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David hadn't been harming Joe, as Tad suspected, but rather was saving his life. Leo thought of Greenlee while he and Laura made love. Roger was caught snooping through Erica's office, which prompted Chris to reveal to Erica that he was really an FBI agent. Liza blackmailed Julian into dropping assault charges against Ryan. Anna sneaked around David's hotel room, and the two ended up sharing an unexpected kiss.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, September 17, 2001

Liza was lying on the sofa when Adam came down the stairs and joined her. He told her Colby was sound asleep. She loved the fairy tale he told her. He knew Liza liked it, too, because he saw her listening in the mirror. She said it reminded her of her father. He used to tell her fairy tales and she used to believe them. Adam said they were true and would be for them. A skeptical Liza said, "We'll see." Adam tried another approach. He told her they always got along in bed and tried to convince her to go to bed with him. Liza said she wasn't ready yet. Adam disagreed and said he could see the desire in her eyes. Just then Liza's cell phone rang and Liza got up to answer it. It was Mia. She wanted her money from Liza and wanted it right now. Liza tried to put it off until the next day, but Mia was insistent. She said she was outside the door and if Liza didn't come out, she'd come in. After Liza had hung up, Adam asked if there was trouble. Liza told him she could handle it. She told him she was going outside for a minute and asked if she could trust him enough to stay inside and not follow her. Then she went outside and met Mia. She started to write out a check. Mia taunted Liza saying she should go inside and meet her husband. Liza laughed and said she should turn Adam loose on [Mia]. Mia told Liza she couldn't wait to see her face when the results came back showing they were sisters. Liza told her to check out the memo line on the check. Mia looked and saw Liza had written "Pest Control" on the line. Tearing up the check, Mia said if Liza wanted proof, she (Mia) wanted cash. Liza informed Mia she was only paying her in order to get her out of her life and her mother's. Mia stated again that she wanted cash and would be back the next day to get it. Liza told her the money would be in the office and she was never to come to the house again. Lisa appeared upset when she came back into the house. Adam asked if she wanted anything before the staff left. Liza said she wanted people to quit taking from her. She was sick of people lying to her. Thinking she meant him, he apologized to her. She went on to say that she had always known who she was and what she wanted. She always felt strong. Now she wasn't sure any more. She feared she was wrong and that she was holding on to the biggest lie of all. Adam apologized again. Liza finally told him it wasn't him. She wished she could tell him, but she couldn't. Adam felt it was obvious what was wrong - the phone call, the meeting - she had a fight with Ryan. Liza wanted to know if Adam really thought she and Ryan had a lover's quarrel. Liza continued to take her anger out on Adam. She told him she only wanted a normal life for herself and Colby. Adam disagreed. He told her if she really wanted a normal if she would have never married him. Liza accused Adam of not sharing what was in his heart. He insisted she was in his heart. He wanted to know what she was really angry about. She replied that she didn't want to doubt his words. Still positive that he knew what was wrong, Adam told Liza her world was shaky now. She had gone out and stormed back in. It was obvious that Ryan couldn't accept the fact it was over. That's why Liza had to go out to meet him. Liza told him she was amazed he had figured it out when she hadn't even said a word. Then Adam went on to say that she got together with Ryan to retaliate against him. Liza told Adam when she got together with Ryan, he was the farthest thing from her mind. Liza told Adam she and Ryan rescued each other when nothing else made sense. She didn't regret it. Adam wanted to know if she'd rather be with Ryan. She didn't think Adam wanted her to answer that question. Her response made Adam think she already had answered him. Both Adam and Liza looked forlorn. Adam felt they had a long way to go and Liza agreed. He said he'd keep his promise and continue to give her space. Liza started to tell Adam that it wasn't Ryan she had gone to see when there is a knock at the door. Adam went to answer it and was surprised to see Mia there. He wanted to know what she was there for, but she brushed past him and asked for Liza. Seeing Liza, Mia rushed towards her and told her Ryan had been arrested and she had to help him. Liza asked why Ryan was in jail. Mia told her he had roughed someone up or something. Liza wanted to know why Mia came to her. Exasperated, Mia said she thought Liza cared and would bail him out. Liza said she didn't care what Mia thought and ordered her out of the house. This made Mia angry again and she stated she wouldn't go without her money. Adam was very surprised o hear that Liza owed Mia money and wanted to know why. Mia told him Liza owed her $100,000. He wanted to know why Liza owed her that much money. Mia informed him that Liza was paying her to prove that they weren't sisters. Adam turned to Liza in disbelief.

Greenlee and Jake were sitting at the bar at The Pit. Greenlee was sorry to hear about Joe and hoped he'd be all right. She asked what actually happened. Jake explained that it had not been a heart attack, but arrhythmia. When Greenlee heard that, she felt it was not a big deal. After all, the Vice President also has that and he runs all over the country. Jake wanted to know when she became an expert on arrhythmia. They decided to change the subject and talk about something lighter. Jake said he'd go first. He told Greenlee he'd been offered a job in grant money. Just then Bianca walked up. After Jake greeted her, she told him she was on her way out. Jake wanted to know if she needed a ride. After Greenlee gave her the cold shoulder, Bianca said no. Once she was gone, Greenlee and Jake continued their conversation about the grant. Jake filled Greenlee in on the details of the grant and that it was a very prestigious position. Greenlee asked why he wasn't taking it. He told her it was David Hayward who had offered him the position. Greenlee thought it was amazing that Jake would deny himself this great opportunity just to punish David. They moved to a table and ordered beer. They continued discussing the grant. Greenlee asked if it was Jake's idea not to accept the grant or Tad's. Jake said he couldn't work with David when he couldn't stand him. Trying to reason with Jake, Greenlee told him he could be the "anti-David." He'd have the good mother and worthwhile brother. What better way to get back at David than to be his equal? That way he could watch David's every step and be ready to strike when he least expected it. Jake stared at Greenlee and shook his head. Greenlee wanted to know if he thought she was full of it. He said yes - full of common sense. Greenlee asked why Jake was so surprised that she could give him good advice. He said he wasn't surprised that she'd given advice, but was surprised that he was actually considering it. Greenlee told him to take the job. She felt he knew he wanted it. Jake said he'd tell her what he really, really wanted when they got back to the house. With that, they both jumped up and holding hands, they hurried to the door.

