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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, June 14, 2010

At the Yacht Club, Liza watched as Damon and Colby slow danced. Liza was determined to have a word with Colby, so she marched out to the dance floor. Liza pulled Colby aside to ask if Colby had thought things through. She warned Colby that having sex might mean something different to Damon than it did to Colby. Liza was startled when Damon suddenly snapped a picture of her and Colby.

Liza's surprise quickly turned to anger as Damon bragged about the quality of pictures that his phone took. Liza recalled Damon taking pictures of her after the bachelor party, so she slapped the phone out of Damon's hand. Damon fetched his phone, which had flown across the room, while Colby demanded to know what was wrong with her mother. Liza blamed it on being surprised because Damon had sneaked up behind her.

Tad joined the trio as Liza asked how Damon's phone had fared. Damon smugly informed Liza that his phone was fine and that he had taken the precaution to back up all of the pictures on his home computer. Tad distracted Liza by inviting her to dance. Tad didn't give Liza the opportunity to decline; he pulled her into his arms and then began to sway to the music. Tad suggested that all the worry in the world wouldn't stop Colby from doing whatever she wanted to do. Liza didn't find much comfort in Tad's words.

Tad tried to make a deal; if Liza focused on him, and only him, for five full minutes then Tad would give Liza a reward. Liza reluctantly agreed, but a few minutes later, she noticed that Colby and Damon had disappeared. Tad insisted that the kids were old enough to make their own decisions. "But not the right ones," Liza argued before she took off to find her daughter.

In the park, Colby and Damon sat on a bench as they tried to decide where to go. Colby didn't want to leave the park; she thought that it was a romantic night. Damon was curious if Colby had changed her mind about sleeping with him. Colby reminisced about Jake and Amanda's wedding. She was curious if Amanda had ever thought that she'd be happy with one person after everything that Amanda had been through. Colby couldn't help but wonder if she would be able to find the same kind of happiness.

Colby confessed that she felt lost. She admitted that the wedding had done something to her. "Yeah, I can see that," Damon observed. However, he wasn't sure what Colby expected from him. He joked that it wasn't as if she were waiting for him to propose. Colby smiled as she confessed that she wanted a family and home. Damon assured her that she would have it one day. Colby admitted that she wanted everything to be right for them when they made love; she didn't want it to be about sticking it to Liza.

Liza found Colby in Damon's arms moments later. "It's not what you think," Colby warned her mother. Damon took delight in clarifying that they had been discussing marriage. Tad walked up in time to hear Damon's comment. Colby quickly assured her mother that they hadn't been planning on eloping. Liza relaxed a bit, but she clarified that Colby was too young to be involved in a relationship that serious.

Colby bristled; she reminded her mother that she hadn't been too young to have been let down by Adam and Liza. Nearby, Damon was disappointed that Tad hadn't been able to distract Liza from following them. Tad made it clear that he was with Liza because he cared about her, not to help Damon spend time alone with Colby. Tad was worried about Damon and Colby's talk of marriage. Damon insisted that he was too young for marriage, so Tad let the matter drop. A few minutes later, Colby asked Damon to take her home.

After the kids left, Liza tried to find out what Damon had told Tad. Tad was confident that Liza wouldn't have to worry about buying a wedding dress for Colby any time soon. Liza feared that she had driven Colby into Damon's arms. Tad urged Liza to back off from the kids, so that things could play out as intended. Liza had a sudden memory of stripping out of her clothes in front of Damon.

Tad took Liza back to his place. They were making out on the sofa when Damon walked in. Liza and Tad jumped apart when Damon complained that Tad clearly didn't have to abide by the same house rules that Damon did. Tad reminded Damon that he, not Damon, paid for the mortgage. Tad also added that the girls were spending the night with Opal, so Tad and Liza had been alone until Damon had arrived home.

After Damon went to bed, Tad tried to recapture the moment with Liza, but she was no longer in the mood. Moments later, Liza received a text message on her cell phone. It was from Damon; he had sent Liza one of the snapshots that he had taken of her after Jake's bachelor party. Liza put the phone away and then explained that she had a wonderful time with Tad, but she wasn't ready to take their relationship to the next level.

At Krystal's restaurant, Frankie offered to buy a round of drinks for Randi and Madison. Randi looked over the menu of specialty drinks, which had been named after Pine Valley legends. Frankie recited the names of the drinks, which included: the Myrtle Martini, the Dixie Daiquiri, and the Palmer Pomegranate Passion. Madison decided to have some water. Randi didn't think a glass of water sounded fun. Madison confessed that she wasn't in a fun mood.

Frankie urged Madison not to let Ryan's abandonment ruin her evening. Madison was trying not to, but she confessed that getting ditched at a wedding made her want to join a convent. Randi thought that was a terrible idea because Mr. Right could walk through the door at any minute. Madison doubted it, but Randi was determined to make certain that Madison had a good time. Randi tossed Madison's purse across the room to force Madison to get up and mingle. A handsome stranger entered the restaurant just as Madison reached down for her purse. The man picked up the purse and then handed it to Madison.

