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Kendall fell into a coma after a tragic accident. Babe overhead JR admitting that he had caused the accident and that he had meant for it to injure Babe instead. Jack and Jonathan separately searched for Lily, who was still lost in New York City.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, May 8, 2006

JR follows through on his fantasy to kill Babe beneath a pile of construction at Fusion. When he hears footsteps approaching, he causes a wall of construction equipment to collapse. He checks to see his handiwork and is horrified when he discovers that Kendall is trapped beneath the rubble, not Babe. He tries to wake Kendall up but is unable to. Babe, having heard the noise, rushes to the area and is momentarily stunned to see Kendall laying unconscious under construction debris. Soon, Simone and Erin come running and immediately call 9-1-1. While everyone tries to reassure an unconscious Kendall that everything will be ok, JR becomes angry asking what kind of construction company leaves a site in such a dangerous condition. It's an effort to deflect possible suspicion from him that backfires as Babe looks at the area with dawning horror. After the paramedics rush Kendall to the hospital, Babe sends Erin and Simone ahead so that she can speak to JR alone. She wastes no time asking him exactly what happened. JR pretends to be offended at the question but angrily tells her that he heard a noise and came running to the area to find Kendall buried beneath the wall of construction equipment that had collapsed on her. He then reminds her that Kendall is his best friend and he needs to be at the hospital to see how she is doing.

Tad is determined to find out what Dixie has been doing for the past four years. When Di walks into his office, she mistakenly believes that Tad is happy to see her. He is but only so that he can question her about Dixie. Di proves uncooperative. She is more interested in discussing their relationship rather than what she knows about Dixie. She claims not to know much of anything but Tad disagrees, pointing out that she knew enough to find Dixie at Christmas. Frustrated with Di's refusal to answer his questions, Tad walks out of the offices leaving Di alone with Aidan. Aidan suggests to Di that she grow up and accept that Tad has made his decision about their relationship. Di refuses to give up so easily and stays around until Tad returns. He once again tries to question Di but she stubbornly refuses to discuss anything other than their relationship. She tells him that while she has taken off the engagement ring that he gave her, she has no intention of returning it because she believes in her heart that they are not over. Tad doesn't agree and makes a point of forcefully closing the door when Di leaves.

Zach tries to convince Dixie that confronting Greg with a gun is not the way to go. Dixie is desperate to find out where her daughter is and insists that she may just get the answers she needs if she threatens to shoot Greg. She tells Zach that she doesn't intend to kill Greg just wound him enough to take her seriously. Zach tells her that he has a better idea and proceeds to tell her about Greg's private island. Dixie is disgusted that Greg actually has a facility where he sends pregnant women so that he can take their babies from them but agrees that it's the most likely place for Greg to hide any files that may tell them where Kate is. Anxious to leave immediately, Dixie begins to pack a few things while Zach tries to call Kendall. When he reaches her voicemail, he tells her that he has to leave town for a few hours to attend to business but will be returning shortly.

At the hospital, Amanda is confronted by the daughter of a man who was killed the night of the Mardi Gras in the explosion that Janet arranged. Overhearing the grief-stricken woman's accusations, Greg quickly comes to Amanda's rescue and manages to calm the woman down. Amanda is grateful and returns with him to his office where Greg tries to convince Amanda that she didn't deserve the verbal abuse she was subjected to. They are interrupted when Greg receives an emergency page.

