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Adrian was stunned to learn that Opal was his mother. Ryan was arrested for allegedly raping Kit. Despite the DNA evidence, Ryan told Gillian that he had never slept with Kit. Hayley was arrested after creating a diversion so that Gillian could help Ryan escape from the cops.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on AMC
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Monday January 4, 1999

Usually the Daily Recaps are broken down into scenes. Since today's action focused almost exclusively at the Crystal Ball, the recap will alter from that format. I will attempt to recap the show as it unfolded---just because it will be easier to make everything flow easier. And at three thousand words, today's recap goes down as the longest recap in AMC Pages history!

Braden, Dixie, and Palmer arrived at Wildwind and searched around for a place to put their coats. Palmer waddled off to find a coat rack and Braden went to find a glass of water so that Dixie could take her pills. Dixie rummaged through her purse looking for her pill bottle. A pair of footsteps told Dixie that Braden was returning. When she turned around, she realized that her assumption was off the mark---it was Tad. She dropped her bottle of pills. Tad quickly bent over and picked them up for her. He was naturally curious about Dixie's pills and asked her why she was carrying medication. "I'm a drug addict," Dixie jested lamely. She went on to explain that the pills were nothing more than aspirin. The pressure was lifted off of Dixie and Tad got to make a witting quip about Dixie's date for the evening, who Tad referred to as "the boy wonder," giving her a headache. Dixie countered by asking Tad why his "arm candy" was not by his side. Tad bowed his head ever so slightly and said that Paige was off checking her phone messages. Marian and Stuart suddenly scurried into the room. The happy couple was giddily chattering about possible wedding ideas. Apparently, the Crystal Ball had given them a plethora of ideas. They mulled the idea of having a champagne fountain and having the waiters wear barrels. Why? The concept went along with their Niagara Falls theme---the barrels signifying that they were "taking the plunge"---into marriage, not over the falls. Tad and Dixie watched the couple with smiles on their face. It took several minutes before Stuart and Marian realized that they were not alone. "It's nice to see you together," said Stuart upon noticing the former lovers. Tad and Dixie simultaneously explained that they were just talking. Nevertheless, Stuart and Marian decided to give Tad and Dixie their space and dashed out of the room. Dixie shook her head in disbelief, remarking that Stuart and Marian were a seemingly odd couple. Tad muttered that the pair had endured their fair share of problems and still come out together. "I guess they were meant to be," he said softly. Braden returned to the room and Tad took that as his cue to leave. When he did, Dixie told Braden about her fumbled pill bottle. She also let it be known that she did not enjoy seeing Tad and Paige together. Braden urged his date to pay no mind to Tad and Paige, but Dixie could not do that.

Edmund's paused speech resumed seconds later as Ryan and Gillian took their place in the back of the room. He announced that the proceeds from the gala would help provide better lives for underprivileged children. A frantic Kit waited until after Edmund concluded his speech to ask why Ryan had crashed the ball. Edmund assured Kit that he would "take care of it." Brooke stood by Kit's side and offered her additional support. Erica turned to Dimitri and asked him why men are so foolish. Dimitri knew that trouble was brewing and told Erica that he wanted to step in to smooth things over. Erica thought to herself and deduced that she could be of assistance as well. Edmund angrily confronted Ryan about showing up at the party. He ordered Ryan to leave immediately, but said that Gillian was allowed to stick around. Gillian announced that she would not stay if Ryan was given the boot. Hayley hurried over to the group and explained that she'd been the one to invite Ryan and Gillian. She played up the charity aspect of the night, but it didn't help. Edmund promptly noted that Ryan was "un-invited." Dimitri arrived on the scene and told Edmund that he had an emergency to discuss with him. Dimitri yanked Edmund away. Erica appeared a few seconds later and asked Gillian if she could "borrow" Ryan for a few minutes. She told Gillian that she wanted to repay her for the kind way she'd treated Bianca. Always with one eye on her surroundings, Erica pulled the married couple close to her so that a nearby photographer would have a front page-worthy picture. Erica told Ryan that she wanted to introduce him to the mayor. Ryan was stunned. He was surprised that Erica wanted anything to do with him---especially after the way she'd busted his advertising kickback scam. Erica told Ryan that that was "old news." She then waltzed him over to the other side of the room and introduced him to the mayor. Kit hoped that Erica was escorting Ryan home, but Brooke informed her that Erica was probably just giving Ryan "her blessing." After the meeting, Erica explained to Ryan that it wasn't as important for the mayor to have met him as it was for the other partygoers to have seen him meet the mayor. In essence, people might have a higher tendency to side with Ryan rather than Kit if they saw him mingling with the upper class, so to speak. Erica wasn't done making a scene just yet. She clapped her hand and asked the band to start playing. The band followed her orders and Erica and Ryan waltzed their way to the dance floor.

Adam and Liza briefly discussed Marian and Stuart's wedding ceremony. The last they'd heard, the couple planned in getting married in a hot air balloon. The topic went from weddings to childbirth as Adam asked Liza if she was really considering naming her child "Colby Colby." Liza smiled and hinted that she hadn't yet chosen a name, although Marian was lobbying for the name "Gertrude."

