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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, June 21, 2010

At the hospital, Angie confessed to Jake that she had been distracted because she had just discovered that her pregnancy test had been negative. Jake remained concerned about Angie, but he didn't have an opportunity to question her further because they received notice that Erica had been admitted.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott and Annie decided to head to the hospital to see if they could learn anything about Palmer's will. As JR watched Scott and Annie leave, Marissa suggested that JR take the day off. JR picked up his briefcase and then explained that he had to go to work. JR confessed that he hated to admit it, but Scott had been right to suggest that the new project would require their full attention. Marissa was not happy to see her husband leave.

At Fusion, David speculated that Erica would likely use the plane crash to deflect attention from the scandal. He warned Greenlee that they couldn't let it happen. Greenlee made it clear that she didn't want a hair harmed on Erica's head. David agreed, so he suggested that Greenlee launch her product line that very evening. He explained that Erica would be unprepared, so Greenlee would win the competition. Greenlee loved the idea.

Greenlee quickly ordered Randi to make the arrangements to organize a launch party for that night. Randi questioned the timing of the party; she reminded Greenlee that Erica had just been rescued. Greenlee assured Randi that Erica was invited. Randi suggested that people might believe that Greenlee was behind the crash after all. Greenlee refused to change her mind, so Randi left to carry out Greenlee's orders. David was proud of Greenlee for standing her ground. Greenlee revealed that she had to leave; she explained that she had to do a preemptive strike.

In the hospital hallway, Jackson promised Bianca that he would tell Erica that her plane might have been sabotaged. However, he wanted to wait until Erica had a chance to rest and recover from her ordeal. Bianca was certain that Erica would go after Greenlee, so she agreed that it was best to wait.

In Erica's hospital room, Jake and Angie urged Erica to rest. A short time later, Erica fell asleep and dreamed of Caleb. She awoke when Jack sat down on her bed. Jack smiled as Erica opened her eyes. He confessed that he had missed her deeply and that her disappearance had made him realize that life was too short.

Jack recalled how Erica had saved him years earlier when his plane had gone down. Erica was surprised when Jack pulled out a small black box, opened it to display a stunning diamond ring, and then proposed marriage to her. Erica was taken aback; she wondered how long he had been holding the ring. Jack revealed that he had purchased it before she had flown to West Virginia.

Jake entered the room with an IV bag before Erica could give Jack an answer to his proposal. Jake apologized for interrupting the special moment, but Jack assured him that it was okay. Jack wanted Erica to take a moment to think about his proposal before she made a decision. Jack promised to get his answer when he returned. After Jack left, Jake once again apologized for his poor timing. Erica didn't seem to mind; she explained that she needed some time to get her bearings.

Opal arrived at the hospital just as Jack left Erica's room. Jack warned Opal that they hadn't told Erica about Greenlee's possible involvement in the crash. After Jack and Krystal left to get some tea, Bianca expressed her frustration with Greenlee. Bianca couldn't believe that her mother had nearly lost her life all because Greenlee refused to share Fusion. Opal admitted that she couldn't imagine what Palmer could have changed in his will that was so important that it had been worth risking Erica's life.

Scott and Annie bumped into Jack and Krystal when they arrived at the hospital. Krystal wasn't thrilled to see Annie, so Krystal walked away. Scott questioned Jack about what Erica had been doing in West Virginia. Jack revealed that Erica had picked up Palmer's will. Scott and Annie's eyes rounded when Jack patted the bag as he confirmed that it contained Palmer's will. Jack explained that Palmer had been adjusting the will right up until he died.

Jack promised that he would arrange a reading for the heirs as soon as possible. After Jack walked away with the bag containing the will, Scott and Annie began to plot how to get the will away from Jack. Scott felt terrible for not only stealing the invention, but also Palmer's last will and testament. Annie didn't seem to have any qualms about it. She reminded Scott that they needed the will in order to secure a new life for themselves. An opportunity presented itself moments later when Greenlee arrived at the hospital with the intention of visiting Erica.

Jake updated Erica's loved ones on the test results. He assured everyone that Erica was fine and ready to see visitors. Opal and Krystal entered the room first. While they were chatting, Krystal mentioned Caleb, whom she described as a "grumpy mountain man." Erica explained that Caleb had a right to be upset because her plane had destroyed his home. At the reminder of her plane's destruction, Erica wondered if Jack had reimbursed Caleb.

Krystal explained that Jack had given the ranger a check to deliver to Caleb before they had left. Opal's interest was immediately piqued; she wanted to know what Caleb was like. Erica explained that he was unlike any man she had ever met. Before Opal could question Erica further, Erica spotted Greenlee in the hallway. Erica tried to get out of bed to confront Greenlee, but Opal and Krystal held Erica back. Erica vowed that Greenlee would not get away with falsely accusing her of stealing from the Miranda Center.

Jack and Bianca were stunned when they spotted Greenlee with a big bouquet of flowers. Jack demanded to know what Greenlee wanted. Greenlee was all innocence as she explained that she was there to welcome Erica home and to drop off the flowers. Annie marched up to ask if it were true that Greenlee and David were behind Erica's plane crash. As Annie had predicted, everyone began to argue. Scott casually walked up to the bag that contained the will and then picked up.

"What have you got there Scotty-boy?" JR wondered. Scott was shocked to find JR lurking behind him. Scott was spared from having to explain himself when Angie approached JR. Angie revealed that someone wanted to see JR. A short time later, JR was surprised to make the acquaintance of a woman named Cynthia. Cynthia was the widow of JR's friend, Trent, whom JR had met in the cancer support group.

