to help him prove it. He appreciated her support, but asked her to stay out of it.

Aidan found Greenlee cowering in an elevator, afraid to let go of the wall. Aidan thought he should call Ryan but Greenlee asked him not to. She said Maria was checking her out.

Later, Babe finished her letter to Bianca, trying to explain about Miranda. Bianca walked in.

Tuesday, November 2

Bianca walks into David's cabin just as Babe finishes reading her letter to Bianca about Miranda out loud. For a moment, Babe fears that Bianca overheard her but it soon becomes apparent that she didn't when Bianca confronts her about her concerns over Babe leaving town with Jamie without fighting for Bess. Babe sticks to her story, namely that she and Jamie love each other but her guilty behavior raises new questions for Bianca. She pleads with Babe to trust her with whatever secret she is keeping but Babe remains stubbornly silent despite Bianca's assurances that she only has Babe's best interest at heart. Bianca then startles Babe with the announcement that she's finally figured out what Babe and Jamie are really up to. Bianca shares her theory that Babe and Jamie are planning to kidnap Bess and then leaving town with her. Babe does nothing to dissuade Bianca of the notion but she quickly reassures Bianca that she will always have a front row seat to all of Bess's milestones in life. Bianca and Babe share a heartfelt goodbye at the end of which Bianca asks Babe to promise to let her know the minute she, Jamie and Bess are settled. Babe is careful to not promise Bianca anything fearing that once the truth is revealed Bianca won't want anything to do with her.

Maggie arrives at Fusion to find Jonathan working. She tries to coax him to leave with her but he is too busy with work so she pitches in to help him. While working, Jonathan reveals to her that he padded his resume to get a job with Ryan and that he dropped out of college. Maggie convinces him that she has no problem with any of that and that it's clear Ryan believes in him if he's still working for Fusion. Jonathan then apologizes once again for what he did with Bianca's shirt and expresses remorse for how it put a strain on Maggie and Bianca's relationship. Maggie tells him that all they have ever really shared was friendship, nothing more, and while she's sad that apparently the friendship is over, she has no regrets where Jonathan is concerned. Shortly afterwards they leave to go have fun since Jonathan is now caught up with his work.

Jamie walks into his apartment to pack his things only to find David sitting in a chair. David wastes no time to warn Jamie that leaving town with Babe is the worst possible mistake. Jamie isn't swayed, not even after David attempts to point out how close Krystal and Babe are and how a separation would only hurt the both of them. Maggie and Jonathan walk in and David sees as his cue to leave but not without first enlisting Maggie's help to talk some sense into Jamie. After David has left and Jonathan excuses himself to use the phone in Maggie's bedroom, Maggie tries to convince Jamie to change his mind about running away with Babe. She fears that rather than make things better it's going to make them worse, especially for Jamie. Jamie remains steadfast with his decision to leave, but he attempts to reassure Maggie that he's well in control of things and knows what he's doing. Maggie offers to move out so he could move in with Babe if that is what it takes to keep him in town but Jamie declines the offer explaining that it wouldn't work. He then cryptically tells to keep in mind that Babe never meant to hurt anyone before he gathers the last of his things and leaves. Maggie is upset but powerless to prevent him from going. As Jonathan attempts to comfort her, a knock at the door interrupts them. Maggie goes to answer it and finds Bianca standing in the doorway.

At Tad's house, Krystal is caught up, literally, in a trap set by Tad. Ensnared in a net, Tad sits Krystal down and refuses to assist her in getting free until Krystal tells him what big secret she's been keeping from him. Krystal is less than cooperative. She uses every trick in her arsenal to get Tad to free her without revealing anything but Tad won't be swayed. He passionately argues that he would do whatever it took to help her and that there isn't anything that she could tell him that would cause him to feel otherwise but Krystal stubbornly remains silent. Tad and Krystal share a kiss but are interrupted when David walks in and points a gun at Tad demanding that he release Krystal. The two men exchange words but in the end, Tad relents and helps Krystal get out from beneath the net. Krystal and David leave together.