As Bianca left The Pit, a man approached her. He told her his name was Julian and that he had seen her inside with Erica Kane and knew she was Erica's daughter. He tried to hit on her. When Bianca told him no, be became more insistent and belligerent. Bianca was not so subtle saying no the second time. This made Julian angry and he started to harass her, asking her if she was one of those "man-hating lesbos." As she tried to leave, he grabbed her arm. Suddenly Ryan ran up to them and grabbed Julian, throwing him against the dumpster. He angrily shouted at Julian and continued to rough him up. Bianca begged Ryan to stop, but he didn't listen. In the background, Jesse and Gillian watched. Gillian wanted to do something to stop the fight, but Jesse reminded her they could only watch. When the police arrived, Julian loudly accused Ryan of trying to kill him. Ryan was being read his Miranda Rights and being handcuffed. Jake and Greenlee watch from the bar. Jake felt Ryan was still grieving. Greenlee asked if they should help, but Jake thought they were the last persons who should go to his aid. Julian wanted to throw the book at Ryan. Mia came in and asked what happened. Bianca explained and said she was going to the station to explain to the police what had happened. Mia told Ryan to hang tight. She was going to get help.

At the station, Julian continued to rant about Ryan. He accused Ryan of being all over him. An officer approached Ryan and asked for his side of the story. Ryan told the officer that what Julian said was true except he didn't do enough to his face. Then the officer asked Bianca her version. She told the officer Julian was all over her and Ryan was just trying to protect her. The officer asked if the attack was provoked. Bianca looked at Ryan and didn't answer the question. The officer wanted to know if Julian was attacking her. Bianca said Ryan might have thought so. She stated that Julian had had too much to drink and got way out of line. Julian was still shouting that Ryan should be locked up so he couldn't come after him. The officer told Julian to go to the hospital and get checked over, then come back to the station and sign the complaint. Ryan said they would let him go and he would go after Julian. The officer took Ryan to processing. When the officer stepped away for a minute, Ryan had a chance to thank Bianca for coming to the station. He wanted to know how she was getting home. She told him she was driving. She was fine and had never felt she'd been in any danger. Bianca said she could take care of herself. Ryan hadn't stopped to find out what was wrong. He'd been in the mood for a fight. As Ryan and Bianca continue to talk, Gillian and Jesse appear. Hearing Bianca tell Ryan he lost it when Julian called him "buddy", Gillian thinks she's hit upon something. She realized that wasn't the first time "buddy" had set Ryan off. As she and Jesse discussed "buddy", Ryan twitched. He told Bianca to quit talking. Bianca looked at him in confusion and told him she hadn't been talking. Gillian remembered Chris also got upset when someone used the word "buddy" to him, also. She realized "buddy" was the key and she had to find out what the connection was. As the officer led Ryan away, Gillian promised she'd make his pain go away.

At Enchantment, Roger was typing at Erica's computer. Inside Erica's dark office, Roger worked feverishly at the computer, stopping occasionally to wipe the sweat from his brow. Finally he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'm in!" Making a call, he informs someone that he got in. Everything was in order and a shipment had arrived at Enchantment last night. It was scheduled for delivery this week - 50 kilos to Milwaukee and 100 kilos to Omaha.

Outside her office, Erica approached the office door cautiously and listened at the door. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and a gloved hand covered her mouth. Trying to scream, Erica struggled with her attacker. As she is pulled into a closet, Erica realized her attacker was Chris Stamp. She kept struggling and trying to scream. Chris wouldn't let go of her until she promised to be quiet. Once she stopped her struggles, Chris let go of her. Erica angrily faced him and accused him of trying to rob her. She told him she was there because she had received a phone call that there was an intruder in her office. Glaring at him, she told him she now knew he was an industrial spy. Chris laughed at the thought of that and asked what he'd steal - the formula to her kissable lipstick? Erica stated again that she felt Chris was there to steal her industrial trade secrets. Chris looked into Erica's eyes and told her the only lipstick he was interested in was already in use. Erica wanted to know what he was doing at Enchantment at night. He told her Val asked him to deliver a package to her. He came back to get it. Erica said it would be easy to check that out with Val. Chris told her not to bother him. Then Erica accused Chris of lying. Chris finally admitted he wasn't telling her the truth. Erica wanted to know why he had dragged her into the closest. He thought it was obvious. She concluded it was because he loved her. Chris wanted to know if Erica thought the closet was cozy. Looking appalled, she told him she was choking on his cheap cologne. He told her he couldn't afford Enchantment for Men because she didn't pay him enough. Erica insisted he let her out. He said no. She ordered him to step aside. He refused and then told her Roger Smythe was in her office. Erica questioned Chris about this. He told her she'd just have to trust him. Feeling frustrated, Erica threatened to press the panic button on her phone. Chris insisted no one else could be involved. Chris confessed he was a federal agent. He was involved in an undercover investigation in town. That was why he got Erica to hire him and why he was sticking so close to her. Astonished, Erica asked, "Does that mean you really don't love me? Chris told Erica he had to tell her he loved her because she saw his gun. Erica wanted to know if that was the best he could come up with. They continued to argue. She tried to leave, but Chris stopped her again. Erica wanted to know what Roger Smythe was doing in her office. Chris replied that it was classified. Angry, Erica threatened to have him arrested for assault, kidnapping and holding her against her will. Chris told her he'd prevent that. He couldn't let her ruin his investigation. Erica threatened to blow his operation sky high. Chris couldn't let her do that because her interference could place innocent lives in jeopardy. Not one to take no for an answer, Erica demanded Chris tell her. Finally, he gave in. He told her it involved drugs. Erica couldn't believe it. He said there was an import/export source in the Enchantment warehouse and he had proof. He wanted her to keep her mouth shut and let them do their job. She finally settled down and agreed to listen to Chris. He heaved a sigh of relief. Once his guard was down, Erica dashed past Chris and ran from the closet towards her office. Running into her office, she found it empty. It seemed to be undisturbed. Chris assured her someone had been in there. Erica wanted proof. She had trouble believing Roger would be involved in drug trafficking. Chris asked Erica if Roger might have a connection in Enchantment. Erica immediately said Greenlee. Chris didn't want to jump to conclusions. Erica picked up the phone to call Jack, but Chris stopped her saying no one from the outside should be involved. Chris reached under Erica's desk and pulled a recorder out. Erica was shocked that her office had been bugged. Chris played the tape to show Erica what was going on. Erica listened to Roger's phone conversation regarding the shipment. She was visibly upset and wanted to arrest Roger immediately. Chris said they had to let him go. He wasn't the boss and probably didn't know much. They had to let him finish his business so they could gather more information. Erica's asked Chris about Greenlee's involvement, but before he could answer, the alarm sounded. Chris advanced towards the door with his gun drawn. Erica followed closely. A security guard ushered Roger into Erica's office. He explained that he found Roger trying to sneak out of the building. He did not have security clearance. He asked what Erica wanted to do with Roger. Surprised, Erica glanced at Chris and did not say a word.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Having been nabbed by Enchantment security trying to leave the building, Roger finds himself having to explain his presence to Erica, Chris and a security guard. He tells them he'd returned to Greenlee's office to pick up his wallet. The security guard says that Roger also had a computer CD in his possession. Roger quickly tells Erica it was just something he was trying to get to Greenlee.

