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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, June 14, 2010

At Metro, Parker, Janet, and Dusty made calls to try to locate Liberty, who had taken off with Gabriel after a fight at the graduation party. Jack and Carly also arrived and learned that Parker and Gabriel had fought at the party, and Liberty had fled with Gabriel. Jack called the patrol cops and asked them to keep an eye out for the teens, and Parker offered to call MacKenzie and a couple of Liberty's other friends. Dusty and Janet decided to take a drive to see if they could spot the pair around Oakdale.

Parker was especially upset, so his parents attempted to calm him down. The boy blamed himself for Liberty's taking off with his nemesis. Jack asked Parker to email him a picture of Liberty, and he took off for the police station. Carly told Parker that he was going home with her, and she marched him out. When they got home, Carly suggested that Parker was jealous of Gabriel's attentions to Liberty, and her son said that was his initial story, but it wasn't true. Parker said he had told Gabriel that he was a liar in front of everyone at the party, and Carly was shocked that her son didn't realize that it implicated him, as well.

Carly urged Parker to hang on for a bit longer and let Gabriel stick to his story. Parker rushed to the door to go find the teens, but Carly said she couldn't let him do that. She reminded him that Jack was already suspicious but really didn't know anything definite that would make him have to choose between his badge and Parker. Parker complained that it didn't feel right to keep secrets from his dad, and he agreed that Craig and Gabriel had done some things wrong, but so had he. Carly asked her son to keep quiet for her sake. Parker barked at his mother to stop pushing him because he didn't know what he was going to do. He wanted to search for Liberty, and he refused to promise anything until he knew she was all right. He avoided Carly and dashed out the door.

Gabriel trailed Liberty to the cemetery where Brad was buried, and he found her at her father's grave. They talked about the girl's initial anger when she had first met her dad, and she recounted how reluctant she had been to have a second chance with him. She was grateful for that since they had ended up having very little time together before his death. Gabriel said that Craig was very different from Brad, because he was a liar who played people to get what he wanted. Liberty accused Gabriel of doing just what Craig had done: stealing Parker's trust fund. Gabriel had also lied by making up the story about Craig's attack on him.

Liberty had another card to play with Gabriel. She mentioned the effect that a long jail sentence for Craig would have on Johnny. Gabriel was afraid it was too late to tell the truth, but Liberty admitted that she would miss the boy if he skipped town and disappeared. Gabriel kissed Liberty and asked her to go with him. Instead of fleeing, they returned to the Lakeview, but the party was over. Gabriel suggested that the two of them go up to Craig's suite, since he had a key and Craig was in jail. Liberty was uneasy about that, but Gabriel assured her that nothing would happen that she didn't want to happen.

Liberty admitted that she had never felt unsafe with Gabriel, so she agreed to go upstairs as long as the boy was willing to just talk. They waited by the elevator as Faith approached the lobby desk and asked if her mother was in the hotel. When the clerk left to go see if Lily was in the office, Faith spied Liberty and Gabriel getting on the elevator. "What a slut!" murmured Faith.

In the jail, Margo discovered an officer down in Craig's cell and no sign of her brother. Meanwhile, Craig wrestled with Lucinda in her office at Worldwide, and he demanded to know what she had given to Gabriel as a bribe for his lie against his father. Lucinda threw back Craig's rotten treatment of Sierra and his seducing the maid in Montega, as Craig shook the woman and tied her to her chair with a telephone cord. He outlined the myriad of ways he had of hurting her and said how much it pained him to have to let her live in case Gabriel retracted his statement. Craig stuffed Lucinda's scarf into her mouth as a gag and told her she could thank him later.

Faith arrived some time later at her grandmother's office and found Lucinda trussed up in her chair. The girl freed her and explained about the fight at the graduation party. Faith was concerned that Gabriel might have made up the whole story about Craig because he hated him so much, and Lucinda was furious at Lily for not honoring Lydia Carras' wishes that the boy never find out who his father was. Lucinda sent her granddaughter to Lily's to make sure that Craig did not go after her, as well.

Dusty and Janet checked out the cemetery, but there was no sign of Liberty. Janet was frantic, but Dusty talked her down and suggested that they return to the hotel. Janet looked more closely at Brad's grave, and she noticed a white rose from the bouquet that Dusty had given the girl for her graduation. Janet was relieved that Liberty had talked things over with her dad, but it also made her upset. Suddenly she grabbed her stomach and said, "Something is wrong."

At Memorial, Janet said her cramps were better, and she prayed for the wellbeing of her daughter and her unborn baby. Dusty offered to call Jack, but Janet did not want to worry him. She thought that God was telling her not to be so selfish but to be more responsible for the little life inside her. Dusty reassured her that she was already a great mom, but Janet was feeling guilty that Liberty had never had enough time to be a kid and had to grow up too fast. The doctor joined them and performed a sonogram. Just as he was about to give her the results, Janet's phone rang. The caller was Liberty, who said she was fine, but her mother told the girl to meet her in a short while in the Lakeview. Liberty, who was already there in Craig's suite with Gabriel, did not tip her hand but agreed to meet her mother.

The doctor said he saw no reason for alarm with the cramps, and he declared that Janet's "little boy" was just fine. Janet and Dusty were overjoyed that it was a boy, but Dusty was sorry that Jack was not there to hear the news firsthand. Janet said that was okay, and Dusty couldn't wait to tell Johnny that he was having a little brother. Janet commented how much she appreciated her "inheritance" from her "Pop," and she hugged Dusty.

Margo got the details of Craig's escape from the cop when he regained consciousness, and she suggested that if he fell for old "heart attack ploy," he needed to re-read the manual while he was on disciplinary leave. Jack arrived, and Margo grumbled that, once again, Craig had escaped and was his own worst enemy. Lucinda stormed into the station and announced that Craig had attacked her at her office, and she shouted that she wanted to press charges. They went into the interview room, and she gave a dramatic account of the incident with Craig. Margo could not understand why all of a sudden Craig was so outraged at Lucinda when he had known about Gabriel's parentage for a while.

