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Passions Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on PS
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Monday, May 8, 2006

Siren tries to seduce and entice Miguel into her bath but Miguel stays strong and refuses.

Kay, Fox and Tabitha discuss the oddities of Siren. Kay tries to hide her jealousy. Miguel joins them in the living room with Siren following shortly. Fluffy scares Siren but Fox assures her that Fluffy won't harm her but Fluffy then growls and frightens Fox too. Tabitha asks the boys if they'll change Fluffy's cat box for her and Miguel says yes. Fox sarcastically thanks him for offering their services and the two start hauling fifty pound sacks of cat litter up the stairs. They return later when the job is done wearing hazmat type suits and carrying shovels. Miguel tells Tabitha they'll have to rent a truck and take what didn't fit in the dumpsters to the landfill in the morning. Siren jumps into Miguel's arms after missing him while he was busy. Kay boils with jealousy. Tabitha asks Kay why it bothers her if she's already chosen Fox and Kay denies that it does.

Tabitha tells Kay she hasn't seen muscles like Miguel's since Grease 2 came out. (The comment was a cute inside joke as Maxwell Caufield, actress Juliet Mills' real-life husband, played the leading character in the movie.)

The three men that attacked Simone, Paloma and Jessica want the girls to go with them so they can explain more about the symbol. Simone and Paloma readily agree but Jessica refuses to go with men that may kill them. Jessica shows them the tattoo of the symbol that Spike made her get on her lower back and wants to know what it means. Away from the men's hearing range they tell Jessica the story about the artwork. They finally agree to go with the men and are taken to a club filled with strange people all marked with the symbol on various parts of their body.

Chad and Luis jump down a manhole to get into the catacombs. They encounter a pack of wolves but manage to escape. Luis jokes that it's like Indian Jones. They run into a nun but get confused when she happily keeps talking about them saving the church from the innocent one. They hear Whitney scream and start on their search again but only to come to a dead end wall. Suddenly the wall starts to bleed.

The monk has Whitney continue to practice with her virtual reality gear. She falls and is attacked by a large animal. When the monk pulls the gear off her head she sees that her arm is actually bleeding from her virtual attack.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

At Gwen's office, she looked at a family photo and worried about Jane's illness and Theresa stealing Ethan. She decided to get home and check on her family.

At the Bed and Breakfast Jane was resting and Ethan and Theresa had fallen asleep on the bed from exhaustion. Gwen walked in and saw the two sleeping together so she pulled some flowers out of their vase and dumped the water on Theresa. Theresa woke up and Gwen demanded that the slut get out of her bed. Gwen accused her of using Jane's sickness to get into Ethan's bed. Gwen told her that she knew it was all Theresa trying to make her jealous and make her leap to the conclusion that the two had made love and that Ethan had nothing to do with it. She demanded that Theresa get her bony ass out of there. Jane woke up screaming and Theresa was upset that her daughter had been awakened. Gwen said that Jane is her daughter and she'd take care of her. She told Theresa she better be out of there when she got back. After Gwen left the room Theresa started laying the "sham marriage" trip on Ethan again. She asked Ethan if he could deny that he loved her instead of Gwen. He said he wasn't interested in her definition of marriage and was going to stay with his wife.

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Fox slept uncomfortably as a heat wave caused them to sleep with a noisy fan. Kay woke up and heard footsteps. Kay followed the footsteps and discovered that Miguel's room was empty of Siren. Fox found Kay and asked what she was doing. She said it was too hot to sleep and she was going to check on Maria. He told her that he knew she was going to the attic to check on Siren and Miguel. He said he understood and he wasn't jealous. He told her to stop worrying about Miguel and kissed her and took her to bed. Siren crept up to the attic to be with Miguel who was dreaming about Kay. She slipped into bed with Miguel who murmured Kay's name. He woke up and was surprised to see Siren. He asked her why she was there and she said it was too hot to sleep. He told her he knew how to lose the pain of losing her boyfriend. She thought he was going to make love to her, but he wanted to go online and cancel all of her credit cards and apply for a new driver's license. She didn't get it and Miguel remarked that she was like an alien that had just arrived on the planet. He called her sweet and that made her happy. She had to admit that she didn't have a bank account or credit cards. The screensaver came on and it was an aquarium of fish. It was really fascinating to Siren who thought there were real fish in the laptop. Since they couldn't look for anything about her online, he decided they should try to find her boyfriend. When Miguel asked for the boyfriend's name, she said it was Ernest Hemingway. Miguel laughed and had a hard time believing her, but went ahead and did a search. They could only find the author so they gave up. Miguel was tired and wanted to sleep. She was too hot and she wanted to make a baby. She tackled him on the bed and giggled. Kay and Fox heard them from their bed downstairs.