In Dimitri's office, Dimitri and Edmund feuded over Ryan and Gillian's impromptu appearance. Edmund became even more infuriated when he heard the band strike up a tune without his permission. Edmund reached for the phone and prepared to ask security to forcibly remove Ryan from his property. Dimitri grabbed the phone away and told the security officer on the other end that he wanted to praise him for a job well done. He hung up the phone and then prepared to field his brother's wrath. Edmund insisted that he would "not play host to a rapist" while the rapist's victim was also at the party. Kit entered the room and said that she'd like to be able to speak for herself. Edmund promised Kit that he'd get rid of Ryan, but surprisingly Kit was opposed to the idea. She feared that ejecting Ryan would cause a scene that would mar the festivities. Dimitri agreed, noting that the tabloids would have a field day if Edmund and a guest got into an altercation. Mateo poked his head into the room and informed Edmund that Palmer wanted to make a sizeable contribution to Maria's charity. The contribution, however, did not come freely. In return, Palmer wanted to present the check to Edmund personally---making it the perfect photo op. Edmund left the room, leaving Kit and Dimitri in eerie silence. Dimitri was about to leave when Kit asked him for a chance to "clear the air." She reminded Dimitri that he had once told her that he believed her story about being Jack's brother. He'd also believed that she'd been sexually assaulted. That was before Kit's past false allegations came to light, Dimitri explained. Now, he no longer believed her. Additionally, he now feared that Kit and Edmund's friendship might end up hurting Edmund. If Edmund allowed himself to love again, Dimitri said, he wanted to make sure that his brother fell in love with the right woman. Kit fumed at the implication that she wasn't good enough for Edmund and stormed out of the room.

Adrian, Opal, and Belinda watched Palmer's staged donation presentation with looks of disgust written all over their faces. Opal reached for her checkbook and started scribbling. She smiled deviously as she announced that she was going to make a donation that would put Palmer's donation to shame. The donation was going to be drawn off of a bank account she shared with Palmer. Adrian and Belinda couldn't help but laugh as they realized that Opal was about to stick it to her husband.

Adam and Hayley took a few minutes to bring each other up to date on their personal lives. Adam feigned surprise when Hayley informed him that Max was living with them. She sighed and said that the only thing she wants is for Raquel to get lost. Adam smiled prompting Hayley to beg him not to get involved in her problems. Adam swore that his days of plotting and scheming were over. Hayley hoped that her father was being honest and said that he might just be able to work things out with Liza after all. Her ears must have been ringing because Liza wandered over to the discussion. Hayley told the couple that she needed to get herself a drink of soda and walked away.

Ryan and Gillian were both flattered that Erica had stuck up for them. Gillian began to wonder if Pine Valley might not be such a bad place after all. The reality check came when David strolled into the party. He walked over to the married couple and instantly struck a nerve. He told Gillian that she looked "ravishing" as always and noted that Ryan looked "free." He wondered how Ryan had managed to put together bail money to get out of jail. Gillian gritted her teeth and explained to David that Ryan didn't need bail because he'd been released. David nodded his head and congratulated Ryan on beating the assault charges. Ryan's brow crinkled in confusion. The fact that he'd been picked up on assault charges had never been made public. David did finally leave, but not before making a cryptic comment about the "sacrifices" Gillian might be willing to make in order to obtain her husband's freedom.

At the beverage table, Hayley sipped from a glass of cola. Her peace and quiet were shattered by Raquel's appearance. As she set her drink down, Raquel stated that the evening had been like a fairytale. Hayley was civil, saying that she was having a good time at the ball as well. She reached down and picked up her glass. She took a sip of the drink and immediately spit it out. She looked at Raquel and asked her what she'd been drinking. "Rum and cola," Raquel replied innocently. "Are you crazy?!" Hayley snapped before running off. Raquel tracked down Gillian and asked her why Hayley acted so peculiarly when she found out that she'd sipped some liquor. "Hayley's an alcoholic," Gillian replied bluntly. She said that she admires Hayley's conviction to steer clear of alcohol. She also told Raquel that she and Hayley are no longer at odds.

Across the room, Dixie asked Eugenia> to cut in on Tad and Paige's waltz. Eugenia gladly obliged and was anxious to dance with the man who reminded her so much of her late husband. Tad grinned and asked Eugenia if she was sure that she was not confusing him with Alexi again. Eugenia returned the smile and said that her late husband was a bit more charming than Tad---but raised her eyebrows as she said that Tad was "twice as naughty" as Alexi. In the corridor, Dixie pulled Paige aside as the actress was on her way to the phone. Dixie claimed that she was an actress and that she'd audition for the same role as Paige. She even went as far as to say that Steven Spielberg was in town to personally give her the audition. Paige was aghast; she had taped her audition and mailed it to the filmmaker. Dixie told Paige that she was certain that she could still catch Mr. Spielberg at the airport. Dixie didn't have to say another word. Paige raced out of the house presumably headed for the airport.

