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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Frankie finished a double shift at the hospital. He was about to go to sleep when Colby came to see him. Frankie said that he was too tired to talk, but Colby would not leave. She asked him how she could help Adam stay healthy. Frankie said that it was hard to help someone that would rather sue the hospital than follow his doctor's orders. Colby wondered what it felt like to lose your father. He said that it was not as good as having your father come back to life after twenty years. She stated that, although she knew everyone died eventually, she wanted Adam to live as long as he could. Frankie told her that he was a good doctor because he expected the worst, but tried his hardest to get a positive outcome. He proclaimed that he would never let anyone die again. Colby then made Frankie some coffee. She explained that she was accepted into Wellesley, but did not want to go. She affirmed that she liked her life in Pine Valley because she enjoyed waking up in the same bed everyday, especially since she and her mom constantly traveled throughout her childhood. She assumed that Frankie thought she was boring. He said that there was nothing boring about feeling safe. Frankie was paged. As he walked away, Colby told him to save some lives. They smiled at each other.

Zach, Kendall, Greenlee, and Aidan were at ConFusion. Greenlee was excited about her engagement and bragged about how wonderful and perfect Aidan was. Kendall looked uncomfortable. Greenlee stated that Fusion turned her and Kendall into best friends, so she hoped that Zach and Aidan would also grow closer when they worked together. Zach glared at Aidan as Aidan nervously took a sip of his drink. Greenlee continued that she was very lucky to have such a great friend like Kendall. Kendall began to cry and told Greenlee that she did not deserve Greenlee's adoration. Greenlee hugged Kendall and affirmed that Kendall helped her get her life back on track. Kendall went to the bar to get another round of drinks and Aidan followed. Aidan commented that Kendall was acting suspiciously. Aidan stated that Greenlee was happy and that he did not want Kendall to ruin it. Kendall promised that she would not tell Greenlee that they had an affair. Aidan went back to the table and Zach approached Kendall. Kendall confided that she was having a difficult time spending the evening with Greenlee and Aidan. Zach assured Kendall that everything would be fine and encouraged her to relax. Kendall asked why Zach hired Aidan. Zach said that he offered Aidan the job, so he had to give it to him. Kendall and Zach returned to the table. Zach toasted Greenlee and Aidan and wished them luck. Greenlee suggested that Zach and Kendall join them on their honeymoon, but Aidan said that he wanted Greenlee to himself. Zach joked that he did not crash honeymoons. Greenlee wanted to open another bottle of champagne, but Zach and Kendall said they had to leave. When Greenlee and Aidan were alone, she commented that Kendall was giving her a "weird vibe." She knew that something was wrong with Kendall and vowed to uncover what it was. Aidan claimed that he did not think Kendall was acting oddly.

Kendall and Zach arrived home. Kendall sat on the edge of her bed with a sad look on her face. She inquired, "Are we okay?" He sat down next to her and gently touched her neck. He proceeded to kiss her and they made love. Afterwards, they lay next to each other silently.

Aidan and Greenlee went home to their penthouse. They could barely make it out of the elevator because they were making out and groping each other. Greenlee tried to open the door as Aidan kissed her neck. When the door opened, Aidan picked Greenlee up and carried her over the threshold.

Angie was adamantly against Jesse going to his grave to watch his coffin get exhumed. Jesse was insistent that he be at the grave when the police dug it up. Meanwhile, Tad pulled Robert to the side to speak with him privately. Tad chastised Robert for encouraging Jesse to exhume his casket. Robert did not understand why Angie and Tad were against the idea. Tad felt that Jesse should be living in the present, but Robert was helping him stay in the past. Tad wished that Jesse would stop focusing on Papel and start focusing on his family. Robert noted that Jesse could not find peace until he got answers. Robert approached Angie and apologized for upsetting her. Angie demanded that Robert stop urging Jesse to delve into his past. Robert said that he would stop and hoped that they could be friends. Angie coldly replied that maybe they could have a friendship. Robert left. Angie began yelling at Jesse. She affirmed that digging up his grave would develop more questions, instead of answers. She felt that Jesse would get sucked back into the hell that he had recently escaped. Jesse reminded Angie that he saw her at his grave, before she knew he was alive. Jesse wondered if there was another woman waiting to see her man. He went on that maybe this man was buried in his grave. Jesse claimed that he wanted to help this woman, if she existed. Tad looked emotional and exclaimed, "Jesse, enough!" Tad turned to Angie and said that Jesse needed to exhume his grave. Angie was shocked that Tad changed his mind so suddenly. Tad explained that he knew what it was like to miss someone. Tad said that he waited for Dixie and that he was still waiting for Kate. Tad affirmed that it was torture not knowing where his loved ones were. Angie told Jesse that he could go to his grave, but only if she went with him. Jesse did not like the idea, but Angie insisted that they go together.