In Italy, Chad and Luis were with an old nun in the catacombs where they found blood dripping down the walls. The nun said that "the innocent one" could lose her life. They heard Whitney scream when she saw blood drops on her arm and remembered being bitten by wolves in virtual reality. She questioned the mystery monk about how this could happen and then she collapsed on the floor. Luis and Chad tried to figure out where the screams were coming from since they seemed to be in a different place than earlier. Luis said that the liquid running down the wall couldn't be blood. They knocked on the rock wall and it sounded hollow so they started bashing the wall with a shovel. Luis complained about all the stuff dripping on him. Chad found a passageway so Luis got some torches and they entered and the nun joined them where they found a very old fresco on the wall with a woman in it who looked like Whitney. The nun said she was the innocent one. Luis thought it might be why Whitney came to Rome and wanted to study the picture. They asked the nun about the picture and she couldn't help them. The guys went toward a light further down the passage and the nun said she couldn't go with them. A piece of the ceiling fell on them. Whitney awoke and the monk asked her to tell him what she'd seen. She told about being in virtual reality and seeing glowing yellow eyes and then something bit her. She wanted to go home and he wanted her to go back into virtual reality to find his chalice. Whitney refused because it was too dangerous. The monk told her she had failed in her duties and she had to go back. She pled not to go back in and the monk said that this choice would damn her and her brother to the fires of hell. He started painting a picture of the pain and tortures in hell. Then he told her he was all powerful and she had to do as she was told. She finally agreed and he told her he knew she'd do the right thing. He told her he knew she was afraid, but she had to get the chalice and the secrets contained in it. She went in to virtual Vatican and descended a staircase, He asked her what she saw and she gasped in fear. He told her to keep looking. The glowing eyes looked at her. Whitney walked around and around the passageways and finally got to a dead end. She wanted to turn back and he said she couldn't. Finally she started knocking on the stone wall and it sounded hollow. Whitney heard the wolves snarling and screamed while throwing her arms in front of her face.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kay's jealousy starts to make Fox suspicious. She keeps assuring him she is just looking out for Miguel's best interest though.

Siren tries to persuade Miguel into making a baby. Miguel explains that he isn't the kind of person to just make a baby with someone he just met.

Siren then tries to talk him into a swim in the ocean and he compromises and tells her he'll take her to the Crane swimming pool instead. As Miguel packs a picnic dinner for them to take, Kay and Miguel come downstairs and Kay invites the two of them along also.

Whitney questions "God" when she finds two bodies buried in the catacombs and he tells her to leave them and continue her search for the hidden door. She ignores him and starts to scream for help as she tries to dig the first body out of the rubble. She finds Chad unconscious. The little nun comes to her aid with a warning that evil is after her.

Fancy makes Noah jealous with Gianni. As they argue Noah hears a cry for help not knowing that it's Whitney. Gianni goes for help as Noah and then Fancy jump down the manhole.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

At a nightclub in Rome Simone, Paloma and Jessica noticed that everybody in the club had an omega symbol tattoo. Paloma decided to ask somebody what the symbol meant and Jessica didn't think it would be a good idea. She asked a guy who was dancing and he pulled her into a clinch to dance with him. He didn't speak English, so she tried asking him about the symbol in Spanish. That didn't work either. The guys who'd taken the girls to the club told her to stop wasting her time because none of the people at the club would be able to answer her. The girls wanted to know more about the symbol and the guys told them they'd have to trust them and they'd have to prove themselves by doing what the guys wanted them to do. When the guys went back to the bar, the girls decided to get out of the club because they thought something was "off." The three guys followed them as Paloma, Jessica and Simone left the club.

