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Reva and Jeffrey's on-again, off-again wedding finally happened, with some laughs, and perhaps a bit too much odd-ball humor. The sad state of the Springfield families made the day less memorable.

We might have had a shortened week in Springfield, but it was full of surprises!

Reva and Jeffrey's on-again, off-again wedding finally happened (I guess - can he really marry himself?) with some laughs, but a little too much odd-ball humor for me. I wasn't looking for a bride on a rowboat, but the sad state of Springfield families made the day less memorable. Between the house demolition, the ants eating the food, the lack of a minister, it took away from the challenges this couple have faced - and will continue to face.

And before the actual wedding was the disgraceful boxing match where two grown men in their late 40's (Jeffrey/Bradley Cole who is 49) and early 50's (Josh/Robert Newman is 50) literally come to blows over Reva. Sure, this is a girl's dream when she's in high school, but now? I'd have to tell my husband-to-be and ex-husband to grow up! I'm glad Reva stopped it, but it was pretty silly - and went on way too long.

One positive from that nonsense was that Josh FINALLY realized that Reva was serious about marrying Jeffrey and he needs to focus on life without her (as a mate, at least). I have to admit that while Josh has been a doormat for years his character has gone off the deep-end in the past year or so. He's just floundering. I know Robert is off doing a play, but I hope when Josh returns he finds purpose in his life again. Yes, Jeva fans, I know you are upset. GL blew it when they reunited Jeva then did that spin in Reva's first cancer storyline where Reva leaves Josh to find... Cassie? Don't get me started on that one. I thought the scenes with Josh and Reva were certainly Emmy reel worthy - could Robert finally have a meaty enough scene to garner him an Emmy? He's done some great work over the years, and his chemistry with Kim Zimmer is wonderful. We'll have to see what happens...

Yes, those GL internet-based pregnancy rumors are true. Reva is pregnant instead of having full on menopause (or cancer - which is a good thing for her). And while the story twist shocked some, I have to admit that GL did kinda spill the beans before the show hit the air - even Tuesday. I went on the CBS website early Tuesday morning to look up something and clicked on a GL preview and saw the spoiler from the end of Tuesday's show that revealed the pregnancy.

While this story probably causes some fans to shake their head, I can see that it could make a compelling, if not controversial, storyline. The show Thursday hinted at the danger Reva would face without her cancer medicines, should the pregnancy continue (and at her age even miscarriage or a baby with Down's Syndrome - like Holly & Fletcher's daughter from the 1990's Maureen) is a likely possibility. We'll have to see how it all plays out.

Harley fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the role recast rumors seem to be for naught (and I'm glad, although I miss the character - and Beth Ehlers). But this leaves Daisy in limbo - living somehow without a steady income and a shady boyfriend who I wish would fall off a cliff, ala Sandy Foster.

Speaking of Sandy - and Scott Bailey who played the mixed up character a few years back, I see he has a commercial out. I was watching ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption (PTI) and saw him pedaling "Old Spice" shower gel as a half man, half horse in the shower. Since one of my favorite sayings about foolish people is to call them a "horse's ass" I nearly lost my swig of iced tea when I saw him, literally, as a horse's, well, you know. Check it out at: http://www.oldspice.com/doubleimpact/ (it's even a P&G product!!)

Speaking of horse parts, Bill Lewis is really getting on my nerves. He can be so sweet with those darn dimples and crinkles in his eyes when he smiles (in person it is SOOOO much better). Then BAM, he blows it with Lizzie (AGAIN). Come, on GL. These two are adorable together. Yes, they can fight over Spaulding (lose the ridiculous Maximus name) but let them find love. Poor Lizzie has to have someone to love - even her own mother has left her (maybe she and Daisy can bond over that!!).

Lizzie's grandfather keeps having health scares, then disappearing for weeks on end (on and off-screen). GL needs to resolve this wacky storyline - soon. It seems to be have some focus this week - which I appreciate. But once Alan gets the help he needs - which Alan will wake up? Please, please let it be master manipulator Alan who will give GL back some badly needed spice!!

Another week has gone by and I have to pick another GL character to throw out of town. Some weeks it is just so easy. There are characters who fulfill little purpose and are just plain annoying. Although I am a big fan of accents (especially Aussie ones) I'll have to admit that it might be time for Grady (definitely) and his hot older brother Cyrus to leave Springfield once and for all. I've never killed anyone or anything, but I can't imagine wanting to live in a town where I only have ties to my dopey brother who is hanging around waiting for a woman who doesn't want him - and I killed the most liked young woman in town. Do you need an engraved invitation? Get out of Springfield already!!

Its nice to know fans like me have saved their favorite shows (I have boxes of VHS tapes I need to convert before they are ruined for good, too). After watching more of the shows I have to admit I miss Mindy Lewis' spunk in Springfield. But which Mindy? Krista Teserau? Kimberly Simms? If I had to pick I'd say Teserau - whose wedding to Kurt Corday was another GL favorite of mine.

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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