Madison returned to the table with a big grin on her face. Randi and Frankie encouraged Madison to approach the bar to strike up a conversation with the man who had picked up her purse. Madison mustered up the courage and then approached the bar. Randi and Frankie were thrilled when the man invited Madison to join him. However, Madison returned to the table a short time later. According to Madison, the man had smiled at her because he was a fashion designer and Madison's dress had caught his eye. Madison then revealed that the man was also gay. "Ouch," Frankie responded.

At the police station, David was shocked to learn that Greenlee had told Jesse and Ryan about Erica's missing plane. Greenlee explained that she had to do it. David pretended that he had no idea what Greenlee was talking about. David relaxed when he realized that Greenlee hadn't given Jesse and Ryan any details about why the plane had disappeared. Greenlee demanded to speak to David alone; she warned Jesse that she would call an attorney if Jesse denied her request.

Ryan was outraged when Jesse gave in to Greenlee's demands. Ryan feared that David would be able to manipulate Greenlee into shutting down on them. Jesse pointed out that if Greenlee and David "lawyered up" then he wouldn't get any information out of them. Once David was alone with his wife, he admitted that he had been afraid that Greenlee would talk if she went to the wedding.

Greenlee insisted that it wasn't about her or Ryan; it was about Erica and Jackson. Greenlee didn't want to feel like a murderer because they had kept everyone from looking for Erica. Greenlee was adamant that she didn't have any regrets. David sat down as he confessed that he had had a dream about Erica. Greenlee wondered what the dream had been about. David claimed that he didn't remember, but he recalled missing Erica when he had awoken.

David was curious why Greenlee hadn't told Ryan and Jesse that he had hired someone to tamper with Erica's plane. "Because you're my husband," Greenlee answered. David promised that he would not let Greenlee be hurt by anything. David was used to everyone hating him; however, he was determined to protect Greenlee from that. Jesse entered the room to let the Haywards know that their time was up. Jesse sent Greenlee into the squad room, so that he could speak to David alone.

David refused to answer Jesse's questions. David insisted that Ryan had planted ideas in Greenlee's head, so there wasn't any proof against David.

In the squad room, Ryan sensed that David had gotten to Greenlee. He tried to persuade her not to fall for David's tricks, but Greenlee wasn't interested in discussing David with Ryan. She wanted to know why Ryan had gone to Jake and Amanda's wedding. Ryan seemed confused by the odd question, but after several heartbeats, he admitted that he had attended the wedding because Jake and Amanda were his friends. Greenlee was curious what Ryan had been thinking when he had been told that he would be walking down the aisle with Greenlee.

Ryan acknowledged that he suspected that Jake and Amanda had been trying to play matchmaker. Greenlee wondered if Ryan had been in on it. "Is that what David told you?" Ryan demanded. Ryan insisted that David wasn't the only person who cared about Greenlee, no matter how David twisted things around. Greenlee wondered what it had meant to Ryan when she and Ryan had helped Jake and Amanda find the wedding ring, walked down the aisle together, and danced.

Ryan insisted that it had been the first bit of normalcy for them in a long time. Ryan urged Greenlee to tell Jesse the truth about Erica's missing jet. Moments later, Jesse called out to invite Greenlee into his office. It was David's turn to wait in the squad room while Greenlee was questioned.

In Jesse's office, Greenlee stared at Ryan through the slats in the mini blinds while Jesse tried to question her. "Hey, focus," Jesse ordered when Greenlee didn't answer Jesse's questions. Greenlee turned to Jesse. She admitted that Erica had sabotaged Greenlee's product line before Erica had left for West Virginia. Greenlee explained that a few days later, she had started to get worried. "About what?" Jesse wondered.

"My father," Greenlee answered. Greenlee claimed that she had privately wished that Erica would never return. According to Greenlee, she had turned to David for help when it appeared that her wish had been granted. David had done some digging and discovered that Erica had left West Virginia without registering a flight plan. Greenlee felt bad for putting the wish out there in the ether. Her guilt had eventually led Greenlee to confess to Ryan.

A few minutes later, Jesse and Greenlee emerged from the office. Jesse announced that David and Greenlee were free to go. Ryan was stunned; he begged Greenlee to think about her father, but Greenlee remained silent. She and David left the police station moments later.

Greenlee and David went to Krystal's restaurant, but Greenlee wasn't in the mood to eat. David was amazed that Greenlee hadn't allowed anyone to turn her against him. He believed that her strength would get them through their latest crisis. Greenlee remained worried about whether or not they would find Erica. David didn't know what would happen to Erica, but he wanted to whisk Greenlee home, so that they could shut out the world. David was taken aback when Greenlee confessed that she wanted to be alone.

At Fusion, Madison looked at pictures of Jake and Amanda's wedding. She was staring at a photograph of Ryan when Ryan entered Fusion. Ryan had seen her car in the parking lot, so he had decided to check on her. Madison explained that she had some work to do. Ryan immediately apologized for deserting her at the wedding. Madison assured him that she understood that he had things to work out with Greenlee. "Not anymore," Ryan revealed.

