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Chris placed a bug in Erica's home and later set off a false alarm at Enchantment so that he could snoop around Erica's secret shipment from Asia. Brooke and Laura walked in on Leo and Greenlee together at SOS. Jake posed as Greenlee's love interest at Leo and Laura's wedding reception, and later took her on a romantic camping trip. Liza gave Ryan his old job back at WRCW. Mia made her debut at a poker game. Tad was hauled in for questioning about Sweeney's death, and his fingerprints were later found on the murder weapon.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, July 16, 2001

Laura arrived at SOS to see Leo and Greenlee sharing a table. As she stood just inside the door and stared, Leo noticed her and jumped up to greet her. She told him she came to listen BBMak with him. Brooke drove her and was out parking the car. Greenlee joined them and Leo tried to make light of the fact he was sitting with her. He took Laura's arm and steered her towards a table, leaving Greenlee standing alone. Brooke took it all in as she came into SOS. Greenlee told Laura she had been having a wonderful time at SOS - even before she ran into Leo. She told Laura Leo did nothing but talk about her and that she looked much better than Leo said. Brooke joined them and fretted over Laura, worrying that she may get tired. She talked Leo into getting a cold diet soda for Laura. Brooke followed him to the bar and asked why he was there with Greenlee. Leo denied it and said they just ran into each other. Brooke warned him that she would not let him hurt Laura. Leo finally admitted that he had come to SOS to meet Greenlee, but it wasn't what Brooke thought. He came there to tell Greenlee that he was in love with Laura and she should leave them alone. Brooke wanted to know if Greenlee believed him. He asked, "Do you?" Brooke said she was trying to believe him. Greenlee told Laura that her meeting with Leo was merely that they had a history together and were just discussing things. Laura interrupted her to remind her that Leo was her husband. Greenlee tried to get Laura to sit down and then admitted that she had asked Leo to meet her there. Laura asked why. Greenlee was about to say more when Leo and Brooke returned with the sodas. They sat down at a table. Greenlee announced that it was time Laura knew why she had met Leo. They all looked apprehensively at Greenlee. Leo and Brooke tried to get Laura to leave before Greenlee could tell her what she had to say. Laura said she wanted to hear Greenlee because she had asked her why. Greenlee said that since Laura appeared to be getting better, she wanted to throw a party for her. Brooke thanked her but told her she was giving them a wedding reception. Greenlee said she actually wasn't giving the party for Laura, but for herself. She knew how people talked in a small town and she felt if she gave Laura a party, people would see that she was over Leo and happy for the married couple. Laura told Greenlee just to come to the wedding reception and people would see it then. Greenlee politely thanked her and told her she'd be delighted to come. As she walked away, Leo watched skeptically. Once out of their sight, Greenlee let out a frustrated scream.

Erica rushed up to Bianca and Gabriel in SOS. She was worried because she had received an email from Bianca telling her to get there as fast as she could. Bianca assured her she had not sent the email. Erica wondered who could have sent it - and why.

Meanwhile, at Erica's house, Chris Stamp was dressed in dark clothing and donning a pair of black leather gloves. He checked over his shoulder before using Erica's key to let himself into the house.

Erica soon forgot about the email and perked up as she noticed Bianca was with a male. Erica apologized for interrupting their good time. Bianca introduced Erica to Gabriel. Erica seemed impressed and told him she was glad to finally get to meet him after what he had done the other night. Saving SOS was a very brave deed. Bianca told her mother that Gabriel was living at Wildwind and that he was a brother to Alex and Anna. Erica smiled and told him he must have received all the good looks in that family. Embarrassed, Bianca asked if they could leave. Erica invited Gabriel to dinner sometime and went to bring the car around. After she had gone, Gabriel asked Bianca if Erica had been flirting with him. Bianca smiled and said yes, but that she was going to have to set her mother straight on the "gay-to-straight" conversion. Erica and Bianca discussed Bianca's friends as they arrived home. As Erica searched her purse for her keys, she told Bianca her friends were welcome at the house anytime. Inside, Chris paused on the stairway as he heard Erica and Bianca at the door. When Erica couldn't find her key, Bianca opened the door with hers. Stepping inside, she turned the lamp switch. When the light didn't come on, she tried another light. When that light didn't work, Bianca told Erica it must be the circuit breaker and she went to check it. As Erica nervously waited for Bianca to return, Chris peered around the corner. Erica was getting frightened and shouted for Bianca. Chris stepped back into the doorway. Hearing a noise, Erica picked up the fireplace poker and asked if someone was there. Chris pulled a black ski mask over his face and turned to leave. Hearing a creaking noise, Erica turned to see a man. She raised the poker and struck him with it several times. The first blow knocked him to the floor, but he recovered and ran to the front door with Erica in pursuit. Bianca ran back into the room shouting for her mother. Bianca wanted to know what happened. As Erica comforted her, she said she didn't know.