Cynthia was delighted to finally meet JR. She explained that she was in the hospital because she had just given birth to a baby boy whom she had named Trent. JR felt bad that his friend hadn't lived to see his son. Cynthia urged JR to focus on making every moment count to honor those who hadn't survived. After JR left, he headed to the park. Annie strolled by moments later.

Annie tried to walk away, but JR called out to her. Annie warned him that she wasn't in the mood for an argument. JR surprised Annie by explaining that he wanted to thank her. JR admitted that he had never truly expressed his gratitude for the gift of life that she had given him. He acknowledged that his previous shows of appreciation had been about manipulating her, not about thanking her. JR realized that Annie was the reason that he was alive.

"Where is all of this coming from," Annie nervously wondered. JR realized that he had taken everything for granted, but he finally understood how precious life really was. JR regretted everything that he had squandered. Annie didn't trust JR's sudden change of heart, but JR insisted that he had an eye-opening experience earlier that day.

Annie seemed to sense JR's sincerity. She confided that she knew what it was like to think that one's life was over because she had felt that way when she had been institutionalized. Annie thought that everyone should figure out what they wanted and then grab it. On that note, Annie decided to leave. She took a few steps before JR reached out to grab her arm. Annie was startled when JR pulled her close for a passionate kiss.

Scott made a phone call about his new technology project; he wanted to make certain that the Chandler name would always be attached to it.

Opal, Krystal, and Bianca gave Erica and Jack some time alone. Opal pulled Jack aside to let him know about Erica's reaction to seeing Greenlee; she advised him to keep Greenlee away from her friend. Jack assured Opal that he would and then stepped into the room. In the hallway, Opal, Krystal, and Bianca agreed that Greenlee was up to something, but they didn't know what. Bianca made it clear that she would stop whatever it was that Greenlee planned.

In Erica's hospital room, Erica demanded to know why Greenlee had been at the hospital. Jack explained that Greenlee had dropped off some flowers. Erica feared that they were probably poisoned, so she didn't want them. Jack deftly changed the subject. He revealed that the ranger had confirmed that the check had been dropped off, but Caleb had not been home. Erica suspected that Caleb had been off "playing lumberjack."

Jack explained that the ranger had returned to make certain that Caleb had received the check. According to the ranger, he had discovered that the check had been torn into tiny pieces and then left on the ground. Jack suggested that, clearly, Caleb didn't want anything more to do with them. Erica responded, "Well, at least we tried." However, she seemed a bit sad.

Erica's spirits quickly lifted as she confessed that surviving the mountains had made her stronger. Jack admitted that he hadn't thought it was possible. Erica smiled at the compliment and then confided that she knew what she wanted. Erica refused to ever surrender again out of fear of getting hurt. She vowed to never quit because she was determined to have the life that she wanted and to commit to living her life to the fullest.

Erica reached for the small black box containing the ring, opened it, and then handed it back to Jack. Jack proposed to Erica a second time that day. Erica readily accepted his offer of marriage. Jack placed the ring on Erica's finger and then kissed her. A short time later, friends and family surrounded Jack and Erica as they toasted to their engagement with champagne.

In the park, David was surprised when Marissa enthusiastically hugged him. Marissa admitted that she was happy that Erica had been found. She believed that it meant that David wouldn't be blamed for Erica's disappearance. David assured his daughter that he had nothing to do with it; however, he suspected that Marissa had called him about something else. David realized that it probably had to do with JR and Annie.

Marissa confirmed her father's suspicions. David urged Marissa to pull out the big guns. Marissa was determined to salvage her marriage, but she didn't know what to do. David pointed out that AJ was Marissa's winning ticket.

Marissa called the office to talk to JR when she arrived home. She was stunned to learn that JR had never shown up for work. Marissa decided to call Scott, to see if Annie were with him. Marissa claimed that she was looking for Annie because she had a question about the children. Scott explained that Annie had been with him, but she had left earlier to go home. Marissa thanked Scott and then ended the call.

Marissa was about to walk out of the parlor when her phone rang. She grew concerned when she was informed that while AJ was swimming, a bee had stung him. Marissa assured the person on the other end that AJ wasn't allergic to bees, or anything else. She started to give her permission for AJ to continue swimming, but then changed her mind. Marissa explained that AJ's father would want to see him, so she would pick up AJ.

At the Yacht Club, David and Greenlee were seated at a table. Greenlee was furious that Erica had turned Jack against her. She couldn't believe that her father had practically thrown her out of her and David's hospital. It had also galled Greenlee that Bianca had been cheering Jack on. David offered words of comfort, but Greenlee was too upset, so she decided to leave.

David accused Jack of having a blind spot for Erica, which he imagined was hard for Greenlee to accept. David promised to give Greenlee all of the love and support that she never received from anyone, including Jack. He knew that it wouldn't solve anything, or make the pain go away, but he insisted that what they had was strong enough to get them through their latest crisis.

Greenlee didn't think that Erica would let it go. David argued that they needed to focus on the present. "You're right," Greenlee agreed. She decided that the evening would be about Fusion and taking back what was hers.