Madison sensed that Ryan was troubled. She assumed that it was about Greenlee, but Ryan quickly corrected her. Madison was shocked when he told her about Erica's missing jet. Madison quickly jumped up to hug Ryan.

Jack and Krystal met a police officer at a hospital in West Virginia. The police officer informed them that an unidentified woman had been found in a remote area in the mountains. The police officer warned them that the woman wasn't in good shape. Krystal waited while Jack went to the woman's room. Jack was disappointed to discover that it wasn't Erica.

Jack was frustrated because it meant that he wasn't any closer to finding Erica. Krystal urged Jack not to give up hope. She told him that Erica had been a fierce warrior during their trip to Africa. Krystal was certain that Erica could survive anything. Jack questioned a doctor to see if there had been any other unidentified patients admitted to the hospital. The doctor informed them that a critically injured man had been left in the Emergency Room on May 24, 2010. Jack realized that was the same date that Erica had disappeared.

The doctor explained that the man had been in a coma until recently. Jack was eager to see "John Doe," but the doctor explained that they would have to wait because John Doe was undergoing some tests. The doctor cautioned them that the man was in and out of consciousness, so he might not be able to provide them with any useful information. A short time later, John Doe was taken to his room.

Jack was stunned when he realized that the unknown man was Erica's pilot. Jack tried to question the pilot, but all the pilot had managed to reveal were the last known coordinates before the jet had crash-landed. Jack and Krystal realized that they didn't have much to go on, but it was a start. Jack was determined to begin the search immediately. Krystal tried to remind him that it could be dangerous in the mountains because of some recent storms. Jack was undeterred, so Krystal decided to join him on the search.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At the cabin, Caleb plopped Erica onto his sofa, and she feared that he'd kill her just for asking about the locket. She attempted to make a break for it, but he dragged her back. He said that she'd already be down the mountain if she hadn't stopped to argue. He wrestled her onto the couch, and as she struggled, he poured whisky on her ankle. Erica begged Caleb to let her go, but he grumbled that she couldn't just crash into his life, ruin it, and walk away.

Erica attempted to leave again, but he said that she needed more medicine. He forced whisky past her lips, but she violently spit it out. She exclaimed that she was a recovering alcoholic, and having a drink was just the same as perishing in the plane crash. Caleb apologetically offered her water. He tried to help her with her leg, but she batted him away.

Erica touted that she was a survivor, and Caleb challenged her to tell him what she'd survived. She gave him a litany of tragedies from rape to the loss of her mother, and she added that, unlike Caleb, she hadn't hidden from life. He sighed of boredom and shoved tissues in his ears. She again tried to leave, and as he scuffled with her, her cell phone fell from his pocket.

Caleb swiped the phone from the floor, and Erica stammered that he'd had it the whole time. Pulling a shotgun out of nowhere, she cocked it and ordered him to hand over the phone. Though he complied, he didn't seem threatened by the gun-toting Erica. She left with the phone, the gun, and Palmer's box. "Thank you," Caleb said to the sky.

In the woods later, Erica checked the phone to discover that the battery was dead. She suddenly gasped and fell.

Elsewhere in the mountains, Jackson toted heavy camping gear on his back as he and Krystal trekked through the wilderness. She suggested that they rest for the night, but he snapped that he'd call the ranger to get her, if she couldn't handle it. He quickly apologized and wished that he could just find Erica. He worried that they were too late, and he couldn't live it with it if Erica had died as a result of something that Greenlee had done.

Figuring that it was David's doing, Krystal said that Jackson could deal with it when they returned home. Jackson glanced around and found a seatbelt strap in the grass. Scouting the ground more, he sighted a dirty scarf belonging to Erica. As Krystal dissuaded Jackson from focusing on the worst, she spotted a smoke plume on the mountain, and they headed for it.

Krystal and Jackson arrived at Caleb's cabin, and Jackson shouted for Erica. They burst through the front door, but found that the place was uninhabited.

At Fusion, David and Greenlee arrived, and Greenlee convened a meeting to brainstorm ways to get the public to focus on their products and not Erica's disappearance. Madison expressed shock that Greenlee worried about a P.R. angle when Erica could be dead. David intervened to say that everyone was tense, but they had to support each other. Greenlee added that they had to separate the business from the personal, which was exactly what Erica would do.

Madison suggested that they uphold Fusion's reputation by searching for Erica. Madison felt indebted to Erica, who'd not only helped Madison, but who'd also kept Fusion afloat in Greenlee's absence. Greenlee found Madison's devotion to Erica interesting, especially since Madison worked for Greenlee. Greenlee decided to give Madison all the time in the world to search for Erica. "Because you're fired," Greenlee stated.

Madison assumed the firing had to do with Ryan, though Greenlee denied it. Madison thought that was good, because she and Ryan were none of Greenlee's business. After Madison left, Greenlee asked if Randi had something to say about Erica. Randi quickly shook her head.

Greenlee instructed Randi to end all campaigns featuring Erica, because until Erica cleared her name, her image was detrimental to the company. Greenlee thanked Randi for her assistance, because it couldn't be easy for Randi. After Randi left, Greenlee told David that she'd go to hell for what she was doing.

