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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, June 1, 2009

At the police station, Kendall implored Jackson to help her with her legal troubles. Kendall insisted that she had not killed Stuart, and her children didn't deserve to have their mother taken away from them. Jackson assured Kendall that he would find a way to get her released from jail.

Jesse paid Zach a visit in jail. Zach was stunned when Jesse revealed that Kendall had been arrested for Stuart's murder. Jesse urged Zach to recant his confession, but Zach refused. As Jesse began asking questions, Zach realized that Jesse was on a fishing expedition to gather evidence against Kendall. Zach refused to cooperate. He suggested that Jesse fly to Germany to spend time with Frankie rather than waste time investigating a crime that Zach had confessed to.

After Kendall was released on bail, she went to talk to Zach. Kendall wanted to know if Zach had killed Stuart, because she had not. According to Kendall, she had seen Zach in the living room seconds before a gunshot rang out. Kendall claimed that she had assumed Zach had killed Adam, so she had dropped her gun then ran from the terrace.

Zach insisted that he had remained in the house until he had heard a shot. Zach ran over to check the body for a pulse. When he didn't find one, Zach had gone out to the terrace. Kendall realized that Zach believed she had pulled the trigger. Kendall swore on the lives of her children that she had not killed Stuart. Zach believed Kendall, but he was frustrated. Zach had confessed to the crime because he thought he had been protecting Kendall. Zach was determined to clear their names, but he realized that his confession had complicated matters. Kendall pointed out that there had been a number of viable suspects in the Chandler mansion on the night of the murder.

At the hospital, Colby overheard Liza and Jake talking about their past history. Colby was shocked when she learned that Jake could have been her father had Adam not switched sperm samples before Liza's in vitro fertilization procedure. Liza and Jake remained unaware of Colby's presence. Colby walked away in tears.

Liza and Jake continued talking. Liza resented how Adam had turned Colby against her. Liza felt as if she had failed at her most important job. She didn't want to risk becoming attached to another child only to have that child snatched away from her. Liza wanted Jake to be certain that he and Amanda weren't going to change their minds about giving the child up for adoption. Jake assured Liza that they were committed to their decision. Liza warned Jake, if they had a change of heart, she would do everything in her power to destroy Jake's relationship with Amanda and keep him from raising the baby.

At the Chandler mansion, Erica declared that she didn't need a man in her life. Adam had his doubts. Erica accused Adam of needing someone to respect and worship him. Adam disagreed; he claimed that he needed someone who challenged him. Erica boasted that, were she interested in Adam, she would be up to the task. Adam was confident that Erica bluffed about her feelings for him. He believed that Erica had been heartbroken when she thought Adam had been killed. Erica corrected Adam; she had felt pity for him.

Adam was tired of playing games; he demanded to know where he stood with Erica. Erica was spared from answering when Colby walked into the living room. Colby, visibly upset, asked to have a moment alone with her father. Erica prepared to leave, but Adam asked Erica to wait, so that they could continue their discussion later. Erica agreed, but left the room to give Adam and Colby privacy.

After Erica's departure, Colby told Adam about the conversation that she overheard between Jake and Liza. Adam started to explain that there had been extenuating circumstances, but Colby didn't want to hear his excuses. She was hurt; she believed that it had confirmed every awful story Liza had told her about Adam. Colby insisted that Adam's transgression had been an attempt to control her mother. Adam was adamant that he had always wanted and cherished Colby. Colby hated that Adam had kept the truth from her. Adam confessed that he had never intended to burden Colby with the details of her conception.

Liza was livid as she walked into the living room and heard the tail end of Adam and Colby's conversation. Liza realized that Colby knew the truth about what Adam had done. Liza turned her wrath on Adam. Colby quickly explained that she had discovered the truth when she had overheard Liza and Jake talking. Liza apologized to Colby for hurting her.

Adam and Liza made an effort to put their differences aside to focus on their daughter. Both parents assured Colby that she was loved. Liza confirmed that Adam had been motivated by love when he had switched the sperm samples. Liza also pointed out that she would not have married Adam three times if she had not cared for him. Adam made the startling admission that, in hindsight, Liza had made the right decision when she had packed up Colby and run away. Liza, in turn, commended Adam for doing a fine job raising their daughter after Colby had moved in with him.

Moments later, Erica returned to the living room. Erica couldn't refrain from commenting on the touching family reunion that she had walked in on. Liza immediately bristled at Erica's tone, but didn't take the bait. Instead, Liza invited her daughter to lunch. Colby agreed to meet Liza, but made it clear that they had many issues to work through.

In the foyer, Erica stopped Liza. Erica told Liza that she didn't buy Liza's act. According to Erica, a snake might shed it's skin, but it remained a snake. To avoid any misunderstanding, Erica accused Liza of being a snake.

