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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, June 28, 2010

At the hospital, Erica made plans to go to Fusion. Jackson strongly objected, so he tried to enlist Bianca's help to stop Erica. Bianca refused to get in the middle; however, she made Erica promise to take it easy. After Erica agreed, Bianca left. Jack remained determined to keep Erica from leaving because he feared that her recovery would suffer another setback. Erica insisted that Fusion needed her, so she refused to let a man tell her what to do.

Jack offered a compromise by indicating a wheelchair. "Oh, not on your life," Erica informed Jack as she glared at the wheelchair. Erica let Jack know that Frankie had cleared her for the "field trip." Erica promised that she would return to the hospital after her work was done. Erica went on to assure Jack that she would not leave the hospital again until Frankie discharged her. Jack agreed, but on the condition that he would accompany her to Fusion.

At Wildwind, David poured himself a cup of coffee as he noted that Greenlee had been awake for hours. Greenlee confessed that she had been thinking of ways to save Fusion. David offered to brainstorm with her, but she declined. Greenlee reminded David that his ideas tended to be dangerous. She suggested that he focus his efforts on keeping his name from being linked to Erica's plane crash. David assured her that he had everything under control.

After David went to the bedroom to fetch his phone, Bianca stopped by to see if Greenlee had made a decision about David. Greenlee refused to turn in her husband for the Miranda Center scandal. Greenlee instructed Bianca to tell Erica that they would have to find another way to save Fusion. Bianca wondered if David meant so much to Greenlee that she would sacrifice the company. Greenlee's silence answered the question. Bianca argued that David wasn't worth losing Fusion over.

Greenlee slammed the door in Bianca's face and then returned to the parlor, where David was waiting. He let her know that he had overheard her exchange with Bianca. Greenlee was reluctant to discuss it, which made David realize that Greenlee had given Erica's proposal some consideration. Greenlee confessed that she had been tempted to go along with the plan when she had first learned that David had drugged Bianca. David was hurt, but Greenlee pointed out that she had ultimately decided against it.

Later, Greenlee arrived at Fusion to find Erica and Jack already there. Greenlee was curious if Erica had been behind Bianca's earlier visit. Greenlee insisted that she refused to let David take the fall for the missing money; she was certain that they could persuade the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had been an accounting error. Jack reminded Greenlee that the SEC wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than an arrest. He was adamant that Erica would not be the person to be led away in handcuffs.

Greenlee started to suggest that perhaps Erica shouldn't have stolen the money, but Jack cut her off. He couldn't believe that Greenlee would have the audacity to play "that card." Jack informed her that they all knew that David and Greenlee had been responsible for making it appear as if Erica had taken the money. Greenlee was curious if that meant that Jack intended to turn her in for the crime. Jack argued that it had been David's idea, so Greenlee was not to blame.

David entered Fusion moments later. Greenlee was stunned when David admitted that he had confessed to taking the money. Greenlee reminded David that the crime had a lengthy prison sentence, but David insisted that everything would work out. David was confident that his lawyers would be able to secure a light sentence. Jack was grateful that David had finally done the right thing, but Erica was less impressed.

Erica suspected that there was something in it for David. David claimed that he just wanted to make certain that Greenlee didn't lose her company. Erica refused to view David as a hero for confessing to a crime that he had committed. Erica reminded everyone that David wasn't the martyr type, so it didn't make sense for him to confess. Jack wondered if David had decided to tell the truth about the plane crash while he had been confessing to siphoning money from the Miranda line.

David was curious if Erica truly believed that he would try to kill her. Erica conceded that the old David wouldn't have, but that man no longer existed. David insisted that he cared about Erica too much to ever harm her. David then turned to Greenlee to reiterate that he had confessed because he didn't want to see Greenlee lose her company. Greenlee couldn't believe that David would risk giving up years of his future for her.

David was certain that things would work out. After David and Greenlee kissed, he told her that he had an appointment with his attorney. Shortly after David left, Bianca arrived. Bianca admitted that she had bumped into David in the lobby and that he had told her about his confession to the SEC. Greenlee explained that David had done it to save the company, but Bianca suggested that he had done it for Greenlee. Greenlee pointed out that it proved that David had a heart. "So do you," Bianca softly admitted. "Maybe there is hope for your two after all," Bianca concluded.

In Erica's office, Erica confessed to Jack that she had become consumed with trying to save Fusion for Kendall. Erica had also been determined to leave it in better shape than she had found it. Jack wondered if she were trying to tell him that she was ready to give up the company. Erica didn't answer directly, but she confessed that during her time on the mountain she had realized that she wanted to do much more with her life. Erica wanted to be open to new challenges. Jack was curious what had happened to her on the mountain.

Jack's phone rang before Erica could answer. Moments later, Jack revealed that Doc Waller had sent instructions from Palmer. Bianca entered her mother's office as Jack explained that the reading of Palmer's will would be the following day. According to Jack, a list of who would be attending the reading would follow shortly. However, Jack admitted that Palmer had prohibited him from revealing who was on the list. Erica smiled as she commented, "That's Palmer; still in control." Erica was certain that they were in for quite a surprise.

In the park, David met with Agent Bennett. David apologized for being late, but the SEC agent didn't seem to mind. Agent Bennett confirmed that he had received the wire transfer of funds into his Cayman account from David. David clarified that the first payment was to ensure that David would only face minimal charges. Agent Bennett agreed. David assured the agent that the remainder of the money would be sent after the case had been closed. Agent Bennett was satisfied. David reminded Bennett that he expected everything to go according to plan in exchange for making the SEC agent a very rich man.