In the mountains of West Virginia, Caleb went about his day. As he chopped wood, his thoughts continued to drift to Erica. Later in the day, Caleb returned to his cabin to find an envelope taped to his front door. He opened the envelope to discover a check for five hundred thousand dollars and a letter from Jack explaining that the money was for the damage to his home and appreciation for Caleb saving "my girl." After Caleb read Jack's reference to Erica, he angrily ripped up the check.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After the bee sting, Marissa took AJ to Krystal's restaurant for ice cream. When Marissa said that JR would make the sting all better, Krystal pulled Marissa aside to ask if Marissa was making a big deal about the bee sting to get JR's attention. Shrugging, Marissa said she saw nothing wrong with reminding JR that his family needed him.

Passion ignited at the park as Annie and JR sank to the ground kissing. The two tore away from each other and scolded themselves for getting caught up again. Annie insisted that she wanted a man with which she could have a future. JR stated that his friend, "Trent from Chemo," had wanted a future, but he'd never gotten it.

JR confided that, before dying, Trent had been excited about being a father. Visiting Trent's newborn had reminded JR to be grateful that he'd have birthdays and holidays with AJ. JR and Annie pondered life and death, and she wondered if the bone marrow transplant had been fate drawing them toward something real together.

JR quickly dismissed the idea, and Annie followed suit. She said she belonged with Scott, and Marissa was a safe and predictable choice for JR. He retorted that Marissa was loving and kind, but Annie was a walking disaster. Annie struck him across the face.

JR thanked Annie for the smack back into reality and turned to leave. She goaded him that he always ran when things got real. He stated that he was a fool to think that he could open up to her, as he had to Marissa. "But you can do other things with me, right, JR?" Annie taunted. Just then, Marissa called JR to say that AJ needed his father after the bee sting, and JR told Annie that he had to go. She asserted that "this" would never happen again, and he agreed.

At the mansion later, Marissa plucked a leaf off the back of JR's shirt, and he explained that debris had been whirling in the wind when he'd stridden through the park. After he checked on AJ, Marissa stated that AJ needed both his parents, and she'd decided that their family didn't stand a chance unless she returned to their bed. She felt that they needed to fully commit to each other. JR smiled and hugged her as he agreed.

At the hospital, Jackson fawned over Erica, and Ryan and Emma entered. Emma marveled at Erica's ring and beamed that the mountaineer was Erica's hero. Erica called Jackson the hero, but he said that Erica was her own hero. The adults regaled Emma with tales of Erica's adventures. Ryan brought up Greenlee, and Erica scowled.

The men left to get some snacks, and Jackson told Ryan that Erica was unaware of the suspicions that David and Greenlee had orchestrated the plane crash. Jackson said he'd take the heat for not telling Erica right away, but for the time being, only her recovery mattered to him.

After the visit, Emma and Ryan went to Krystal's restaurant, where they encountered Madison. Ryan glanced around for Annie, who was late to pick up Emma. Alone with Madison, Ryan noted her reticence and apologized for losing it with David the other day. She admitted that violence made her wary, and Ryan promised that he wasn't that kind of person anymore. He joked that if he found an ant in his home, he'd escort it down the elevator to the sidewalk. She assured him that she knew what kind of man he was just by watching him with Emma.

Madison left to visit Erica, and Annie finally arrived. She profusely apologized, but Ryan wondered what could have possibly been more important than Emma. Scott entered in time to say that Annie didn't owe Ryan any explanations. Scott suggested that Ryan drop Emma off at the mansion the next time. Ryan was perplexed to hear that Annie still lived there after Adam had gone. "Especially since Adam's been gone," Scott stated, hugging Annie.

Scott took Emma and Annie to the park, where he pondered Ryan's gall. Scott asked why she hadn't answered Ryan's question just to shut him up. She shrugged it off and hugged Scott.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee second-guessed the decision to throw the gala, but David reassured her about it. Bianca approached, outraged that Greenlee would use Erica's recovery time to stab Erica in the back. Greenlee cited that Bianca had been gone for a year and had no idea about the situation. Bianca said she knew that Kendall had asked her mother to step in for her at Fusion. Greenlee insisted that Erica was trying to force her out of the company, but Bianca declared that Greenlee and David would never get away with their schemes.

After Bianca left, David reassured Greenlee again, but she said that she didn't need the pep talks, because, "fighting is what I do. It's what I've always done." David responded that she didn't have to fight him. She replied that she knew that, and they left.

Bianca went to the hospital, where she told Jackson about Greenlee's plan to squeeze Erica out of the company at the gala that very night. He decided that he'd handle it himself, because his fiancée needed to recover. Though Bianca didn't like keeping her mother in the dark about things, she agreed to go along with Jackson for the time being.

Erica, who'd noticed them talking from her bed, joined them in the corridor, and Bianca congratulated her mother on the engagement. They put Erica back to bed, and Jackson left. Erica asked her daughter what all the whispering had been about. Bianca said that reporters had been harassing everyone to get a word with Erica about the Fusion scandal. Erica figured that the longer she remained elusive, the worse it would be. Bianca urged her mother to rest, because once she recuperated, all "hell" would break loose.

Later, Bianca encountered Madison in the corridor, and Madison conveyed her theory that David and Greenlee had been behind the crash. Bianca deterred Madison from visiting Erica, because Bianca worried that Erica would get Madison to tell her everything that had been transpiring with David, Greenlee, and Fusion.

Erica saw Bianca and Madison huddled in the corridor, and she called Madison on her cell phone to ask if Bianca were talking Madison out of a visit. When Madison affirmed it, Erica instructed Madison to pretend to leave, but then creep back to the room undetected.

