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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 17, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, January 17, 2011

In Kendall's living room, Kendall confided to Bianca, Erica, and Opal that she'd had a nightmare about David during her hospital stay. Erica wanted Kendall to put David out of her mind, but Opal thought that they should analyze the dream. Erica refused to waste another second on David, so she insisted on going over her wedding plans instead. Kendall followed her mother's lead by producing a guest list that Kendall had written up. Erica was surprised to see Caleb's name on the list.

Erica explained that Caleb didn't like celebrations like weddings, so he probably wouldn't attend. Erica didn't see the point of wasting an invitation on him. Bianca agreed with her mother. Kendall immediately suspected that there might be more going on, but Erica denied it. Kendall decided to let the matter drop, so she invited Opal to check on the kids with her.

After Kendall and Opal left the room, Erica chastised Bianca for "overreacting" to Erica's decision not to invite Caleb. Erica insisted that she couldn't help it if men were attracted to her. Bianca agreed; however, Bianca warned her mother that things might be different if the attraction weren't one-sided. Bianca believed that Erica's reaction to Caleb's name on the guest list had raised eyebrows. Opal returned to the living room to let Bianca know that Miranda and Gabby wanted to see their mother.

After Bianca left, Opal let Erica know that she had eavesdropped on Erica's conversation with Bianca. Opal wanted to know what was going on. Erica insisted that she and Caleb were just friends, but Opal argued that Erica's reaction to inviting Caleb to the wedding had been revealing. Opal confessed that she had suspected for some time that there might be more to Erica and Caleb's friendship. Erica and Opal decided to continue their conversation at Krystal's restaurant, so they left.

Opal tried to grill Erica about Caleb, but Erica insisted that Bianca had blown things out of proportion when they had discussed inviting Caleb to the wedding. Opal didn't buy it, so Erica eventually admitted that the attraction between Caleb and Erica had mostly been on Caleb's end. Erica conceded that a small part of her had been drawn to Caleb; however, she loved Jack. Opal made it clear that she was firmly "Team Jackson," but she was curious how far things had gone between Erica and Caleb. Erica admitted that she and Caleb had kissed on New Year's Eve, but quickly added that it had been a moment of weakness that had occurred because of the stress that Erica had been under.

Erica promised that it would never happen again. Opal warned Erica to make certain that it didn't. Erica assured Opal that it wouldn't and then changed the subject by announcing that the Greek salad sounded good.

In David's hospital room, Liza confided to a comatose David about her tryst with Damon. Griffin entered the hospital room a short time later. Liza was surprised when Griffin revealed that David would be moved to another facility. Griffin explained that they had done all that they could for David, so it would be best for David to be transferred to another hospital. Liza admitted that she would miss David because he had been one of the few allies that she'd had in Pine Valley.

Colby arrived just as Griffin left. Colby was desperate to get Damon back, so she wanted her mother's help. Liza led Colby into the hallway to continue their conversation. Colby realized that she should be angry with Damon because he had cheated on her, but she was determined to work things out. Colby was disappointed when Liza urged Colby to give Damon some space. Colby had hoped for her mother's support.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad and Damon discussed Damon's decision to leave Pine Valley. Damon acknowledged that Pine Valley held a special place in his heart, but he hated seeing Colby so deeply hurt. Damon realized that it wouldn't be easy to start over. Tad reminded Damon that a lot of people cared about Damon, so he would be missed.

Erica tracked Liza down at ConFusion to discuss the charges related to David's shooting. Erica wanted to get the trial over with. Liza confessed that she had been considering postponing the trial, so that Liza could focus on Colby. Tad approached the table as Erica reiterated that she had shot David to save Ryan. Tad made his presence known by greeting Erica.

Erica immediately begged Tad to talk some sense into Liza, but Tad assured Erica that Erica had done a fine job of it without his help. Liza wasn't surprised that Tad believed Erica's story. Tad suspected that a part of Liza knew that Erica had told the truth. Tad reminded Liza that everyone was guilty of doing things that they couldn't take back, no matter how much they tried. Erica thanked Tad for his support and then turned back to Liza.

Erica wondered if Liza were prepared to lose Colby. "Excuse me?" Liza asked. Erica urged Liza to really be there for Colby over the long haul instead of just saying the words. Tad was impressed because Erica knew how to drive a point home. Liza admitted that she couldn't get what she had done to Colby out of her mind.

Tad's voice filled with compassion as he asked Liza not to make everyone suffer. According to Tad, it wasn't the Liza that he had once fallen in love with. Tad was certain that the woman he had loved was still inside of Liza. After Tad walked away, Liza approached Erica at the bar. Erica was stunned when Liza announced her decision to drop the charges against Erica.

Tad smiled when he overheard Liza's decision. After Erica left, Tad rejoined Liza to let her know that she had done the right thing. Liza remained downcast. She realized that she had a lot to make up for, but she didn't know which was worse: worrying that she might never get there or fearing that it might not be possible. Tad assured Liza that she could succeed and that she was headed in the right direction.

Damon went to the Chandler mansion to talk to Colby. Colby admitted that she was deeply hurt, but she conceded that she had hurt Damon too. However, she insisted that she wanted to work things out with Damon. Damon explained that they couldn't undo the past, so Colby decided to focus on their future. She offered to move out of the mansion, but Damon didn't think that it would help.

Colby suggested that they tell each other the whole truth, so she decided to start by revealing that she had kissed Asher twice. Colby then asked Damon to tell her about the girl that he had slept with. Damon didn't see the point because it was over between him and Colby. Colby began to weep as she begged him to reconsider. Damon explained that he didn't want to work things out with Colby.