In a side bedroom, Erica was adjusting her makeup when she noticed that the bed was "moving." She shook her head and went back to her lipstick just as Brooke entered the room. "If common sense were an anchor," Brooke sneered. "You'd be lost at sea." Erica turned towards Brooke and told her that she didn't have time to bicker with her. 'I have a date---unlike you," replied Erica. She then gave Brooke a few tips on finding a man: They were not lurking around spare bedrooms. She advised Brooke to "troll" the hors d'oeuvre table because "men like pigs in a blanket." The acidic remark was meant to criticize Brooke's appearance in her ball gown. Brooke let the remark slide, instead telling Erica that it was inappropriate for her to parade around the ball with Ryan. Erica reminded Brooke that people were innocent until proven guilty. She then asked Brooke if her personal experience had made her forget the basic principles of the law. Brooke, she snapped, was "innocent until a miracle" cleared her name. Brooke took a deep breath and took the opportunity to toss a zinger back at Erica. She said that it was ironic that she realized she wanted a gentleman in her life at about the same time Erica realized she did not need a man. The man, of course, was Dimitri. Erica called Brooke "a fool" for having let go of Dimitri in the first place. Brooke nodded in agreement, noting that she now realized that she should not have brushed Dimitri off so easily. Brooke left the room with a confident smile on her face. Erica returned her attention to the jiggling bed. She reached down and patted gently on the bed. When she did, a loud shriek sounded out. Marian and Stuart suddenly sat up on the bed sending the coats that had been placed on the bed flying about the room. Erica tried to hide a smile as Stuart insisted that he was trying to help Marian locate a lost earring. Marian assured Erica that they had not been eavesdropping on her chat with Brooke, but in the same voice she applauded Erica's decision to remain celibate. Stuart and Marian looked at each other and decided to head back to Stuart's place for a little romance. After the couple left, Janet scurried into the room and shut the door. She looked at Erica with a half grin and asked her to tell her what was going on between her and Dimitri. Erica claimed that she and Dimitri were just friends, but Janet wasn't buying it. She reminded Erica that her "friend" was also her former husband. Janet smiled and said that "we married ladies like to spread happiness." Erica insisted that she was not ready for another romance especially after her debacle with Jack and Mike. Sometimes, Janet explained, love waits until you're not looking for love.

Brooke found Dimitri in his office partaking in a cigar. Dimitri explained that he had stepped into the office so that he would not offend the non-cigar smokers. Brooke didn't have a problem with Dimitri having stepped into a private room, but she saw no reason for him to smoke alone. Dimitri didn't peg Brooke as a cigar aficionado. She wasn't, but she explained that she wanted to "keep an open mind." She had not kept an open mind, she said, when she'd told Dimitri that she was not ready for a relationship. She leaned over and gently kissed Dimitri on the lips---as Erica stood in the doorway.

Edmund found Kit in the parlor looking for her coat. Kit told Edmund that she was going to adjourn for the evening because she felt that she didn't fit in. Edmund called Kit "a survivor" and told her that he would not let her skip out on him. He took her by the arm and said that he was done playing host. Now he wanted to enjoy himself.

Adrian informed Belinda that he'd gotten his orders and found out that he'd be forced to leave Pine Valley in the morning. Belinda was disappointed and told the secret agent that she'd miss him. When the band played another waltz, Belinda asked Adrian to find Opal and ask her to dance. Adrian smiled and nodded his head.

Everyone took to the dance floor as the ball inched closer to an end. Gillian and Ryan danced just inches away from Edmund and Kit. Nearby, Palmer watched intensely as Opal and Adrian danced together. Dixie bumped into Tad and asked him if he would mind dancing. Tad took her by the arm and instead of leading her to the dance floor, led her to the parlor area. There he asked Dixie why all of his dates seem to mysteriously disappear. "Alien abductions?" Dixie offered. Tad looked sternly at Dixie and told her that he knew she was somehow involved in getting the women to suddenly leave. The question was, why was Dixie doing this if they supposedly had no chance of getting back together?

Derek scanned the results of Ryan's DNA test. He remained emotionless and didn't so much as hint as the test's findings. The detective placed several calls to Jack, but each time Jack was unreachable. Finally, Jack called in and asked Derek to tell him what the emergency was. Derek related the results of the test, results which were never announced for the viewer to hear. Jack seemed stunned by the results and asked if his sister knew yet. Derek shook his head and said that Jack was the first to know. Kit, he said, was probably surrounded by friends at Wildwind's Crystal Ball. Jack was concerned when he learned that Ryan might also be in attendance. Derek offered to hold off on acting on the test results until the morning. "Crystal Ball or not," Jack said sternly. "Do it."

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Dimitri opened his eyes momentarily and noticed that Erica was standing in the doorway. Brooke sensed that Dimitri was distracted when he stopped kissing her back. She slowly pulled away and looked to see what had come between her and Dimitri. Brooke took one look at Erica and flashed a cocky grin. Brooke asked Dimitri to save a dance for her and then headed for the exit. She stopped in the doorway and again flashed her grin. "You look beautiful," she said to Erica. "Pine Valley is lucky to have you." Erica's blinked her eyes in disbelief, her mouth still agape.

Dixie pursed her lips and told Tad that his imagination was in overdrive. Tad shook his head. He accused Dixie of stooping to the same meddling tactics that her Uncle Palmer has done. He went on to imply that Dixie was "torpedoing" his relationships. Dixie's brow wrinkled up as she denied partaking in "high school stunts." Even if she had stepped in to foil Tad's dates, what could she possibly have to gain? Tad reminded Dixie that his date at The Pit had suddenly vanished only moments after talking to her. "I hope you will not hold me responsible over all your failed romances," Dixie remarked, barely able to keep a straight face. She turned her back to Tad and started fidgeting around. Tad began to grin as he told Dixie how horribly she lied: she was unable to keep eye contact and she was stuttering. Tad offered Dixie's request to have him move into Cortlandt Manor as further proof that there was still a spark between them. Dixie insisted that she'd asked Tad to move in to Cortlandt Manor for Opal's sake---not hers. Tad remained convinced that Dixie was trying to interfere in his personal life because she still had feelings for him. Tad commented that Dixie should want nothing to do with him especially after their failed rooftop rendezvous in New York. It clearly upset Dixie to hear Tad hint that he meant nothing to her. "It's complicated," exclaimed Dixie, referring to the reason she'd not met up with Tad atop the Statler Building. Before Tad could find out what Dixie meant, Braden appeared at Dixie's side. He asked her for a dance, but Tad interjected that he and Dixie were talking. "And now we're done," Dixie replied coldly. Tad bowed his head and left without saying another word. Dixie breathed a sigh of relief and told Braden that she'd almost told Tad "everything." Braden asked Dixie to forget about Tad and focus on having a good time. He reminded her that she'd decided not to tell Tad about her health problems because she didn't want to put him through the pain of losing her. It wasn't really apparent whether Braden was trying to help Dixie or if he was trying to save his hide and honor Palmer's request to "make Dixie forget all about Tad Martin."