Madison did as she'd been instructed, and when she doubled back to Erica's room, Erica explained that she needed Madison's help figuring out what was going on around there. Madison said she'd been fired for her loyalty to Erica, and she'd help in any way that she could. Erica suspected David and Greenlee of orchestrating the financial scandal. "I think they also tried to kill you," Madison hesitantly added.

Madison elaborated that no one had proof against David and Greenlee, but Erica quickly surmised that the couple had hoped that Erica's disappearance would make her look guilty. When Madison revealed that Greenlee planned to proclaim victory over Erica at the gala that night, Erica asked Madison for one more favor. Madison wondered why she suddenly felt nervous, but Erica ominously replied that Madison was not the one who should be nervous.

A song with the lyrics "betrayal is fatal" played as Madison helped Erica put on a stunning black dress that Madison had picked up from Erica's house. Erica smoothed on her lipstick and slipped into her jewelry. Madison checked the hallway and said that the coast was clear. "Not for Greenlee," Erica wickedly replied.

Later, at the casino, Madison confessed to Ryan that she'd helped Erica escape the hospital after telling Erica everything that Greenlee was up to. He was flabbergasted, but Madison said that Erica deserved a chance to fight. Ryan raced out the door for the Yacht Club.

At Fusion, David and Greenlee arrived to find Jackson waiting. He told his daughter that it wasn't too late for her to do the right thing. "Erica's in the hospital. She could have died-over this place?" he asked. Greenlee coldly asserted that Fusion was hers. Jackson tried to appeal to Greenlee's sense of decency, because he didn't want his engagement day to also be the day that she'd betray him and Erica. Greenlee responded that her father had chosen sides; he'd decided that being Erica's husband mattered more than being Greenlee's father.

Greenlee and Jackson bickered about their choices of spouses, and he vowed to end the injustices against Erica. The two reached an impasse, and he left. Jackson returned to the hospital to find Erica's bed empty.

Back at Fusion, David consoled a tearful Greenlee, who murmured that she'd lived without Jackson before, and she'd do it again. David took off, and she sighed upon stumbling across a promo photo of Erica. Greenlee called the elevator, and the doors opened to reveal Erica standing inside. "Hello, Greenlee. Miss me?" Erica asked.

At the gala later, David saw Bianca enter, and he informed her that it was a private party. She warned him that she intended to make a scene that night, so that all the buyers would know what the Haywards had done to Erica. When Bianca wasn't looking, David slipped something into her drink. After taking a sip, Bianca continued her tirade until she wobbled on her feet. David mumbled an apology and helped Bianca toward the exit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outside the Martin house, Tad enticed Liza with images of an empty house, movies, and a couch. "And a kitchen table?" she seductively asked. Tad liked the way that she thought; however, he groaned when they entered the house to find Damon smiling on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Damon offered to go to the Man Cave, but Tad used Damon's heroism with the allergic reaction earlier to convince Liza to include Damon in their movie night.

On the way to get drinks, Liza noticed a homemade Father's Day card from Tad's girls. She cooed about it and went into the kitchen. Damon apologized to Tad for missing Father's Day. Damon said that in his past, he hadn't looked forward to that day.

During the movie, Damon spilled popcorn on Liza, who gritted her teeth in annoyance. Tad stepped away to take a phone call and then told Damon and Liza to watch the movie without him, because he'd just gotten a break in a case. Dread struck Damon and Liza.

Liza tried to sit through the movie, but when it reached a sex scene, she turned it off. Damon claimed that they were both adults, but she retorted that he had a fake ID. He wondered how old Tad had been when he'd slept with Liza's mother. Gasping, Liza said it was none of his business. Damon guessed that her mother had been at least as hot as Liza was.

Liza got offended, and Damon apologized. He was trying to break the ice, since Tad wanted them to be friends. He remarked that it was hard to fit in when everyone expected so much out of him. Liza said she wouldn't trust him as long as he held onto those photos.

At the casino, Tad sat down with Paul, who didn't seem surprised that Tad had tracked him down. Tad remarked that he'd asked a friend to notify him if Paul showed up in town. Paul assumed that Damon must have been in trouble, but Tad stated that it was just the contrary. Surprised, Paul said he'd figured that Damon would have two kids by then. Tad explained that DNA had proven that Stuart wasn't Damon's, and Damon and Colby were a responsible couple.

Tad said that he had some information for Hillary, but since she kept avoiding him, he'd decided to give it to Paul. Tad announced that he, not Paul, was Damon's biological father. "Congratulations. He's your problem now," Paul said and walked to his table chuckling.

Tad followed Paul, who said he'd always suspected that he wasn't Damon's father. Paul felt like passing out cigars, something he hadn't done when Damon, the demon seed, had been born. Tad countered that if Paul had tried a little, he might have discovered that Damon was a decent kid. Tad was so impressed with Damon that he wanted to make Paul an offer.

Later, Tad returned home to find Damon alone. Tad explained that he'd really left because Paul was in town. "I don't want to see him," Damon instantly responded. Tad said he hadn't gone to convince Paul to see Damon; he'd gone to convince Paul to let Tad adopt Damon.

Back at the casino, Paul heard Liza call his name. When she reminded him that she was Tad's friend, he assumed that she and Tad were tag-teaming him about the adoption. Liza looked stunned, and Paul continued that Tad didn't have a clue about Damon.

In a Yacht Club suite, David settled Bianca into bed to sleep off the drug. Upon exiting the room, he encountered Ryan, who lit into him about kicking Erica while she was down. David scoffed, saying that Erica was made of steel. Ryan asserted that the creative accounting and plane crash had been David's doing. David claimed that all he'd done was be a loving husband who'd helped his wife achieve her goals, and Ryan stalked off.