At Wildwind, Krystal took off her wedding ring then handed it to David. She told him that their marriage was over. David begged Krystal to reconsider, but Krystal refused. She walked out of the mansion without a backward glance.

A short time later, David showed up in Amanda's hospital room. Amanda realized that David had been drinking. David assured Amanda that he meant her no harm. He wanted to apologize for how he had treated her. David wondered what had happened to their friendship. Amanda looked at him with disbelief. She pointed out that David had threatened to take her baby and he enjoyed hurting people. David corrected Amanda; he had never derived pleasure from hurting people. However, he did admit that he had hurt people.

David shared a story about his past. As a young boy he had gone camping. While hiking through the woods, David had come across an animal trap with an animal's bloody paw still in it. David had realized that the animal had chewed its paw off to escape the trap. David couldn't imagine being driven to such desperation. It had left a lasting impression; David realized that he had to set his own traps rather than stepping into someone else's.

Amanda urged David to reconcile with Krystal and focus on building a relationship with Marissa. She asked David to promise her that he would not take her baby away from her. David remained silent.

At the Martin residence, Tad and Opal played a video game after the girls had been tucked into bed for the night. When Opal complained about her allergies, Tad dashed upstairs to fetch his mother some medicine. Moments later the doorbell rang, so Opal answered the door. Krystal stood on the doorstep. She announced that she had left David. Opal wanted to know what Krystal's decision had to do with Tad. Krystal admitted that she wanted Tad to know that he had been right about David. Opal wasn't impressed that Krystal had the epiphany. Krystal understood Opal's apprehension; she assured Opal that she was there in friendship.

When Tad came downstairs, he invited Krystal inside. Opal, Krystal, and Tad went to the living room. Krystal told Tad about her decision to end her marriage to David. Tad was delighted to hear the news.

To Opal's dismay, Tad suggested that Krystal move in with them. Opal objected, but Tad insisted that Krystal needed friends and, more importantly, her daughter. Krystal gratefully accepted Tad's offer. Tad decided that they should celebrate. He wanted to wake up the girls, but Opal put her foot down; Kathy had school the following day. Tad countered that Jenny didn't, so she could enjoy the festivities.

Later, Jake arrived home to discover that Tad, Krystal, Opal, and Jenny were having a backyard picnic under the moonlight. Jake had reservations about Krystal moving in with them. He admitted to Tad that he did not trust Krystal. Tad insisted that Krystal's presence in their home would have a positive influence on Jenny. Jake remained skeptical.

Krystal and Jake talked; she explained that she had left David because he had tried to buy Amanda's baby. Jake told Krystal that he didn't trust her and warned her not to hurt Tad.

Amanda arrived home a short time later. Jake was surprised that she had been released from the hospital. Amanda revealed that she had left after David had paid her a visit. Amanda confessed that she had seen David's vulnerable side and she believed he had been sincere during his visit with her. Jake cautioned Amanda not to trust David. Amanda was worried that something would go wrong with their plans for the baby. Jake assured Amanda that the right person would get the baby.

Outside, Tad and Krystal, with Jenny on her lap, gazed at the stars. Tad invited Krystal to make a wish on his star, but Krystal declined. She didn't want to push her luck.

At Wildwind, David sat alone. He held Krystal's wedding ring in his hand.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colby read Scott an article on the front page of the newspaper. The article reported that Kendall was released on bail, but would stand trial for Stuart's death. Colby was appalled that Kendall was released. It did not bother Scott, because he blamed himself for Stuart's murder, not Kendall. Scott wished that he never brought the heart valve to Pine Valley.

Erica entered the restaurant in the Yacht Club. Erica was unpleasantly surprised to see Liza seated at a table. Liza announced that she had a room at the club. Erica suggested that Liza relocate to the Pine Valley Inn, but Liza refused. Erica warned Liza never to slap her again, or she would have Liza arrested. Just then, Jack approached the two women. Erica asked Jack to dine with her, but Jack already had breakfast plans with Liza.

Jack sat with Liza and questioned her about the night of Stuart's murder. She claimed that it was not her intention to hurt Kendall, but Jack was skeptical. She reminded him that she recanted her statement against Kendall. Jack laughed and commented that she was "blowing smoke up his skirt." He knew that, if Liza were called to testify, she would not perjure herself for Kendall's sake. Jack was certain that Liza would tell the judge she saw Kendall pointing a gun at Stuart.

Erica was annoyed with Jack because he ate with Liza. Jack explained that he needed to question Liza because she would be a witness at Kendall's trial. Erica stated that Liza was the killer, not Kendall. Jack urged Erica to stay out of Kendall's mess. Erica affirmed that she would not give up until her daughter was vindicated.