Noah and Fancy jumped down into the catacombs under Rome in order to help Whitney who'd been screaming. Whitney tried to uncover Chad and Luis from the rubble that fell on them. The nun warned her to get out of there because she was in danger and the mystery monk threatened her over the virtual reality headset to torture her for disobeying his order to leave them to die. The monk told her that Chad to die there in order to keep her from sinning. Then he told her that she had to help with his mission in order to save many people. The nun disappeared when Noah and Fancy got there. Whitney didn't even look up to see who they were, but told them to free "the other man" (Luis) around the corner. Noah and Fancy started pulling debris off of him. They cleared his face and airway and then realized it was Luis. Chad came to and saw Whitney in her transformed state and thought she was an angel. The monk heard everything and fumed that she wasn't leaving Chad to die and needing to get on with his mission. Whitney told Chad she was afraid he'd died. He asked her if she was Whitney and she denied it. He said he could tell by her voice. Fancy and Noah pulled Luis up and tried to wake him up. He thought she was Sheridan and pulled her into a deep kiss. As they pulled away, he realized it wasn't her. Fancy explained who she was and Luis apologized. He asked about the nun and they said there wasn't a nun, but there was another woman. Fancy got excited because her half-brother could be hurt. Chad asked her why she looked different and she asked him why he was there. He told her he was there to find her and the monk insisted that she leave him. Chad protested that it wasn't like her to leave. She told him to give her love to Miles than sped out of there. Noah, Fancy and Luis joined Chad. He asked why they were there and Noah said they'd explain later. He put his hand on Fancy's shoulder and she shrugged it off. Noah, Luis, Fancy, and Chad all explained why they were there and then the ceiling started to cave in again so they all ran for safety. Whitney got back to the monk's room and he hollered at her for straying. She said she couldn't just leave Chad, an innocent man to die. The monk said Chad was a sinner and he'd have to die. The monk told Whitney that she and Chad couldn't exist together on the planet without being drawn to each other. He told her that her mother would raise her baby. He guilted her into doing his will because the church needed her. She said she understood and then said that it wouldn't be Chad that died, it would be her.

At Tabitha's house as they put a picnic together for a midnight swim at the Crane pool, Fox counseled Miguel to hook up with Siren since she's so unique. Siren asked Kay how she got Miguel to make a baby with her. Kay told her that they were close and got carried away. When Siren asked how she could convince Miguel to make a baby, Kay was shocked. She told her not to make a baby unless they were in love. Siren talked about how much she loved Miguel. Kay told her that it just wasn't done that way. Siren asked why not since both Kay and Tabitha had done it.

