One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on OLTL

Todd was determined to help Téa through her medical ordeal. Hannah showed her temper. Langston and Starr graduated high school. Nate found the money that James had stolen from their father. Destiny was shocked to see Matthew with two prostitutes that David had hired. Ford recalled the attack.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, June 14, 2010

As James pulled to a stop, Starr threatened to call the cops on him for kidnapping her and Hope. He explained that he was in a mess and calling in the cops would only make things worse. Starr realized that her purse and cell phone had been on the roof of the car when James commandeered it. He left angrily because she wouldn't listen to his story. Starr tried to go back for her belongings but the car wouldn't start.

Starr took Hope and began to follow James as he walked back to the quarry. Starr reiterated her threat to turn James in to the police, and he stormed off in the opposite direction. She followed him back to the car. As he worked on starting the engine, Starr asked why a man was chasing James. He replied that he has something the man wanted and told her he wouldn't divulge any more information so as not to involve Starr any more than he already had.

James got the car working again and advised Starr to take it to a repair shop immediately. He wished her luck with her boyfriend and hoped he wouldn't soon be sharing a jail cell with him. She promised that she'd call the cops once she got into town. James promised to fix things and hoped that he'd see Starr again. She told him she doubted it but seemed to wish they would. James headed back to the quarry.

David walked in to find a depressed Matthew, distracting himself with junk food and violent movies. Matthew said that he just wanted to be left alone but David wouldn't let him mope. Matthew admitted that Dani had dumped him. David chastised Matthew for having told Dani he loved her and for not having sex with her when she tried to initiate it. Matthew bitterly stated that Dani had dumped him to be with Nate Salinger. However, he felt bad because he had been in Dani's situation when Destiny had been attracted to him and he'd had to tell her the feeling was not mutual.

David assured Matthew that Dani would be back, but Matthew didn't believe it. Then David bad-mouthed Dani until Matthew defended her and told him that he still loved her. David asked "WWPD, what would Pa do?" He figured -- mistakenly -- that Bo would take Matthew fishing or give him a drink. David came up with a plan and told Matthew to go take a shower. He then called a woman he knew and arranged to show Matthew a good time. After they were both dressed up for a night on the town, two beautiful young women showed up to be their dates.

Dani came upon a shirtless Nate at the quarry. Nate sensed that something had happened between Dani and Matthew since Destiny had caught her and Nate kissing and had threatened to expose them. Dani told Nate that she'd broken her best friend's heart. She lamented hurting Matthew and said that she was just like Todd Manning. Nate apologized for causing the rift, but Dani explained that she just wasn't ready for a boyfriend. Nate seemed disappointed.

They both decided to stop talking about it and have some fun by diving off the cliff. After swimming, Nate took credit for making Dani laugh. But she started to reminisce about a simpler time, in Tahiti, when her life had been more stable. The two shared another kiss. Dani realized that she'd lost the necklace that her dad, Ross, had given her. She found it, but not before Nate, helping to search for the jewelry, uncovered a case hidden under debris.

Dani wanted to open it, but Nate said that they should treat it like something found at an airport, as it could be booby-trapped. Dani opened the case anyway to discover thousands of dollars in cash. As Dani and Nate left the quarry, James arrived, looking for the case. He found it, but it was empty and he became very agitated. Nate and Dani walked to town with the money in Nate's backpack.

Blair found Todd snooping through Téa's medical chart in Greg's office and confronted him. Blair reminded him that he was out on bail and that violating a patient's confidentiality was a crime. Todd was suspicious of Blair and Téa's newfound friendship, but Blair denied that they were hiding any secrets. Todd threatened to stay in the office until he knew what Téa was hiding. Blair told him to ask Téa as Todd began to piece together what had been going on.

Blair finally admitted that she did know something but threatened to make a scene and get Todd arrested again. Todd asked her point-blank if Téa was sick, and Blair responded that she was dying, that she had an inoperable brain tumor in the final stages of cancer. She also shared that Dani hadn't been told either. Todd stated that he'd take over the medical case and hire the best doctors available. Blair told Todd that he couldn't fix the situation and cautioned him not to steamroll over Téa's wishes. She tearfully urged him to make peace with Dani.

John questioned Ford, who replied that there were a lot of people who'd want to dance on his grave and that he didn't know who'd attacked him. John asked him if he'd seen Langston that night, if Markko had walked in on them, if they'd had a fight, and Ford answered yes to all three questions. Ford wondered about Karen, the pizza girl, and John replied that she'd stated she didn't care enough about Ford to try to kill him. Ford seemed surprised by that. John asked Ford to make a list of everyone who might want to kill him.