Ryan talks to Erica in her office about Zach and Dixie's connection. Erica is surprised that they know each other but she is more concerned that Dixie obviously has something on Greg that she's not sharing. Ryan tries to point out that it's possible Dixie doesn't want to expose what she knows about Greg because it could hurt JR and Tad. Erica doesn't care. She wants Dixie to get over herself and reveal what she knows about Greg. Erica is determined to do whatever it takes to bring Greg down. She stops ranting when her phone rings. It's Simone to tell her that Kendall has been gravely injured and is being rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. Erica and Ryan immediately race to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kendall is brought in and is still unconscious. Josh starts to assess her condition along with Joe. They are soon joined by Greg. When Ryan and Erica arrive, they are quick to demand that Greg get away from Kendall, reminding Joe that Kendall had fired Greg as her OB. Joe orders Greg to step back and has another OB paged. Josh and Joe take Kendall into a nearby room where they continue assessing her condition. Outside, JR and Babe arrive. JR is worried about Kendall's condition and thinks to himself that it should have been Babe, not Kendall. Babe meanwhile is trying to convince herself that it was only an accident and that JR is not responsible for what happened to Kendall. Joe comes out a few minutes later to tell Erica that Kendall is in a coma and it may be irreversible.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

As Kendall lay in the hospital, she had not yet realized that she was in a coma. She could hear Julia talking to her, but couldn't open her eyes. Kendall heard Ryan's voice and he asked her to open her eyes but she said she couldn't. Kendall wondered why she couldn't be heard by anyone. She said to Ryan that she had figured it out and that she wanted to keep their son. Kendall continued to talk and told Ryan that the future was going to be good. She asked Ryan what had happened to her and Spike. Ryan told her that the baby was alright and she was so relieved. Erica came in and told Kendall that she looked beautiful. Kendall wondered if it was just a whacked out dream. Erica said that they don't allow flowers in ICU and Kendall then realized she was in a coma. Kendall hollered for someone to help her wake up. Trying to trigger a response, Erica told Kendall if she didn't wake up, she would make all her decisions for her. Kendall told Erica to find Zach because he would fix everything. Ryan came and told Erica that Joe wanted to meet with them. Joe said that Kendall was in a deep coma and that there was bleeding in her brain. He said the prognosis was not good. He told them that Kendall's best chance was to deliver the baby as soon as possible, but that that meant that he was unsure if the baby would survive.

J.R. relived the accident and asked himself what he had done. Babe found J.R. at the accident scene and he told her that Kendall didn't deserve what happened. Babe asked how the accident happened and he said that Kendall was at the wrong place at the wrong time and blamed the workmen. Babe asked J.R. why he wanted to meet her in the room where Kendall was hurt at Fusion. Babe told him that she cared about him but J.R. left. A workman came in and told Babe that he had secured the wood and concrete as instructed. He told her the accident was not their fault. Babe picked up one of the metal straps that held the lumber and realized it had been cut.

Greg showed Amanda around the island and explained that he took care of the women there. Amanda asked if he brought her to the island to be a surrogate and if giving a life would make up for taking one. Greg told her not to take on her mother's sins and not to be so hard on herself. He told her she was in the land of fresh starts and to take all the time she needed to decide what she wanted. He got a phone call and had to leave.

Zach and Dixie broke into Dr. Madden's office on the "island". They gained entrance and after finding nothing in the obvious places, Zach found a hidden office behind a bookshelf and they went in to investigate. As Dixie looked through all the surrogates records, she found that in all the cases, there was only one sperm donor. Zach asked who that sperm donor could be and Dixie said, "Madden". Zach broke into a wall safe and they found a computer disk that contained a video of (a young) Dr. Madden explaining what he was about to do to a young woman. He said she had no knowledge of his plans and then Zach saw Erica in the video. Dixie said this would help her find Kate because with all the evidence they found, she could blackmail Madden. What she didn't know was that Madden was on the other side of the door. Madden slammed the door and locked them in the secret office with no air supply.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Erin walked into Aidan's office upset because she couldn't find Jonathan. She said he took personal time off from work and she's worried he went to Manhattan to look for Lily. Aidan said Jonathan was in Manhattan and he knew this because he had him tailed. At first, Erin is disappointed that Aidan had him tailed, but Aidan makes her realize he's only trying to help. They both agree that following Jonathan is their best chance of finding Lily. Jonathan was then shown in Manhattan looking for Lily. He was handing out flyers with her face on them and asking, "Have you seen this girl?" Somehow, he gave Aidan's detective "the slip" and Erin called him to recover his location. Jonathan wouldn't tell his sister where he was for fear that she would tell Aidan and then he would tell Jack.