In the hotel room, Angie watched Jesse sleep as her recent diagnosis of permanent blindness replayed in her head. Jesse woke up to find his wife hovering over him. He admitted that she was beautiful in the morning. Angie smiled as she confessed that their night together had been amazing. She had never felt closer to Jesse. Jesse sensed that something was troubling Angie, so he asked her what was going on.

Angie claimed that she had been thinking about how safe she felt in his arms. She didn't think that anything could ever hurt her while she was with Jesse. Jesse and Angie groaned when the alarm clock suddenly buzzed. Angie was disappointed that their special night was over, so Jesse suggested that they could make it last a while longer. Angie smiled with joy as she leaned down and then kissed her husband.

Later, Jesse arrived for work. Natalia wondered where her father had been. Jesse confessed that he had spent the night with a certain doctor. Natalia rolled her eyes good-naturedly and then begged her father to spare her from hearing any more details about his night with Angie. Jesse chuckled and then changed the subject. He was curious if anyone from the Federal Aviation Administration had called. Natalia shook her head.

Jesse was frustrated because he was certain that David was responsible for Erica's plane crash. Natalia was surprised when Jesse informed her that he wanted her to go to West Virginia to find out what was going on. Jesse believed that there would be less chance of a dismissal of sabotage if Natalia were a presence during the investigation. Jesse also pointed out that Natalia was familiar with David and, therefore, she knew what to look for. Jesse made it clear that he intended to prove that David was responsible for the crash.

Natalia made a note to never "piss off the chief of police." Jesse argued that he loved Angie too much to watch her suffer while David continually harassed her. Jesse was certain that Natalia would understand how he felt when she fell in love. Jesse hated how David stressed out Angie, so he wanted to put David away. However, Jesse acknowledged that David was slick and had managed to wiggle out of numerous sticky situations. Jesse wanted Natalia to keep a close eye on the FAA's investigation.

Natalia was flattered by Jesse's faith in her. Jesse assured her that she had earned it. He was certain that her mother was bragging about Natalia in heaven. Natalia confessed that she missed her mother. Jesse hugged his daughter and then admitted that David couldn't beat them because David didn't have what they had: a strong family bond.

In the park, Jake and Amanda enjoyed a couple of breakfast burritos before Jake went to work. When the subject of their honeymoon was raised, Amanda admitted that she couldn't imagine leaving Trevor for any length of time. Jake suggested that they simply take Trevor along for the trip to Italy. Jake thought that it would be fun to introduce their son to the Mediterranean region. Amanda was tempted, but she worried that Jake couldn't afford to take the time off from work. Jake insisted that it wouldn't be a problem. Amanda's excitement grew as she realized that her dream of seeing Italy might become a reality.

At the hospital, Angie reviewed her medical file. She was alarmed when she was suddenly struck by the sunburst effect, which had left her unable to see. Angie slowly made her way out of the room by using touch to feel her way to the door. Jake happened to see Angie as she left the room. He immediately realized that something was wrong. However, Angie pretended that everything was fine when he approached her. Jake decided to tell her that he needed her to check on a patient to gauge her reaction.

Angie suggested that Jake find someone else, but Jake argued that she was the only other doctor available. Jake grabbed Angie's arm and then guided her to a nearby examination bay, where he claimed that the patient was waiting. Angie tried to make excuses to get out of examining the patient, but Jake ignored her. He asked her to pick up a stethoscope from a tray that was right in front of Angie. Angie's vision returned, but not before Jake realized that she couldn't see.

Angie tried to deny it until Jake pointed out that there hadn't been a patient in the bed. A quick glance at the bed confirmed Jake's deception. "That was a cruel trick," Angie commented. Jake didn't apologize; he insisted that it had been necessary because Angie continued to deny that anything was wrong. Angie complained that she was just having an issue with blurry vision. Jake advised her to get some glasses, unless it was something more serious.

Angie sighed and then confessed that she had contracted a viral infection in her eyes that might lead to permanent blindness. Jake was stunned. Angie revealed that she had treated a young boy a month before. She suspected that she had gotten his blood on her hands and then rubbed her eyes at some point, which had led to the infection. Jake assured her that they would figure things out and then deal with it. Moments later, Jesse walked in. Jesse explained that Angie had left her cell phone behind, so Jesse had stopped by to drop it off.

Angie explained that she and Jake had been discussing how to treat a patient, so she asked Jesse to give her a few minutes to finish up with Jake. Jesse decided to get Angie something to drink. After Jesse left, Jake realized that Angie hadn't told Jesse about her deteriorating eyesight. Angie explained that it was complicated; because of David's budget cuts, she hadn't been wearing gloves when she had treated the boy. However, Angie made it clear that it had been her choice not to wear proper protection.

Angie revealed that Jesse was trying to build a case against David, so she didn't want her news to interfere with that. She was certain that it was only a matter of time before David was out of their lives for good. Jake insisted that Jesse had a right to know what was going on with Angie, but Angie insisted that she needed some time. Jake didn't think that was a luxury that Angie had. Jesse returned with some water moments later. Jake quietly excused himself while Angie thanked Jesse for getting her the water.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At Caleb's cabin, Caleb read a letter from Jackson stating that, since Caleb had refused Erica's money, he'd thereby absolved her of any responsibility for repairing his house. Caleb balled up the letter, and threw it in the fireplace.

As Jackson prepared for the reading of Palmer's will at the Yacht Club, he called Krystal to tell her that he was itching to open Palmer's box. Krystal thought that if Erica hadn't opened it in all that time, then Jackson could wait a few more minutes. After the call, Opal entered the Martin living room in white, because Palmer had always liked that color on her. She told Krystal that she'd dreamed that she'd heard Palmer beside her in bed, and he'd said, "I'm coming back."