Ryan visits Ethan in jail who is less than happy to see him. Even more so when Ryan suggests that he will talk to the judge and ask him to go easy on Ethan if in exchange Ethan would plead guilty. Ryan explains that he's trying to spare Greenlee a trial. Ethan declines the offer. He asks Ryan if he has any idea who actually pulled the trigger the night of the shooting which prompts Ryan cleverly point out the Kendall factor. He confides to Ethan that he doesn't believe she's the shooter but was framed by the real culprit because the shooter had waited for the moment Kendall had her gun raised and pointed at him. He then admits that he doesn't think Ethan is the shooter either but vows to see the person responsible brought to justice. Ethan realizes that Ryan's theory has merit. Ryan leaves and a short while later Kendall arrives with some treats for Ethan.

Kendall drops by to see Ryan but finds instead his penthouse door open and Greenlee laying on the couch with her eyes open, seemingly in a trance. Kendall makes several attempts to snap Greenlee out of it but is initially unsuccessful. When Greenlee does finally realize that Kendall is in her apartment she's annoyed and demands that she leave. Kendall ignores wishes and starts talking about Ethan's innocence. Greenlee is irritated and refuses to listen to anything Kendall has to say. Realizing how fruitless it is to try to convince Greenlee of Ethan's innocence, Kendall decides to leave Ryan a note telling him that she had stopped by. While Kendall is busy doing that, Greenlee suffers another hallucination out on the balcony and ends up climbing onto a chair and leaning precariously over the railing. Kendall, seeing this, believes Greenlee is about to either jump or accidentally fall. She slowly creeps up on Greenlee and gets her down from the chair then asks her what was wrong with her. Greenlee continues to be hostile and argumentative even when Kendall tries to talk her into going to the hospital, concerned now because she knows this isn't Greenlee's first incident of strange behavior, but it's to no avail and she leaves a short while later. Worried about this latest incident, Greenlee calls Maria but is told that she is unavailable. Not bothering leaving a message, Greenlee hangs up and closes the balcony doors just before Ryan returns home. Greenlee runs into his arms and Ryan, unaware of the latest episodes, tells Greenlee that he's overdue for a checkup and suggests they both get one. Greenlee says she's already a step ahead of him and had Maria do a physical and run some blood tests. She assures Ryan that everything is ok and she's just suffering from stress.

David and Krystal return to the cabin only to find Babe is not there and waiting for them. It doesn't take David long to figure out that she's already left with Jamie. After Krystal insists that Babe wouldn't leave her child behind and run off with Jamie, David realizes just where Babe and Jamie are headed. He tells Krystal to follow him and races out the door in the hopes of catching up with Babe.

Unbeknownst to them, Tad followed them and was lurking outside the cabin. He is hot on their heels.

Meanwhile, Babe and Jamie are in a car heading to Llanview.

Wednesday, November 3

Bianca stops by Maggie's to see how she is handling the news that Jamie and Babe are leaving town together. Maggie admits that she's not taking the news too well. As Bianca gives Maggie a comforting hug, Jonathan watches from the sofa. Minutes later, Jonathan excuses himself to go out and get ice cream giving Bianca and Maggie some time to talk privately. While discussing Jamie and Babe's departure from Pine Valley, Bianca confides to Maggie their real plans. Maggie is surprised to learn they plan to kidnap Bess but better understands why they are leaving. Jonathan then returns with both a bottle of champagne instead of ice cream and news. He makes a toast to the 'fake Cambias' being behind bars which draws Bianca up short. She had no idea that Ethan had been arrested. She begins to defend Ethan to Jonathan but quickly realizes the uselessness in that so she leaves. Alone now, Jonathan makes a few comments about Bianca to Maggie which she objects to. During the argument, Maggie goes to the door, opens it and demands for Jonathan to leave. He doesn't. Instead he asks Maggie if she would prefer to be in Bianca's arms as she was during the hug they shared. Maggie is speechless.