Cheri and her "crew" accosted Erica and Carmen while they were finishing their laundry duty. Cheri asked if Erica had gotten her note. Erica looked anxious and tried to ignore the gang of women surrounding her. Cheri declared that she wanted a new beginning and demanded that Erica get one for her. Then, Cheri went to pull something out of her pocket. Erica and Carmen looked nervous, as if Cheri were about to pull out a weapon. However, they were surprised to see Cheri disclose a picture of her three-year-old daughter, Stella. Cheri explained that she missed Stella because she had not seen her for nine months. Cheri wanted Erica to help her find a way to spend time with her daughter. Cheri also wished to make Stella proud by earning a college degree while she was in prison. Erica said that the prison had classes Cheri could take. Cheri informed Erica that the classes cost money and she could not afford them. Erica was outraged that the prison promoted rehabilitation, but put a price on education. The members of Cheri's crew began to state the type of new beginning they desired. One woman wanted to regain custody of her children, another aspired to attain real-life job skills, and another wished to lose weight. Erica smiled and agreed to help the women. She warned them that their requests would not be easy to achieve, but urged them to be persistent. Erica affirmed that their goals were attainable. After the women left, Carmen told Erica that the women would not be happy if Erica did not deliver. Erica was not worried because she felt that she could get the women what they wanted. Erica thought it was amazing that the women still had goals, regardless of their predicaments. Carmen was proud to have Erica as a friend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Annie found Ryan sleeping on the couch at home. When he woke up, Annie offered to cook Ryan breakfast, but he was not hungry. Annie thanked Ryan for staying with her and Emma. She even offered to let Ryan take Emma to school. Annie told Ryan that she wanted him to fall in love with her again, but did not want to force a relationship on him. If she ended up alone, Annie said she knew she would survive. Ryan and Annie agreed that their first priority was caring for Emma. Annie invited Ryan to move back home for Emma's sake. She said he could sleep in the guest room as Emma rushed into the room, thrilled that her daddy was moving back home. When Emma went to get ready for school, Ryan agreed to move home.

Kendall had a nightmare that she was in bed with Aidan, Greeenlee, and Zach. Kendall immediately shot out of bed and got ready to visit her mother. Frazzled, Kendall said she was scared Greenlee would find out about her affair with Aidan.

Aidan visited Jackson, but was extremely nervous. Aidan said he accepted a job at Cambias Industries to accomplish his future goals, which include making Greenlee his wife. Aidan asked Jackson for his blessing and permission to marry Greenlee. Jackson gave Aidan the thumbs up, but warned him never to hurt Greenlee.

Greenlee told Aidan she wanted to announce their engagement to Jackson, but Aidan wanted to tell Jackson alone. Greenlee joked that Aidan needed to break the news to Alfonso, the stuffed tiger Aidan bought her. Greenlee asked Aidan if he thought Kendall was acting strange at dinner, but Aidan said no. After Aidan left, Greenlee met Zach at The Comeback with piles of bridal magazines. She asked him to pick out a tuxedo for Greenlee in the magazine, while Greenlee thumbed through possible wedding gowns. Greenlee admitted she wanted to meet him to really see if Zach and Kendall were having problems. Zach said he and Kendall had been going through a rough patch since he and Greenlee had been found in the bomb shelter. Greenlee thanked Zach for listening to her and making her realize she really loved Aidan.