Colby was hurt, but she insisted on knowing if Damon loved her. "Yes," Damon admitted. Colby brightened as she confessed that she loved him too and that their love for each other was all that mattered. Damon pulled away from Colby's embrace and then softly told her, "Goodbye." Colby became distraught as she watched Damon walk away.

At Ryan and Greenlee's apartment, Ryan prepared to leave for his short trip. Greenlee confessed that she wished that she could join him. She was curious what he planned to do if he learned that Zach's crash hadn't been an accident. Ryan believed that he owed it to Kendall and Zach to make certain that the people responsible for the crash didn't get away with it. Greenlee wanted Ryan to be careful because if anyone had sabotaged the plane then they were clearly dangerous.

Ryan apologized to Greenlee for not telling her about his suspicions sooner. Greenlee decided that they should promise to be honest with each other from that point forward. Ryan agreed and then kissed her goodbye. Later, Greenlee paid Kendall a visit. Greenlee let Kendall know that she had taken steps to divorce David.

Greenlee was confident that there wouldn't be a problem ending her marriage to David because David wasn't in a position to object. Kendall admitted that it wasn't easy to see Greenlee and Ryan together; however, she was determined to get past it, so she expected to be a part of Greenlee's wedding. Greenlee was pleasantly surprised, but explained that too much was going on at the moment to plan a wedding. Greenlee was delighted that she and Kendall had finally reached a good place. Moments later, Ryan called Greenlee with an update about Zach's plane crash.

Greenlee mentioned that she would see Ryan the following day as she ended the call. Kendall was surprised that Greenlee hadn't joined Ryan on the trip. Greenlee claimed that it had been a business trip, which hadn't sounded exciting, so she had decided to stay home. Kendall advised Greenlee not to waste a single second of time with the man that she loved. It didn't take Kendall long to persuade Greenlee to go to Ryan.

Greenlee started to leave, but then stopped to give Kendall a hug and a heartfelt "thank you." After Greenlee left, Kendall headed to the hospital for a checkup. Griffin examined Kendall and then let her know that everything sounded good. Kendall thanked Griffin for helping her to go home. Griffin claimed that he had just been doing his job, but Kendall appreciated that he had arranged for his sister to move in with her.

Kendall admitted that she liked Cara. Griffin was happy that he could help, but he was concerned that Kendall's hallucinations hadn't stopped. Kendall assured him that she hadn't had any, but she did admit to having nightmares about David. Griffin was curious if she had been eating well and getting plenty of rest. Kendall explained that she had a steady stream of people dropping by to check on her, so she was eating properly.

Kendall then admitted that since Zach's death, she hadn't been able to turn off her mind. Griffin revealed that Cara had told him that Kendall had been sleeping on the sofa. He feared that it might be the problem, so he advised Kendall to sleep in her room. Kendall became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so Griffin backed off for a bit. He fetched a lollipop for himself, stuck it in his mouth, and then admitted that surgery was easier than nagging a patient to take care of themselves.

Kendall decided that she wanted a lollipop too, so he handed her one as he observed that she was a very demanding person. Kendall smiled as she popped the sucker into her mouth. Kendall became serious as she explained that she couldn't stand the silence at the end of the day. She revealed that she and Zach had spent the last few months of Zach's life apart for various reasons. Kendall thought that it had been a waste.

Griffin warned Kendall that her physical and mental well-being might be compromised if she didn't get proper rest. He wanted her to get off of the sofa and to sleep in her bed. He suggested that Zach would want her to take care of herself. After Kendall arrived home, she picked up her pillow and blanket in the living room and then admitted to herself that Griffin had been right; it was time for her to sleep in her room.

On the beach, near the site of Zach's plane crash, Ryan spoke to an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB agent explained that the crash had been the result of a malfunctioning fuel selector valve. The NTSB agent handed the item in question to Ryan. Ryan couldn't believe that something small enough to fit in the palm of his hand had caused Zach's death. The NTSB agent admitted that his boss had told him about Ryan's suspicions of foul play, so he wondered if Ryan considered the findings a good thing.

Ryan confessed that he didn't know. After the NTSB agent left, Ryan sat on the beach, remembering the sound of Zach's plane exploding and then Ryan's desperate attempt to save Zach by diving into the ocean. Finally, Ryan recalled breaking the news about Zach's death to Greenlee. Ryan was shocked when he glanced up to see Greenlee walking towards him. Greenlee kissed Ryan and then explained that Kendall had talked her into joining him on the trip.

Ryan admitted that he couldn't get past the randomness of Zach's tragic death. Greenlee urged Ryan to let go of the guilt that he felt over Zach's death. As they talked, Ryan confessed that wanted something good to result from everything that had happened. He believed that they owed it to Zach and themselves. Ryan decided to show Greenlee something, so he grabbed her hand and then led her away from the water.

On a cliff overlooking the beach, the NTSB agent watched Ryan and Greenlee walk away. The man then called a mystery person to report that the investigation into Zach's plane crash had been officially closed. He promised the mystery person that no one, including Ryan, would be looking into it anymore.

Erica went to the hospital to see David. She informed David that she had waited a long time to tell him that it was over. Erica was certain that David could no longer hurt her, Kendall, or anyone else that Erica loved. David opened his eyes as Erica turned to leave. She stopped short when she heard David call out her name.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natalia and Brot cuddled in bed. He quietly arose and got dressed. He kissed her and said he'd be right back, and she turned over in her sleep. A short time later, Natalia awakened and called out for Brot. She looked stunned and upset to discover that she was alone. She hurriedly dressed and, after she forlornly glanced at the bed where she and Brot had made love, she left.