Elsewhere in Wildwind, Adam lavished Liza with compliments, prompting her to wonder what Adam was up to. Adam told Liza that he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He became anxious as he told her that there was something he desperately needed to tell her. "I love you," he gushed. He asked her to tell him that she felt the same way. His request bordered on begging. "You never ask the easy questions, do you?" Liza responded. She nodded her head and told Adam that a part of her does feel the same way. "You have no idea how much it means to hear you say that," Adam beamed. Liza smiled and asked Adam not to get "gooey." David watched from across the room, his face flashing his unhappiness. Adam told Liza that he knows that things will never be the way they once were for them, but he hoped that they could start over. Maybe, he commented, things would be even better. Adam told Liza that he doesn't want her to feel forced to raise her daughter by herself. "Let's raise her together... as partner," Adam said. Liza was stunned. Are you?" Liza said in disbelief. "Yes. I'm asking you to marry me," Adam replied. Adam was undaunted by Liza's failure to respond immediately. Liza asked him if it was possible for them to raise a child. Adam nodded and said that he'd love to have the chance to raise a child with Liza and commented that he had no intention of trying to "replace" the child they'd lost. Liza smiled slightly and told Adam that she would not be swayed by the candlelight and romantic music. She would give Adam an answer, but only when the time was right.

The ball continued. David and Raquel struck up a chat. Eugenia> watched as Ryan and Gillian shared a kiss. Ryan told his bride that he felt as though his luck was changing for the better. Trevor and Janet "bumped" into Ryan. The planned collision allowed Trevor the opportunity to advise his client to leave while the getting was good. Trevor reminded Ryan that he was not one of Edmund's favorite people. Ryan disregarded Trevor's advice and danced on. Edmund, Hayley, and Mateo appeared at front of the room and announced that it was time for the raffle. One lucky winner would receive a trip for two to a tropical island destination. Mateo and Hayley reached into a bowl and plucked out one ticket. Everyone looked at their tickets in anticipation. Finally a voice called out that she was holding the winning ticket. Gillian grabbed Ryan by the hand and led him towards front of the room. Ryan was reluctant to claim the prize, but Gillian was overjoyed. Hayley was also pleased, but Edmund was not happy at all. He forced a smile and announced that "Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery" were the winners. He then dropped the microphone and stormed out of the room. Ryan told Hayley that if it were not for her under-the-table invitation tot he party, they never would have won. Mateo shrugged and said that it wouldn't have looked very honest if they'd drawn the their own ticket. Brooke found Edmund in the corridor looking at a picture of Maria. She told him that he was "very gracious" to present Ryan and Gillian with the vacation. Edmund softly noted that Maria would have wanted him to act the way he had. Brooke looked around and noticed that Kit was missing. Edmund shrugged his shoulders indifferently and told Brooke that he had no idea where Kit had gone.

Outside in the clear but cold night, Kit walked down a path towards the mausoleum. There, she slowly walked around the crypt, taking time out to look at each end every vault. She stopped in front of Maria's tomb and rubbed her hand against the engraving on the tomb marker. Kit told Maria that Edmund still loves her dearly and that he was blessed by being able to "see" Maria in Maddie every day. She noted that Edmund's life would be complete if she were still alive. A single tear rolled down Kit's cheek as she said that she wanted Edmund to be happy. Something caused Kit to look up. When she did, she found Edmund standing in the doorway. Kit felt the need to apologize for intruding, but Edmund told her that she didn't have to explain anything. He told her that he often drops by the crypt to talk to Maria. Edmund took off his jacket and placed it around Kit to shield her from the elements.

David and Kyle, the lab technician he'd duped into giving him Liza's amniotic fluid sample, chatted briefly. After the cardiologist managed to get rid of Kyle, he began concocting a plan. A waiter passed by carrying a tray of drinks. David flashed some cash and asked the waiter if he could have the tray. The waiter gladly unloaded his freight and went on his way. David produced an empty glass and then fiddled with one of the drinks. He tracked down Adam and Liza and told the couple that he wanted to apologize to them for having doubted that their reunion would work out. David proposed a toast to their happiness. He and Adam clinked glasses, but when the glasses touched, David's glass shattered. Shards of glass went flying towards Adam and several of them cut into the billionaire's hand. Liza began to panic when blood trickled down Adam's arm. Adam, however, was unfazed. David rushed off to find his medical bag so that he could dress Adam's wound. In the meantime, Adam used a towel to help stop the bleeding. David followed protocol and bandaged Adam's injured hand. Adam thanked David for helping him and discarded the towel he'd been using. He and Liza then headed back to the party. David smiled sinisterly and he picked up the towel---the blood on which he planned to use to prove that Adam was the father of Liza's baby.

