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Adam questioned the story behind Mia's fall. Maria started to remember her previous life with Edmund. Erica was arrested for breaking into Kendall's room to look for Trey's confession. Edmund found out about Brooke and Adam's affair. Jamie's girlfriend's parents forbade him from seeing her again.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 25, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, November 25, 2002

David sat at his computer in the cabin while Anna set the table for dinner. He joked about her cooking and she admitted that it was take-out. He suggested that she needed to eat more often and warned her that her feet may swell. She reminded him that she's been pregnant before. Anna asked what he was working on and he said his cardiac research and she was surprised. Her phone rang and she picked it up and spoke with the commissioner. She sat down and looked serious as she listened. Then she said thank you and hung up. She told David that he accepted her letter of resignation and was sad as she said she was no longer the chief of police. They talked about her job and Anna said she quit for the baby. David wondered if she really wanted to be a full time mother and she said no way. Anna said she'd take an extended maternity leave and then look around. David said whenever she was ready to go back to work they would go anywhere the job took them. She was surprised that he would leave Pine Valley and David said he'd do anything for her and the baby. Trey and Maggie knocked on the door and David let them in. Trey said he needed to talk to David. Trey said loopholes are his specialty and that he found several while looking at the police files on David. He offered to unofficially help David's lawyer and the two men went across the room to discuss it. Anna and Maggie sat down and Maggie said she was rooting for the two of them to get back together. To change the subject Anna asked about the fundraiser ball. Maggie said she and Bianca went and told her about Jamie Martin "outing" his mother's affair with Adam Chandler. Then she told Anna about Mia falling out of the window. Maggie asked if the cops would investigate it and Anna said she didn't know. Trey and David joined them and said David's lawyer is looking into Trey's findings. Anna invited them to dinner and they accepted. Trey said it would give him time to give David more free legal advice, like the fact that he should remarry Anna ASAP. David responded "No, that's not going to happen!." Later after dinner Trey and David talked about Leo. Trey said he doesn't feel like he has the right to miss Leo as much as he does. David said family doesn't work that way. Maggie said it was time to go and thanked them for dinner. Anna mentioned the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and Trey offered to have everyone over at his place. They all agreed and as they walked out the door David's phone rang. It was his lawyer Kenny. Outside Maggie joked with Trey that with this family he'll have to hide all the knives. Trey said Leo would want them to get together like this. Inside David hung up with Kenny and Anna asked why he didn't want to make an honest woman out of her. David said he doesn't want to get married again until they have nothing hanging over their heads. He said when he's cleared and can practice medicine again and when she can be chief of police again, if she still wants to marry him they will. Anna smiled at David and said ok. They kissed.

Liza stood at Mia's bedside and Frank told her Mia had to be prepped for surgery. Liza said Mia wanted to ask her something so Frank left them alone for a moment. In the hallway Marian asked Jake how Mia was doing. Jake was extremely shaken and said she has to go up to the OR. Marian told him to believe that Mia would make it. Adam stood to the side and tried to call JR on his cell phone. JR didn't answer and Adam was frustrated. Marian walked over and asked if she could use the phone. He told her no, JR was missing and he needed to be able to receive calls. Marian begged Adam not to leave, she said if anything happened to Mia she didn't know if she could handle Liza alone. She went to use the pay phone and Edmund and Maureen walked in. Adam told them what happened to Mia at Brooke's charity ball. Maureen asked how Brooke was and Adam said she was fine. Inside Mia's room she tried to tell Liza something but had a hard time getting it out. Finally she said she had a question and it was very important and she needed an answer now. Liza said she was so sorry, thinking Mia knew she pushed her. Liza said she wished she had been thinking more clearly. Mia asked why she thought it was her fault, was it because the accident happened at her house? Mia went on saying how she had received nothing but kindness from Liza. Liza was in tears and asked how she could ever think of Mia as anything but good. Mia said this has been the best time of her life, and thanked Liza. She told Liza that Jake had proposed marriage and that she was on the phone with him when she fell. Liza asked if she remembered anything but Mia started to drift out. Liza got her to open her eyes again and told her that she was going to marry Jake and life would get even better. Mia asked Liza to look after William for her if she doesn't make it. Liza told her to rest but Mia kept talking about William and said she was the one who loved him the most. "If I'm gone you have to tell him that his mother loved him very much" Mia told Liza. Liza promised Mia she would. Then Mia told her that Frank Hubbard is William's father but that he doesn't know. She said Jake thinks Frank should know but she didn't get a chance to tell him. She told Liza to talk to Jake about it and decide if they should tell Frank. Mia said she was trusting Liza with everything she was leaving behind. Liza told her not to talk like that. Mia couldn't keep her eyes open and then her head fell to the side. The monitor showed that she flatlined.