Lily was still wandering helplessly around Manhattan. After she was scolded by a street merchant for trying to take a pair of sunglasses she couldn't pay for, Lily hid in the cellar of a store. When the owner found her and tried to help her by reaching for Lily's hand, Lily got upset and ran away. As she ran, she almost got hit by a cab. Jonathan was near by. He turned to look when he heard the cab's horn, but it was too late. Lily was gone. Lily then found sanctuary in a warehouse. Once inside, three young men came in. They were up to no good. They made fun of Lily and poked at her. They demanded she give them her money. Lily said she couldn't because she needed it to call her boyfriend. They got mad and yelled she couldn't leave until she gave them all of her cash. Meanwhile, Jonathan continued his search and was headed down the alley where Lily's warehouse was.

Babe was at the construction site. She had flashbacks which made her suspicious of J.R.'s involvement in the accident. Crystal showed up to make sure Babe was alright. She tried to warn Babe that J.R. wasn't just a drunk, but a dangerous man. Babe, still in denial, said she J.R. needed her help more than ever and that she was going to stand by him. Crystal told her that even Adam was convinced his son is unstable and that he won't leave Little Adam alone for fear that J.R. will hurt him. Babe tried to ease Crystal's fears by telling her that J.R. apologized and asked to meet her before the accident. Crystal wanted to know where J.R. asked to meet, but Babe wouldn't tell. Babe left to go to the hospital and Crystal stayed. As Crystal looked at the debris, she looked like she had an epiphany. She said, "Oh, my God."

Kendall was still in a coma, but trying to communicate with an inner voice. J.R. was at her bedside. He apologized over and over. Kendall was confused by the apology. J.R. explained how hurt he was by Dixie and that he never wanted that to happen to his son. Kendall said she didn't care and that she only wanted to know if her son was alright. J.R. continued to explain how Little Adam needed protection from Babe. At this point, Babe opened the door to Kendall's room just a crack and began to eavesdrop. What she heard was J.R.'s confession to Kendall. He did it! Kendall was appalled. Babe walked in and J.R. was stunned to see her. Babe inquired about Kendall's condition, but didn't tell J.R. what she heard. When she left, J.R. followed her and she told him, "I know." J.R. questioned what that meant. Babe was vague about her statement and ran away from J.R. when he offered to bring her home. Babe then ran into Josh and yelled, "He tried to kill me!" J.R. also ran into someone, Crystal. She confronted him on his love for Babe.

Erica and Ryan were given bad news by Dr. Martin, Dr. Solomon, and Dr. Meyer. They said that Erica and Ryan had to choose who to save, Kendall or the baby. Erica was distraught and wanted new and more competent doctors, but Dr. Martin said the facts were the facts. The longer Kendall stayed in a coma, the harder it would be for her to wake up. The bleeding in her brain was severe and in order to alleviate it, they must perform a c-section. In turn, this premature birth would put the baby in harms way. Ryan went in to see Kendall. He rested his head on her stomach and cried. He told her how beautiful, incredible, and important she was. He said he loved her. Kendall was worried because he was being too nice, almost like he was eulogizing. Erica then came in and said she made a decision. She wanted to save Kendall, not the baby.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Painfully, Ryan recognizes that Erica thinks the best case scenario is to save Kendall. This bewilders the unconscious beauty, and she silently pleads for her husband - feeling he is the only one that can save her. Ryan asks how Erica was able to come to a decision so quickly and Erica feels the need to apologize. She understands what Ryan has had to go through to get to where he wanted to be a father and raise his son - but at this point, there is no other option than to take the baby to save his mother. Upon hearing this, Kendall begins to scream out her protest - in her head. Determined to make them see that she is aware of everything that they are saying, Kendall tries to move something. The reaction is delayed and before they can take notice, Erica asks Ryan if they can continue their conversation in the hall - as it has been documented that coma patients can hear what's going on around them. After the door closes behind them, Kendall's pinky moves slightly. She then laments over the fact that even though she now wants to join the Mommy club that her mother and sister are in, she realized it too late - and now has no way to tell them that she no longer wants to give up her child.