When Opal arrived at the Yacht Club, she'd hoped to see Petey, but Jackson said that the day's reading was specifically for Pine Valley residents. Krystal entered to say that the memorial for Palmer had arrived.

In her hospital room, Erica dreamed that, after smugly chopping wood at Caleb's cabin, she tripped and fell into his arms. When she awakened, Bianca noted that she'd murmured Caleb's name in her sleep. Erica said she'd had a nightmare about chopping wood. Bianca asked to hear more about Caleb, but Erica said he was just a grumpy man hiding from the world.

Bianca said she'd fly home after the will reading, unless there was a wedding to stick around for. Erica said she was sure that Jackson would marry her that day; however, she needed to decompress and enjoy every moment of her engagement.

Bianca went to get the car, and Krystal arrived to tell Erica that she'd seen how devoted Jackson had been to finding Erica and making her his fiancÚe. She hoped that Erica was serious about marrying Jackson, because he couldn't take losing her again. Erica scowled, but assured Krystal that she'd marry Jackson, and their future would be perfect. For the record, however, Erica added that Krystal might straighten Jackson's files at the office, but what happened after hours was none of Krystal's business.

At Krystal's restaurant with Marissa, JR lamented about how things had changed since Palmer's death. The legendary Chandler and Cortlandt battles had passed. Marissa felt that was a good thing, but JR stated that those battles had made the Chandlers a force to be reckoned with.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott and Annie worried about Scott's invitation to the reading of Palmer's will. He said that if the nano project were in the will, he'd lose everything. The pair changed clothes for the will reading, and in the foyer, they encountered Marissa and JR, who scoffed at Scott for taking a date to the proceedings. Marissa went to dress, and JR questioned why Scott had been invited at all.

Annie and Scott stammered to explain that Scott had spent time with Palmer before his death. Scott went to take a call, and JR and Annie argued about what had happened in the park the other day. She stated that he'd reached out to her like a real person, but he told her that it would never happen again.

In the park, Scott and Annie stood by Palmer's memorial. She became uncertain about attending the reading, so he decided to go in before her to get Jackson's approval. Alone, Annie told the picture of Palmer that he'd better not have screwed things up for Scott. Marissa arrived and told Annie that talking to herself was bad-especially given her history.

Annie caught Marissa off-guard by asking about AJ's bee sting. She added that she'd been with JR when Marissa had called him about it. Marissa scoffed, and Annie sniped that Marissa didn't have to be paranoid, because Annie wanted Scott, not JR. Marissa asserted that Annie had merely jumped into the next available bed, but Annie countered that Marissa couldn't stand that men wanted Annie. She stated that JR had initiated the affair, and Marissa had no one to blame but herself. "If you weren't such a boring little mouse, JR never would have had sex with me," Annie declared.

Marissa quipped that sex with a crazy person might be fun, but it was still just sex. Annie warned her not to underestimate sex, and Annie continued that it was sickening for Marissa to withhold sex until JR proved that he was once again worthy of her "pink flannel love." Annie raged on that JR was a passionate and sexy man, and Marissa would never be a match for him.

Annie received a text message from Scott and said she had an event to attend. Calling Annie a liar, Marissa reached for Annie's phone. They tussled and knocked over Palmer's photo. "What have you got? Glue? Gum? We can't just leave it like this!" Marissa shrieked, staring at the granite fragments. Annie whipped out some nail glue, and the women worked on the plaque.

Inside the event, Scott concluded his text message to Annie, and JR approached to complain about Scott's date and decision to invest every cent of Chandler money into the nano project. "As majority shareholder, I'm quite comfortable with the decisions I've made, so I suggest you shut up and get on board," Scott responded. JR asserted that after the heart valve debacle, JR had plenty of reason to worry about Scott's next disaster.

Scott and JR argued over which of them should be running Chandler Enterprises until Bianca interrupted to greet them. Marissa and Annie joined the group, and when the men noted uneasiness between the women, Marissa claimed that it was just Annie being Annie.

Elsewhere in the room, Erica approached Krystal to say that their talk earlier had caused her to wonder why the lonely Krystal had been on the mountain with Jackson in the first place. "Comforting him?" Erica asked. Krystal stated that she was Jackson's friend, and Erica agreed, adding that Krystal wasn't his type.

Jackson cued some music, and Opal cooed that the song was one of Palmer's favorites. At a lectern, Jackson thanked everyone for attending what was presumably the reading of Palmer's "final" last will and testament. From the box, he pulled out a sealed envelope. Inside was a letter from Palmer, which said that Palmer intended to change their lives.

Jackson said that Palmer had sent private letters of inheritance to his family members, but the reading that day was dedicated to Pine Valley residents. Reciting the letter, Jackson stated that Palmer had left Opal some money and a "Glamorama" sign, so that she'd never forget her roots. Jackson handed Opal an envelope. She sobbed to find her engagement ring in it, and she said that Palmer really had intended to propose again.

Moving on to Bianca, Palmer left the puppets from the shows he'd performed for Miranda and a letter with sage advice for Bianca to be there for Erica. Bianca decided that, instead of leaving that day, she'd fly her girls to Pine Valley and help Erica plan her wedding.

To JR, Palmer willed some Chandler shares that Dixie had refused to take when Palmer had financed the company's recovery. Annie and Scott were aghast as JR asked Scott to congratulate him on becoming an equal partner. JR uttered his thanks to Uncle Palmer and went to read his letter from Palmer in private.