In Craig's suite at the Lakeview, the teens sat on the couch, and Gabriel apologized for ruining Liberty's graduation party. He called her "one of the most beautiful people" he had ever met. Gabriel tried to kiss Liberty, but she pushed him away and admitted that she had gotten pregnant the year before but had lost the baby. She declared that sex was not casual for her, and Gabriel said he got it. He asked if they could hold each other for a while, and Liberty agreed. She snuggled next to Gabriel on the couch, as Craig burst into the room and was astonished to find two teens on his couch.

Craig claimed that he had been released from jail on a technicality, so Gabriel asked for specifics. Craig lied and said the police had not properly "Mirandized" him, but Gabriel didn't buy it. Finally Craig admitted that he had sneaked out just to look for the boy. He said he wanted a chat with his son, but Gabriel pulled out his phone and announced he was calling the cops. Craig grabbed the phone, however, and asked Gabriel to listen. He said he felt just as "cheated" as Gabriel did about their relationship. He accused Lucinda of bribing Gabriel to tell the one lie that would get Craig locked up for good. Liberty asked if that was true, as Craig went on to say that he and Gabriel were "family."

Gabriel responded, "So what?" and Craig mentioned that the boy was still mourning his mother's death. Craig handed Gabriel his phone, and the boy wasted no time in calling the Oakdale police station and reporting an escaped prisoner. Craig grabbed a hooded sweatshirt and walked out to the elevator. Liberty seconded what Craig had said to Gabriel and agreed that the boy was scared and very much alone. She urged him to go after Craig, who was just exiting the elevator in the lobby. His sister, Margo, was waiting for him, and she stepped forward and said, "End of the line, brother."

Margo led Craig into the station, and Lucinda yelled, "Bravo!" Craig told her to stuff her scarf in it and said he should have killed her when he had the chance. Craig then told Margo that Lucinda had put Gabriel up to lying about Craig's attack on him, but Lucinda denied it. Margo escorted Craig into the interview room and said he was still facing arson charges and, thanks to Lucinda, also assault charges.

Lucinda decided to leave when Jack began interrogating her about Gabriel's statements, but Liberty and Gabriel walked in before she could get out the door. Lucinda whispered to Gabriel, "We had a deal," but Gabriel shoved right past her. He asked to speak with Jack.

Parker ended up at Java, where he found Faith. He said he had not found Liberty yet, but he was going crazy thinking that she might be with Gabriel. Faith flashed back on the scene of Gabriel and Liberty getting in the elevator at the hotel, and Parker asked if she knew where Liberty was.

Jack took a call from Carly, and he told her that Liberty and Gabriel were at the station. He said Gabriel had something to tell him. Carly shouted that she was on her way, and she hung up in a hurry. Jack got Margo and Craig from the interview room and then asked Gabriel to repeat what he had just said. The boy said that on the day of the fire, Craig had not hit him. He admitted that he had given a false story.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Java, Faith lied to Parker and said she had not seen either Gabriel or Liberty. Parker talked about how he distrusted Gabriel and hated the fact that Liberty liked to hang out with him. Faith again remembered seeing Gabriel and Liberty enter the elevator at the Lakeview, and she remarked that Liberty was no longer "a kid." She grabbed Parker by the arm and dragged him out the door. They went to Carly's house, and Faith asked Parker to find out if anyone else was home. When no one answered his shouts, Faith put on a movie to play.

Parker was not interested in watching a film because he was still obsessing about Liberty and Gabriel, but Faith reminded him that getting Gabriel to admit the truth would help Craig, who had stolen Parker's trust fund. She also told Parker that "that freak, Craig" had broken out of jail that morning and had bound and gagged Lucinda in her office. Faith said they needed to stay put and relax, but Parker could not concentrate. He wondered aloud if the cops had caught Craig yet. Faith was sick of hearing about Gabriel and Liberty, but Parker turned off the movie and pressed the girl about what else she might know.

At the police station, Margo asked Gabriel to repeat his statement about Craig. The boy said again that Craig had not tried to kill him the day of the fire at Monte Carlo. Craig began a soliloquy about how proud he was of his son for telling the truth until Margo shut him up. Gabriel also admitted that he had lied deliberately. Lucinda piped up to Craig with "Don't crow too soon," until Margo silenced her, as well. When Margo asked Gabriel how the idea of sending his newfound father to jail had popped into his head, the boy looked directly at Lucinda but kept silent. Margo then asked if anyone had pressured Gabriel to falsely accuse Craig.

Margo was sure there was someone else involved, but Gabriel denied that. He claimed that his actions were "payback" for how Craig had treated his mother, plus all the stealing and lying he had observed Craig doing at Monte Carlo. Jack jumped in and took over the questioning just as Carly walked in. Jack asked Gabriel to tell them again the true story of what had happened the day of the fire, so the boy said that Parker had punched him and caused him to fall and hit his head. He said when he awakened it was hard to breathe, and the next thing he remembered was waking up in Memorial Hospital.

Gabriel said he might be Craig's son, but he didn't have to act like him, and he was finally telling the true story. Carly interjected that Gabriel could still be lying, but Craig told her to butt out. Carly blasted Craig's history of misdeeds, and Margo agreed that her brother was on no one's "Most Trusted" list. She was leaning towards believing that Craig had somehow gotten to Gabriel and persuaded him to recant his original story. She asked the teen if he was willing to take a polygraph test, and Carly was all for that. Jack asked to speak with his ex-wife in private then, and he took her into the interview room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" asked Jack, and Carly replied that he ought to know that she was protecting her son. Jack told her to back off, but Carly refused until she knew that Parker was safe. They argued, and Jack said that the truth was finally emerging and they just had to wait and see what happened next. Carly got sarcastic and walked out of the room in disgust.