Greenlee and Jake have returned to Jake's loft after some time at the bar. She's asking him how he'd feel about being David's "assistant." He derails the conversation by getting her onto the sofa and starting to undress. Just then, the phone rings. It's Erica, demanding that Greenlee get to Enchantment within ten minutes or she'll pull Greenlee "out of bed by her dark little roots!" Greenlee and Jake get dressed. Jake tells Greenlee it's too late for her to go out on her own, and says he'll accompany her to Enchantment. With stars in her eyes, she admits she "could get used to this." They leave for Enchantment.

As Erica puts the CD into her disk drive, she determines it's filled with confidential information about Enchantment shipping and finances. She demands an explanation. Chris quickly pulls Erica out of the office. She can't believe that Greenlee, the "devious little witch," and her father have put her company at risk. Chris tells her she doesn't know who she's dealing with, and she cannot tip Roger off that they might be onto them. Greenlee and Jake show up at the office and Erica drags Greenlee in to her father by the arm. She tells Greenlee that her father has just leveled some "serious charges" against her and she'd better explain. Roger then begins explaining that Greenlee had had a problem with the mainframe of Enchantment's computer network and had called him for help. Unbeknownst to her, he then came in to try to fix it for her. Erica is interested to know what Greenlee has to say about it all. Greenlee apologizes for her "mistake," despite Jake's incredulous interjections. Erica lets them go, giving Greenlee her final warning. As Greenlee, Jake and Roger leave Enchantment, Roger promises to explain everything to Greenlee later and thanks her for covering for him.

Meanwhile, Adam, Liza and Mia are getting into the thick of their connections at Chandler mansion. Adam asks Mia why she never mentioned that she was claiming to be Liza's sister. Mia tells Liza that she and Adam had a connection themselves. She explains that she and Adam have a business arrangement, and that Liza should simply give the $100,000 owed to her to Adam. When Liza asks Adam to explain, he not so eloquently tries to talk his way out of the situation. Liza tells them they can both have their "secrets and lies" and storms out. Adam then tells Mia that if she has any interest in being part of their family, she'd better make things right between Adam and Liza again.

Ryan is finished being fingerprinted at the police station. The officer tells him there is a night judge and with enough money, Ryan could be out on bail. Ryan replies by saying a night in a cell away from everyone is just what he wants. As he begins walking through the police station to the cell, he encounters Liza who is there to get Ryan out of jail. She asks the officer what she can do to get Ryan free. The officer tells her the only way to get the charges dropped would be to convince Julian to drop the charges. Liza tries to convince Julian to be compassionate and drop the charges because Ryan is a recent widower. That doesn't work, so she threatens to use her connections at WRCW to expose blemishes in Julian's past to the eager viewing public. This does get Julian's attention and he agrees to drop the charges. Liza tells Ryan that he's now free to go and offers him a ride home. He tells her he's been staying in his car. She refuses to let him leave alone, saying Ryan can be as miserable with her as he can be alone and they leave the police station together. Liza gets Ryan a room at the Pine Cone Motel for the night. She tells him he can return to work whenever he's ready. He tells her he won't be returning to work and plans to leave town the next morning. She pleads with him to not make any big decisions while his life is a mess. He promises to sleep on it and tells her to go home. She admits that she doesn't want to go back home to Adam and asks if she can stay there with him. He says she paid for the room so she can do whatever she wants, and goes to take a shower. Liza sits in front of the TV and starts to cry. After his shower, Ryan, clad in only a towel, finds Liza asleep in the chair. He covers her with a blanket and goes to bed.

Mia tells Adam to keep his nose out of her family business. He tells her he expects her to go to Liza to explain that they had set up their business arrangement weeks before, she had never let on that she was claiming to be Liza's sister and that she was working to get dirt on David Hayward. Adam asks if Mia's claims of being Liza's sister are another con. He can see the question hurts her and asks to know her story. After hearing her story, Adam tries to convince Mia that she needs Liza "more than ever." To make a point, Mia then calls the police station to inquire about Ryan. She learns that Ryan has been released and that he and Liza left together. She then tells Adam to get ready for a lonely night and leaves.