Carmen told Erica that Erica and Jackson still had chemistry, even though Erica said her relationship with Jackson was over. Erica admitted she missed Jackson's friendship, but Carmen insisted Erica was lying. Carmen asked Erica about her history with Jackson. Erica explained that her relationship with Jackson spanned more than 20 years, but it was filled with ups and downs. She talked about her small wedding to Jackson. Carmen said Erica was foolish to walk away from him. Kendall visited Erica and was shocked to see how adjusted Erica had gotten to prison. Erica told Kendall that she wanted to give the other inmates tools to have a real "new beginning" when they were released. Kendall said her mother's bravery never ceased to amaze her. Kendall said that she told Zach the truth about her affair with Aidan. She said that Zach was physically there, but emotionally distant from her. Kendall said she worried Zach would not be able to get past the betrayal. Erica said she should listen to Zach because he wanted to save their marriage. She told Kendall not to worry about Greenlee, especially since Greenlee had put their family through so many problems. Kendall begged her mother to tell her what to do so Erica said that Kendall needed to protect the life she worked so hard to build with Zach. After the visit was over, Carmen told a security guard she needed to speak to Jackson.

Zach left Greenlee after getting an urgent message from Kendall. When he got home, Kendall said they were taking a trip alone. Greenlee ran into Ryan as she was leaving the bar.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ryan met Greenlee at The Comeback. Ryan saw Greenlee's bridal magazines and flipped through the pages. He saw one wedding dress and joked about how ugly it was. Greenlee looked sad and said that she wore the same dress on their wedding day. He felt guilty and tried to redeem himself by commenting that she must have looked beautiful in the gown. She began hysterically laughing and admitted that she was only joking. He gave her a stern look and chastised her for making light of his amnesia. Greenlee apologized, so Ryan began laughing. He divulged that he was joking too. She felt that he was able to recover some memories from their past because she was always honest with him and because they always had fun. Greenlee affirmed that she was glad he remembered her. He inquired how her wedding planning was going. She said it was going well.

Greenlee asked how things were going with Annie. Ryan said that he was moving back into the penthouse. He remarked that it was mostly for Emma's sake. Greenlee was happy to hear the news and hoped that his move would jog his memory. He wanted to hear more stories from their past. So, she told him about how he taught her the art of conning. She detailed an anecdote in which Ryan pretended to be a swanky hotel critic and got them a suite in a five-star hotel for free. Greenlee then asked to hear more about Ryan's move. He said that he was pleasantly surprised when Annie invited him to come home. He felt that Annie did it because she realized how much Emma meant to him. Greenlee noted that she always knew Ryan would be a great father. He said that perhaps she and Aidan could have kids together. Greenlee shook her head as to say no. He wondered why she no longer wanted children. She explained that she desired a child with Ryan more for his sake than her own. She declared that she was too selfish to have kids and grew accustomed to being "fabulous Aunt Greenlee." Ryan had to leave because he was late for an appointment. He smiled at Greenlee and stated that the time they shared was "good." She enthusiastically agreed.

Kendall was packing a suitcase as she announced to Zach that they were going on vacation. She went on that Rachael was able to watch the kids while they went to the Bahamas. He was not interested in taking a trip there. She suggested that they go to London instead, but he did not want to go there either. Kendall explained that she wanted to go away so that they could spend quality time together. Zach stated that they could spend quality time together at home, with their sons. She felt that they needed to be alone to work through their problems. She confessed that the night they spent with Greenlee and Aidan at their engagement party almost killed her. She felt suffocated by her guilt. Zach assured her that everything was going to be fine. She disagreed and divulged a dream she had in which she woke up to find Greenlee, Aidan, and Zach in bed with her. Zach said that she could not run away from her problems or her dreams. He further noted that Greenlee was already suspicious and would become even more so if they left town abruptly. Kendall accused her husband of caring more about Greenlee than their relationship. Once again, he reassured her that they would work past their issues. He then lay on the bed and closed his eyes. He wanted to take a nap, instead of fight with his wife. She continued to insist that they go away together, but he did not respond and kept his eyes shut. This frustrated Kendall, so she threw a cup of water on him.

Adam was on the phone with a business associate. Adam stated that he would "fight it" just as JR entered the room. When Adam saw JR, he hung up the phone. JR sensed that Adam was upset and asked what was wrong. Adam stated that he needed to have a serious talk with JR. Adam made JR promise to keep their conversation confidential. Adam then explained that he did not wish to worry Colby because he wanted her to live a normal, happy life. JR looked deeply concerned and wondered if Adam was dying. Adam scoffed at the question and said, "I'm not dying, ever!"