At Krystal's, Jesse asked Commissioner Bennett about the personnel issues the commissioner had wanted to discuss. Commissioner Bennett revealed that that he had spotted two officers in a compromising position that violated department rules. Jesse swore he'd reprimand his officers, but the commissioner said that wouldn't be enough, since one of the offending officers was Jesse's daughter.

Commissioner Bennett pointed out that Natalia had blatantly defied department policy, and he believed that Jesse had looked the other way. The commissioner informed Jesse that the mayor had already reported that Jesse had problems separating the professional from the personal, and he threatened to draw the line if Jesse didn't. The commissioner left. Moments later, Brot entered and cheerfully greeted Jesse.

Jesse informed Brot that he had just been speaking with the commissioner, but Brot cut him off. Brot thanked Jesse for cutting him and Natalia some slack and confirmed that he and Natalia were definitely together. Jesse noticed how happy Brot seemed. Brot admitted that Natalia was in his heart and that he didn't want to let her go. Brot inquired about what Jesse had wanted to say, but Jesse said it could wait.

Jesse spoke with Angie on the phone. From San Francisco, she reported that she had experienced some cramping, but she had visited a doctor and both she and the baby were fine. Jesse wanted to fly out to accompany her home, but Angie said that she couldn't travel for a few days and that Cassandra would take good care of her. Angie convinced a reluctant Jesse to remain in Pine Valley. Angie requested that Jesse ask Jake to step in for her at the hospital. Jesse made Angie promise to call him if anything happened.

Brot returned to the room with some of Natalia's favorite foods and was surprised to find her gone. He rushed out. Meanwhile, Natalia arrived at Krystal's and snapped at the host when he asked if she was there alone. She complained out loud about the delay in getting some coffee, and then started to storm out, but she ran squarely into Brot. He reached out to her, but she shoved him away and told him to pretend like nothing had ever happened between them. He caught her arm and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Brot and Natalia were shocked when the patrons at Krystal's burst into applause. Natalia sheepishly explained that she hadn't known what to think when she had woken up alone, and he revealed that he had left to get them some food and had thought she had heard him when he had mentioned his plans. He realized that she had concluded that he'd taken off, and he assured her that he wasn't that type of guy -- rather, he was the guy who couldn't wait to get back to her. He implored her to trust him and their relationship. She asked about the takeout food, and they excitedly left to return to the hotel room, where they quickly undressed and happily made love again.

At the hospital, Erica swore to David that she would never allow him to hurt anyone she loved again. As she began to leave, David weakly called out Erica's name. She wanted to get a doctor, but he told her to wait.

David asked what had happened. Erica assumed that he didn't remember anything. She informed him that he'd been in a coma because he had been shot on Thanksgiving, nearly two months before. He looked bewildered. She recalled that he had escaped while being transported to prison, and he had confronted Ryan with a gun and had intended to kidnap Greenlee. David murmured Greenlee's name as medical staff rushed in.

Jackson thanked Caleb for stopping by to update him regarding the dropped charges. Jackson informed Caleb that Erica would no longer need Caleb's services. "Good -- glad to hear it," Caleb tersely agreed, and he left. Caleb's new cell phone rang, and he became flustered when he tried to figure out how it worked. He finally managed to answer and told the person on the line that he'd be right there.

Griffin ordered Erica out of David's room. Caleb arrived, and Erica informed him that David was awake and was asking a lot of questions. Erica worried that David would remember that Kendall had shot him. Erica wanted to plant her version of the story in David's head. Caleb offered to distract Griffin so Erica could spend time with David.

Griffin welcomed David back, and David was surprised to see his former mentee. Griffin said it was coincidence that he had been in town to perform David's surgery and offered to explain all the details later. After Griffin left, Erica returned to David's room and asked what the doctor had said. David claimed he was still in the dark and wanted her to tell him what had happened. She explained that she had arrived when David had been about to throw Ryan off the side of the building, so she had shot him. "We both know that is a lie," David declared.

David explained that he had heard the gunshot and had felt the hit. Furthermore, he remembered that Kendall had shot him. Jesse entered and asked Erica to leave. Erica begged Jesse not to believe anything David had to say because he was confused from the coma. Erica hesitantly left and found Caleb in the hallway. She revealed that David knew Kendall had been the shooter.

Jesse swore that David would soon be in prison, where he belonged. Jesse explained that the D.A. wasn't pursuing charges against Erica. David commented that Erica was probably relieved and claimed that he was just trying to figure out what was going on. Griffin interrupted and informed Jesse that David wasn't allowed any visitors. Jesse claimed that he wasn't a visitor and that he needed to question David. Griffin insisted that David wasn't up for an interrogation. Griffin was incredulous when Jesse handcuffed David to the bed.

Bianca arrived at Kendall's and excitedly announced that all of the charges against Erica had been dropped. Kendall asked how Erica had reacted to the news, but Bianca clarified that she had heard it from Caleb.

Kendall admitted that she'd been having nightmares about David. Bianca hoped that they'd go away, since the charges had been dropped. Kendall wanted to focus on positive things like Erica's wedding. Bianca appeared less than enthusiastic and noted that Erica and Jackson seemed to be in a holding pattern. Kendall wondered if Bianca thought the wedding wasn't a good idea. Bianca mused that a wedding wasn't a guarantee.

Kendall thought that Bianca was referring to her marriage to Reese. Bianca remembered being caught up with planning one big event and not focusing on the days after it. Kendall said that the distance between Bianca and Reese didn't help and encouraged Bianca not to take her time with Reese for granted. Bianca didn't think Reese wanted to deal with Pine Valley drama. Kendall asserted that Zach had felt the same way, and it had kept them apart for way too long. She told Bianca not to make the same mistake.

