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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on GL
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Tony has survived the storm but is recuperating in the hotel and unable to search for Michelle. He fears the worst when he hears of a body that was washed up on the beach but to his relief, Michelle is alive and well. Their reunion brings out their growing feelings for each other, yet they still resist giving into those emotions. They talk of searching for Holly and rescuing her from Sebastian, but realize the damage from the storm would hinder them and decide to get some rest. They lay in bed together, both aware of their close proximity.

A shocked Holly comes to grips with Sebastian's revelation that he is dying. At first, she thinks it's another lie, but once she's convinced she realizes why he's abducted her. Only Ed Bauer has the expertise to cure him and Holly is his instrument for forcing Ed to save the son of his enemy. The sympathy Holly felt for Sebastian is quickly dissolved when she realizes if Ed doesn't come to Sebastian's rescue, she will remain unfound.

Danny brings Blake back to Towers to reconcile with Ross but the attempt backfires and the Marlers seem more apart than ever, even as Danny longs for a similar chance to reconcile with Michelle.

Lizzie goes to the jail to visit Alex and, needing to confess to someone, Lizzie pours out her heart and tells her aunt that she was responsible for the hit and run accident involving Sandy. Alex overcomes her shock and comforts her niece while simultaneously, Alan learns the same information from Phillip. In sharp contrast to Lizzie's emotional state, Phillip is ice and Alan is chilled by his calculated plans to cover up for Lizzie, even if it means eliminating Ruth.

Gus saves Ruth from the copycat hit and run which was orchestrated by Phillip to throw suspicion off Lizzie as the driver during Sandy's accident. Now at last, Gus realizes that Harley and Ruth are one and the same and he makes the decision to keep her secret.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

At the farm, Cassie is leaving after receiving a call that Tammy is applying for a job in a Chicago strip club. Edmund offers to go with her to lend support but she refuses, saying he is the reason Tammy left in the first place. Edmund is hurt by Cassie's statement but understands his past misdeeds may have led Tammy to sleep with her revenge-seeking cousin. Cassie assures him Reva will help her find Tammy. Jeffrey arrives and offers his support to Cassie, but is also refused. Dinah, hiding in the shadows, watches as Jeffrey follows Cassie. Edmund is pouring himself a drink when Dinah enters and tells him Jeffrey and Cassie left together. He doesn't believe her until he calls the Lewis house and Josh confirms Cassie has been there and left already with Jeffrey at her side. Dinah sidles up to Edmund and tells him she understands his pain and attempts to kiss him. Edmund shoves Dinah away and asks her to leave.

Dinah refuses to leave and asks Edmund what he intends to do. He remarks that killing comes to mind. Dinah assumes he is talking about Jeffrey but Edmund corrects her. It is Jonathan whom he wants to kill for causing Cassie to revisit a past she had put behind her. Dinah tells Edmund it's not in him to kill anymore. He assures Dinah she has no idea of what he is capable. Now that he knows what it is like to have a family of his own, he will stop at nothing to preserve it.

At the Lewis house, Reva is preparing a dinner for Jonathan against Josh's wishes. He begs Reva to see reason where her son is concerned but she insists she has to try to make up for the hurt she caused by leaving him with abusive parents. Jonathan arrives for dinner and immediately begins a campaign to harass Josh. In an attempt to control his anger, Josh leaves the room to get dinner started. Jonathan asks Reva what it's like to go through every single man in one family and still manage to get 'knocked up' by a prince. Reva refuses to take the bait and continues her attempts to appease Jonathan by insisting she can make up for the past. Josh returns and the three sit down and begin their meal. Josh grows even more outraged when Jonathan makes snide comments about the pretty women in Paris referring to Marah and the possibility he may pursue her in the same way he did Tammy.

Cassie arrives to enlist Reva's help locating Tammy but is shocked when Jonathan answers the door. She asks Reva what the 'sick freak' is doing there. Reva rushes to her and explains she is trying to fix things. Cassie is disgusted and tells Jonathan she will personally rip him apart with her bare hands if anything else happens to Tammy. Jonathan responds that Tammy didn't get anything she didn't want. Jeffrey arrives in time to stop Cassie from attacking Jonathan. Cassie glares at Reva and says she can't believe she is protecting that monster. Reva wants to go with to find Tammy, but Cassie tells her to 'forget it. You made your choice.' When Reva follows Cassie to the door, Josh slips his wallet in Jonathan's bag. Jonathan leaves and says they won't be seeing him anymore. Out of earshot of Reva, Josh calls the police to report a stolen wallet.