Jesse visited Zach in prison. Zach said that he wished to recant his confession, and Jesse was pleased. Zach wanted to be released so he could find the real killer. Jesse told Zach to stay out of his investigation.

The district attorney met with Zach. The lawyer questioned Zach about the night of Stuart's murder. Zach admitted that he saw Kendall with a gun, but he adamantly stated that Kendall did not kill Stuart. The lawyer assumed that Zach was covering for Kendall again. Zach attested that Kendall was not a killer, but the lawyer disagreed. Zach was then released from prison.

Kendall was in Ian's hospital room. Ryan went to see her and asked how Ian was feeling. She happily stated that Ian had slept through the night. Ryan hoped that she got rest, too, but she did not care about her sleep, because Ian's well-being was more important to her. Ryan promised to catch the killer, so Kendall could stay with Ian. He then apologized for telling the police that he saw her at the mansion. She told him not to feel guilty. She reminded him that Liza was to blame.

Ryan could tell that Kendall was furious with Liza. Kendall blurted out that Liza had slept with Zach. Ryan wondered why Kendall cared. Kendall explained that she did not care if Zach moved on; however, it made Kendall feel sick to think that Zach was the father of Liza's baby. Ryan thought that was impossible because Liza was at least seven months pregnant, which would mean that Zach had slept with Liza when Kendall was in a coma. Kendall noted that Zach had a penchant for fathering children behind her back. Ryan urged Kendall to ask Zach if he was the father. She did not want to interrogate Zach, especially after he went to jail to protect her.

Ryan met with Jack to discuss Kendall's case. Ryan offered to lie on the stand, if it could get Kendall acquitted. Jack warned Ryan not lie, because it could make things worse for Kendall. Ryan swore to find the real killer. Jack urged Ryan not to do anything stupid, but he noted that finding the true killer would get Kendall off the hook.

Colby and Pete had lunch at the Yacht Club together. They discussed their dysfunctional families. Colby commented that it was weird to see her mother and father in the same room. Colby found it even odder to witness her parents getting along. Pete said that, although his mother and father fought a lot, they still had a connection.

Colby felt torn between her mother and father. Also, Colby felt betrayed by her mother. Pete felt that Liza realized she had made a mistake and wanted to rectify things with Colby. He suggested that Colby give her mother a second chance. She valued his advice and he was flattered. He hinted that they, too, could have a connection, like his parents. She told him to give it up and he replied, "Never."

Zach went to the hospital and ran into Liza. Liza explained that she recanted her statement against Kendall. Zach told Liza that he would not reveal her secret. She asked if there was anything she could do for him. He coldly replied, "You've done enough."

Zach went into Ian's hospital room. Kendall was glad to see Zach out of jail. Zach looked at his son and noticed that he looked bigger and stronger. Zach stated that Ian needed his mother. Zach swore to find the killer, so Kendall would not be jailed. She worried that he might not find the killer. She also feared that he would have to testify against her. Then, Ryan entered the room and announced that he had a plan. Ryan declared that Zach would not have to testify against Kendall if Zach and Kendall remarried.

Erica was determined to search Liza's suite to find evidence against her. So, Erica told an employee that she forgot the key to her room in order to break into Liza's room. Erica asked the employee to unlock the room and, since the employee was a huge fan of Erica, she let Erica into the room without question. Erica opened Liza's drawers and looked at her papers. Suddenly, the door opened and Colby entered the room. Colby exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?"

Marissa went to Wildwind to see Krystal; instead, she found David drunk and belligerent. David told Marissa that Krystal left him. He stated that he would do anything to see Krystal walk through the door. He proceeded to ramble on and on about Stuart's death. He stated that Adam was supposed to die, not Stuart. He said that Stuart's death was a mistake as he pointed his hand like a gun.

Marissa was unnerved by David's behavior, so she called Krystal. Marissa explained that David was drunk and crazed. Krystal said that David was no longer her problem and hung up.

David threw a bottle of liquor against the wall as Krystal entered the home. He was happy to see her, but she revealed that she went there to make sure Marissa was fine. Krystal then apologized to Marissa and told the girl to leave. After Marissa left, Krystal said that she'd had enough of David's self-pity. She stated that David was to blame for his problems, no one else.

David inquired where she was living and she said nothing. He realized that she went to Tad's and he became enraged. He grabbed Krystal and told her that she would not leave him for Tad. He clutched her hand and tried to force her wedding ring back onto her finger. She yelled that he was hurting her, but he did not relent.

Marissa went to the mansion to see Scott. She told him about her encounter with David. She said that David was out of his mind and would not stop talking about Stuart's death. She thought that David killed Stuart.