Kendall and Erica run into each other in the hallway outside of Bianca's apartment. They enter Bianca's apartment together where Erica questions Kendall about her comment in the hallway, that she was there for help. When Kendall tells Erica about Ethan's arrest her reaction is not unexpected..."Well three cheers for the Pine Valley police department." As they argue back and forth the conversation drifts from Ethan to their mother/daughter relationship. Erica begs Kendall to please let her help her stop making the same mistakes over and over but Kendall insists that she doesn't need it. Erica is persistent. She tells Kendall that while she failed her and Bianca once in the past she is not going to let that happen again. Never. As Erica looks at a picture of Bianca, Babe and Bess, she reflects out loud how she wished things had turned out differently, referring to Miranda's death. Kendall becomes visibly upset with talk of Miranda and sets the picture down telling her mother that she can't share her feelings about Miranda. Just then Bianca walks into her apartment, surprised to see both her sister and mother there. She asks if she has forgotten a girl's night out or something. Kendall tries to leave, saying she was just passing by but Erica stops her and informs Bianca that Kendall is there for what she calls help but what is actually aiding and abetting. Kendall isn't amused however she does stay after Bianca tells the both of them that she could use the company. Kendall shares what has happened with Ethan and Bianca agrees with her that he's innocent much to Erica's dismay. As the three women discuss their failings and Bianca points out that together they are unbeatable the conversation once again drifts to Miranda. Kendall becomes quite agitated and insists that they stop talking about her since nothing can bring her back.

Adam storms into his living room, outraged that no one has been able to locate Colby. JR, with Bess on his lap, listens to Adam's tirade until Adam picks up the phone and says "If I can't have my child then neither can Tad Martin." JR asks him who he is calling to which Adam replies "Alfred Vanderpoole." He intents to have him get the evidence against Jamie and Babe in the safety deposit box. JR warns him that if he wants his brother then Adam will have to go through JR first. Adam is momentarily stunned but he quickly recovers and accuses JR for falling for Jamie's tricks to manipulate him through their brotherly bond. JR ignores Adam, insisting that he leave Jamie alone. In an attempt to change JR's mind, Adam starts attacking JR, pointing out what Adam sees as JR's weaknesses but to no avail. JR is steadfast. The argument is interrupted with the arrival of Brooke who lets Adam know that not only can he not hurt Jamie anymore but that the disc he was threatening to use to have him thrown in jail is no longer in Adam's possession. Adam is enraged especially when JR calmly thanks Brooke and sees her to the door. Adam begins to share a piece of his mind with his son but is immediately shut down when JR tells him that with the help of the $10,000.00 Jamie stole from Adam's safe and the large payoff JR gave him, Jamie has taken Babe and left town. Adam smiles, even more so when JR points out that Brooke is completely unaware of her son's departure from Pine Valley.

Krystal and David arrive in Llanview where the election night celebration for Governor Brooks and Kevin Buchanan's victory is in full swing. Not seeing either Jamie or Babe in the crowd they decide to split up. Tad follows Krystal while David goes in the other direction. Jamie and Babe walk out of the elevator moments later. Jamie is dressed in a campaign T-Shirt and both are wearing straw campaign hats in the hopes of blending in with the rest of the campaign volunteers. As they try to decide what to do next, they spot the nanny and Ace heading towards the elevators they have just exited. Babe becomes upset that the nanny has Ace up so late and around so much noise but Jamie reminds her that they have a game plan to stick to and she needs to focus on that. After the nanny enters the elevator, they watch the floor indicator above to see which floor it stops at. While waiting for their own elevator, Babe spots David as he exits one. Babe grabs an unsuspecting Jamie and kisses him using their hats to further conceal them. David walks past them mumbling "Get a room" unaware that it was Babe and Jamie. Meanwhile, Krystal ends up backing into Tad and promptly berates him for following her. Tad questions why she is in Llanview and Krystal tries to lie, saying she's there to see a friend. He then asks her if the friend is the ex-wife to the Lt. Governor, Kelly Buchanan. Krystal sticks to her story, traps Tad behind a cart full of heavy luggage and makes a quick escape from him. A short while later, Jamie and Babe are upstairs in the hotel corridor. Jamie shows Babe the bottle of sleeping pills he intends to lace the nanny's drink with and assures Babe that soon she'll have Ace. A short while later, Jamie is at the hotel door where the nanny is staying with Ace with a glass of drug-laced champagne on a tray in his hands. He tells her that Kevin had sent him up with the glass as part of the celebration but the nanny is reluctant, fearing it might be a set up to see if she's a fit nanny. Jamie eventually convinces her to let him in and then to drink the champagne. Feeling a bit dizzy, she tells him that she has a few phone calls to make and goes into the other room after Jamie assures her he will see himself out. He quickly removes a piece of tape from his jacket and puts it over the door latch so that he can return to the room later and let himself in without a key. Meanwhile, Krystal finds Babe in the hallway waiting for Jamie. She immediately confronts Babe about her plans and begs her to reconsider, reminding her that what she and Jamie are planning is a felony and will result in a state wide manhunt. Babe feels the risks are worth it and won't be swayed. Realizing that she is not going to talk her daughter out of leaving town with Jamie after kidnapping Ace, she says goodbye to Babe. When Jamie joins them she makes one more attempt to reason with him but to no avail. Down in the lobby, Tad confronts David. He tells David that he plans to get to the bottom of things and be with Krystal in the end. They trade barbs until David is able to knock Tad unconscious with a suitcase and prop him up against a wall so that he looks like someone who had passed out after imbibing in a bit too much champagne.