Back at the party, Gillian told Ryan that she wanted to go home for a little romance. Ryan assured her that they'd leave, but he wanted one more dance. Derek and a police officer appeared out of nowhere and began a search for Edmund. Opal knew that something was amiss and tried to delay Derek. Derek gave her the cold shoulder and continued about his way. Derek muttered something to Edmund. The two men then watched Ryan and Gillian with frowns on their faces. Derek walked over to Ryan and tapped him on the back. Ryan thought that Derek might be cutting in for a dance with Gillian. He was wrong. Ryan then surmised that the results of his DNA test had come back. He gave Gillian a smooch and told her that he knew things were looking up for him. Derek asked Ryan to accompany him to the police station, but Ryan refused. Derek took Ryan but the arm. Ryan immediately pushed the detective away and told him that he'd already been more than cooperative in their investigation. Trevor observed the minor altercation and jumped to his feet. Finally, Derek announced why he'd crashed the party. "Ryan Lavery you are under arrest for the rape of Christine Montgomery a.k.a Kit Fisher," he growled.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Like Monday's recap, it will be necessary to recap today's show in the order it unfolded rather than in the usual scene-by-scene blocks.

After reading Ryan his Miranda rights, Derek asked Ryan if he understood all of his rights. The reaction from the partygoers varied. Raquel looked traumatized while David smiled happily. Relieved best described Kit's reaction and Hayley was floored by the event. "I'm innocent!" Ryan exclaimed as he ordered Derek to wait for his DNA results to come in. Erica walked over and called the situation "ridiculous." She told Derek that he was running "a kangaroo court" and asked him to stop badgering Ryan in his home. Derek explained that the District Attorney, Jack, had given him permission to arrest Ryan. Trevor finally broke his silence. He blasted his former colleague for acting without probable cause. Derek coldly noted that he had evidence to back up the decision to charge Ryan with rape charges. Tad stepped forward and grumbled that the only evidence the police had was Kit's word. Erica brought the crowd up to date, explaining that Kit had falsely accused Tad of rape several years ago. The crown murmured amongst themselves. Derek tired of the grumbling and ordered everyone to be quiet. He then announced that the results of Ryan's DNA test came back and showed that the semen stain on Kit's dress matched Ryan's genetic makeup. Ryan was devastated. He accused the police of having bungled the lab analysis and threatened to sue both Kit and the Pine Valley Police Department. The suggestion that the lab re-run the test was met by cold opposition from Derek. He informed Ryan that he'd already had the lab run the tests more than once. Trevor decided to play things by the book and asked Derek if he'd gotten an arrest warrant before arriving at Wildwind. Derek reminded Trevor that he did not need a warrant to arrest Ryan since Wildwind was not Ryan's residence. "He moved out," Edmund snarled. Hayley interjected that Ryan and Gillian's clothing was in their bedroom, proving that they still resided at the mansion. Belinda approached the detective and told him that it might be wise to "call of his dogs" and regroup in the morning. Derek refused to leave. Trevor suggested that they go somewhere a little more private and allow everyone to get back to their party. Gillian wanted to remain by her husband's side, but Trevor told her to stay put before she made things worse for Ryan. Edmund told the crowd to forget about what they'd just seen. He then snapped his fingers and the band resumed playing. One by one, couples took to the dance floor and carried on as if nothing had happened. Raquel scurried over to Gillian's side and issued a heartfelt apology for what had just gone down. Raquel said that she knew it must have been hard for Gillian to find out that her husband was a rapist. "Don't say that!" snapped Gillian. She told Raquel that she wouldn't bite her head off because she liked her---but issued a warning that she'd better not assume that Ryan was guilty again. On her way across the terrace, Dimitri pulled Gillian aside and asked her to steer clear of Ryan. He extended an invitation for Gillian to move back in to Wildwind. Gillian declined the offer and told her cousin that she believed in Ryan's innocence. Gillian raced out of the room. She thought she found some space to think, but she was soon approached by David Hayward. David told Gillian that he understood how tough things were for her. "You have no idea," Gillian responded. It was evident that David was enjoying what had happened to Ryan. He exerted an unusual effort to choose exactly the right words to further torture Gillian's broken heart. He surmised that Gillian's "faith had been shattered" because she realized that she'd "fallen in love with the wrong man." The subtle insinuation was that Gillian should have chosen him over Ryan. Gillian began to sob as she stated that Ryan had sworn that he didn't have sex with Kit. David extended his arms and offered a shoulder to the princess. Gillian's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped. She looked at David like he had the plague. She then took several steps backwards before running out of the room.

Liza was dumbfounded by Ryan's arrest. She told Adam that she'd never thought that Ryan was capable of sexually assaulting a woman. Adam told his date for the evening not to worry about Ryan because his fate wouldn't be decided that evening. Liza cracked a wry smile and scolded Adam for his indifference. "Everyone could be dropping dead from anthrax," Liza remarked, "just as long as it doesn't affect you." Adam chuckled and whisked Liza to the dance floor.