When Bianca awakened later, she was startled to find David peering at her from a chair. She realized that he'd drugged her, and she threatened to go the hospital and the police. David apologized for his actions, but said that he'd given her an over-the-counter sedative that would wear off and be untraceable before she could report anything. Bianca felt sorry for David because all of his efforts to appease Greenlee would amount to nothing once Greenlee left him.

Bianca remarked that she'd been one of few in that town who'd tried to see the good in David, even after he'd lied about Miranda; however, Bianca's connection to him was over. David said that Greenlee had won, and Bianca couldn't do anything about it. She claimed that David's drugging and manipulations would never work on Greenlee. David advised Bianca to go back home and raise her babies. Before exiting, Bianca declared that Erica would make him pay.

At the hospital, Frankie confirmed to Jackson that he hadn't released Erica. Jackson took off, and Frankie encountered Madison, who inquired about Erica's release papers. Frankie quipped that there were no papers, because he hadn't officially released Erica. He worried that Erica was too weak to have left, and though Madison wouldn't directly admit to helping Erica go, she said that Ryan and Frankie wouldn't question Erica's fragility if she were a man.

Later, Madison arrived at the Yacht Club just as Ryan was telling Jackson that she'd aided Erica in leaving the hospital. Jackson berated Madison for putting Greenlee and Erica at risk. Madison sniped that she'd wanted to help, but "you men obviously have it under control." She stormed out, and Ryan pursued her.

When Ryan caught up to Madison in the park, she told him that he should be somewhere wrapping Erica in cotton before he and Jackson returned her to the hospital. Ryan couldn't fathom why she was upset with him, but he reasoned that the damage would be "huge" if Greenlee and Erica confronted each other. Madison claimed Erica and Greenlee were two of the strongest women that she knew, and the men needed to give them room to work out their differences. She quipped that not all women needed saving, especially not from themselves.

Madison left, and Ryan mulled over her words. When she returned, she looked pitiful. He said that she'd been completely right about women being strong, including her. "Do you know how to use one of these things?" she sheepishly asked, holding out a tire iron. Ryan laughed.

After helping her, Ryan gave Madison his coat. She realized that her "I am Woman" speech had fallen as flat as her tire. Ryan promised to cure his need to rescue people, and she agreed to admit when she actually did need help.

Back at the Yacht Club, Jackson noticed that the gala sign had a "Canceled" sticker on it, and he approached an SEC agent, who said they'd canceled the event due to the investigation. Jackson wondered what the fraud case had to do with the gala, but the agent wouldn't answer.

Bianca and David arrived in time to hear from Jackson that the SEC had shut down the Fusion launch. Bianca thought that was great; however, Jackson added that Erica had left the hospital prematurely, and she was out for blood. "Wait till she hears who drugged me," Bianca seethed. Jackson raged at David, but Bianca pulled him back because they needed to find Erica.

At Fusion, Erica dragged Greenlee into the elevator and stopped it. Playing on Greenlee's claustrophobia, Erica scared her by describing how similar a plummeting elevator was to a crashing airplane. Erica stated that she'd survived the crash, and once she survived the financial scandal, David and Greenlee would wish they'd done a better job of trying to get rid of her.

Anxiety crept over Greenlee, and she demanded that Erica get her spiel over with, so they could get out of there. "If you think you're uncomfortable in this elevator, just imagine how it's going to feel when you're surrounded by bars," Erica taunted. Greenlee insisted that she hadn't set Erica up. Erica revealed that she expected a call from her computer technicians, and she suspected that Greenlee might be spending the night in jail. Greenlee hyperventilated, and Erica opened the elevator doors to find SEC agents combing their office.

Erica looked smug when the agents said that they'd discovered a digital watchdog on the computer system, and the application had recorded every keystroke and pass code used on Fusion's accounting log. They'd determined that the allegations of financial tampering were legitimate, and they were authorized to shut down Fusion until they found the culprit. Erica's grin faded, and she and Greenlee stared at the men in shock.

As the SEC continued to work, Erica and Greenlee accused each other of causing the mess that had befallen them. They bickered about their egos, and Erica wondered how Greenlee's abhorrence of Erica had led her to destroy her beloved Fusion. Greenlee asserted that she'd never share the company with Erica, and Erica advised her to prepare to lose it, then.

Bianca, Jackson, and David arrived as the women continued to gripe with each other. Jackson and David filled Erica and Greenlee in about the canceled gala. The men joined Erica and Greenlee's shouting match, but Bianca intervened to tell them that while they were busy "choking the life out of each other," they'd lose the company. She asked which of them would explain it to Kendall. "We'll save the company. You'll go to jail later," Erica told Greenlee.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

On his porch in the mountains of West Virginia, Caleb called for Dog. A man named Bob approached and asked if Caleb needed help rebuilding his home. Caleb declined, and Bob asked if Caleb planned to return to the real world. Caleb responded that he'd go deeper into the woods.

Bob had heard from the rangers that Caleb's house-crasher had been a celebrity, but Caleb just grumbled that she'd been trouble from the moment she'd fallen from the sky. Before Bob left, he asked what the woman's name was. "Dorothy," Caleb replied.