Thursday, November 4

[Previously on All My Children: While the nanny is asleep on the couch, Jamie lets Babe into the room, whereupon she picks up Ace and exclaims her happiness at having her baby back.]

Jamie and Babe are in the car and she notes that the letters are starting to be delivered. Back in Pine Valley, we see that JR is the first to get one - followed closely by Tad. Tad receives his at the door to his house, while Krystal observes. He holds it up and announces that he believes he will find the truth within.

Reading his (and Brooke's) letter aloud, Tad finds part of the truth: that Babe and Jamie have left town for good. Jamie asks Tad to stash his P.I. license and not try to find them, because they will be okay. After finishing the letter, Tad is furious. He knows that while their leaving may be a result of what the whole truth is, there is much more to what is going on. Now that his son is gone, he demands that Krystal finally be honest with him.

Tad insists that while people have been known to do stupid things for love, their kids aren't stupid. He knows that there has to be a reason that Babe would desert her kid in the Chandler house. He thought maybe she would do that if she had done something stupid - again. Krystal tells him that if he is going to blame anyone - he should blame her, not Babe. Tad says he's game and he asks her directly what she did.

Tad continues to badger Krystal and slowly she begins to crack. She weakly fends him off by telling him that the letter he received contains all he needs to know and she has nothing else to say. Obviously not content with that answer, Tad stays on the warpath. He continues to drill questions at her and she starts to cry - and then suddenly, the truth dawns on him. He realizes that Babe could walk away because the baby was actually Miranda. Moreover, he realizes that Krystal knew the truth the whole time.

Tad asks Krystal exactly what happened, and she finally admits that she switched the labels on the vials containing the blood samples. She admits that there is no excuse for her actions, and Tad follows quickly by saying there is no way that she could excuse what she did. She decided that Bianca deserved to grieve for her baby just so that Babe could play Mommy.

Krystal tells him that it wasn't what she or Babe wanted to do. She tells him that Babe had to make a choice, and she chose JR because she couldn't bear to destroy his world by telling him that it was his baby that died. Tad is flabbergasted because Krystal and Babe knew the truth and yet they did nothing.

Krystal tries to blame everything on Paul Cramer but Tad wants none of it. He is outraged that she put Babe's happiness above Bianca's, and tells her that was wrong. He said that while everyone in town thought Bianca was crazy when she kidnapped "Bess", Krystal was the only one that knew the truth and she didn't lift a finger to help. Krystal admits that if she had known JR's true intentions, things could have been different. She also admits that she put her daughter in a horrible situation and put Bianca in an even worse situation. Still stuck in disbelief at what he's hearing, Tad notes aloud that this must be the reason why she wouldn't marry him.

Krystal confirms his suspicions and says that this truth is the reason why she kept putting him off, and eventually rejected his marriage proposal. In her mind's eye, she saw him looking at her just as he is looking at her now. She knew that he would be done with her. Not bothering to object, Tad tells her that there is one thing that he wants to know before she leaves. He tells her that over the past months, she repeatedly told him that she loved him - but it was through a curtain of lies. What he wants to know is if that was actually true, or if it was her way of trying to dupe him. She assures him that how she felt was one thing that she was always truthful about. She not only loved him, but she still does.