Out by the nurses' station, Ryan tries to understand how Erica can choose her flesh and blood in the form of her daughter over the flesh and blood growing inside that is her grandson. Erica respects how difficult the decision is, but Ryan doesn't think she can understand the depths of his pain - loving both Kendall and his son, and having to choose. Erica reminds him that the longer they wait, the more danger Kendall's life is in and the more favor they are throwing toward his son. Beyond distraught, Ryan has little choice but to walk away.

Erica returns to her daughter's bedside and after a few moments, turns and is surprised to see Greg Madden darkening the doorway. She demands that he leave, as he had been previously instructed to keep his distance. Unmoved, Greg insists that she make the choice to save the child - and initially Kendall mentally voices her support of that choice. However, Greg's sinister intentions soon becomes apparent when he starts to espouse the idea that he is the only one that truly knows how to judge who would be a good parent. He tells Erica that she only needs to look at her own children to confirm that fact. At that point, Kendall begins to understand the tide of change and reaches out to her mother from the depths of her mind, hoping that Erica will know to keep her son safe from Greg.

Ryan catches up with one of the specialists consulting on Kendall's case, and he asks the doctor not to sugar coat the situation - should they decide to deliver the baby now. The doctor starts to give the less than grim challenges his son would face, but Ryan only lets him get so far before asking for the bottom line. The doctor refuses to tell Ryan what he would do if he were in a similar situation, simply because his position at the hospital demands neutrality. He leaves, and Ryan is torn, trying to decide what is best. JR comes along, and Ryan stops him with a question - if you had to choose between the woman that you love and your son, whom would you choose? JR looks in at Kendall through her window and notes that he might not be the best person to ask. He admits that where he was once so clear about the things in his life, these days the only thing he is sure of is that he would die for his son. Ryan agrees, but can't imagine picking that over Kendall. He laments at how this child was supposed to be a gift - how he wouldn't have a chance to be a father if it weren't for Kendall - but how aggrieved he is at the cost this gift has taken on. JR, mired in guilt, tells Ryan that he can't help him with his decision and makes a hasty exit.

Zach tries to think of a way to get out of the locked vault behind Madden's island office, but Dixie is sure that they can wait him out. Zach tells her he thinks that Madden won't return until they are both dead. Dixie tries to calm him down, but Zach points out the closed ventilation as evidence that supports his theory. He tells her he has an idea - but that if it doesn't work, Madden will get what he wants. Zach starts to move one of the nitrogen tanks closer to the door, and Dixie pessimistically asks if he knows what he's doing. Zach, amused, asks which person made her she so negative: Tad or Adam. Dixie tries to explain her constant bad mood while she tries to figure out Zach's plan - and then, when she fails miserably, irritably asks for details. Zach tells her that he is going to attempt to freeze the lock so that they can break it off and get out. He sets to work and once the lock is frozen, Zach musters up all of the emotion he has when he thinks about his wife and her little boy - and smashes the lock off. They push on the door and are relieved when it opens. Zach reminds her to grab the disc with the proof of Greg's wrongdoings, and they take off.