Bianca insisted that Reese couldn't drop everything to move to Pine Valley. Kendall recalled how Zach had wanted distance. Kendall had given it to him, and they had lost time they could have had together. Kendall wished that she had insisted that Zach return home. Bianca thanked Kendall for caring so much, but claimed that her relationship with Reese was different and might not run deep enough. Kendall urged Bianca to call Reese to ask her to book a flight. The doorbell rang, and Jackson arrived in the hope that Erica was there celebrating with her daughters, but they hadn't heard from her.

Jackson suggested that they all get together that evening to celebrate. Kendall agreed, as long as Erica chose a wedding date. Jackson answered his phone and cryptically said he had some business to take care of, and he departed. Kendall turned the subject back to Reese and suggested that Bianca invite Reese to the wedding. Kendall answered the phone to Griffin, who informed her that David was awake.

Bianca asked how Kendall felt about David's recovery. Kendall wished that she could get David out of her head, but she felt like something was unfinished. Bianca recommended that Kendall talk to someone, and Kendall promised she would. Bianca suggested that Kendall get some rest and offered to make up the sofa. Kendall announced that she was ready to sleep in her own bed. She said she'd been up night after night thinking about her regrets, but it was time to take care of herself the way Zach would have wanted.

Erica fretted to Caleb that David could be in the process of accusing Kendall. She noticed Jackson observing them. Jackson asked why she was there, and she said she had to let David know that he had lost. Jackson assured her that David couldn't hurt any of them anymore. Caleb confirmed they wouldn't let that happen.

Erica wanted to find Kendall and rushed off. Jackson reminded Caleb of David's friendship with Liza and warned that David might push to reinstate the charges. Jackson inferred that Erica might still need a lawyer. "You don't even have to ask," Caleb assured him.

Erica arrived at Kendall's house, where Bianca informed her that Kendall was resting. Erica asked how Kendall had taken the news that David was awake. Bianca explained that Kendall had seemed confused, but had wanted to sleep in her own bed for the first time since Zach's death. Erica was determined to keep Kendall as far away as possible from David. Meanwhile, Kendall arrived at David's room, where David remarked that he was very glad to see her.

At the hospital, Amanda asked Jake if he thought that Annie was okay. Amanda was concerned about being around someone with psychological problems, given her own family mental history. Jake assured Amanda that she had no reason to worry. Amanda wanted to peek in on the babies in the nursery and looked forward to the day they'd welcome their next child.

Griffin asked a confused Cara why she hadn't told him about checking on her paperwork. Amanda overheard and admitted that she had been the one who had made the call. Amanda claimed that she hadn't meant to cause trouble. Griffin became confrontational, and Amanda explained that she had wanted reassurance that Cara truly intended to leave town.

Griffin berated Amanda for violating Cara's privacy. Amanda hadn't known what to believe when her husband's ex had suddenly arrived in town, but she had since realized that nothing would interfere with her marriage to Jake. Cara left in response to a page from pediatrics. Amanda expected Griffin to continue to scold her. Griffin said it was easier to deal with guys because he could just punch them in the face.

Jake assured a couple that their daughter simply had a cold, but they were overprotective because she had cancer. Jake calmly reminded them that the girl's leukemia was in remission and that she could live a normal life, but the father insisted that his daughter wasn't like other kids and that if the hospital didn't keep her in isolation, he would. Cara interrupted and ordered the man not to take away his daughter's hope.

When the couple chastised Cara for butting in, Cara lectured that their child wasn't a piece of glass. Cara grew emotional and declared that their daughter's cancer had a greater chance of returning if they treated her like a prisoner and crushed her dreams. Griffin tried to calm Cara down. As Griffin dragged her away, Cara yelled that the child needed optimism and freedom. Griffin quietly warned Cara that she shouldn't be anywhere near the case.

Jake approached Griffin and Cara to ask about what had happened. Griffin claimed that Cara just got too involved with patients. Cara wanted to forget the incident. Jake pointedly said that showing emotional investment in moderation was a good thing. Cara stormed off, and Jake asked about Cara's reaction. Griffin changed the subject to David's recovery.

Jake found Cara at Krystal's and commented that their encounter at the hospital had been intense. He thought her reaction had seemed personal. She claimed not to know what he was talking about and abruptly left. He helped himself to her untouched glass of wine as Jesse approached him with Angie's request that Jake assume her duties during her absence. Jesse confided to Jake that he himself might be out of a job.

Amanda was surprised when Griffin offhandedly mentioned that David had awakened. Amanda apologized again for impersonating Cara, but Griffin acknowledged that it had taken guts for Amanda to admit what she had done. She said that to prove her courage, she'd have to tell Jake. Griffin promised he and Cara wouldn't say anything. She insisted that she didn't keep secrets from her husband and wanted to confess her mistake.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ABC aired encore episodes from the past that highlight its "Sexiest Men." This programming change was anticipated, so there are no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

For a complete listing of which episodes aired, please read "ABC to air encores on January 19."

Regular programming will resume on January 20 and pick up where the January 18 episodes concluded.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greenlee and Ryan basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking at the castle. She joked that the room service had been amazing. He kissed her until she admitted that the lip service was great, too. She thanked him for whisking her away. They spoke about how the last time they had been at the castle, he had tried to talk sense into her regarding David. Ryan said that all that mattered was that they were finally together. He admitted that there was a reason for their getaway. He pulled a small box from under the bed and revealed that he'd wanted to ask her something for a long time.