In the hallway Simone spoke with Frank and realized that he knew Mia from before moving to Pine Valley. He admitted it and said they were close a long time ago. Simone said she saw for the first time that night that Frank is really a born doctor, the way he tended to Mia after she fell. Frank was very touched by this. Simone asked if when he was keeping his distance from her, if it was really about the job or his past. Frank said he didn't want to revisit his past or his past with Mia. He told her Mia was holding on by a thread. Frank saw Jake and went to ask about Mia while Simone watched.

Marian stood in front of Mia's room and a nurse moved her to the side, mistaking her for Mia's mother. Marian didn't correct her, and told the nurse she was both of those girls' mother. Meanwhile a report showed up at the hospital and went up to Edmund and Maureen. He wanted Edmund to talk about Brooke. Edmund was confused until the reporter told him about Brooke's affair with Adam Chandler. Edmund brushed the reporter aside and Maureen went to get the car. When she got back Edmund walked over to Adam and asked if it was true. Adam said yes and explained that Brooke needed someone to comfort her and "so did I." Edmund silently walked away with Maureen. Marian walked over and Adam said this must be so hard on Liza because she loves Mia so much. This sent Marian into tears again.

Jake and Frank, plus several nurses, rushed into Mia's room and ordered Liza out of the way. She moved to the back of the room and watched as the two doctors tried to bring Mia back. Jake cried out over and over "Come back to me Mia!" as he performed CPR. Frank told Jake that they had lost her but Jake refused to stop treatment. After another shock to her chest, Mia's heart began beating again. Frank went into the hallway and told everyone that Mia was back. Liza went into Adam's arms but then pulled back. He told her not to pull away from him now, that she needed to be hugged. Adam said everything between them had been his fault and he wanted her to let him help her through this. Liza looked at him and said they did this to Mia. "She could die because we want to hurt each other" Liza told Adam. He looked at her funny as Marian stood behind him.

Adam said "It was an accident, wasn't it?." Liza looked very guilty.

Simone went to Frank and told him how proud she was of him. He said it was Jake's love that brought Mia through but Simone said he loved Mia too. She said it doesn't matter if he and Mia were more than friends and then jumped to the conclusion that this is what he had come to the ball to tell her. Frank flashed back to filming the drug overdose and then looked at Simone. He agreed with her and they hugged but Frank wasn't happy with himself.

Maureen took Edmund home and fixed him tea. They sat in the living room and she asked if he wanted to talk about Brooke. He said no. She said fine, she'd just sit there and watch him brood over Brooke being in Adam's arms, like it was his fault. Edmund said he was trying not to think about it and then told her to go on home. Maureen said she wasn't going home, she was going to camp out on the couch and wait for him to talk. She said it made her sad that he doesn't think enough of what they had going on between them to not talk to her about Brooke. Maureen said she admired Brooke and that there must be a lot of good qualities about Brooke to have made Edmund want to marry her. She said Edmund could show her that he cares for Brooke and that would make her care for him even more. Edmund smiled and said she surprises him all the time. Maureen jumped back and told him not to move. She said she remembered them having tea, making plans to meet in NYC. Maureen looked at Edmund and said "I remember us!!"