Lily continues to take everything that ruffians say literally, thinking that she can get out of giving them what little money she collected by explaining how she got hers. Irritated that she doesn't seem to get what they are telling her, they announce that they are takers and make a move for her money. Lily becomes more and more agitated as they persist with invading her personal space. She tries to explain her disorder and its effects - but it falls on deaf ears. Their taunting is cut short when a well-dressed man enters the alley and threatens to destroy all of them in one fell swoop. They aren't initially intimidated but when they hear approaching police sirens, they make a beeline for the nearest exit. Lily quickly thanks the mystery man, and he then asks if she needs anything to eat or drink. She doesn't give him a clear answer, choosing instead to ask him if he would call Jonathan. She gives him a coded message and then, unable to lie, proceeds to explain what it means. The man, concerned, asks if there is anyone else he should call for her. She tells him no, but he's not entirely convinced and asks if she ran away. She tells him that she is 18, and therefore free to do as she chooses. She can see that he isn't buying her story and suddenly decides to try to get away from him. She expresses her belief that he will call her father and tell him where she is. The man speaks soothingly and convinces her that he will only call who she wants him to call. He then tells her that she will need more money than what she got panhandling to survive in the city - for food, clothing, and shelter. He hands her a $100 bill and informs her about a hotel around the corner that she can rest in for a while. Lily is still skeptical, as she had been taught that strangers are potentially dangerous, but the man smoothly tells her that adults talk to strangers all the time. In addition, he says that Lily reminds him of his sister - and he would certainly want someone to take care of her. He tells her to head over to the hotel, The Jerome, and that he would meet up with her there with additional things that she would need.

Jonathan continues to wander the streets of New York City aimlessly, utterly at a loss as to what he should do next. Eventually, the ruffians that hassled Lily catch up with him, and are more than amused when they see the flyers Jonathan has been handing out. They knock the stack of papers out of his hand and slam him up against a fence, insisting that he needs an attitude adjustment.

A short time later, Jonathan arrives in the same alley that Lily was in earlier, slightly beat up but overall no worse for the wear. After he ascertains that he lost his attackers, he looks around his new surroundings and calls out to Lily, hoping that perhaps she is nearby. The mystery gentleman that had been helping out Lily appears, but when Jonathan asks, he lies and says that he never saw Lily before. Jonathan gets spooked by the look on the guy's face, thanks him and announces that he is going to keep looking. When he leaves, an evil smirk creeps across the mystery man's face.

JR refuses to talk to Krystal about Babe, claiming that his choice is because Kendall is lying in a hospital bed unconscious - and that focusing on anything but her seems selfish. Krystal says that she understands, but that, after talking to a grief-stricken Erica, she can't help but agonize over the fact that it could have been Babe, and assumes that he feels similarly. She keeps him talking, suspicion as to what really happened written all over her face. She gets JR to tell his story - how he was the first one to find Kendall, how unfortunate it was that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and yes - how it could have been Babe since he had invited his wife to join him there. She tells him that the current situation is kind of like when his son was born - how Babe and Bianca were stranded in the cabin, and how Babe did everything that she could to protect all of them. JR is rattled by the memory, and tries to push it down by saying that there is nothing that connects the two events. He then announces that he needs to check on Kendall, but before she allows him to walk away, she tells him that she has a proposition for him. She starts by telling him that they are a lot alike in that they will do anything to protect their children. In addition, even though he will always view her at arms length, she says that as his stepmother and mother-in-law, she now considers him family. She can feel the pain that he's been through in the past few weeks and vows to help him through it without judgment. JR insists that he will be fine, and Krystal lets him assert that without resistance, saying that he has enough of his father in him to believe such a thing. However, she notes menacingly, Adam also says that there is nothing stronger than family - and the person who tries to cross that line should be pitied for the punishment that will rain down on their head.