Ford began to remember that Jessica had been at the apartment that night, but he kept it to himself. John suspected that Ford was withholding information. John then asked a nurse if anyone had visited Ford, and she answered that his brother had been there but had left in a hurry when another man arrived. John renewed questioning Ford, who told John to leave his brother James alone. John called in a request to headquarters, and asked if they had a James Ford in the system.

Jessica admitted to Kelly that she feared she was the one who attacked Ford. She told Kelly that she'd been with Ford earlier that night. Jess shared that, after Brody had told her that Mitch had tried to rape her, she went to find Cristian because she was set on him taking her perceived virginity. But only Ford had been at the apartment. True to form, he'd hit on Jessica, and pretended to be supportive of her. She'd fallen for his charms, and the two had ended up in bed together, but she'd freaked out, thinking Ford was Mitch. Jess didn't remember anything until she was at Clint's house, and all her previous memories had come flooding back. Kelly tried to get Jessica to believe that it might not have been her just as John arrived.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gigi went to Llanfair to borrow earrings from Natalie for her "first date" with Rex. She went to get the earrings as Rex arrived. Rex explained to Natalie that he and Gigi were going to try to make their relationship work again but expressed doubts. Gigi overheard Natalie tell Rex that everything would work out. She walked in and said she'd been ready for their first date since high school.

David greeted Fawn and Wendy, two beautiful young women, at the door and introduced them to Matthew. Matthew told David that he wasn't sure if he was ready to go out. David asked him if he wanted to be Clint, "the guy who gets dumped", or Asa, "the guy who gets an upgrade ." Matthew chose to emulate Asa. He worried about his age but decided to throw caution to the wind, and they all left together.

At Capricorn, Blair confronted David, who had bought champagne for Matthew. Rex and Gigi arrived and Rex surprised her with vodka sours, which was the first cocktail she'd ever made. Rex made a toast, "to the new first." Later, at the bar, David paid Wendy to have sex with Matthew. Rex confronted her and made it clear that he knew that her name wasn't really Wendy and suggested to David that she was charging too much for her services.

Rex threatened to tell Bo and warned Wendy to leave. He also promised that he'd call the cops if she went to Ultra Violet. After she left, Rex chastised David for pandering, but David defended his actions because Matthew needed to get over Dani. At the table, Matthew told Fawn about his recent breakup. Fawn assured him that Dani would regret losing him. Wendy told Fawn that she had to leave, and they exited together.

David returned to the table, ushered Matthew out of the bar, and said that he'd forget all about Dani before the evening was over. Rex returned to his table and Gigi admitted that she'd told Fawn that Matthew was the police commissioner's son. They both agreed that Matthew was too young to be involved with women of questionable morals.

Back home, Matthew realized that their dates had been prostitutes. He thanked David, and said him it was the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long time. David surprised Matthew with "Plan B." Fawn and Wendy emerged and David handed Matthew a condom as Fawn led Matthew into the bedroom.

John walked into Kelly's office just as Jessica told her that she feared she'd been the one who attacked Ford. He sensed something was up and informed them that Ford had awakened. Jessica froze when John asked her if she knew anything about the attack. Kelly helped Jessica avoid answering by asking John if there'd been any news on Melinda's murder investigation. He replied that it was just a waiting game and promised to keep Kelly abreast of the investigation. John left to go back to the police station.

Blair called Téa to tell her that Todd had viewed her medical chart and had become aware that she was dying -- just as Todd entered Téa's room. She demanded that Todd leave, but he declared that he wouldn't just stand by and let her die. Téa began to suffer the effects of the radiation treatment and had Todd give her a bottle of pills from her purse.

Todd offered to accompany Téa to her next doctor's visit. She admitted that Blair had been taking her to appointments, and Todd was angered that Téa would lean on Blair but not share her condition with him. Téa told Todd that he needed to focus on his legal battles because he'd need to be there for Dani once Téa was gone.

Téa defended her decision not to tell Dani what was going on because Dani was beginning to enjoy life in Llanview. Todd explained that Dani would feel guilty for feeling any joy once she learned that her mother was dying. He said that it felt as if Téa must have hated him and Dani to keep something that important from them. Téa countered that she feared what was going to happen. Todd said that it was going to be ugly and messy but that he'd be by her side every step of the way.