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

After returning from a day at the park, Mateo put Enzo down to sleep as Hayley answered her ringing cell phone. She was briefly excited about what the person was saying to her, commenting that it was her dream come true. Her mood turned sour, however, as the person continued. She hung up after saying that it was really bad news. When Mateo returned, he asked who it was, but she simply responded, "work stuff".

Brooke was on her way upstairs to bed when there was a knock at the door. She opened to see a reporter who asked her for her feelings on Jamie's disclosure of her affair with Adam. She responded by slamming the door in his face.

After her first memory, Maria became excited. It was her first memory of she and Edmund, and she proclaimed, "I'm gonna remember our life together!" as she threw her arms around him. She told him that it was so clear, and it felt like it just happened yesterday. He insisted she call Dr. McMillian, so she picked up the phone to call him. He agreed to see her in fifteen minutes. Edmund kissed her goodbye as she left Wildwind. He shut off the lights and prepared to go upstairs when there was a knock on the door. The same reporter that visited Brooke was know at Edmund's door asking for comments on Brooke's affair with Adam. When Edmund didn't give him what he wanted, the reporter promised to put his own personal spin on the story. Edmund shut the door in his face, grabbed his coat, and left Wildwind.

Mia slowly opened her eyes to see Jake sitting by her bedside. He told her that they operated, and she's still here because she's a fighter. When she asked him to be straight with her, he told her that they need her to keep fighting, for her life. She said she'd continue fighting, but she needs to know what her condition was. He outlined that she had internal injuries, but no paralysis. She was slightly relieved until she noticed her ring missing. Jake said they took it for now, but she'll have her whole life to wear it. Joe entered the room, reminding Mia that she'll be calling him dad soon, and asked to confer with Jake. Jake and Joe said goodbye to Mia as they left her room.

Adam asked Liza why they should feel responsible for what happened to Mia. Marian stepped in and told him that Mia went up to the attic to escape the tension because of the their fighting. Adam suspected it was something more, and he asked Liza if she knew more about Mia's fall then she was telling them. Marian stuck up for her and told Adam that she only knows what he knows, that it was a tragic accident. She pulled Liza away before she could say more. When they were out of Adam's earshot, Liza said that this is the worst yet. Marian asked, "What do you mean?" Tearfully, Liza confessed to Marian that she had meant to turn Mia around, but she tripped on her dress and pushed her out the window. She said that she heard her on the phone, and thought she was talking to Adam. Marian told her to keep her voice down, and don't let her guilt take over. She told Liza that no one ever has to know that this was anything more then a tragic accident. Liza didn't like the idea, and she told Marian that she wanted to be completely honest, and have a clean slate with Mia. Marian reminded her about Colby, and told her that Adam could make her look homicidal. She told Liza to quit being selfish and think about her daughter.

Mateo asked Hayley again what the phone call was about, but she brushed him off and went to check on Enzo. The phone rang when she was gone, and Mateo answered it. He took down a message, and hung up with a disgusted look on his face. When Hayley returned, Mateo gave her the message that her agent called and said she needed to be in Los Angeles by the end of the month. He became angry as Hayley told him that she received an offer to syndicate her show, but she has to move to L.A. if she does it. At first he was upset, because she didn't share any of this with him. When she mentioned L.A., however, he became more upset and said that his family and his whole life are in Pine Valley.

Joe and Jake discussed Mia's chart, and Joe reminded him that they might have to go back in if she start's bleeding again. He told Jake to just stay close and pray.