The next letter to arrive is for Bianca. Kendall is preparing to leave Bianca's apartment when she sees the letter on the floor. All of the letters have the recipient's name followed by a notation that it's from Babe. Bianca and Erica, who are still inside, see Kendall picking the note up. Bianca asks what it is, and displaying her distaste for Babe, Kendall says it's nothing and merely lays the note on the front table.

Kendall hugs her mother and thanks her for making her stay and talk things out (instead of feeding into her constant need to run), hugs her sister and goes to leave. Jack shows up at the door, and notes that Erica called him. Once Kendall is gone, hugs are passed around and Erica says that she called to find out what happened with his meeting. The meeting was between Jack and the mothers of the "Cool Girls", regarding their horrible treatment of Lily.

Jack didn't get what he wanted because the mothers seemed to take a page from the principal's book of indifference. They all blamed Lily because, being different, she doesn't know how to handle herself in a "normal" situation. Jack admits that he is no longer confused about how the girls got the way they are - because they are carbon copies of their mothers.

Erica takes this opportunity to say that parents like that often lose their children, and Bianca interjects with "hypothetical" situation. What happens when a perfectly good parent loses their child to a monster of a parent? What choices do they have left except to go on the run with their child? Erica and Jack look at her quizzically and then Jack wonders aloud if they were still speaking hypothetically.

Bianca wants to keep the situation hypothetical but Jack uses Babe as an example anyway. He explains that because she signed over her parental rights, absconding with the baby would be a violation of that agreement and she would have to pay the price for that. If, however, it could be proven that the agreement was signed under duress, Jack says it could probably be nullified. Erica notes that pressuring people to do things they wouldn't normally do has Chandler written all over it, and Bianca agrees. Jack goes on to say that if Babe hasn't already done something stupid, she should hire Livia to represent her and legally get her rights reinstated.

Shortly thereafter, Jack prepares to leave. Bianca thanks him for the advice and gives him a hug before he goes. Now alone with her mother, Bianca wants to know what is on Erica's mind. Erica tells her that she thinks it's great how much she cares about Bess. She knows how much love Bianca has to give and she suggests that Bianca think about having another baby. Before Bianca can protest, Erica tells her upfront that she is not thinking that she needs a replacement baby. She just knows that Bianca is destined to be a fantastic mother someday. Bianca, while appreciative of her mother's supportive comments, is not ready to go down that road again just yet.

After her mother leaves, Bianca calls David to see if Babe is there. He tells her that she is supposed to be but isn't. Bianca asks him to have Babe call her when she gets in. David agrees and they both hang up.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Kendall arrives and JR says that she is just in time to see him shred the letter from Babe. Kendall tells him that Bianca got one as well, and he then asks what it said. She tells him that she doesn't know and doesn't care - and this spurs JR's interest. He wants to know what Babe is up to. He opens the letter, and a shocked look comes over his face as he reads the contents.

He reads the letter in its entirety, but he doesn't tell Kendall about the contents. He is completely unsettled, not only because of what he is reading, but because of the knowledge that Bianca got a letter just like it. Kendall, completely oblivious to the change in JR's demeanor, innocently plays with the niece she thought she lost. She asks what Babe had to say and he tells her that is was just Babe's final goodbye - as he knew that Babe was leaving town with Jamie.

Kendall hugs JR and congratulates him for winning sole custody from a woman who she believes was built for back seats and dancing on bars - not motherhood. Unsure of what to say without letting on that something was seriously wrong, JR tells her that although they love her company, he needs to get the baby to bed. Understanding, Kendall tells him that she has a favor to ask of him, for Bianca, before she goes.

Kendall's favor is that JR let Bianca visit MiraBess every now and again. JR, trying to stave off any incidence where Bianca would have contact with the baby, notes that Kendall told him before that Bianca being around MiraBess would be a bad idea. Kendall tells him that she had reconsidered, and things should be okay now that Babe is out of their lives. While playing with her niece, she notes that Bianca has lost so much already, and she wants her to have this one connection to her daughter. JR says that he will think about it and let her know. He thanks her for checking up on them because all of his friends seemed to have deserted him. She tells him that perhaps they weren't real friends - and then she takes her leave.