Roger has followed Greenlee and Jake home. Greenlee wants to know why she lied for him, and why he was at Enchantment. He says he was there because he was trying to get some information for day-trading all to replenish her trust fund. She reminds him that such behavior is criminal. He begs her to forgive him. She tells him that she just wants to put "the bad times" behind them. Overjoyed by his daughter's kind words and newfound trust, Roger leaves the loft a happy man. Greenlee tells Jake to go ahead and lecture her for being such an easy mark and for not disowning her father like she should, but he only hugs and comforts her.

Back at Enchantment, Erica, thrilled with herself as usual, asks if Chris is "pleased" that she played along and didn't blow his cover. He tells her he's not only not pleased, he's "frickin' fed up!" Erica tells him to give her a script next time, so she'll know what to say to make him happy. She also admits that she's glad the charade is over and he won't have to pretend to be her driver anymore. He corrects her, saying nothing is over and he still needs his cover. She screams that the government never consulted with her before they took over her office. Chris says that she should care less about her personal space and more about the innocent children being harmed by these drug-smugglers. She smacks him across the face, aghast that he would question her commitment to the fight against drugs, as someone who knows first-hand the pain drugs cause. She tells him if the cover must continue, she expects to be party to all the knowledge he accumulates and that all things will be done her way. He reminds her again that she doesn't know who she's dealing with: it could be anyone behind this operation. As he leaves, she wonders aloud, "Anyone? Like someone posing as a Federal Agent, Mr. Stamp?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

In her office at Enchantment Erica was trying to log onto a computer program but got the message "Access Denied." She was furious and told herself that she'd find out what Roger did and he'd be history. Greenlee came in and Erica jumped all over her for an ad campaign screw-up. Greenlee denied messing anything up but Erica wouldn't listen. Bianca walked in and asked her mother to go have coffee with her. Erica said she was way too busy, she couldn't possibly leave the office now. She did ask Bianca if she made it home last night ok, and Greenlee piped in with the tale of the 2 men fighting over Bianca at the bar. Erica ordered Greenlee out of the office then asked Bianca what happened, her eyes glistening with excitement. Bianca said "Mother, don't you dare be happy about this!." She told her mother about Ryan protecting her from a gay basher at The Pit. Before Erica could say much Bianca told her that after she left The Pit, she headed over to Blue Angel, the lesbian bar. Erica was upset that her under-age daughter went to a bar and Bianca explained that she just wanted to go someplace where people wouldn't think she was a freak. Bianca said she just had a soda, listened to some music, felt better and went home. Erica was worried that the gay-basher might have followed Bianca home and started to lecture Bianca. But Bianca's cell phone rang and she answered it, surprised that it was Laura. Laura asked her to come over right away. Bianca told her mother she was going over to Laura's and left the office as Mr. Stamp was coming in. Erica told Chris to "clear out", she wasn't in the mood for him. He said he had a "tension diffuser" and handed Erica a huge bouquet of flowers. Erica was a little stunned by the gesture. She thanked him for the gift and he said he could've handled the situation last night a little better than he did and he was sorry. She reminded him that she didn't like being lied to and Chris told her that the bureau tells them that if they have to lie they need to use as much truth as possible. Erica wondered which part of what he told her was the truth but he evaded the question. She then told him about being denied access on the computer. Erica assured Chris that she took care of it though, she called a computer expert to come over and purge the files. Chris went off on Erica and told her she couldn't do that. She got upset and said he hadn't really brought the flowers to apologize; he was just trying to get his own way. She threw the flowers at him but missed and hit Jack who was just walking in. She kicked Chris out of the office and ranted and raved to Jack about Chris's "arrogant, obnoxious behavior." Jack was amused and said "And you want him so bad it makes your toes curl!." Erica admitted that Chris can be charming but it's an act and she'd be happy to never see him again. Jack said he'd found out that Chris is in the FBI and that there is no Mrs. Stamp and Chris has no criminal record. Jack wondered why Chris was so involved with Enchantment and Erica said she knows the reason but can't tell Jack. He told her she was in way over her head and wouldn't have him around forever to help her out. Jack told Erica he was leaving soon. This horrified Erica and she wanted to know why he'd leave her and Enchantment. Jack said he'd been approached about being DA again and that there's been talk about him running for Governor. Erica was thrilled for him but said Enchantment would be lost without him. She put her arms around him from behind and began flattering him and Jack stopped her. He told her she was being just like Chris, using flattery to get her own way. Erica was not happy about being compared to Chris Stamp! Jack told her that he believes something is happening between her and Chris, which left her almost speechless. Jack left as Chris came back in. Erica began arguing with him and Chris took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. He said "Was that for real or a con?." He told her the day was over and left the office.

Liza came home to find Colby and Adam playing "horsey" in the living room. After getting a hug from her mother, Colby was sent to the kitchen to tell Winifred to make some breakfast. Adam and Liza glared at each other and Liza told him they'd discuss what happened later. Adam said "You come home exhausted from spending the night with another man? We'll discuss this now!" He told her that Mia told him Liza went to the police station and bailed Ryan out. Liza admitted that she took Ryan to a motel and got him a room and then stayed with him, fully dressed and in a chair all night, because she didn't want to come home to Adam. She yelled at Adam for lying about knowing Mia. Adam said Mia played in a poker game with him and lost a lot of money to him. Mia agreed to get dirt on David Hayward in lieu of paying Adam the cash back. Liza didn't believe Adam, who told her to go ask Mia. She refused and Adam told her she was applying a double standard to their relationship. She went upstairs to take a shower and he followed. After changing into clean clothes Adam asked her to stay home with him. She said that even with her threat of leaving with Colby he still couldn't stop lying. He said he'd been up to his old tricks just this morning and he wanted to tell her about it so she could decide whether to stay in this marriage or not. She listened as he told her about the lies he had to tell Colby this morning when she asked where her mommy was. Liza thanked Adam for protecting Colby. Liza very sadly said her life was upside down and didn't know if the pieces would ever fit together again. Adam reminded Liza that she knew what it was like to grow up with a mother who had a bad reputation. Liza was upset that he implied she was a slut but Adam explained that if people saw her with Ryan they would jump to that conclusion. Adam said no matter what else he's done, he's always put his family first and couldn't they start over? He said he's trying to be the man she wants him to be but he needs a little breathing room. Liza said she needed to get away, to think. He offered to take them away on a trip but Liza said there was only one person she wanted to be with right now. Adam mistakenly thought she was referring to Ryan, but Liza told him it was Colby. She said she'd pack some things and take Colby on a vacation. After she went upstairs Adam yelled "This is intolerable!." He grabbed the phone and called Mia. He wanted to discuss her pal, Ryan Lavery.