Ryan recalled first meeting Greenlee at WRCW, when he had commented about her unusual name. He said they'd been friends, enemies, and lovers who had found and lost one another multiple times. He promised they'd live every dream they'd ever had, and that he'd love her a thousand times over for every time he'd hurt her. He claimed that she had taught him what real love meant. He opened the box and presented a misty-eyed Greenlee with a moonstone ring and asked her to marry him. "I want a prenup," she cried. He asked whether she meant the usual -- a surprise every day. He slid the ring onto her finger, and they passionately kissed.

Ryan explained that the ring contained the moonstone that they'd found on the beach in California. He said anyone could give just diamonds, but he wanted to do something special to remember the vows they'd exchanged that night. Greenlee reveled in the fact that they'd finally gotten to the place they wanted to be in their relationship. He swore it would last forever, and they embraced.

Ryan asked if Greenlee had a wedding date in mind, and he suggested the following day. She said she had everything that she wanted in that moment -- them together, away from the outside world. She wanted to hold onto it longer. Greenlee's cell phone beeped, and she realized that she hadn't checked it for hours. She saw that she had several messages from Jackson. Ryan retrieved his phone and found a text message from Jake about David's improved condition.

Ryan considered the text to be good news, because David would finally pay for all he had done. Ryan started to get out of bed, but Greenlee wanted them to spend another night together before going back to the chaos of their everyday lives. He happily obliged, and they sank into bed to make love again.

Marissa and AJ arrived at the Chandler mansion, where Marissa asked JR if AJ could spend the night. JR was thrilled, and AJ ran upstairs. JR worried that Marissa didn't feel well, but she informed him that David had awoken from his coma. She had mixed feelings about David's recovery and didn't want AJ to see her upset. JR asked her to stay rather than being alone at home. JR reminded her that he had his own father issues. Marissa admitted that she was tired of hating David and feeling guilty about it.

Marissa felt like she couldn't make any decision regarding David, but JR thought she was being too hard on herself. She thanked JR for getting her "unstuck" by inadvertently giving her a kick-start to pass the bar and to leave their marriage. She recalled a time when she thought she'd never stop feeling conflicted about JR, but she was glad they had become friends. He vowed that he'd do anything to keep her safe. They shared an awkward pause, and she turned the subject to the break-in. He confirmed that he had upgraded the security system, and he invited her to spend the night.

Marissa bemoaned her inability to get David out of her head no matter where she stayed. JR recalled how he had turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with his problems with his father. Marissa pointed out that eventually he had figured it out and praised how JR had faced Adam after JR had lost Cortlandt Electronics. JR said that he had learned to control his feelings toward his father, and Marissa realized that it was better than Adam controlling him.

After Marissa had left, JR handed AJ a glass of milk. AJ asked where Marissa was, and JR explained that she was running an errand. JR said that Marissa was one of the smartest women he knew and that she'd make them both proud. Later, JR looked at his divorce papers, and his cell phone rang. He started to answer the call, but once he saw that it was Annie on the line, he put the phone down.

At the Slater home, Bianca implored Erica not to disturb Kendall. Erica agreed, but as she started to leave, she found Jackson at the door. Jackson assumed Erica was headed home, but she declared that she was going to the hospital to ensure that David couldn't hurt anyone. Jackson assured her that David had been handcuffed to the bed, but Erica wanted to see for herself.

Jackson asked for a moment alone with Erica, and Bianca left to check on the boys. Jackson worried about Erica's preoccupation with David and wondered if she were concerned that David would try to reinstate the charges against her. Jackson wanted to go home, but she said he didn't understand. He was irritated when she started to call Caleb. He pointed out that she had repeatedly reached out to Caleb rather than to him. Erica inquired whether he was accusing her of something, and he questioned whether he should be.

An indignant Erica reminded Jackson that she had been busy fighting murder charges and helping her daughter, but Jackson believed that she was shutting him out. He didn't understand why she was pulling away, but she insisted that she wasn't and that she needed to do things her way. He swore that he loved her but wished that she would open up to him. He felt like he was losing her. He wanted their relationship to be like it had been when they had traveled together. Bianca suddenly ran downstairs and announced that Kendall was gone. Erica proclaimed that she would deal with the situation on her own.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson noticed that Krystal seemed distant. She told him that she had been thinking about the wake they'd had for David. She said that someone waking up from a coma should be good news, but her heart had sunk when she had heard that David was conscious. Jackson surmised that she felt that way because of Marissa. Krystal asked how Erica was doing. Jackson claimed that he didn't know because Erica had her own way of handling things.

Krystal noted that Jackson loved Erica and asked if they'd set a wedding date. He complained that it kept moving further into the future. Krystal offered him a friendly ear. Jackson understood Erica's concern over the criminal charges and Kendall's woes, but he felt like Erica wasn't there for him. Krystal sympathized. Jackson said that the worst was over, but Erica still seemed to be looking for a way out. Jackson suspected Caleb was the reason.

Jackson remarked that everything had been fine until Erica's plane crash, when she had met Caleb. Jackson appreciated that Caleb and Erica were fulfilling Palmer's last wishes and admitted that they made a good team, but he wished Caleb hadn't crashed into their lives. Jackson was aware that Erica couldn't resist a challenge, and Caleb had been one ever since he had rescued Erica. Jackson worried that what had started as a challenge had become something more. Krystal consoled him.

At the hospital, Kendall was surprised that David was glad to see her. David told Kendall that they had a lot to talk about. Kendall explained that she had wanted to see for herself that David was awake. He said he was sorry to disappoint her. She said she wouldn't be happy until he paid for Zach's death. David figured that taking a bullet was enough punishment, but Kendall said he deserved to burn in hell. Griffin overheard from outside the room as Kendall spat that David didn't deserve another chance, and David asked if that was why she had tried to murder him.