As Josh tries to calm her down, Babe as much as confesses that JR dumped the construction materials on Kendall, thinking he would be harming his wife. She immediately tries to backtrack but Josh won't have any of it. He gives her his cell phone and tells her that she has no other choice but to call the cops. Babe refuses, saying that she isn't going to turn on her husband that easily. Josh insists that she do something because JR shouldn't be allowed to get away with attempted murder. Rightfully so, Babe recalls the things that Josh did to Erica and Amanda just to get what he wanted - and notes that he is the last person that should be talking about morality. Josh admits that he has gone beyond what most people would do, but also says that his crimes are far less severe than JR's. He then offers to be someone to bounce theories off, to help them both get some perspective. Babe rebuffs him, saying that even if JR was the culprit, she knows why he did it - to save his son. Josh tells her that even though he doesn't have children, he is pretty sure that offing one of the parents isn't in the "best interest of the child". Babe tries to tell him that he is meddling in things that aren't his business, but Josh reminds her that he was granted access to her business when she used him to get rid of Jamie. Babe is through talking to Josh about her problems but he stops her by proposing a hypothetical: what happens next? Does she really think that once Kendall wakes up and gets better, that JR will stop trying to kill her?

Later, back at the Chandler mansion, Babe clocks some quality time with her son in his room while trying to figure out her next move with his father. Her time is cut short when Josh shows up. Irritated at his intrusion, Babe tries to send him away, but Josh has a confession. He notes how bad of a person he can be - but says that she is the closest thing to a friend that he has. She claims to feel bad for him but her sympathy is not what he is after. He tells her that as his almost-friend, she can't drop bombs about people wanting to kill her and then expect him to forget it. Babe claims that she is all right and that she will handle things with JR in her own way. Josh doesn't buy it, and is confused as to how the woman that could walk into Fusion and not take any crap can let her husband treat her as he does. Josh again tries to convince her to stop playing games and get her marriage dissolved. Babe tells him that things aren't that simple - that if she does as he suggests, she will end up proving JR right, and JR will be lost forever. She expounds by saying that JR's choices were dictated by the fact that he was trying to prevent his son from being hurt the way Dixie hurt him. Josh fails to see the point, and Babe tells him that since he already said he doesn't get love in relationships, he should stop trying. Josh tells her that he may not love her, but he does care about what happens to her. At that moment, a very irate JR enters the room.

As Kendall wordlessly pleads for her son's life once again, Erica, alone again at her bedside, professes her love for her daughter. Ryan reappears in the doorway and asks Erica to step into the hall. He tells her, tearfully, that he has hurt Kendall too many times before and he can't bear to hurt her again. Just as he says that he would give the doctors the okay for the C-section, Zach makes an appearance and tells them that Ryan will do no such thing.

Friday, May 12, 2006

JR tells Babe he wants to take Little Adam outside, but Babe insists he is not taking their son anywhere. Josh tries to protect Babe by telling JR not to come near her, but Babe asks to speak to JR alone. Josh lashes out that JR will try to kill her again, but JR pretends not to know what Josh means. As Josh and JR dish it out, Babe walks away and covers Little Adam's ears. Babe reminds them about the baby in room and asks Josh to leave. She tells Josh to keep his mouth shut about what he thinks JR did or else he will regret it. Josh goes to check on Kendall, as Winnie comes to give Little Adam his dinner. Babe tells JR that she knows he tried to kill her, but JR sees it as some type of plot between Babe and Josh. Babe tells JR she heard him in Kendall's room saying, "It wasn't supposed to be you. Babe was supposed to walk through that door." Babe tells him that she saw the strap was cut at the construction site too. JR is silent, but does not deny the allegations at first. He asks Babe to swear on Little Adam's life that she did not marry him to get custody of their son, but she admits that that was the plan in the beginning. Babe tells JR that she fell back in love with him, and when they got remarried, her plan went down the drain. Babe tells him she can't fix what Dixie did to him, but she will not let him punish her for what Dixie did. When Babe asks JR to get checked into an alcohol rehab program and seek therapy, he does not seem thrilled. She tells him that if he does not seek care, she will tell the cops he tried to kill her.