Téa shared all of the things she still wanted to do in her life but explained that all she'd have time to do would be to tell Dani goodbye. Todd promised that he'd find a way to cure Téa and told her he loved her.

Natalie called John at his office and they agreed to meet at the Buenos Dias. Before she left Llanfair, Kelly and Jessica walked in. Jess began to admit something to Natalie but Kelly cut her off, and reported that Jess had taken back her old job at the Sun<.i >.

Nat left, leaving Kelly and Jessica to argue over whether Jess should tell anyone that she suspected she'd attacked Ford. Jessica worried that Tess or Bess had emerged and had done the deed. Kelly assured her that, since neither alters had surfaced after Mitch attacked her, they probably hadn't come out when her memories of the attack returned.

Jessica argued that she should still go to the police because she was likely the last person to have seen Ford before he was attacked and could possibly provide clues. Kelly continued to urge that Jess not go to the police and suggested that she see Dr. Levin. It suddenly dawned on Jessica that she'd have to tell Brody that she'd jumped into bed with a stranger.

Dani and Nate made their way to the Buenos Dias. Dani said she felt that everyone was watching them, as if everyone knew they had a backpack full of cash. Nate wondered if they should keep the money for themselves. Dani was resistant and said she didn't need it. Nate told her that he did, for his mom. He explained that his mom had been laid off and that they'd been unable to pay the mortgage.

Dani was concerned that keeping the money could be a risk. When John and Natalie walked into the café, Nate offered to give the cash to him right then. Dani changed her mind and suggested that Nate should give the money to his mother. Nate said he'd watch the news to see if there was a report about missing money before making a decision. Dani said she'd be okay with whatever he decided and kissed him on the cheek before she left the café.

At another table, John shared with Natalie that he might have to question Jessica because she'd been hanging around Ford's apartment and trying to get close to Cristian. Natalie replied that Jessica and Ford did not have a relationship but that he'd hit on her once. John felt that Jessica seemed overly concerned about the attack. Natalie tried to explain away John's suspicions before they left the café together.

Blair met Eli at Capricorn and admitted that she'd told Todd about Téa's condition. She feared what Todd might do after confronting Téa. Eli offered to go see Téa, but Blair reminded him that Téa didn't know Eli was aware of her condition. Blair suggested that she'd call Téa in a bit to check in. Eli declared that it was probably a good thing that Todd had discovered the truth because it would force Téa to come clean with Dani.

Dani returned home to find Téa and Todd snuggling on the couch. Todd announced that Téa had something to tell her, but Téa only shared that Markko had been released and that all of the charges against him had been dropped. She explained away Todd's presence by telling Dani he was there for an interview about the case. Dani noticed that Téa had been crying but accepted her explanation that they were tears of relief. Dani went to bed and Todd reiterated to Téa that he'd be available whenever he was needed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At the Buenos Dias, Markko looked longingly at an invitation to the Llanview High graduation. Viki and Charlie arrived and expressed their relief to Markko that he'd been cleared. James sat at the Buenos Dias lunch counter and thought about when he'd discovered the empty case that once held thousands of dollars in cash. James desperately pondered how to find it.

Markko overheard James on the phone when he asked hospital staff about Ford's condition. James asked Markko who he was and Markko showed him the front page of the Sun. Markko told James that he wished he had been the one to attack Ford because Ford was a snake. He asked James why he was asking the hospital about Ford's condition. James lied and said that he was considering studying journalism but that he didn't know Ford personally.

Charlie and Viki sat at a table, and he vocalized his concern that she might actually be serious about hiring David. Viki replied that it wasn't any more ridiculous than Charlie working for Dorian, considering Dorian had poured alcohol down his throat while he'd been unconscious. Viki assured Charlie that she was supportive of him working on the project but that she wished he and Dorian didn't have to work so closely.

He apologized for the photos that implied he and Dorian were more than just colleagues and swore that they never would have kissed. Viki stated that she trusted Charlie but that he didn't really know what Dorian was capable of. Charlie asked if Viki wanted to hire David to "rub Dorian's face in it." Viki told him that neither she nor Charlie had anything to worry about.

Dani woke up and found Téa reading the Sun's headline that announced that Marrko was cleared of charges in Ford's beating. Dani congratulated her mom but added that she opposed Téa representing Todd. Dani asked what it would take to get Todd out of their lives.

