One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on OLTL

Bo and Nora held a fake wedding to play a joke on Asa. Sonia agreed to help Antonio get away from Tico. Natalie attempted to burn her clothes from Halloween night. John linked Natalie to the crime scene in Paul's room. Babe and Jamie had Ace kidnapped. Jessica accepted a job offer from Todd. Cristian was held captive.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Nora, Bo, Paige and Evangeline set up a fake wedding so that Asa believes Nora and Bo are remarried. Nora and Bo trick Asa into signing a pledge for the widow's fund in the amount of 4 million dollars. When the ceremony ends Paige comes in with the news that they must operate on Asa. Asa refuses but Evangeline reminds Asa that Kevin has power of attorney since Asa was deemed incompetent. Asa then admits that he lied about his fatal condition. Nora and Bo tell Asa the wedding was a joke. John asks to talk to Bo alone about Natalie. Evangeline gets a little annoyed. Nora reminds Evangeline that she was the one who told John to go after Natalie. John tells Bo that he believes they should investigate more on Paul.

Jessica asks Antonio to help Natalie. Jessica reminds Antonio that Natalie was married to Cristian and Natalie may talk to him. Tico waits impatiently for Jessica at Rodi's. Jessica and Antonio share a passionate kiss. Jessica runs away from him. Sonia asks Antonio why he couldn't look in her eyes. Sonia admits to Antonio that she may be in love with him and she knows he doesn't feel that way about her now but that doesn't mean she won't help Jessica get away from Tico.

Todd offers Jessica a job at the Banner/Sun. Jessica finally shows up while Tico was on the phone with Viki. Tico asks Jessica if she has been with Natalie the whole night and Jessica says yes.

Marcie and Michael make up, but he still hasn't given her the ring.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Rex tries to get Natalie to talk about how she hurt herself but she remained defensive. John gets Bo to open an investigation on Paul's disappearance. While going through Paul's hotel room, John notices blood on the telephone. John sends the sample to be tested. Natalie shows up at Paul's hotel room to look for her watch but John was there. She talks to John cryptically about taking things back or making different decisions. Natalie goes to the church to light a candle for Cristian and talk to him about all that has happened. Crime Scene Unit finds a woman's watch in Paul's room.

Dorian goes to Judge Hernandez funeral. After the funeral Dorian notices something shiny at the bottom of the lot. Before she could take a closer look David interrupts. Dorian finds out that Kelly is moving. Dorian asks David why Kelly is moving out. Kelly shows up at Rodi's to see Ace. Kevin and Kelly agree that they won't be able to find out who Ace's real mother is. Kevin and his opponent came so close to winning that Tico had to get involved. Soon after, instead of a recount, Kevin's opponent gives in. Kevin wins his position as Lt. Governor with help from Tico. Tico intends for Kevin to become Governor in no time.

Tico finds out that Jessica had gone to see Todd and Todd made her a job offer. Tico asks Jessica if she is keeping anything else from him; she denies going anywhere else. Tico tells her to turn down Todd's offer. Jessica overhears Tico talking to Asa about his skills at breaking wild horses (Jessica being the wild filly). Upon hearing Tico's conversation with Asa, Jessica accepts Todd's offer.

Jen and Lindsay grow closer. They promise to protect each other no matter what.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

While the celebration at the Palace gets underway, Jamie and Babe kidnap Ace. Tico's association with Brooks' political pal, Gerhardt, sets Jessica on edge. Tico makes his plan clear that he wants to remove Brooks from office and put Kevin in the governor's chair.

Kelly makes up an excuse to Dorian as to why she wants to move out. Dorian is furious that Viki told Kelly that she could move into the carriage house at Llanfair. At the same time, David drops a gun and bullets off the dock and into the water.