Adam proceeded to admit that he needed help at Chandler Enterprises. Adam confessed that he was not "working on four cylinders lately" and his business was suffering because of it. JR looked over papers that his father gave him and realized that his father single-handedly messed up an important deal for the company. Colby entered and began to rant about the research she conducted on panic attacks. She went on that the attacks made a person feel like they were about to die. JR noticed that the topic was making Adam uncomfortable. JR demanded that Colby be quiet, which annoyed her. JR told Colby to go steal a yacht. Colby snidely retorted that JR should have himself kidnapped and actually do it right. Adam began to laugh and quipped that things were finally getting back to normal. Colby urged Adam and JR to play nice and left. Adam and JR continued their business discussion. Adam affirmed that he did not want to give up his power at Chandler, but needed assistance from JR because he trusted his son. Adam vowed that he was not asking for help as a means to keep JR under his thumb. JR said that Adam was the "alpha wolf" for so long that he deserved a break. JR agreed to help his father.

Tad demanded to know where Jenny's toy penguin was. Krystal stated that it was in the washing machine. Tad snapped at her for moving things around without telling him. She could tell that he was on edge and wondered if it was because she visited Adam in the hospital. Tad snidely remarked that he did not waste his time thinking about Adam. He then commented that it was a bad day. Krystal inquired what he meant. He explained that he had to go to the cemetery to watch Jesse's grave be exhumed. She asked if he did not want to go to the cemetery because of Kate and Dixie. He admitted that Kate was always on his mind. He further stated that going to the cemetery made him feel like a failure since he promised Dixie that he would find Kate, but never did. Krystal affirmed that he tried his hardest to find Kate. He was still disappointed in himself. Krystal told him not to go if it made him upset. He felt that Jesse needed him there. She called Tad a "good friend."

Angie and Jesse were at home. Angie was still apprehensive about Jesse seeing his grave exhumed. She wondered how the exhumation would affect Frankie since Jesse's funeral was a traumatic experience for him as a boy. Jesse stated that Frankie was no longer a boy. Just then, Frankie entered. He told his parents about how he delivered twins at the hospital. Angie gave Jesse a proud look and agreed that Frankie was not a boy anymore. Angie and Jesse proceeded to tell their son about the exhumation. Frankie felt it was a good idea to see what was in the grave because it might provide some answers. Angie asked Frankie if he wanted to go to the cemetery with them. Frankie said that he was there when the casket went into the ground and he would be there when it came out of the ground.

The family went to the cemetery. As the police prepared the grave to be exhumed, Frankie recalled his father's funeral. Frankie explained that he wanted to be buried with Jesse because he did not want his dad to be alone. Frankie went on that, even though he was a young boy, he knew that nothing would ever be the same. Angie became emotional and told her son that he gave her the strength to continue on, despite her grief. They all walked over to Dixie's grave. Angie told Jesse that Tad and Dixie shared a love similar to their own because Dixie died and then came back. However, Angie noted that Dixie was murdered shortly after her return. Jesse promised Angie that he was not going to leave her again. A police officer announced that they were about to start the procedure. Angie led her family in a prayer in which she asked God for strength.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jackson and Samuel visited Erica and Carmen in prison. Erica asked Samuel to look into Carmen's case to see if he could get her released. Erica told Samuel that she needed his help improving the prison, including counseling, college, parenting courses, and complimentary transportation for family visits. As for Jackson, Erica wanted him to be Carmen's new attorney and release her from prison. Jackson asked Erica if her new campaign was a result of threats by the inmates. Erica stated that she would not have problems as long as she helped them. Jackson agreed to help Carmen as a favor for Erica. Samuel told Erica that the warden would not be so keen on her ideas, but promised to help.

Tad, Frankie, Jesse, and Angie wait patiently for Jesse's casket to be dug up. Angie said she had a bad feeling that something would go wrong when they opened the casket. Robert told someone on the phone that he would have the biggest diamond the caller had ever seen by the end of the day. He watched from behind the bushes as workers tried to dig up Jesse's grave. Workers open the casket as Robert had a gun pointed at Jesse.