Bianca arrived at Laura's and they sat on the couch to talk. Laura beamed with happiness as she told Bianca how great being married to Leo is. Laura said she knows for sure that Leo loves her and proceeded to tell her friend the details of the night before. She told Bianca how Leo drove her to a secluded spot and made passionate love to her, which embarrassed Bianca. Laura fleetingly asked how Bianca was doing, and Bianca tried to tell her what had happened last night at The Pit. Laura barely heard a word she said and began talking about herself again. She asked Bianca if she saw Greenlee at Enchantment very often. Bianca said yes, fairly often and wondered why. Laura asked if Bianca could let Greenlee know how great her and Leo's sex life is. Bianca was grossed out at that thought. She asked Laura if she really wanted her to gossip about her and Leo having "hot sex in their car" to Greenlee. Laura said Greenlee would believe it if it came from Bianca. Bianca got very angry and said she thought Laura was using her. She told Laura she didn't like being used but Laura turned it around and said Bianca was just jealous that she and Leo were doing so well. Laura got nasty and said "I'll never play on your side, you just have to get over me!." Bianca said "I've been over you for a long time!" and went on to tell Laura that she liked knowing Bianca wanted her. Bianca told her she is selfish and needy and that she wants everyone to love her but doesn't know how to love back. Bianca stormed out of the condo as Laura weakly protested.

Edmund poked his head in Leo's office at Tempo and asked if he'd seen Brooke. Leo said no just as Greenlee barged in. She began screaming about Tempo screwing up Enchantment's ad campaign. Edmund asked how but Leo said this was just Greenlee's way of trying to trash his marriage. Greenlee tossed down the ads and pointed out the errors, much to Leo's horror. Edmund picked up the ads and took them to be corrected. Leo asked himself out loud what happened and Greenlee told him he must have been distracted by her and their "bet." He said no way, and Greenlee said it must have been his needy, clingy wife who distracted him then. Brooke walked in and Greenlee told her what happened. Edmund returned and Brooke asked if he knew about the problem. Edmund sent Greenlee out of the room and then told Leo and Brooke that he stopped the run but one-fourth of the magazines had already been printed. Brooke told Leo she was sure this would never happen again and Leo said she was right because either she was going to fire him or he'd fire himself. Brooke said she wasn't going to fire him and Leo told her he didn't want any favors bordering on nepotism. She agreed and said he could be the one to handle the mistake and talk to Erica. He suggested that they give Enchantment next month's ads for free. Brooke and Edmund were impressed with his business sense. They left and Greenlee returned. Leo told her his plan to make up for the mistake and she accepted it on behalf of Erica. But she wondered how he wouldn't make the same mistake again. Leo yelled at her that she must stay away from him. He told her they had to stop seeing each other, professionally, personally, any way, permanently! "It's making us self destruct!" he cried. Greenlee was not happy. Leo got a phone call from a very upset Laura, begging him to come home. He left quickly and Greenlee walked out of the office.

In Brooke's office Edmund complimented her on the way she handled the "Leo problem." She asked if he'd heard from Anna and he said no, not since she went to New York to see Robin. She asked if he was ok with that and Edmund tried to joke around it. He said at least he could get away with things at home that he couldn't while an ex-spy was living there.

Greenlee walked in the park crying and found a bench to rest on. As she sobbed, Roger came over and put his hand on her shoulder and asked her what was wrong.

Leo rushed home in a panic and asked Laura if it was her heart. She laughed a little and said no, she and Bianca had a fight. Leo got angry that she called him home because of a fight, "Don't you think my job is important?." Laura said she could clear it with her mom if it came up. This made Leo angrier and he said "I'm your husband, not your kept boy! My job is not a joke!." He was furious and Laura was clueless as to why.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Today's show opens with Greenlee and Roger in the Park, and Greenlee telling her father to "go away." Roger offers to help Greenlee out of her "bad place." He admits that he has a lousy track record as a father, but is concerned that she is hurting. Greenlee reminds him that he should be at work, but he responds that work can wait. Roger states that they both know someone who has hurt her more than he has. "Not now daddy" she responds. Roger asks if Leo is still married to "that girl - what's her name" Yes, Greenlee replies. Roger reminds her that if he hadn't brought Leo's ex wife to town, she and Leo would be together now. "Not one of your best moves Daddy." She replies. He replies that Katarina was suicidal when Leo left her and Greenlee responds that Leo didn't love Katarina, but he loves her and always has. Roger explains that he did what he did because Leo is a scoundrel and Greenlee is too good for him. She asks him why he can't get it - that she and Leo are a perfect match because she is no better than he is. Roger reminds Greenlee that she is a far better person than Leo Dupree is. "You don't even know me Daddy," says Greenlee. No, but he knows breeding asserts Roger - he knows that Greenlee would never set out to deliberately hurt someone. He goes on to admit that he is the loser in this family. Greenlee recounts that she never had a job or a relationship that has lasted - she wants what her parents had, to be with that one person. "Leo?" asks Roger and Greenlee responds yes, that nothing he can say will ever change that. Roger admits to being really off base about Leo and everything that has been important to her. He acknowledges how neglectful, selfish, cruel and deceitful he has been. He questions his parenting skills, and Greenlee doesn't interject. He admits that he lied to her about not being wanted as a child, that they were overjoyed when they found out they were expecting a child. He states that he felt his life was complete the first time he held her in his arms. Greenlee doesn't understand how he could say and do all those awful things if he really felt this way about her. He says he wanted to push her away, that he wasn't good enough for her - he was a fake, and she was better off without him. If he could do it all over again, he would make her the center of his universe. He was just trying to spare her from having a nobody as a father. Greenlee notes that with all her mistakes, she is Daddy's girl after all. He embraces her as they sit on the park bench. Then he turns her face toward him, asking her to take a look at the new improved Roger. Greenlee accuses him of exaggerating. Roger asks her if she thinks it's possible that he has changed and she refutes this. He reminds her that he got into the day trading scheme to pay back her trust fund. "Instead" replies Greenlee "you got me on Erica's spit list." He offers to make it up to her and Greenlee admonishes him to stay away from Enchantment and Erica. He does want to talk to her about changing together. Greenlee says that it's impossible - that they wouldn't know where to start to make each other better people. He assure her they can make it work. "Why not?" she says. He offers that if they can work out their differences that maybe one day she and Leo can work out theirs and be together, that time takes care of these things. Greenlee hopes that if she goes to Leo and shows him that she is really changing, it will make a difference. Greenlee leaves. Roger's cell phone rings as he is sitting in the park. He tells the caller that he is just going over the figures. He warns the caller not to push him any harder or "the whole thing could blow up in our faces."