Moving on to Scott, Palmer said he'd learned that he couldn't hold onto things that weren't his, but it was never too late to give them back. Scott anxiously started to speak, but Annie quieted him. Jackson then gave Scott a painting that Stuart had made of Pigeon Hollow.

During a break in the proceedings, Erica told Jackson that she adored family as much as Palmer had, and she wanted to get married right away.

Scott, Annie, and others observed what they guessed was gum holding together Palmer's memorial plaque. Annie played dumb about it and scampered to the restroom.

In the park, JR saw that his envelope contained two keys to a beach house that had belonged to Dixie. The enclosed letter told JR to make wise choices and be a better man than Adam. Annie approached and saw the keys. JR said that Palmer had given the beach house to JR to use for alone time. Annie asked why he'd need two keys. Marissa approached, and JR made a big show of taking his wife home to be with AJ.

Annie flashed to making out with JR in the park, but Scott snapped her out of her muse. She conveyed that JR's shares spelled doom; however, Scott expressed a sense of relief about it all. He decided that the shares and the painting had been a sign that he could concentrate on his project without looking over his shoulder. She stated that he'd always look over his shoulder with JR as a partner. Scott held confidence that, with Annie beside him, he'd beat JR.

Back at the reading, Palmer's letter set forth his wishes for Cortlandt Electronics. Palmer asked that Erica head the company, which Palmer had willed to his nephew, Caleb Cooney. Just then, everyone heard a ruckus, and the rugged Caleb entered with a pack on his back. "Dorothy? You've got to be kidding me," he said when he saw Erica.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While on a business call in the mansion parlor, JR got an eyeful of Annie bending over to search a drawer. Striding through the room, Marissa was disappointed to hear that JR had already immersed himself in business and hadn't the time for a family outing. JR heard Annie and his wife bickering in the foyer about their fight earlier. Annie dismissed it as nothing. After sensually smearing on lipstick, Annie left for the hospital to make a donation in Palmer's honor.

Marissa scoffed as JR returned to the parlor to work. Upset, she called Krystal, but huffed when she learned that Krystal was still at the reading. Krystal decided to leave earlier and asked her daughter to meet her at the Martin house. Marissa strode by Tad on her way to meet Krystal.

In the parlor, Tad congratulated JR on receiving the shares from Palmer. JR thought it was karma that Palmer had restored the power that Adam had stripped from JR. Tad noted that he'd run into Annie and Marissa, and they'd seemed ticked off. JR said that everything would be fine, because he was no longer second in control. Tad asked if that included his marriage.

JR claimed to love his wife, and he said he'd been trying. Tad countered that JR hadn't been trying hard enough. Guessing that JR craved Annie as he craved alcohol, Tad warned that Annie was more dangerous, and she'd tear up the family twice as fast.

JR dismissed the idea that Annie could be as addictive as the booze, and Tad said JR was just like Adam, who thought power solved everything. JR stated that Palmer had compared him to Adam, too. JR showed Tad the letter asking JR to be a better man. Reading about the cottage, Tad hoped that JR actually would spend time there to figure out what really mattered.

At the hospital, Frankie got annoyed when Annie hounded him about getting a picture with Angie and the donation check. Frankie said Angie was unavailable, and when Annie persisted, he took a quick cell phone shot of him and her together. Annie whined that it was a big deal, because, "If JR sees this picture-" A dubious Frankie said he thought that she was with Scott, and Annie stammered to explain that she'd misspoken.

Later, JR approached Frankie with a donation check, as well, and quipped that Annie wasn't authorized to offer her check. After Frankie walked off with the money, Annie slipped into the elevator with JR to berate him for not letting her have credit for anything.

JR gloated that he'd won big that day, but Annie retorted that Scott had something that JR never would. The indignant JR hit the elevator's emergency brake. He told her that he went to bars and stared down drinks to prove that he could walk away. It was a test, him against temptation, and he always won. With that, he left her alone in the elevator.

At the Martin house, Marissa gaily suggested that she and Krystal go shopping, but Krystal couldn't believe that Marissa had pulled her from the reading of the will for that. Marissa admitted that she'd gotten into a scuffle with Annie, who'd audaciously said that Marissa wasn't sexy enough to keep her husband. Krystal deduced that the shopping spree was for JR.

Marissa corrected that it was for her marriage, but Krystal asserted that if Marissa needed to become a different person, then JR wasn't the right man. Marissa saw nothing wrong with making herself more attractive to her husband. Krystal explained that JR had some righting to do in that marriage, and until he realized what to do, Marissa had a long road ahead of her. An enraged Marissa snapped that Krystal had never been any kind of mother to her, and she didn't know why she'd expected anything different that time. Krystal looked hurt as Marissa strode out.

At home later, Marissa spiced up her wardrobe and practiced walking sexily in a tight dress. She left JR a message that said she'd be waiting when he arrived home. AJ entered, and her new look shocked him. Hugging AJ, Marissa claimed that she'd just been playing. She said she'd wash her face, and he'd see that she hadn't changed.

Later, Marissa washed her face, put her hair in a ponytail, and donned a jumpsuit. JR entered to say that he was going to the beach cottage. She thought it'd be great for AJ, but JR revealed his intention to go alone. She said that he didn't get to run off alone after their marriage had suffered, but he said that it wasn't about them. She countered that every choice he made affected her and AJ. Realizing that he didn't want to be the kind of father that Adam had been, JR decided that they'd all go together, which was how they'd face things from then on.