Julia brought Kathy to Annie's house for a play date with Emma. Julia noticed Ryan's belonging were back in the house. Annie said Ryan has moved back home, and hopefully, they could be a family again. Julia asked Annie about her relationship with Ryan. Annie said she and Ryan talked about Emma a lot, but had lacked romance. Before leaving, Julia told Annie not to give up on her relationship with Ryan. As Annie walked up the stairs, she tripped on Emma's lunchbox and knocked over a plant. She had a bump on her head, but managed to stand up. As Ryan banged on the door, she let him in the house. When Ryan saw the mark on Annie's head, he asked her if something had happened. Annie told Ryan she heard a noise while reading a story to Emma in her bedroom. She said she saw a man running through the house when she came downstairs, but he got away.

Ryan went to see his therapist and told her he had fun with Greenlee. The therapist cautioned Ryan to be careful about his time with Greenlee because she was his ex-wife. Ryan said he felt relaxed with Greenlee because she did not expect him to remember his past like some other people. Ryan said he sometimes felt pressured by Annie to remember his life, but understood her reasons because he was her husband. The therapist told Ryan he was most comfortable with Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan said he avoided Kendall as much as possible because of his feelings for her. The therapist said that Ryan seemed to have an attachment to Greenlee, but Ryan said he and Greenlee were just friends. He told the therapist it did not bother him that Greenlee was getting married. Frustrated with the therapist's questions, Ryan walked out of the office.

Kendall begged Zach to stop hiding his feelings for her. She said that their relationship would never be the same again because of the affair she had with Aidan. Zach admitted that the thought of Aidan and Kendall having sex felt like a knife cutting his throat. He said he would have rather been stuck in the bomb shelter than have the image of "Aidan's grubby hands caressing [Kendall's] perfect skin" play in his mind every day. Zach said he had to find his own way of dealing with Kendall's betrayal without her help. Kendall left to go to the house she and Aidan made love in. When she started soaking the house in gasoline, Zach arrived. Kendall soaked the rug where she and Aidan made love with gasoline and lit it on fire.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Adam awakened from a nap and after he noticed several strange things about his appearance, he wondered aloud what was going on. He had but moments to ponder it as JR showed up, fresh from doing his father's bidding at a Chandler meeting. Adam looked over the paperwork and much to his son's chagrin, deemed it adequate. JR demanded more respect but instead, Adam blew him off and instead adhered to his doctor's orders. As he took the prescribed pills, JR asked what they were for. Adam minimized their necessity, and said that he would only have to medicate for a few more weeks to eliminate all of the issues he had been having. JR pointed out that perhaps Adam's ailments could all be connected to his extreme need to control everything in his world, and listed Adam's most recent misdeeds-stealing Jenny and trying to adopt her out to a couple, as well as keeping Tad's daughter's identity a secret and using it to rope Krystal in-as examples.

Adam tried to reject the conversation, said that they had agreed not to discuss it, and then blasted his son for being too much like his mother. JR noted that wherever Dixie was, she was pissed at how Adam had used her daughter. They fought a bit more about the best way to be a man-Adam insisted that to admit defeat was to be weak, and JR pointed out that living that way didn't exactly get them far in their relationships. Adam tried to change the course of the conversation and asked JR to take another client meeting. JR, still annoyed at Adam's previous slight, observed how he was again asked to do work but never got recognized for it, before he stormed out of the room. Alone again, Adam poured himself a drink, reviewed JR's work, and noted that it was a job well done indeed. He set the glass down, but when he reached for it, it slid out of his grasp. He reached for it again with the same results. When he went for it a third time, it flew off the table and crashed above the fireplace. He then started to hear music, but when he knelt and checked the stereo, he found it was off. From his position he looked around furtively, and hoped to spot the culprit.

Erica's pep talk with her fellow inmates was interrupted by a protest outside the prison that demanded the government offer her assistance. The inmates joined in until they realized that the pop group B5 had showed up to lend their support. In the aftermath, the inmates celebrated until a jailer came to get Erica for a private meeting with the warden. Carmen tried to tell her not to go, if only because meetings like that in movies were never good, but Erica wasn't worried. When she got to the office, she thought that she would just review her ideas for helping out the inmates. She quickly found out that she was wrong when the warden made her irritation over the suggestion that she wasn't doing her job clear. She then pointed out that while Erica might have thought she was being helpful, some inmates felt as though she was using them to gain popularity points. She also warned Erica about the threats that had been floating around. Erica said that she misunderstood the note she passed off to the guard, but the warden told her that there had been others. Because of those instances, the warden felt it would be best if Erica were placed in protective custody.