Just then, Todd entered with breakfast. Dani made it clear she didn't want him there. She told Todd that she'd released him of "any so-called responsibilities." Dani prepared to leave and declined Téa's invitation to have breakfast. Todd wanted them all to go together to the ceremony, but Dani announced bitterly that she was going with her friends.

After she left, Todd worried that he'd never reach her but vowed not to give up. He then offered to take Téa to see the doctor, but she made excuses as to why he didn't need to. He realized that Téa had canceled her appointment. Téa intimated that she was giving up, but he refused to let her.

Todd began to make plans to find ways to attack her illness. Téa told him that their first priority was to see Starr graduate because "she's an amazing kid." Todd made Téa snort with laughter by telling her that Starr and all of his kids were amazing because of him. "Seein' as how they came from different chicks, it must be me."

At her apartment, Langston practiced her speech but couldn't concentrate. Someone knocked on the door and she hoped it would be Markko. Instead, it was a man looking for Starr. He explained that he'd found Starr's purse. Langston offered to take the bag to Starr, but he refused to let her. Langston asked for the man's number and suggested that Starr would likely want to thank him or give him a reward. He declined to offer any information, so Langston took the bag and left the apartment. As soon as she was gone, the man broke in through the front door.

As Starr lamented her missing purse and prepared to cancel her credit cards, Blair, Dorian, and Kelly entered the La Boulaie kitchen and fawned all over the soon-to-be graduate. Blair prepared for breakfast but Dorian stated that they couldn't start without the valedictorian, Langston. The family was surprised that Starr had driven away after having left her purse on the top of her car. She neglected to tell them that James had kidnapped her and Hope.

Starr complained that it had been difficult raising Hope while Cole was in jail and that she was feeling unsupported. She also explained that Hope had a fever and wouldn't be going to the graduation. Blair announced that the boys were also sick and that Addie would watch them during the ceremony. Blair presented Starr with a graduation cap that her little brothers had decorated.

Langston arrived with Starr's purse and told them that a strange man had delivered it to her. Dorian expressed her concern that Langston had let a stranger get so close to her. Starr discovered that her phone was missing.

Starr told Langston that Markko had been released, to which Langston replied, "He still hates me." Starr also began to tell Langston about how she'd lost her purse but was interrupted when the rest of the Cramer women returned to the kitchen with graduation gifts.

In the high school gym, Nate looked at the money in his backpack and wondered what his next step should be. Darren saw the cash and asked, incredulously, if Nate had robbed a bank. Nate told Darren that the money was a prop for the play. Darren didn't appear to believe him. Nate was shocked when Darren informed him that the play had been canceled. Darren offered to get rid of the "fake" money and Nate and Darren argued about whether or not to throw away the cash, but Darren received a call and walked away.

Destiny showed up at the Buchanan Mansion to look for Matthew. David answered the door half-naked. Destiny was shocked when Matthew emerged from the bedroom with Fawn on his arm, and then Destiny noticed Wendy passed out on the couch. David tried to play it off, as if the women had just spent the night because they'd been out so late and had drunk too much.

Destiny was aware that the women were prostitutes and harangued Matthew for having sex with a "pro." Matthew was feeling full of himself as he kissed Fawn and walked her out. Destiny exploded at David, but he defended his actions.

At the Llanview High auditorium, students and families gathered for the graduation ceremony. Matthew witnessed a tender moment between Dani and Nate and decided to leave. Destiny and Darren offered to leave with him, and they all exited together. On the way out, Matthew stopped to congratulate Starr. She told him that she understood why he was leaving, having "been there."

Blair reminisced about Starr as a baby. She, Kelly, and Dorian all shared tissues as they began to get teary-eyed. David arrived and handed Dorian his handkerchief, monogrammed with a "B " for Buchanan. Dorian told David that Viki had only offered him a job to get back at her. In front of Dorian, David asked Viki to talk about his "package."

Todd and Kelly walked away, and he told her that he was going to be out of commission for a couple of months, at least, and that he would need her to run the Sun. Briggs called, and Todd made plans to go to the office. Kelly insisted that Todd stay to see his daughter graduate and offered to handle Briggs.

Privately, Blair apologized to Téa for having been unable to keep Todd from discovering the truth about her illness. Téa replied that it had been time for him to find out but admitted that Dani didn't know yet.

Langston apologized to Starr for having ruined their senior year. She felt responsible for Cole being in jail and Markko moving out. Starr made it clear that they'd all made mistakes and congratulated Langston for becoming valedictorian. They both confirmed that they'd be best friends forever. From a distance, the man who'd found Starr's purse watched them.