Scott entered Wildwind and saw David manhandling Krystal. Scott ran to David and punched him in the face.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jake and Liza met privately in a hospital room. Jake found Liza's patient file in the archives. He pulled the information from when Liza was pregnant with Colby. It contained notes from all of her doctor's appointments. Jake said that he could change the dates to make her fake pregnancy seem real. Liza was impressed.

He explained that he would take Amanda to Barbados for a week. There, he would perform a c-section on Amanda. He would give the baby to Liza and then she would introduce the baby as her own. Meanwhile, Jake would have a doctor forge a death certificate, so it appeared that Amanda's baby died.

Liza thought that Jake's plan would work and she agreed to take the baby. Then, he showed her a picture of Colby's sonogram. He recalled when he thought Colby was his child. Liza told him that he would one day be a great father. Then, Amanda entered the room. Amanda saw the sonogram and Liza announced it was her baby.

After Liza left, Amanda told Jake that she liked Liza, even though he warned her not to trust Liza. Jake noticed that Amanda looked upset. She admitted that she was nervous about her pregnancy; she feared something would go wrong. He promised to make sure everything went smoothly. Then, they kissed.

Colby entered her mother's suite and found Erica snooping around in the dark. Colby exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?" Erica divulged that she was searching for evidence to prove that Liza killed Stuart. Colby stated that Liza denied involvement in the murder. Erica was certain that Liza was guilty and proceeded to rummage through her belongings.

Erica encouraged Colby to help her, but Colby refused. Erica noted that Colby might find evidence to exonerate Liza. Colby looked under her mother's bed and found numerous letters addressed to "Colby Chandler." Colby said nothing to Erica, placed the letters in her purse, and left.

Colby went home and examined the letters. All of them were unopened. Colby read the letters and realized that Liza wrote to her many times over the previous three years. Liza sent Colby birthday cards and letters for every holiday. In all of the letters, Liza told Colby that she loved and missed her very much. Liza wished that Colby would give her another chance. Then, in one of the letters, Liza assumed that Adam was not giving the letters to Colby. Liza wrote that she would not stop writing because she hoped that Colby would eventually get the letters and know that her mother never stopped loving her.

Colby showed Pete the letters. Pete was happy for Colby. Colby smiled widely as she stated that her mother never stopped loving her. Pete asked to look at the most recent letter. As she handed it to him, she mentioned that there was lipstick on it. He looked at the letter and told her that the substance was blood, not lipstick. She wondered how blood got on the letter. He reminded her that Stuart was shot in her house and bled a lot. Pete offered to test the substance to make sure it was blood.

Liza went to the mansion to see Colby. Liza explained that an employee of the Yacht Club told her Colby had been looking for her. Liza wondered if Colby was in her room, because some of her belongings were out of place. So, Colby showed her mother the letters. Liza was glad to learn that Colby read them. Liza explained that, when Colby ran away, she was angry. Liza was angry with herself for not being a better mother and she was angry with Colby for not giving her another chance. Then, once Liza began to write the letters, her anger turned to sadness. Liza affirmed that she loved Colby very much, and they embraced.

Colby inquired why Liza did not show her the letters sooner. Liza said that Colby did not give her a chance. Colby realized that her mother did not have the letters until recently because she stole them from the mansion. Colby asked if her mother stole the letters on the night of Stuart's murder. Liza confessed to being in the mansion and stealing the letters. Liza said that she wanted the letters, so she could prove to Colby that she loved her.

Pete went to his lab and examined the letter. He determined that the letter was covered in blood. He called Colby and told her the news. He guessed that the blood was Stuart's. Colby looked at her mother and called her a murderer. Liza denied the accusation and tried to calm Colby. Just then, Erica entered the room and ordered Liza to leave Colby alone.

Ryan suggested that Zach and Kendall get married, so Zach would not have to testify against Kendall. Kendall asked Ryan if he had lost his mind. Ryan felt that it was the only way for Kendall to avoid life in prison. Kendall reminded Ryan that he might have to testify against her, as well. Zach told her to choose her groom. Ryan stated that she had to marry Zach, because Zach's testimony would be the most damaging. Kendall agreed to marry Zach because she did not want to be away from her sons. Ryan said that he could not stay and watch the ceremony. As Ryan left, Kendall said she loved him.

Ryan informed Erica that Kendall and Zach were getting remarried. Erica looked surprised. Ryan explained that the marriage was a way to protect Kendall. She understood and said that it made perfect sense. Ryan stated that he still loved Kendall and would not give up on her.

Erica met with Kendall. Erica was pleased about the wedding. Kendall reminded her mother that it was a marriage of convenience, not romance. Erica noted that Kendall and Zach had married for convenience in the past, but ended up falling in love. Erica hoped that history would repeat itself.