At Fusion, Erica asked Greenlee if she was on board with postponing their battle until they'd saved the company. David asserted that he and his wife would do it alone. Aside with Greenlee, David predicted that Erica would use Greenlee and then turn on her. "Because that's what we would do?" Greenlee asked. She felt that she had no choice but to work with Erica, and she asked David to leave, since he wasn't on board with that.

Near the elevator, Jackson and Bianca convinced Erica to get checked out at the hospital later, and Erica asked Jackson to snoop around for information about Greenlee and David's statements to the police. Jackson left, and Greenlee approached to agree to Erica's proposal.

Erica and Greenlee pulled Agent Bennett of the SEC aside to say that there must have been an accounting error in Fusion's books. Bennett stated they'd found a clear paper trail showing that money had been diverted from the Miranda Center to Fusion. Greenlee offered to compensate the charity, but Bennett explained that writing a check wouldn't fix it.

Erica supposed that Bennett thought she was guilty, and he cited that she'd once been involved in insider trading. Greenlee insisted that there'd been an accounting error, and Bennett asked if she were officially stating her belief in Erica's innocence. "Yes, I am," Greenlee replied.

Greenlee, Erica, and Bianca huddled near the elevator, and Erica berated Greenlee for her shortsighted scheme. Madison and Ryan arrived in time to hear Bianca remind the ladies that they were working together. Greenlee stated that the fired Madison shouldn't be there, but Erica quickly lured Greenlee back into bickering about their dilemma. Madison figured that they just needed someone to take the blame. "I could take the fall," she told them.

Madison urged Erica and Greenlee to tell the SEC that Madison's termination had been due to clerical errors on the books. Greenlee loved the idea and wanted to rehire Madison for it. Ryan rejected the idea, because Madison could wind up unemployable or jailed. Erica thanked Madison for her devotion, but she couldn't let Madison take the fall.

Ryan and Madison departed, and Greenlee argued with Erica for letting their solution traipse out the door. Erica wanted to prevent more people from getting hurt, and she assumed that Greenlee wished to frame Madison because Ryan liked her. Greenlee denied it, and Erica stated that she knew the creep that they should pin it on. "You're married to him," Erica said.

Greenlee refused to throw her husband in jail, but Erica insisted that he was not only at fault for the scandal, but he'd also sabotaged the plane. Greenlee called it all vicious rumors, but Erica persisted by saying that for as many crimes as David had been involved in, a few SEC violations were nothing. To Erica and Greenlee's astonishment, Bianca revealed that David had also drugged her earlier. Erica demanded that Greenlee decide if she'd save Fusion or protect a man capable of drugging innocent people.

At the police station, David saw Jackson and proposed a truce for Greenlee's sake, because Father's Day had been tough for her. Jackson countered that it had been hard for him, too, because he'd known that Greenlee had been complicit in the attempted murder of his fiancée. David insisted that there had been no crime, and Greenlee would never be happy without a relationship with Jackson. Jackson stated that it wouldn't happen unless David were imprisoned or dead. Jackson seethed that David would see how dangerous Jackson could be.

Later, David returned to Fusion to pick up his wife. As the Haywards left, Erica instructed Greenlee to think about her priorities.

Erica hugged her daughter, and Bianca said that only Erica would return from a harrowing ordeal and dive into battle. She wondered about Erica's time in the wilderness. Erica conveyed that Caleb had been a little frightening, but he'd saved her life more than once. In her mind, Erica recalled the last conversation that she'd had with Caleb, in which she told him that he could have joy, love, and hope.

Bianca called to check in with her children, and Jackson arrived to take Erica to see a doctor. He said they'd celebrate their engagement over apple juice and gelatin at the hospital. She preferred to be in his arms, and he offered to hold her in her bed-at the hospital.

At Wildwind, Greenlee confronted David about not telling her that he'd drugged Bianca. David said he hadn't had time. He explained that Bianca had threatened to pitch a fit before the Fusion buyers, so he'd given her a harmless sedative. He swore that he'd done it to help Greenlee. "But the way you help me," she replied, chagrined. He asked about the plan to save Fusion, and she said Erica had one. He asked if it were viable, and Greenlee uttered, "Maybe."

At the casino, Madison still wanted to take the blame at Fusion. Ryan called her brave-and a little nuts-but he liked it. Since she'd been full of surprises that day, Ryan felt that he needed to have some surprises of his own. Suddenly, he kissed her.

In the casino lounge, Liza told Paul that she was Tad's friend, not lawyer. Paul warned her not to let Damon disrupt her and Tad's relationship, as he'd done Paul's marriage. She said she was aware of Damon's "issues," but Paul hinted that she hadn't seen anything yet.

Liza went to the mansion, where Colby was nervous about her phone interview for the internship. Liza gave Colby a pep talk, but Colby still seemed conflicted. Liza promised to play the "cool mom" if Colby opened up about her concerns, and Colby wondered if professing love to a guy first could ruin a budding relationship.

Liza tried to conceal her uneasiness and explained that women were often ready to commit before men. Colby confided that she'd expressed her love for Damon, but he hadn't said it back to her. Liza reasoned that Damon had a lot on his plate, and he probably was leery of a commitment at his age. Colby got offended when Liza worried that Colby would get her heart broken, and she sarcastically thanked her mom for saying that Damon would shred her heart. Liza tried to explain what she'd meant, but an abrasive Colby just wanted to get a ride to Damon's house for her date with the "heart-shredder."

At Tad's house, Damon thought he was a little old for an adoption. He was fine with the way things were, and he felt that Tad didn't have to prove anything. Reasoning that the adoption wouldn't erase his baggage, Damon suggested that Tad adopt a nice, new baby instead. "Actually, I'm a big fan of baggage," Tad replied.