As Liza entered her office at WRCW, she noticed a news special on television about Gillian's death. She walked over to the television and shut it off. As she began to get organized, her thoughts went back to her discussion with Adam regarding JR and whether or not he was capable of murdering Sweeney. Just then Ryan came into her office. He told her he was there to see the station manager about the coverage WRCW had been giving Gillian's death. He told Liza he wanted it stopped. Liza explained that the story of Gillian served a public need - it was news. Ryan disagreed and told Liza she was only worried about ratings and money. He said it wasn't a story about Gillian's life, but about her death. He wanted the shows off the air. Liza finally agreed that the public's need to know had been fulfilled and she would pull the shows off the air. As Ry6an turned to leave, Liza opened her desk and pulled out a bottle of alcohol. She invited Ryan to have a drink with her. Ryan and Liza kicked back with their drinks in her office. She asked Ryan if he had heard the stories about her when she was in high school. He replied he had heard that she had been kind of hard. She smiled and agreed stating that her family life hadn't been very good and she had blamed it on her mother. Ryan had also heard that her mother had had an affair with Tad when he was Liza's boyfriend. He was amazed that she was so close to her mother now. Liza said they had changed. Ryan retorted that nobody changes. Liza reminded him that when she first met him he was a scam artist. He had changed since that time and couldn't go back to being that way again. Ryan replied, "You wanna bet?" Liza's phone rang and stopped the conversation. As Liza answered her phone, Ryan poured himself another drink. As Liza was about to forward the client to the sales manager, Ryan recognized the name and signaled to Liza that he'd take the call. The client wasn't happy about the time slots her ads were running and wanted to change them. With his smooth talk, Ryan managed to placate the client and promised her he would try to get some of her ads run during wrestling. He smiled at Liza as he hung up the phone. Liza poured another drink for Ryan and complimented him on handling the client. She offered Ryan his old job back. The present sales rep wasn't working out and she wanted Ryan back. She told him he made money for her and was good at it. As he was about to answer, Adam walked into the room. He wanted to know what Ryan was doing there. Ryan looked at Adam and replied he was considering taking a job for Liza. Adam was upset that Ryan was considering working for Liza. Ryan reminded him that he was not happy with him lately. Adam answered that he had just been trying to get Ryan kicking and screaming into the profit column. Anyone he'd get to replace Ryan now would be worse than Ryan was. He accused Ryan of having no loyalty - no honor. Ryan had enough by then. He got up and told Liza that she had a new sales rep. Ryan finished writing a letter of resignation and handed it to Adam. Adam refused to accept it. He told Ryan he'd hang onto it until he sobered up. Ryan stated he didn't want to work for Adam. Walking out the door, he told Liza he'd see her in the morning. Liza closed the door behind him and turned to Adam. She told him she could not be JR's alibi for that evening. She felt very strongly that JR could not have killed anyone and that by giving him an alibi, they'd make things worse for him. He felt Liza had a low opinion of him, but Liza said she really had a high opinion of him. She wished he shared it. Adam looked pensive as Liza left the room.

Tad wanted to know why Dixie felt she had to use an assumed name and meet him at the Pine Cone Inn. Dixie said she was frightened with the events that had just occurred and felt she needed to meet him someplace where they could be alone and talk privately. Then she asked him if he killed Sweeney. Tad denied it. Dixie explained that she was concerned because he had been so angry with Sweeney for selling drugs to JR. Also, Derek told her he had seen blood on Tad's shirtsleeve. Tad told her Sweeney had been alive when he left the boathouse. Dixie apologized for questioning him, but she was ready to provide an alibi for him if he needed it. Tad was touched by her willingness to protect him. He wanted to know what happened. Dixie related that the police had found Sweeney dead at the boathouse. Tad was shocked. He did see Sweeney at the boathouse and had roughed him up some, but he swore he didn't kill him. Dixie asked what Sweeney was like and Tad told her he was just a punk kid. Tad had pushed Sweeney for names of his suppliers, but Sweeney wouldn't give him any. Tad felt his fear of the dealers was greater than getting beat. This alarmed Dixie. She feared that someone may have overheard Tad threaten Sweeney and murdered him to keep him quiet. If that was the case, they could very well be after Tad or his family. Tad assured her he would never let anyone hurt her or JR. They went into each other's arms and kissed tenderly. Dixie's fears that someone could come after them would not easily be set aside. Tad felt that because of Sweeney's life style, there were probably many reasons why he had been murdered. He told Dixie he should go to Derek right away and explain the whole story. Dixie teased him about being progressive. As they talked, they ended up back in each other's arms. Tad told Dixie he had never stopped loving her and they kissed passionately. Tad and Dixie nestled in bed together and proclaimed their love for each other.

Tad walked Dixie to her door and kissed her goodbye. She told him she wished they could be back together right now. Tad felt they needed to wait. Any decision they made would affect JR. He wondered if JR had heard about Sweeney. Dixie didn't think so because he had gone to volunteer at the community center. They started to kiss again when the door opened and JR asked why they didn't come in. As they entered the room, Dixie asked JR about the community center. JR said it was ok, but he was tired and was going to bed. Tad asked him to wait because he had something to tell him. He told JR that his friend, Sweeney, had been killed. JR denied Sweeney was his friend. He said he really didn't know Sweeney well. The doorbell rang and Dixie answered it to find Derek standing there. He looked at Tad and said, "I've been looking for you." Derek asked Tad to take a ride with him. JR wanted to know what was wrong. Tad said nothing was wrong and asked Derek to confirm that. Derek held up a plastic bag containing Tad's business card. Tad looked sick when he saw that, but told Derek he could explain everything. Derek agreed Tad could explain why his business card was found next to Sweeney's body. As Dixie and JR look on, Tad asked if he was under arrest.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