Kendall asked how he had known about her attempt on his life. David stated that he had been there. Griffin entered and claimed he had witnessed the event and that Kendall wouldn't have gone through with smothering David with a pillow. David looked confused. Griffin reminded Kendall of her own health problems and threatened to call security if she didn't leave. David inquired about what was wrong with Kendall, but Kendall told David that there was no way she'd die and leave her loved ones at his mercy. Griffin pulled Kendall aside and warned her to go home or risk heart failure.

Kendall insisted that she was being monitored as Griffin had requested. She threatened to renounce him as her doctor. He beseeched her to leave before her blood pressure skyrocketed. She wondered how David knew about her attempt to smother him, but she simply assumed that coma patients could be aware of their surroundings.

Griffin asked how Kendall had been dealing with her obsession with David. Griffin believed that the biggest threat to her wasn't David, but herself. She said she wanted to stay away from David, but something about David set off something inside her. She couldn't figure out why she was having such intense feelings of fright.

Griffin asked Kendall where she thought her feelings about David stemmed from, and she wished that she knew how to stop the hate she felt. Griffin urged her to "burn it." She wondered what he meant, but he clammed up. She pushed him to talk.

Griffin revealed that his father had left when he was young, but his mother had never cried and had raised her family alone. Griffin had seen his mother's anger grow and turn into hate. Griffin had grabbed his father's belongings and dumped all of them into the overnight bin at the homeless shelter. He would have burned his father's things instead, but his mother hadn't allowed matches in the house. Kendall asked if it had helped, and he admitted that it had.

Kendall dug for information about the rest of Griffin's family, and he quickly wished he hadn't opened up at all. She insisted that he had helped her, and she added that he really cared about his patients under his gruff exterior. He clarified that he was only interested in keeping his patients alive for the sake of his reputation.

Griffin instructed Kendall to return to the hospital the next day for a few tests. Kendall asked whether Cara had become a doctor because of him. He said Kendall would have to ask Cara. Kendall marveled that she and Griffin had finally shared a personal conversation. He maintained that it was his job to deal with her heart, and he told her that if she wanted a shrink, she had to go to a different department.

Jesse entered to question David and wanted to discuss the night David had been shot. Jesse asked David why he had been on the roof. David claimed that he was tired and refused to answer anything without a lawyer present. David tried to change the subject to Angie, but Jesse pushed David to answer. David accused Jesse of intending to twist his words. When David remained silent, Jesse stormed out.

Jesse spotted Marissa at the hospital and assumed that she was relieved that David had awakened from his coma. Jesse told her that he needed to get David's statement and asked her to summon David's attorney. Marissa said that David wouldn't need his lawyer. Jesse said that everyone had issues with David, but they couldn't ban him from legal representation. Marissa announced that she was David's attorney.

Erica arrived to see David and asked if Kendall had been there. David matter-of-factly stated that apparently Kendall had tried to kill him twice. Erica worried about Kendall, and David reported that Kendall had shown the same fiery temper as always. Erica inquired about his conversation with Kendall, and David commented that when he mentioned Kendall's attempt on his life, Kendall had confessed to trying to kill him with a pillow. He asked what was going on. Erica confessed that Kendall had no memory of the shooting and that Erica didn't want her to remember.

David mused that the brain was fascinating. Erica explained that Kendall had been so traumatized that she had blocked the shooting from her memory. David asked if Erica expected him to keep mum. Erica encouraged David to be grateful that he was alive, but David said that Kendall had still shot him in the back. Erica pointed out how David's actions had led to Zach's death, but David didn't believe he was responsible.

Erica told David that he had a second chance to make up for the pain he'd caused. David insisted that he had only been defending himself, and Kendall had only shot him because she had blamed him for Zach's death. David was determined to see Kendall pay for her actions. Erica refused to let David destroy her daughter.

David told Erica that the situation was out of her hands. She reminded him that once he had gone to extreme lengths to help her and that they had cared for one another deeply. She knew that the person she'd fallen in love with was still part of him. She was thankful to him for saving Kendall's life and for the compassion had had shown when he had operated on Ian. He said it was just part of being a surgeon. Erica begged him not to make Kendall suffer any more than she already had.

David acknowledged that Erica had made a strong, heartfelt case. Erica hoped he would keep her secret. David menacingly said that he loved it when she needed something from him.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jake greeted Scott on his first day at PVH. Scott was surprised to find out that he didn't have an office. Jake broke the news that Scott would be a data entry clerk. Scott was stunned at how far he'd fallen from when he was the CEO of Chandler. Jake told Scott that he shouldn't complain because the clerk job was better than prison. Jake handed Scott a manual, pointed Scott toward personnel, and left to take care of a patient.

Scott took his things and found a place to sit down. As he popped open his laptop to get a feel for how he'd be working, Madison walked up. Madison quickly realized that it was Scott's first day. Scott made it clear that he wasn't pleased with his newest station in life. Madison, on the other hand, thought that Scott was in a good place.

Madison reminded Scott that he'd apologized for the mistake he made, and was ready to make up for all he'd done. Madison talked about how she'd had to start over after she found herself on her own. Madison said that she felt like the job would go a long way in helping Scott start over. She asked Scott if she could see his office. Embarrassed, Scott claimed that his office wasn't ready.

Kendall found Cara in the living room, and Cara remarked that Kendall looked well rested. Kendall confessed that the previous night had been the first time she'd slept in her own bed since Zach had died. Kendall added that Griffin was the one who had convinced her to sleep in her own bed. Cara was surprised that Griffin had shared the story of his mother's strength after her husband had left her.