Alone again, JR reads the letter to himself with Babe as the voiceover, spelling out that their baby died in the crash, and her reasons for doing what she did. She tells him that she knew how much he loved that little girl and couldn't stand to break his heart. She acknowledges that this letter is causing his heart to break now, and she apologizes for that. Despite the pain, she knows that what she is doing is right because it is time for that little girl he loves to be back with her real mother.

In a continued voice over, Babe informs JR via the letter that Bianca knows everything as well, and would be on her way to get her little girl. At that moment, the door bell rings. JR picks up the baby and waits for the inevitable. A security guard comes in and tells him a young woman is here to see him, and JR gives his consent for her to be let in. Bianca appears at the door to the living room.

At the cabin, Greenlee approaches David at the door, almost hysterical. She begs him to help her because she thinks that based on all that has been happening, she is losing her mind. He tells her to come inside so that they can talk more about it.

Once inside, Greenlee starts to be more specific about her concerns (she thinks that her behavior may be a product of a nervous breakdown or a tumor in her brain) but David acts pretty flip about the situation. He does ask her if there is a history of either in her family. She tells him that while her mother may be many things, she's not certifiable. She also says that Jack is the picture of perfect mental health - which David can't help but take a jab at by saying that Jack's savior complex negates that.

He thinks that her problems could be solved if she stopped stressing about the stress she is under, or maybe if she tried meditation or divorcing Ryan. Frustrated, Greenlee tells him that she has no idea why she thought he could help. Finally realizing how serious she is, he tells her to come see him at the clinic tomorrow. She thanks him, and then starts to see double. All of a sudden, she seems overly chipper, tells him she loves him and bounds out of the house.

After ending his phone call with Bianca, David steps out of the front door for a breath of fresh air. It's then that he sees a letter laying on the ground. It's addressed to "Mama and Daddy" and this brings a smile to his face. The smile doesn't last long, however, as he goes back into the house and starts to read the note. In it, Babe tells them both that she loves them very much but that she and Jamie are leaving town for good. She admits that she couldn't risk one more day of JR getting closer to the truth about their son. She couldn't risk losing her baby to him all over again. She tells them both that they plan to stay out of town as long as necessary to ensure that her baby boy is safe. Understandably upset, David grabs his coat and runs out the door.

A short time later, back at the Martin residence, Tad tells Krystal that her feelings don't matter now, because this truth is too big for even them to overcome. Just then, David walks in and announces that there is no more "Tad and Krystal."

They're almost to Virginia and Babe tells Jamie how happy she is that the baby still remembers her, even though they spent such a short time together. In his usually supportive manner, Jamie replies that he knew it wouldn't take much for them to reconnect.

Babe tells Jamie that the only thing wrong with Ace is his name. She tells him that she wants to rechristen him with the name James. Jamie initially protests, but after Babe says that she wants to do so in honor of him and all he has done for them, he acquiesces. He says that allowing her to use his name comes with a catch: he wants to be a big part of baby James' life. After thinking that he fathered her baby for so long - the next best thing would be acting as a better father figure than James' birth dad.

Babe says that the future looks bright for them in Florida, and that her hope is that Bianca was already holding her daughter.

Greenlee shows up at the river, and she is ranting about someone having stolen her hole. She pushes on a huge boulder, thinking it is the one that was put in place to prevent anyone else from falling down the mineshaft. Kendall shows up and asks what she is doing - and Greenlee is delighted to see her. She asks Kendall to help her move the boulder, and when Kendall asks why, Greenlee tells her that she wants Kendall to help stuff her back down the mineshaft.

Bewildered, Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that if she really wants to go back down the mineshaft, she should come back during the day with proper equipment so that she could get back out. Greenlee announces that the Green Butterfly doesn't need equipment and is exasperated that Kendall won't help "shaft" her. Greenlee announces that this was a bad idea and storms off.

Once Greenlee is gone, Kendall goes over to the memorial for Miranda. She admits that she can't hold on to her forever. As hard as this is for her, she needs to let Miranda go. As the tears flow freely, she says her final goodbyes.