Amanda finds Jamie at Pine Valley University, where she plants a kiss on him. She assures him it was a good-bye kiss because she is leaving Pine Valley soon. When Jamie asks her where she is going, Amanda does not answer. He says this is not the time to be keeping secrets, so Amanda decides to share her plans about being a surrogate mother. Jamie thinks it is a joke, but Amanda tells him it is a chance for her to make up for her mother's mistakes. Being a surrogate is not the answer, given all of the trauma she has been through lately, Jamie says. Amanda tells Jamie that she needs his support because she is tired of people not believing in her. She tells him that she has plenty of support and when Jamie starts racking off Greg's name, Josh comes up. Amanda walks away and Josh tells Jamie that JR tried to kill Babe. Jamie sees it as a way for Josh to get back with Babe, but Josh tells him Kendall's coma was no accident. Josh tells Jamie that he will go after JR, then Jamie, if Babe is hurt.

Dixie finds Greg at a bar, which surprises him, since he thought she and Zach would not make it out of his storage area. She tells him that she knows all of his secrets, including that Erica is Josh's real mother. Greg denies the accusations, as Dixie tells him she saw the videotape proving Greg stole Erica's embryos. Dixie demands to know where Kate is, but Greg gets up to leave. Dixie asks who "Donor 1" is, which stops Greg in his tracts. She believes that donor, which has fathered thousands of children, is probably Greg. Greg doubts the police would believe Dixie's theories, but she knows that the gossip would destroy his career. Greg says Dixie's allegations are a threat to Kate because she wants to take her daughter away from the only family she has ever known. Greg says by taking Kate, she will put the child through total hell. He adds that Erica already knows about Josh, but her family has not been told the truth. Dixie tells Greg that he has 24 hours to tell her where Kate is, or else she will tell the entire world what he has done to Erica. Greg calls Tad to the bar, claiming he needs to talk about Kate.

Dixie goes to the hospital and pours herself a cup of coffee.

At the hospital, Zach asks Ryan and Erica about Kendall. They inform him of Kendall's condition, so he goes into her room and calls out her name. Kendall thinks that Zach will fix everything and begs him to get her out of the coma. Zach gives her a hug, as Erica accuses Zach of threatening her health by pushing on her lines. Ryan tells Erica to calm down, knowing Zach would never hurt Kendall. Erica tells Ryan they must find the doctor's so the operation can be ordered, but Ryan wants to give Zach the chance to save Kendall's life again. Erica thinks Kendall hates Zach, but Ryan knows that she loves him and he is their only chance to bring her back to life. Inside the hospital room, Zach asks Kendall to open her eyes, joking that she knows how to give him one hell of a welcome home. Zach leans down and kisses her on the lips, but Kendall is still unresponsive. He thinks he has failed her by not taking care of her and Spike. Kendall tells him that she will not be angry if he can't save her this time, as Zach leaves, but promises to return soon. Zach goes to get more details about Kendall's condition from Ryan, but Erica accuses Zach of leaving Kendall when she needed him the most. Zach tells Erica that Kendall came home to work and tell Ryan about her decision regarding the baby. He says Kendall realized she loved her son, named Spike, and wants to raise him with Ryan. Zach tells them about Greg's spa and when she got away from the island, she realized how much she loved the child. Zach questions Erica and Ryan's reasons for taking the baby, so they tell him about how removing the child would keep Kendall alive.

Julia goes to check on Kendall and brush her hair, but Kendall's eyes fly open and she tells Julia to back off. Kendall tells Julia she, Zach and Ryan will be raising her baby, so she can go steal someone else's life. Kendall goes outside, but she sees Erica, Ryan and Zach talking. They can't hear or see her, but Kendall can hear them talking about taking Spike. Kendall goes back to her room, where she can see herself lying in the bed and Julia checking on her. Kendall knocks on the door, but Julia does not hear her anything. Kendall realizes she is just dreaming and does not know how to wake up. Julia leaves the room, but does not see a tear fall down Kendall's cheek. Zach asks the doctors about Kendall's options, but tell Kendall what Ryan and Erica have agreed to. Kendall begs for Zach to save her baby as he walks out the door. When Erica tells Ryan and Zach she has signed the forms for the operation, Zach tells Erica it won't happen because he is Kendall's husband.



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