Cara and Griffin's mom remained on that topic of conversation for a few moments. Kendall thought she could learn something from the strength Cara and Griffin's mother had shown. Cara was sure that Kendall was improving. Kendall said that she wouldn't feel better until she could run Fusion full-time and see a picture of Zach without wanting to scream.

Kendall worried that she'd said too much, but Cara said she was glad to spend time with Kendall. Kendall remarked that the grief hadn't gotten easier to deal with. Kendall said that she'd been angry at everything and everyone for a while, but the grief had simply changed.

Griffin stopped to check on David. David found it amazing that Griffin had ended up in Pine Valley of all places. Griffin said that he'd just been passing through, and it had been sheer luck that he'd ended up in the same place as his mentor. Griffin noted that the story of how David had ended up in a hospital bed in handcuffs was likely quite interesting. David said that life didn't always end up as expected.

David and Griffin chatted about how things had been when David was Griffin's teacher. Griffin took his phone off his belt and sat it on a table near David and put a file on top of it. Griffin turned toward the door when a nurse stopped in to update Griffin on an order he'd placed. As he did, David stole Griffin's phone. When Griffin turned back toward David, none the wiser, he told David that he'd buy a round of beer for the two of them when David got better. Griffin wanted to hear how David's life had progressed since they'd last known one another.

Erica found Jack at Krystal's restaurant. Both said that they didn't want to fight. Jack said that he wanted to find out what was going wrong between them. Erica thought that everything was fine, but was upset because Jack accused her of getting involved with Caleb. Jack denied Erica's claim, but Ryan and Greenlee showed up and interrupted the discussion.

Greenlee quickly announced that she and Ryan had gotten engaged. There was a round of hugging before Greenlee announced that there would be two spring weddings. Jack and Erica looked at each other uneasily. Greenlee and Ryan missed the look and instead launched into a retelling of the proposal. Erica asked if Ryan and Greenlee had picked a date. Greenlee jokingly suggested a double wedding.

Greenlee quickly laughed it off and said that she didn't want her ceremony to clash with Jack and Erica's. Jack announced that they hadn't set a date. Greenlee was confused, because she thought that Erica and Jack wanted to get married as soon as they could. Erica said that every time they found a good time, an obstacle got in the way. Greenlee asked what obstacle could stop Erica Kane from marrying the love of her life.

Jack told Greenlee not worry about anything other than marrying Ryan. When Jack and Greenlee went to the bar to freshen their drinks, Ryan asked Erica if the engagement news had been shared at a bad time. Erica dismissed Ryan's concerns just before Kendall walked into the restaurant. Kendall immediately spotted Greenlee, guessed that Greenlee and Ryan had gotten engaged and congratulated both of them.

Kendall asked for details, but Greenlee was hesitant. Kendall realized that they were trying to spare her feelings. Kendall insisted that she was fine, and said that she expected Greenlee to throw the wedding of her dreams. Ryan pulled Kendall aside and asked if she was okay. Kendall reiterated that she was okay.

As Kendall and Ryan rejoined the group, Erica's phone rang. Erica found David on the other end when she took the call. David demanded to see Greenlee right away, and used the knowledge that Kendall had shot him to force Erica into action. Erica hung up the phone and returned to the table.

When Erica realized that the topic of conversation was Greenlee's divorce from David, she urged Greenlee to go to the hospital and see David. Jack and Ryan protested, but Erica said that Greenlee would need to face David eventually. Erica also pointed out that if David found out that Greenlee was engaged, he would drag his feet about the divorce. Greenlee agreed and started to leave. Ryan wanted to go with her, but Greenlee felt that she needed to handle David on her own.

Kendall had a chance to talk to Ryan alone, and told him that she'd gotten the papers from the National Transportation Safety Board. Ryan said that he'd known the papers were on their way. Kendall asked how, and Ryan confessed to the true nature of his recent business trip. Ryan told Kendall that because of Zach's dealings with his business partners, he was concerned that the plane crash hadn't been an accident. Kendall got anxious and wanted to know what Ryan had found out. Ryan told her that the NTSB had confirmed that the crash had been an accident.

Marissa ran into Krystal at the hospital. Marissa told Krystal that she wanted to be David's lawyer. Krystal thought that Marissa would only get hurt again. Marissa was optimistic that David would, with her help, turn over a new leaf. Marissa also said that she wanted to take control over her relationship with her father. Krystal asked what Marissa would do if David didn't want to change.

Marissa went to David's hospital room and explained that she was prepared to be his lawyer. When David tried to interject his thoughts, Marissa silenced him. Marissa said that if David agreed to have Marissa as his lawyer, she got to call the shots. Marissa was convinced that she could show David a better way of living. Marissa said that she wasn't sure why she cared so much about what happened to David, but that she was sure her life would improve if David were a better man.

David said that he thought Marissa hated him. Marissa said that while David had been in a coma, she'd continued to remember that all David had wanted was a relationship with the one child he had left. Marissa said that if David tried to work her over, she would make sure he went to prison. David agreed to the terms, so Marissa said she would file the paperwork with the courts. Before she left, Marissa told David to think about what he wanted to do with his second chance.

Griffin stopped by the Slater residence and offered to take Cara to lunch. Cara wanted to talk about how Griffin had shared personal information with a patient. Griffin said he had only shared that information to inspire Kendall. Cara didn't believe her brother, but took a break from harassing him to make their lunch. As Cara walked out of the room, Griffin realized that his phone was missing.

Cara emerged from the kitchen and announced that there was no food in the refrigerator. Griffin told Cara that because she had made him wait, she had to buy lunch. Just as they were leaving, Kendall returned. Griffin was worried that Kendall had done too much so soon after her bout with pneumonia. Kendall assured the doctors that she was fine physically. Cara said that she would be back as soon as she and Griffin grabbed some lunch.