Greenlee questioned her decision to fire Madison, but David said that Greenlee had to surround herself with people that she trusted. She assured her husband that the decision had nothing to do with Ryan. Needing a drink, Greenlee scrounged around and found a bottle of champagne. David glanced at a campaign photo of Erica. Greenlee second-guessed her decision to remove Erica's image from their campaigns, but David bolstered the move.

Greenlee recalled a time when Erica had shielded her from the tabloids. She recalled that Erica had told her to stay true to herself and relinquish any doubts. Greenlee murmured that she didn't even know herself anymore. David reminded his wife of who she was, and she found it funny that he could be so methodical about Erica's disappearance. He conveyed that he cared about and worried for Erica, but it was out of their hands.

Greenlee felt that they should do something, and David proposed that they toast to Erica. "To Erica Kane. There's never been another like her," Greenlee said. After a drink, David left on hospital business.

Alone, Greenlee glanced dubiously at Erica's picture and slipped it into the trash. She poured herself more champagne and talked to the picture in the wastebasket. She said that no one would forget Erica, who'd made Greenlee a stronger person. "For that I say, 'thank you, and I'm sorry,'" Greenlee uttered.

Just then, Bianca stepped off the elevator and noted that Greenlee was already celebrating Erica's demise. Bianca said that Greenlee had better pray that Jackson found Erica alive, or else Greenlee would wish that she'd gone down in that plane.

At the mansion, Marissa and Scott read a news website, which reported that Erica's plane had disappeared while she'd been on a trip to receive instructions for Palmer's will. A guilt-ridden Scott daydreamed that Jackson had entered the room to say that Palmer's will would reveal that Scott had stolen Palmer's ideas. Jackson wondered why Scott, a good guy, would steal. Scott responded that it was time that he had the life he deserved and a life with Annie. Hoping that it was worth it, Jackson disappeared, and Scott snapped out of his dream.

At the Yacht Club, Annie attempted to finagle herself the junior chair seat in a charity; however, Gloria, the charity's head, said that Marissa already had that seat. Annie wondered why Marissa would even want it. JR, who'd been listening at the door, entered, and greeted Gloria.

Annie pulled JR aside to make him go away, and JR guessed that trying to paint herself "as the benevolent matriarch of the Chandler family." Annie thought that it scared JR to have her in his world, because he couldn't control his feelings for her. She asserted that he'd tried to break her and Scott up, but it hadn't worked. JR responded that Annie presenting herself and Scott as the new power couple was a big farce, just like Annie's supposed love for Scott.

As JR threatened to flip the wigs of the socialites with stories about Annie, Gloria snapped a publicity photo of JR and Annie. Gloria left, and Annie implored JR to let her help people and let her be a good partner for Scott. She wanted to earn her place in society, but figured that JR wouldn't understand that. JR replied that being Adam's son wasn't easy.

Annie stated that Marissa would never forgive JR, but he claimed that he wouldn't fail AJ again. Annie assumed that JR blamed himself for Babe's death, and JR conveyed that his marriage would be saved-with a little help from Annie. "Sometimes I think it's just best that we get it out of our system one last time," he uttered.

A shocked Annie guessed that he was suggesting that they have sex again. JR didn't know what he was suggesting, but he had to get Annie out of his head. He reasoned that it was just a physical craving, and she pondered whether one more roll in the hay would satiate it. Suddenly, Annie said that it was crazy, and she was crazy to consider it. He asked if she actually were considering it. She objected to it and doubted that he was even serious.

Scott called Annie, and as the phone rang, she told JR to go away. Since their last rendezvous hadn't happened, Annie suggested she and Scott reconvene at the same hotel. Scott said that he was on his way. Annie glanced at JR and left. Marissa entered, wondering why JR was there and not at the office, where he'd said he'd be.

JR claimed that he'd been making an appearance at the event for the company's sake. When Marissa said she'd arrived to sign AJ up for swim classes, JR replied that he'd wanted to do the same thing. He felt that it'd help them get in some family time. Marissa seemed touched and said that it meant a lot to her to have a trusting man in her life.

They left together, but when JR was at home alone later, he pulled up a website with the Yacht Club photo of Annie and him. He studied it and then clicked off the site.

At the hotel, Scott and Annie kissed and edged toward the bed. Scott said that he'd loved her since the day they'd met, and he'd never hurt her like JR had. Scott had never forgotten her kindness when his father had died. They kissed and sank onto the bed. After they made love, Annie sighed that it was amazing. Scott replied that it was only the beginning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the woods, Caleb searched for Dog, and Erica awakened to find herself in a pit. Debris cascaded over her, and she feared that the walls would cave in on her. The earth above her rained down, and Erica screamed in terror. Sure that she'd die, Erica prayed that someone would recover her body for her family's sake. She thanked God for her family and her incredible life. Naming each of her loved ones, she asked Him to look out for them.

Suddenly, a hand reached down and grabbed hers. Caleb hauled her out of the pit. "Took you long enough," Erica uttered and fainted. Caleb prodded a limp Erica to get up, but she lay on the ground, murmuring about Jackson and her cell phone. She fell asleep, and Caleb muttered that she never made anything easy. He built a fire and tucked her into a dingy sleeping bag. She awakened, and to his astonishment, she thanked him and smiled a little.