Kendall and Zach met with the justice of the peace at the hospital. They had their ceremony in the waiting room and had a nurse as their witness. They unemotionally said their vows. Then, after the justice of the peace pronounced Zach and Kendall husband and wife, he said they could kiss. Zach just walked away.

Zach saw Kendall crying after the ceremony. She was daydreaming of when she married Zach and truly meant the vows. Then, she recalled almost marrying Ryan. Zach told her that it was not a real marriage, so she should not get upset. She lied and told Zach that she was only thinking about Ryan.

Scott punched David and David fell unconscious. Krystal thanked Scott for saving her from David. Scott grabbed David and called him a murderer.

Jesse came to Wildwind. Scott told Jesse that David killed Stuart. Scott explained that David practically confessed to Marissa. David regained consciousness and denied the accusation. David stated that he did not kill Stuart and that he never admitted to the crime. Jesse asked Krystal if there was anything she wanted to add. Krystal glared at David and noted that no one wanted Adam dead more than David. David said that Krystal was the murderer because she killed their marriage.

Jesse told Scott that he did not have enough evidence to arrest David. Scott was furious and vowed to get revenge on David. Jesse said that he would handle David. Jesse promised to put David behind bars-if he was the killer.

After Jesse and Scott left Wildwind, David told Krystal about the night that Stuart died. David said that he wanted to kill Adam, but he could not because of his children. He said that the thought of Marissa, Little Adam, and his unborn child made him think twice about committing the crime.

Opal babysat Emma. When Ryan came home, Opal showed him a picture that the little girl drew. Opal explained that Emma threw the drawing the garbage, but Opal felt that Ryan needed to see it. Ryan looked shocked when he saw the picture; it was a woman holding a gun.

Ryan asked Emma why she drew the picture. The girl said it was a mistake. He asked who the woman in the picture was. She told her father that she was not allowed to tell. He asked why not. She said that her mother told her to keep quiet.

Ryan went to the police station and showed Annie the drawing. He demanded to know why Emma drew the violent picture. Annie said, "I'll tell you."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marissa waited on Jake and Amanda at the restaurant. Jake and Amanda introduced themselves when they realized Marissa was Krystal's daughter. Marissa saw that Amanda was pregnant. She seemed excited to soon have a half-sibling. Jake said that David would never have access to Amanda's baby.

After Marissa returned to take Jake and Amanda's order, Jake apologized for being rude to Marissa. He said it was not right to talk badly about David to Marissa. Marissa said she did not know David well enough to take Jake's words to heart. Amanda and Jake ordered their food. Marissa took their menus and went to process the orders.

David told Krystal that he wanted to kill Adam, but could not go through with it. David wanted to know why Krystal was leaving him. Krystal said she was tired of David lying, drugging her and Adam, and attempting to buy Amanda's child. David admitted that he had made mistakes, but could never steal a child that rightfully belonged to him. Tad showed up to take Krystal to his house. Tad gleefully toted Krystal out of David's house. David threw a glass vase at the door.

Tad and Krystal decided to visit Marissa at the restaurant. Krystal told Marissa that she left David. Marissa asked Krystal if David really wanted to take Amanda's baby. Krystal said David was determined to get that baby. Tad and Krystal sat down at a table. Tad went to pick a song in the jukebox.

Marissa told Krystal that maybe she could fill the void David needed in his life. It might help David back off Little Adam and Amanda's baby. Krystal warned Marissa not to get sucked into David's ways. Krystal and Tad shared a dance. Krystal told Tad that she might have left David, but was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Tad. Tad said he understood.

David threw his glass of booze in the fireplace. He picked up Babe's picture. Suddenly, Babe appeared in the room. She wanted to know why David was so sad. David said he felt like his world fell apart the moment she died. Babe said she had been watching David and was not happy with his decisions.

Babe asked David to be a good man by leaving JR and Amanda alone. Amanda turned into Marissa's image staring at David. Marissa, no longer an illusion, gave David some medicine to calm his headache. Marissa said she might be the only person who really understood David.

Colby accused her mother of coming back to town to kill Adam. Liza touched Colby's arm as Erica walked through the door. Erica thought Liza was attacking Colby, but Colby insisted she was fine. Colby told Erica not to get involved in the problems she was having with Liza. Erica reminded Colby that Liza ignored her for years. Colby agreed that Liza was not the best mother, but believed Liza would not do anything to make their relationship worse. Erica backed off and left the house.

Colby demanded to know what happened between Liza and Adam the night Stuart was killed. Liza said she broke into the house to scare Adam. She found the gun in Adam's usual hiding place, along with all the letters Liza had sent Colby. Adam was keeping the letters from Colby. Liza said she dropped the letters and hid when Adam entered the room.