When Damon wondered what would happen the next time he screwed up, Tad revealed that he'd thanked the Martins for his adoption by stealing their car. Tad reasoned that he'd turned out okay, and no matter Damon's past or future mistakes, Tad would always be proud of him. Damon wondered if he could really do nothing bad enough to make Tad walk away. "Not a thing," Tad replied and went to answer the front door.

Colby and Liza entered, and Tad announced his desire to adopt Damon. Tad said that he was still waiting for Damon's approval, and Damon responded, "If my mom agrees, I'm a Martin." The father and son hugged, and Tad said he'd consult Hillary in the morning.

Damon and Colby left to celebrate, but based on what Paul had said, Liza advised Tad to investigate Damon more before adopting. Tad didn't see the point, because he wouldn't turn his back on Damon. Tad said that it would mean a lot if Liza was on board with the adoption. Taking his hand, she replied that she was.

Liza told Tad about the conversation that she'd had with Colby about declarations of love. They tried to recall who'd said it first in their relationship, and Liza insisted that Tad had said, "I 'lurf' you," first. He denied it, but she said that she "lurfed" him, too, and they kissed.

At Krystal's restaurant, Colby remarked to Damon that it'd be weird and confusing for Tad to adopt Damon and date her mother. She started babbling, and Damon wondered what was wrong with her. She said that he hadn't responded to her declaration of love. After an awkward moment, Damon confided that saying those words to Bailey had really wrecked him. He was trying not to mess up anymore, but he really did believe that he and Colby had something.

Colby realized that men and women were emotionally different, and the words didn't matter as much as the feelings. Chuckling, she revealed that her mother had helped her to see that. Damon suddenly checked his phone, and she wondered if he had a call. He waved it off and said that he was all hers.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Angie attempted to look at a sample underneath a microscope. She became dismayed when her vision blurred repeatedly. She made note of her symptoms -- dizziness and disorientation were added to the list -- into her recorder. Her voice held a despondent note as she admitted she wasn't sure how she would get approval for the testing needed.

Jesse found Angie and asked if she had enough free time to allow them to catch up. Angie said that she was happy to try if Jesse could maintain her pace. They walked into the hall, and after Angie relayed some directives to a nurse, Angie turned her attention back to her husband. Jesse pointed out that Angie had missed Natalia's swearing-in as detective.

Angie apologized for being so absent and said that she would make it up to both Jesse and Natalia. Jesse said that there was no need, as Angie's family understood quite well what kind of stress Angie was suffering. Angie began to look at Jesse in an odd way, and Jesse asked what was wrong. Angie failed to respond, as she was distracted because she could no longer see her husband's face.

Angie was able to turn away quickly enough that Jesse's concern faded. He went off on another tangent, which Angie heard little of. Instead, Angie desperately tried to maintain a calm demeanor despite the fact that her vision had yet to clear up. At that moment, David walked into the room. Angie was forced to wait for an audio clue to tell her how the composition of the room had changed.

Both Jesse and Angie tried to get David to leave, but David insisted on talking to Angie. Angie finally told Jesse that David wouldn't leave until he said what was on his mind. Jesse agreed and left for work. Once alone, David ripped into Angie for spending money the hospital didn't have, and for her carelessness in attending to patients.

Angie blamed her rash decisions on the lack of money available to keep exam room supplies stocked. David insisted that Angie needed to work within the hospital's means. David also noted that Angie should be grateful that she hadn't contracted a disease by using life-saving measures without protecting herself. David left, and Angie staggered under the possibility that she had no one to blame for her symptoms but herself.

Frankie found his mother at the hospital and told her that he was headed to Krystal's to help celebrate Natalia's promotion. Angie declined to join him because she wanted to find information on Ramon, the patient she'd treated a few weeks before. Neither doctor could gain access to the records, so Frankie suggested they celebrate first and investigate later.

Angie sharply pointed out that she needed the information immediately. She saw Frankie's crestfallen face and apologized. She said that despite the early hour, it had already started to feel like a long day. Frankie asked why Angie was so fixated on the case, and Angie told him that the case felt personal.

After Frankie left, Angie continued on her quest for information. She was initially frustrated when she found herself blocked from Ramon's records, regardless of the methods she tried. Angie then had an idea, and took off down the hall to pursue her new lead.

At the station, Jesse passed on Angie's apology to Natalia for missing the ceremony the previous night. As Jesse expected, Natalia bore no ill will. Mayor Blanco showed up, and Jesse said that the mayor had arrived just in time. Jesse asked for everyone's attention, and officially presented Natalia with her detective badge.

Mayor Blanco, who had been distracted by work, absently shook Natalia's hand and offered half-hearted congratulations. Jesse asked for a private word with the mayor, and the duo stepped away from the group. Jesse wanted to know why the mayor couldn't be genuinely happy about the promotion. The mayor was more concerned about the vendetta that Jesse had against David. Jesse warned the mayor that her popularity would plummet once he was able to prove that David was behind Erica's plane crash.

Jesse rejoined the group of officers and revealed that it was time for a tradition to be honored. Jesse announced that all new detectives had to buy lunch for the squad. Everyone was excited except for Natalia, who was horrified at the expected lunch bill. The officers picked Natalia up before she could protest any longer, and carried her out of the station.