The morning following the break-in at her home, a frightened Erica filled Jack in on the details of what she had endured. When Erica referred to the intruder as a "phantom," Jack mentioned that there were no signs of a forced entry into the house. Jack headed off to check the house. While he was gone, Myrtle arrived at Erica's home and immediately attempted to calm her good friend. Myrtle told Erica that she was going to have one of her new boarders drop by and install new locks on all of Erica's doors. It was something about the way Myrtle lit up when she spoke about the new boarder than made Erica ask questions. "If I was a few years younger," Myrtle gushed bashfully. "There's something about a man with a tool belt." Just seconds later, Chris Stamp showed up with a brown paper bag. Erica froze in horror when she realized that Chris was the man Myrtle had been referring to. Myrtle listened as Chris and Erica hurled insults back and forth. Chris claimed that he was Erica's "bodyguard," while Erica alleged that Chris was just like every other man - he wanted to be with her romantically. Chris denied that he wanted anything to do with Erica and called her "high-strung, pushy [and] bossy." Erica refused to call Chris the most unappealing person who has ever tried to court her, admitting that Chris was "marginally" appealing. Chris agreed to finish installing the new hardware on the doors as quickly as possible so that he could leave and "never darken [Erica's] door" again. As Chris worked on the front door, Bianca returned home. Unaware of her mother's dealings with Chris, Bianca greeted Chris cheerfully and again thanked him for rescuing her from the smoke-filled room as SOS. Bianca sat down and told her mother and Myrtle about the murder at the boathouse. Erica was surprisingly cold to the news. She nonchalantly suggested that perhaps the drug-dealing teenager had gotten was he deserved.

At Sounds of Salsa, Mateo joined Gabriel at one of the table he was cleaning and praised him on a job well done. He also handed him a wad of cash. Gabriel refused to take the money, reminding Mateo that he hadn't been working at the club long enough to get a paycheck. Mateo explained that Gabriel earned a percentage of each night's tips - and the money was his cut. Elsewhere in the club, Shannon, Heather, Mindy, Marcus and Ken all discussed Sweeney's murder. No one in the group could believe that Sweeney had been killed. Marcus appeared to have the most unsympathetic take on Sweeney's death, saying that Sweeney's job came with such risks. Someone else mused that they were not at all happy with the prospect of having to find another drug dealer. Rosa and Philomena entered the club and took up a position near the bar. Marcus excused himself from his friends and hurried right over to Rosa. Marcus first told Rosa how much he'd missed her and then asked her if she'd accompany him to Leo and Laura's post-wedding party. Rosa eagerly accepted the invitation, but later confessed to Phil that she didn't have a thing to wear to the party. Phil offered to get Rosa a discount at her family's store, but Rosa still didn't have enough money for a dress. She muttered that she wished she was more like Cinderella and had some birds and mice to help her sew a dress. She then looked across the club and saw Mateo, her "fairy godfather." Rosa met with her big brother in the back room and asked him for a job at the club. Mateo reminded Rosa that she already had a job working at the church rectory. Rosa complained that she didn't earn enough at her current job to buy herself the dress she needed for her party. Mateo was not at all thrilled at the prospect of his youngest sister going to a party with Marcus, but he hid his unhappiness pretty well. In the end, Rosa convinced Mateo to give her a job as a dishwasher and give her an advance so that she could buy a dress. Bianca arrived at the club and checked up on Gabriel. She told him about the break-in at her mom's house and stated that she'd had to sleep with the light on all night. Gabriel quickly fired back that there was nothing wrong with needing a light on in one's room. Gabriel then cocked his head to the side and asked Bianca if she could tell him all about "a girl named Cinderella." Bianca was mildly amused that Gabriel had never heard the fairytale, but when she was reminded of Gabriel's tortured upbringing, she realized it wasn't all that funny. Bianca filled Gabriel in on the basics of the story and asked him why he wanted to know about Cinderella. She watched as Gabriel eyed Rosa and realized that Gabriel had a crush on the girl. Gabriel explained that Marcus had asked Rosa to escort him to a party. Bianca's face lit up as she realized that the party in question was Leo and Laura's delayed wedding reception. She asked Gabriel if he'd like to go with her because she was also invited. With a wry smile she said that Marcus might turn into a pumpkin and leave Rosa dateless. Shannon, meanwhile, taunted Marcus about his interest in Rosa. She asked Marcus if she should tell he "senorita" what to expect on a date with him. Marcus grabbed Shannon by the arm and led her to the alley behind the club. There, he pushed the girl against the wall and grabbed her throat. Marcus warned Shannon that he would kill her if she breathed a word of what had happened between them.

At the police station, Derek continued his all-night interrogation of Tad. Tad said that the lieutenant could question him all week, but his story would not change; he did not kill Sweeney. A police offer stuck her head into the room and motioned to Derek. Derek left the room and returned a few seconds later with a visitor for Tad. Dixie burst into the room and immediately took her husband in her arms. Derek would later reveal that he didn't really believe that Tad had killed Sweeney. He suggested that another drug dealer had killed Sweeney in some sort of turf war. According to the medical examiner's report, Sweeney had died from "blunt force trauma" to the head. There were, however, bruises and scratches consistent with the type of struggled Tad had described. As for the bloodstain on Tad's sleeve, it was a match to Sweeney's blood type. Derek told Tad that he was free to leave, but warned him not to leave town. As the lieutenant escorted Tad and Dixie outside, another police officer arrived with a bagged, bloodstained car jack. This, the officer said, was believed to be the weapon that killed Sweeney. Derek ordered the jack be taken to forensics for a thorough going over. As Tad and Dixie left, Derek remarked that he was glad to see that they were once again a couple.