Adam put the letters in his pocket and left. Later, Liza said she heard a gun shot and found Stuart dead on the floor. Liza said she grabbed the letters and left, but had no idea Stuart was the one who had been shot. Also, Liza did not understand why Stuart had her letters.

Pete interrupted Colby and Liza. After Liza left, Pete said the blood on the letter belonged to Stuart. Pete thought the evidence clearly pointed to Liza as the killer. Colby proclaimed her mother was innocent.

Zach told Kendall not to cry because the wedding was not real. Kendall remembered saying her wedding vows to Zach and telling Ryan she loved him. Kendall wiped the tears away. She said the marriage to Zach was hurting Ryan deeply, even if it was to help clear their names in Stuart's murder. Zach told Kendall he did not mind if she went to Ryan. Kendall did not want to leave Ian alone.

Angie appeared to check on Ian. Zach said Angie could watch Ian if Zach got tired. Kendall decided to take Zach's advice and go see Ryan. Angie said she admired Zach for being such a great father, including marrying his ex-wife. Zach said his relationship with Kendall was nothing more than friendship.

Erica stopped Kendall in the hospital hallway. Erica offered to watch Ian so Kendall and Zach could enjoy their wedding night. Kendall said she and Zach only got married again out of convenience. Erica was stunned to learn that Kendall was on her way to see Ryan. She said that Zach still loved Kendall. Kendall claimed she loved Ryan.

At the police station, Ryan showed Annie a picture Emma drew of Annie pointing a gun. Ryan said he knew Annie was at the Chandler mansion the night Stuart was killed. Ryan asked Annie who she was pointing the gun at in Emma's picture. Annie agreed to tell Ryan everything she knew if he let her talk to Emma. Ryan insisted on getting the truth from Annie first.

Annie said she went to the Chandler mansion to kidnap Emma, but Adam caught her. Annie went after Adam, ran into a drunken JR, and found Adam shaking. Annie said Adam kept saying someone wanted to kill him. She took him and Emma to the attic so Adam could recover. Annie said Emma saw her holding a gun in the attic after hearing strange noises and a gunshot. Ryan said he wanted to talk to Adam before allowing Annie to call Emma.

Ryan paid Adam a visit to learn more about the night Stuart was murdered. Adam said he remembered Annie saving his life. Adam still blamed Kendall for killing Stuart. He thought Ryan was trying to find a way to pin the murder on Annie.

Ryan was surprised to see Kendall at his door. Kendall said she wanted Ryan, despite being married to Zach. Ryan said Kendall should be with Ian. Kendall and Ryan said they loved each other.

Liza went to the hospital looking for Kendall. She wanted to apologize for turning Kendall in to the police. Also, Liza told Zach she felt bad about them having sex. Liza said she returned to town for Colby, but everything was going wrong. Liza flirted with Zach a bit, but stopped when he showed her his wedding band. Zach said he married Kendall to avoid testifying against her in court. Liza said Kendall was a lucky woman.

Liza found Kendall in the hospital. Liza apologized to Kendall, but Kendall did not seem impressed. Liza said she had changed her story to protect her unborn child. Erica saw Liza at the restaurant. Erica assumed that Colby did not turn Liza in to the police. Liza said she planned to win back Colby's trust. Erica wished Liza the best of luck with that task.

Annie called Emma. Emma gushed about her spelling bee and saving hugs for Annie. Ryan listened in on the conversation.

Kendall went into Ian's room. Zach rested in a rocking chair while Kendall tended to Ian.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brot contacted the Hubbards via video link, and although he was able to tell them that the surgery on Frankie's hands was over, he had little else to share. At the same moment, Randi sought good news from Frankie's surgeon, but what she found out was far from what she'd hoped. The doctor told her that while Frankie would regain some hand function, he would probably never operate again. The doctor left, and Randi went over to her husband's bed to see if she could rouse him. When he woke, she tried to kiss him but he rejected her. She made it clear to him that she would never leave him.

Jesse asked Brot how Frankie's spirits were, and received a clear answer when Frankie was heard ordering Randi out of his room. In his room, Frankie insisted that because of what happened, he was not the man that Randi married. She refused to accept that he wanted to give up simply because things hadn't turned out as he planned. Frankie told her that he saved people with his hands, and because of his injury, people had died.

Jesse and Angie thanked Brot for the updates and asked him to have Randi call them when she had a chance. The connection ended, and Angie asserted that she had to go overseas to save her son from himself. Jesse maintained that it was a bad idea, but Angie said that she was the only person who could truly help.

In the hall Willis, a recovering soldier, came up to Frankie's doorway in a wheelchair. Brot called out to the soldier, and the old acquaintances briefly caught up. Willis then said that Frankie had saved him from a certain death and that he wanted to thank Frankie. Brot promised to deliver the message once Frankie was in a better frame of mind.