As they watched the house burn, Kendall briefly flashed back on her one night with Aidan before she recommitted herself to her husband, and they walked away hand in hand. They made their way to the bomb shelter and found that after the police had unearthed John Remington's body, they covered up the shaft that Zach had fallen into. They touched on the wish that the night had never happened, and agreed that although they both did things wrong, they had found their way to a better place. Kendall then asked if Zach was ready to leave, and took off before she heard his answer. Zach looked toward the burning structure one more time, and then knelt to pick up a piece of metal-still hot from the flames-with his bare hands. Kendall rushed back and questioned why her husband would do such a thing. In place of an answer, he simply silenced her with a kiss before they truly headed home.

The casket was opened and instead of something horrible, the onlookers found themselves staring at emptiness, save a gutted stuffed animal Frankie had as a child. As an armed Robert watched from the bushes, Frankie explained that he had brought the toy to the funeral and left it behind so that his father wouldn't be alone. Angie tried to walk away, too pained at the memories, but Jesse stopped her. She asked him what good had been done, and he told her that the scene gave them clues to the person who was desperate enough to dig the grave up. Jesse pondered aloud what Papel could have thought was in the toy, but when his family indicated that they needed to go, he asked an officer to let him know the results after they finished their investigation. Tad opted to part ways at that point, and noted that he had another matter to attend to. After the area cleared, Tad went to visit Dixie's grave, and after he expounded upon how much he missed her, he told her that he hadn't forgotten the promise he made to her. He then told her that he needed her help find their daughter. At that moment, a breeze moved through the area and made Tad feel as though his wish had been heard.

A short time later, Tad returned home but barely had time to reconnect with his wife and the Hubbard family when there was a knock at the door. When Tad answered the door he found his uncle, who invited himself in despite being told that he was interrupting. Robert asked after the exhumation but was told that nothing was found. He then apologized for the intrusion but dropped his keys before leaving. When he bent over to pick them up, he planted a bug under the table. He moved deftly enough that no one was the wiser, and went about his way. After his departure, although Angie tried to explain Tad's odd behavior toward Robert away, Tad jumped in and said that it was about more than Robert's familial connection. He said that he had a feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was wrong, and wouldn't let it go until he was proved wrong. Then, Tad noticed an odd look on Angie's face and when he asked, she told the group that she had a confession to make. She told them that she couldn't bear to part with the last thing that Jesse had touched, and had instead purchased a replica of the elephant and switched it. The group then realized that whatever Papel had been looking for was still in the original elephant, unaware that Robert had heard their every word. Angie went on to say that she didn't know where the original was because although it had been given to her daughter, Angie had packed it up with other things that Cassandra had outgrown and had given it to a charity in the city. Jesse wanted to search for it but Angie begged him to let it go, once and for all. Jesse agreed to do so for the sake of her happiness, and then asked Tad if he would continue on his mission. Tad noted that he would never stop looking for his daughter. Krystal then suggested that Jesse help Tad out with his case and, with minimal discussion, the partnership was formed.

Angie received a surprise phone call from her daughter, who told her that she was ready to visit Pine Valley and meet Jesse. Angie asked if she was ready, and although nervous, Cassandra said that she needed to meet the living legend at some point. She quickly told her mother that she would arrive in Pine Valley within the next day, and hung up the phone before a shocked Angie could utter another word. Cassandra piled clothes into a suitcase, and placed her stuffed elephant safely in her purse. Back in the Pine Valley graveyard, Robert gazed at the one diamond he'd stolen from Remy's mother, and cursed Angie's name as he viewed her as an obstruction to getting at the other diamond. He told the night air that he would not be cheated.

After they arrived home, Kendall tended to the burns on her husband's hands for a few moments before they decided to make love. Later, as his wife slept, Zach looked at a file that he had put together on Aidan.

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