The principal kicked off the ceremony by introducing the Class of 2010's valedictorian, Langston Wilde . She began her speech but became flustered when she saw Markko, who stood in the back of the auditorium. She started to speak extemporaneously and talked, emotionally, about making mistakes and making them right. Markko left, and Langston ran after him.

The principal began to announce each student's name, which began with Jessica Buchanan. That elicited some laughs and embarrassed Viki. Langston caught up with Markko. She thanked him for being there and apologized for hurting him. As Starr made her way backstage after receiving her diploma, someone grabbed her and pulled her away. Her graduation cap was left behind.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the Llanview High auditorium, as Starr made her way backstage after having received her diploma, someone grabbed her and pulled her away. Her graduation cap was left behind.

Blair and Langston wondered aloud what had happened to Starr. The man searching for Starr stood not far from them. As Blair called Starr on the phone, the phone in the strange man's pocket began to ring. He looked at the screen and found that the call was from "Mom." Blair remembered that Starr had lost her phone so it had been futile to try to reach her.

Langston surmised that Starr had probably gone for a walk because she was sad that Cole was not at graduation. Langston reminisced about how much better things had been the year before. Blair assured Langston that things would get better. Langston thanked Blair for warning her about the consequences of fooling around with Ford.

She then noticed that the man who'd returned Starr's purse was in the auditorium. Blair planned to thank the man for returning the bag, but he disappeared before she had the chance. Blair and Langston were pleasantly surprised to see Cole arrive. Cole asked where Starr was, and Blair went off to find her.

The man who'd snatched Starr turned out to be James. He took her into a classroom and told her that her life was in danger because the man who was chasing him was now after her. Backstage, the stranger found Starr's decorated graduation cap.

James reported that the man who'd returned her purse had used her phone to call him and had threatened to hurt Starr if James didn't give the stranger what he demanded. He also stated that he'd been to Starr's apartment and that the place had been trashed.

Starr made plans to report James to the cops. James was surprised that she hadn't already and assumed it was because she knew he was not a threat to her. Starr replied that she hadn't called the cops because she'd just wanted to forget the incident in which James had kidnapped her and Hope.

Starr tried to leave, but James stopped her and said that he'd be killed if the police were involved. Starr demanded to know the details of James's predicament but he replied that he didn't want to entangle her any more than she already was. She replied that, since someone had broken into her house and wanted her dead, she was already in pretty deep.

Starr began to scream, but James told her the truth. He admitted to having stolen $50,000 from the man who'd been chasing him but that the money had since been lost. James said that whoever did have the money would be in even worse danger than he was.

James told Starr that he'd seen the graduation invitation at her apartment, which meant that the man who was looking for them was probably also at the school. Then, the stranger tried to get into the locked classroom and threatened to shoot if they didn't open the door. He forced his way in, but James and Starr had escaped through another door, though they'd left behind her diploma.

To his surprise, Cole was led into a courtroom to find Marty and Eli. Eli explained that he'd petitioned for another hearing and, if all went well, Cole would be released on bail. Outside, Hannah viewed the photo she'd snapped of Starr and Nate at the park.

Marty told Cole that Eli had gotten a new judge to hear the case, as the original judge had to step down due to an illness. Cole admitted to Marty that he'd asked Starr not to visit him in jail because they continued to fight over Starr's unwavering support of Todd. He lamented having missed Starr's graduation.

Hannah came in and told Cole that she was worried he might start to believe that she'd been the one to push Marty down the stairs and had attacked Ford. The bailiff announced that the proceedings would begin. Hannah told Cole that there was something else she had to tell him later.

Eli argued that Cole should be released on bail because he was not a flight risk, as his young daughter lived in Llanview. He also contended that Todd, the man Cole was accused of beating, was himself an attempted murder suspect but that he was out on bail. The A.D.A. did not object to Eli's request, and the judge set bail at $10,000.

Hannah congratulated Cole and asked him out to celebrate, but he replied that there was only one place he wanted to be--Starr's graduation. Hannah was frustrated that Cole said he'd call her later rather than hear what she needed to tell him then. After Cole left, Hannah confronted Marty and accused Cole's mother of turning Cole against her. She warned that Marty wouldn't get away with it.

As the graduation ceremony ended, Téa assured Todd that she wouldn't keel over and told him she'd rescheduled her doctor's appointment. Todd insisted that he drive her to the hospital. He asked Blair to tell Starr congratulations, as he had to leave with Téa.