Back at Erica's house, Myrtle asked Erica if she had any idea why someone had broken into her home. Erica quickly replied that she suspected "industrial espionage." Erica said that she was expecting a "very special shipment" from Asia and that it could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. In the background, Chris fiddled with Erica's phone and installed a small device into the jack. Erica caught sight of what he was doing and demanded that he unhand her phone. Chris claimed that he was merely trying to make a call - a local call. Erica didn't buy it and tried to wrestle the phone free from Chris' hands. Jack returned downstairs and said that his search failed to turn up anything out of the ordinary. With that, he decided to leave the house and let Erica and Chris continue their argument. Shortly thereafter, Chris finished his installation of the new locks and decided to leave. He exited the house and got only a few yards from the door before pulling a small device from his pocket. He put an earplug into his ear and heard Erica's voice telling Myrtle that she didn't trust him. Erica referred to Chris as a stalker. Erica excused herself to answer her phone. On the other end, a Mr. Soondoo informed Erica that he would be sending her the package they'd discussed. Erica asked that the package be sent to her attention and that it be marked "personal" and "confidential." Outside, Chris placed a phone call to an associate and revealed that he had taken care of at least one of their problems. "Sweeney?" he chirped. "[His] lips have been sealed permanently." He then told the person on the other end that his next target was Erica Kane.

Tad and Dixie sat quietly in their car in the parking area outside of the police station. Tad presented Dixie with a jewelry box. Inside the box was a diamond star necklace. Tad told Dixie that the necklace reminded him of their "wishing star." Suddenly, Derek appeared by the side of the car and ordered Tad out of the driver's seat. Tad did as he was ordered, but reminded Derek that he had just been told that he was free to go home. Derek explained that the forensics tests were in and the fingerprints on the car jack had been identified. "They're yours," Derek growled. Tad rolled his eyes and insisted that that was impossible. He popped the trunk of his car and said that his jack was inside. Derek look inside the trunk, but there was no jack. He then produced a warrant and announced to Tad that he was under arrest for the murder of Dwight Sweeney.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2001
by Debbie Brown

Laura got a once over from Jake at her condo, and he declared her to be progressing quite nicely. He asked her why she called him to come check her out rather than her cardiologist, David Hayward. Laura said she didn't want David to tell Leo that she was a little worried about her health. Then she 'fessed up and said she wanted to talk about Greenlee. She asked Jake if his roommate was still in love with Leo because she has the feeling that Greenlee is trying to steal her husband. Jake told Laura that Leo sat by her bedside every day she was in the hospital and that he loves her very much. He said Greenlee may still love Leo but she'll just have to get over it. Laura told Jake about the wedding reception her mother was having for her tonight and that she had invited Greenlee to attend. Laura said she did it to show Greenlee she wasn't afraid of her but that deep down she really was. Jake said Greenlee and Leo had a lot of problems and they always broke up. "They definitely wouldn't be getting back together tonight at the party." he assured Laura. Jake went on to say that while he does find Greenlee attractive, she's got a hole in her heart that she can't fill up. Laura sensed that Jake has feelings for Greenlee. She came right out and asked him if he did. Jake said he cares that Greenlee's annoying, self-centered, frustrating and that she puts on a front for others, but that doesn't mean he has a thing for her. Laura said Greenlee is wounded and that Jake wants to help her. Jake admitted that he did want to help her, if he could. He then said he needed to get back to his rounds at the hospital. As he headed for the door he told Laura that whatever regimen David has her on is doing well for her. Laura said David told her she couldn't make love for 3 weeks and asked if that wasn't a little extreme. Jake said he agreed with David and that he wouldn't want to see her have a setback. He told Laura again that she didn't have anything to worry about with Greenlee. Laura quipped "She tried to kill me once, she wanted Leo so badly." Jake said things were different then and not to worry and left Laura to ponder this.

At SOS Leo greeted Greenlee, who had come at his request. She was very happy and said he'd finally had an attack of conscious and was going to tell Laura he'd married her out of pity. Leo just looked at her and told her a bad case of the flu was going and she was going to come down with it next. Greenlee told Leo she felt just fine but he insisted that she was looking poorly and felt feverish. Greenlee didn't catch on so Leo spelled it out for her. She was to call Laura and give her regrets for being unable to attend the wedding reception that evening. Greenlee flatly refused and said everyone would notice if she didn't show up. She then said it was just a party, not a big deal. Leo said it wasn't just about the party; it was about Laura. He wanted to make his wife happy. Greenlee told him he was playing the hero but Leo denied it. She told him she'd never gotten over him and that she never stopped loving him. Leo asked her to prove it and she said she'd do anything. Leo told Greenlee to leave him and Laura alone, forever. She looked stunned and Leo said "You don't love me, you just want me because you can't have me." Greenlee came back with "You romanced an invalid!" and Leo told her that he'd fallen in love with Laura. He demanded to know why she wanted to come to the party at all, and wondered if it was to trash Laura. Greenlee snickered and said "What, tell her you married her for her money?" Greenlee told Leo she couldn't be so cruel and that Laura would never hear about the money Brooke gave Leo from her. Leo told Greenlee he was sorry it worked out like this and she said "Me too. We're so much alike Leo!" Leo sadly responded, "We had our chance. It's gone and will never happen again." With that Leo left and Greenlee sat alone at the table.