A short time later, Angie called the hospital and left word that she wouldn't be in. When she ended the call, Jesse asked if she wanted Frankie's marriage to last. Angie was incredulous at the question, but Jesse told her that she needed to trust that Randi and Frankie would work things out on their own. Just then, the computer connection became live again. Randi appeared, and told them that Frankie had completely shut down.

Angie offered that perhaps Brot would be able to help, but Randi was concerned that no one would be able to reach Frankie. Randi asked if at least one of them would go to the hospital. Angie, who had been processing her husband's words, admitted that while she had planned to do so, she had decided that it was a bad idea. Randi insisted that one of them was needed on the scene. Angie reminded Randi that she needed to fight for Frankie as hard as he did to build a life with her.

Frankie told Brot that he didn't want to talk to anyone. Brot said that he of all people understood what it was like to wake up in a body that you didn't know or like. Frankie asked if Brot had ever lost functioning in a body part that was critical to his career. Unfazed, Brot stated that he'd lost his face, so Brot was intimately aware of the thoughts that crossed Frankie's mind. Frankie thought that Brot wanted to compare war wounds, but Brot made it clear that all he wanted to do was support his friend.

Frankie insisted that Brot's friend was lost in combat, and that the only thing left was a pathetic shell of a person. Brot said he'd felt the same way, and it was that feeling that kept him in hiding. It was only when Frankie demanded that Brot start living again that he turned his thinking around. Frankie then noted that he'd ruined Randi's life because he'd made her his wife with the full knowledge of the danger he would be in after his deployment. Frankie felt that Randi was stuck with a different man than the one she married but Brot denied that, and said that Randi still wanted to be with Frankie, even through the hard times. Brot told Frankie that it was easy to give up, but it was harder not to.

After they ended the computer connection, Jesse told Angie that she'd made the right decision for the time being, but that nothing was set in stone. Jesse said that he would support Angie's trip over to where Frankie was hospitalized if the situation changed. Angie said that waiting was torturous, and Jesse held her as her eyes welled up over memories of Frankie when he was younger and healthy. Meanwhile, Randi told Brot how freaked out she was that the Hubbards had decided to let her deal with Frankie on her own. Brot told her that everything would work out and, in full view of Frankie's bed, he gave her a hug.

Liza perused the daily paper as she sat on the patio at the Yacht Club. Her phone rang, and she was unimpressed when the first thing she heard was an accusation from Adam that she'd done something to Colby. She tolerated him for a moment but when he called her a liar, she hung up on him. His name-calling reminded her that Colby thought she was a liar, as well.

Adam left an urgent message to have his call returned as soon as possible, moments before Zach burst into the Chandler living room. Adam demanded to know why Zach was there, but when he was met with silence, Adam launched into an inquiry into Ian's well-being. When that didn't elicit a response, Adam asked if Zach's intention was to scare him. He told Zach that any fear-inducing machinations about taking Adam's life were useless, as Adam thought much less of his life without his brother.

Zach finally spoke and said that he wouldn't want to take Adam out of the hell on earth he'd been in since Stuart died. Frustrated, Adam demanded to know what Zach wanted from him. Zach admitted that he needed Adam's help to solve Stuart's murder. Zach had ruled out Krystal, JR, Kendall, and himself as suspects, but created an entirely new laundry list of people who could have been guilty. Before they could delve into the validity of each new suspect, Liza walked in.

Liza quickly told Zach that he should leave before Adam found another reason to have Zach arrested. When Zach didn't move, Liza and Adam took the opportunity to go at each other. Adam ended with a suggestion that Liza was the one who killed Stuart. Liza admitted that Adam's theory was plausible, as she did want Adam dead. Adam took that as an admission of guilt, but Liza quickly corrected him.

She said that as much as she wanted Adam dead, she wanted something else far more - her daughter. She then revealed her discovery that he hadn't given Colby the letters Liza had written all of the years they were apart. She also told Adam that Colby had finally read them and knew what a horrible thing her father had done. Having stunned him into silence, Liza then asked Adam if he'd kept them in the hopes that he'd get caught.

Liza caustically called Adam out for his turn as a horrible parent, but Zach cut her off. Zach demanded that she tell him exactly what happened the night of Stuart's murder. Although Zach had to repeatedly remind Liza to stay on track, she finally detailed all of her moves from that night. When she was done, Adam said that although his memory was hazy, he had remembered something of importance.

Adam explained that he had grabbed the letters Liza left behind, but was unable to fully process that tidbit, as they hadn't been locked up the way he'd remembered. He then went into the library and took his jacket off. The next thing he remembered was his trip up to the attic and finding Annie and Emma. Adam thought that Stuart found the suit coat and put it on for the meeting that never happened.