Laura and Leo are in the condo, arguing because Laura called Leo home to be with her after she had a fight with a friend. He is upset because he thought something was wrong with her heart. "What, you're upset that you didn't find me dead on the floor?" She says she needed him; Leo tells her he can't come running every time she has a mini melt down. He asserts that he cannot clock out and come running to her - he can't be "on call 24/7." She assures him that her mom will understand. He reminds her that her mom is his boss - he doesn't want any special treatment - that his job pays the bills. He wants to make it on his own in this job. She tells Leo that she supports his career, and he refutes this, stating " I'm sure this whole job thing is something you and your mom cooked up to keep me on a choke chain." Laura assures him that her mom did not hire him so they could keep a check on him - that he really as a future in publishing, her mother thinks he has real talent. He says he wants to work hard and bust his hump, but he can't come home to babysit her every five minutes. Laura responds that she is not a baby, that he says very hurtful things to her. Leo asks her to keep her problems in check until he gets home from work, or better yet to solve them herself. He wants to know where that iron woman he married is. She states that she gets scared when he isn't there. He reminds her that being her husband is only one of his jobs. He offers to call Zora to come back and help her. She refuses the help and admits that she misses him. Leo doesn't understand how Laura can be lonely for him when he spends every moment with her. "I love you Leo" she whines. He tells her to stop acting like a helpless greedy child or they won't make it - that she is throwing their life away. He lists all her attributes and asks her what she is doing with her life - instead she is stressing over him and whom he is with. She promises him she will stop if that's what he wants. He goes bananas, clenching his fists and pointing at her and yelling that it's not about what he wants, it's about what she wants, that she has to make a life separate from their life together and do the things that matter to her. He reminds her that she was the lucky one when she received Gillian's heart and he challenges her to make use of her gift. Laura wants to know why he is trashing her. He responds that he is not trashing her, but her act. He doesn't mean to hurt her feelings, but he insists that she hear what he has to say. He tells her that her helpless routine is happening because she has too much time on her hands. She replies that she just had a heart transplant, it's not like she can go rockclimbing. He encourages her to take baby steps to whatever she wants to achieve, like college. She denies being able to handle the course load. He encourages her to resume photography to fill up their life book. She responds that the equipment is too heavy to carry around - it wipes her out. He suggests that she volunteer in the cardiac unit to help people like herself. He warns her that if she wants to save this marriage she will get out of her head and into the world. He calls her a waste of skin - her heart is beating, but she is just taking up space and he walks out. Laura later calls Leo to tell him he was right. Someone answers the phone and tells Laura that Leo took off with Greenlee Smythe. Leo and Greenlee take a car ride and when they stop, Greenlee questions their location. He looks at her and they kiss.

Edmund is in Brooke's office at Tempo talking to Stella about Anna - telling her that Anna is free to come and go as she pleases. After he finishes his call, Brooke says she can't help but overhear, did Anna return from New York? Edm8und responds that she is back and is gone again - that Anna packed her bags, grabbed Gabriel and is gone again. Brooke asks where she went and Edmund replies "damned if I know." Brooke replies that it was rude of Anna to leave without any goodbye or note. Edmund reminds Brooke that Anna made it clear that there was no future between them. Brooke replies that that does not give her the right to blow off his hospitality. Edmund notes that Brooke is angry. She is angry, she says, because he deserves better. He says he understands that she had to move out of Wildwind because she has to take car eof Gabriel. Brooke remarks that Anna took the coward's way out and Edmund reminds her that he didn't ask for her opinion. They agree to change the subject to work. He has another Pulitzer Prize winning idea, one that he will share with her. Brooke and Edmund discuss his ideas as they eat Chinese food. Evidently his idea involves reporting on a local drug ring. Brooke doesn't like his idea, because it hits too close to home with Laura and the Ecstasy incident. She doesn't want to stir things up and have parents take the law into their own hands like Tad did. Edmund reminds her that kids are still using and overdosing. She remarks that some days a "no news day" is a good day. He notes that she is tired and offers to buy her a cup of green tea. She wants to know if he is going to try to talk her into doing this story and he says "yes." He tells her that someone locally named Proteus is making a fortune on drugs. They leave the office together.