At Caleb's cabin, Krystal urged Jackson to break for the night before he ensnared himself in a bear trap. They found Caleb's moonshine, and upon swigging it, they coughed at its potency. Krystal was glad to be with Jackson, and not the newly reunited Liza and Tad. Krystal claimed that she was happy for Tad, but Jackson remarked that one could only be so happy for an ex.

Jackson remarked that he'd always thought that Krystal and Tad would reunite. Krystal said she'd once thought so, too, and Jackson stated that his relationship with Erica had taught him never to say never. He showed Krystal the ring that he had bought for Erica, and Krystal gasped. She wondered what he'd say once he finally found Erica, but Jackson hadn't a clue.

Krystal offered to let him rehearse on her, and she grinned, listening to Jackson pour his heart out to "Erica." He said that a deep and abiding love connected them, and he didn't know how he'd live without her. Krystal said that Erica would be wearing his ring before he knew it.

At the hospital, Angie's vision blurred as she focused on Jesse. She looked exhausted and complained that she was overworked and underfed. David interrupted to ask Jesse for news on Erica, and Jesse accused David of being involved in Erica's disappearance. Jesse warned that if it were true, neither the mayor nor David's other "power buddies" could save him.

Jesse left, and Angie piled a stack of work before David. She insisted that it all required his signature, but David threatened to fire her and her son if she didn't stop telling him how to run the hospital. Undaunted, Angie shoved a pen in his face.

Later, Angie checked her blood pressure in an exam room, but her vision was too blurry to read the results. She ate a power bar and then saw 165 on the blood pressure meter.

At Fusion, Bianca admonished Greenlee for drinking champagne while Erica remained missing. Greenlee swore that she hadn't wanted anything bad to happen to Erica. Retrieving Erica's picture from the trash, Bianca accused Greenlee of tossing Erica away. Bianca recalled their past plans to marry on the same day. She felt that Ryan's love had changed Greenlee, but Greenlee had since reverted to the person that she'd once been.

Greenlee claimed to have liked that woman she'd been before Ryan, but Bianca didn't think that Greenlee was so cruel as to let Bianca's girls grow up without Erica. Bianca implored Greenlee to be honest about what had happened to Erica's plane. Greenlee quipped that it'd been an accident, just like her motorcycle crash. Bianca assumed that vengeance had led Greenlee to dispose of Erica, but Greenlee responded that she'd never kill for revenge or for control of a company. "What about David? Would he kill for you?" Bianca asked.

Greenlee reasoned that Bianca knew David and Greenlee. Nodding, Bianca expressed her fear and anxiety over Erica's disappearance. Bianca implored Greenlee to reveal what she knew, and Jesse strode in. Suspecting an ambush, Greenlee stuck to her story. Bianca urged Jesse to arrest Greenlee, but Jesse stated that he had no cause to do so.

Just then, Jackson called Bianca to say that after reviewing the crash site, he had good reason to hope that Erica had walked away from it. Bianca worried about Erica being in the wilderness, but Jackson reassured Bianca that Erica had survived worse, and they'd get Erica home as soon as possible. After the call, Bianca relayed the news to Greenlee and Jesse, and Bianca wondered where Erica could be.

Jesse left, and Bianca raged that Erica's death could be on Greenlee's hands. Bianca stated that Greenlee dared to toy with Erica's life, when Greenlee had almost lost her own.

At the park, Madison stopped Ryan, who was jogging away his frustrations. When she said that Greenlee had fired her, he wasn't surprised. He felt that Greenlee had changed, and the best thing that Madison could do was to stay away from her. Ryan was proud of Madison for standing up to Greenlee and for overcoming her past abuse. He coaxed Madison to say that she was proud of herself, and after she did so, she wished that she'd stood up to David, too. Ryan quipped that if anything happened to Erica, then David had better watch his back.

Ryan offered to assist Madison in getting on her feet, but David approached, warning Madison to be leery of Ryan's help. Ryan and David bickered about Erica's disappearance, and David warned Ryan to stay away from Greenlee. Ryan guessed that if he didn't comply, then David would dispose of Ryan, as he had Erica. David attempted to walk off, but Ryan grabbed him by the neck. Choking David, Ryan raged that David wouldn't hurt anyone else.

Madison rushed to pry Ryan off David, but in his anger, Ryan resisted, flinging her to the ground. Realizing what he'd done, Ryan released David and checked on her. A huffing David warned Ryan to get control of his anger before something reckless happened. David staggered away, and Ryan profusely apologized to Madison.

Ryan was upset with himself, because he'd left his rage in the past, but Madison understood his anger. She cited that he wasn't the type to stand idly by when a friend was in need. She knew that he needed to search for Erica, and she offered to watch Emma while he took off to locate his dear friend.