Adam's phone rang then, and after a brief conversation, Adam took off. After he left, Zach confronted Liza about her constantly changing story. She told him that she simply left out details Zach didn't need to hear again. Then, they both wondered what Adam's call had been about.

Jake ran into David at the hospital and when he saw that David held the morning paper, Jake wasted no time in pointing out that David should have been the one they arrested for Stuart's murder. As usual, the doctors tossed barbs back and forth at each other as they attempted to discern who the better man was. They reached an impasse, and Jake noted that David should own up to what he'd done so that Kendall would be set free.

Annie pored over the morning edition in her cell. She prattled on to her unwilling audience about how amazed she was that someone she knew so well could be guilty of murder. The woman in the next cell gave Annie several warnings but when the silence didn't come, the woman punched Annie in the back to shut her up. Annie fell to the floor, and upon hearing the commotion, the guards came to see what had happened.

The guard in Annie's cell assured her that she would be fine, but the guard in the next cell wasn't certain. That guard asked the other inmate what she had hidden, and was alarmed when the inmate revealed that she had a sharp object. The guard asked if the inmate had stabbed Annie. When Annie heard those words, she reached to the spot where her back hurt, and when she pulled her hand away, it was covered in blood.

Ryan and Jack tried to assure Kendall that the proceedings would go well. The men then inquired as to whether Zach would show up to offer his support. Kendall said that Zach's support came in the form of his most recent marriage to Kendall, as it meant that he couldn't testify against her. The charges against Kendall were read, and she entered a plea of not guilty. Kendall turned at that moment and was stunned when she saw David at the back of the courtroom.

While she was distracted, no objections were posed from either counsel, so the judge noted that the trial date would be set as soon as possible, and banged his gavel. The sharp sound caused Kendall to refocus on why she was there. She thanked Jack before he headed into the judge's chambers, and then turned to hug Ryan. She asked Ryan why David had been there, but when they looked for him, David was nowhere to be found.

Ryan and Kendall met up in Ian's room at the hospital, and Ryan insisted again that Kendall would not be convicted. Ryan then mentioned how odd it was that David wasn't at the top of the suspect list, and they briefly revisited their theories on the doctor's presence in the courtroom earlier. Their conversation came to a halt when Jack showed up and said that he and Kendall needed to start work on her defense immediately.

Ryan excused himself, and Jack asked Kendall to explain what happened the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall impatiently reminded him that they'd gone over the story many times before. Jack encouraged her to tell the story again, so she repeated her story. She remembered that as she ran from the house, she tripped over something. Jack hadn't heard this before, so he tried to gently probe her memory to find out more details.

Kendall remembered that there had been a flash of lightning, but still couldn't remember catching sight of anything. Jack posited that perhaps the object had been something in motion - a person who had moved once she tripped over them. Jack then noted the possibility that Kendall could have come in contact with Stuart's real killer. Jack sprang into motion, and called the authorities so that the Chandler estate could be swept again. Kendall was skeptical, but Jack wanted to be as thorough as possible.

In the hall, Jake approached Ryan and got an update on how things went with Kendall's arraignment. Jake noted that David should be the main suspect. Ryan told Jake about David's appearance in the courtroom, and Jake in turn told Ryan about David drugging Adam. Ryan asked how David could've gotten away with something like that, and Jake revealed that one of David's groupies had taken the fall.

Jake was paged to the ER, and got there as Annie was brought in. After Jake had gotten all of the information he could out of the medics, Annie interrupted and begged Jake to call Adam Chandler and Ryan. At the same time, Ryan saw David in the hall and asked why David had been in the courtroom. David told him that he had been curious about what would happen to Kendall. He then told Ryan not to believe everything that Jake told him.

Ryan's phone rang then, and Ryan found out that Annie had been stabbed. He shared the information with David, and then quickly took his leave. Ryan found Jake and followed him to Annie's room. David had gotten there before them, and Jake was incensed that David had again decided to intrude where he wasn't needed. Jake warned Ryan not to wear Annie out by talking too much. He left them, and Annie apologized to Ryan.

Annie told Ryan that she thought she was dying and felt like she needed to leave a message with him for Emma. She then told him that when she had woken up a few moments before and saw David standing over her, it made her flash back to the night of the murder. Ryan demanded to know more details, but before he could delve any further, Adam came in and told Ryan to back off, as Annie wasn't guilty of Stuart's murder.

David stopped by to see Ian, and told Kendall that her son had made remarkable progress. When she didn't speak to him, David thought that she was angry about his appearance at her arraignment. She corrected him and said that she wanted to know exactly where he was when Stuart was shot. David refused to help Kendall build a case against him. Zach showed up at that moment and told David that he would have no choice but to help them.

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