Anna is lurking around in the dark in David's hotel room. She picks up his shirt and holds it close to her face appearing to take a whiff of the jacket. She hears someone approaching and hides in the closet. A sweaty David enters, apparently returning from the gym, kicks off his shoes and heads for the bathroom. Anna sees this as her chance to leave, and makes her way across the room to the door, still holding his shirt. As she places her hand on the door to leave, a topless David appears in the bathroom doorway and with a smirk says " Ms. Devane, I prefer my shirts on a hanger, medium starch" "I'm not here to pick up your laundry, Dr. Hayward - and by the way don't you think you should put something on." She retorts. "Don't look if it makes you nervous" he replies. "Not in the slightest" she returns. She reminds him that she's a big girl and she has seen naked men before and she hands him his shirt to put on. He asks her if she's impressed with what she is seeing and she replies " I'm not here to rate your anatomy - although...." She flashes an appreciative smile. He questions the reason for her visit. She says that Gabriel borrowed one of his medical books and she returned it so he didn't think it was stolen. David doesn't understand why Gabriel would borrow one of his books when Anna has so many, or why Anna didn't just leave the book at the front desk. Anna has no reply. He questions her former employment as a spy and says that she is too good to be caught that she allowed herself to be caught. He can't believe she didn't have a better cover story in the event she was caught. He is sacheting around the room and sitting on the bed apparently still in the buff. She replies that she can't take him seriously until he puts his clothes on. Now they are both under cover he responds as he puts on his robe. He wants to know who sent her, or if she is working alone - maybe her sister Alex sent her - she hates his guts. She has better things to do, Anna assures him. Anna is very flirtatious with him with her laughing and her body language. She says she can't satisfy his spy fantasy, and she is going back to her room. He perks up - "Oh, you're staying here?" Yes, she replies, doesn't everybody? He comments that they are practically neighbors - and she admonishes him not to come over for sugar. He steps very, very close to her and seductively asks if she got what she came for. "Good night Dr. Hayward " she responds and goes to the door. "One more question - how did your meeting with Robin go in New York - is your daughter well?" She turns to look at him with a puzzled look on her face. Anna questions his concern about Robin and refuses to discuss her. He reminds her that he was there when Jake refused to let her go to New York and he was in favor of it. She wants to know if he has children - "None that I know of " he retorts. He says he is envious of the way her face lights up when she talks about Robin. She responds that she had to tell Robin that Robert was dead, but that they will carry on. David comments that she is flushed and asks if she is feeling okay. He attempts to take her pulse and she pulls away - questioning his motive. He remarks that he just wanted to check her pulse and she reluctantly offers her wrist. "Your pulse is racing, like you've been running a long distance. Who are you running from Anna, and how did it bring you to my room?" She responds that she is there because she is so "bloody bored, right out of her skull." David reminds her that no one has ever died from boredom and wants to know what her symptoms are. She feels that the world is going on without her. He tells her to figure out what she wants and go after it, that she needs a challenge. She recounts that she used to dive into her work when she was bored, that it was fun and her reason for being. He asks why she doesn't go back to work for the WSB, but she says they won't have her because of her high profile case. David accuses her of spying on her. Anna wants to know what he would do if his career came to a screeching halt. He again steps very close and seductively asks her if she likes living on the razor's edge. "How about something forbidden?" he asks and then kisses her. They share a long, panting kiss. He says "Please don't tell me I offended you" She reminds him that if he had, he'd be doubled over by know. "At least you're not boring," she says. He offers to buy her a drink and tell her all about his life. "That might send me to sleep" Anna says and leaves. After she leaves, a knock on the door and it's Roger Smythe. "You're late," David says.

Greenlee enters Leo's office to leave him a note, and he walks in behind her, demanding to know what she is doing there. As she tries to explain, her grabs her arm and leads her out of the office.

Friday, September 21, 2001

Hayley and Mateo brought their son to the Chandler mansion to meet the rest of the family. As Winifred fawned over the baby, Adam sharply demanded to know if she had completed the errands that he had instructed her to do. Hayley asked him if Liza's absence had something to do with his bad mood, but Adam nervously assured her that everything was fine. Mateo sent Hayley and Winifred to the kitchen with the baby and quickly ushered Adam into the living room. Alone, he confided to Adam that he suspected that Arlene had called them before they left for Texas. "My mother called you?" Hayley asked as she walked in. Mateo admitted that they had a few crank calls but Adam assured her that it couldn't have been Arlene because he "took care of her." She asked Mateo if he had brought her to her father's so she could be safe and Mateo admitted that he had. Winifred came in with the baby and informed Adam that he had an urgent call from Singapore. Adam left and, after he kissed his wife and son goodbye, Mateo walked to the door. He met Stuart who was on his way in and happily directed him to the living room. Winifred handed the baby to Hayley and left the room. Alone, Stuart lovingly stared at her and commented on his amazement over how much she had grown since she arrived in Pine Valley. Hayley confided that she never wanted to be that angry again and became upset. She handed the baby to Stuart, stood up and explained that she didn't want him around her. Stuart carefully placed the baby in his bassinet while Hayley explained that she had become an emotional wreck. Stuart assured his niece that his was normal, but Hayley wasn't convinced and admitted that she feared losing her sobriety whenever her baby cried. Stuart comforted Hayley with the thought that she would be a great mother because life's problems now involved her son and she would never let him experience pain. Hayley smiled and quietly asked him if he would be her son's godfather. Stuart happily accepted as Hayley explained that, next to Mateo, he was the kindest man she knew. The baby suddenly started crying and Hayley froze. "Well, aren't you going to go pick up your baby?" Stuart asked. Hayley dried her tears, smiled and rose. As she picked up her son and soothed him, she confided to Stuart that she loved her son. "He knows you do," he assured her. Hayley asked her uncle if everything was going to be okay. As he embraced mother and son, Stuart assured her that it was.

At Enchantment, Chris sauntered into Erica's office where she haughtily informed him that the computer program that Roger had implanted was intact. She demanded to know more information and wanted copies of the surveillance tapes. Chris handed her a copy and, as he sat down, he asked her how she felt about "the kiss." Erica scoffed and told him it wasn't as monumental as he was making it out to be. As Chris smirked, Erica assured him that it hadn't even been that good. Chris chuckled as he demonstrated his heart being wounded. Erica advised him to not be hard on himself because "so many men (had) tried" and failed. Smiling, Chris wondered if he could "try again" but Erica assured him that wasn't possible. Determined not to give up, he asked her to dinner and persisted until she agreed. Suddenly, he sheepishly admitted that he couldn't take her that night because he had to work. Erica became irritated and advised him to not "play games" with her as it was an "unfair advantage" on her part. "I invented the game," she declared. Chris only smiled and, as he left, told her he wouldn't give up.

