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Although they've shared little screen time together, Gwen and Will are a breakout couple, and they have undeniable chemistry. Just imagine Barbara's horror when she realizes that Gwen lives in a garage.

Casey-Mr.-Smooth-Hughes, who wears his sunglasses at night, literally got dumped on at the prom, during that "Carrie" bucket of blood moment. I say he deserved it, for being such a jerk toward Gwen. Casey has been treating her horribly for days, so if you ask me (and I know you didn't) the whole incident could be chalked up to karma. As for that white tux, I hope he took out insurance when he rented. Because no matter what Procter & Gamble product Margo will inevitably use to get that paint/blood out, it ain't happening. It's white, "dude!"

As for the prom, Gwen and Will get props for being the best-dressed couple there. They looked smashing. Gwen's gown was gorgeous and suited her personality. Will looked like a movie star. I totally believed he could be from a fashion-house family. If only Gwen and Will could have shared a dance for more than 30 seconds, it would have been a good night.

Gwen and Will are the breakout couple here, in my opinion. Although they've shared little screen time, they have chemistry. And just imagine Barbara's horror when she realizes Gwen lives in a garage. It's all the makings of a good drama. Besides, Gwen has already shown she can stand up to Barbara, if the need arises. Gwen is my new favorite character. Jennifer Landon can act. She has a unique look. And I think she can juice up the teen scene. Now, if she could just get Will to stop mooning over Celia, my world would be complete.

In other musings:
--What teacher in his right mind would put students in charge of the ballot box for prom queen? Apparently, he's never watched an Ď80s movie in his life.

--If there was ever any doubt that Henry could be a leading man, it was put to rest this week. Wow. Trent Dawson solidified his role as a sizzling romantic lead, when he broke it off with Katie. That dance was heartbreaking. Who thinks it's time for a love interest from Henry's past to pop up in Oakdale? I think former "Another World" actress Lisa Peluso would make a fascinating former flame. Of course, they'd have to make sure she didn't run into Cass!

--Adios Rafael. We hardly knew you.

--Thumbs up to Emily this week for the shout-out to Ď90s music. I'll see her "Rico Suave" and raise her one "U Can't Touch This." Hammer time!

--Is anyone else concerned about Keith and his endless supply of bee pollen? If this guy isn't the killer, I'll be surprised. (No pun intended.) Although, I'm not entirely sure Les is dead. That explosion was way too convenient.

--This week's product placement was much less obvious than the recent pimping of the Nice 'n Easy hair color. In fact, Henry grabbing the Tums after eating the four-alarm chili was actually kind of funny. Of course, it could have been his conversation with the meddling Barbara that made him need the antacid.

--Here are some things that make you go "huh:" How can Gwen afford private school at Oakdale Latin, if she lives on her own at the garage? How did Celia become the most popular girl at school when she's only been there a couple months? Why did Mike choose Paul as his best man, instead of Henry, his supposed best buddy of last summer? And how could Margo call Craig "the worst father" she'd ever met. Um, I believe she's met James Stenbeck.

--Did anyone else get a weird vibe when Margo and Katie were looking at pictures of Craig in the photo album? I've got a bad feeling, people, one that ends at the cemetery.

--Wow, I've missed Rosanna. Back barely a few days, and she put Jennifer in her place when she started her holier-than-thou-rant. And Jennifer is so wrong in her comment that "nobody missed you while you were gone." Um, waving hands wildly in the air here. That said, don't you think Rosanna could at least call her sister Carly now that she's back?

--Paul and Emily, well, I think we know where this is heading. Hal had better put in an appearance soon or kiss his marriage goodbye.

--It takes a secure man to paint his toenails. Never, I repeat, never would I have imagined a scene where Mike would be painting toenails. Walls, sure. But, toenails? I guess marriage is softening up that macho image.

--I'm not sure what to make of the new commercial ad campaign. Are the couples paired indicative of future romances? If so, I was thrilled to see Gwen and Will together. Katie and Mike looked good, too, but where was Henry? And Holden was flying solo. Does that mean he won't be getting any loving anytime soon?

--OK, one more time for the record. Craig DID NOT get Jennifer drunk the night of their encounter. Margo and Paul both threw the drunk comment in his face this week, and he didn't correct them. So, I will. Let's not rewrite history. Jen was drinking all on her own and jumped Craig. End of story.

--By now you've heard that Cady McClain is leaving, too. It's another unfortunate loss for the show and fans. My only hope is that Rosanna and Craig will ride off into the sunset together.

--How is it possible that Holden and Lily still have sizzling chemistry after all these years? I guess that's how they've survived so long. I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling Lily and Keith. Now, Lucinda and Keith, that I'd like to see!

Best Lines of the Week:
(Mike tells Paul he didn't mind missing a baby shower for Jennifer.)
Mike: "I love my wife, but if she's gonna spend her afternoon knee-deep in breast pumps, she's on her own."

(Emily encourages Paul to not give up love because of one bad experience.)
Emily: "You know what they say about falling off the horse."
Paul: "Get out of the way before it stomps you in the head?"

(Paul listens as Craig explains why he deserves to be a father to his child.)
Paul: "Craig, you couldn't raise goldfish!"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Phylis)
"I am also upset about Hunt Block being let go. I will be one of the few who will stop watching the Celia, Jenny, Mike, etc. show. They seem to be getting rid of the older audience and catering to the younger crowd who don't even watch this show."

(From Two Scoops reader Macarena)
"I'm super grateful to the fan who wrote in that pregnant women don't go around clutching their bellies. I'm sick of it! It's been on TV for 20 years! I also don't need the shorthand that any fainting spells or nausea indicate pregnancy (except on "Guiding Light," where, thank the writers, it was menopause for Reva.)"

(From Two Scoops reader Becky)
"What is happening at ATWT that so many are leaving? I'm with you in hoping that Hunt Block is not really going! He is indeed awesome as the smarmy Craig and especially adept at delivering those one-liners. I especially liked scenes between him and Henry--both quick-witted and quick with the quips. Speaking of Henry, he really does deserve better than Katie and her lukewarm brand of "love." And what's with Mike? The way he was gazing at Katie so tenderly and asking her (yet again!) how she really feels, made me wonder if he meant a word of those beautiful vows he just said to Jennifer Louise. On the Jack front, would a police person EVER sit in the back with 3-4 thugs without the bars between them? What kept them from just overpowering Jack?"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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