At the hospital, Todd argued with Téa and her doctor about wanting to stay with Téa during her treatment. He insisted, but Téa put her foot down because she didn't want him exposed to the radiation. As the doctor began Téa's treatment, Todd bribed his way into staying in the control room.

Todd spoke to Téa via microphone and told her that there were less expensive ways to get a tan, which made her laugh. She told him to stop it because she had to stay very still. After the procedure, Todd took Téa home and stayed with her until she fell asleep.

Sitting in the audience, Dani told Nate that people would be suspicious if he kept carrying his backpack around. He told Dani he'd be right back but did not immediately return. When he did reappear, he explained that he'd put the backpack in his locker. Just then, the man who'd returned Starr's purse to Langston walked by, obviously looking for Starr.

Dani told Nate that there were no news reports about missing cash, so he could give the money to his mom to pay the mortgage. She said they should celebrate their good fortune, but Nate worried that their luck would run out. He talked about how much his mother had sacrificed for him and how he wanted to repay her. Dani said she wished she could save her mom from Todd.

Dani worried that Nate's locker wasn't secure and that he should just give the cash to his mother right away. She and Nate retrieved the backpack from his locker, but he wondered how he'd explain it to his mother. Before they left Nate's locker, the stranger walked by them in the hallway but did not notice them. Nate was happily surprised when Dani offered to go home with him. The stranger watched them leave together before he entered a classroom.

As they both reached for the same glass of punch, Viki accused Dorian of trying to steal her husband. Dorian refuted Viki's claim but Viki replied that the only reason nothing had occurred between Dorian and Charlie was because he hadn't let anything happen.

After Viki left with Charlie, David interacted with Dorian and alluded to the part in Langston's speech about making mistakes and making them right. It was apparent that he was fishing for an apology from Dorian.

Later, Viki and Charlie returned to the auditorium after having viewed mementos of her sons on the wall of fame. Viki said that Joey looked so young in the photos but that he hadn't been too young for Dorian to have seduced him. Charlie was shocked to hear that Dorian had done such a thing.

At that moment, Dorian appeared with David and asked Charlie to accompany her to a meeting about the project they were working on. Viki asked David to discuss the job she'd offered him but remained secretive as to what the job would be. Viki stated that, as arresting as David's face was, she was interested in another part of his body. She then made it clear that it was David's brain she wanted, to oversee the Banner's trends section.

Dorian accused Viki of offering David a job out of spite. David felt insulted and began to argue with Dorian, who threw a drink at him. But she missed the target and Viki was drenched with punch. Enraged, Viki splashed Dorian with her punch. As others began to notice, their battle escalated while David and Charlie attempted to keep the situation from intensifying.

Langston and Blair arrived at the punch table. As soon as everyone congratulated Langston, Charlie left with Dorian, and Viki with David.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In the high school, Bull left the biology classroom and slipped a rolled-up paper inside his jacket pocket. In the gym, Cole told Langston that he regretted that he had told Starr to stay away and asked if it was too late to apologize to Starr. Since Starr had already left the gym for graduation, Cole and Langston both believed that she was in the biology hallway. When Cole was unable to find Starr, Langston felt that Starr had just needed time to herself. Cole expressed that he wanted to call Starr, but Langston reminded Cole that Starr had lost her cell phone.

At Viki's cabin, Starr retrieved the keys from under the porch and told James that Bull would never find them. Once Starr and James entered the cabin, Starr grabbed the telephone to call the cops. However, James stopped her and said that they would both be dead, if she called them. James reminded Starr that Bull had never hurt anyone and had never trashed Starr's apartment. He stated that Starr had no proof against Bull, and that Bull only wanted the money.

James apologized for carjacking Starr and Hope and claimed that the carjacking had been the "stupidest thing that I have ever done." Starr disagreed and stated that the stupidest thing that James had ever done was to take the money. She declared that since the graduation was over, and since Bull had surely left the school, she was going home. As Starr opened the door to leave, James slammed his hand against the door and said, "I can't let you do that."

James insisted again that Bull only wanted the money, and that they would not be safe until James found it. When Starr demanded to know what was going on, James warned that he was a criminal. James explained that he had been a mechanic, but he had worked for very bad people at a chop shop. He insisted that he only stole the money so that he would never have to work at the chop shop again. James revealed that he had not stolen the money from Bull, but had actually taken the $50,000 from his dad. James's dad had sent Bull after him.