Reverend Ricky showed up at the Slater residence. Kendall quickly introduced Ricky to Cara. As Cara and Griffin were leaving, Griffin eyed Ricky warily. Once alone, Kendall made it clear that she was starting to feel the weight of her grief again. Ricky asked if Kendall wanted to help his nonprofit group build houses for families in need. He said that swinging a hammer could do a lot to lift someone's spirits.

Kendall and Ricky sat down, and Kendall started to let out her feelings. She confessed to being bitter over how perfect Greenlee's life with Ryan seemed, while her life was in shambles. Although Kendall felt selfish, Ricky told Kendall that what she was feeling was normal. Kendall also revealed Ryan's investigation into Zach's plane crash. Kendall said that there was a small measure of relief in knowing that Zach's plane crash had been unavoidable. Kendall said that she felt that she could have saved Zach if she hadn't pushed him to help Ryan and Greenlee. Ricky thought that Kendall had stopped blaming herself, and grabbed Kendall's hand to comfort her.

As they walked toward lunch, Cara asked why Griffin hadn't wanted to stay and talk to Kendall. Griffin tried to chalk his reaction up to drawing a line with his patients. Cara realized that Griffin didn't like seeing Kendall in pain. Griffin explained that Zach had described his wife as a vibrant woman who would do almost anything for her loved ones. Griffin admitted that it was difficult to see Kendall so lost and sad.

Cara questioned why Griffin always wanted to distance himself when things got too real or too painful. Griffin tried to answer, but Cara knew that she was the answer to her own inquiry. She reminded Griffin that she was okay, and she wasn't going anywhere. True to form, Griffin claimed that he'd lost his wallet, and went to retrace his steps so that he could avoid confronting his feelings.

Moments after Griffin took off, Jake happened upon Cara. They talked uncomfortably for a few moments about things connected to the hospital. Jake finally remembered to update Cara on the cancer patient she'd vocally defended. With that topic covered, they realized they had nothing left to say to each other, so Jake left to meet up with Amanda.

Kendall apologized to Ricky for getting emotional. Ricky assured Kendall that he could handle talking about her grief. Ricky told her to call him if she needed to talk. Griffin walked up to the front door unnoticed and watched Kendall and Ricky holding hands.

Erica called Caleb and was relieved when he showed up at her place. She told him about David's demand to see Greenlee. Erica shared her belief that David would probably have many additional demands as time wore on. Caleb wanted to know what Erica had said to David. Erica admitted that she'd tried to appeal to David's human side but found that David lacked compassion. Caleb said that Erica should have talked the situation over with Jack.

Caleb asked if Erica thought Jack would help Kendall if he knew the truth. Erica said that she wasn't choosing Caleb over Jack. Erica said that she'd shared the information about David with Caleb because he was serving as her lawyer and she needed an ally. Caleb suggested telling Kendall the truth, but Erica vehemently opposed the idea. Caleb said that the options Erica had decided on put all of the power in David's hands.

Erica said that she didn't have a choice if she wanted to keep Kendall out of prison. Caleb said that it was unlike Erica to let anyone push her around. Caleb asked Erica what was stopping her from taking control of the situation. Caleb suggested that Erica was forcing isolation on Kendall by not being truthful. Erica said that if the truth got out, Kendall would go to jail. Caleb also said that she needed to trust Jack and tell him the truth. Erica was offended at the suggestion that she didn't trust Jack completely.

Madison needed to leave for her appointment, so Scott thanked her for stopping by. Greenlee stormed by moments after Madison left. Scott stopped her and asked about the job she'd given him. Greenlee said that she had given him what was available. Greenlee asked about Scott's progress with Madison. Scott said that things were progressing slowly. Scott said that he would continue to try because of his deal with Greenlee.

Madison returned a short time later and found Scott in virtually the same spot. They shared some awkward banter before Madison said she had to leave. Before they could part ways, Ryan spotted the duo and walked over. Ryan asked if Scott and Madison knew each other. Impulsively, Scott slung his arm around Madison's shoulder in an attempt to make his connection to Madison seem serious.

Scott said that he'd met Madison when she was visiting her father, and said they'd found that they had a lot in common. Ryan seemed a little thrown but said that he was happy Madison and Scott had made a connection. Ryan walked away, and Madison told Scott that there was no need to put on a show for Ryan. Scott chuckled and said it had been fun to push Ryan's buttons.

Greenlee stormed into David's hospital room. David opened his eyes and remarked that he thought he'd never see Greenlee again. Greenlee said that the previous year, Greenlee had been in the hospital bed, trying to adjust to a new reality while David stood over her in a position of power. Greenlee said that a lot of things had changed. David chimed in that a lot had stayed the same.

Greenlee said that her relationship with David had changed over the past year. She indicated that she wanted to talk about those changes with David. Before she could start, David spotted the ring on Greenlee's finger. At the same moment that David questioned the source of the ring, Greenlee realized that she hadn't removed her engagement ring.

Jack spotted Krystal when she walked into ConFusion. Krystal told Jack about Marissa's offer to be David's lawyer. Jack was taken aback, and Krystal said that she'd tried to change Marissa's mind. Jack said that Marissa had a lot of fight, much like her mother. Jack said that Krystal might be surprised if she chose to have faith in Marissa.

Krystal said that she would support Marissa if things with David went awry. Krystal worried that with all that had happened to Marissa, she wasn't sure she would be able to provide enough help on her own. Jack said that Krystal didn't need to do things alone, and offered to help whenever Krystal needed it.

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