After taking a call at Fusion to reaffirm his secret deal with Bennett, David informed Greenlee that his sentencing could occur within a week. She worried that he'd also be implicated in the plane crash, but he assured her that he'd paid well for the pilot's silence. Still, she worried about her husband. David said he was fine, and he'd protect her no matter what.

Greenlee kissed him for a long time and said she didn't know how to thank him. She'd never expected him to do what he'd done, and she felt guilty for attacking and blaming him. She proposed that they spend a special day together, and they headed home.

When the Haywards arrived at Wildwind, they found themselves locked out. David, who'd always paid his rent on time, didn't know why the Grays would throw him out. They went to the police station, where Jesse happily told them that Palmer had bought Wildwind and had left strict instructions for Jesse to throw the Haywards out. "So this is me throwing you out," Jesse concluded. David worried about finding a new place, but Greenlee said they'd be fine as long as they were together.

Later, even though suites were available, David booked himself and his wife a modest room at a hotel. When Greenlee saw how small it was, he claimed that it was all that had been available. She claimed that it was fine.

The couple toasted with champagne, and David promised to get their home back. She said that it would be fine if he didn't. She figured that they'd needed the incident to make them focus on each other. Greenlee confided that she'd spent her life surrounded by people, but attached to no one. She finally felt as if she were involved in something real.

David carried her to the bed, where he reminded her that they'd agreed not to make love unless she was ready to commit to the marriage. She said that she was ready. As she expressed the things that she loved about their relationship, he shushed her with a kiss.

Back at the police station, Jesse handed Tad a file on George King, an airplane mechanic who'd suddenly vanished from West Virginia. Jesse wanted King found, so that they could prove David's involvement with the plane crash.

At the Yacht Club, Caleb was sure that "Dorothy" had somehow set him up, but Jackson wondered who he and "Dorothy" were. Erica introduced Caleb as the man who'd saved her life, and Jackson expressed his gratitude. Caleb, however, grumbled that he just wanted to know why his uncle had sent him there. Aside, Opal whispered to Krystal that Palmer must have been referring to Caleb in her dream.

Jackson returned to the lectern to read that Caleb had inherited Cortlandt Electronics on the condition that he remained in Pine Valley for one year to run the company with Erica. "Oh, no way in hell!" Erica interjected. At the same time, Caleb stated that he didn't think so.

Erica and Caleb insulted each other until Jackson broke it up, so he could finish the reading. Palmer further instructed Caleb to change his name from Cooney to Cortlandt, and Palmer wished for Caleb and Erica to co-host a party at summer's end to introduce Caleb to Pine Valley. "There's only one thing worse than people, and that's a room full of them," Caleb griped.

Insisting upon decorum on Palmer's day, Erica pulled Caleb aside for a private talk. Caleb, who had no use for the company or a busybody town, felt that it was cruel for Palmer to pair him up with Erica. She insisted that she wouldn't pair up with him on anything, and he offered to let her managers run the company. The two started quibbling about her engagement ring and Jackson's perfect hair, and Erica decided to take Caleb to the bus station.

Opal interrupted to give Caleb a piece of her mind. She stated that Palmer was counting on Caleb, who'd be haunted for all his days if he let Palmer down. Caleb felt that Palmer's shoes were too big to fill, and Erica agreed that Caleb couldn't pull it off.

Jackson stated that Caleb had to stay in town at least a few days to handle paperwork. He reasoned that if Caleb looked around a bit, he might find something that appealed to him about the business and the city. Caleb begrudgingly asked for directions to the nearest campground. Jackson, however, stated that Palmer had set aside Wildwind for Caleb.

Later, Jackson, Erica, and Caleb entered Wildwind. Caleb disliked the place, so Erica mentioned that there was a stable out back. Jackson went to inform the staff of Caleb's arrival, and Erica told a discomfited Caleb that he was in her town. He remarked that she had nothing to brag about. Jackson returned and invited Caleb out to dinner; however, Caleb said he didn't trust restaurants. Erica and Jackson left, and Caleb wondered why Pete had done that to him.

At dinner, Jackson tried to discuss Caleb and Erica's new responsibilities at Palmer's company, but Erica was more interested in discussing their wedding at the end of summer. Jackson readily said, "Now you're talking, sister. Let's do it."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the park, Madison stopped jogging when she saw a shirtless and perspiring Ryan having a water break on his run. She tripped, and when he helped her, she said she'd been distracted by a squirrel. She got a leg cramp, and Ryan quickly sat her down to massage it out.

Snuggled with David in their hotel bed, Greenlee felt more connected to her husband than ever. She worried about him going to prison, but he vowed to find a way for them to be together. He stated that once their troubles were behind them, they'd live the life that he'd promised her. She said he sounded like he'd already beaten the charges. She thanked him for standing by her, and he said those words would help him through whatever punishment he'd receive.

Later, David and Greenlee strode through the park, discussing the kind of house they wanted. They happened upon Ryan and Madison and made polite conversation until Ryan told David to confess to sabotaging Erica's plane. The Haywards tried to stroll off, but Ryan goaded David about losing Wildwind. A chipper Greenlee explained that she'd never had a real home, so this was her and David's chance to find one together. Ryan's smugness faded as the Haywards continued on their way.

Ryan stated that he hadn't felt the urge to strangle David. He noticed that Madison wasn't wearing her watch, and she admitted that she'd sold it to repay him. Ryan told her that he wasn't anxious for the repayment, but she cited that her new start meant having no debt. Respecting the mantra, he asked her to go to New York with him the following weekend.

Ryan elaborated that he was going there to attend a conference and host a cocktail reception. He needed someone with him who'd make him feel comfortable enough to pull it off. He said she'd have her own hotel room, and she agreed to think about it. Ryan turned to leave, and she said, "Hey, I thought about it, and I'd love to go to New York with you."