Margo asked Gabriel again if he would take a lie detector test, and again the boy agreed. Craig asked Jack for his opinion, and Margo concurred, so Jack said he thought that the boy was telling the truth. Carly stormed out of the police station, and Margo told Jack that she would handle the investigation. She implied that Jack could follow Carly, and he did. Then Margo explained that because Gabriel had given a false statement, he could be facing prosecution. Craig was willing to stand up for his son, but Gabriel said he didn't want his father's help. Margo told Gabriel he could go, so he and Liberty wasted no time in leaving.

Lucinda approached Margo and asked when the work ethic in the Oakdale Police Department had gotten "so slovenly." She said she thought it very plausible that Gabriel was under Craig's "proverbial thumb," as Carly had suggested. "Don't push your luck, lady," said Craig, glaring at Lucinda. Lucinda stepped outside when she received a call from her lawyer, and Craig chewed out his sister for not believing him. Margo explained that she was gun shy about that from previous experiences with her brother. She apologized, however, as Craig prepared to leave. Margo stopped him by placing handcuffs on him again, as she advised him that he was still up on charges of arson, not to mention the jailbreak, attacking an officer of the law, and threatening Lucinda.

Lucinda returned and described how roughly Craig had treated her. Margo sent Craig downstairs to his cell again, as her brother pleaded for time with his son. When Margo turned her back to attend to paperwork, Lucinda sneaked down to the cellblock and approached Craig. She told him how much she liked seeing him behind bars again, and she called him a "rabid, vicious, old dog." Craig countered by reminding Lucinda that Gabriel could have hung her out to dry if he had so chosen, but he'd kept his mouth shut. He said Lucinda and her money were "all over the thing." Craig wanted to know how much money Gabriel had taken her for, and he hoped it was "a lot."

Lucinda yelled at Craig and applauded what little effort it had taken him to turn his son totally against him. She said she was putting him on notice that the other charges against him would stick. Craig promised to hunt Lucinda down and rip her "limb from limb" when he got out of jail. "Be well, darling," he signed off.

Jack caught up with Carly in Old Town, and she admitted how much she needed a drink. She said if Jack's actions put Parker in a holding cell again, she would never forgive him. She turned and walked away, and when she returned home, she found Parker and Faith talking on the couch. She asked if Faith could give her a private moment with her son, and the girl complied. Carly said that Liberty was fine and had been at the police station with Garbriel, and then she broke the news that Gabriel had changed his story and recanted that Craig had tried to kill him. Carly didn't know what would happen next; perhaps it would be nothing. There was also the possibility that the District Attorney would file charges against Parker, but Carly promised that everything would be all right. Parker just wanted the ordeal to be over, regardless of how it ended.

Parker found Faith out on the front porch, and he voiced his disappointment that Liberty had not returned his messages. Faith asked why that mattered, and Parker said he hoped that Liberty had realized what a liar Gabriel was. He wondered if Liberty was in the room she was sharing with her mother while their new house was painted, and he began to take off. Faith grabbed his arm and stopped him, and she admitted that she had seen Liberty and Gabriel in the elevator at the hotel. She said the couple had been holding hands, and they were obviously going up to a room. She told Parker it was certain that the two were "hooking up."

Parker could not believe that Liberty would have sex with Gabriel, so he asked if she was drunk. Faith said the girl looked "happy," and she leaned forward and gave Parker a kiss on the lips. Parker pulled away and said that was not what he wanted.

Liberty and Gabriel went to the diner because they were starving. Liberty called her mother and reported that she was fine. She learned that Janet had been in the hospital but that everything was well with the baby. Liberty hung up, and she and Gabriel enjoyed their food. Liberty got upset, however, when Gabriel said that he had told the truth to make her happy. She interpreted that as meaning that she was expected to make him happy in return, perhaps in bed. Gabriel quickly denied that and said he had listened carefully to what Liberty had said earlier about not having casual sex. That impressed the girl, and then Gabriel asked her what she wanted him to do next. Liberty suggested that he "take the next step with Craig," whatever that was.

Gabriel hurt Liberty's feelings when he suggested that she was pushing him with Craig because her own father was dead. Liberty got up to leave, so Gabriel apologized. Liberty said it was up to him to decide if he wanted the relationship with his dad, and she refused to allow Gabriel to walk her back to the hotel. He was finishing his meal when Lucinda walked into Al's, so he reminded her that he could have sold her out earlier, but he hadn't. Lucinda said she appreciated that, but she had paid him a sizeable amount of cash with the understanding that he would leave town soon. She said if he was going to stay, he needed to return her money. Gabriel asked, "What money?" and he walked out.

Back at the police station, Jack returned with a long face, so Margo deduced that things had not gone well with Carly. She offered him a cup of coffee and said that she knew Jack and Carly were worried about how things stood with Parker. She told Jack that she was going to recommend that the District Attorney drop any charges against Parker for assault on Gabriel since the boy had fully recovered. Jack was considerably relieved, and he hugged his boss before he dashed out to tell Carly and Parker the good news.

At Carly's, Jack burst in and announced that no one would prosecute Parker. He gave his son and Faith some money and suggested they go celebrate. Then he asked Carly if she wanted to do the same, and he was surprised that she was not elated at his news. She quoted him, "All's well that ends well," and asked if that applied here. She accused Jack of being more interested in being a cop than being a father. Jack denied that, but then Carly goaded him about his "precious truth," and Jack took that as a slam against his hard work and strict principles. Carly screamed that Jack's "hard work" could just have easily sent her son to jail.

