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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, November 1, 2004

When Carly discovers that Julia is working as a nurse at Memorial Hospital, she races out the door of her house, but Julia has already found Jack. Carly arrives at the hospital to find Holden standing outside the door of Jack's hospital room, trying to keep Carly from seeing Jack and Julia smooching. When Carly forces her way past Holden, she opens the door and interrupts a tender kiss between Jack and Julia. Carly turns and leaves, and Holden tells her, "Somewhere, deep down inside, that love is still there, and it is worth fighting for." In the hospital room, Jack tells Julia that he is sorry that for Carly because she will not get what she wants. Then he decides to make the next move - he will file for divorce!

Craig opens Rafael's locker and discovers weighted gloves, which confirms his suspicion that the fight is to be rigged. He overhears Dominic and the gym manager plotting to put the gloves on Rafael so that Rafael will not know that they are weighted. At the metro, Dusty tells Aaron that he is expected to throw the fight n the first round. Aaron finally agrees when Dusty offers him a large bonus. Meanwhile, Lucy talks to Rafael and he promises her that he will not lose his temper and will fight Aaron fairly. Craig walks in the door planning to tell Lucy about Dusty's plan, sees Dusty and Lucy dancing, and mutters, "That's your last dance." Before Craig has a chance to talk to Lucy, Lucinda comes in to the metro, and Craig takes her to the gym to tell her about the rigged fight. However, after they get to the gym, he changes his mind, envisioning himself as a great hero, stopping the fight in front of the entire crowd and exposing Dusty as a crook. Lucinda is mystified at Craig's actions.

When Hal tells Paul, Rosanna, and Jennifer that Barbara and Dr. Rick Decker have escaped from the mental hospital, Paul and Rosanna are appalled that they have let Will go out on a date with Kay without knowing where they went. Hal asks Emily and Susan to stay at the Lakeview to be safe. Emily goes to find Alison to bring her to the Lakeview so that she will be safe from Rick as well. Emily finds Alison at the metro, but Alison insists on going home with Aaron, and Aaron promises to protect her. Hal goes to the hospital, where the doctor tells him that they are certain that Dr. Decker took Barbara by force, and that Barbara had told the orderly that she feared for her life. Hal calls Paul, who is out looking for Will, to tell him that Will's life may be in danger from Rick. Paul and Jennifer find Kay, who tells them that, when she found out that Will was a killer, she blew him off. Kay tells them that she was supposed to meet Will at the Old Mill. Paul takes off for the Old Mill, where Rick is choking Barbara to death. Will comes up behind Rick and hits him on the head with a rock. Rick struggles to his feet and leaves, threatening Barbara, "I've got a syringe with your name on it." Barbara tearfully thanks Will, but Will warns, "Stay away from me." Barbara insists that she loves Will, and tells him that he saved her because he loves her, too. Barbara begs Will to hold her, and as he takes her into his arms, Paul walks in the door of the Old Mill.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Lily and Holden come face to face at the hospital on their way to see Jack. Lily suggests that if they visit Jack as a couple, the way Jack knew them, they may succeed in jogging his memory. However, Holden is still rigid about all the problems that stand between them and won't let Lily forget it. Meanwhile, Jack and Julia meet with a divorce lawyer. The lawyer advises Jack that his divorce petition will not hold up in court until Jack is declared competent, but Jack orders him to move forward with it anyway. He's determined to show Carly that their marriage is over. After Julia and the lawyer leave, Carly arrives with a special treat for Jack, something that she hopes will make him fall in love with her all over again. Her plan goes awry when Julia returns and accidentally spills about Jack's divorce plans. After Julia leaves, a tearful Carly begs Jack to give her and their life together a chance, but Jack can't do it. He has no memory of his old life and he fears he never will. Later, as Julia tells JJ that Jack will be a part of their family again, Jack stuns himself and Carly when Lily enters and he greets her as Rose.

Will and Barbara separately learn that Hal and Paul have arranged for her to be transferred to a prison to ensure she's safe from Rick Decker. While Will protests to Paul that it isn't fair that Barbara be punished for something she didn't do, Barbara tells Hal that she won't go to jail. Will arrives, followed closely by Paul, and surprises all by announcing that he has a solution to keep Barbara safe and out of jail; she can move in with Hal.

Determined to keep Lucy in the dark about the fight being fixed, Dusty suggests Lucy not attend. When she protests, Dusty distracts her with two tickets to London so the two of them can take off from Oakdale the following night. Meanwhile, Aaron confronts an uninformed Rafi about his being told to throw the fight. Equally angry, Rafi confronts Dom who warns him that he has ways of making people do what he wants. Later, Dusty advises Rafi and Aaron to go along with Dom for their own good but Aaron and Rafi secretly agree that they'll fight a fair fight, just as Dom points Lucy out to a shady associate.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Alison comes to Aaron's locker room the night of the fight and when she goes on about how proud she is of him, he almost breaks down and tells her about the fix. He doesn't give in but the two share a passionate good luck kiss. Meanwhile, Lucy's at an empty Metro, preparing to watch the fight while a bouncer that Dusty hired stands watch. Rafi comes in and admits that he sneaked away from the gym to see her because he considers her his good luck charm. She hugs him, wishes him luck and promises to be watching the big fight on TV. Later, Rafi comes back to the gym and tells Dom that he refuses to go along with the fix. Later, while Bud tapes Rafi into his gloves, Dom makes a mysterious one-way call and instructs someone to put the insurance policy into action. Just as the fight is about to begin, Rafi lifts his hands up off of the training table to head to the ring, and stops dead in his tracks, saying that there's something wrong with his gloves. Meanwhile, Craig enters and when he realizes Lucy's not there, takes off, desperate to prove to her that Dusty's fight is illegal. He comes to Metro and gets the bouncer to step outside to give him some privacy with his daughter and tells her about Rafi's weighted gloves. Lucy, refusing to believe Craig, runs out of Metro, only to find the bouncer out cold. Sal, Dom's man, pulls a gun on both Craig and Lucy and orders them back inside.