At Fusion, Greenlee noted that David had been monitoring her behavior around Ryan. She said he didn't have to do that, because she'd even surprised herself by feeling nothing during the earlier encounter. She proclaimed that Ryan was her past, but David was her "years and years to come." She vowed to keep David out of prison, but he said that he'd handle it while she ran Fusion and repaired the relationships with her father, Bianca, and Kendall. Greenlee stated that David was all that mattered to her.

Changing the subject, Greenlee considered hoisting Erica, who seemed less vested in Fusion, out of the company. She brainstormed starting a spa, and David loved her enthusiasm. He didn't know what the future held, but if it were prison, he wanted to spend every free moment before that with her. Greenlee asserted that she'd never let them take him away from her.

At the mansion, an ecstatic Colby read her internship acceptance letter to Liza, who beamed that she couldn't be more proud of her daughter. Liza suggested that they plan a girls' weekend in New York and go apartment hunting; however, Colby said that she'd apartment hunt with Damon, because he'd be moving with her.

Liza said she'd assumed that Colby had taken a step back from Damon, because he hadn't said he loved her. Colby claimed to understand why he hadn't said it, and she hoped that living together in New York would change things. Colby claimed that Damon was her future, and Liza needed to give him a chance. Liza said she'd try, but Colby expected better than trying.

At the Martin house, Amanda and Jake arrived with gifts from their New York trip, and Tad announced that Damon would move there with Colby for the summer. Damon offered to get Amanda's packages from the car. On the porch, he ignored an incoming phone call, set his phone on the bench, and continued to the driveway.

Back inside, Tad shared his plans to adopt Damon with Amanda and Jake. Tad said the wedding had helped him realize that he wanted to take the step. Amanda and Jake expressed excitement for him. Recalling that Damon had great wedding pictures on his cell phone, Tad suggested that they get copies. Amanda went outside to help Damon and discovered his phone on the bench. She smiled, scrolling through the photos, but gasped to see one of Liza undressing.

Damon snatched his phone away, and Amanda accused him of lurking in Liza's apartment to take photos of her. Damon reluctantly explained that he'd taken the pictures for insurance after Liza's failed plan to entrap him. He asked Amanda not to say anything to anyone about it, because he, Colby, Liza, and Tad were on good terms. Amanda agreed to keep quiet-if Damon erased the photos. He showed her a prompt on his phone that said, "Delete All."

Amanda went inside, and Jake took off for work. Amanda seemed subdued as Tad still chatted about the adoption. Tad knew that things weren't perfect, but he was sure that once Damon got comfortable, they'd see the real him.

Outside, Damon gazed at a photo of Liza, which was still on his phone. When Colby arrived, he shut off his phone, and they went to lunch at Krystal's. There, Colby announced that she'd gotten the internship, and they could start looking for apartments. Damon told her that Tad's adoption plans had changed things, and it might not be the best time for him to head out on his own again. She replied that he wouldn't be on his own; he'd be with her.

An upset Colby tried to leave, but Damon pulled her back into her seat to explain that he just didn't think it was right to bail on Tad at the same time that the adoption went through. Colby left in a huff to make phone calls about her internship.

At the Yacht Club, Amanda encountered Liza and immediately revealed that she knew about Damon's blackmail photos. Amanda wondered what "the hell" Liza had been thinking. Amanda had tossed her bouquet to Liza, because she'd thought that Liza wanted something real with Tad. Liza replied that it wasn't about Tad; it was about saving Colby. Amanda reasoned that Colby might need saving from Liza.

As Liza asked Amanda to keep quiet about matters, Tad arrived. Amanda wished Liza luck and took off. Liza started to pull adoption paperwork from her bag. Tad touched her hand and thanked her for helping, despite her feelings for Damon. Liza said that she was doing it for Tad's sake, and he'd better be worth the effort. Tad smiled.

As Liza went over the papers, Tad smugly grinned. He was thinking about when they'd broken a hot pink swivel chair while making out at the "Glamorama." Liza blushed when he said he wanted to go out and buy a hot pink swivel chair.

Liza left, and Colby arrived to give Tad the internship news. She was upset, though, that Damon had backed out of their plan to move, and she didn't really believe his reasons for it. Tad wondered what he'd said, and Colby stated that Damon had reneged because of Tad. Tad reasoned that the pressure of starting over again might be too much for Damon. Doubting that it was pressure or filial concern, Colby said she wanted to hire Tad. "I think Damon might be seeing someone else, and I want you to find out who she is," Colby said.

Later, Liza found Damon on his porch to berate him for not only still having the pictures, but also for letting Amanda see them. He claimed that he'd erased them, but she bet that they were still on his computer. Liza was tempted to tell everyone the truth, but she didn't want to hurt Tad. She wondered if Damon even gave "a damn" about his father.

Damon said that he'd developed an admiration for Tad, and the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt Tad. Believing his sincerity, Liza wished that Damon could be that real, open, and honest all the time. Damon scoffed, wondering, "Why? You like me better this way?"

Amanda went to the hospital to help Jake convince Angie to give him time off for their Italy trip. Jake claimed that he'd handled it, because he was waiting for just the right moment to ask. The couple joked about their Italian, and they kissed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Liza took the adoption papers and went to see Damon. Damon admitted that he had questions but not about the adoption. Damon was curious as to why Liza was treating him so nicely. Liza said that as long as she was treated with respect, she would do the same in return. Because he'd been enjoying their rapport, Damon agreed to adhere to Liza's request. Liza said that if Damon were truly invested, he would delete the blackmail from his hard drive. Damon said that he wasn't ready to get rid of the pictures yet.