Later, Ryan went to Fusion and was excited to see Bianca, who filled him in on Jackson's call. Greenlee thought that Jackson's news was good, but Bianca again blamed Greenlee for the terrible circumstances. Ryan suggested that Greenlee find her husband. "I put my hands around his throat, and I squeezed. And you know what? I really wish I didn't let go," Ryan said.

Greenlee figured that Ryan had lost control of himself, and he warned that she'd lose her soul while protecting David. She stated that her soul wasn't Ryan's problem, and she assured Bianca that Jackson would get Erica home. Bianca guessed that Greenlee thought that would make up for the hell she'd caused. Tired of being everyone's "kick me" toy, Greenlee said that once they'd adequately disparaged her and her husband, they should try finding Erica.

Greenlee left, and Bianca told Ryan that Greenlee had appeared to be toasting to Erica's death. Bianca sensed that Ryan still loved Greenlee, but he insisted that it was over. He recalled that, upon Greenlee's return, he'd comprehended her anger, but then she'd become obsessed with vengeance. He admitted that he'd love Greenlee no matter what she'd done. Bianca asked if he'd assist in getting justice for Erica, and he replied that he'd do what he had to do.

At Krystal's restaurant, David rubbed his neck and ordered a drink. Jesse entered, and David threatened to cause problems for Angie at the hospital if Jesse didn't back off. Jesse goaded David for a while and then revealed that Erica's plane had been found. David perked up and anxiously asked what had become of Erica. Jesse was sure that they'd find Erica, but he suggested that David hope to God that Erica was still alive.

Jesse returned to the hospital to pick up Angie, but she wasn't ready to leave. He talked her into going by saying that takeout and a bubble bath awaited them. She said he'd won that time, but she couldn't let down her guard while David was trying to take down her and Frankie.

Greenlee and David met in the park, and Greenlee grimaced at David's bruised neck. Recounting her run-in with Bianca, Greenlee stated that she hated lying. "What have you turned me into?" Greenlee grumbled. David insisted that they weren't bad people, and he'd merely been trying to keep the plane grounded. She said that he should have known that Erica wouldn't let a safety inspection deter her from battle. David was confident that they'd find Erica, but he was sure that once they did, everyone would line up against the Haywards.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the mountains, Jackson left the cabin to resume his search. Krystal chased him to the porch to warn him about the nighttime dangers, but he was willing to risk it. He feared what would happen, because if Erica had perished, then Greenlee would be dead to him, too.

Krystal persuaded Jackson to return inside, and as they discussed relationships, she said that she didn't even know if she really wanted Tad anymore. She said returning to an ex was like going back to a dry well. Looking at Jackson, she quickly stated that Erica and Jackson were different; they'd live happily ever after, no matter how long it took.

Later, Jackson found Erica's bracelet in the cabin. Krystal realized that Erica could be close by. No matter how dark it was, she agreed that they should resume the search immediately.

At a campsite, Caleb urged Erica to head back to the cabin, but she complained about her ankle. She assumed that he'd rather she die, so he could be alone again. Caleb figured that she considered him incapable of caring or sensing loss. She inquired about his loss, and after a while, he reluctantly said that once upon a time, there might have been a man and woman who'd had everything and lost it. "The end," he concluded.

Erica surmised that he'd exiled himself to the mountains after losing his lover, and Caleb replied that he might just be spinning tales to lull her to sleep. She confided that she'd once lost Jackson over a lie during one of her divorces. Caleb didn't want to talk anymore, but Erica bubbled with questions about the owner of the locket. In his eyes, Erica could see his love for the woman. Caleb quipped that Erica talked too much.

Erica insisted that Caleb was running from something, but she believed that he could have joy and hope again. "Who are you?" Caleb suddenly asked. She smiled, proclaiming that she was Erica Kane. He grinned a little and said they'd freeze if they remained outside.

When Erica and Caleb returned to the cabin, she spotted Jackson's map and realized that someone had been there. Erica limped outside to the porch to tell Caleb, and she saw Krystal and Jackson approaching from the brush. Erica called to Jackson, and he ran into her arms.

Jackson took Erica inside, and they held onto each other. Outside, Krystal encountered Caleb, who asked why she was on his property. She tried to thank him, but he just grunted and turned toward the house. She said that she wouldn't do that if she were him. Caleb decided to chop wood, and Krystal started questioning him about Erica's predicament. Dropping his axe, he turned to leave. He told Krystal to be gone with Erica by the time he returned.

Inside, Erica recounted what had happened to her before and after the crash. She said that a man had carried her out of the wreckage, and he'd saved her life. Krystal entered and asked Erica about the scary mountain man. Erica claimed that Caleb was just rough around the edges. She wanted to bid him goodbye, but Krystal said that Caleb had already gone.

Jackson carried Erica out the front door, and when Caleb saw the three of them trekking through the night, he hid behind a tree until they passed.

At the Martin house, Opal was thrilled to see Bianca at her doorstep, but still frazzled about Erica's disappearance. Opal promised that they'd find Erica, and then they'd put a smackdown on Dr. and Mrs. Hayward.

At Krystal's restaurant, a reporter bombarded Greenlee with questions about Erica and Fusion. David chased the reporter off, but a guilt-ridden Greenlee lost her appetite and left. Before going to work, as she told David that she'd do, she went to see if Opal had received any messages about Erica from the great beyond.