Jack picked up on Carly's use of the singular pronoun that did not include him. When he questioned her about it, Carly replied that Jack would never have put Parker at risk if he had been the boy's real father. Jack couldn't believe that Carly would say that, and he showed her his police badge and said he had always honored it. He reminded her that he could not just ignore case facts he didn't like, but Carly said a father with a conscience protected his son. The pair of them screamed at one another until Jack asked where Carly drew the line between being a role model for a child and "protecting" him.

Carly accused Jack of keeping track of all her mistakes, and she claimed he could not admit that he wasn't always a good person. She called the love of her life a liar and a hypocrite, until Jack claimed she was wrong. Carly yelled that she was sick of hearing those words from him and reminded him that he had promised to stop being so self-righteous after Brad had died. She said Jack was still measuring everyone by how right he was. "You killed your own brother, and it didn't change you a bit," Carly snarled. Jack turned and walked out the door.

Margo visited Craig in his cell, and he asked her about the possibility of bail for him. She told him to sit back and relax, since he wasn't going anywhere soon. Margo was discouraged that Craig and Gabriel might never have a meaningful relationship, but she did let her brother borrow her cell phone for one fast call. He dialed Gabriel's phone, but the boy did not pick up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Henry and Vienna made love most of the night, but in the morning, Henry was dressed and ready to go to a "business meeting." Vienna questioned him and accused him of being "preoccupied" lately. Henry said he had given away the Stenbeck fortune before he knew they were pregnant, so once again he was a "working Joe." Vienna declared herself the "happiest and luckiest" woman in the world, but after Henry left, she went into the bathroom with yet another home pregnancy test. When she read the test later, it said "NO," and Vienna was resigned to have to keep trying.

In the Lakeview lounge, Alison explained to Casey that she had run a search through the Nurses' Network to find out if Vienna had used any OB/GYN doctors affiliated with Memorial lately. Alison concluded that if Vienna was seeing a legitimate doctor, then he wasn't in Oakdale or she was using a spurious name. Casey worried that the only reason for Vienna to do that was that she had a secret, and it probably was that the baby was his. He thanked Alison for her efforts, and she complimented her former fiancé for stepping up and being concerned. Henry walked up to them, and Casey remarked that he looked beat. Alison left, so Casey offered to buy Henry a Bloody Mary at the bar.

The two men sat at the bar, and Casey asked if Henry thought he was crazy to consider getting back with Alison again. Henry hedged a bit, so Casey brought up Henry and Vienna's ups and downs. Henry's comment was that they were having a baby together, so they obviously had reconnected. Vienna walked up then and chewed out Henry for not being at his "business meeting" but slurping Bloody Marys with Casey instead. Vienna seemed very defensive, and she continued to scold Henry, who fibbed that his guy was "running late." Vienna demanded to know the man's name, and Henry answered, "Jackson Cobbler." He gave Vienna a quick kiss and took off for his "meeting."

Vienna next zeroed in on Casey with her questions, so he explained that he had been trying to ascertain how serious Vienna and Henry's relationship was. Vienna was miffed, and Casey asked her the real name of her doctor, but she told him that was none of his business. Casey said he had checked, and Vienna had not seen an OB/GYN in Oakdale recently. Vienna said she was sorry she had ever played with Casey, who vowed to find out the truth.

At Katie's, Chris sneaked in her unlocked front door and began rummaging between the cushions on the couch. He finally got down on all fours and looked under the couch, and that was where he found his missing wallet. As he was straightening up, Katie walked out of her bedroom wearing only a bright colored towel. She screamed when she saw Chris loom up by the couch, and that caused him to jerk and throw his back into a spasm again. Katie asked Chris why he had broken into her house, but he claimed that the door had been unlocked, and he needed his wallet.

Katie saw that Chris had retrieved the wallet, so she asked him to go. Chris said he couldn't because his back was "wrenched up" again, but Katie said that was not her problem. Chris claimed that it was, and the pair began yelling at one another about feelings and assorted kisses, until Katie very quietly said, "You have ten seconds to get out of my house." Chris shuffled out, muttering that Katie should let him know when she was ready to begin living again.

A desperate Vienna rang Katie's doorbell, and she told Katie that Casey had seen her medical files and thought she was hiding something. She said she and Henry had made love three times the night before, as Katie grimaced and signified "too much information." Vienna was sure it was just a matter of time before she was pregnant. Katie told her friend that she had to stop pretending and "come clean" with Henry. Vienna absolutely refused to do that, and suddenly Henry burst in, yelling that he had to talk to Katie about Vienna. Vienna grilled him about why he was there, and Henry hemmed and hawed, as Vienna said she was in the middle of planning a wedding surprise for him.

The best story that Henry could manage was that after his flaky business guy had cancelled on him, he had a sudden urge to see baby Jacob. Vienna told Henry to leave so she could continue her planning with Katie, so Katie suggested that Henry take the baby out in his stroller. Henry agreed, and after they left, Vienna asked Katie to help her get proof that she was pregnant. Vienna asked her friend to help falsify her medical files.

Casey found Alison at the hospital and reported that Vienna had put in an appearance, so he had not gotten much information from Henry. He needed to know for sure about the paternity of Vienna's baby, and Alison assured him that he could still count on her. The two of them got very close to kissing, but both pulled back at the same time.

At the nurses' station, Katie appeared looking for Chris. She found him and apologized for bullying him out of her house. Chris said his back really hurt, but he asked her out to dinner. Katie agreed on the condition that Chris do a favor for a friend of hers. She wanted him to "make some adjustments" to the friend's medical file, but Chris flatly refused. Katie kept after him, but he explained that was illegal, and he counseled Katie to stop trying to save everyone's love life and concentrate on her own.