At the police station Ruth, accompanied by Gus, is attempting to file a police report for the attempted hit and run when Phillip emerges from a conference room. Phillip realizes what she is doing and convinces her to speak to him in private. Ruth agrees but insists Gus remain with her. Inside the conference room Ruth tells Phillip she believes he was behind the attempt made on her life. She plans to press charges unless she gets what she wants - Spaulding Enterprises. Phillip laughs at this until Ruth mentions Lizzie, at which point he begins to seethe. He tells Ruth she had better leave is daughter out of this. Ruth, undaunted, tells Phillip she is convinced Lizzie knows something about the accident involving Sandy Foster and she intends to find out what it is. Phillip, shaking with rage, tells Ruth he is deadly serious about Lizzie and remarks accidents like the one that almost killed her can happen again at any time. Ruth leaves and reminds Phillip she is unafraid of his threats and she will be sending all the information she has to her attorney.

Once Ruth is gone, Phillip questions Gus' loyalty to the Spaulding family. Gus reminds Phillip it was he who saved Alexandra from the police. Phillip remains suspicious until Gus tells him Ruth Karloff is the Spaulding mole and has been working with Bill Lewis to dig up dirt on him. Gus tells Phillip he will represent him if Ruth brings any action. But Phillip has to tell him anything he knows about the car which hit Sandy. Gus reaches in his pocket and turns on a tape recorder. Phillip doesn't give any information about the accident but agrees when Gus says he will pay Ruth off and put her on a plane.

Later, at the Beacon, Harley, out of disguise, thanks Gus for keeping her secret. He tells her Ruth has to disappear to throw Phillip off of her trail. Harley gives Gus the bag containing her disguise and he hurries to the airport to put in plan in motion to deceive Phillip. Harley calls Bill and asks him to bring some clothes and a back-up wig. Ruth needs one more outing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

After a disastrous dinner with Jonathan, Reva finds solace at the neighborhood bar. She's playing pool when Sandy arrives. Their meeting is awkward, and Reva challenges him to a game, similar to a time they played before where each good shot allows the person one question of the other. During the game, Reva's anger at Sandy starts to show, and she finally asks him why he did this to her. Sandy doesn't try to make excuses and says what he did was horrible. Reva concurs, but admits that doesn't make it any easier to love the real Jonathan. Later, seeing how much she's hurting, and knowing he can't do anything to help, Sandy calls Josh to comfort his wife. As he's leaving the bar, he gets a call from Tammy who quickly hangs up before Sandy can get any information. Meanwhile, Josh has Jonathan arrested for stealing his wallet, which Josh planted, and he and Billy go to the police station to lay down the law. But, Jonathan, his normal cocky self, isn't fazed in the least. Josh makes it clear that he wants Jonathan to disappear and as an incentive, Josh will make sure Jonathan gets his inheritance. Jonathan agrees to the deal but after he's released, he arrives with an entourage of his friends at the Beacon, making it clear that he isn't going anywhere.

Lizzie confronts Phillip about Ruth's accident and asks if he tried to kill her. Phillip denies it but gets angry at Lizzie when she presses. Later, when Phillip runs into Bill, he coldly tells Bill that he has taken care of the Ruth situation and Bill begins to fear for Harley's safety. Later, Phillip targets Olivia, who is stunned to hear that yet another of Bill and Harley's plans has put Emma's welfare in jeopardy.

Olivia seeks out help from Phillip's best friend, Rick. Later, Harley braces herself for battle, then shows up as Ruth to face Phillip. During their showdown, two big men lurk in the shadows looking poised to grab Ruth but when they emerge, they grab Phillip, not Ruth. Phillip is brought back to the study where Rick is waiting. Rick tries to get through to Phillip, but he only succeeds in making Phillip even angrier. Later, Harley comforts a devastated Lizzie, convinces her to go down to talk to the police and she does while Phillip learns from Zach that Ruth and Harley are the same person.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

When Lizzie confesses to the hit and run, Harley and Gus are skeptical and think she's just protecting her father, until she reveals details only the driver could know.

Phillip goes to the police station, finds Lizzie there and learns she's confessed. Frank agrees to let Lizzie out on bail. When Phillip gets Lizzie home, he finds out Alex encouraged her to confess, further fueling his rage. He does a psychological number on Lizzie, convincing her that she will never be let off the hook for her crime and she'll face a long prison sentence. He makes her see she has no choice but to run away. Meanwhile, Gus is worried about Harley's dangerous obsession with stopping Phillip. He tells her he won't let Phillip hurt anyone. But when Harley receives a summons to meet Phillip alone, she doesn't tell Gus about it.

Jeffrey and Cassie do all they can at Teaser's to try to locate Tammy, but to no avail. Jeffrey is there for Cassie as the terrible memories of her past life as a stripper come back to haunt her. She blames herself for all that has happened to Tammy. Jeffrey reassures her that she is a wonderful mother and later, she thanks him for helping her through one of the darkest nights of her life.