Opal snapped that if she'd gotten any visions, she surely wouldn't be talking to Greenlee at that moment. Opal had renounced her visions after Palmer's death, but she said that if Erica happened to be with Palmer, Greenlee should prepare herself for the haunting of a lifetime.

Greenlee wondered what had happened to the supportive Opal, but Opal replied that she'd disappeared when Greenlee had set Erica up. Greenlee denied any involvement. Opal said that Greenlee might not have shot down the plane, but she'd set the wheels in motion.

As David left Krystal's, he ran into the smoldering Bianca. He expressed his concern for her mother, and Bianca told him that if he ever cared for Bianca, he'd tell her what he knew. He avoided answering, and she said that he lied as easily as he breathed. He claimed that he'd never lie about Erica. Bianca warned him that he couldn't ingratiate himself to her in order to win the favor of the town, and suddenly losing her appetite, she left.

Bianca went to Fusion, where she received a call from Reese and Miranda. She put on a brave front for her them and then starting making calls to collect donations for Erica's rescue fund. Greenlee entered and implored Bianca to allow her to help. Bianca reluctantly agreed, and David arrived to find out what he could do. Bianca refused to let David be involved, but he and Greenlee offered his services as a doctor. Bianca said that even if he accompanied her to the crash site, it was illegal for him to treat patients. Greenlee doubted that Erica would mind that inconvenience.

Bianca received a call from Jackson, who announced that he'd located Erica. Erica got on the line to assure her daughter that she was fine. Bianca trembled in relief and told David and Greenlee the good news. Greenlee tried to hug Bianca, but Bianca shoved her away. She said that in her joy, she hadn't forgotten her suspicion that David and Greenlee had somehow been involved in the crash, and she intended to find out exactly what they'd done.

At home, JR thought of his suggestion to Annie and looked again at the picture that Gloria had taken of him and Annie. Marissa wondered where Scott and Annie were, and JR pretended not to care. Once Marissa left the room, JR repeatedly called Scott, who was still making love with Annie in the hotel bed.

When Scott and Annie returned home, he invited her to move into his room with him. They kissed, and she smiled, watching him walk away. Upon entering the parlor, she found JR there. She told JR that she'd found a way to rid him from her system without sleeping with him. "You've had an exorcism?" he guessed. Annie replied that one could call it an exorcism, but Scott would call it the best night of his life.

Annie claimed that one night with Scott had cured her, and she suggested that JR try the same with Marissa. JR, however, wasn't convinced of her so-called cure. The two began bickering, and Scott entered to break it up. JR figured that they were in a standoff, since Annie was there to stay and JR refused to leave. Marissa entered in time to hear JR propose that they all learn to get along in the household.

Annie didn't trust the truce that JR had offered, but Scott was on board, since he'd just asked Annie to move into his room. Marissa looked shocked, and JR clinched his jaw. Hugging Annie from behind, Scott said that they were all Chandlers.

Alone with JR in the parlor later, Marissa pondered JR's sudden peace offering. He said that he just wanted things to return to normal. He thought it would also help if Marissa moved back into their bedroom. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled back. Though she wanted to forgive him and believed that she could, she just wasn't ready yet. She said that she'd move back into his bed because he really wanted her there-not because he wanted to want her there.

AJ interrupted, and Marissa took the boy up to his room. JR gazed at a picture of the three of them, and then he looked at a picture of Annie. Annie entered the room, and JR seemed to forget all about his wife. Annie hoped that he meant what he'd said earlier, and he assured her that he had. They stared at each other for a moment, and Annie went up to her room.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back in Pine Valley after their honeymoon trip to New York City, Jake and Amanda discovered that they'd forgotten to check out of their hotel suite at the Yacht Club. They seized the opportunity and returned to their room to make love one more time before returning to their regular routines.

After their romp, Amanda giggled as Jake counted each of her toes and enumerated all of the good things that were in store for them--from having more children, excelling in their careers, their kids' getting driver's licenses and going to proms, and their children having children.

Later, at the hospital, Amanda feigned illness so that Jake would "examine" her. Jake knowingly agreed and they went to find somewhere private.

Tad surprised Liza at her suite. They joked about how many years they'd known each other. They made their way to the Yacht Club for lunch. Each apologized to the other for mistakes they'd made in the past.

Tad wondered aloud if he and Liza stood a chance as a couple. Liza alluded to her having caught the bouquet and him having caught the garter at Jake and Amanda's wedding. He pointed out that the tosses had been rigged, and they both agreed it had meant nothing.

Damon babysat Trevor at Tad's house. Colby arrived and told Damon, that having watched him and the baby interact, she was almost in the mood to shop for wedding dresses. Damon was not amused, and Colby admitted that she'd been kidding. She did, however, share with him that marriage had been on her mind ever since Jake and Amanda's nuptials. Damon suggested he and Colby go out to eat and went to get Opal to watch Trevor.