James explained his history with his dad to Starr. James's dad had abused him, after James had refused to steal his first car. James recognized that "It takes a cast and a sling for me to give in and join the crew. So yeah, my old man is a piece of work."

When Starr asked about James's mom, James pointed out that his mother had left the home when he was young. James declared that he had to leave home, or he would have ended up in prison, or dead, or even worse. When Starr asked what could be worse, James answered that he could have ended up like his dad.

When Starr questioned why James even stole the money, since he knew that his dad was dangerous, James replied that he had left a note that said that he would repay it. James explained that he had wanted to leave home to take night courses for his GED at the school where his brother was a teacher's assistant. When he got there, James found out his brother was in Llanview Hospital. Starr barked, "Ford's your brother?" James asked Starr how she knew Bobby Ford, as his cell phone rang.

When Starr's phone rang in the high school hall, Bull removed it from his pocket, as Cole and Langston walked into the hall. Cole and Langston both insisted that they had heard Starr's cell phone, yet there was no sign of Starr. When Cole questioned why Starr would just disappear after graduation, unless it was due to him, Langston insisted that Starr still loved Cole. Just as Cole spoke that "it was just the three of them" - Cole, Starr, and Langston - Langston revealed that she knew where Starr was.

At the courthouse, as John entered the elevator, Hannah said that Marty would regret that she turned Cole against Hannah, and Marty asked if Hannah were threatening her. Hannah emphasized that Cole's attitude had only changed towards her since Marty had talked to him, just as John entered the room. Hannah announced to John that Cole had received bail, so she and Marty were celebrating. As Hannah started to leave, John insisted that she "hang around," because he had questions for her.

After John closed the doors, he requested that they go over Hannah's testimony. When John asked Hannah how she had seen Todd push Marty down the stairs that day, if she had not followed Todd down into the stairwell, Hannah explained that the door had been opened. John asked, "Do you have a blue sweater," and Hannah responded, "Doesn't everybody?" John announced that the police had found fibers in the stairwell that matched a blue sweater that Hannah had worn in that past.

Hannah wanted to know why John was questioning her, when she was the witness who would ensure that Todd would be punished for what he had done. John insisted that he wanted to make sure that the courts would convict the right person. John then asked Hannah where she had been the night of Ford's attack. Hannah maintained that she had not committed the crime against Marty, and that she also had not attacked Ford. After Hannah left, Marty considered that maybe Todd was right about Hannah, and John believed that Hannah was hiding something.

At the Buenas Dias Café, Jessica joined Kelly, who was already seated at a table, and declared that she had told Dr. Levin the whole story about Ford's attack, as she could remember it. Jessica revealed that Dr. Levin had not believed that she had committed that attack. When Kelly exclaimed that was good news, Jessica was not sure, because she thought that maybe one of her alters had committed the crime. After Kelly reminded Jessica that Ford had still not proclaimed that Jessica had attacked him, Jessica insisted that she needed to talk to Ford. Kelly claimed that Jessica needed to wait, because her memory would return in time. Jessica cried that she had to find out what had happened that night, not only for herself, but also for Brody and Bree. Kelly exclaimed that if Jessica were going to the hospital to question Ford, Kelly was going with her.

At the hospital, Nurse Tiffany gave Ford his dinner, and after she left, Ford found an envelope with his name under the cover of the meal. When Ford heard a quick knock on the door, he hid the envelope. Cristian and Layla carried in a pizza, and Layla sarcastically asked why Karen had not delivered Ford's pizza. Ford slyly replied that Karen had only been filling in for Langston. Layla cried that Ford was only a player, and that he had forced Langston to sleep with him, which cause Langston's breakup with Markko. When Ford reminded Layla that Langston was over with Markko before Ford had even slept with her, Cristian declared, "You made someone mad enough to want you dead." Ford then glanced at the hidden envelope.

Ford claimed that Cristian and Layla tried to blame the victim, and Layla yelled, "What you did is wrong. You hurt Markko, you hurt Langston, and who knows who else." Jessica and Kelly arrived in the hall outside of Ford's room, and were prepared to talk to Ford.

Ford thanked Cristian and Layla for the pizza and for saving his life. Cristian then announced that Ford had to find a new place to live, since Markko was their friend. As Cristian and Layla left Ford's room, they found Jessica and Kelly in the hall. Cristian wondered why Jessica wanted to visit Ford. Kelly lied and stated that she wanted to check on Ford, and that Jessica was only at the hospital for a doctor's appointment. As Cristian and Layla said their goodbyes, Jessica again apologized to them both for what she had done. Layla remarked, "It's all good," and Cristian and Layla left the hospital.