Emily and Paul had breakfast on a tray in the living room at Fairwinds, but Paul was in a ferocious mood. When Emily questioned him, Paul snarled that he had a lot on his mind. Emily again told her husband that she had not given methadone to Meg, but Paul replied that Meg's drugging herself made no sense whatsoever. Barbara joined them and inquired if it was not a bit early for biting sarcasm. She insulted Emily, who warned her mother-in-law to "lay off." Barbara continued to taunt Emily, who turned it around and blamed Barbara for helping Meg drug herself. They verbally sparred until Emily asked Paul why it had occurred to his mother to order the tox screen on Meg in the first place. Paul had not realized that was so, and he asked Barbara to explain.

Barbara said that she had ordered the test because somebody had to think about it because of Meg's bizarre behavior. Emily charged that Barbara already knew the methadone was in Meg's system because she had put it there. Paul defended his mother, who listed off all the reasons why Emily was the one who wanted Meg gone. Paul walked out to visit Meg, and he warned his wife and mother not to kill each other while he was gone.

In her hospital room at Memorial, Meg awoke and slipped out of bed to where she had stashed the methadone pills. She was shaking out a couple in her hand when Emma walked in and surprised her daughter. Meg stuffed the pills in her gown pocket and lay back on her bed. She reported that she had slept through the night, so Emma decided to ask the doctor if Meg could go home. Meg urged her mother not "to rush things" because she felt "safe" in the hospital. Emma assumed that Meg was referring to Emily, but also admitted that it was difficult for her to believe that Emily would go to such extremes to hurt Meg.

Meg got upset, as Emma cautioned her daughter that they needed proof. Paul walked in, and Meg made him promise that he would not let Emily visit or bother her. Next, Meg asked who was watching Eliza, and she became distraught when Paul said that Emily had taken the day off to stay home and care for the little girl. Emma attempted to calm her daughter, but Meg went ballistic. A nurse heard the commotion and poked her head into the room. Meg next accused her mother and Paul of trying to take her baby away. The nurse asked the visitors to leave, as Meg yelled that Emily would never get her daughter.

The nurse gave Meg a sedative, which the patient only pretended to swallow. Then she waited a few minutes and put on her clothes and smoothed down her bed. Meg took the bottle of methadone with her and exited the hospital by going down the stairs.

In the hall, Emma asked to speak privately with Paul, so they went into an empty room. Emma revealed that she was not at all convinced that Emily was the one behind Meg's drugging. She wondered if someone else might be responsible, and that someone could be Paul himself. Paul claimed that made no sense, but Emma reminded him that he had done some very nasty things in the past. Paul said he was a better man than that, and he had put aside his old ways to be a good father to Eliza. He told Emma she was "way off base," and said he truly wanted Meg to be a "reliable, nurturing presence in Eliza's life." Emma warned that if Paul ever did anything to endanger her loved ones, he would have to deal with her.

When the two of them returned to the hall, Paul started for Meg's door, but Emma stopped him. She encouraged him to let her daughter rest and reminded him that the nurse had given her a sedative. Paul agreed and left for home.

At Fairwinds, Emily held Eliza as Meg skulked in the back door and slipped into the front hall. She waited until Emily put the little girl down in her portable crib in the living room and walked out before Meg returned and went to her daughter. She stroked the baby's head until she heard the front door slam. Meg ran and hid as Paul walked in. Emily soon joined him and they talked about Meg. Emily referred to herself as the "Wicked Witch of Oakdale," and she called Paul out for the way he was treating her. Emily was very hurt that her own husband did not believe that she wasn't drugging his former wife. Eliza began to cry, but Paul pushed Emily away and picked up the baby himself. Meg watched everything from the hallway and gloated.

Emily gathered her briefcase and purse together and returned to the living room. She saw Paul cuddling Eliza, and she asked why the little girl had a particular clip in her hair. Paul did not know, so Emily explained that Meg had bought it for Eliza, but it pulled her hair, and Emily had put it away. Paul suggested that perhaps his mother had put it on the girl, but Emily said no, it had been Meg. She was sure Meg had been in the house recently. Paul claimed his ex was still in the hospital, but Emily reminded him how good Meg was at getting out of so-called secure facilities. Emily was positive that Meg was behind all their problems, and she grabbed her purse and walked out saying that she would prove she was right.

Henry pushed Jacob through Old Town, and he talked about his troubles to the baby. He was confused about why he wasn't more excited about his impending wedding and being a father. Henry wanted to know what had changed, as Barbara walked up and asked what he was having trouble figuring out. Henry didn't answer, so Barbara made small talk. Then Henry asked her if she would like a coffee at Al's, and Barbara accepted. She explained that Emily was accusing her of drugging Meg, so Henry advised her to prove Emily wrong. Barbara thanked him for saying exactly what she needed to hear, and she placed a hand gently on Henry's chest. Vienna walked around the corner but ducked back when she saw her fiancé with Barbara.

Henry, Barbara, and Jacob went inside and sat at a table, while Vienna spied through the window. They talked about problems with Emily, and Barbara said she was very grateful for Henry's friendship, since she couldn't have anything else. Barbara said goodbye and walked out, and Vienna made a beeline inside the diner. She was teary-eyed and begged Henry to tell her that she wasn't losing him.

Katie walked by Al's and saw Vienna with her arms around Henry. Chris approached, and he asked whom Katie was spying on, and then he apologized for being so tough on her earlier at the hospital. Katie said she held no hard feelings and they were "good," but she declined Chris's dinner invitation.

Emily arrived at the hospital, and was positive that Meg was no longer in her room. She pushed open the door and was shocked to see Meg resting comfortably in her bed. Meg looked up and yelled at Emily to get out.