At the Crane mansion pool, Siren marveled at the indoor pool. Siren and Fox jumped in and Kay pulled Miguel aside and warned him. Miguel told her to mind her own business and Kay told him to watch out because Siren would probably try to trick him into making a baby. He reminded her that she was one to worry about tricks. He asked her why she cared anyway since se was engaged to Fox. He said that since she'd made her choice, she should butt out of his love life. Kay apologized and then explained that she was skeptical of Siren's intentions. Kay asked him if odd girls were his type. Fox commented to Siren that she was a great swimmer and could swim circles around him. Siren proceeded to swim rapidly around Fox. Miguel told Kay that he respected Fox and was glad he would be Maria's step dad, but he wanted her to stop badmouthing Siren and let him have a relationship with her. Fox and Siren went to the edge of the pool and talked about Kay and Miguel. She wondered if he wasn't jealous of Kay being with Miguel. Fox commented that she wasn't like any girl he knew and Siren said she just spoke her mind. Fox broke the tension by asking her to race across the pool. When they were part way across, Fox noticed her mermaid tail which had just appeared. When they got to the end of the pool, she asked why he'd stopped. He remarked that he thought he'd seen fins and tail. He looked again and only saw legs on Siren. He got out of the pool because Kay wouldn't go in. Fox asked why she was so upset and she whined about Siren wanting to make a baby with Miguel. Fox told her he thought Siren was just kidding and Kay pouted as she disputed that. Miguel and Siren romanced and kissed in the pool as Kay stood by glaring at them. Fox told her that Miguel could fend for himself and maybe this was the best thing for Miguel. He told her that they had plenty to worry about themselves. Kay asked what and he reminded her that they had a wedding to plan.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ethan has a nightmare about making love to Gwen, and then she morphed into Theresa. Ethan awakes and is in shock. Ethan makes love to Gwen for real this time. In the meantime, Theresa could not sleep, so she went to get a drink. Jerry shows up with bad news. Paloma is in danger. All Theresa could think about is telling Jerry to follow her orders. She is wondering why Crane security is still keeping tabs on the family. Jerry tells her that this time it's a good thing because they wouldn't have found out that Paloma is in danger had they taken Theresa's orders to stop the surveillance. Jerry tells Theresa that Paloma lied to her about her trip to Rome. She is hunting down stolen art work and is in danger. Theresa tells Jerry that she is personally going to Rome to tend to the situation. Jerry thinks that it's ridiculous since Crane security has more experienced personnel, plus they resent Theresa. Back at the B&B, Gwen and Ethan are both happy to be alone without any interruptions from anyone. Their peaceful coexistence has come to an end because they were interrupted by Theresa. She bursts in the room without even knocking. She scared the living daylights out of them. She demands that Ethan go to Rome with her to save Paloma, Jessica, and Simone. Ethan and Gwen had their usual "oh my goodness" look on their faces. It never ends when Theresa is involved. Gwen tells Theresa that Crane security could handle it and she doesn't need Ethan's help. Ethan decides to go to Rome because the report from Theresa shows damning information about Jessica's safety. Gwen forbids Ethan from going to Rome with Theresa. Gwen manages to change his mind for the moment and Theresa is livid.

Simone thinks that the people in the night club must be connected to the stolen painting some how because they all have the same tattooed symbol on their bodies. Simone also thinks that it's connected to Whitney. Paloma has no faith in those men following them. The men tell Paloma that they have to learn about the symbol at their own pace or else all will be lost. The girls were told to put on blind folds in order to be led to more information about the symbol. The girls arrive at the secret location. Simone spots a painting with the symbol on it, and tells the others that they have found one of the stolen paintings. The men pull guns on the girls and tell them that no one can know that the painting is at that particular unknown location. The girls look pretty scared right about now.

Whitney loves Chad with all her heart and soul, but nothing seems to be helping her to forget Chad; the prayers and flogging aren't helping. The monk tells Whitney that if Chad survives the collapse in the catacombs, she will die. Whitney is happy to give her life so that Chad can live. The monk lifts the dagger and stabs Whitney. She falls to the floor.

The catacombs continue to cave in while Luis, Chad, & Fancy run to their safety. Fancy is terribly hurt by a huge rock, and Luis runs to her rescue. They all escaped the collapse. Luis kisses Fancy thinking that it was Sheridan. Noah is tending to Fancy's wound, and then Luis inquires why they are in Rome together since they are not together anymore. Fancy started acting indifferent towards Noah and tells Luis that they are not in Rome together. She leaves to tend to Luis' wound instead. Noah and Luis catch up on old times while Fancy goes for more supplies to help tend to Luis' wound. While tending to Luis' wound, Fancy is taken aback by his physical form; enough to ask Luis how he has kept in such good shape while being held captive. Noah offers to help Luis find Beth and Marty. Luis tells Noah not to lose Fancy the same way he has lost Sheridan. Chad tells Noah that they have to save Whitney at all cost. The hunched back nun tells Chad that he is the only one that can save Whitney from the "evil one." The nun started taking Chad to save Whitney, but she had this horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that Whitney is dead. Chad runs off to save Whitney.

Beth and Marty show up at a cafe. Fancy also shows up at the same cafe. Beth says something to Marty, and Fancy thinks the voice sounds familiar. It turns out that Beth has a strong New England accent. Fancy asks Beth if she is vacationing in Rome, and Beth tells her that she lives there. Beth also gives Fancy the impression that she is married. Beth tells Fancy that she will not give up on getting her man back in her life. Luis and Noah wonder what's taking Fancy so long, so they started walking towards the cafe. They see Fancy talking to Beth, but Beth's back is turned to Luis and Noah.

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