Damon and Liza admitted that they didn't quite trust each other yet. Liza said that her goal had never been to hurt Damon. Rather, her sole focus has been to protect Colby from herself as well as Damon. Liza clarified when she said that the only thing that Colby wanted, after watching her parents split, was to feel safe. Damon thought that everyone wanted that, but Liza said that not everyone could provide it.

Tad was surprised when Colby asked him to investigate Damon. Colby said that her relationship with Damon had changed. Tad asked what was different, and Colby said that Damon had been more secretive. Tad thought that Colby was overreacting.

Tad said that Damon had been dealing with a lot of curve balls. Tad thought that perhaps Damon was pulling away because he had to get perspective on his new life. Colby, incensed at Tad's rejection, said that she shouldn't have approached Tad with the request. Given that Tad was Damon's father, Colby felt that Tad would have covered up anything that he found out about Damon.

Tad asked Colby not to leave, and she reluctantly agreed. Tad said that he'd been traveling a rough road with Damon and they'd finally gotten to a spot where both he and Damon were comfortable. Tad was unwilling to disrupt that calm by looking for something that wasn't there.

Colby insisted that something was going on. Tad told her that if she were wrong, it would leave both of them in a much worse spot with Damon. Tad suggested that Colby simply ask Damon what was making him distant. Colby refused, and instead committed herself, as Damon's girlfriend, to figuring things out on her own.

Liza said that Damon needed to be honest with Colby about what he'd be capable of giving her in a relationship. If he did, it would go a long way in forging a friendship between him and Liza. As he mulled over her words, Damon remarked how odd it was that despite everything Liza had done, he still liked her. At that moment, the front door opened, and Colby appeared.

Colby told Damon that she had some things that she wanted to discuss with him about New York. Damon suddenly seemed antsy and told Colby they would have to talk another time. Colby demanded to know where he was going, but Damon didn't give her a clear answer. Once he left, Colby asked her mother why Damon wanted to get away from her so fast. Liza suggested that Damon's exit had nothing to do with Colby. Colby thought that perhaps Damon wanted to break up with her but didn't quite know how.

Colby poured her heart out to her mother, in hopes of getting some clarity about her relationship with Damon. Liza insisted that Damon had a lot of things to deal with. Colby didn't think her mother understood that Colby's relationship with Damon was more important than her internship. Liza urged Colby not to let Damon's reluctance hold her back. Frustrated, Colby stalked out of the house.

Brot broke the news to Jesse that, despite being in West Virginia for two days, Natalia had been unable to uncover anything about Erica's plane crash. Brot said that the National Transportation Safety Board hadn't been much help. Jesse was frustrated that no one seemed interested in finding out the truth. Jesse noted aloud that he might have to start thinking like David in order to solve the case, but told Brot that he didn't have a specific plan in mind.

Over a meal at Krystal's, Jake and Amanda talked about potentially going to Italy. Amanda said that even though she would be working part of the time, she was excited about their first family trip. Jake said that the only thing he had to wait for was an approval from Angie. Jake then realized that he had to get to the hospital, so they quickly wrapped up lunch. They made plans for dinner, and then Jake ran out the door.

Angie logged another entry on the research into her vision loss. While there had been some degradation, no vision loss had been experienced in the preceding 48 hours. Angie wondered if the loss of retinal cells had been staunched. She said that an upcoming appointment with Dr. Belden should yield answers, and hoped they would be the answers she had been looking for.

Jesse stopped by to see if Angie wanted to go to lunch. Although she did, Angie had to decline in lieu of finishing up an administrative report. Jesse asked her if the report was more important than spending quality time with her husband. Angie asked him not to say things like because they made her feel guilty. Something sounded off to Jesse, and he asked Angie what was wrong.

When Angie floundered, Jesse told her that she should confess, because they both knew he would continue to pry until he got an answer. Angie continued to try to avoid the question, but Jesse wouldn't be dissuaded. Finally, Angie said that it was job stress. Jesse wanted to know if David was the cause, but Angie had to admit that David was innocent this time.

Angie said that sometimes she wanted to retreat from her work problems and just bury herself in Jesse's arms. Jesse said that he was more than willing to help her play out that scenario. Angie was grateful, but said that she needed to go back to work. Angie offered to be available for dinner as opposed to lunch. Jesse agreed and left so that Angie could get back to her research.

Jake poked his head into Angie's hideout moments later. Angie thought that Jake was supposed to be on rounds. Jake said that he'd switched with another doctor so that he could take Angie to her appointment. Angie thanked Jake, but said that she was more than capable of handling the appointment on her own. Jake had no doubts about her assertion but said that there was no need for her to be alone.

Jake said that he would be willing to leave Angie alone as soon as she told Jesse what was happening. Angie refused because her infection could be directly linked to negligence on David's part. Jake told Angie that she needed support, and said that she was stuck with him. Jake then gave her a list of questions he'd written up while doing some research. Angie thanked him, and they left for the appointment.

Amanda spotted Jake as he waited for Angie to finish her appointment. Jake told his wife that he was at the eye doctor on a consult. Amanda offered to wait for him but Jake told her that he would be a while. He managed to get Amanda out of the waiting room moments before Angie emerged from her appointment.

Angie said the doctor confirmed her diagnosis -- fungal endophthalmitis. Jake asked about the slowing of her symptoms, but Angie said that they likely didn't mean much. Angie showed Jake an experimental drug that the doctor had given her and said that it would take time to see if it worked. Jake offered to drive her home, but Angie wanted to go back to the hospital and do more research. Jake protested, but Angie said that she wanted to work while she was still able to do so.