Hal and Paul offer all kinds of arguments to dissuade Will, but he insists that they can 't leave Barbara in the state hospital where Rick could get to her, and he won't let them send her to jail. She saved his life. He insists that Hal should take her home to his house. He thinks they need to stop trying to stick Barbara away somewhere and instead, take responsibility and help her. When Paul says that they can't take Barbara to Hal's, where Will is living, Will offers to move out. Later, Emily arrives home and finds Barbara in her kitchen!

Jack believes Lily is Rose and both Carly and Holden urge her to go along with it. Jack remembers Rose, Carly and Emily being held captive in the spa and desperately trying to find Carly. Carly tells him that that's what she feels like now. Lily and Holden go to give Carly and Jack privacy, but it's short lived when Julia shows up. Carly sees her opportunity to score points with Jack and stuns Jack and Julia by saying that Julia and JJ can visit Jack anytime they want and that after the 30 days, she won't fight the divorce. Meanwhile, Lily challenges Holden about allowing her to play Rose to help Jack, but not Craig. Holden insists their problems are much bigger than that and leaves. Carly comes out and tells Lily what she offered Jack and Lily is stunned. Carly believes that by the time the 30 days are up, Jack won't want a divorce. Later, Jack is wheeled out for more tests with Julia at his side but he looks back and locks eyes with Carly.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

At the downtown gym, the crowd anxiously awaits Rafi's appearance in the ring. Meanwhile, Rafi realizes that his gloves are loaded and that Dom is responsible. When he tells Dom he won't fight, Dom calls Sal, who hands his phone to Lucy. Panicky Lucy tells Rafi she and her father are being held at gunpoint. Dom ends the call and makes it clear he'll have Lucy killed if Rafi doesn't fight and bring Aaron down in the third round. With Lucy's life at stake, Rafi has no choice but to enter the ring. Knowing his gloves are lethal weapons, he allows Aaron to punch him but doesn't punch back, taking a hell of a beating until the all-important third round, when he pulls back, punches Aaron once, and sends him to the mat like a sack of concrete.

Emily is stunned to find Barbara in her kitchen, behaving as if she owns the place. Hal, Paul and Will respond to Emily's screams and Hal patiently explains that Barbara's life has been threatened by Rick Decker and because of Will's passionate plea, Hal is allowing Barbara to stay. Emily lights into Hal and reminds him that Barbara kidnapped her, tried to kill her and now he's bringing her home to his wife and child? Emily loses it and announces that she and Daniel will be staying at her mother's until Barbara leaves.

Paul takes Will to the Lakeview for dinner and calls Jennifer to let her know Barbara's current address. Jennifer freaks, but Paul promises her further discussion just as Jordan storms over having heard and blasts Will for engineering Barbara's freedom. Jordan makes it clear that he'll never forgive Barbara for helping James Stenbeck escape. Meanwhile, Jennifer, who is with Mike on their way back from a photo shoot, laments the never ending turmoil that comes with being Barbara's daughter. Distracted, Mike gets lost, hits a pothole and lurches off the road.

Ben is on-call at the hospital, filling in for Dr. Ramirez. One of the nurses notices he's perspiring and shaking and wonders if he might have a touch of the flu. Ben, suffering the effects of prescription pain medication withdrawal, falsely assures the nurse he's fine.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Craig has gotten free and knocked his captor out with a chair. He unties Lucy and she rushes to the gym to find Dusty.

Margo comes to Metro and Craig tells her the whole story, including Dusty's involvement. At the gym, Rafi's attitude twigs Dusty that something more has gone down and when Dusty confronts Dom, Dom rails at Dusty saying he knew Aaron was supposed to go down in the third round. Lucy overhears this and steps out of the shadows to confront Dusty. Meanwhile, after being tended to by Chris at the gym, Aaron is rushed into the hospital and attending Ben realizes he needs surgery. Fighting drug withdrawal, Ben prays to be able to do the surgery and goes off to prepare. Meanwhile, Holden has calmed despairing Alison. Chris tells Holden they have to operate and to be prepared for anything. Rafael enters just in time to hear this and Alison collapses into tears.

Carly takes Jack home, and the two move a little closer.

Stranded in the desert, Mike and Jennifer decide to make an adventure out of their situation. Mike gets Jennifer to relax and they share a romantic kiss, just before being rescued by a State Trooper.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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