Leo went home and walked through the front door to find Laura cleaning. He said he should be the one doing the work and she told him she was getting better, he didn't have to baby her. She went to Leo and gave him a passionate kiss, which stunned him and he backed away. He asked when the caterers were coming and was told they'd be there in an hour. Leo told his wife they had time to get ready for their "big evening" and Laura agreed. She put her hands on Leo's shoulders and began kissing him again. Leo pulled away again and she said "Don't you want to?." Leo reminded Laura that David told them to wait "till your thumper is stronger." Laura told him that Jake said she was doing better and she that she wants to show Leo how much she loves him, like a real wife.

At Enchantment Erica argued with a supplier about the delivery of an order. He assured her the product was on the way, while Chris Stamp listened from another room. Mr. Stamp uttered to himself "That's good, keep acting like all you're waiting for is a load of cosmetics." Mr. Soondoo left the room and Erica paced for a moment. Then she called Val and began telling him about the shipment she was expecting. But before she got very far Mr. Soondoo came back with a small box. Erica hung up on Val and expressed her surprise at the smallness of the package. The supplier reminded her that it was just a sample. She thanked him and asked him to leave because she wanted to open the package alone. He walked out the door and Chris grabbed his janitor's box and walked out of his hiding place saying "It's show time!." Erica found a pair of scissors and was beginning to open the box when Chris stormed into her office. She tried to hide the box and then railed the janitor for barging in. He tried to give her the excuse that her air conditioning wasn't working, hadn't she noticed how hot it was in her office. Of course she hadn't noticed anything and demanded that he come back later to do any repairs. He told her to just give him 10 minutes but she yelled at him to get out. As Chris walked out Greenlee walked in. Erica told her she wasn't needed right now but to go to marketing and help them. Greenlee looked quite upset and Erica asked what was wrong. Greenlee told her about the party tonight and how Leo is stuck with Laura. She said Leo doesn't love Laura the way he loves her. Erica said she can relate and gave some advice to Greenlee. She told her employee not to push Leo, but to let Leo see how much he misses her on his own. This perked Greenlee up. Erica continued, saying, "Make Leo regret leaving you and in my experience someone better always comes along!" Greenlee left, much happier. Erica began to open the package again as Chris set off fire alarms in the building. She chose to ignore the noise but Val rushed in telling her they had to evacuate. Erica refused to go and told Val to find out what was happening and come back to tell her. He refused and told her she had to leave with him, she was the CEO and had to be saved. Chris came in and told Erica he was the fire marshal for that floor and it was his job to get everyone out safely. If she refused to walk on her own he'd just have to carry her. She was disgusted by that thought and grabbed her box and headed for the door. She slipped into a dark utility closet and said "That horrible maintenance man will never find me here!" as she began to open the box. Chris entered the supply closet and startled Erica, who tried to hide the box. "Come here often?" Chris quipped.

At the Pine Valley Police Station Tad got his mug shots taken after being arrested for Sweeney's murder. Outside the room, Dixie argued with Derek. He told Dixie that Tad's prints were on the murder weapon. Dixie said someone stole the tire iron from Tad's car and used it to kill Sweeney. Derek argued that Tad had motive and opportunity. Dixie asked to speak to Tad alone and Derek agreed. He let her into office where Tad was and told them it was just for a few minutes. Tad and Dixie embraced and he apologized to her. She said he had nothing to be sorry for. She told him the cops made a horrible mistake. Tad wondered how they could make the police see that. Dixie said she thought someone was at the boathouse, saw Tad roughing up Sweeney and then just finished the job after Tad left. But she did wonder why there were no other fingerprints on the tire iron, other than Tad's. Tad said who ever murdered Sweeney wore gloves and it sounded like it was premeditated. Dixie wondered if someone was framing Tad, since he was investigating drug dealers. Derek came back and said their time was up. As he led Tad to a cell Dixie said Jack was working on getting him out as soon as possible. After sitting alone in the cell for a little while Tad looked up in surprise at JR, who'd come to visit. JR looked very remorseful. Tad asked if he was all right and JR said "It's all my fault!" Tad told him it wasn't but JR said he wouldn't have beat up Sweeney if JR hadn't messed up. Tad said maybe JR wouldn't have turned to Sweeney if he hadn't messed up with Dixie. JR asked what happened at the boat house and Tad reassured him that he didn't kill Sweeney. Tad hugged JR through the cell bars and said he didn't kill that kid but Derek will find out who did. JR said Sweeney wasn't his friend, he was just someone who sold them drugs. He told Tad he'd seen Sweeney at BJ's a couple of times but mostly he'd seen him at the boathouse. Tad told him "You, me and your mom are going to work on a solution together." JR picked up this and was pleased. Derek came in and said it was time for JR to go. As he was leaving JR told Derek "You made a big mistake arresting my dad", which made Tad smile.

Upstairs JR and Dixie hugged and JR apologized. She said they were going to forgive and forget and move on. JR asked "The three of us?" and Dixie said they're working on it and that she misses Tad a lot. JR said he did too and that the three of them make a pretty good team. Mother and son left together to work on getting Tad out of jail.

Jake met Greenlee at SOS. She said she was turning over a new leaf and wanted to apologize for standing him up the other night. He wondered who else was on her list to make up to. She said "The newlyweds, for one. I haven't been very supportive and I want to change that." Jake was very skeptical and told her she shouldn't go to the party. She insisted that she was going and Jake said he couldn't miss this so he'd go too. She bounced away and Jake was amused by the thought of her "apology list."