Mateo and Hayley sat in their bedroom and discussed what had just gone down. Mateo urged his wife to "look at reality" and come to the realization that Ryan really had raped Kit. He never said "I told you so," but his lofty tone accomplished what his words didn't. "See him for who he is," advised Mateo. Hayley's head snapped back. She stated that she'd been telling Mateo the same thing about Raquel for months. Mateo was disturbed by the comparison of the mother of his son and an accused rapist. He claimed that Raquel had done nothing wrong. Hayley recounted Raquel's many lies---from her sudden appearance during their second wedding to the hidden truth about Max. "Back off," Mateo said angrily. He wanted Hayley to forget about Ryan and to stop thinking the worst about Raquel. That proved to be a decisive moment in the conversation. Hayley warned her almost husband that she would not turn her back on Ryan---"like it or not." Mateo mustn't have liked it because he got up and walked out of the room.

Tad sat alone at a table, deep in thought. Kit slowly walked up from behind and gently tapped his shoulder. Tad jumped to his feet and looked at Kit in horror. He told her that she should not expect an apology from him because he still believed that Ryan was innocent. The semen stain on Kit's dress failed to prove that she was raped, according to Tad. For all they knew, Kit and Ryan could have had consensual sex. Tad stormed off leaving Kit to mull over what had just happened. Even with an apparent backing of physical evidence, she still was unable to live down her past tricks. Edmund approached Kit and asked her if she was okay. Kit looked at his with sad eyes and told him that this marked the second time that he'd stood by her when no one else would. "That's twice I was right," Edmund said proudly.

Palmer seemed unfazed by Ryan's arrest, but he still took time out to point out to Erica that her attempt to thrust Ryan into high society had failed. A few seconds later, Brooke passed by and asked Erica how she wanted her crow prepared. "Crow tartar," perhaps? Brooke continued on her way. Erica looked at Palmer and told him that she was having a horrible night.

In the parlor, Derek informed Trevor that Ryan's DNA was a "seventy percent match" to the sample taken from Kit's dress. Trevor was appalled that his client was being held when his DNA wasn't even an exact match to the supposed attacker. Derek noted that juries have convicted in cases where DNA matches were less than seventy percent. Seeing that his current argument was getting him nowhere, Trevor changed strategies. He argued that even if Ryan's DNA did sort of match the semen found on Kit's clothing, it did not prove that Kit had been raped. When his attorney hinted that he and Kit might have had consensual sexual intercourse, Ryan yelled out that he had never had sex of any kind with Kit. Trevor turned towards Ryan and told him to "stuff a sock in it." Derek was getting angrier and angrier with the former detective. Since Trevor insisted that Derek play things by the book, he announced that he was going to obtain an arrest warrant immediately. He order Ryan to stay put in the room---and noted that he'd had police officers stationed at every door and outside every window just to make sure that he didn't run off. Trevor left the room shortly thereafter to figure out what to do next. Gillian appeared a few seconds later. She told her husband that she believed him when he said that he hadn't raped Kit. Now, she wanted to know whether or not he had slept with Kit. Ryan looked deeply into Gillian's eyes and swore that he hadn't had sex with Kit. "All we did was kiss," he said softly. Gillian said nothing and did nothing. Ryan begged her to tell him that she believed him. Gillian nodded her head and reached out to hug Ryan. Their embrace was short, but it was filled will emotion. Ryan thanked his wife for believing in him. He also explained that the mask he'd been wearing at the bar---the one that the rapist had also been said to be wearing---was discarded in the parking lot. Anyone could have picked it up, he deduced. Gillian wanted to tell the police that her husband was innocent and she was determined to make everyone listen to her. Ryan begged her not to do anything, but she insisted that she was "going to do what [she] should have done a long time ago."

Erica observed Tad and Brooke going head to head and gave herself permission to join the argument. Brooke couldn't understand why Tad was unwilling to believe Kit's accusation. She knew that Kit had wrongly accused Tad of rape in the past, but she touted the DNA evidence as proof that Kit was telling the truth. Erica countered by asking Brooke how she could doubt what Tad saying about Kit. Brooke was peeved by Erica's appearance and walked away. Tad praised Erica for the way she'd tried to help Ryan earlier in the night. Tad sighed heavily and announced that he was headed home.

Adrian and Belinda thought they'd found a little nook of their own, but their kissing session was cut short when Trevor unwittingly walked in on them. Belinda offered to help Trevor with Ryan's case, but Trevor told him that she was needed elsewhere. After Trevor left, Adrian and Belinda briefly discussed Adrian's imminent departure from town. Adrian remarked that he'd miss Belinda---but also Opal. He wasn't sure why he'd grown so attached to Opal, but he was glad that he had. The pair then adjourned for the night---destination Adrian's place.

At Cortlandt Manor, Braden criticized Dixie for sending mixed signals to Tad. If she wanted him out of her life, she should never have asked him to move into Cortlandt Manor. Dixie didn't want to argue with Braden. A sudden request for Braden to get a glass of milk for Dixie seemed more like a chance to buy some peace and quiet than a call for a thirst quencher. While Braden was otherwise occupied, Tad returned home. An awkward silence ensued. Eventually, Dixie spoke up. She told Tad that she had made a mistake by asking him to move into Cortlandt Manor. She explained that she'd failed to consider that Tad had a son to raise and a house to look after. Tad explained that Jamie was staying with Brooke and that his housekeepers were tending to things around the house. Dixie gave Tad every opportunity to move back home---but he decided that he'd stay put. Braden returned from the kitchen and Tad headed for his bedroom. Dixie glowed as she told Braden that Tad wanted to stay at Cortlandt Manor.

Kit phoned Jack and gave him an update on what had happened. Jack was pleased to hear from his little sister. He told her that Lily remained in traction and that he would stay in Ohio until she was able to go back to school. Jack asked Kit to thank Edmund for him for the way he'd looked out for her.