Daniel doesn't find it the least bit funny that Bo and Nora pretended to get married just to irk Asa. Bo returns to the mansion with Asa, who then tricks Nora into joining them. Meanwhile, Todd and Blair wonder why Paul just up and vanished.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Antonio tells Natalie that he'd do anything to help her, whether it was legal or not. Later, she burns the bloody clothes she wore the night she fought with Paul. John arrives in time to put out the fire and examine the damages clothes.

Dorian accuses Viki of trying to steal Kelly away from her. Although he naturally assumed Kelly kidnapped Ace, his suspicion is quickly extinguished. Kevin breaks the news of Ace's kidnapping to Viki and Dorian, who tells him not to tell Kelly yet.

Kelly shares her concern with David that Dorian killed Paul but they agree not to talk about it. Adriana approaches Jessica thinking that, if they work together, they can end the hostility between Antonio and Tico. Adriana walks in on Jessica and Antonio locking lips.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Natalie daydreams that Cristian walks into Rodi's.

Kevin shows pictures of Ace to Bo. Bo assures Kevin they will find Ace. Bo thinks the nanny was drugged, it was a planned kidnaping. Bo is checking out Margaret Cochran since she took Ace once before. Bo tells Kevin they need to get the media involved, due to the fact the kidnaping may be tied to Kevin winning the election. Kevin worries that he will have to tell Kelly that Ace is missing.

Tico tells Walter (an employee of his) that Governor Brooks is not a problem, and that he doesn't suspect anything. The governor will be joining him and his wife for dinner. Governor Brooks has no idea that he'll be replaced by Kevin. If he did, he would be in hiding.

Walter worries about Jessica being a reporter and working for the SUN. Tico assures him that Jessica will not be a problem, he knows how to handle his wife.

Jessica and Kelly are at Lanfair. Jessica hands Kelly the keys to the carriage house. Jessica is shocked that Dorian is okay with Kelly moving in. Kelly is shocked too, one minute Dorian is furious, the next minute she's all for Kelly moving into Viki's carriage house.

Jessica remarks that it is nice to have the old Kelly back. Kelly remarks that Kevin has been letting her see more of Ace. She tells Jessica soon Ace will be were he belongs. After Jessica leaves, Kelly repeats that Ace will soon be where he belongs, then says she has to find Paul.

John tell an officer to follow up on the Santi's threat to kill Paul. The office informs John they are still waiting on the lab results on Natalie's clothes. David approaches John and asks him if he thinks the Santis got rid of Paul. John asks him why he cares.

Natalie is still dreaming about Cristian. She tells Cristian she got involved with Paul Cramer and she needs to tell him what she did to him. Cristian tells her everything will be okay, that they are all that matters. As they are about to kiss, she is brought out of her dream by Rex calling her name. Rex wants to talk about Paul's disappearance, he wants to help her.

Jessica and Adriana meet for lunch. Adriana is upset that she observed Jessica and Antonio almost kissing. Jessica wants to explain things. Adriana asserts that she watched her and Tico say their vows and she feels Tico deserves to know the truth, and now Adriana has to tell him.

Jen is worried about her Mom. She seemed secretive and scared when she talked to her earlier. Riley wonders if Paul has been harassing Lindsay again. Jen states that Paul is no longer a problem.

Shannon walks in, Riley tells her they are heading back to the Love center to sign their names in the concrete, and she needs to hurry if she wants to sign her name.

Natalie is upset because Rex keeps asking about Paul. She accuses him of being concerned with Jen's involvement with Paul's disappearance. Rex believes Jen is a "pussy cat" that would be incapable of doing anything to Paul. Natalie yells that she is tired of everyone asking her about Paul.

David tells John he is worried about Paul's disappearance because Dorian is worried. John informs David to get his alibi correct for Halloween night. David states that he, Dorian, Kelly, and Adriana were home all night passing out candy to kids. John doubts this.

Kevin comes out of Bo's office and asks David where Kelly is. David becomes upset because Kevin wants to tell Kelly about Ace's disappearance. Kevin states that he would rather Kelly hear it from him than the media.