Barbara returned to Fairwinds, and Paul explained that Emily had a crazy idea that Meg had sneaked into Fairwinds to see the baby. Barbara asked her son to believe that she had nothing to do with Meg's methadone drugging. She was sure that Emily was a "wannabe mom" and was responsible for all the troubles. Paul wasn't sure at all what to believe, so Barbara went to her room. Then Paul noticed Emily's briefcase on the desk, so he opened it and found a bottle of methadone pills inside.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chris and Katie went into an empty hospital room, and he popped a couple of pain pills for his aching back. Katie wondered aloud if he shouldn't try a massage or other form of therapy instead, but Chris wisecracked by asking if she was volunteering her services. Katie declined but thanked him for keeping her from breaking into the hospital's computer and making a very poor decision. They hugged for a long moment, and then Katie pulled away and wished Chris a good afternoon. Out in the hall, she grinned and looked at Chris's hospital ID card that she had just lifted from his pocket.

Reid Oliver approached Dr. Bob and asked who Invicta, the corporation interested in buying Memorial Hospital, was sending that day for a tour of the facility. Bob said it was, among others, Mona Cross, the woman who had witnessed Noah Mayer's knocking Dr. Oliver on his butt. "Terrific," groaned Oliver. Bob warned that the deal with Invicta was critical, and absolutely nothing should jeopardize it. He also cautioned that any sort of relationship between Dr. Oliver and a major donor to the hospital was sure to be a deal breaker. Bob said he needed to be able to assure Ms. Cross that there was no conflict of interest.

Bob pressed Reid for his choice: Luke Snyder or the new neurological wing at Memorial Hospital. Luke walked up before Oliver could answer and asked if he had missed anything. Bob explained that he wanted to begin the tour in the main wing, but Reid called that "a lousy idea." He said if Bob wanted to "wow the suits," he should hit them with the kids first. His theory was to tug on their heartstrings to open up their purse strings. Bob thought that was a great idea, as Kim joined the men. She stole her husband away for a moment, as Luke asked what was up with Reid. He commented that the doctor seemed "distant."

Kim told Bob that the word was that he was selling the hospital to a big health corporation, and she asked if that was true. Mona Cross interrupted them, and Bob made the introductions. He turned to Kim and told his wife that there was no need for her to take the tour with them, but Kim said she would love to go unless Ms. Cross objected. Ms. Cross did not, so they began walking to the pediatric unit.

Still in the hospital, Katie was skulking around until she had a chance to slip into an unlocked office with access to a computer. She used Chris's identity to get into the system and was successful in guessing that his security code was his birth date. She accessed Vienna's medical records, as Chris's admonitions about breaking the law echoed in her head. Katie went ahead and entered a recently confirmed pregnancy into Vienna's file, but when she tried to upload the new information into the system, a shrill alarm sounded throughout the whole hospital and an "unauthorized" notice appeared on the screen. Katie grabbed her purse and ran for the door, but it was locked.

The security alarm halted Bob's tour, and he took off for the main hospital to check out the problem, and Kim took Mona under her wing and began asking questions about Invicta's plans for the facility.

Chris appeared at the door where Katie was trapped, and he quickly unlocked it. He snatched his identity badge from Katie's hands and began to upbraid her severely. He also realized that she had changed her friend's medical files. He dashed to the computer but moved too fast and caused another back spasm. Just then, Bob arrived to ask "what the hell" was going on. The alarm ceased, as Bob continued with his questions. Chris finally answered that he had been showing Katie how the hospital's records system worked as part of a medical segment on her television show, and he had inadvertently activated the alarm when he'd made an error. Bob seemed satisfied, so he left, and a very grateful Katie thanked a very angry Chris for his help.

Chris immediately wanted to go back into the system to delete Katie's changes, but she stopped him. She begged him to leave it alone, but Chris was stumped as to why it was so important to Katie. Eventually Katie made a deal with Chris: he would let the changes in Vienna's record stand, and she would cease all her matchmaking efforts. Chris said it was a "one-time deal," and he voiced incredible disappointment in Katie before he left. Katie followed him into Old Town, and she apologized again for her actions, although she claimed she had done it for all the right reasons. Chris could not accept that, nor did he buy her excuse of "not thinking." He chastised Katie for not helping herself and for concentrating on other people to the exclusion of her own needs.

Katie went home, but someone knocked on her door almost immediately. She assumed it was Henry retuning with Jacob, but it was Chris outside her door. He forced himself in, grabbed Katie, and kissed her several times. Then he walked out, leaving a confused Katie behind.

Luke found Reid and pinned him down, demanding to know what was bothering him. Reid blamed it on "a lousy mood" and told his friend to back off. Luke went into the hall, and Bob stopped him to apologize for "how things were playing out." Bob claimed he had no choice in the matter, but Luke was confused. Bob continued that it was a "tricky business" trying to sell a hospital, but Luke and Reid had turned out to be a conflict of interest. Luke did not understand, so Bob asked if Reid had not discussed the issue with him, as Kim walked up behind her husband and listened. Luke still had no clue to what Bob was referring, so Bob explained that Reid and Luke's personal relationship could mess up the deal with Invicta.

Bob admitted that he had given Dr. Oliver a choice: resign from Memorial or give up Luke Snyder. Luke was stunned, and he excused himself to "get some air." Reid finished up a phone conversation and then went after Luke. Kim then spoke up and asked when Bob was going to tell her about the sale of the hospital to Invicta. Kim was disappointed that Bob had not shared that information with her sooner, and she was equally disturbed that the sale was to a large, impersonal corporation. Bob explained that the hospital needed a huge infusion of cash, but Kim reminded him that went against Bob's whole philosophy of medicine. Kim was also disturbed by Bob's ultimatum to Reid Oliver, which pitted the young doctor's professional life against his personal one. She reminded her husband that his philosophy used to be that there was always more than one way to solve any one problem. She kissed Bob and walked away.