Sandy, who has tracked down Tammy, finds her at the docks and fears she's going to do herself harm. He tries to talk her down, but she's in despair, convinced no one would want her now that she's tainted. Sandy says he would, so Tammy begins to strip and offers herself to him. Sandy recoils, and when she sees the pity in his eyes, she jumps into the water. Sandy saves her and she finally crumbles, allowing Sandy to take her back to his place.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Sebastian has lunch delivered to Holly but she refuses to eat it. She tries to scare Sebastian by telling him Blake is looking for her. But he informs her he wrote Blake a letter in Holly's name stating she's having a wonderful time and not to look for her. He proposes they make a wager by playing chess. If she wins, she can call Blake; if he wins she has to eat. Holly ends up losing, but instead of eating, she throws the food on the ground and runs to escape. An angry Sebastian grabs her and tosses her back in the cage. He starts yelling at her when suddenly he's struck with a huge headache and doubles over in pain. After she tries to convince him he should be in a hospital and she could find Ed herself, he lashes out and tells her his way is the only way. Later, Holly seems to soften and asks for food. When Sebastian leaves, an employee walks in to clean up the mess. Holly tries to bribe him into helping her. She gives him Blake's number and tells him to call. Sebastian enters and asks what's taking place. The man gives Sebastian Holly's note. Holly wonders why Sebastian's employees are so afraid of him.

Meanwhile, Tony and Michelle are still trying to find Holly. While arguing in their hotel room, Tony notices someone is there hiding in the closet. They pretend they've left and then grab the man who comes out of hiding - the captain of the ship they were on with Sebastian. Tony tries to strong-arm the guy into telling them where Sebastian is. The captain has no idea. He's really afraid though, since he abandoned Michelle and Tony on the boat. His orders were to see they safely made it to land. He just wants to help them find Ed Bauer. He implies Sebastian could hurt the people he cares about if he learns he didn't follow orders. Before Tony tosses him out, the man warns him that Sebastian is not an enemy he wants to have. Tony tries to talk Michelle into going back to Springfield for her own safety. But she's adamant about staying and helping Tony. A maid overhears them talking about Sebastian and tells them she may be able to help find him.

Lizzie is waiting for her driver to pick her up, and to her surprise, it's Coop. She's visibly upset and says she needs to get to the airport, prompting him to ask from what she's running. Or is she being sent away? He can tell something is upsetting her and tells her that if she doesn't want to go, then she shouldn't. He asks her of what she's afraid. Lizzie's not forthcoming and they leave. When they get on the jet, Coop starts to have second thoughts about just dropping her off there. He thinks she did something illegal and he'll be considered an accomplice for letting her get away. He threatens to call Frank if she doesn't tell him what's going on with her. Cornered, Lizzie tells him she was involved in the hit and run. The news shocks Coop, who's angry that a man almost died and she's taking the easy way out by running away. His words have an effect on her but she feels as if she has no choice; she has to do what her family wants. After some arguing, she decides to get off the plane. Coop applauds Lizzie for her bravery and assures her that she's doing the right thing. But Lizzie is still scared, mainly of Phillip. She suggests a way for Coop to pay off his debt to the Spauldings - be her alibi in the hit and run.

Beth is shocked to learn from Gus that Lizzie confessed to the hit and run in defiance of Phillip. Incredulous, she calls Phillip demanding to know where their daughter is, but he won't tell her. He simply states she's somewhere where no one will get her. Meanwhile, Gus has a chat with Alan about Phillip. Alan defends Phillip's parenting skills, commenting on how wonderful Phillip was with Zach this morning. This unnerves Gus since it was Harley's day to have Zach, not Phillip's. A little later, he gets a call about the Spaulding jet, which is odd since it's not chartered today.

Harley finds she is all alone in the Spaulding mansion. There is absolutely no one else around. Unbeknownst to her, Phillip is watching her on the security monitor. Soon, she's joined by Olivia who also received a note to meet Phillip. After they spar about Ruth and how her actions could have backfired and cost Olivia her daughter, Beth enters looking for Phillip. Suddenly, he enters the room. He tells Beth that Lizzie is fine. Beth tries to convince him Lizzie needs to own up to what she did for the sake of her mental health. Phillip doesn't think Lizzie will get a fair shake and maintains it's for the best. He goes to Harley and Olivia and tells them he wants to declare a truce. He admits to letting everyone down and that everyone has suffered because of him. He apologizes for his actions and leaves the room. Alan walks in during Phillip's apology. When Phillip leaves Alan tells the ladies he thinks Phillip is sincere. But they are very skeptical. Gus arrives and adds that he's skeptical also. He asks Harley where Zach is. Harley makes a call, as Beth gets a call. It doesn't take them long to figure out their kids are missing. Phillip must have them. And they're right; Phillip is on the Spaulding jet with James, Zach, Jude and Emma.

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