Jessica tell Adriana how Antonio has changed since finding out he was a Santi. Adriana agrees that Antonio turned away from every one he loves. Jessica tells Adriana that Tico was there for her. Jessica tells Adriana nothing happened, that she and Antonio have a long history and they slipped into the past for a moment. They both agree that Tico is very loving and the truth would only hurt him.

David wants to find Doran so she can tell Kelly, but Kevin says there is not enough time. A couple of reporters ask Kevin why he's at the police station. Kevin tells them he is visiting his uncle, the police commissioner. After Kevin leaves, the reporters look at David. David tells them he is nobody and they can quote him on that.

Bo tells John that Dorian believes Paul has something to do with Ace's disappearance. They both claim that everything leads back to Natalie. An officer comes into Bo's office with the lab results. Natalie and Paul's blood were on the coat.

Shannon overhears Natalie tell Rex that all he cares about is Jen. Natalie later tells Shannon that she'll always be standing behind Jen when it comes to Rex.

Jen and Riley write their names on the cement and draw a heart. They proclaim their love for one another. Jen is still worried about her mom. She tells Riley that she and Will spent most of their childhood worrying about their mom. Her mom was always the most beautiful and pathetically insecure person. They'd come home to find her crying, saying their dad didn't love her. She was always threatening that her dad was always in love with Nora. Her mother felt nothing ever lasts. Jen wonders if this is true. Riley tells her she is wrong, for their love will always last.

Rex comes into the Love Center, he erases the heart Jen and Riley drew and buries the gun he found into the cement. Shannon observes Rex burying the gun. Rex and Shannon sign their names, she gives him a key chain saying if found, call Shannon's number. Rex tells Shannon that she has saved him.

At Capricorn, Lindsay and R.J. serve champagne to Jen and Riley for completing the Love project and for Jen being a LU grad. R.J. toasts to Paul being gone. Jen states that he is dead and buried, Lindsay follows with, he will stay dead and buried.

As Rex buries the gun, he says "know one will ever know." Shannon asks him "know what?"

Natalie remember Cristian telling her she can make any shot and she'll win the tournament. She is interrupted by Roxy, who is concerned about Natalie's bandage. Natalie says she fell, Roxy does not buy that Natalie got hurt by falling. Roxy talks about how much Cristian loved Natalie, John walks in.

David interrupts Adriana's phone call to Duke, saying they are the only ones that can save the family. David tells Adriana that he wants her to say all of them were home Halloween night passing out candy. Adriana agrees to lie "for the family."

Jessica is at Lion's Heart, she finds a bundle of money and a picture of Flynn. She escapes with the money and picture before Tico can find her. Jessica goes to Bo and asks him to trace the serial numbers on the money to find out if it is dirty.

Walter is worried about Antonio. Tico assures him Antonio will have no choice but to do what they want, and Kevin will do what is necessary.

As Kelly is leaving Llanfair, she is accosted by reporters asking her about Ace's disappearance. Kevin orders the reporters to leave. Kevin explains to Kelly that Ace is missing. Kevin comforts an hysterical Kelly as she cries in his arms. Kelly and Kevin make a passionate plea on the news for the kidnappers to return their son safely. Kelly tell Kevin that Paul did this, Kevin assures her that Paul did not take Ace.

Lindsay asks Riley how Jen is doing after Paul, Riley says he'll get her through it. Lindsay thanks him. Jen comes up and says Paul is history. When Jen and Riley leave, Lindsay tells R.J. that Jen is hiding something. R.J. tells Lindsay he took her gun to clean it because it had been fired recently. Lindsay says she took the gun to a firing range. R.J. tells her she's not the firing range type.

Tico runs into Adriana. She asks him if he and Jessica are happy. Tico tell her that their marriage is wonderful, and that she can tell him anything.

In the last scene we see a gaurd walking into a jail call and placing food on the floor. The prisoner is revealed to be Cristian!

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