When Jessica and Kelly entered Ford's room, Kelly introduced herself and demanded that Ford was to go nowhere near Jessica, once he was released from the hospital. However, Jessica begged Ford to let her know if she had put him in the hospital. Ford realized that Jessica did not remember the night of his attack and declared that he also did not remember. As Jessica insisted that he knew the truth and demanded to hear it, Kelly asserted that they should leave.

Back at the Buenas Dias Café, Nate and Dani entered and sat at a table. When Nate complimented her on her good job at the bank, Dani accepted that there was an advantage in being Todd Manning's daughter. Dani explained, "You know, people hate him so much, they'll do anything to avoid having to deal with him." When Dani stated that they should tell Nate's mother about the money, Nate hesitated and stressed that he wanted to figure out what to tell her first. As Peering at a Sun column and picture, Nate's mother stood outside the café and peeked through the door.

Once Nate's mom entered the café, Nate hugged her and introduced her to Dani. Mrs. Salinger remembered Dani from the musical and voiced that Dani was "such a pretty girl." Nate's mom stated that she was job-hunting and invited Dani to their home for a celebration, once she landed a job. Nate revealed that he knew about the notice from the bank to take their home but conveyed that they did not have to worry about money. Mrs. Salinger feared that they would need a little miracle, and as he handed his mom a check for $50,000, Nate announced that they already had one.

Shocked, Nate's mother asked if the check was "real" and asked how Nate had received it. When Nate lied and insisted that he had won the money in a lottery, his mother reminded him that stores would not sell lottery tickets to minors. Nate fudged his way through his lottery ticket purchase, and his mother was very grateful to receive the money. After Nate's mom claimed that she would place half of the money into his college fund, they hugged. Nate then told his mother that he needed to take Dani home, and Nate and Dani left the café. His mother stayed and looked again at the Sun article and pictures.

Back in Ford's hospital room, Ford again studied the note and called John, who was still at the courthouse. John escorted Marty to her car, as Hannah watched. Hannah then looked at a picture of James and Starr on her cell phone.

Once Jessica and Kelly left the hospital, Jessica exclaimed that Ford had known something else about the night of his attack. Jessica yelled that he had looked right at her, as he had stated that she was guilty.

Once John entered the Ford's hospital room, he asked Ford if his memory was returning. Ford claimed, "Yeah, it's all coming back. I remember what happened." John asked, "So, who attacked you?"

As Bull spoke on the phone to his boss and told him that he had found "the kid," who would find the money, Cristian and Layla walked into the Buenas Dias Café. Cristian reminded Layla that they still needed to tell Layla's mother about their engagement. Cristian and Layla agreed to finally tell her mother, and they left the café. Bull made a phone call.

Bull demanded that James, who was still at Viki's cabin, return the money to James's dad. As soon as James was off the phone, he requested that Starr call the cops. James gave his heartfelt thanks to Starr for everything that she had done, however, Starr insisted that she would not call the cops. Starr did insist on calling her family to check on her "little girl," since it appeared that Starr would not be home immediately, "because like it or not, you and me are in this together."

Cole and Langston did not find Starr, once they arrived at the La Boulaie kitchen. Langston told Cole that she would look for Starr upstairs. Langston carried Hope down into the kitchen for Cole to see. Langston then revealed that Addie had stated that Starr had not yet returned home after graduation. When Cole asked Langston if Starr had mentioned anything, Langston admitted that Starr had not talked to her much lately, since she was still upset over what had happened with Markko. Langston handed Hope her dinner, and Langston tried to explain to Cole what had happened with Markko and Ford. Langston claimed that Markko still hated her, and that "I threw it away for that jerk." Langston begged Hope to "stick to the winners" like Hope's mom and dad.

Langston then begged Cole for his forgiveness. Cole remarked that he did not have time to think about that, when he still needed to find Starr and make things right. Cole handed Hope to Langston, as Hannah tried to call Cole from the courthouse. When Cole sent Hannah's message to voicemail, Hannah begged, "Hi Cole...please call me as soon as you get this. I have to talk to you. There's something really important that I have to tell you." As Cole started to leave the La Boulaie kitchen, his phone rang again. He answered the phone. James watched Cole, as Starr said, "Cole," and Cole said, "Starr."

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