Erica found Brooke and Dimitri chatting yet again. In a desperate attempt to keep the pair apart, Erica scurried over to Dimitri and told him that she wanted to be taken home, lamely claiming that she needed to call Jack and complain to him. Brooke thanked Dimitri for dancing with him before allowing him to go about his business.

Hayley tracked down Trevor and Janet and implored her uncle to help Ryan.

David cut in on a dance between Adam and Liza. Adam wasn't so willing to give up his dance partner, snapping that Liza didn't want to dance with the cardiologist. Liza gave Adam a funny little look and he reluctantly stepped aside. While they danced, David asked Liza why she was so attracted to Adam. He came up with three reasons: "His money, his money, [and] his money." Liza didn't go into detail, perhaps not feeling it was necessary to justify her feelings to David. Nevertheless, she let it be known that she'd gotten a hefty settlement after divorcing Adam and explained that money was not one of the reasons she cared for her former husband.

Max tiptoed out of his bedroom and peeked in on the party. He even behind in a curtain so he wouldn't be noticed! He snuck out from his hiding spot and scurried over to his mother. Raquel was tickled by her son's doings---even if he was up way past his bedtime. Max asked to dance with his mother. She obliged him, but Max stepped out of the way when his daddy appeared on the scene. To appease their son, Max and Raquel agreed to dance together. But that dance that they'd grudgingly agreed to suddenly turned nostalgic as they remembered the first time they danced together. Max quietly headed back to bed as his parents continued their dance. Hayley unknowingly walked in on the dance. She remained quiet and slipped out of the room before anyone noticed her. She walked aimlessly around the mansion. Eventually she bumped into Gillian. Gillian sat quietly on the arm of the sofa trying to think of a way to help Ryan. Gillian was elated to see Hayley and begged Hayley for some help in freeing Ryan. Hayley was initially unreceptive to the idea of "aiding and abetting" Ryan. Gillian continued to plead with Hayley. "Alright, I'm in," Hayley replied. "And I have a plan."

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Due to coverage of the Senate Trial of President Clinton, only scattered portions of today's episode were broadcast. ABC had decided to repeat today's episode tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 1999

At Belinda's apartment, Adrian and Belinda made love for what could be the last time in many, many months. "I swear I'll never forget you," Adrian whispered softly in Belinda's ear. Belinda asked the secret agent how long they'd be apart. Adrian closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them, he simply replied that it could be a very long time. Adrian rummaged through his bag for a gift he wanted to give to his lover. On a gold chain, hung the most curious of charms----a bullet. Adrian informed Belinda that the bullet was the first bullet that had ever been fired at him. The bullet would have punctured his heart had he not been carrying a pocket-size Bible in his chest pocket. With his departure only hours away, Adrian wanted to drop by Cortlandt Manor to say goodbye to Opal.

Across town at Cortlandt Manor, Dixie sang merrily in the shower. Tad entered the bathroom wearing a pair of headphones. His music blasting in his ears, Tad had no way of knowing that Dixie was in the shower. Oddly, he missed out on the tufts of steam streaming across the bathroom. Dixie turned off the water and still kept singing. She wrapped herself in a towel and moved around the bathroom looking for lotions. She noticed that things were slightly out of place. She looked across the bathroom and screamed. The piercing shriek sent Tad jumping into the air. He flew backwards several paces and rammed into the doorknob. The former lovers bickered back and forth (and simultaneously). They each believed that the other had barged into their private bathroom. Then they realized that by the luck of the draw, they were sharing adjoining bedrooms. Actually, there was no luck involved. They both determined that Opal had purposely assigned them adjoining bathrooms in another of her matchmaking efforts. Dixie offered to move to a smaller room down the hall so that they would not have to share the same bathroom. Tad headed back to his bedroom, but he was unable to open the door. A look if mild panic overtook his face as he walked to the door to Dixie's room. That, too, was jammed. Dixie didn't believe Tad and tried out both doors for herself. Apparently, Dixie's extremely long hot shower had warped the hundred year old doors. Tad chided that Dixie always had taken awfully long showers. The doors would probably open on their own in an hour or so, so it was just a matter of waiting. Dixie suggested that they use vitamins to play checkers on the tiled floor. Tad had a better game: Truth or Dare. This version wasn't quite along the same lines as the one made famous by Madonna---it was more of a game of truth telling. Tad told Dixie that he wanted to know what she meant when she said that the reason she did not show up on the Statler Building rooftop was "complicated." Dixie quickly snapped that she meant that their conversations were complicated. Dixie searched for something that she could use to pry open the doors. She found a nailfile and tried to sand down the warped wood, but she had little luck. Tad snatched the file away from Dixie and prepared to show off his private investigator skills. But Tad never made it to the door. He walked to the toiler and dropped the file into the bowl. Then he flushed the toilet and waved goodbye to the file. Now, he said, there was nothing to do but wait. He again told Dixie that he knew that there was something that she wanted to tell him, or rather something that she wanted him to know.