Adam went in to visit Mia, and she told him that she felt fine "for a pincushion". He asked her to think about her fall, and how it happened. All she could tell him was that she was in the attic one minute, and on the ground the next. He asked her if she was trying to get away from Frank, or if her fall wasn't an accident. She became confused and asked him if he thought she jumped. He asked her, "Did you?" Jake walked into the room, hearing the last question, and responded angrily, "What's wrong with you, Adam? Mia did not jump!" Adam reasonably told Jake that the question has to be asked, because she's been depressed about the possiblity of Frank taking William away. Jake assured Adam that Mia was on the phone with him, and was as happy as she'd ever been when they were talking. After Adam left the room, Mia asked Jake what her condition is. He was honest and told her there was still some internal bleeding, and she was in critical condition. He gave her some medication, and she grasped both his hands. She told him that she was the happiest she had ever been when he proposed to her. Jake replied, "Me, too," as he kissed her.

When Adam returned to Liza and Marian, they asked how Mia was doing. He told them, and then pondered how she could have fallen. He revisited what Liza had said previously, and asked "If Mia's fall was an accident, why are you blaming us?" Liza repeated what Marian said earlier, about their fighting driving her away. Adam didn't buy it however, and said it doesn't make sense. Liza became angry and said that she'll make it make sense. She said, "I don't blame us, I blame you!" Adam assumed she was talking about his affair, and he became apologetic. He told her how sorry he was for the affiar, and the way she found out. Liza surprised him, however, by telling him that she doesn't blame him. She said he tried to save their marriage, but she wasn't willing. She went on to tell him that their relationship, however, is toxic, and she doesn't like the person she's become. Adam asked her, "Where do we go from here?"

Dr. McMillian was still cautious when talking to Maria, and told her that it could still be a slow process in recovering her memory. He asked her if she wanted to be called Maria, yet, and she responded that she still prefers Maureen, but she's on her way to Maria. He asked her to lie down, and began hypnotizing her, in the hopes that more of her memory could return. She became agitated when it didn't work right away, but Zeke talked her into trying it again. She layed down again and began relaxing, before sitting up and telling him that it was hopeless. She said that she'll never get her memory back. Maria told him that she feels like she opened a crack in a doorway, but can't get all the way through. She felt upset that she left Edmund tonight, and nothing came of it. Concerned about him, she asked Dr. McMillian if she could call him to see how he's doing. Zeke let her use his phone as she started dialing.

Brooke was drinking by the fireplace when another knock came to her door. Thanking it was the reporter again, she grabbed her fireplace poker, and aimed it at the door. Opening it up, she threatened the person on the other end, unaware that it was Edmund.

Mateo was starting to calm down, as Hayley gave him a backrub. She apologized again for not telling him about the offer, but assured him that she would turn it down. He was surprised, but she said she would never dream of taking him away from his family. He asked her, "But this is something you always wanted to do?" She replied that it was her dream. Mateo told her that she helped him achieve all of his dreams, the least he could do is help her achieve her's. She repeated that she couldn't ask him to leave his family, and they tried to think of ways that they could commute. Finally, Hayley told him that she'll get over it, and she doesn't need the job. He told her that he can't help it, his family's everything to him. She said, "Me, too."

Edmund told Brooke about the reporter that visited him, and said that he might be by to see her. She told him that he was already there. Edmund said that it was a mistake to come, and he prepared to leave, but Brooke asked him why he came over instead of calling. Edmund began to apologize to Brooke for how he treated her when Maria came back. He said he was wrong, and he felt responsible for Brooke becoming messed up. Brooke asked him what he meant. He told her that he was so wrapped up in Maria, and her memory loss, that he didn't think to check on her. He said he could have done something to keep her away from Adam. Brooke became stunned as she let out a laugh. She told him, "I can't believe it. You're jealous!" He was surprised at her allegation as she continued. She said he only came over here because she slept with someone else, not because he was concerned about her feelings. He told her that it was self-destructive to sleep with Adam, and he used her. Brooke was irate as she told him that she slept with Adam because she wanted it. She opened the door and told him to take his bogus sympathy and get out of her house.

Maria hung up the phone and told Dr. McMillian that Edmund wasn't home. She said he must be feeling much better because the housekeeper told her that he went to see Brooke English.