Damon and Colby arrived at the Yacht Club and witnessed Tad and Liza sitting at a table. Each couple decided to let the other have their privacy. Tad suggested that Liza not obsess over Colby's marriage comment. Colby pressed for her and Damon to say hello to Tad and Liza. He reluctantly agreed, and they both went to the other couple's table.

All four made nice, as they looked at pictures Colby had taken at the wedding. Liza sniped at Damon, which prompted him to threaten to reveal photos he'd taken--alluding to the ones he had of a half-dressed Liza. As he presented his phone to Tad, Liza knocked over a glass of water to create a diversion. Liza left and Damon went after her.

Damon found Liza in the hallway outside of her suite as she had an attack of some sort. Damon realized that she was going into anaphylactic shock and injected her leg with epinephrine. As she recovered, Liza realized that there must have been lobster in the quiche, to which she was allergic. Damon explained that he carries an EpiPen because of his peanut allergy. Liza struggled to apologize for her behavior and thanked Damon for helping her

At the table, Tad and Colby discussed her sudden interest in getting married. Tad suggested that she not worry about getting hitched and that she should enjoy her youth.

Liza and Damon returned to the table and told Tad and Colby about her allergic reaction. Tad insisted that he take her to the hospital. Once Liza was there, both Angie and Jake saw her. Angie was adamant that Liza be observed for at least four hours. Liza balked but accepted her fate.

Outside of Liza's exam room, Colby thanked Damon for saving her mom and told him she loved him, which caught him off-guard.

At lunch, Jesse expressed his concern for Angie, who still felt weak. It dawned on Angie that maybe she was pregnant. They tired to remember when their last hot date had been and realized that it had been about a month. The couple considered what it would be like to have a child, as they were each in their forties. Both were excited yet hesitant to embark on such a journey this late in their lives.

Natalia showed up at work wearing street clothes. When Brot commented on her dress, she told him that she'd passed the detective's exam. She joked that her plan was to take over the world but would start by unseating her father as Chief of the Pine Valley Police Department. She continued to envision her future, which included her election as mayor so that she could clean up the town.

To Natalia's chagrin, May or Blanco stood behind her and heard every word. Jesse arrived as the mayor stated that she wanted to talk to the chief. Jesse invited Mayor Blanco into his office. After they left the squad room, Natalia expressed her humiliation to Brot.

The mayor suggested that promoting Natalia could be construed as nepotism, but Jesse pointed out that Natalia had received the highest score on the detective's exam. The mayor changed the subject and informed Jesse that he'd been mistreating one of her most valued constituents, David Hayward.

Jesse and Mayor Blanco argued about the paperwork snafu that had kept David locked up overnight. The mayor then stated that Natalia was a liability and pointed out that the officer had been involved in a shooting on her first day as a cop. She further argued that compromising photos of Natalia had circulated, which had been an embarrassment to the department.

Jesse replied that Mayor Blanco had personally recommended the officer who had spread the photos. The mayor threatened to cut the police budget and promised that she'd keep a very close watch on Jesse's management.

After the mayor left, Natalia entered Jesse's office to apologize for causing him trouble. She offered to forego her promotion, but Jesse told her he wouldn't allow his daughter to give up something she'd worked so hard for. Brot walked in and offered to take a leave of absence. Jesse told both of them to leave running the police department to him.

At the hospital, Angie was angered when a nurse told her that staff had been told that they had to run any purchases past David. Angie directed the nurse to order the supplies she'd asked for without consulting David. She further stated that David needed to deal with the chief of staff directly.

Angie then gave an unlabeled vial of blood to the nurse and stated that it needed to go to the lab for a workup, including, among other tests, one to determine pregnancy. Angie also explained that it was a rush and that the results needed to be returned to her, personally.

Later, Angie reminisced about when Frankie had been a baby. The nurse returned with the lab results. Angie went into what she thought was an unoccupied exam room and discovered Jake and Amanda going at it on the exam table. She pretended to give the newlyweds a hard time. Jake and Amanda explained that they'd just been "saying goodbye" and scurried off.

Angie called Jesse to tell him that she was not pregnant after all. She expressed relief, and Jesse told her that they'd have to settle for becoming grandparents. Angie suggested he call Frankie and Randi and urge them to "get on it." Angie attributed her symptoms to stress.

Back at the police station, Natalia worried aloud that she might become an embarrassment to the unit. Jesse made it clear that he couldn't be prouder of his daughter. She noticed that he'd taken a brand-new stuffed toy to work. He lied and said it was for the toy drive. Later, in the park, Jesse sat, contemplating. It appeared that he was let down by the news that Angie was not pregnant.

Meanwhile, Natalia asked Brot out. He harangued her because she'd always accused him of being inappropriate whenever he'd asked her out. He asked if anything had changed because she'd been promoted. Natalia lightheartedly replied that it meant she was treating him. They left together.

At the hospital, Angie continued to scrutinize her test results again, and she began to experience dizziness. Later, while conferring with Jake, Angie became dizzy again. Jake noticed, but Angie tried to play it off and walked away. When Jake checked on a patient file that Angie had been studying and realized that it was an empty manila folder, he approached Angie and asked her why she was lying to him.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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