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Thursday, July 19, 2001

Dressed in a suit, Ryan entered Liza's office at WRCW. Sitting in Liza's desk chair, Marian swiveled around to face him and expressed her surprise at seeing him there. Ryan explained that he was no longer working with Adam and that he had taken his old job back. Marian asked him why he hadn't accepted her job offer and Ryan replied that he had told her he would just to "get (her) out of (his) face" so he could "drink (himself) to sleep." Marian stated that she wanted him to do the job for her and reminded him that she would pay him. Slyly, Ryan replied that she "should know (he wasn't) cheap" but Marian reminded him that she wasn't poor and asked if she should find someone else.

After Marian explained what she wanted him to do, Ryan asked her if she thought her life would be easier if he "took care of this person." Marian replied that was the plan and Ryan agreed to help her but asked for part of the money up front. Flustered, Marian handed him an envelope of money that she was supposed to be depositing for Stuart's art gallery and promised to give him a check later. As Ryan held the money, Marian rose, told him that she would be in touch and left. As Ryan counted the money, two men walked in with cases of beer and cards. Embarrassed, they apologized and explained that they were going to play their weekly poker game and they thought the office was empty. They asked Ryan if he wanted in and, as Ryan held the money in his hand, he agreed. As the men set up, they explained that they were waiting for another man to show up whom they didn't know, but was known to "have money." Roger suddenly walked in and Ryan coldly asked him whose "trust fund (he) was betting on tonight."

Ryan raked in the money and gloated to the rest of the group about him winning. Gillian and Jesse watched from the sidelines and Gillian was amazed that Ryan was acting in such an uncharacteristic way. She wondered how she would ever get through to him if she couldn't "scold him for his gambling." Suddenly, a beautiful woman walked into the office and Gillian and the other men asked who she was. One of the men replied that she was from "corporate office" and that she'd heard about the game. The woman pulled up a seat next to Ryan and told him to deal her in.

As Greenlee applied make-up and got ready to go to Leo and Laura's wedding party, Jake tried to convince her not to go. He told her he thought she would tell Laura that Brooke paid Leo to marry her but Greenlee explained that she was only going to prove to everyone that she was over him. As she applied lipstick, Greenlee assured Jake that she wouldn't spill the beans and that she was going to stick to the promise that she made to Leo. Happily, she picked up her purse, told Jake to have a good night and left for her hair appointment. Alone, Jake whispered that he wasn't going to "let (her) do it" and picked up the phone.

Greenlee returned home as Jake was straightening his tie. Jake told her that she looked good but assumed that she already knew this. Happily, Greenlee confirmed that she did. She asked him to wait for her so he could see her "to die for" dress and, as she ran into her room, Jake began counting down. As he said "one", Greenlee seemed to scream as if on cue and ran out as she demanded to know what he had done with her clothes. She explained that the only thing left in her drawers and closet was her jeans and underwear but Jake only smiled. He explained that it was his loft and he had no room for his clothes. "Your loft won't be renovated until the Bush girls are old enough to drink!" he exclaimed. Greenlee insisted that she was still going to go to Leo and Laura's "wing ding" and demanded to know where her "one of a kind, custom-made dress" was. Calmly, Jake explained that he hired someone to take her clothes away to one of the three thousand storage places in Pine Valley. Greenlee shrieked but Jake only stated that he wasn't going to let her ruin Leo and Laura's party. Smiling, he asked her if she had anything to say and she angrily began to hit him. As she pulled herself back, Greenlee exclaimed that she had to look good for the party. Jake replied that he had done it for her own good because he didn't want her to be responsible for breaking Laura's heart and hurting her. Greenlee became frustrated and whined that all she heard about now was "poor little weak Laura." She stated that she was going to go to the party even if she was dressed in sweats as she was. She told a shocked Jake that she always got what she wanted, that this time was no different and left.

Alone in their house for the first time, Laura unbuttoned Leo's shirt as she kissed him. Leo pulled back and suggested that it was too soon for her but Laura assured him that she was fine and that her "heart (was) beating so fast." Leo replied that she should rest up for the party but Laura only pulled him closer and told him her "new heart (would) burst if (she) didn't make love to (her) husband." Leo began to unbutton her shirt and saw her scar for the first time. Laura assured him that it didn't hurt her and asked him if he was scared of it. Leo replied that he was scared of it for her but Laura told him she was fine and Leo continued. Suddenly, she burst out into a coughing fit and Leo pulled back in fear. He asked her if he had hurt her and Laura replied that she was fine and begged him to make love to her. Instead, Leo rose, got her water and, as she sipped it, he assured her that it was "no big deal." Laura replied that it was a big deal to her and that she wanted to make love to him before they were "out of time." Confused, Leo told her that her recovery was coming along well but Laura admitted that she was worried that they weren't going to be together forever. Leo assured her that they were but before he could continue, he went to answer the door. Brooke walked in and, realizing the pair was half-dressed, asked what was going on. Flustered, they buttoned their shirts and Laura went into her room to get ready. Alone, Brooke turned to Leo and asked him if he cared for Laura at all or if everything he said had been a lie. She told Leo that it was "clear what was going on" before she got there and reminded him that he had promised to take care of her. Frustrated, Leo explained that it had been Laura's idea and that he had tried to slow things down but Brooke was unbelieving. She replied that Laura had to "fight to be able to stand up for three minutes" and stated that the anti-rejection drugs lowered her libido. Leo repeated that he had tried to stop her and Brooke suddenly became angry and Laura felt the need to prove that her husband loved her just by having sex with him. She told Leo that she had to say these things because no one else would but Leo just walked out. Alone, Laura came out and told Brooke that she owed Leo an apology. Brooke apologized for getting in the middle but Laura only suggested that she "get out of it." She assured Brooke that she knew what she was doing but Brooke reminded her that the doctors had told her to stay quiet for three weeks. Laura nodded and wondered if three weeks was too long. Surprised, Brooke replied that if that was what she felt, they had a bigger problem than they thought. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Palmer, Vanessa and Phoebe arrived with the caterers in tow and Laura went to help the caterers. Vanessa asked where Leo was and Brooke replied that he had gone for a "quick walk."