Angie and Jake arrived at Pine Valley Hospital. Jake was concerned about Angie taking care of patients. He suggested that Angie take a leave of absence, but Angie refused to show weakness where David could see it. Angie was certain that David was waiting for anything that would make it easy to get rid of the hospital staff. Jake told Angie that she didn't have to fight the battle against David alone.

Jake realized that he had to play hardball with Angie. Angie said that she wouldn't need much help because she would be focusing on her administrative workload. Jake pressed her, and Angie revealed that she would take on a few new cases. Jake made her promise to alert him when she did, so that he could shadow and help her.

Jake said that Angie needed to be honest with him if her situation worsened. In addition, Jake said that if her vision deteriorated, Angie would need to be completely honest with Jesse. Angie protested, but Jake said that if she didn't tell Jesse, he would. Angie realized the enormity of what Jake was doing for her, and agreed. They hugged, and Angie noted that she would have been lost without Jake.

Tad stopped by the police station and told Jesse he was sure the plane mechanic was on David's payroll. Jesse said that he needed more concrete information. Tad was sure that they would be able to secure a case against David. He then told Jesse to stay calm because David wasn't worth any other reaction. Jesse confessed that David had started to go after the rest of the Hubbard family. Jesse said that he couldn't stand by and watch David hurt his family.

Jesse filled Tad in on the ways that David made working at the hospital harder for both Angie and Frankie. Tad didn't need to be convinced of David's misdeeds. The problem, Tad felt, was finding a way to punish David. Jesse said that he needed to be careful so that David wouldn't be able to get out of the charges.

Tad looked at Jesse's face and knew something else was wrong. Jesse tried to avoid answering but under Tad's watchful gaze, Jesse knew he had no choice. Jesse said he hadn't been able to stop thinking about the baby he thought he would be having with Angie. Jesse said that if Angie had been pregnant, he would have felt like it was a second chance to make up for the time he lost with Frankie.

After Tad left, Brot approached Jesse with a question about someone that had been arrested. Jesse made it clear that he only wanted to talk about developments in the case against David. Before Brot backed off, he watched Jesse take more pills for a headache and warned the chief not to take too many. Brot walked away, and Jesse made a call to purchase a ticket.

Paul stopped by the Martin house with some of Damon's things. Tad arrived at the same time and let Paul into the house. Tad wagered that Paul wanted to know how Damon was doing, but he was wrong. Paul needlessly stated that Damon was not his son. As if beckoned, Damon showed up and was less than thrilled to see the man he used to call Dad. The feeling was mutual, but Tad tried to keep the peace and explained Paul's presence.

Damon was certain that Paul showed up to find out if the adoption went through. Paul was unable to deny the accusation. Tad felt uncomfortable and said he would leave unless Damon needed him. Damon said that he would be fine, so Tad left the house. Once alone, Damon said that he was glad to be rid of Paul. Damon said he didn't need Paul anymore because he finally had something he'd not had his entire life -- a father.

Damon asked if Paul and his mother had planned some sort of celebration when the truth was finally revealed. Paul said that finding out Damon wasn't his son wasn't a surprise. Paul was sure that his real son wouldn't have lied and gotten in as much trouble as Damon did. Damon said he felt the same way about Paul.

Liza returned to the Martin house and found Tad sitting outside. Tad told her that Paul had stopped by for a visit. He said that neither Paul nor Hillary would contest the adoption. Liza wanted to say something but tried to hold back. Tad said that after knowing each other for most of their lives, he knew what Liza was up to.

Tad told Liza to say whatever was on her mind. Liza caved and said that she didn't want Tad to expect too much. Tad assured her that he wouldn't be disappointed, because the signing of the adoption papers was more than a formality for Damon. Liza conceded the point and then told Tad that she needed to find Colby. They kissed quickly before Liza left.

Tad went back into the house to find Paul and Damon in the middle of a heated argument. When Tad heard how Paul was attacking Damon, he put a stop to it. Paul tried to blame everything on Damon, and said that Damon was a lost cause. Tad made it clear that Damon wasn't just any kid, and that the only lost cause was Paul. Tad demanded that Paul leave immediately, and Paul had no choice but to do as asked.

Damon went to the Chandler mansion and apologized to Colby. Colby wanted to know where they stood. Damon said that he wanted Colby to go to New York without him. He told Colby that there was a lot going on, and Colby offered to stay. Liza walked in and heard Damon tell Colby that they could still be together, despite living in separate cities. Damon said that the problems in his life shouldn't stop Colby from achieving her dreams. Colby wondered why Damon sounded like Liza. Damon said that Liza genuinely cared, and said that Colby needed to appreciate her mother.

Tad found Paul at ConFusion and threw a punch. Brot happened to witness it, and took Tad down to the police station once Paul said he wanted to press charges. Tad laughed and said that the charges were worth it.

Jake stopped by Fusion to pick up Amanda. In the wake of finding out what Angie was facing, Jake said he just wanted to spend quality time with his wife. Amanda was confused, but Jake just said that he treasured his family, and the fact that he got to enjoy the people in his life.

Angie arrived home for dinner, but Jesse said that he couldn't stay. He told Angie that he needed to go to West Virginia to help the investigation into Erica's plane crash. He asked if Angie would be okay, and she told Jesse that she could take care of herself. Jesse said that David Hayward needed to be taken care of, and that he would hurt David if harm were dealt to anyone else in his family. Angie said that everything would work out without violence. Angie encouraged Jesse to do what he needed to do, and said she would always support him.

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