Friday, November 5

In the morning, Edmund continues to ignore Maria's pleas to be more open about making their marriage work. Maria tells him that their behavior is not good for the children and asks him to see a marriage counselor. Edmund says he has already spoken to his lawyer and will be filing for divorce. Maria is stunned and Maddie, now a teenager, comes downstairs to get ready for school. Maria leaves to get Maddie's jacket and Edmund tells Maddie that things between him and her mother are bad. He says that they are having problems that might not be fixable. Maddie explains that she knows things are bad because of the fighting and that they sleep in separate beds. Maddie leaves to catch the bus and Maria sensing her uneasiness, asks Edmund what he told her. He says he told them the children have to be prepared for what is going to happen. Maria thinks not-she says that their marriage can be fixed and it is best not to jump to conclusions with the kids. Maddie misses the bus and Maria takes her to school. Edmund makes a phone call and asks for the person to come to his home.

Zach is in his office, trying to contact Olivia when Ryan walks in, saying that he owes him an apology. Ryan tells him he misjudged Zach-I mean, he isn't trying to steal Ryan's power by using his Cambias' name and even denied Ethan that he was his son. Ryan pulls out a gun, a match to the gun that shot him, and Zach takes it as a threat. Ryan says he not threatening Zach, just trying to make him see the weapon that almost ended his life. He also mentions that Ethan has been arrested for attempted murder. Ryan asks him why he has not left town yet. If he is waiting for Maria, Ryan says he has no chance.

Ryan leaves and meets up with Aidan, who asks if he got anything on Zach. Ryan says no, but agrees there is something more and if Ethan isn't the killer, he shouldn't take the fall for it.

When Maria returns, she tells Edmund that Maddie was very upset. The doorbell rings and when Maria gets it, it is Zach. Edmund tells her he asked him to come over and pick her up. "She's all yours," he says to Zach.

Krystal tells David that Tad figured everything about Miranda and that she didn't even have to say anything. David tells Tad not to blame Krystal for what has happened, but to blame him instead. Tad tells David to get out of his house and David says he just wanted to help his daughter. Tad points out that David did not know Babe was his daughter until a few months ago and he has known Bianca for years. Krystal tells Tad that Babe made everything right by writing Bianca a letter, as she did with everyone else. That does not change Tad's opinion. He tells them that he sided with Babe and lost JR. David leaves at Tad's command and Krystal stays behind. She tells Tad that for what it is worth, she still loves him and leaves. Krystal goes back to talk to David, who realizes that Krystal knew Babe was going to kidnap Ace. Krystal admits it, but says she could not talk Babe out of it. David tells her that if they are found, those kids' lives are over.

Babe, Jamie and James (Ace) picnic outside as they continue to flee from Pine Valley. When Jamie realizes Babe seems to be distracted, he asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is just thinking of how Bianca is finally getting to hold Miranda and knows the truth about her. Babe envisions Bianca coming to JR with happiness and him simply handing over the baby to her. Babe gets saddened because Kevin and JR both lost their children. Jamie says Kevin probably knew James was not his. Even though JR has done hurtful things to them, they both feel saddened for the loss they assume both men are experiencing. They hear police sirens and hope that the police pass them. But they don't and Babe and Jamie watch as the lights get closer.

JR clutches Miranda closer to him and tells Bianca, "You can't have her." Bianca tells him she is there to see Babe. JR tells her Babe left with Jamie, but Bianca can't believe it. After all, Babe acted as though she and Jamie were going to kidnap "Bess" but she is still with JR. JR blurts out that Babe has told another lie and that the letter she wrote was not true. Bianca sees a letter in JR's hands and when she goes to snatch it, he pulls away. He tells her that it is not her business. Bianca tells him that Babe must have wrote her a letter as well, and when she starts to leave, JR asks her to stay. JR says that he wants to put their past behind them and start fresh. With Babe gone, he says that Bess will need a mother figure in her life. Bianca says Bess needs her mother, not her. JR agrees, but tells her that he knows how much she loves Bess and wants her to be a part of her life. Bianca seems a bit cautious, but is happy that JR wants her back in Bess's life. JR says he has something to take care of and leaves Bess in Bianca's care. Tad comes in and sees Bianca holding Miranda.

JR breaks into Bianca's apartment and finds the letter Babe wrote to her. He reads it carefully, which tells what she did. He is surprised when Erica walks in and asks him what he has in his hands.



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