Leo arrived back and stood outside the house. Vanessa approached him and told a surprised Leo that she was there to celebrate his "new" love. "Isn't there anything better you could be doing tonight? Like flying over Pine Valley like other old bats?" he asked her. Vanessa suggested his anger was connected to his already failing marriage but Leo was unmoved. He reminded her of when she told him that "every good deed never goes unpunished" and stated that he understood that now. As he walked back inside, Vanessa quietly wondered whether the pair were going to get a divorce or an annulment.

Together in the supplies closet, Chris asked Erica what she was doing in his "de facto office." Erica haughtily replied that she didn't have to explain herself but confessed that she had gone there to get some privacy. Chris spied the package she was holding and asked her what it was, but Erica refused to answer. She told him she would have opened it in her office if he hadn't of barged in during the fire alarm and attempted to carry her out. Chris reminded her that he was only trying to help her like he had the night of the fire at SOS and suddenly grabbed the package out of her hand. As Erica jumped up and tried to get it back, he demanded to know what it was. Erica finally snatched the package away, called him a "boar" and suggested that he had only "very basic" primitive needs. Chris shot back that she was a control freak and suggested that they didn't get along because he challenged her authority. Erica scoffed at the notion that a "custodial engineer" could challenge her and demanded to know what he wanted from her. Again, Chris asked what was in the package but Erica didn't answer and demanded that one of them leave. "After you," Chris stated, as he held open the door. Erica replied that he should leave, so Chris closed the door and suggested that since they were in such "close quarters" that she should just tell him what she was holding. Erica looked horrified as Chris suddenly began taking off his clothes and explained that he had to work at BJ's that night. She demanded that he stop but Chris suggested that she leave if she didn't like what she saw. Erica agreed, went to the door but changed her mind. She reasoned that it was fair for her to see him half-naked since he had seen her in the same condition. Erica began to blast him for having "no point" in anything that he was doing but Chris only threw his jump suit at her and told her to neatly fold it. Erica threw it back at him and stated that she was leaving on her "own accord" because she had a wedding party to go to. Chris replied that he hated weddings but admitted that he heard she liked them a lot. Angry, Erica assured him that if she ever saw him again, she would buy out his custodial company and fire him personally. After she slammed the door behind her, Chris made a phone call and explained that Erica was guarding the package but that they were on "the right track."

In her office, Erica opened the package and, as she held the box, she gloated that this would make Enchantment the "biggest perfume retailer in the world." She placed it in her desk drawer, locked it, turned out the lights and left. After she had gone, Chris snuck into Erica's office, opened the drawer and raised the package out and onto the table. He opened a small vial, tasted it and suddenly appeared confused. "That's not it," he stated. "No, there's no way she can be onto me."

Bianca arrived at Laura and Leo's with a neatly dressed Gabriel in tow. Uncomfortable, he refused to go in but Bianca only assured him that if she was straight, she'd be "all over" him. She entered the house and hugged Laura. Laura asked her if she had brought a date and Bianca told her that she had but when she looked towards the door, Gabriel wasn't there. Outside, Gabriel loosened his tie and was about to leave when he turned around and came face to face with Rosa.

Ryan laid his cards down on the table and collected the winning money once again. He told the woman, Mia, that it was her turn to deal and she assumed that it would be her turn to deal stud. "Just look at this room," she stated. "I don't like her," Gillian snarled but Jesse told her that they had to leave. "Over my dead body!" she told him. Mia dealt the cards and asked Ryan if he wanted to raise the stakes. He replied that he didn't feel good about his cards because the last one dealt to him had come from the bottom of the deck. "Are you accusing me of cheating buddy?" she asked him. Ryan asked Mia to show him her cards but when she refused, he went to grab them. She placed her hand on his to stop him and Gillian became angry. She threw open the doors and a blast of air swept the cards and the money off the table. The men grabbed their money and left. "Looks like you lucked out," Ryan stated, as Mia made her way out. In the hallway, Jesse accused Gillian of abusing her privileges but Gillian explained that Mia had given her the creeps. She stated that Ryan needed her because he was so alone. "Not for long," Jesse mumbled. Gillian demanded to know what that meant and insisted that she was the only one for Ryan. "What do you mean?!" she shouted to Jesse, as she chased him down the hall where they eventually disappeared.

