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We all know that Katie is still in love with Mike. Henry has had enough, and he wants her to go on her way. Was Katie crying after the wedding because she lost Henry, or because she lost Mike?

I can sense a change in the writing on As the World Turns this week. I am quite pleased that the show won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing but the person who lead the team is no longer with the show - this bothers me. Along with some new departures announced: Hunt Block (Craig) and Cady McClain (Rosanna), I have to wonder what will happen next.

Lily and Keith
This seems to be the road to reconciliation for Holden and Lily because Lily and Keith have fizzled very quickly. Keith is not the man for Lily - there is no chemistry at all between them. I think Carly said it best when she said something about why did Lily decide to have a romantic relationship with the brother of the woman her husband had a relationship with. It is amazing how Holden has made a turnaround in his feelings for Lily. I thought it was time for him to go off and do something away from Lily.

I may have aid this previously, I want this murder thing to end soon as this reminds me of the Carolyn Crawford murder where the audience did not care who had killed her. In both cases, it was a short term character that the audience had not invested a lot into and the murder mystery is going on for too, too long. So Keith took this money from Lily then he goes to his sister's grave to apologize - is he the murderer? If he is, then Jack and Carly can adopt JJ? It's time to move on.

Katie and Henry
We all know that Katie is still in love with Mike. Henry has had enough and wants her to go on her way. Is it because he now doesn't want to be with her that she wants him back? Was she crying after the wedding because she lost Henry or Mike? I have grown to like Katie and Henry together and I like Jennifer and Mike together as long as the writers don't force us to watch every single moment of her pregnancy. Where is this going because I see a connection between Dusty and Jennifer?

Rosanna and Craig/ Paul and Emily
The news is that both of these characters are being written off - bad news. Does this mean that Rosanna and Craig will get Cabot and ride off into the sunset together? I see Craig adopting Cabot then Paul rebuffs Rosanna then she leaves Oakdale finds out about Craig and they become a family together - this was Craig's dream. I will miss both of these characters and actors immensely.

Paul and Emily have a history between them and seeing them together brings back memories of their history. I want to see where this goes; Hal is not paying any attention to her at all. Can you imagine if Emily left Hal and got involved with Paul; Barbara would hit the roof or be happy because Hal would be free again.

The Kids
I am enjoying these kids because they seem to be dealing with real feelings here. Will feels like an outsider and finds himself having feelings for his best friend's girlfriend. I will not speak of the fact that he was just in love with Alison until the actress decided to leave the show and the writers quickly made an adjustment. Casey is a popular kid in school and made a rash decision while dealing with his parents separation - now it is coming back to haunt him. Celia, who is becoming quite an interesting character, is from another country gets involved with the most popular guy in school and can't really handle the attention. What is so interesting about Celia is that she acts like she is always so happy then she goes off be alone and talk about her real feelings with Will. To top it off, she becomes friends with her boyfriend's one night mistake, Gwen. Gwen, if I remember correctly stated the first time she was on, her mother worked at the hospital and she spent a lot of alone; now, she says she lives in a garage. How does she go to Oakdale Latin then? Nevertheless, we all know the truth about Casey and Gwen will come out at the prom just as Will's feelings for Celia will.

Finally, there are two points this week that did not make sense: Why wasn't Lucinda at Mike's wedding and it was at her house? Why does Casey call his grandmother's niece, Miss Ryan - there are distantly related?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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