David met Jake at SOS and a smiling Jake told him that he would be accepting his job offer. David happily responded by pulling a large stack out of papers and instructed Jake to look them over before their meeting with the board the next morning. Anna suddenly walked in and David rose to greet her. As Jake looked on, David slyly asked Anna if she was stalking him. She replied that she was visiting Gabriel to which David asked if that was the brother who had stolen his book. Gabriel quickly ran over and informed him that he had merely borrowed his latest medical journal copy on stem cell research because it wasn't available from the library. Surprised, David asked him if he was interested in medicine but their conversation was interrupted when Gabriel suddenly spotted Rosa. Laughing, David stated that it was always a "dead heat" when choosing between a beautiful woman and medicine and left to rejoin Jake. Alone, Anna encouraged Gabriel to go talk to Rosa and he made his way over to her. He asked her why she hadn't returned his phone calls but was she was interrupted by laughter before she could answer. Looking over, she realized the noise was coming from kids from her school who were mocking her. Gabriel told her it happened to him all the time but Rosa replied that no one had ever called him a "whore" and walked away.

At the table, David invited Jake and Anna to share in a celebratory drink with him and Anna wondered what they were celebrating. Jake confided that he had just accepted David's job offer and David admitted that it had been something even Jake couldn't refuse. "You don't hear the word 'no' often, do you?" she wondered.

At home, Laura dropped the phone in disbelief. The secretary asked her if she wanted to leave a message but Laura didn't respond. She remembered back to the conversation she had overheard between Leo and Greenlee. "Please, Leo," she whispered, "not with her." She picked up the shirt she had worn the night before and remembered her steamy night with her husband. She envisioned Leo imagining she was Greenlee but quickly reasoned that he loved her and left.

In the car, Leo and Greenlee passionately kissed. Leo pulled away but Greenlee begged him to tell her that he loved her and to admit that his marriage to Laura was a sham. Leo refused and told her that what they were doing was meaningless. Greenlee replied that she loved him and wondered how long she would have to live through "this torture" because she didn't want to anymore. "Then don't," Leo replied. He assured her that the kiss meant nothing and reminded her that he had made a commitment to Laura. Greenlee stated that Laura made him feel trapped and unsexual, but Leo quickly interrupted and told her that he had made love to his wife in that car the night before. Shocked, Greenlee accused him of being a liar and demanded to know why he had brought her there. When he didn't respond, she asked why he had to "wreck" her to get her to stop loving him.

In a private conversation at SOS, Mateo apologized to Rosa for not seeing Marcus as the creep he was. Rosa admitted that she felt like a fool but Mateo assured her that he and Hayley felt otherwise and wanted her to be their son's godmother. Overjoyed, Rosa accepted.

At the bar, Anna congratulated Gabriel for defending himself against David. Suddenly, Chris walked in and strolled over to the other side of the bar. Quickly, Anna got up and approached him. She declared that she remembered him and demanded to know where she knew him from. Gabriel went over to intervene, but Anna assured him that it was alright. Alone, Anna quietly demanded to know where they knew each other and threatened to cause a "big scene" if he didn't comply. Anna waved her hand in front of his face and Chris quickly grabbed it. "Mrs. Scorpio, you must have been a really bad agent to expose an op in public like this," he stated and left. David approached Anna and asked what she had against Chris but Anna only told him to mind his own business and stormed away.

Leo assured Greenlee that he wasn't trying to hurt her but Greenlee didn't buy it. He admitted that she was one of the most gorgeous women he had ever met but that her looks were enough. He told her she was "empty" and a "bottomless pit" that he didn't want to have to "fill up." When Greenlee tried to protest, he finally screamed out that it was over. Greenlee broke down and began crying. Leo took her in his arms as Laura suddenly crept up behind the bushes and watched them. She imagined confronting them and fighting Greenlee, but instead crept back into the bushes. In the car, Greenlee promptly pulled back and ordered Leo to take her home.

Erica went to play the surveillance tape but Opal suddenly rushed in and began complaining about Palmer and Vanessa. Erica advised her to move on like she, herself, had but admitted that she didn't see a "real future with him." Confused, Opal asked who they were talking about and when Erica told her she was referring to Chris Stamp, Opal quickly assured her that he wasn't her type. She continued by stating that they were from "different worlds" but Erica reasoned that so was she and Palmer. Resigned, Opal collapsed to the couch and sighed that it wasn't "meant to be." She told Erica that they should hold on to memories of old loves because they would never feel that way again. Shocked, Erica assured her that love had not, nor would it ever, leave her life.

After Opal left, Erica called Mateo at SOS and asked to speak to Chris. Mateo informed her that Chris wasn't there and explained to a shocked Erica that Chris came and went as he pleased. Confused, Erica hung up. Shortly after, the phone rang again at SOS and Mateo answered it. A disguised voice congratulated him on the success of his club and hung up.

Anna, Gabriel and David left SOS as Greenlee arrived. She frantically rushed over to Jake and sat down at his table. She confided that she had just been with Leo and that everything between them was over. She admitted that she had been looking forward to going home with him and asked him if he was ready to go. Calmly, Jake stated that he wasn't going to sleep with her that night. Greenlee assured him that she was "100% over" Leo but Jake only replied that he had a problem with her using him for sex. Greenlee admitted that Leo had called her "empty." Jake stood to embrace her but Greenlee backed away, told him he deserved better than her and ran out.

Laura returned home and picked up her pill bottles. She remembered back to when she had felt faint earlier in the day. Aloud, she warned Leo to stay away from Greenlee or she may "have to get sick again." She walked over to the window and threw her pills into the bushes outside. Suddenly, Leo returned home. "Laura, where are you?" he called out.

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