Edmund slowly shut the door, and tried to calm Brooke down. She turned to face him and told him that her love for him turned her into a different person, and she hurt him. She apologized again for what she did, but Edmund said that he forgave her, and he wanted to drop the entire thing. He said that Maria's return to him was a miracle, but he didn't want it to cost him his friendship with Brooke. Brooke told him that she values their friendship as much as he did. Brooke thanked him for caring enough to stop over, as he said goodbye.

Mia asked Jake how she was doing. Rather then answer directly, he told her she was beautiful inside and out. Joe entered the room and calmly told Jake that she was bleeding out.

Liza, Marian, and Adam watched as doctor's converged on Mia's cubicle. They saw Jake and Joe rush Mia out as Jake told them they had to go into emergency surgery. Liza began crying as Adam attempted to ask Jake, "Is Mia dying?"

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Appalled to read all about his drunken outburst in the latest edition of the "Exposer," Jamie apologizes to his mother for the scandalous article. Greenlee informs a disapproving Trey that she's flying to Aspen to spend the holiday weekend on the ski slopes. Kendall eyes Erica's invitation with open suspicion and hostility but agrees to listen to her proposition. Brooke grounds Jamie for drinking at the costume ball. Afterwards, Jamie's day gets worse when Joni's parents come by to express their outrage about the incident at the party. Erica offers to give her estranged daughter what her heart desires most in exchange for Trey's written confession. Greenlee icily rejects Simone's proffered olive branch. Although sorely tempted to take Erica up on her offer, Kendall decides in the end not to betray her brother. Trey blasts Greenlee for her cruelty towards Simone but she orders them both out of the loft. The Staffords accuse Tad and Brooke of exposing their teenaged daughter to immoral behavior. Trey phones the police after Kendall finds Erica snooping through her hotel room. Jamie finally does his folks proud by taking full responsibility for his error, but he pays a heavy price when Joni's parents forbid her to see him again.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

It's Thanksgiving at Wildwind. Isabella, Mateo and Hayley (with Enzo in her arms) arrived first. Edmund greeted them with open arms, and commented how great it is to have family nearby. This comment prompted Hayley and Mateo to renew their discussion about Hayley's job offer in Los Angeles: Should she accept this once-in-a-lifetime offer that would completely uproot her family from their home, especially now that Maria has just returned to Pine Valley. Hayley reminded Mateo about the huge raise in salary, but Mateo declined to discuss it further, and walked away.

Next, Maria arrived, bearing flowers, giggling because her amnesia prevented her from remembering if they were ever her favorites. Despite her resistance, Edmund insisted on telling Maria why he saw Brooke earlier. He explained he was simply trying to protect Brooke from the aggressive reporter. Maria claimed to understand, but appeared to be slightly miffed, even jealous perhaps. She then made everyone smile when she gave Mama the green light to call her Maria, and not Maureen.

In the meantime, Hayley and Mateo have taken their separate corners as they both deeply ponder Hayley's job relocation dilemma. Edmund found Hayley in a room, fielding yet another L.A. phone call. She then spontaneously asked Edmund for advice. In another room, Mateo spoke of the same problem with Maria. In the Hayley/Edmund conversation, Hayley admitted that she wanted to move, but wanted more to please Mateo. In the Maria/Mateo conversation, Mateo admitted that he had no bigger dreams than Hayley herself, but didn't want her to think that he was pressuring her into staying. Both Edmund and Maria gave the same advice: Talk to each other. Be honest. Hayley and Mateo then reunited in the living room, and both decided to do the unselfish thing: Mateo told Hayley to take the job. Hayley said she won't leave Pine Valley.

Just before Edmund made his Thanksgiving toast, there was a spark of hope for the return of Maria's memory when she instinctively knew where to find the turkey napkin holders. Edmund made a beautiful toast to miracles, and he and Maria shared a smile as they secretly held hands under the table.

Friday, November 29, 2002, 2002

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, All My Children did not air today. Programming will resume on Monday, December 2nd where Thursday's show concluded.

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