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Stenbeck keeps things interesting
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Whenever James Stenbeck visits, it always adds an exciting element to the show. His presence has made Paul interesting again; Meg was starting to think that Paul was perfect, but how could he be? He's the son of Barbara and James.

This show has its highs and lows in terms of story - there are certain characters that when they are on you always enjoy seeing them like Nancy Hughes, Lisa Grimaldi, Lucinda Walsh, Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck no matter what they are doing.

James Stenbeck - the Master Manipulator
One of the best reasons to tune into ATWT these days is James Stenbeck - whenever he visits it adds an exciting element to the show -no matter how weak the other stories are. His presence makes Paul interesting again as he was starting to get real boring trying to make Meg think he was the perfect guy. He is not perfect as he is the son of James Stenbeck and Barbara Ryan. I so enjoy all of his scenes with Paul and then when he saw Barbara - they continue to have amazing chemistry after all of these years. Is this Derrick character working for James? I got that impression when he had Barbara in the car at the same time that James was taunting Paul about the money and it was timed perfectly to get Paul to do things his way - a classic James Stenbeck move.

In regards to Derrick, why does he have to be a bad guy when Bonnie finally meets a man who isn't attached to someone else? He reminds me of Isaac a bit as he has that edge that Isaac had when he first came to Oakdale.

Not What's Wrong with Alison?
Just recently, she couldn't stand to be in the same room with Chris Hughes, now that she has agreed to marry Aaron - she is now spending all of this time with Chris. Why can't the writers let these characters move on and stop playing musical beds with each other: she pined for Aaron then she was engaged to Chris then she was engaged to Aaron; left town when she came back, she dated Aaron again then dated Chris and now she is engaged to Aaron and appears to want Chris now - this is making my head swim.

She does not seem to really want to marry Aaron - well, let's look at the character of Aaron Snyder. He is not the same character that was originally introduced as an adult. He is rather boring right now. I think the writers need to do something to energize his character so if Alison hurts him, I hope he doesn't bolt out of town when is his usual reaction. I hope he decides to do something with his life and find another woman like Dani or they can introduce another character to the show just for him. The major question - has this character run his course and they cut the wrong character: keep Chris and dump Aaron?

Brad, Brad, Brad
Brad Snyder is the master of kneejerk reactions and dumb decisions - he should have let the police handle this thing with Leo. Now, he has to be Dad of the Year after 16 years and constantly go after Parker or Leo in a violent manner. Maybe he needs to spend some time in jail and loose a few things so he can realize that this violent behavior of his has to stop. He almost killed this kid.

Now Janet who I was praising last column is now on my bad side for wanting to cover up what he did. She hasn't been in Oakdale long enough to know that no one ever goes to jail for their misdeeds here. So he really would not have spent any time in jail. She has convinced the upstanding Jack Snyder to go along with her plan and Jack knows he should not be doing this - he can loose his badge if anyone finds out and they will.

I am not sure how this will end but I don't like where it is going now - it just feels like a poorly executed story. I could be wrong but this is so out of character for Jack and is he just doing this for Janet to prove to her that he can be reasonable and not so by the book and judgmental - that's just who Jack is and we have learned to like that about him.

Holden and Lily and Carly and Mike
I wish that Mike was going to stick around for a while and he could continue his relationship with Lily - it would be nice to see how they would make it as a couple. It looks the plan here is for Holden to become so jealous that he wants Lily back and the road is paved for their reconciliation.

Holden seems all of a sudden that he is forcing his relationship with Carly as she called it this week. Holden and Carly were a good little diversion for both of them and we can all see that Holden belongs with Lily and Carly is being drawn back to Jack. I think that thing with Janet and Brad is going to send Jack right back to Carly. Holden is inching closer and closer back to Lily because we know Mike will be gone soon.

Here are some comments from readers:

Mary said," Think Janet is the best new character on ATWT in ages. She just adds so much, and I love the possibilities of Carly and Janet as mischievous girlfriends/allies. It would be perfect if Janet and Brad could get together, (after a bit of friendly competition for Jack) and finally get whiny, Nosy, irritating Katie OUT of the storyline. What a dynamic foursome ...Carly & Jack, Janet & Brad. BTW, Katie obviously hasn't read any of the many books that emphasize the importance of stepparents remaining low profile, not taking over as an equal partner in dealing with kids. Love Noelle Beck as Lily; she is lovely and brings a depth to the character that was greatly needed."

Eduardo said, "The character of Paul is stuck in a rut. He has shown no personal growth from 1998 to 2008. If ATWT wants to cut costs, they should get rid of him. Save Chris Hughes."

Ken said, "Why would they get rid of this new Chris Hughes? He's been the best one yet. It's dumb decisions like this one that is part of why the audience for soaps is tuning out."

Tanya said, "There's nothing I love more than to relax down on the couch with a cup of green tea and watch my two favorite characters; Luke and Noah, on As the World Turns. Though for the last few months, perhaps more, it looks like I haven't been doing that. The couple is barely featured once a week on the Soap, and when they are, their airtime is a blink compared to the far-less popular Parker and Liberty. I find it ridiculous that the acting talents of Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann have been being neglected, and all of us fans of the pair are basically being mocked with the way they're barely shown. Both actors bring tremendous emotion and realism to their roles, and yet, it's a gift we get to see a few minutes of the week. I don't understand how this works, so maybe you could help me out: How does the most popular pair of the show, and one of the most popular of all daytime keep being thrown on the backburner? Wouldn't it make sense to feature them to rack in even more new viewers, and possibly bring back those who have fallen of the brink of patience? I for one hold onto only faith that maybe those responsible for this ridiculous amount of "airtime" will realize that maybe giving their viewers what they want could be good!"

Finally, it was good to see Nancy Hughes for a brief moment this week. It's a shame that she is not on more but Helen Wagner is up in age and I can understand wanting to take things slower as she will not be involved in any major story anyway.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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