On her way from plotting with Gillian, Hayley was detained by Mateo. He asked her where she'd disappeared to. Hayley lamely replied that she'd been looking in on the kids. Matt then asked her if she'd seen Raquel lately. "It's not my job to look after her," Hayley growled. Mateo went on his way and Hayley continued on to the next step of her plan. Gillian, meanwhile, flagged down her grandmother and told the duchess that Ryan needed her help. Hayley arrived in the room where Ryan was being held and asked the police officer for a few minutes alone with Ryan. The officer explained that he had to remain in the room per Derek's orders. Hayley walked across the room, her arms outstretched. She gave Ryan a big hug, telling him that she was so sorry that such bad things had happened to him. Then, she pulled him close and whispered in his ears. "Gillian and I have a plan," she said softly. What Hayley was about to say next would either sink or liberate her friend. The whole plan was contingent upon Ryan being able to decipher Hayley's code. She seemingly randomly remarked that she'd just had a conversation with Marian and Stuart. Marian, she claimed, had offered Ryan her support. Then, she told Ryan that Marian and Stuart were planning their honeymoon. She asked Ryan if she remembered the time Marian had went away for a few weeks thanks to her travel agent, Lee. The cryptic remark was a reference to Marian's abduction at the hands of Lee Hawkins. She continued on, asking Ryan if he remembered where Marian had ended up. That cozy little nook, she said, was probably still available. The nook---while anything but cozy---was an empty vault in the Marick mausoleum. Suddenly, a loud scream sounded from the parlor. Edmund, Kit, Gillian, Mateo, Raquel, and several police officers raced to the parlor to see what was going on. Eugenia> clutched her throat and exclaimed that someone had stolen her necklace. Eugenia blathered on about the priceless Andrassy jewels for several minutes before Edmund realized that something wasn't quite right. Eugenia had no Andrassy jewels---her son had lost them all in casinos. "Ryan!" Edmund growled. The police and Edmund raced to check on Ryan. As expected, Ryan was nowhere to be found. Derek angrily roasted Eugenia, threatening to haul her off to jail as an accomplice in Ryan's breakout. Eugenia claimed that he had no idea where Ryan had gone. Edmund nodded his head and said that he believed the duchess. Mateo became extremely uncomfortable when one of the police officers noted that Hayley was the last person to be seen with Ryan. Raquel approached Mateo and hinted that she might somehow be responsible for what had happened. She told Mateo about the mix-up with her rum and cola and said that she'd heard that alcoholics can go berserk even with a slight mouthful of liquor. Mateo shook his head and assured Raquel that Hayley had not fallen off the wagon.

Down at mausoleum, the police search came up empty. Suddenly, a car sped out of the parking lot at nearly sixty miles-and-hour. The police took chase believing that they were hot on Ryan's tail. In the speeding car, a foot pressed down on the accelerator. "C'mon suckers! Take the bait," Hayley sneered.

Back at the mausoleum, Ryan and Gillian waited until the coast was clear before crawling out of the empty vault. Ryan urged Gillian to go back to the house. Once there, Gillian was asked to tell the police that she'd tried to stop Ryan from fleeing. Gillian looked into her husband's eyes and told him that she would follow him wherever he went; she was not going to let him runaway and leave her behind. Ryan told Gillian that he loved her and then they kissed. Hand in hand, they walked out of the mausoleum.

In bed, Opalstared at a picture of Frank Dawson, Adrian's father. She spoke softly to the picture. Adrian, Opal commented, reminded her of Frank. Frank had once stepped in to help her in a difficult time with Ray Gardner. Now, Adrian was helping her with Palmer. Palmer entered the room and asked Opal who she was talking to. He assumed that Opal was hiding someone under the bed. Opal heaved a book at Palmer, but missed her mark by a mile. Palmer claimed that he'd dropped by the bedroom to pick up a Picasso painting that Opal had given him for his birthday. Opal originally argued that she didn't want Palmer to get his hands on the artwork because it might disappear before it could be counted amongst their mutual assets. Palmer told Opal that gifts should remain the recipient's property. Opal smiled happily and said that she'd agree to that. Palmer had given Opal a house in Maui on one of her birthdays. That house, she smiled, was now all hers. Palmer wished Opal well and told her that she should spend more time at the house---particularly during typhoon season. Opal counted by telling her husband that she hopes his Picasso "brightens up [his] room in hell." Palmer filed out of the room, but a knock on the door presumably sounded his return. Opal answered the knock, asking "the blood sucking leech" what he wanted this time. This wasn't the leech---it was Adrian. Adrian was worried that Palmer had hurt Opal, but Opal assured him that she was fine. Opal praised Adrian as a "fine young man" and told him that she'd missed him dearly. She also told Adrian that she approved of his relationship with Belinda. She went on to say that she hoped Adrian would never forget her and his other friends in Pine Valley. She pulled Adrian close and gave him a hug. As they embraced, the bedroom door swung open and a photographer appeared. He snapped off several pictures as Palmer smiled arrogantly. The photographer raced of and Adrian followed closely behind, hoping to get the film away from the cameraman. Opal blasted Palmer for hiring a photographer, saying that any photographs could blow Adrian's cover and expose him to all kinds of danger. Palmer began to sniffle. "I loved you and you broke my heart," he sobbed. He then began to laugh devilishly. He told Opal that he could be a convincing liar---and warned her that he would do whatever he had to do in court to make the judge side with him. He pressed Opal over and over again about her adulterous relationship with Adrian. Opal repeatedly tried to explain that Adrian was not her lover, but Palmer would not relent. Opal didn't deny caring for Adrian, saying that she loved him with all her heart. Palmer argued that Opal planned on divorcing him, taking his money, and then running off with her younger lover. By now, Opal was worked into a frenzy. Her breathing was rapid and tears rolled down her face. "He's not my lover, you idiot! He's my son!" Opal screamed. Adrian's face froze as he stood in the doorway just behind Opal.

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