Reid caught up with Luke outside, and Luke called him "a coward." Luke said he had been an idiot for taking a chance on Reid, who had just sold him out for a new hospital wing. Oliver protested and stopped Luke from walking away. He said he was not letting Luke go, nor was he giving up his position at the hospital. Reid said he was not about to walk away from what would likely be the state-of-the-art neurological facility in the whole country, and as soon as the sale of Memorial went through and Bob Hughes retired, the whole conflict of interest issue would disappear. Until that happened, Reid suggested that he and Luke "take a break" and reunite when it made sense.

Luke declined to be "anyone's convenience," and he was relieved that he had learned about the doctor's priorities before he got too deeply involved. He told Reid to be happy because Luke was making his choice for him, and he walked away. Reid went back into the hospital and ran into Bob, who asked if the doctor had made up his mind yet. Dr. Oliver said he was a surgeon, and he planned on treating as many patients as he could at their "phenomenal new wing."

Emily was so convinced that Meg had paid them a surprise visit at Fairwinds and put her hair clip on Eliza that she burst into Meg's hospital room and began searching for her clothes. She harangued Meg about her sneaking out and messing with their minds at Fairwinds, and she noticed that Meg had her bedcovers clutched up to her chin. Emily snatched off the covers and expected to find Meg fully dressed, but Meg was wearing her hospital gown and socks. Meg screamed at Emily to leave her alone, but Emily swore that Meg had been at Fairwinds. She promised Meg that her "little scheme" would not work, so Meg called loudly for a nurse. Emily threatened to prove that Meg was a "sick, twisted liar," and to send her back to Deerbrook. The nurse arrived, and Emily took off.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul had just discovered the bottle of methadone pills in Emily's briefcase. Barbara joined him, and when Paul showed her the pills, his mother guessed that Emily had hidden them somewhere. Paul was not so quick to conclude that Emily was the culprit, but Barbara could not believe that anyone but Emily could have done it. She was sure all along that Emily had been drugging Meg, but Paul continued to defend his wife until the pair was arguing loudly. Emily walked into the middle of it, and Paul asked Barbara to check on the baby so that he could talk alone with his wife. He and Emily sat on the couch, and she explained that she had gone to the hospital to confront Meg about unauthorized visits to Fairwinds. Paul yelled at his wife to never go near Meg again, and he showed her the bottle of pills.

Emily was surprised that Paul had found the bottle in her briefcase, and she denied any knowledge of it. They argued, and neither one saw Barbara slip out of the house. Emily was busy shouting that Meg and Barbara were in cahoots to set her up, and she tried to convince Paul again that Meg had been in their house. Emily called Meg an "idiot savant," but Paul was sick of her conspiracy theories. Emily was very angry, and she turned and said she would check on Eliza. Paul, however, said he wanted her nowhere near the baby, and he ordered Emily to leave his house.

Barbara visited Meg, who pretended she was just waking up. She told Barbara that Emily had been there threatening her again, but Barbara assured her that the truth was out; Emily had been drugging Meg in order to get Eliza for herself. Barbara explained that Paul had found the bottle of methadone in his wife's briefcase, and Meg feigned sympathy for Emily. Barbara wanted none of that, and she was sure that Paul could never forgive Emily.

Barbara returned to Fairwinds and found Paul drinking in the living room. She asked about Emily and learned that the woman had packed a bag. Barbara figured out that Paul had kicked his wife out, and she kept badgering her son about what further damage Emily could do to Meg. Finally Paul got up and walked out of the house, heading for the hospital. Barbara picked up the phone and called the police.

In Memorial, Meg awoke to find Emily standing over her with a disconnected call button in her hands. Emily accused Meg again of trespassing at Fairwinds and planting the methadone pills. Meg denied it and began crying, as Paul walked in and pulled Emily away. He called Emily a threat to both Eliza and Meg, and he promised that she wouldn't hurt either of them. A police officer walked in and arrested Emily for "stalking with malicious intent," and he led her away past a gloating Barbara in the hall. Meg hid it carefully, but she was grinning.

Friday, June 18, 2010

At the police station, Jack received Parker's notice of expungement in Gabriel's assault case. Jack sighed once he saw that it required both parental signatures.

On the phone at home, Carly tried to get Parker admitted to a school past its deadline. She laughed and sniped at them when they told her the tuition fee, and they hung up on her. She started to call Jack, but then put down the phone. Jack arrived on her doorstep, and she said that he'd read her mind. He showed Carly the paperwork expunging the assault charges from Parker's record. He noted that he'd signed off as Parker's father, even though he really wasn't.

Carly claimed that she'd said that Jack wasn't Parker's father in the heat of the moment, but Jack felt that it showed him how she really felt. No matter how much Carly explained herself, Jack remained deeply offended. He said he didn't know where they went from there. Carly believed that they could still find their way back to each other, but Jack cited that they were "so vastly different" from each other. He wondered if they were even good for each other, and she affirmed that he was good for her.

Jack changed the subject to what Carly had wanted to talk to him about when she'd said he'd read her mind. She explained what had happened when she'd called the New York school about their summer science program. Her immediate reaction had been to call Jack to tell him how mean the admissions person had been to her. "And then I had this fear. I thought maybe you're not my G-Man anymore. Am I right about that, Jack?" Carly tearfully asked.

Jack didn't really have a response, and he offered to pay for the school. When Carly declined, he started to insist because Parker was his son, but cut himself off. She wondered how she could erase her hurtful words from Jack's mind. "Sometimes all the trying in the world isn't enough, and it's no one's fault," he uttered and left.

At Al's Diner, Janet beamed to Dusty about the news that she and Jack would have a son. Dusty twiddled the engagement ring between his hidden fingers, but sighed when Janet decided that she needed to share the baby news with Jack right away. A disappointed Dusty smiled, saying that she should meet him at the Lakeview after she surprised Jack.