Frankie went to Krystal's and found the party in Natalia's honor. He raised a glass and toasted his little sister's success. Angie made an appearance and took Natalia aside to congratulate her. Natalia admitted that not everyone was happy for her, and told Angie about Mayor Blanco. Angie suggested that Natalia ignore the mayor and any other person who wasn't actively supportive.

Angie said that Natalia should do her job well, not only for herself but as a role model for any other woman of color who had similar goals. When Natalia expressed her eagerness to get to work, Angie was able to easily change the course of the conversation. Angie told Natalia that she was concerned about a former patient and asked for help to track down Ramon. Natalia was delighted at the opportunity and readily agreed.

Angie left soon after, citing that she needed to go home to retrieve her cell phone. Once she arrived home, Angie wandered about her bedroom. Angie was both alarmed and saddened when she couldn't clearly see a photo of her with Jesse.

Angie returned to the hospital a short time later, just as a patient started to experience distress. Angie ran into the room with a nurse but realized belatedly that she wouldn't be able to see the screen. Angie froze as the alarms went off around her, unsure of what to do. Jake arrived on the scene, so Angie told him that she'd had a drink at Krystal's and couldn't treat patients.

Jake sprang into action, which allowed Angie to leave the room. Her phone rang, and Angie answered it quickly to cover up the difficulty she was having navigating the hospital. Natalia was on the other end, and had a last known address for Ramon. Natalia said that Ramon had been staying with a foster family, and that the address found was the most recent information available. Angie thanked Natalia quickly and ended the call.

Natalia tried to pay the lunch tab, but Krystal told her that the meal was on the house. Natalia was shocked but delighted. Jesse walked in, and although Natalia was glad to see him, she told her father she had more paperwork to fill out. Brot walked her out and left Jesse and Frankie to fend for themselves. Frankie challenged his father to not be as obsessed with work as Angie was. Frankie suggested that he and Jesse spend the afternoon together, just relaxing. Jesse gladly accepted the challenge.

After they grabbed lunch, Jesse and Frankie found a bench to commandeer in the park. They were only there a few moments before David showed up. David told Jesse that he'd run into Mayor Blanco and heard about the conversation she'd had with Jesse. David warned Jesse not to try to take Greenlee or Marissa away from him.

Jesse pretended to be scared of what David was capable of, but refrained from any other reaction so that David would leave. When the former doctor exited, Frankie noted that David's motivation was the same as any other father and husband. Jesse realized that he hadn't thought of David in that light before.

Jesse decided to tell Frankie about the pregnancy scare Angie had. Frankie was stunned at the announcement, but relieved when he realized his parents weren't expecting. The men alleviated the uncomfortable feeling when Jesse spotted a football and they decided to toss it around for a while.

Angie found Ramon in the park, and reminded him of how they'd met. She told the young boy that she and the hospital staff had been worried about him. Angie said that she had some questions, and felt it was okay to ask when the boy remained silent. Angie asked how Ramon had fallen off of his bike.

As Angie waited for an answer, another boy showed up. The older boy said that Ramon was shy and that was why he didn't talk much. The boy asked Ramon if he was ready to leave. To Angie's alarm, the older boy pulled a white cane from behind the bench for Ramon to use.

Angie went back to the hospital and drew some blood from herself. She stained slides with droplets from the collection tube. She alternated between looking at the slides under the microscope and consulting with the various texts she had strewn about the room. Suddenly, Angie was sure that she'd isolated her affliction. She read some of the details and was horrified at what she would face.

Jake stopped by to check on Angie. Angie unlocked the room where she had been doing her research, and told Jake that she was fine. Jake wasn't willing to take Angie at her word, and said that Angie was off of her game. Angie tried to explain her reluctance to treat patients. Angie said that it wouldn't take much for David to fire her, and Angie thought that after a few drinks, it was best to leave the patient care to other staff members.

Jake asked if Angie wanted help with the testing and research she was doing. Angie stonewalled Jake and said that she needed to handle this particular case on her own. Jake acquiesced and said that he would be available if Angie changed her mind. Angie locked herself inside again, and turned on her recorder.

Angie announced a diagnosis -- endophthalmitis -- and made it clear that she had contracted it through carelessness. Because the disease had inconsistent reactions, all treatments were experimental and thus, not guaranteed. Angie went on to say that while there was a possibility that the condition could clear up on its own, permanent damage would be likely if it did not.

Frankie returned to the hospital later and found his mother. Angie questioned why her son had returned after his shift was over. Frankie said that he wanted to check on a patient, and they both knew where Frankie had gotten that drive from. Then, Frankie told her about the afternoon he'd spent with Jesse.

Later in the day, Jesse found Angie at the Yacht Club. Angie was mildly surprised that he'd been able to track her down so easily. Angie was enamored with all of the beautiful sights that surrounded the Yacht Club. Jesse wondered if he should leave Angie alone. Angie said that Jesse was the only person she wanted to see and talk to.

Angie tried to work up the courage to tell Jesse what she'd found out. Before she could utter a word, Jesse asked if they could leave the Yacht Club. He said that there was something that he wanted to talk to Angie about in private. Angie agreed to leave, so they went home.

Jesse confessed to his fear that they were letting other people and work take up residence in their lives. Jesse said that Angie would always be the most important person in the world to him. He wanted to be sure they made time for each other. He asked Angie if she would stay home and spend some quality time with him. Angie said that she would like nothing more. Jesse started to turn out the lights, but Angie asked that they be left on so that she didn't miss anything. Jesse gladly obliged and wrapped his wife in his arms, and they soon fell into bed together.



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