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Friday, July 20, 2001
by Marla E Warren

At the Pine Valley Police Station, Derek leads a handcuffed Tad into a jail cell. Dixie and Jackson are there as well and Jackson says Tad's case has been moved to the top of the docket, so they don't have much time to prove his innocence. Tad wonders why and Jackson says the reason is probably political pressure. While they discuss the case, a man, Carl Sweeney (the murdered guy's father), overhears from around a corner. Tad says whoever is framing him probably has the judge in his pocket. They agree that whoever killed Dwight Sweeney did it to shut him up. Tad says, "I take the rap and the drug traffic just keeps on rolling." Jackson says he has people on the streets digging for information. Suddenly, Carl Sweeney walks into the cell, grabs Tad by the throat, and throws him against the bars. He says, "You killed my kid! You're going to pay. I pray you get life....I want you to rot in prison and think about what you did to my boy." Tad protests that he did not kill his son, but Carl Sweeney is angry and wants revenge. He says, "Your lawyer thinks he's going to get you off, but it's not going to happen. And if it does, I'll be out there waiting for you. Either way, I'll get justice for my boy." Derek takes Carl back to his office. Jackson leaves, and Tad and Dixie talk. She wants Tad to give her the name and phone number of the contact he has from his private investigator days. Tad refuses, saying it's way too dangerous. He says, "I would rather rot in prison that put you in danger in any way. Please, I'm begging you, just stay out of it." Derek returns and says he had a long talk with Carl Sweeney, and he won't be coming after Tad again. Tad is skeptical. Dixie asks Derek about Tad's old contact. Derek says, "Fiedler? He didn't give me anything I can use." Derek goes and Tad realizes Dixie now has the name of his contact. He pleads with her to leave Fiedler alone.

Over at Leo and Laura's party, Jake is kissing Greenlee, and drags her away, like they are a couple. He tells her, "I love it when you're feisty." Outside, he sits her down on a bench. Greenlee wants to go back in, but Jake won't let her. Greenlee watches Leo and Laura sadly, and then leaves with Jake.

In the condo at the party, Laura confronts Leo, asking him if he wants to go after Greenlee. Leo assures her he doesn't. Later on, Vanessa comes up to Leo and talks about how he and Greenlee make sparks. She says, "You know I am right. Greenlee's the one for you, not some invalid with half of Greenlee's assets." Palmer comes up and takes Vanessa away. He tells her, "Just when Leo seems to be taking some responsibility for his life, you encourage him to take the easy way out, go right for the gold. So much like his Mommy Dearest." Vanessa says she loves him and not just his money. Palmer retorts, "That's why I wouldn't insult you by including you in my will." Bianca talks with Laura, who is worried that Leo still loves Greenlee and only married her because she was dying. Bianca encourages Laura to talk to Leo about this. Laura and Leo go off to talk privately. Laura says she wants to end this, her obsessing about Greenlee and being afraid of losing Leo. She says, "Sometimes I wish I hadn't lived to see the way you two still look at each other." Leo says, "Don't say that. Don't you ever wish that Laura." He embraces her. Later, back at the party, Laura gives Leo a photo album of pictures of the two of them together, with many empty pages to be filled yet. Leo is very touched and they embrace.

At the party, Rosa and Gabriel, who looks good with his hair braided and a nice suit and tie, stare at each other. Rosa tells him he looks great. Gabriel says, "You look like Cinderella." Then Marcus shows up with his mother, who he introduces to Rosa. He pointedly ignores Gabriel. Erica talks with Bianca about Gabriel, transparently happy that Bianca is with a boy, even though Bianca tells her mother they are just friends. Marcus tells people at the party that Gabriel is "a psycho, a stray who showed up at Wildwind." His mother laughs and tells how she heard he was raised in a cage like some sort of canine experiment. Bianca encourages Gabriel to talk to Rosa.

Marcus gives Rosa some earrings and asks her to put them on. She goes to a mirror and puts on the earrings, and puts on some lipstick. Gabriel comes up behind her and says, "Take it off, Rosa. It's not you. Those earrings and that lipstick make you look like trash." Rosa gets angry and says, "What do you know? What do you know about anything? Why don't you just go back to your cage and leave me alone." She rejoins Marcus. Gabriel is upset and talks to Bianca and Anna, saying, "They think I'm a joke. They're calling me an animal." He runs away from them. Later on, Erica greets him warmly and invites him to their home. He accuses Bianca of telling people he was locked up in a hospital and what happened to him. Bianca says she didn't and they will talk more after she gets something to drink. Gabriel is standing next to the buffet table, when Marcus walks up. He provokes Gabriel, talking to him like he is a dog. Gabriel gets upset and overturns the table. Anna tries to stop him, but Gabriel runs away. Rosa observes his getting upset. Later on, in the park, Gabriel feels a hand on his shoulder and turns around to see Rosa, looking at him kindly.

Anna shows up with Edmund, who introduces her to Brooke. Later, when Chris Stamp shows up with Myrtle, Anna seems to recognize him. She talks to him and he assures her they haven't met before. Brooke observes Anna and Edmund together, and appears uneasy with their relationship.

Erica is annoyed to see Chris there. Myrtle says to ignore him, but Erica says, "How could I do that? He's everywhere. He's everywhere I am. To tell the truth, I'm beginning to think that he has some sort of secret agenda that has to do with me." She tries to be friendly to Chris and find out more about him, but he doesn't buy it. She asks Jackson to investigate, but he says he has to run, suggesting that she call Mike Roy if he's available.

Jake takes Greenlee to the woods, where they sit on a blanket in front of a fire and talk. Greenlee doesn't want to stay, saying that roughing it reminds her of the night Leo said he loved her. Greenlee cries and Jake takes her in his arms, comforting her. He shows her the stars in the sky and she becomes calm. They kiss and it starts to become very passionate. Suddenly, Jake stops, saying, "I can't do this. Because if I do, I'm going to fall in love with you."

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