Liberty entered in a gloomy mood because Gabriel had only told the truth about Craig to appease her. She felt that she couldn't like someone without a conscience. Janet advised her to step back, if she were unsure of her feelings. Liberty admitted that she'd kissed Gabriel, and it was hard to keep things from progressing sexually. Janet thought it might be time to put Liberty back on the pill; however, Liberty vowed not to sleep with Gabriel-no matter how cute he was. Janet sighed that Liberty had it bad.

As Liberty and Janet continued to deliberate Liberty's feelings for Gabriel, Janet reasoned that Liberty didn't want someone who was needy, because that had seemed to be Liberty's problem with Parker. Liberty agreed, and she thought about getting away for the summer. Janet didn't really want that, but if Liberty needed it, Janet would make it happen.

Later, Janet encountered Carly in Old Town. Janet happily prattled off all the things that were going well in her life. Janet wondered why Carly didn't seem relieved about Parker, and Carly disparaged Janet for her great life, because Carly's life stunk. Janet retorted that Jack did nice things for Janet because she was nice to him, and she insinuated that Carly should be nicer at home. Carly asserted that Janet could have Dusty, Jack, and anybody else, because Carly had her eyes on a bigger prize.

Carly went to the police station and griped to Tom about how Craig had made her go broke with his trust fund scam and the fire. She pondered how much the insurance would pay out for the fire, but Tom said that if the police suspected arson, the insurance company would void any claims. Carly wondered how they could get the money. Tom speculated that authorities would have to rule the fire as accidental and exonerate Craig. Carly returned home and called the insurance adjustor to discuss the Monte Carlo "accident."

Dusty went to the Lakeview to plan a romantic evening for him and Janet. Upon leaving, Dusty encountered Jack and congratulated him on having a new son. Jack looked stunned, and Dusty said that he thought Janet had already told him. Jack cited that Janet was having his son, not Dusty's, and they'd have a serious problem if Dusty ever forgot that.

Dusty guessed that he intimidated Jack, but Jack responded that he wasn't the one lying to Janet about the supposed inheritance. Jack wished that he'd told Janet a while back that Dusty had supplied the money. Just then, Janet rounded the corner and asked if it were true that Dusty had actually bankrolled the inheritance.

At Lily's house, Lucinda handed Lily a newspaper featuring Silas' death. Lucinda suspected foul play, but Lily said it was none of their business. According to Lily, Holden was a grown man, and other people needed her more than he did. Lucinda couldn't imagine who'd need Lily more than her immediate family. Gabriel strode in, and Lucinda scowled.

After Lucinda and Gabriel harassed each other, the mother and daughter debated about Gabriel staying at the house. Lucinda figured that Lily was throwing herself into rehabilitating him just to avoid Molly and Holden's engagement. Lily went to make Gabriel breakfast, and Lucinda vowed that the thieving Gabriel would leave that day.

Gabriel insisted that he didn't know anything about the money that Lucinda kept talking about, and she accused him of being just like his father. "I'm nothing like that bastard! Nothing!" Gabriel yelled as Lucinda walked out the door.

When Lily returned, Gabriel was in a belligerent mood. She said he needed to meet her half way, or he couldn't live around her children. Frustrated, he said that he'd done the things that she'd asked. Lily replied that she needed to trust Gabriel. He remarked that his mother had told him that trust was everything. "Look where that got her," he grumbled and left.

At Java later, Liberty told Gabriel that she was still upset with him about the reasons behind his confession. He didn't understand why it mattered that he'd told the truth about Craig to please her. He said he'd never claimed to be a perfect person, but he'd hoped that she'd like him anyway. She mumbled that she did, and he wondered why she was avoiding him, then.

Liberty revealed that she didn't trust herself around him. She had feelings for him, but she couldn't give in to them as long as he harbored such anger. She said that he could have his anger, or he could have her; however, he couldn't have both.

In the holding cells, Craig balked when Tom said that Craig wouldn't have a hearing for weeks. Tom reminded his brother-in-law that even though Gabriel had recanted his statement, Craig had still assaulted an officer, escaped custody, and threatened Lucinda. "Well, who hasn't?" Craig asked. Craig felt that Gabriel needed him, but Craig couldn't make things right from behind bars. Tom thought that a judge might grant bail if someone vouched for Craig and took him in. Tom immediately ruled out Craig's sisters, and Craig decided that he needed to find someone who owed him a favor.

Later, Lucinda arrived to amuse herself by taunting Craig. He announced that he was getting out on bail, and he'd tell Lily that Lucinda had turned Gabriel against his father. Lucinda threatened to make sure that Gabriel was long gone, and Craig replied that he'd kill Lucinda once he was free. Undeterred, Lucinda ordered him to take his lumps like a man. She deemed him a paternal nightmare and rattled off what he'd done to Bryant and Lucy. Lucinda was sure that Johnny would hate him, too.

Just then, Lily entered, and Lucinda swore that she'd arrived with an olive branch. Lily was sure that the branch had plenty of thorns attached. Before Lucinda left, she cautioned Lily not to believe a word out of Craig's mouth.

Alone with Lily, Craig asked about Gabriel, but Lily wondered why he'd care after what Gabriel had done to him. Craig insisted that Lucinda had put Gabriel up to lying, and she'd paid Gabriel to leave town. Lily seemed skeptical, but Craig bet that Lily knew it was true. Playing on her guilt, he got her to agree to make up to him what Lucinda had done. After Craig told her what he wanted her to do, Lily said she'd do her part, if Craig did his.

When Lily arrived home later, Lucinda presented a one-way ticket to Montega for Gabriel. Lily refused it, so Lucinda decided that she'd move into the house to protect Lily and the kids from Gabriel. Gabriel charged into the living room and said that Lucinda could have his room, because he was getting out there. Just then, Craig burst through the front door and begged Gabriel not to go.


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